November 3, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 75]

Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin, the working bride of the ‘cold-hearted Wolf King’. If my feelings towards His Majesty are exposed, I won’t be able to stay here anymore.” Yuulin wakes up to see Reishou sound asleep beside her on the bed. Blushing and trembling, Yuulin thinks that she is mistaken, they are already husband and wife!! She must still be in dazed from sleep..!

While her heart is beating fast, she thinks that it has been such a long time since she was working that her mind is still in disarray. “Ah—it startled me--!! *teary-eyed*’s great. It is really great that it [still being a working bride] was just a dream.” At the harem, Jun says okay, as he said, from today on, at approximately two months after, Enha’s foreign diplomatic group is estimated to arrive at the royal capital.

“During the palace banquet, the princess consort should also be present. *pushes up his glasses* This is an international exchange and you are our country’s sole princess consort.. You understand my meaning, right?” Looking serious, Yuulin shouts, “I’ll do my best not to run into problems!!”
Jun shouts for her to make him see the result of the princess consort training! “Please deliver for me, okay!! You have the drive. ..but on contrary, having too much drive makes me uneasy.” This surprises Yuulin. Reishou says that several decades ago there was a territory dispute [with Enha]. “After the truce, right now, it is considered as an alliance. This time, the agenda is ‘strengthen good relations’.”

Clenching her fist, Yuulin exclaims that it is about having better feelings [between the two countries], right! “I understand!” While puppy Reishou is lovey-dovey, he says that Yuulin only has to have good feelings with him and who cares about the rest. Yuulin exclaims that’s-no-good- Fighting- Jun would just scowl and groans, ha ah ah ah.

Later on, Yuulin is in princess consort training with Ranyou. Smiling Ranyou says a diplomatic group huh, like that, the imperial palace will become lively. Smiling Yuulin says that’s right. Ranyou says that before that, Yuulin would also have to more or less get used to interacting and socializing with people. Yuulin asks, huh?
Ranyou says that before the foreign honored guest arrives, Yuulin still has a lot to learn. She mentions to Yuulin that her expression is too stiff. Nervous Yuulin says okay. Thinking that she has to level up, Yuulin thinks that the status of the training has suddenly raged and soared up high! “Save me [/help]— It’s over--!”

Thoughtful Ranyou looks amused over Yuulin’s frozen nervous smile. At the royal court, a courtier protests as to what could be the reason this time for Enha to send over a diplomatic group. “There should be some plot, right?” Another courtier says, “Even if Enha is regarded as an ally, but until now, didn’t they show some hostility towards our country from time to time?”

Someone protests but the goodwill envoy had brought gems and actually, they are of [good] quality. Another one hmphs and asks if the gems had dazzled his eyes. The other one asks, what did you say.. Reishou asks if it had become some silly war of words. Panicking, the courtier immediately apologizes.
Reishou says that their country also wants to use this pretext to expand their business route/s and a so-called ‘goodwill exchange’ isn’t at all that bad. “No matter what that side is planning, I have a very high expectation towards everyone [high ranking officials]’s method of diplomacy, okay?” Everyone is surprised that they bow and exclaims, “Yes..!”

Narration: “In order to receive the foreign visitors, everyone in the palace has started to move. I also strive harder to forge ahead vigorously! –that was what I was thinking.” Yuulin looks at a heavy downpour. She gloomily thinks that since the start of the several days of heavy rain [either due to monsoon or typhoon], the teacher/s couldn’t come over..

She grabs a book and thinks that she’ll go self-study then. Her court ladies suggest that she take advantage of this time to rest for a while since it isn’t good to be too serious. Yuulin says is that so. She asks if they’ll let her be alone for a while as she go and look at the scenery outside. The court ladies say okay.
While walking at the cloister, Yuulin thinks that she was prohibit from doing the cleaning job. Chibi Jun exclaims, of course!! Yuulin thinks that after she came back, she cannot go to the government hall. “Even if an ordinary consort is like this ..but it is really a bit boring. By the way, this rain is really strong.. Ah, the flowers in the garden are also knocked down by it..”

She notices a shadow that suddenly dropped down from the tree. Plop. She looks at the trembling shadow and when it turns around, it is cat ninja. Upon seeing her, cat ninja suddenly freaks out and starts running off. Surprised Yuulin thinks that it is like a run for survival..!? And during his mad dash, cat ninja didn’t notice the tree in front of him. Bonk. And, he collapses at the foot of the tree.

Yuulin is aghast, trembling and speechless. Later on, Gen sighs and says that this really gives one a headache. Nodding Dai agrees for it is a super headache. Cat ninja is feverishly sick on the bed. Yuulin nervously says that she cannot just let him be and not care, right. “And it is like this, I caused him to faint even if he is basically very unstable, and besides, this child is..” Gen says so before the fever goes down, cat ninja will first stay here, right. Yuulin worriedly looks at Gen.
Gen asks what about His Majesty’s side. Yuulin says that she heard that the government hall is so busy that they are going to quickly go crazy because of the rain which caused a landslide and endless flooding. Yuulin tells Gen that it is inappropriate to inform him right now so she’ll just mention it afterwards. Gen seems to reluctantly agree.

Later on, cat ninja wakes up and is puzzled. He looks around him and stands up on his bed. Suddenly, the door opens. Carrying a tray, Yuulin enters and notices him. Cat ninja starts hissing. Yuulin tells him to wait, she isn’t going to do anything and how come he is frighten like that. [<- coz you’re supposed to be a youkai =P]

Putting the tray on the table, she exclaims that this is food, it’s very delicious, come and eat! “There’s also water there. *hopping back towards the door* I’ll leave them at that side. Quickly eat! Afterwards, continue to rest! Understand!? Bye!” Cat ninja is trembling but he’s hungry. So, he ends up eating. Then, cat ninja is startled when Yuulin came back to ask if he ate. Taking the tray, she asks if he’s going to sleep. She says that the fever had already gone down.
Later on, hopping about with the tray of food, Yuulin tells him to continue to rest, understand!? While eating some snacks, Dai says that Yuulin is really hardworking and her energy is super plentiful. Also eating a snack, Gen says that gramps [referring to himself] don’t have anything to do anymore. Later on, while walking towards a room, Yuulin thinks that it has been 5 days since then, and Reishou hasn’t come over yet.

But then, the rain had finally stopped. She wonders if that child can, more or less, move about. She is surprised to see cat ninja standing by the window. As cat ninja jumps out, Yuulin shouts for him to wait and is he already okay. Cat ninja nods. Yuulin takes something from the cabinet and throws a bundle towards cat ninja.

Yuulin exclaims that these are his things, clothes and other stuff! “Afterwards, if you’re not feeling well, don’t force yourself again. *smiles* Also, this place is very dangerous so you cannot run back here again okay--” Cat ninja looks at Yuulin then at the bundle. He jumps away and exclaims, “Ya!” Yuulin thinks that he’s quite lively. Cat ninja thinks that Hakuyou’s princess consort, youkai.. *image of Yuulin with fangs and having snake hair* confirm.. ..youkai?”
Much later on, scowling Reishou says that he heard that while he wasn’t around, Yuulin picked up an animal and even feed him something to eat. Thinking that he’s angry, Yuulin apologizes. Reishou says that she even let him run off, that spy at that time. Yuulin says yes..about is because she seems to have frightened him. “And compared to him, you haven’t rest.. you’re very tired, right.”

Scowling and frowning Reishous says that he has so many things that he wanted to say but he’ll do that later on. He hugs her and says that he’s so tired and he wasn’t able to see her. “You also had picked up a wolf.” Blushing Yuulin says, ..okay. Yuulin thinks that at midnight when she is wakes up with a start, she becomes more and more afraid that he’ll disappear [and be] missing from her side.

She hugs him tightly and tells him to first properly sleep then they’ll eat a meal together. Sparkling with anticipation, Reishou asks if she’ll accompany him to sleep. She says no, she has to practice. Reishou sighs. Yuulin thinks that it is because she is currently very happy that the things she fears also increase.
Narration: “From that time, everyday went very smoothly. ..Enha’s diplomatic group will arrive very soon.” Somewhere in the palace, Jun exclaims that wasn’t what he had heard! “The diplomatic group this time should be only a diplomat and a scholar.” Holding a scroll, the courtier says yes, but just now, the real list of people who’ll reside in their [Hakuyou] country..

At a carriage somewhere, a young man with a forehead headband asks, “Is it really okay, Your Highness, Shuon [guesswork from 朱音]? Even if we have already arrived at Hakuyou’s royal capital.” Shuon says, “Yes, I already started to anticipate the meeting. A young king who ruled the people with fear. Valiantly frightening ‘Wolf King’.” 

Aside from one with a forehead band, there is a man with short hair, someone with seems to be braided hair and a caped girl in the carriage. At the palace, aghast Jun mutters, “ can it be that among the people in the group is unexpectedly, Enha’s princess..!?” Cat ninja is quietly sitting on the roof. Shuon says, “ is good if [I/we] can smoothly overcome [/capture] him.”
Comment: It is confirmed that Shuon is eyeing Reishou but it is still unknown if it is for romantic or political reasons. Actually, it should be political reasons since she is a princess and she is going to Hakuyou on her own free will. It is noted that their countries used to be enemies and there is still some distrust between them if we are to base it on what Reishou’s courtiers mentioned.

I guess they aren’t exactly the type who’ll easily believe something like a ‘strengthen good relations’ or ‘goodwill exchange’ which is good in a way especially if the other party is plotting something. Also, there is domestic turmoil in Enha, it is possible that she needs him to fix her country? To do that, she would probably want to be the ‘queen’ so she sent her spy to check out the competition and the target?

But then, it will be interesting how they will try to pull it off. After all, the ‘enemy’ is from another country so everyone might all work together in support for Reishou. Even if the others won’t, the couple already has some allies who’ll do their best for them. The thing is, I’m not sure if Ranyou and other people who hate Reishou and/or Yuulin would use this opportunity to get rid of him/her/them.

Anyway, at least, cat ninja now has a different view of Yuulin contrary to the rumors since she did nurse him back to health. Scans by 狼花嫁吧合作 

Quote of the day:
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    3. Yeah, Yuurin is unbeatable. She even got Jun to support her. And I'm not too sure about Ranyou, but she seems to find Yuurin amusing, so she must like her a bit as well. And they're seriously underestimating the Wolf King. Enha's princess will try to snag him? HA! I can't wait to see how he'll deal with them. It's going to be classic. Even better than the kiss he gave Yuurin in front of his aunt and all the invited ladies.

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