October 1, 2015

By Request: Takane to Hana [Chapter 13]

[Free Talk: Request by Moglin.]

After Takane tutored Hana for her midterm exams, the grade results are already released. Hana is amazed at how good were the grades that she got. Mizuki manages to pass by memorizing. For Hikaruko, it is both memorizing and guessing. Mizuki tells Hana to properly thank Takane. Then, Hana wonders about Okamoto. She sees him depressed. It turns out that after failing to get in the Nationals qualifiers, he got the midterm report. Both are a double blow for him so Mizuki suggests to Hana that she temporarily do not step on his landmine. Later on, during cleaning duty, Hana is giving Okamoto light chops on the head. He tells him not to attack him while he’s weak, and that hurts. She tells him that at least, when it hurts, he forgot a lot of unhappy things. Okamoto thanks her. She tells him that on the day after tomorrow, they’ll have an appreciation meeting at his family’s store and she wants to bite into that special egg so greet his parents for her. As she leaves, Okamoto blushes a bit while holding his head where she lightly chopped it. Hana arrives home. Her mother says that she’s early and Takane hasn’t come yet. She is disappointed for she rushed home in order to tell him early about it. She imagines him patting her head and saying that she did a good job.
Hana shakes her head and denies to herself that she wanted to be praised so if she shows it to him, it is definitely like this. She imagines Takane arrogantly saying that his teaching method is very good and no wonder it is him. Then, she has to bow down to king Takane to thank him. Then, it is already around 7:33pm. Hana calls him but there is no answer. She thinks that actually if something happens, he should say that he’ll be late. Her mother says that it is worrisome and hopefully, he didn’t get into an accident. Hana tells her not to say ominous things. Her mother apologizes. Feeling uneasy, Hana thinks that it is very boring to always wait. She decides that occasionally, it should be her turn to go to his place. When her mother asks where she is going, Hana says that she’ll be going to Okamoto’s house to do homework and let her know if Takane comes. She goes to Takane’s office and puts on a light disguise so that she won’t bump into anyone who was at the banquet before. She plans to ambush a silver colored car by the parking entrance. Then, she bumps into someone. After apologizing, the man recognizes her as the younger sister of Takane’s friend and they met once at the bowling area. She recalls him as Takane’s subordinate. He asks why she is here at this time.
Hana quickly says that her sister asks her to give something to Takane. The man tells her that Takane is sick with cold so he is absent for today. The man thinks that Takane was super busy lately that he didn’t have any resistance against disease. Hana asks if Takane is really capable at work. She thinks that he is relying on his influence to happily and snuggly pass the days. The man asks what is she talking about, Takane is their trump card. Takane is young yet he can already lead a world scale project. He also heard that when they thought he had already got off work at night, he would still go back to the office for overtime until it’s very late so it’s quite exhausting. Later on, Hana is shock over how tall the building is where Takane stays. The man had told Hana that because Takane’s cold is probably serious, can she also check on his situation while bringing that thing to him since he is living alone. She enters the building and is shock over the reception for it is like a hotel. Hana tells them that she is Takane’s cousin and can she go and see him. The receptionist calls Takane and Hana is allowed to go up. The receptionist escorts her up to the elevator. Holding a bag of medicine and Pocari [drink], she wonders if he’s cold is very serious and is it because he helped her study that caused him to become like that.
The door opens and Takane asks when she became his cousin. While greeting him, she thinks that his voice is so hoarse. He asks what she is doing here and how come she knows where he lives. Hana explains that it is this and that and afterwards.. Takane says that guy would go leaking other people’s private information without permission. With a cold smile, he says that he is really moved for she is unexpectedly worried..cough cough..worried about..cough cough cough..me.. Hana tells him not to force himself and he isn’t under obligation to say those words. While helping him, she asks where the bedroom is. She notices that his body temperature is very hot. He tells her to wait, go to the bathroom and get the comb and hair dryer. Hana tells him that she doesn’t care if his hair is blown up [afro hair] or plugged [electrocuted?]. He mutters what did she say. She tells him to quickly go back to the bedroom. Takane can only curse as she helps him back into bed. Hana wipes her perspiration for it is so far. He is living at such a big place when obviously, he’s all by himself. She thinks that even if it is imposing and neat, he shouldn’t be the one who did it himself. She notices his cellphone and realizes that there is no charge so she plugged it.
Takane tells her that he doesn’t want to infect her so quickly go home. She thinks that he is saying something that is unlike of him. She tells him not to worry for she only got sick with cold twice in her whole life. If he can infect her then go ahead and try. She thinks that she cannot just go and leave after seeing this kind of situation. Hana says that she bought medicine but it isn’t good if he eats it with an empty stomach so what did he eat today. He says nothing. He asks her to get the phone in the living room so that he can order meal. <- phone has a direct line to the reception desk. Takane will ask the chef for Chinese cuisine to boil him some congee. Hana exclaims that she also can make a mere congee. Takane asks who’ll eat a meal made by a kid. Hana stubbornly exclaims that she’ll do it and lend her the kitchen. She runs off and tells him to shut up and just drink Pocari. After passing the amazing living room that doesn’t have a feeling of being lived in, Hana thinks that even if it’s her, she can make that congee since she’ll just casually cook some frozen rice. To her surprise, after opening the refrigerator, she realizes how can there be frozen rice in this house that has a feeling of not being lived in. The refrigerator is empty.
So, she went to a supermarket below which is very convenient even if everything is very expensive. She wonders if he doesn’t have time to cook but then, if he does have time, will he do it. She finds an instant congee pack. She imagines him saying that he doesn’t want convenience food, he wants a chef. So, she buys 1 kg of rice with all of her pocket money. She comes back and says that she’ll going to cook now and it might take some time but she thinks that it is faster than calling for a chef so wait.. And, she sees Takane on his desk making phone calls and looking at his laptop computer. He is sending some data to someone and  taking on the phone. Hana is surprised that he is still working while he’s like that. After hanging up, Hana exclaims for how he will be get well if he won’t sleep. He tells her that he is only checking his mails. She tries to protest but he says that he was bestowed kindness by his grandfather so he cannot do anything that will humiliate him. She recalls what his subordinate said and that she had felt that his personality is very serious [/conscientious] while he was teaching her. While cooking the congee, she thinks that he is so busy yet he found time to specially teach her so she must make it delicious so that he’ll quickly recover his health.
Later on, she checks his temperature and it is 39.2C. Thinking that it is still quite high, she asks him if he can stand up and eat some of her congee before drinking the medicine and going back to sleep. She exclaims that it is the casserole congee that she made, a high grade one..sorry, it got burnt. While Takane eats it, she is humiliated for she unexpectedly couldn’t even do this small thing well. She braces herself for his angry outburst that he told her that there’s no need for her to do this!! After eating it, he says that it is delicious. While putting her fingers in her ears, Hana is stunned. He repeats that it’s delicious. Hana is freaking out that he became abnormal because of the fever. He asks her about her grades in the exam. Thinking that he remembered, she tries to tell him to forget that but he insists for her to let him see it. After looking at it, he comments that her grades are quite high. She thinks that he graduated as an elite so he won’t easily praise others. To her surprise, Takane pats her head and says that it wasn’t easy to surpass the average so she really studied hard. He continues to say that it must be hard yet in such a short time, her grades went up quite a lot so not bad at all. He tells her that it is very good that she can do it if she wants to do it, good kid. Hana is blushing really red and thinking that he had a total breakdown.
While Takane drinks his medicine, she suggests that he don’t go to her place everyday and isn’t it better to effectively use his own time. She cannot totally return to him the things he does for her. She thinks that she can only do this kind of thing and in the end, she is still a ‘brat’. Putting down the glass, Takane asks if she is saying that it is okay for his life to be only about work. Hana says no, that isn’t what she meant. He says that he isn’t using her for him to have a change of mood and what does she think she is, correct herself about that. Hana thinks that it is the normal Takane..huh, change of mood? With folded arms, Takane lectures her if she knows that it is over if one is too busy at work that one’s life had become just going back and forth from office and house. Day after day, each day will gradually rot one’s spirit and it is her usefulness to enable him to maintain the appearance of his good spirits so be aware of that a bit. Hana wonders when she got appointed to such a heavy and huge task [/role]. Takane says if she understands, then do not use such a lovable attitude which is unlike of her. He tells her to be like before since she’s not allowed to make him bored [/fed up with her]. Hana asks what he is saying.
Scowling, she says that she couldn’t see his spirit being quite healthy at all. [<- he’s mean spirited?] Takane shouts what did she say..ah, forget it, this is fine. He decides to go back to his room to sleep. Later on, Hana finishes the congee that she made because she cooked a lot. She thinks that it’s really strange. After washing the dishes, she notices that it is already 10pm so she decides to call her mother. Just when she is picking up her phone on the side table by the bed, Takane grabs her wrist. He asks her if she’s going home. This made her blush. She tells him that it is very late so she’s going to call. He says that it is so late, how can he make her ride the train. He tells her to wait and he’ll call for a car. On the phone, Takane calls for a recreational vehicle [caravan] and prepare some snacks inside the car. Hana protests that she’ll just get a taxi and she just finished the congee so there’s no need for dinner. He tells her to be quiet and she’s not allowed to talk back. Thinking that it will take time for the car to come, she asks if he wanted her to say longer that much and is he that lonely. Takane glares at her and ends up coughing before he can say anything. She thinks that he didn’t deny it and he’s so weak. While patting him, she apologizes for she obviously came to visit the sick and she made him worry about her. She wonders if she made him more tired.
Takane tells her that when his work has temporarily slowed down, he can take a vacation so in order to reward her industriousness for the exam, he’ll go with her to some place that she likes go and have fun during summer vacation so properly think of where she wants to go. This surprises and made her blush. She is about to protest but he glares at her and says that she’s not allowed to answer back. Thinking that she obviously should apologize, she tells him that he cannot mention anything about it while his cold is not well and he’s using that dry voice in saying some big rhetoric words whatever. He darkly mutters that he resents that description. Holding up her pinkie finger, she tells him to promise that he won’t excessively overdo it. He tells him not to treat him like a child. She says that if he got well and had a relapse, it will be for nothing and like that, they cannot go anywhere. Just when she is starting to wonder if a pinkie promise is too silly, he puts his pinkie on hers and says, okay, he knows already. Hana looks surprised and thinks that as expected, today’s Takane is broken, and he’s so honest. Takane mutters that it’s so hot and is it summer already. Hana says that it is because he has a fever. Hana thinks that summer is coming and since he said that she’s not allowed to make him bored, she’ll make it into an unforgettable summer. Scans by 红莲汉
Quote of the day:
You will stay alert, fresh, fit and strong – in mind, in spirit and in body – if you seek and maintain a balance in your life between work and play. ‘The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace. Psalm 29:11’ ~ Scans by 红莲汉


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