September 29, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 4 - Cosmic Humanity]

With Earth and the moon behind her, Yomi narrates, “Hello, everyone. We are now going to start the horror class. Please forgive me for choosing this kind of place for today’s lesson. Until now, there are still so many unknown riddles in the universe. Perhaps, far away from the planet, there are life forms living there that are similar with us. Huh? You’re asking me if I believe if there are really aliens on earth? Ku ku..who can say that for sure? After all, the universe is quite vast..."

Lesson 4: Cosmic Humanity. The school bell is ringing. The teacher tells the students that next week, they are going to divide into groups then make a speech regarding the topic so those who have questions-- The students start talking whether to talk about house pets or politics. Someone asks a short-haired girl that they were suddenly asked about this so what is her suggestion.

Wavy haired girl draws on her sketchbook and says that they really don’t have imagination. She holds up her sketchbook which asks ‘do aliens really exists!?’ Short haired girl says aliens and here Gin [] goes again, she really likes that topic. Gin, the wavy haired girl, says it’s good, right so let’s talk about that.
A black haired girl laughs and tells Chuu [guesswork from ; short haired girl] that they decide on that as their topic for it can become interesting. Gin happily says that perhaps, the three of them can really find an alien. Chuu thinks that the three of them have different interests but since grade one, they had been always together and perhaps, when they grow old, this won’t change.

Chuu has arrived home and decides to check on the internet if there are really aliens. After seeing a lot of pictures regarding aliens, Chuu comments that there are a lot of information about it so are there really that many aliens. She even sees a flying UFO video. She finds it really amazing that it should be real.

She starts to find it interesting yet she’s embarrassed to admit it to Gin. Then, she notices a video with the title that humans are already invaded by aliens. She opens the video and there is a hooded man sitting behind some trash. The man says until now no one has found out about it but he knows that this planet has already by been governed by those guys. “They had unwittingly assimilated into our daily lives.” Chuu wonders what is this, is he saying that Earth has aliens.
The man says that he always knows that the company people had been invaded by an alien parasite organism. “If you think I’m deceiving people, then you guys can test it out. After repeated tests, I found out that you only have to pour this kind of liquid on the alien and it will cause an adverse reaction which causes their face to change.

The ingredients are water 0.4 grams, edible salt 0.2 grams, carbon [<- charcoal/soda?] 1.0 grams, baking soda ..” Chuu wonders what this is but then, she can make it from home. She smiles and asks her mother if they have carbon. Her mother says that they have. Chuu wants to surprise her friends.

At school, Gin asks Chuu and Shouko [guesswork from 星子; black haired girl] if they investigated something. Chuu giggles and holds up a bottle of liquid. She tells them that it is a liquid to test if one is an alien or not. She proudly says that she researched it from the internet.

Gin comments that she obviously remembers that Chuu doesn’t seem to be that enthusiastic about it before.. Embarrassed Chuu says that she just wants to make her happy. Gin decides that they go test it. They see a sleeping cat on top of the wall. Chuu pours the liquid on the cat’s tail. They get scared for the cat is looking at them menacingly. Since there is no change, they think that Chuu was deceived.
Then, the cat starts screaming loudly as if it is in pain when they obviously just poured it on the tail. The cat starts to look like some alien with eyes about to pop out. This scares the girls so they quickly run away. In class, the teacher is teaching about Noah’s ark. The three girls are tense for just now that cat is really abnormal so what’s up with that.

Chuu recalls the man saying that it will have an adverse effect on the alien and causes its face to change. Chuu takes out her cellphone and decides to watch that video again for he might have uploaded some other videos. To her surprise, there is no information about it. Chuu asks why, was it deleted.

The teacher calls out to them and asks if they are listening to his lecture. Chuu thinks that even if she say it out, no one will believe them but if everything is true then.. Chuu looks at the others and they seem to have come to an agreement. Chuu calls out to the teacher and is about to show the liquid when the bottle was accidentally opened.

A bit of liquid is splashed on Shouko. Chuu apologizes. Just when Shouko is saying that she is okay, and asks them if she didn’t change. Everyone is shocked for her face had changed and looks like an alien. As trembling Shouko asks if she is okay, the teacher tells everyone to calm down and he’ll bring Shouko to the clinic.
And afterwards, Shouko didn’t come back. There is a scene of Shouko being walked away by two people. While walking home, Chuu says that this liquid is really effective and Shouko.. Gin asks if they’ll be okay. Chuu assures her that it is okay for it won’t happen again. Then, they notice the people around them staring and frowning at them.

It scares them so they decided to go to Chuu’s house. Chuu thinks that it is absolutely untrue for how can aliens invaded inside the human body. She is scared. Upon arriving home, her mother who is in the kitchen greets her home. Chuu is relieved that her mother is still the same. Chuu tells Gin that they go to her room.

In the room, Gin suggests that they search for more news. To Chuu’s surprise, her internet won’t connect. Gin checks her cellphone and she also couldn’t connect. Chuu thinks that THERE IS SOMETHING that’s hindering them.. Ding dong. The teacher came to visit. The girls eavesdrop since they wonder why the teacher would go to the house.

After they talked for a while, the teacher says that he believe that this problem must be immediately dealt with. The mother asks why would that child.. This scares the girls that they quickly go back into the bedroom. Chuu asks if the teacher and her mother were also invaded by aliens.
Chuu wonders why, when this morning her mother is okay, the teacher is teaching them as usual and Shouko is still smiling.. “Is it because I knew of something that I shouldn’t know..!?” They are surprised when the mother tells them that the teacher came so quickly open the door. The teacher says that he wants to bring them to some place, and it’s very fun and very exciting.

The mother tells them not to be afraid and come out. Chuu shouts that they won’t and who’ll go. Realizing they have no allies, they see the bottled liquid. If they use that, will they become like the cat. While knocking, the mother says that it is for the best that they do according to what they say. As the two girls nod at each other, Chuu opens the bottle.

She opens the door and splashes the liquid on the mother and the teacher. They start to scream in pain and their faces became like an aliens’. Chuu tells Gin that it was a success so they should immediately run away.

She is startled when Gin also became like an alien while she is calling out Chuu’s name. Chuu is in shock for Gin is also.. Suddenly, the mother vomits out something. As a bit of the blood/saliva splashes on Chuu’s face, she sees a legged black organism crawling on the floor.
She wonders what is that thing and could it be.. She grabs a thick book and shouts that she only has to kill it. She starts hitting it with thoughts for it to get lost from their planet. After she killed the organisms, she looks at the others and says that she did it, she killed them..everyone..the aliens no longer exist--..

She looks at the mirror and sees that her face has also become like an alien. She starts to laugh for she is also--... Later on, Chuu wakes up and finds herself in an operating room with a couple of surgeons. She wonders if she is in the hospital and she was rescued. She is startled for there are a lot of tubes connected to her and she is chained on the bed.

There is a slit on her chest. The surgeons look like aliens. While she wonders what’s going on, the surgeon removes an organism from Chuu and puts it on the tray. He says that it is already useless, and they must change it to a new one. Chuu thinks that it is the alien organism that she just killed.

She overhears the surgeons talking that even if it is a good thing that humans migrated to this planet but for this reason, until when are they going to implant that thing into the body. This puzzles Chuu. She notices photos of buildings being built, world leaders [I assume] looking at the alien organism with a logo of a different planet behind them and astronauts on a planet.
The surgeon says that it is inevitable for without these original inhabitants [/natives], they won’t be able to breathe in this planet. Chuu becomes tense when the surgeon shows to her the slit on his chest with something slightly protruding and wiggling on it. As Chuu mentally protests no don’t..stop..that kind of thing.., the surgeon holds up the organism to be placed on her.

He says that human progress is really quite amazing. And it seems that the organism is crying. In school, everyone is talking about Gin and the teacher being transferred to another school and they’ll be quite lonely. Shouko and Chuu are still in the hospital. The door opens and everyone welcomes Chuu back. They ask if her cold is finally well.

Chuu smiles and says that she is all well and she has this newly recovered feeling. And something is wiggling and protruding on her chest. Yomi narrates, “This kind of feeling is incomparably true.. The three girls had accidentally touched a truth that shouldn’t be touched...

...There are times when being completely in the dark is more blissful. If one day, you guys encountered something strange, absolutely do not try that experiment. Then, until next class.. *something is wiggling on her chest* Sorry, see you in the next class.”
Comment: That is an interesting twist in the end for this seemingly typical alien horror story. It turns out that it is the other way around for the humans are the aliens and invaders. I guess if it is re-planted, it will show on the chest. But for the others, it was probably planted since birth.

And, I guess there are also people who knew about it since they are the ‘clean up’ guys to make sure that most of the people won’t find out the truth. I guess, not everyone will be happy to have something else in their bodies.

Or perhaps, they might pity the organisms that they are using in order to live in the planet. As for the lesson, it seems that curiosity can make one find the truth and the truth will, most likely, change one’s life. As what happened here, Gin got separated from the others because she was too interested in aliens. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it emotionally. ~ Flannery O'Connor


  1. I really love this series! I hope you continue to translate it in the future! :D

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    2. I'm sorry to hear that! I know how frustrating it is to put a lot of work into something only for it to be overlooked. But I would definitely keep up with the updates! ^.^