October 2, 2015

By Request: Kimi to Boku [Chapter 92]

[Free Talk: Request by Krystal]

A new school term has all sorts of things. In class, Chizuru complains to Yuki about his wobbly table. It has always been shaking really bad ever since the start of the second term. Yuki says that it is probably because the table has been changed during summer vacation’s extra classes. Chizuru says that he’ll get a new table from the storage so would he accompany him. Yuki refuses by saying that he is still studying. Chizuru says that he isn’t studying for he’s actually reading manga during self-study. So, Chizuru takes his table and will go change it himself. He is furious that it kept on shaking that he wasn’t able to properly sleep. Yuki comments that an exam student can peacefully sleep there. While carrying the table through the hallway, Chizuru complains that this is troublesome and why does he have to do this kind of thing. Then, he has an idea. He quickly turns around and goes to section 2-6. He sees that Masaki was called to recite by the teacher. Soon, while sitting on the table outside the door, blushing Chizuru dreamily watches Masaki’s recitation. The teacher notices him and shouts what he is doing. The teacher asks why he isn’t in class, what is his name and section. Chizuru waves at Masaki then quickly runs off. While Masaki is speechless, the others are asking what’s up and it’s a third year student.
At the courtyard, a twin ponytailed girl asks, “Senpai, can I disturb you?”  Blushing Chizuru looks back at her. The girl says not him but the one beside him. It is Yuki. Chizuru kicks Yuki for it is him again. After seeing it, Masaki’s friends laugh over how funny Chizuru is that it is like watching some lousy skit. Then, a friend asks Masaki to lend her some sunscreen lotion. Masaki agrees. The friend says that this is the one from the CM [commercial]. The other friend comments that Chizuru likes Masaki. The other two friends agree for Chizuru protected her before and earlier, Chizuru came to their class. While blushing Masaki protests that it isn’t so, they all say that Chizuru absolutely came to look at Masaki. Upon seeing Masaki, Chizuru waves to her. Masaki is startled as her friends have this knowing look. Masaki shouts that she said that it isn’t like that. Later on, after school dismissal, Masaki is in the classroom all by herself. She takes out the sunscreen and puts it on her arm. Then, she sniffs it.
To her surprise, while standing at the door, Chizuru asks what she is doing. Masaki says that she is waiting for her friends and why is he here. Chizuru says that the teacher called him to the office and he’s on his way there. Blushing Masaki puts her head down on the table. She calls herself stupid for she unexpectedly thought that it is because ‘perhaps he came to see me’. She is overly self-conscious and it is her friends’ fault. While taking a seat in front of her, Chizuru asks if that sunscreen lotion is Masaki’s and can she let him have some. She refuses for he doesn’t care about being sunburned. He tells her that from today on, he has decided to pay attention to it. So, she hands him the lotion. Chizuru shakes the bottle as if he is some bartender. Then, he squirts out too much of the lotion on his arm. Masaki angrily scolds him for making a scene so it became like that, and that is her favorite. Chizuru apologizes to her. Then, Masaki shouts for him to wait, does he plan to put that much on his left arm. So, Masaki helps distribute it on his face and other arm. Then, Chizuru smiles at her. This surprises Masaki that she wonders what’s up with that smile.
After Chizuru rubs the rest of the lotion on his face, he notices that the lotion is very fragrant that he asks what is this smell. Masaki overhears some girls talking outside. Just when Chizuru asks if she also has the same smell, Masaki immediately backs away. She looks out the door and realizes that it wasn’t her friends. She looks back and is surprised to see gloomy Chizuru. Gloomy Chizuru faces away from her and tells her not to have that kind of rejecting reaction as if he is some pervert who really likes smelling other people’s scent. Chizuru exclaims that it isn’t like that, her friends told her that he likes her so she is a bit...she doesn’t want them to see them together. Chizuru asks if she fears being misunderstood by Shun again. This surprises Masaki. Chizuru says that it is like that before, being suspected of going steady with Kaname upon seeing them sharing one umbrella. He comments that thinking of it now, it’s super funny. He asks if she is thinking that if it is like before, it is troublesome if she’ll be misunderstood by Shun. Masaki says that it isn’t about being scared of being misunderstood rather it is because she’ll be embarrassed [/shy]. Chizuru looks at her in surprise.
Then, the PA calls out to Chizuru to quickly go to the office. Chizuru mutters for them not to be like that for he’ll be going and do they want to see him that much. He stands up, blushes, and quickly hugs Masaki before rushing out. Masaki blushes in surprise. Just then, her friends arrive and wonder what’s up with Masaki who seems to be emitting smoke/looking red. While fanning her, her friends apologize for the class must be hot and they’ll go to a cool place on the way home. While running, Chizuru thinks that he knows that it is green apple, tightly hugging the girl he likes, and her body emitting the scent of green apple. Some other time, Masaki notices Chizuru walking behind Yuki and asking him to let him take a bite. Yuki refuses. After seeing them, Masaki immediately hides behind the post. She wonders if she is bothered too much that she even hide. Just then, a girl calls out, “Ah, that! Senpai, can I disturb you for a while?” Hitting Yuki’s back, Chizuru shouts, see, calling Yuki again so quickly go for if he does it again, it is like that skit every time. The girl says, “Ah, no. It isn’t senpai, you..” Chizuru looks surprised as well as Masaki. The tall girl says, “About that..ah..I..about that..I like you senpai! Please go steady with me!” Chizuru is surprised. Scans by 新·双座漫画
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