September 10, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 66]

Narration: “On March 11 at 2:46pm, *the ground under Aoi is swaying* with the epicenter at Tohoku’s northern sea area, a 9.0 magnitude great earthquake had happened. This is an unprecedented impact on Eastern Japan.” There is a rumbling sound as the waters start to become turbulent. Aoi notices a young boy hugging her mother. The boy cries that it’s really scary. Then, he notices some wood beams becoming unfastened and falling on the mother and son. He instantly uses his body to block the beams from falling on the two. Aoi manages to smile and asks the boy if he is alright. While some people help remove the beams from Aoi, they say that the wall and wood had started to break apart and are they alright. The mother says, “Aoi..?” Recalling of the past, Aoi is startled for that voice is.. He looks at the woman and realizes that it is indeed his mother. Aoi mutters, “..Ma..mama..?”
Then, Aoi holds his head in pain. Someone tells Aoi that it is no good, his head is bleeding so he must quickly go and get it treated. The boy worriedly asks if Aoi is okay. Aoi looks at the boy and thinks, then this child is..mother’s.. He notices that Yuki is trembling as she mutters, “Ah..” Aoi’s expression soften as he thinks that just like before, she is that scared of him. <- Yuki shouting for him not to touch her. To her surprise, Aoi apologizes and says that he is mistaken. “You look particularly similar with my mother who had already passed away so I made a mistake. Sorry.” Aoi thinks that it is quite baffling for his chest no longer aches and to be able to have this kind of thinking is definitely because of.. He imagines Mego happily calling out his name.
Yuki is about to say something when someone is shouting that it is bad. “Quickly escape. Escape into the mountains. The earthquake just now had brought about a tsunami!!” Meanwhile, Mego and her friends are at her house watching the news. Mego asks if this is for real..Tohoku a magnitude 7..? Pacific coast and also tsunami warnings..” Someone says that the tremors in Tokyo are already quite strong so, it is definitely stronger at Tohoku, right..? Nervous Ayaka is on the phone. She says that it is no good for she still couldn’t contact granny’s house at Sendai.. Mego nervously looks at her cellphone. She thinks that Aoi didn’t reply to her messages and calls. And he even said that he’ll start training today by the seaside.. Then, she notices Tomo looking pale.
Trembling Tomo points at the television and asks if that video is a live broadcast..? On the news, there are fires and ruins as the tsunami is sweeping through Sendai. The magnitude is now placed at 8.4 and they have issued a warning regarding a particularly big tsunami. “The current situation is extremely grim so please everyone, quickly run and take refuge at a safe and high place.” Mego nervously thinks that this is a familiar feeling. This is blazing flames at a residential district [/streets], and countless black hands. “It is the same with THAT DREAM.” She recalls Aoi telling her that for he’ll go to kendo camp training today at the seaside. Mego’s knees weaken as she sits on the floor and mutters that right now, Aoi is at that place..? She can only mentally call his name.
Back at Sendai, the people are quickly running away from the tsunami as fast as they can. They shout that it is a tsunami, the cars on the road won’t move so quickly run to a higher place. They shout for Aoi to also quickly run away. Somewhat stunned Aoi sees the tsunami in front of him that he wonders if this is a real scene. Trembling Yuki calls out, ah. It made Aoi snap out of it and shout for her to quickly run away and he’ll carry the child.. Aoi is suddenly in a daze that he falls down on the ground. The boy tells him to pull himself together and is it because of the wound just now. Feeling a bit dizzy, Aoi notices that his body doesn’t have any strength and if this keeps up.. The boy is tearfully calling for him and Yuki can only mutter Aoi’s name. While struggling to pull himself up, Aoi calls out to the two to quickly run away. “I’ll go in a moment. Quickly bring this child and run away.”
Yuki looked pale and hesitated. Aoi shouts for her to quickly go. “There’s nothing between you and me. You’re really an eyesore, quickly go away!!” This startles Yuki that she quickly grabs the boy and runs off with the others. Slightly smiling, Aoi mutters that this is okay. “By all means, do not let go of your child’s hand once again..” Then, the tsunami carrying along debris and a car came rushing towards Aoi. After looking surprised, Aoi thinks, “Mego, I’m sorry. *Mego saying that she had a nightmare and from today on, she’ll live together with Aoi* You are definitely arranged by fate to come and protect me. *closes eyes* But, right now.. *Aoi is swept by the water and his necklace is broken* it’s truly great that you aren’t at my side. I love you, Mego.” Back at Tokyo, Mego is surprised when her necklace suddenly breaks and falls down on the floor. She says that it is the pairing necklace with Aoi. Starting to cry, Mego mutters, no.. She recalls Aoi gesturing to the necklace and telling her that even if they are in different places, they are always together. Then, she also recalls they were kissing after the vow of whether in sickness or in health, always until death do us part.
Comment: Someone had some real bad luck here. If it ends this way, it shows that nice guys really finish last. ^^; If Aoi wasn’t nice, he wouldn’t have been injured. If he wasn’t nice, he would probably wanted to get back at his mother who turns out to have a son whom she currently really cares for. It’s harsh but is it because the child isn’t ‘physically defective’ like the other two? I’m not too sure if Yuki has been trembling and speechless is indeed because she fears him or maybe, it is probably guilt-whatever. Anyway, with her around, the others would have a clue on who had happened to Aoi. That is, unless, she decides to keep it to herself. Aoi’s ‘last’ thoughts are quite a tearjerker. So, with all those premonitions and what had happened, Mego’s joy had turned to despair when she was quite hopeful that she is finally going to be with him. Hm..I do wonder how she’ll react if she learns what happened. Would she be happy that Aoi saved his mother and half-brother, or would she get angry that he sacrificed himself that she’ll live a life without him? I guess her father will be one of the first who'll be at the scene since that is his profession. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks for the summary Kat <3

    Oh gosh I'm lost for words.... This is so tragic if things to end up this way. But I'm still hoping that's somehow, Aoi is alright somewhere. I do hope his mom tells everyone what happened and that he is safe.... Or this story will be like those one that where one of the main characters have disappeared for years having amnesia and doesn't have a clue of who he is, then years later the main lead finds him and poof he rembers everything again and then happily ever after...

    I bet their is going to be a twist in it, I hope he is still alive and be together with Mego (fingers cross). It can't be just Mitsuzu being happy...

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Ya. Though, I think it is likely that kind of scenario -- missing then reunion in the end. How long it will be depends if the series will not end yet.

      I think it should be a happy ending ^^

  2. Thanks kat for the summary .
    i hope aoi didn't die and he is still alive somewhere , this is a tragic , i don't want for the manga to end up like this . And i heard that the manga is going to end soon , is that true ? and thanks again .


    1. Thanks for reading, reemy ^-^

      Yes. According to the official webpage, there are four chapters left from issue 19. So, my rough estimate is, it ends at around chapter 72.

      You're welcome ^^

  3. Thank You for this trad! I love this story!