August 8, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 34]

At the competition before, Akira, together with her grandmother, looked shocked over Satowa’s performance. Narration: “For me, throughout my life, I will never forget what happened THAT DAY as well as THAT MUSIC PERFORMANCE. *Akira looks at the list of performers. Looks at her name then at Satowa’s name* Definitely.” In class, Tetsuki asks Chika what he is drawing since Chika’s desk has horizontal lines on them. Holding a ruler and a marker pen, Chika says that it is a 17 string. Chika happily tells him that with this, if there is free time during class, he can also adequately use it to practice. Tetsuki asks what does he think of class and isn’t this an oil-based pen. Chika happily exclaims that’s right, so that it won’t fade, that is why he specially used oil-based pen this time around. Tetsuki says that it is so amazing. Chika exclaims isn’t it so. Tetsuki asks if he’s stupid. This irks Chika that he tells Tetsuki not to use that kind of sympathizing look towards him. At the faculty room, Satowa tells Suzuka that the piece’s name is ‘Tenkyuu’ [天弓 literally means sky bow as in bow and arrow]. Satowa says that she fundamentally wanted to name it as ‘Niji’ [/rainbow] but it felt too casual.
Suzuka asks why Niji. Embarrassed Satowa says that it is because she thinks that the sky clears after the rain and the rainbow will appear as if everyone is smiling..and besides they are all 7 people. Suzuka thinks of a rainbow with 7 colors and the club has seven people. To Suzuka’s embarrassment, Suzuka burst into laughter and says so that’s it, seven colors of the rainbow. Wiping his tear from laughing, he says isn’t it quite good. Turning around, Satowa decides that in the end, she should change the name. He tells her to wait and he really thinks that it is good but then, change the ‘’ to ‘’ [Both have the same pronunciation of ‘kyuu’. means to sob] Suzuka says that it doesn’t change from being read as ‘Tenkyuu’. She says that it means the sky is, in the end, this piece gives a ‘very sad’ impression.. Suzuka says that he didn’t say that. Tenkyuu refers to the far away sky that has no cloud but there is rain. “It can be considered as my own interpretation of the piece. From an extremely clear sky, raindrops fall down. *Satowa recalls her smiling mother* There are many kinds of ‘crying’, right? It doesn’t only have the form of being ‘sad’.”
Satowa says that it seems that compared to her, he understands this piece better than her. Suzuka says that if he didn’t, then, he’ll have a headache because compared to them, if he cannot understand the piece’s intention, then, he cannot be their coach, right.” This made Satowa smile. Later on, Suzuka thinks that the name of the piece has already been decided. He wonders if there is no problem if he was the one who’ll coach them through the whole piece’s musical composition but there is something that still fatally not enough and that is-- Then, the principal calls out to him and asks if they can talk. “Actually, there are guests who came to visit you..” This puzzles Suzuka. In section 2-A, everyone has finished the lottery and everyone was told to transfer to their new seats. Hiro is surprised that she is going to sit behind Takezou. He apologizes to her for they are always either sitting in front or at the back, that aside from the club activity, it is simply like they are together from day until night..
Blushing Hiro waves her hand and exclaims that it is alright and it can be said that she is very happy!! This puzzles Takezou so blushing really red Hiro explains she meant that like this, it is comparatively convenient to talk about the club activity. Takezou says ya, that’s right. He turns around to sit down. Hiro thinks that is really dangerous and luckily, he is quite slow-witted!!! She glances at his back and blushes really red. She thinks that it’s really great and what’s this, she is super happy. “God, thank you very much. I’ll put in my super effort in doing my best at the club!! So happy that aside from the club activity, there is also other times when I can get close to him--” Later on, while walking with Michi and Sane at the hallway, Kouta asks Sane what he is listening to. Sane tells him that he asked Satowa to play the 17 string part. Even if she said, ‘just by listening to it but not playing it, it won’t have any effect’ but for him and Chika, compared to reading the music sheet, they are the type who’ll directly listening to the tune to enable them to learn it by heart.
Kouta exclaims that Sane is completely enthusiastic about this. Sane smiles and says of course for unlike today, this kind of goal is so explicit that he never before, did his best towards a goal as if his life depended on it. “Always felt that that right now, I’m super obsessed with this club activity. It feels that if I don’t give all of my effort right now, I’ll definitely regret it.” Michi laughs and says that he understands. Kouta says that it is the same with him for lately, before going to sleep, he would turn on the metronome to sleep and this way, the tempo would be knocked into his body. While Sane looks aghast, Michi says that will absolutely cause one to have a nightmare. At the principal’s office, Suzuka’s visitors are Doujima and Akira. Doujima says apologizes for hastily disturbing them and is he this school’s koto club adviser. She introduces herself as Doujima from Houdzuki Group and her granddaughter, Akira. Thinking that they are from Houdzuki, Suzuka introduces himself and asks what’s up that they came here today.
Doujima says that actually, she heard that the daughter of the Houdzuki’s family, Satowa, has joined their koto club and she is thinking if there is anything that they can do to help. Suzuka asks, ‘help’? Doujima says that even if saying this is a bit offensive but this koto club is aiming for the National competition as its goal yet they have no real performance record in competitions. “Ah, I’m not at all saying that there is a mistake about your guidance and besides, I felt that it is possible that it is because there is no teacher specializing in koto who is coaching them so it [situation] is like this. Ah, although it is merely just a club activity and although ojousama has already been driven out from the Houdzuki Group, but in the end, she is the family’s previous daughter. Thus, please let me make sure to use my limited power- Please allow me to recommend my granddaughter, Doujima Akira to become this club’s external coach.” This surprises Suzuka. Handing a sheet of paper to him, Doujima says that this is Akira’s resume. “Akira-chan is 20 years old this year and she already obtained the qualifications to be a koto instructor. I think that she can be of much help for this club.”
Suzuka reads the resume and looks surprised. Doujima says that they also won’t ask for any reward. The principal protests because like that-- Doujima says that it is alright because while teaching someone koto, Akira can learn a lot of things and this is also considering Akira’s future. The principal tells Suzuka that is how it is, and what does he think of it. Doujima says that she thinks that this is not at all a bad thing. She hopes that Suzuka would quickly take the bait because in front of him is such an attractive condition. Suzuka is slightly smiling. Back in the club, Satowa informs Hiro and Takezou that the title of the piece is Tenkyuu. Hiro says that it is a very nice sounding name. Satowa tells her the meaning wherein far away no clouds yet there is rain. Recalling how she cried upon realizing that she can keep on liking Takezou during the cultural festival, Hiro says that it felt like it is crying tears of joy! After looking surprised, Satowa smiles and says that she also thinks that way. Hiro is happy that it is indeed like that. Takezou smiles at them and then, he notices that Suzuka has arrived.
Suzuka asks if everyone is not yet present. Satowa says that Chika and others are on day duty today-- She looks surprised upon seeing Akira with Suzuka. Akira greets Satowa. Satowa looks really aghast and shaken as she asks why is Akira— Takezou asks if Satowa knows her. Akira says that she was indebted to Satowa’s care before and besides it is the first time she met these two. “I came from Houdzuki Group. *this surprises the two* My name is Doujima Akira. From today on, I will serve as the koto club’s coach teacher. I’ll be under everyone’s care [/yoroshiku].” This stuns Satowa. Takezou mutters, coach..!? Hiro worriedly thinks that she is also from Houdzuki Group.. Seeing how awful Satowa looked, Hiro grabs Suzuka’s collar and asks what is he planning to do!? Suzuka says that the words literally meant that. Hiro exclaims that it isn’t what she meant!! Then, Suzuka notices that Chika and others are running towards the club room. Chika exclaims that he won’t lose today, haha, don’t think of surpassing him. The others tell him to wait for them.
Upon seeing Suzuka, Chika exclaims this is terrible, quickly move away, Takinami. And, Chika and others fall down on Suzuka with Michi jumping up high to dive into all of them. After a loud thud, Suzuka angrily says that them guys.. Chika laughs over how amazing that domino is!!! Suzuka angrily tells them not to press down on others and complain, okay! Then, Chika stops laughing upon seeing Akira looking coldly at him. Akira asks Suzuka what’s up with these students. While Chika wonders who this woman is, Suzuka stands up and apologizes for being quite noisy. Pulling up Chika and Kouta up, he angrily says that these guys are also members of the koto club. Akira asks if he is kidding. Smiling Suzuka asks how could he? Clinging on behind Suzuka, Kouta asks who that woman is. Suzuka tells them that from today on, she will be their koto coach teacher. This made Chika exclaims in surprise. Hiro says that she is also from Houdzuki Group. Chika looks at tense Satowa. Takezou says that he wants to properly ask Suzuka to please explain what’s going on for he thought that Suzuka will be the one who’ll coach them.
Suzuka asks if he would but then, that is, as coach for the musical composition. But just with that, it is far from enough. “For the current you, the most important is UPGRADING THE SKILL LEVEL. No matter how superior is the music, no matter how the performance can move people’s hearts if your skill is slightly inferior then you won’t be able to win in a big competition, all the more talk about getting into the Nationals. So, it’s too bad that just by relying on me, I won’t be able to coach you guys specifically for koto because I had never played a koto! Haha” Hiro says that if it is him, there’s definitely no problem and he can write a musical score, right! Suzuka says that those are two different things. Chika protests that Satowa is also here and they do it like in the past and make her teach them.. Suzuka seriously says that at this time, they should make Satowa concentrate on playing koto. “Even if she finished her own performance [/practice], yet at the same time, she’s coaching others, this would give her a big burden and besides, her own practice time has also substantially decreased. ..or do you guys think that for Houdzuki, practice-whatever is basically not important?”
Chika and others look flustered for they are always asking Satowa to teach them how to play and to demonstrate how to play a certain part. Suzuka waves them off and says that it is like this, so if they understand that, then quickly start practicing. Akira smiles and says that she’ll first come and see everyone’s strength so for today, she’ll just be good and observe at the side. Satowa thinks that what Suzuka said is correct and to be able to have a koto instructor coaching them is comparatively good and it is also thinking of the koto club. “But, why does it have to be Doujima? It couldn’t be by chance. If she wanted to harm the koto club then what should I do. If it is about someome making a mistake, then that will be me, for coming home that day. If there is any mishap towards the club--” Suzuka calls out to Satowa and tells her not to be so tense over different things for it will be alright so put all of her energy in concentrating for practice. Recalling him saying that if he doesn’t understand the intention of the piece, he won’t be their coach, Satowa turns around to go practice. Suzuka tells everyone to also go. Chika can only clench his fist.
As everyone prepare to practice, Suzuka gives Akira the musical score and says that right now, everyone is going to practice this piece. Akira thanks him. Upon looking at the title, Akira says that she never heard of this ‘Tenkyuu’ piece. Suzuka says that it is an original work. Flipping the pages, Akira says is that so, then she needs to first study it a bit. While Satowa is playing the koto, Akira looks dark for she recognizes the piece. It was the one Satowa played before during the competition. She seems to quietly fume as Suzuka quietly watches her. Akira watches them play. Later on, Suzuka says that today’s club activity is only up to this point so everyone start packing up. They say okay. Michi says that the mood is very heavy and it seems that the air today is quite intense [/nervous].. Kouta says that it is quite frightening. Suzuka asks Akira what she thinks, and how would she evaluate their practice.
Akira says how can she say this.. “—Inside this filthy activity room, is full of members with no moral character. Even if before, I also already have some, more or less, trace of anticipation towards the club where Satowa belongs to..But it makes me so astonished for their level is so low that it is beyond my imagination. It seems that until now, how Satowa had been coaching skill [/technique], was truly such a messy kind of coaching.” This surprises Satowa. Chika angrily tells Akira not to talk as if she is somebody great. Sane calls out for him to stop. Takezou says that Satowa has already sufficiently coached them even if they are far from being satisfactory. Hiro exclaims that it isn’t Satowa’s fault. Akira says that she is only telling them the facts, that’s all. Kouta says that from how he hears it, it seems that she is amazing and could it be that she is very awesome. Akira asks what does ‘very awesome’ refer to. Kouta asks could it be that she plays better than Satowa. Akira says that even if she considers playing and teaching are two absolutely different abilities but in the National Koto competition, Satowa was disqualified because she played this original song, ‘Tenryuu’. “And, on that same major competition, I’m the one who got first place. *everyone looks surprised except for Suzuka* ... *slightly tilting her head with slight smile and expressionless eyes* Does that answer satisfy you people?”
Comment: Even if Akira said that, she was obviously bothered by Satowa’s playing of Tenkyuu before. Why? Even if to the fact that she won first place. Is it because Satowa got disqualified on a technicality but her performance is actually better? Anyway, she does seem like a doll since her expressions are really very few and if ever, she shows her true expression, it seems to be dark negative ones. For now, it seems that Doujima just want Akira to keep an eye on Satowa and probably intervene if she would become a threat to their goal which is to take over Houdzuki Group. And, Satowa is thinking that they are out to ruin the club. Suzuka seems to know what he is doing. What he said is indeed true and this is like a blessing in disguise even if they don’t quite like the person who is going to help them. It doesn’t help that Akira would harshly criticize them even if it is the truth. And does this group easily give up because of criticism and obstacles? You know the answer ^^ I like the title of the piece, well, basically, because it sounds like ‘thank you’ in English. Scans by 二次元秘店

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