October 3, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 73]

At Kagawa stadium, after kissing, Aki says, “Riko, you’re really good. *kiss* Really good. Pure.” Riko blushes and is moved by that. Riko snaps out of it and angrily says that starting just now, aren’t these considered praises. After saying no, he kisses her again. He says that he is boasting her and he really longs and hopes to become someone like her. “Your emotion, what you think and what you say are identical. This kind of person is actually really rare.” Puzzled Riko looks at him and says that she doesn’t understand a word he said. “Could it be that what the brain thinks inside isn’t the same with one’s feelings?” Aki says that it is as she said but for him, this should be an identical thing but he is unable to make it identical. “..How difficult” As he rests his head on her shoulder, Riko hears a whimper. Her expression softens as she pats Aki’s head. He is surprised by this. He says, “..let me say, staring from today on, no matter what I say in the future, only you, Riko, have to definitely believe in me, okay? *Riko looks surprised* No matter when, I always think of music..and would also act for the happiness of everyone around. I really cannot understand...
...The fact is, always, all along, my starting point is, obviously a choice I made, with the hope of making a lot of people happy. But I always would hurt everyone.. There was never once a time when it is merely because of me that I’ll make some decision... ” Meanwhile, at some staff only area, Shinya and Miwako are busy kissing. Then, Shinya pulls up her skirt. This embarrasses her. She quickly holds his hand and tells him to wait, stop. Shinya tells her that there’s no need to worry, because he doesn’t have feelings for her so even if they did it, he won’t remember any of this. This startles Miwako. She is teary-eyed and trembling. After closing her eyes, she lovingly looks at him and says, “..like..” Shinya smiles and asks if she thinks that if she says that, he would stop. “Get real, okay? ‘I’ll treasure you’, that kind of words, you come over to an angry guy and do you think that with that kind of tepid words, he’ll just let it slip?” Miwako braces herself as Shinya lifts up her skirt. Meanwhile, outside the stadium, some fans are busy writing in Twitter. One says that tonight is a legendary night. They are also waiting for CP to come out from where they think they will converge.
One person says how amazing that LIVE was and it is regrettable that they weren’t able to see Shinya and she’s so worried. Another person says but there is Aki! A girl exclaims that her heart cannot stop beating. In Twitter, someone says that Aki is the most amazing. Someone answers that he made a lot of mistakes while playing www. [<- fyi, ‘w’ of www comes from ‘warai’ which means laugh. The more w, that more laughing/lol] Another one tweets that she wants to say that whoever plays well is okay. Talking about Aki’s bass playing, how it was is really boring but that is the true essence of music. A girl somewhere exclaims that Aki really came out in that LIVE and she really wants to see it but she basically couldn’t buy a ticket. SNOWXXX tweets that no wonder it is the original! And it can be seen that there is always a good relationship between the cool Crude Play members. Bukubuku20xx tweets that Shun’s role had changed. Obviously Shinya had collapsed but he can still be that excited on the stage. loveloveLIVE tweets that unexpectedly, in front of Aki, Shun would have that kind of expression. Totally being spoiled ww. While eating with a friend, a girl says that in the end, Shun really likes Aki. Her friend happily says that during the magazine interview, he also carelessly mentioned it.
Mikamisa says that it turns out that Aki is moe-type and he’s really so cute. Even if she’s also worried about Shinya’s health condition but in the end, she still really wants to hear Aki play onstage again.. A girl is busy typing on the internet in search for a picture of Aki. Tree tweets that the most important thing is let her say it again, Aki is basically not a fat pig and on contrary, he is a super handsome guy. Someone tweets that Aki and Shun is a cp [/couple]. At a karaoke bar, a girl types that she knows earlier on that Aki is a handsome guy because she has seen the graduation picture. Her friend is shouting[/singing] that next, there are so many, quite a lot of love rivals~~ really~~ darn~~ The girl tells her friend to look, it is quickly rising up among the trends [/most searched topic]. It is currently at number four with the title ‘Aki’. At her place, Mari sees someone’s tweet, ‘Mush also came!!” Mari muses that Aki unexpectedly called her [Riko]. She continues to read a couple of tweets, “Mush herself is so cute and her hairstyle is really eye-catching.” And “How come Mush is in Kagawa, by chance? Mari laughs. Just then, while carrying a tray with a tea set, her assistant tells Mari to first drink some tea before rest..
She finds Mari laughing. Mari continues to laugh and say, “Calling that child but excluding me, right?” She is surprised for tears start to fall. While holding the cellphone, Mari cries, “..how mean.. quite mean, why..” Putting the tray on the table, the assistant asks what’s going on. Mari says that he obviously called that kind of girl. “Still with her, only me.. *drops the phone on the floor and sobs* Only me..” Meanwhile, Shinya is on top of Miwako when his cellphone starts ringing. Shinya stands up and takes his cellphone from his bag. After Shinya answers it, Soichiro asks him what he is doing right now. While Soichiro is standing in front of a bus, Senzaki is talking with the bus driver. While looking down at Miwako, Shinya says, “..nothing. Right now, you are also not doing anything, right?” [<- the second line seems out of place so I’m wondering if Soichiro said that or Shinya is implying that Soichiro is also not doing anything. Nevertheless, for some reason,] Miwako blushes. Soichiro tells Shinya that the bus is departing. Shinya says that he won’t ride it. As Miwako is partly sitting up, Soichiro says, “Shinya..”
Shinya says, “..ah-yes. There should still be fans staying outside. For me and Crude Play to part our separate ways, it will immediately spread out an unsuitable-type of negative news, right. And this is unfavorable for the new Crude Play.” Soichiro asks where he is. “Showing yourself in public alone is very difficult, right? I’ll go get you.” Shinya mutters, “Ah, still really treating me as a child huh.” After he hangs up, Shinya looks at Miwako who looks nervous. Just when Miwako closes her eyes to brace herself, Shinya whispers to her and says that it’s really great that someone came and interrupted. Miwako looks at cold Shinya who stands up, takes his bag and walks away while looking at his cellphone. Miwako looks stunned as her heart kept on beating loud and fast. While Soichiro waits by the bus, someone is telling the fans to please stay back in order to avoid accidents. Kaoru and Teppei are already on the bus. The fans scream upon seeing Shun walking towards the bus. Just when Shun is heading up the bus, Soichiro casually says that it seems that he had regained consciousness. Shun looks surprised at Soichiro. Without looking at Shun, Soichiro says that’s great, right. Shun looks away flustered and relieved. Shun asks him if that is what the company is saying. After looking surprised, Soichiro says that he is only representing himself in saying that, that’s all. And, Shun continues to go in the bus.
After looking glum, Soichiro sees Aki walking out the door with Riko. Soichiro mutters, “That idiot.” While walking with Aki, Riko asks if his luggage is only that much. Aki says no and by the way, does she have the right to say that to someone. Riko says that she came over from the recording. Then, the fans are saying that it is Aki and also Mush. Some fans are taking pictures. Then, someone pats Riko’s head from behind. Riko turns around and exclaims, “Shinya!” The fans scream in disbelief for it is Shinya! While Aki looks slightly flustered, Riko asks if Shinya is okay. [<- she said his body/health] Shinya says, “..who knows..perhaps, can still persevere for a while..” Meanwhile, at the hospital, Shun’s father is awake. Bowing down to the relatives, Shun’s mother informs them that her husband has already regained consciousness so please let him rest a while. She thanks them for rushing over but with the current situation, he still cannot receive visitors. Glasses relative asks if Shun still hasn’t come back. The mother says that she was told that he’ll arrive tomorrow morning. This angers the relative. He says, “Tell him that it is almost time to end the play time.” And, the bus is heading back to Tokyo with scenes of Aki, Shinya and Shun contemplating things.
Comment: I’m thankful that Soichiro unwittingly stops Shinya from doing something really stupid even if what he tried to do is already stupid. When he said that ‘it’s good someone interrupted’, I wonder if he meant good for him or Miwako. I wonder if the bus left Miwako ^^; Based on what was shown here, it seems that we are going back to the original love polygon of four. Mari seems to be still in denial that Aki has already dumped her for Riko. The question is, will she still do something to get him back? How about something happens to her and for ‘old time’s sake’ Aki will help her out or something? For Shinya to pat Riko’s head, at first, I thought it is indeed that love polygon thing except thinking about Soichiro muttering, idiot. I realized that he is implying that it is a stupid move for Aki and Riko to be seen together by fans, who are equipped with cameras and cellphones. Fans are already tweeting that Riko is there. It might be a matter of time before Kyouko and others would also know where Riko went after she immediately left the recording. I’m not sure if people will start thinking that Riko and Aki are a couple and if that is good or bad but perhaps, that is the reason Shinya greeted Riko so that it won’t be obvious that Riko and Aki are a couple. Still, I’m not sure if it will sit well for an upcoming talent to skip getting to know more of her future co-workers for a concert. It does show where her priorities lie.

Regarding what Aki said to Riko, the first part seems to be implying about not happy with his performance but not really showing it. Next, he seems to be asking Riko to believe in him no matter what he says. I guess that is about not saying what he really feels but still continue to believe him. He realizes that his choice had the opposite effect and he really doesn’t do things just because of himself. Somehow, all that is implying something big but I’m not sure what. I mean, it seems ominous. As for Miwako, I guess she is torn between wanting to do it or not even if Shinya told her that he doesn’t have feelings for her. This might be her only chance but still, she isn’t quite ready for it. She isn’t exactly protesting or resisting but bracing for it. Anyway, I’m not sure how Miwako will act towards him later on. For now, I think the Shun’s father is the main reason for the disbanding because with Aki, it can still be CP..a new CP as Shinya puts it. I guess it is inevitable that whatever Soichiro does and says, it will always be thought of because of the company and the money the talents bring in rather than being concerned about the talent themselves. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇

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  1. thank you for summary kat^^.

    Tho i do not think there can be a love polygon anymore,at least with the way things turned out in latest chapters.

    Its clear Riko has zero romantic feelings for Shinya and there is no chance for him.Considering she only thought of Aki and only bothered to ask about shinya when she saw him in front of her.
    Also do not think there is a way for Mari to mess up Aki/riko relationship.Considering her affect on aki seems trivial in the chapter he played piano for her.If aki didnt do anything with her that night no chance he will in the future.

    About Miwako/Shinya dissapointed in them both really.The guy showed he can be a real A-hole doing that with Miwako and the things he said.Who does he think he is?Jim morrison or something?With his personality no normal woman would stand him,if it wasnt for his money/fame he got from playing in someone else's band heh.
    And miwako how desperate can she be? Just a while ago she seemed to be crushing on Aki and suddenly she so madly in love with shinya that she lets him do whatever he wants?

    Not really a fan of this ship hope we wont see many scenes of it lol.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      True..and Riko didn't even notice him when she went to the concert.

      Ya..but I'm implying on something like Mari had a breakdown or something and for old time's sake, Aki will go to see her. But then, I'm not sure how desperate Mari can be or she can recover. Love polygons will still happen until the rivals finally call it quits.

      True but I don't agree with 'his personality no normal woman would stand him'. He obviously do not treat Riko that way. Ever since before Shinya doesn't like Miwako and he has been very blunt about it. Somehow, it is kind of out of character for Shinya to kiss Miwako before and now this. Interestingly, she is also the one there when he needs to vent out his anger and frustration...usually when he's at a tipping point ^^; So, that might be one reason. He was too emo that he lost his mind ^^;; Honestly, I'm not sure what the mangaka planned with this one. Is it even important to the overall story?

      As for Miwako, it seems that she is. She reminds me of the typical innocent virgin girl who really falls hard for the one who stole a kiss and it doesn't matter if the guy is a jerk. And, that is one of the usual shoujo plots. And, obviously in this case, being an adult doesn't mean that it won't happen to her. Again, it seems that emotions are in the play.

      Hopefully so.

  2. Tah dah ! Kat, I do believe it's starting.... the crisis, I mean. Wanna bet Mari will do everything to get Aki back ?

    Miwako is such a slut.

    Also even though Aki told Riko to believe in him, there's no denying he'll do something that will break up his relationship with Riko. Riko is so in love with him I'm sure she won't be the cause of any break -up.

    This guy Aki had willy nilly thought of sleeping with mari for flimsy reasons like 1. to oblige what Mari wants 2. to piss off Riko ( piano scene ) I'm 1 million per cent sure Mari's gonna be successful the third time around. What do you think, kat ?

    1. Hehe, ya, it is very likely.



      I cannot really say. I'm not too sure if he would be that stupid to do that and well, he did not push through it during the piano scene. Too stupid = do it with Mari and expect Mari not to brag about it to Riko.

    2. I'm afraid Aki is stupid enough to do that. Two times he contemplated sleeping with Marie. And remember when Marie invited him to go to her dressing room, just the two of them ? He puts himself in situations where anything can happen. What's worse, when he brought mari to her place, it was to sleep with her. He's capable, Kat.

  3. Thank you so much for writing these! The chapters are never updated anywhere in English and I was going crazy thinking I would never know how it was going to end. Now I can look forward to finding out!

    1. Thanks for reading them, Unknown ^-^

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH for summarizing all these chapters! I was so frustrated because I was addicted to this manga, and wanted to find out what was going to happen, but nothing ever got updated! I can finally understand what's going on now; please continue to write more summaries! If possible, could you provide a link to the chapter raws? Can't seem to find them anywhere ^^; Thanks so much!! <3

    1. Thanks for reading them, sindhuri ^-^

      I can continue as long as there are Chinese scanlations ^^

      If Chinese is okay, it is here: http://www.dm5.com/manhua-miwuzhongdehudie/