September 12, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 73]

From her study room, Yuulin looks up to the sky and thinks that the weather is really great today that she feels whatever she washes will quickly dry up.. She snaps out of it when Jun asks her if she is listening. Startled Yuulin says yes. Staring at her, Jun tells her that if she takes it easy then it will really cause complications for others.

“Do you know how many things you still have to learn as ‘princess consort’?” Yuulin lamely says ye—s. Behind Jun is mountains and valleys of teaching materials. Narration: “My name is Tei Yuulin. Originally, I’m a commoner. Not so long ago, from working consort, I had become a princess consort.

...Right now, what I should do is to study and not do the laundry. {court events, customs, offerings, country’s [political] system, law, history, etc} Really, there are also teachers from outside who were asked to come.. Without meaning to despise but it’s very severe..”

Then, she notices Jun staring at her. To her surprise, he gloomily sighs. She exclaims what with that heavy sigh!? “What does that mean!!” Holding his head, Jun says, “No, just looking at your carefree expression, I would become uneasy that I would start to have a headache..”
 Yuulin exclaims that she’s really sorry about that. Still holding his head, Jun continues to say that it is because she looks very relaxed so he’ll first say some blunt things. “While you were working, you were said to be the akujo who had deceived the king. After you went out and came back to the palace, in the eyes of the [common] people, *Yuulin looks nervous*... have already become a youkai [demon/monster/ghost] princess consort who had revived from the dead and came back to the harem. *This made Yuulin speechless then she goes into shock.* In this current situation, with half-baked efforts, we won’t be able to make everyone think that you are presentable [/decent] princess consort...

...First of all, no matter where you go, the goal is for you, not to be an embarrassing [/disgraceful] consort. So, at maximum speed, prepare yourself well! Do you understand!? Don’t think that I’ll be lenient with you!!” Trembling Yuulin thinks, “Eh--..?”
While Yuulin is having a snack with Gen, he comments that she also have it really hard. “I don’t know what a presentable harem is like but he requires you to become a presentable princess consort.” Quite tired Yuulin says, yes.. She is startled when Gen happily exclaims [from the viewpoint of the harem’s manager], “Bu-t no matter what others and that four-eyes say, the most important thing for the harem is still your lovey-dovey with His Majesty--!!! Look at it...

*holding out his two thick volumes of authentic passed down volumes* Quickly go lovey-dovey with His Majesty and be intimate together!! *blushing Yuulin says that there’s no need for the books* You should also put in all your effort and do you best in that!!” Looking drained, Yuulin thinks that it seems that there is no end to the requirements for a real princess consort..

Walking at the cloister, while following Reishou, Jun tells him that regarding the spy who was found out at the harem, it appears that afterwards, they weren’t able to see his shadow. “Even if I feel that it is possible that he was sent by the nobles who are unsatisfied with the princess consort but currently, within the palace, there is no suspicious activities that has been discovered..”
Reishou says is that so. “..ah, after all, it is also inevitable that the sole pampered consort would want to avoid being the center of attention.” Pushing up his glasses, Jun says is that so. “If right now, we start increasing the consorts then, that should be effective in decreasing the people who are paying attention to her. -this is common way of looking at it.”

Reishou turns to him and says, “Li Jun, how many times do you plan on making me say the same thing?” Jun says, “Your servant knows, extremely knows ..that from the start, responding to your recklessness is my job. *bows and sighs* I’ll think of a way.” There an image of Yuulin studying. Reishou says that Jun really had it hard.

Gloomy Jun says that for him to say that, then please somewhat moderate himself..stop acting willfully and cause trouble.. At night, Yuulin is studying in her room. She thinks that this time around, she became a youkai. “The princess consort’s evaluation flew all the way down. Always felt that I can imagine what everyone is saying..”

Imagination: Meigyoku exclaims, “Have you heard, have you heard? I heard that akujo at the harem is actually a youkai-” Gaku replies, “Ah ah, is there no problem with our king?” Seishin says, “It really makes one worry about the country’s future..” End imagination.
This made Yuulin scowl and become worried. Putting her head on the table, she thinks that it is no good for she is absolutely bringing trouble to Reishou. “It makes me think that this is several times more terrible than being the ‘harem’s akujo’. Even if I also felt that I have to definitely think of a way to resolve this problem. But, I don’t know what is a presentable princess consort is like!? Is studying okay!? I don’t understand.”

She is surprised when Reishou puts his hand on her book and asks if she is studying hard until now. Blushing Yuulin quickly sits up and calls out to him. Frowning Reishou asks isn’t she overdoing it too much? Yuulin says no, this.. He closes her book and holds her hand. He says that it is already night. “Only during our time together, can’t I be the priority?”

With her heart beating fast, Yuulin says okay. She thinks that falling in love with the Wolf King who is necessary for the country, and becoming a ‘princess consort’ to be able to stay at his side “..I don’t want to become burden. Have to strive for progress with determination. In the end, what should I target as my goal?” Just when Reishou is about to kiss her, Yuulin recalls Gen saying that he doesn’t know what is a presentable harem.
To Reishou’s surprise, she shouts, “Your Majesty! Can I request something from you!!” Reishou exclaims, “At this time!? Yuu-lin..from where did you specially learn that trick?” <- newly-wed Wolf’s ‘waiting’. [<- I think he refers to Yuulin asking a request which he cannot refuse since she is withholding some lovey-dovey from him]

Rabbit Yuulin cluelessly says that she didn’t learn anything. Reishou says is that so..and it seems that he had a wrong interpretation of the mood.. “..then, what is it that you request? Even if newly-wed Yuulin has still not changed.” Yuulin exclaims, “That is..!” Then, a carriage arrives at the harem. Ranyou comes in and greets, “To be summoned by you is such a limitless honor, Lady princess consort.”

Yuulin tensely welcomes Madam Ranyou. While Jun is observing at the side, Yuulin and Ranyou sit at the table in the room. Narration: “She is the mother of An Ryukou, His Majesty’s younger brother from the same father but different mother. ..not long ago, she acted together with the Dark Merchant in an attempt to make her son sit on the throne...

...This is a conspiracy that can shake up the palace. Before it was floated up to the public [/surface], it has already been suppressed. And currently, she is quietly under surveillance at the royal capital for the rest of her life. ..but then, she had lived before at the harem of His Majesty’s father the king, a former princess consort.”
Yuulin tells Ranyou, “As the envoy had communicated to you, is it possible for you to assume the post of being my teacher?” Ranyou replies that it has been already such a long time ago since she lived at the harem. “And, I have earlier on retired from that world so I’m afraid that I’m not qualified to undertake such an important task. Please, find someone who is far more qualified than me.”

Jun thinks that Ranyou is indeed a fully talented noblewoman. “Whether it is upbringing or perhaps demeanor, she is considered as the best model of a ‘princess consort’. ..too bad, in the end, she still won’t agree to it. I’m afraid that for her, Lady Yuulin is a hatred person.. and becoming her teacher..”

Yuulin asks if no matter what, she won’t? Ranyou says that for Yuulin to request it that way, she must have some urgent reason. Jun thinks that even if this is a good point but for it to be like this, it is also inevitable, right.. Yuulin tells Ranyou, “..then, I’ll bluntly say it. If this keeps up, I’ll become a youkai!! *Jun and Ranyou are stunned* Thus, it is no good for me not to do something as soon as possible..and if there is a way..”
Trembling and pouting Yuulin looks really serious at Ranyou. Mentally freaking out, Jun thinks, “Should you say that, little girl-!! Isn’t it really strange for you to go into that point! And besides, won’t she totally notice that this is very strange!” Ranyou says, “Ah, ah ah ah, does Lady princess consort hate being treated as a youkai.”

Yuulin nods and says yes, very much. Ranyou says is that so.. “But from my point of view, the harem’s women are all considered as youkai.” Jun still looks stunned and aghast. Surprised Yuulin asks is that so!? Ranyou says yes, from head to foot, they are so. “Ah.. *smiles* I have changed my mind. If you feel that I would do..then I’ll accept this job.”

Surprised Yuulin asks if that is true!? Ranyou says that she’ll be very strict. In disbelief, Jun thinks, “un..unexpectedly got persuaded!? Why!” Yuulin exclaims yes, she’ll count on her! Blushing Yuulin thinks that for a moment, it is as if that plot and others didn’t exist, and it made her recall the days while they were at Youshou.
Later on, looking at sparkling pleased Yuulin, Reishou says that she managed to convince her. “Originally, I wanted to say that the other side will definitely refuse. After all, there’s space for her to refuse.” Jun says that even if Ranyou is a hard-to-read-through character but without a doubt, she can become the ‘princess consort’ best model reference.

“I’ll also attend the class together with them as the supervisor [/overseer]..” Reishou wasn’t able to anticipate this. Clenching her fist and filled with confidence, Yuulin exclaims, “There’s no problem! It will go smoothly! Your Majesty! Retrieve the reputation [/honor]! Wash away the dirtied stigma!”

Puppy Reishou tightly hugs her and says that his bride is so cute! Yuulin tells him, “Inevitably one day, I’ll definitely become a princess consort who is washed of that ‘youkai princess’ name!!” Surprised Reishou asks what she meant by that, what youkai?

Pushing up his glasses, Jun exclaims, “Lady princess consort, that isn’t the ultimate goal, right!? I’ve told you to please strive hard to become a presentable princess consort.” Coming out of a jar pot, Gen shouts, “It’s fine however you do those things. Just quickly get intimate together!”
The three sweatdrop as Gen hides back into the pot. Yuulin thinks that she was thinking why there is an unnatural looking [placed] pot there. From the window, Dai says that what everyone thinks is different! As Yuulin looks at smiling Reishou, she thinks that to stay at his side, there should be a ‘princess consort’ and ‘harem’.

“Even if I still couldn’t see what is exactly ‘presentable’. Studying and pondering over it, starting from today on, let us create it together.” Jun recalls Reishou telling him that from now on, he won’t have any other consort except for Yuulin. “..No matter what the situation turns into.” Jun sighs and thinks, geez, he is always being reckless..

Outside the city/palace, cat ninja appears on one of the tree branches. He mutters, “Hakuyou’s big bad wolf is so scary. I couldn’t go near. Princess consort spy- intelligence- Ah--.. it had become troublesome..”

After Ranyou returned home, she sits by the window and trembling in laughter. As she recalls Yuulin suddenly hopping, Ranyou mutters, “Youkai..” Ryukou happily looks at his mother and thinks, “It seems that mother-sama is very happy.”
Comment: So, the goal is for Yuulin to become a presentable/ideal princess consort in order to be promoted to being queen consort. Of course, Reishou and Gen don’t care about that. =P It’s amusing that Gen continues to be our cheerleader for some lovey-dovey between the two ^^ Of course, it is understandable that it is better if Yuulin gets the acknowledgement of everyone and not just Reishou or be accepted just because she’ll give him a heir.

If this is modern times, I guess the ‘youkai’ would be ‘zombie’ ^^; During those times, they would really believe those kind of things. Hehe, she must have been demoted to a supernatural being. ^^; Of course, for Ranyou, the ‘youkai’ is a metaphor on how vicious the women in the harem can be just to get the king’s love and attention.

I wonder if Ranyou will really become a good teacher to Yuulin or she’ll try to pull something again. I guess just like Shisei, Ranyou is won over or perhaps amused by Yuulin’s sincerity even if what she says somewhat defies logic. ^^;

Well, it does seem that Ranyou’s reputation is true for she managed to keep a straight face after what Yuulin said in order not to offend her. =P Maybe we’ll know more about how things were before during the reign of Reishou’s father. Yuulin will have a hard time for now, it seems that she has two ‘mother-in-laws’ teaching her to do this and to do  in order to be an appropriate partner for Reishou.

Actually, does it really matter later on if Reishou plans to quit after everything is okay? Still, I would want for her to be able to help him in some way during his reign with all the education that is going to be drilled into her head in order for it not to be a complete waste of her time. ^^

Anyway, it seems that cat ninja will have to be more creative in accomplishing his job. Since he doesn’t seem to be from the unsatisfied nobles, he must be from that other country that Reishou and Jun were talking about earlier. Scans by 狼花嫁吧合作

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  1. Thanks for the translation!! But I was wondering, wouldn't youkai be more of demon than zombie?

    1. Thanks for reading, Unknown ^-^

      Yes..but then, someone who's dead and coming back to modern times, isn't that a zombie? =P I do wonder if Shisei contributed to that rumor. ^^; He's the only one whom she claimed to be a 'departed spirit'.

  2. Thank you very much Kat for the translation...=)

  3. Awesome thank you for the update. Got to be interesting having 2 mother in laws. Not to mention her still being targeted by the spy. Interesting times ahead.

  4. Thanks for the summary!
    Haha, somehow, people seem to be using the supernatural model in order to understand what is happening.
    Let's hope nobody kicks them all into a frenzy and creates some genuine mass hysteria.
    Uwaaah, I hate it when that happens, but unfortunately there is always some dumbass who calls somebody a witch =.="
    Anyway, I hope Yuulin doesn't have a SUPER hard time studying and that people will come to accept her.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup. Hehe, hopefully not.

      Acceptance isn't easy since she is a commoner and iirc, had just 1+ year experience of court life. It is inevitable that they'll look down on her since she doesn't have the noble birth to compensate for the experience. Harsh but reality, isn't it so? In a way, I think it is amazing that she is willing to learn and be quite proactive about it just for Reishou ^^

  5. "It’s amusing that Gen continues to be our cheerleader for some lovey-dovey between the two ^^"

    Well, Gen is the personification of the fans in the manga. Dilligently building the ship, and making sure it stays afloat during the sail :p