September 11, 2015

By Request: Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo [Chapter 5]

[Free Talk: Request by Nikki. This is a very brief summary. Sorry, I don’t know their names.]

Girl is already going steady with the actor. While walking with friend, she overheard some girls wondering out loud if the actor has some beautiful girlfriend. Girl is a bit depressed for she is ordinary. Friend notices that she is glum. He comments that she is acting weird. He tells her to tell him if she got any trouble since he knows that she isn't fond of telling others her inner feelings ever since she was young. She couldn’t tell anyone because this is a secret romance.
It has been two weeks since she saw the actor, even if they still keep in touch. Actor messages her about meeting during Tanabata festival. At the dressing room, it seems that actor isn't feeling well since he is on IV. That is due to lack of sleep. The manager is worried for he should rest rather than go on a date. Since the girl already says okay to the date, actor asks for some butt porn magazine so he'll think over the manager's suggestion. The manager is furious for actor isn't feeling that bad after all since he is asking for that.
Girl wonders whether or not to wear a yukata but decides to wear it for the actor. They meet at the shrine. He wears a rabbit mask and was late because he overslept. She is disappointed that he didn't comment about the yukata. She comments about being happy just because they are together. They play some shooting game and it turns out that he's good because the targets are butt shaped cups. He treats her to some kakigori. Since she was staring at him, he asks if she wants to taste his kakigori. She blushes and hesitates. Then, she says that it is an indirect kiss.
And, the reason why this is short is because the mangaka didn't make it to her deadline. Scans by 离境

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  1. Ms. Kat! Thank you! I so love you... ♥ Don't worry, no problem... Very much appreciated!♥ It was funny Mikimoto Rin Sensei didn't make it to her deadline! Ahaha!♥

    1. You're welcome and thanks for the comment, Nikki ^-^

      Hehe, is that so.

  2. Thanks for summarizing this manga <3

  3. I 've been reading this, but to be honest, I don't like the lead male character. he's a first class idiot, and honestly, she's better off without him.
    Lately, quite a number of male leads of popular mangas are jerks. * sigh *

    1. Is that so, megaworthit. Is that due to his butt fetish?

      Lol...maybe for something different from the nice guys, I guess..