October 5, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 74]

It is morning in Kanrou, royal capital of Hakuyou. The people are still sleepy as they go start their work. Cat ninja is snooping around. With a sparkle, he says, “Princess consort’s [spy] intelligence, yes!” And he hopes around the roofs. Meanwhile, at the bedroom, blushing Yuulin is doing her best to cover Reishou’s mouth. Reishou asks, “..beloved consort, what is the meaning of this hand?”

Yuulin says, “It means..the morning kiss is already over a while ago.” Reishou says, “Ah, then, I’m about to unleash the second one.” Yuulin refuses and tells him not to argue for there is no more time so quickly get out of bed and get ready. “You’ll be late for your early morning meeting.” Reishou says that he knows already, and wait until he finished preparing, then, he’ll come back for second round.

Yuulin calls out to him. Reishou laughs and says that he is joking around and if she still wants to sleep, it is okay so take her time. While her heart is beating fast, blushing Yuulin introduces herself as the Wolf King’s sole princess consort and not long ago, from working, she became the real one. Right now, they are in newly wed stage. The days of the ‘secretly hiding one’s feelings’ game is over. They had become a real married couple.
“..I always feel that apparently, His Majesty *blushes* more and more, couldn’t restrain himself anymore..! At the start of being newlywed, Reishou is shy, in puppy mode and is very modest [/polite] but right now, he kept on sparkling and sparkling while in wolf mode.”

While her court ladies are helping her dress, Yuulin thinks, “In the end, why is that! Always saying honeyed words to the princess consort with utmost effort [/as if his life depended on it]!? *blushes* He already couldn’t change and drop that bad habit during the acting!? Is it already hopeless!?”

Narration: “In the newlywed life, at one side is a worrisome [/troublesome] husband’s excessive affection. ..on the other side, there is also continuing the princess consort training.” After her hair was fixed, a court lady tells her that Han Kouju has sent a letter for her.

At Han’s main residence, Kouju is lamenting by the window, “Why are people this stupid.. and why with only this, one must face some suffering. Fate is truly quite cruel..” Suigetsu says that she is really lively and is she composing her new story. Kouju calls out to her brother and exclaims that he should have already heard about it right!
Trembling in horror, Kouju says that it is regarding that rumor about the princess consort who had returned to the harem.. “Through sorcery, she died and came back to life.. *scene of a foxy Yuulin with a fan* Actually, she’s a youkai-something for more than a thousand years..!” Suigetsu lamely says, yes, it seems that is a totally leap to a brand new dimension, and in the end, she won’t be underestimated [/belittled].

Koujou exclaims that she couldn’t dare believe it, and it is absolutely intolerable! “Ah ah ah, Lady princess consort is the sole radiance [like the glory of Buddha] who can comfort the arrogant king’s heart. Respected, pure and holy, the symbol of majestic love!! That kind of attribute is simply reckless!! Wahhhh That kind of explanation is basically wrong--” [<- I think about Yuulin being called a youkai]

Suigetsu says okay, okay, he heard that right now Yuulin is striving hard in studying at the harem. “If it is productive, then that kind of rumor will very quickly disappear, right?” Kouju tearfully tells her brother that he is actually extremely belittling this issue! “Perhaps, those cunning vipers in the palace will seize the opportunity to tear apart the two’s love. There will be suffering.”
Suigetsu says that scene of the decisive time should be very marvelous and until then, definitely take a vacation. Discontented, Koujou shouts that she is serious here. “Obviously, it isn’t easy for her to go back to His Majesty’s side. Just thinking that Lady will have so many uneasy..” They were interrupted by Touka who calls out to Suigetsu to tell him that he has a guest.

She asks if she’ll let him in. At a gazebo in the harem, Ranyou asks if Yuulin is very nervous. With a smile, Yuulin admits to her that she is. Ranyou tells her to please relax for even if formally, she came to teach her but she only came to have a conversation with her and that’s all, okay? Yuulin says okay..

While Jun and a couple of court ladies are at the side, Ranyou says, “But, please bear in mind that at any time, keep your bearing. Properly reflect on what you are from how others see you. ..this harem’s sights are few. What does His Majesty wanted to do? The harem is so simple. [<- probably referring to having only one consort] ..then, *smiles* let me first start by telling you the walking style in the harem that I know.”
Back in the Han residence, surprised Suigetsu asks if lately, their relationship had become very good that Houen would specially come to his house. “What’s up, Ryu Houen?” With folded arms, scowling Houen says that even though saying it is troublesome so for the time being, he’ll say it one more time. “Don’t skip work.” Sparkling Suigetsu croons and suggest that Houen to come and try doing it occasionally. “Perhaps, you’ll discover your heart’s real side.”

Houen angrily shouts what real side. He sighs and says that it is an emergency so he should definitely go back to work tomorrow. “Very soon, Enha will formally dispatch a diplomatic delegation to our country. We must properly do the preparations for the welcome.” Suigetsu says that they had decided to come when obviously, until now, it is a country that seldom interacts [either with their country or all of the other countries].

Houen says that it has also become busy because of the revision [/re-organization?] of the entire government hall. “Because it is very troublesome, so, together with one part of laziness, you are going to quickly finish the work of 10 people.” Suigetsu calls him too mean. “But..I have heard that currently, Enha’s imperial palace had fallen into disarray. It is also..”

Looking dark, Houen says that he always has suspicions about where Suigetsu’s vast information network comes from when obviously, he is originally cocooning. [<- recluse/hikikomori; stay at home] Suigetsu says that it is a small hobby.
Just then, Kouju calls out to her brother and says that tea and snacks are already prepared. She asks if she can also join their conversation for a while. At the living room, Kouju asks Houen if lately, he had an opportunity to meet up with Yuulin. Houen says no, he only met her once when she sent her greetings after returning to the harem.

Dispirited Kouju says is that so.. Suigetsu explains that lately, that rumor made his younger sister a bit depressed, and apparently, she is very worried about how Yuulin is doing. Kouju perks up when Houen says, “Ah..that youkai rumor huh. It’s stupid to death. Worrying about that princess consort is just a waste of time.”

Teary-eyed Koujou asks what did he say, when obviously Yuulin is definitely very uneasy. Houen declares, “Impossible. That princess consort doesn’t even have a slim possibility of caring about that kind of thing. All the more she won’t say surrender.

*chibi Yuulin is freaking out over what Houen is saying* Something like worrying about a regular lively person, that kind of worrying about her is without a doubt a waste [of time]!” Kouju is shocked and aghast that she says, such..such.. Smiling Suigetsu thinks that Houen is always like that, saying it so fiercely.
After becoming speechless, Kouju says, “Such..vicious wording..even if hearing it is very harsh, that I didn’t think that it would be so..! *trembling* ..but, how should I say it? From those words, I can feel your firm understanding and trust on the Lady [Yuulin].. *Houen goes huh?* It can also be said, that perhaps, the true meaning of those words is.. *image of Yuulin as a holy person*...

...‘Lady Princess Consort is an existence who possesses strong, beautiful ‘won’t lose to anyone’ noble soul. *Houen still looks stunned* And that is the meaning of ‘so, there’s no need to worry’..! ..even if Ryu-sama is always saying bad words to the Lady, but actually, we are comrades.. *teary eyed and sparkling* ..our views is quite similar.”

Shaking his head vigorously, Houen says that it is totally not. Sparkling and blushing Kouju tells him that there’s no need to be embarrassed, and she needs to leave for a while and get some paper and pen..notes. Aghast Houen calls out, hey. Sparkling while holding a flute, Suigetsu tells Houen that it is useless to say anything to his younger sister when she is in that mode.

“She looks like she is listening but actually, what she heard isn’t going in. ..ah, anyway, if it is alright, can I come and play this bamboo flute?” Houen asks how come he carries that flute around. “There’s also a limit to being free [/easy going], you Han family!” [<- that’s plural of ‘you’ so Kouju is included]
At night at the harem, Yuulin stretches and says that even if it is only a conversation but she is quite nervous. Reishou asks if she wasn’t bullied. Yuulin says that there’s no problem at all and Madam Ranyou is very kind..it is only, if she got careless, it is possible but it will be very bad..for she always felt that during the conversation, she is always being corrected.

There is a scene of Ranyou telling Yuulin to make her back straight and don’t use too much strength on her shoulder. Yuulin exclaims that even if it just started, but she’ll do her best! Then, she asks Reishou if Kouju can come over and drink tea with her and because she was asked in the letter.. Reishous says that it has been a long time since they’ve seen each other and it is almost okay for it.

Yuulin happily smiles and thanks him. This made Reishou slightly scowl and frown. Thinking it’s strange, she asks him if he isn’t happy. Reishou says that it is because she looks very happy. Wondering what’s wrong, Yuulin says that of course she is happy because she can see her friend.

Reishou seriously tells her, “..Yuulin, it isn’t good to look down on me too much for I will be jealous of everything that’s beside you.” Going ‘!?’, Yuulin nervously says that even if he says it so serious, she also.. To her surprise, Reishou quickly carries her up and puts her on the bed. He tells her to also learn something from him. “Your husband’s tolerance is very small.”

Then, he kisses her. Later on, Reishou laments that afterwards, he’ll start becoming busy again, sorry. Yuulin says that basically, he doesn’t have any time when he is not busy, right? Reishou sighs and says that it is as she said. Then, he leans to kiss her again.
Narration: “That long unrequited love has ended and we had become a married couple. I felt that I should be able to understand [/find out] more about this person’s everything but it is totally not like that. My heart kept on beating. Filled with bewilderment. *Reishou intertwines his fingers into hers while she wonders, why*...

...It would be better to say that the more we are together like this, the more I find out that understanding is but a drop in the ocean.” Meanwhile, cat ninja continues to eavesdropping on the townspeople. He starts to become tense and aghast. He mutters, “The big bad wolf is very scary. The princess consort is a youkai..?”

The people are saying that their king is this and princess consort is that. Frantic cat ninja says, “Hakuyou is very dangerous..! *going left and right in confusion* What to do, what to do, Your Highness, princess...” At a kingdom by some mountain area [Enha], a long haired person with a ribbon stands as the wind blows her cape.

Narration: “The Wolf king and bride’s lovey-dovey newly-wed life ..appears to once again have twists and turns in the near future.” Not long after, Yuulin meets with Kouju for a tea. Sparkling and teary-eyed Kouju tells Yuulin that before, at an unexpected place, she obtained courage and creative passion.

“I also won’t admit defeat. I’ll definitely make everyone know Lady princess consort’s true appearance..!” With the table filled with Kouju’s new novels, sweatdropping Yuulin says, ah..it’s good that she’s quite lively..
Comment: Well, ‘honeymoon’ is over and time to get back to the main story again which means trouble and all of those other stuff. It isn’t always we encounter a lead guy who’s excessive lovey-dovey is a problem for the girl. ^^; Apparently, Reishou is also very possessive =P

Somehow, I wonder if Yuulin’s reason for his excessive affect wasn’t because of the acting before but rather, Reishou wanted to show that he really cherishes her for what she is doing just to be with him. I’m just thinking if he is imitating what his father did to his mother even if Reishou is already assured of Yuulin’s love for him.

Even if Kouju and Houen is a cute pair, I fear for Houen’s sanity if they get married. ^^; The siblings are already driving him nuts in this chapter. They are really so easy going and somehow in a world of their own. I can imagine how Houen will always be misinterpreted by Kouju later on. =P It might be good for Kouju to be inspired by twisting what Houen meant but I’m not sure that it is okay with Houen.

Somehow, I wonder if their father laments that his children are like that so his ambition for a much higher position won’t happen. Suigetsu still keeps on skipping work and Kouju isn’t interested in becoming a consort but rather, she is helping the two by being engrossed with her novels. In a way, Kouju is Yuulin’s PR person/publicist. =P

How Kouju envisions Yuulin is way over the top. I wonder if she’ll succeed later on in making Yuulin like some holy person. ^^; No wonder she is so distressed for Yuulin’s current image is the total opposite of what she wanted. Apparently, she isn’t that naïve for she also knows about the vipers in the palace who don’t approve of Yuulin.

In a way, it seems that even if it is just conversations, Ranyou is instructing Yuulin about proper posture. Anyway, the possible rival might be for Yuulin. Since the princess is investigating Yuulin, is it as a potential consort for Reishou or is it because of the problems that her country is currently having regarding the heir’s partner aside from some internal disputes?

Ah, actually, the partner might be her so she wants to know how Yuulin got accepted. From that scene, it seems that the princess is an outdoor type. I wonder what she’ll be like ^^ Scans by 狼花嫁吧合作

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