October 7, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 55]

Episode 55 – A Very Special Favor. Nene remembers the guy as the one who gave her a letter before and because she went to bother Yuki, in the end, she totally forgot about receiving the letter. Nene starts bowing and apologizing that because of some very important thing, she wasn’t able to answer him for such a long time.. She thinks that it isn’t good either to send it back to him. Yuki frowns for Nene is excessively apologizing again. Kunitachi says that it is great for he thought that it is because he was rejected and thinking that she totally had lost patience. Nene thinks Kunitachi is a good person. Yuki says but, in a situation wherein one doesn’t immediately give a reply, is basically an NG [no good/blooper] like for example, in answering in a job interview-type of thing, after dragging some time, in the end, a bad outcome is the most likely thing that will happen. Looking at Kunitachi, Yuki says that this is a general discussion. Kunitachi comments that Nene’s friend is very strict. Thinking that Yuki looks at her with disdain, Nene starts apologizing again for indeed, generally, it is a NG. She bows and says that she took his letter but didn’t answer and she is really sorry so as an apology, she’ll do whatever he wants, really sorry.
Yuki is shock over why it became like that. Kunitachi thinks that she’s so cute. He tells her that he has a request, how about going out and have fun with him next weekend. He suggests that she get to know what kind of person he is and then, afterwards, she can give him her answer. Yuki asks what’s with that. Kunitachi says that all three of them would go and he’ll also get his friend so that it will be a double date. Sparkling and blushing Nene says that if Yuki is okay with it. Yuki exclaims that’s so fast. Kunitachi also asks Yuki to agree. Pouting Yuki thinks that actually, he cannot let lil sis go alone. Yuki says that he actually thinks that it is okay. The two thanks Yuki at the same time. Kunitachi says that he’ll see them next time and he’ll contact her later on. Nene starts to ask what to do and will it be okay. Yuki says yes, for she had simply said okay. It turns out that Nene is worried about Kunitachi brining a friend for the friend will absolutely fall in love with Yuki at first sight, and if cannot run away from it. She starts apologizing again for being careless. Yuki says is that it and how come she keeps on apologizing about this and that.
Patting her head, Yuki says that it is fine, he is already used to it. Yuki thinks that what is important is to confirm if that private school student suits in going steady with Nene and after all, he cannot just let her be. In school, Yuki exclaims but, the one he likes is Junko and even if he has been rejected, he isn’t the person who’ll simply give up. Renji says that it is very good since it is quite rare just accept that sisters donburi [rice topping meal]. Yuki smacks him for he is seriously perplexed here and he is treating it like some garbage. Renji says no, because from listening to him, the fact is Yuki should considerably like Nene. This surprises Yuki. Renji says that if it is him, he’ll hate that impatient so-called private student who’ll steal Nene from Yuki’s hand but then, it isn’t his issue so it doesn’t matter to him. Renji tells Yuki to do whatever he wants to do. Yuki wonders if he meant that even if someone stole what he cherishes, he won’t regret it. He thinks that he’ll properly verify that guy and also his feelings. At Sumida Aquarium, Kunitachi, together with a female friend, calls out to Yuki and Nene. The two are surprised that he brought a girl. It turns out that Kunitachi recognizes Yuki, as the legendary Yuki, a famous cross-dressing bishounen.
Kunitachi explains that he has always been following Nene so he properly investigated the people who are always with Nene. After all, Yuki is that kind of person so he knows him in detail. So that means, he really clearly knows the situation and he is really aware about disturbing them. This made Yuki frown then smile. Yuki says that he thought he is just a straightforward guy but actually, he is a hot-blooded private high schooler. At the side, Nene wonders what Yuki and Kunitachi are talking about. She starts to think that Kunitachi’s target is actually Yuki. She is afraid that it is only a way for him to take a shortcut [through her]. At first, Nene is going to accept it but realizes that it is very dangerous for this to continue. Kunitachi gives Yuki her tickets. Nene asks how much it is. He tells her that there’s no need for he was the one who invited her. Nene continues to refuse to accept it for free. He tells her that he had talked with Yuki that them guys are going to split the cost for the girls. Nene asks if he knows Yuki. Kunitachi says of course, since Yuki is a celebrity and this ticket is for her. Nene says is that so, and that’s true, he is an eye-catching person. She wonders if Yuki will date that other girl.
Accepting the ticket, Nene says that she understands, then, at least let her pay for the food for if the girls were treated again..actually..what she wants to say.. Kunitachi says he understands then, that’s how it will be. Nene thinks that today, she is quite happy that she’ll go out together with Yuki that she spent three hours being perplexed over what to wear. From this morning, her heart is always going dokidoki and afterwards, she didn’t think that.. She looks at Yuki with the girl. She had unexpectedly seen that kind of scene. She wonders if Yuki is with her sister, would she still feel happy about it. Kunitachi calls out to Nene to look at these cute things, and does she like clione [sea angels]. Nene looks at them and says that they are really cute. He tells her if she knows that when they are catching food, they will flap towards it. Nene exclaims that is right, and she saw it on the television. While they continue to talk about the clione, Yuki glances at the two. He thinks that Kunitachi isn’t excessively sticking on Nene but then, they are maintaining some protective distance. When they are talking, he would bend down a bit to Nene. Yuki muses that at present, the score is..it seems that Kunitachi is almost as tall as Renji and from looking at them, they look like a match. Nene glances at Yuki who immediately looks away.
Nene wonders if he was looking at her side a while ago and could it be that she is making him worry. Is it about whether or not she can properly talk with a guy alone, and if Yuki were to say, ‘standing together, you guys are quite a match’ then he is definitely correct. Even if this guy is very tall but he doesn’t scare her and, he gives off a nice feeling. Looking at a couple of penguin, Nene sadly thinks that the one Yuki likes is her sister and she is putting his happiness as the first priority. Later on, the girls go to buy some drinks. Kunitachi offers to help them. Nene has a hard time deciding what food to buy so Kunitachi helps her out. After glancing at them, Yuki thinks that at least as a man, that guy is quite remarkable than him. Outside, someone gushes about how cute the creatures they saw. Someone asks what they will do next, go rock climbing or watch some astronomical film. The other girl says that she’ll go to the toilet for a while. She asks if Nene wants to go with her. Nene declines. The girl whispers to Nene that Yuki is so cute for he can really talk that it feels like they can become friends. She thanks Nene for today. After she left, Nene is happy that girl isn’t planning on going steady with Yuki. While standing behind Nene, Yuki says that girl is a cousin and she is just childhood friends with Kunitachi.
After Nene is surprised that Yuki is there, he says that from what that girl said, Kunitachi appears to have no one whom he’s going steady with. Yuki says that isn’t that very good, if it is that guy, Nene can try and go steady with him. While Nene looks stunned, Yuki says that Kunitachi is very tall, appearance is also above average and he appears to be serious with her. After backing away to the fountain, Nene says yes, she understands, if Yuki said that then she’ll go steady with Kunitachi. Yuki freaks out that she is sitting down on the fountain at the floor. Aghast Yuki takes off his coat and asks what she is doing, did she twist her foot or something. Kunitachi and the girl had just come back and ask if Nene is wet because of the fountain. Kunitachi offers to help and give his jacket. He says that there is a clinic here. Holding up his hand, Yuki thanks him and says that it is fine, just leave Nene to him and sorry, today will only be up to this point. While holding Nene’s shoulder, Yuki says that they are going leaving and even if he is very sorry but please, forgive them and goodbye. After frowning, Kunitachi says that even if he says that but in the end, he wants to help. Nene says that it is alright and she’ll contact him afterwards. She says that she’ll go steady with him if it is really okay. This made Yuki scowl. Yuki exclaims what she is still saying at this time, they have to be hurry and get her a change of clothes. Taking Nene away, Yuki bids the others goodbye. Flustered Kunitachi says okay..he knows..he’ll wait for her. The other girl is glad for him. [<- she calls him Ondai? 音大]
Later on, Yuki reprimands Nene why at this kind of time, she will say that unnecessary words and she is truly quite stupid. While mentally asking Yuki not to get angry for she doesn’t want to be hated by him, trembling Nene says that Yuki told her that that is quite good... This made Yuki scowl and frown. Yuki exclaims that he’ll immediately go in the hotel to give her a change of clothes. Blushing Nene still thinks about not wanting to be hated by Yuki. Nene says that whatever Yuki says, she will go and do it. That made Yuki scowl and grab her hand. He tells her to be quick and get her body warm so that she won’t catch a cold. They go in the hotel room. Yuki comments that it is clean than he imagined it would be. He tells her that the bathroom is here so quickly go in and take a shower. Then during that time, he’ll go and try to buy some clothes for her so he’ll come back. Thinking that Yuki is very used to this, Nene asks if it isn’t his first time to go at this kind of place. Yuki says nope even if he did spend a night. He thinks but he didn’t do it. Irked Yuki tells Nene to please quickly--.. Crying Nene says that if Yuki said it, then, no matter what it is, she’ll.. Yuki couldn’t stop himself that he rushes over to her and kisses her. He looks at her and kisses her again. After looking surprised, Nene closes her eyes as the tear falls down.
Comment: And, Nene is indeed the typical spineless girl who’ll do anything whatever the guy she likes says even if it isn’t what she wanted. ^^; And apparently, that turns Yuki on. A bit strange for Nene is the complete opposite of Junko. I guess it is also because without regard to herself, this girl is willing to give everything to him and do whatever he says unlike his mother and Junko. I wonder if Nene will take back what she told Kunitachi. Well, that depends on what is Yuki’s explanation for the kiss. Scans from 朝九晚五汉化组

Quote of the day:
Actions speak louder than words. We can apologize over and over, but if our actions don't change, the words become meaningless. ~ Anonymous


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