August 7, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 110]

At Water Tribe’s Sensui, a soldier tells Lili to please stay for no matter what please wait for Tetora and Ayura. Walking ahead of him, Lili says that those two will oppose her. The soldier says since it is like that, please give it up and do not insist on leaving for Sei. Lili stiffens when Tetora calls out that Lili still makes people unable to relax even for a moment. Just when Lili turns to face them and say that they are back, she is surprised to see the two are with Yona’s group. Outside the house, Haku and Jeha watch on as the others are looking at the pond [hopefully, there’s fish there or else, they are just looking at nothing. And, maybe Zeno is telling Yun to get that fish/es for food = free.]. Inside the house, Lili exclaims what’s up with that 3x. Tetora tells her that kind of words is truly disrespectful and they just so happen met the others and brought them here. Lili asks why they are here when she is about to go to Sei. Tetora says that is the reason why she brought them here. Lili asks if she asked them to help and that’s not good for this is Water Tribe’s problem. Tetora points for her to be quiet. She says that no matter what Lili says, it is too reckless for her to go to another country all by herself.
Lili says that she didn’t say that she’s going alone. Tetora asks then with whom is she going with and she told her before, the soldiers outside cannot go to other countries and besides, Yona and others are independent, unrivalled and advantageous. <- intense recommendation. Tetora says that in order to reach their goal, isn’t this the better way. Lili couldn’t refute her. Later on, Yona bluntly tells Lili that if there is a problem, then say it for they’ll help out. She is puzzled when Lili is crying ala waterfalls. Ayura explains that it is because obviously Lili wants to help Yona but she is always the one receiving help so she felt quite frustrated. Yona pats blushing Lili’s head and tells her that there’s no need for her to be apprehensive. Tetora thinks that Lili isn’t used to this kind of treatment. Lili explains the situation. The merchants of Sei are reselling at a profit that anesthetic [/Nadai]. Somehow no matter how many of the remaining Sensui’s anesthetics they have already destroyed, they still kept coming out from some unknown place. The distribution from Southern Kai should have already been cut off. She made the Sensui merchants go investigate it a bit.
According to rumors, Sei’s merchants are selling Nadai to the Water Tribe people through black market. Also, there is something more, there are a lot of people had gone missing at Kouka and Sei’s border. Yun says that is a bit scary. Lili says that in short, it is definite that there is some suspicious trend in Sei. She cannot just let it be because Water Tribe would once again be confronting danger and in any way, she wants to prevent it. Haku lets out a laugh that Lili asks why he is laughing. Haku apologizes and says that he only thought princess no. 2 has appeared. This made Yona embarrassed. Jeha tells Tetora that she really had it hard. Tetora says that Lili truly makes people perplexed. This embarrasses Lili. Yona tells Lili that she’ll definitely help. Kija says that he is going to travel with them. Jeha says that in short, tomorrow, they will first go to the nearby towns at the border to investigate. Tetora calls out to Yona and thanks her for agreeing to listen to their willful request. Yona says that it is okay for she is very happy that they asked her. Holding her side, Tetora says that basically, she should be giving her whole strength’s support to Lili but that is already impossible because of the last battle. [<- she got stabbed]. She tells Yona that she’ll leave Lili to her.
That night, Yona borrowed Lili’s night clothes. Yona asks if she really can sleep in this bedroom. Lili says of course, since the place isn’t that big, she won’t be able to sleep in the rooms with the noisy men[/boys]. At the guys’ side, they seem like they are in a camp with a pillow fight started by Zeno. Kija is happy to have a bed and sleeping under a roof. Yun scolds Zeno for creating a disturbance at his age. Jeha offers some drink to Haku. Back in the girls’ room, Yona climbs into the bed and tells Lili how shock she was upon hearing that she was banished from Suiko but then, it is really great to see her quite lively. Lili says of course, this time, her father would perhaps scold her again but then, it is very painful to just be a quiet spectator. Right now, her father can directly consult that king or perhaps, he can listen a bit to what she is saying. Then, Lili becomes flustered and apologizes for mentioning the king since for Yona, Suwon is.. Yona says that it is okay and actually, it is possible that Suwon would make a move. Lili asks if that person is Yona’s enemy since he is her cousin who seized the throne. Lili says that obviously it is like that but can Yona say that kind of words..and she should really hate him, right..? Since Yona didn’t reply, Lili apologizes for she is really blabbing her mouth..
Yona says that after her father was murdered and she just escaped the palace, she is only blindly sad, and once thought of being unable to forgive him. Once thought why such a nice person..but, understanding this country, seeing the Fire Tribe’s armed rebellion, seeing him at Sensui, she starts to think if perhaps, he is thinking that he is protecting the country in a different way from her father’s. Lili asks if she doesn’t want to get revenge. Yona says that this country needs a leader and if right now, she has a personal crusade against Suwon, it will only lead to the country’s chaos. If Suwon selfishly put in place a tyranny, then perhaps, she will truly go against him but right now, what she should do isn’t to go have revenge. Lili says that even if it is like that but.. Yona says that she has indeed had thought that she must have revenge but..actually..even if she thinks that she cannot forgive Suwon..but she never sincerely wanted to kill him. That person would show kindness in front of her and Haku so no matter what, she cannot believe that all of it is a fake. Surprised Lili asks if Yona..could it be..that you..towards Suwon.. Lili puts her arm around Yona. Yona says that right now, she wants to understand that person as to what is that person is thinking, what he wants to accomplish and what should she do by that time, and it is totally a different feeling with the past times at the palace, she wants to understand him.
Lili asks what about that man, Haku. Yona says that probably Haku absolutely won’t forgive Suwon even if for this country, Suwon is righteous, because compared to anyone, compared to other people, Haku trusted Suwon and his sadness is incurable. Yona couldn’t sleep so she decides to take a walk outside. She is surprised to see Haku sitting while looking up the moon. She goes to him and says that he is still awake. He says that she’s the same. She asks about everyone. Haku says that they are all tired to death and promptly went to sleep after the pillow fight. Haku muses that it really became lively. Yona smiles, then she remembered something. She tells him to wait a moment. She goes in the house and comes out again. She tells him not to move. Then, she puts a necklace on him and says that it is for him. While Haku looks surprised at the necklace with a shard, Yona says that she bought it before at Ryusui and she always makes a mistake on the opportunity to give it to him. She tells him that it is said that this lapis lazuli is a healing and protecting stone and it’s very beautiful. She heard that if it is presented as a gift to someone, and throw in a cherished desire, it will protect the other person. She made a wish that she hopes that luck will visit him. Haku holds the shard and smiles a bit. He tells her that a man should be the one giving this kind of thing to a girl.
Yona says that it is okay and anyway, it is no big deal for a man to wear a protective charm. Yona asks if he’ll wear it. He says yes. Pause. Yona bids him good night. Before she can leave, Haku holds her hand. Yona asks what it is for his grip is a bit painful. With his head down, Haku thanks her and says that he is super happy..he’ll treasure it. Yona smiles and says that it is really rare for Haku to be frank and for him to be happy, this can be considered as the power of the lucky protective stone. He says, “..Princess, if you can be happy, then for me, that is already [my] complete happiness.” This surprises Yona. She goes back into bed. This causes to Lili wake up and ask where Yona went. She is surprised to see Yona crying. Lili asks what happened, and where does it hurt. Yona says that she doesn’t know. Lili says that it is a surprised that she doesn’t know. Yona says that perhaps, it is because of happiness. Lili asks what’s going on. Yona thinks that what Haku said unexpectedly made her so happy and so uncomfortable [/painful]. Lili gently turns Yona towards her. Lili says that Yona’s face is a mess, where’s the handkerchief. Sitting up, Yona says that it is really great that Lili is here. Lili asks what she is saying. Wiping her face with a handkerchief, Yona thinks that she never knew, from when it had started, that for her, Haku has unexpectedly already become so special. She continues to weep while Haku looks at his new necklace.
Comment: And, the title of this chapter is very small gift. You know, when people starts to act out of the ordinary, doing things that one normally doesn’t do, that tends to be ominous. Is that a death flag? Somehow, I can almost imagine Yona seeing the necklace dropped somewhere and Haku gone missing. And look, they have a missing people incident here. But then, hopefully, it won’t be a repeat of Yona letting herself get kidnapped like before. How would drugs be related to missing people? Depends who are the missing people. Old people, young people, girls? Human trafficking? And the drugs are for money? So, Sei needs money and probably manpower? Getting ready for war? The production of Nadai has stopped from Kai but what if the ones making them went to Sei. Are Kai and Sei allies? If all neighboring countries are allies, maybe they can conquer and divide Kouka. Nadai the darkness in the prophecy since that seems to be the recurrent problem here. How things will turn out depends on Sei’s motive and how strong it is. Are they scared or threatened that Kouka is flexing its muscle? If they have a brilliant strategist, they might want to replicate what happened with Kai but with a different outcome like provoke Kouka to attack and defeat them then annex Water Tribe. That would be interesting. But it won’t happen because so far, Yona and Suwon never fail.

Just as I thought, the mangaka would suddenly make Yona say, I’m been thinking, I’ve already thought, etc about revenge and other stuff. Really? All this time, I can only think is some glares, looking at the hairpin and one attempt. Anyway, it is established that she has zero interest in taking over the country or at least, knows that she is incapable of ruling a country better than Suwon so she won’t do anything. Ah, it does seem that for her, no one else can rule the country like Suwon does. What about the one beside you? Hehe, getting some grand ideas or rather hoping what I want would come true after reading on the net that Lapis Lazuli is traditionally a stone of royalty. ^^; I’m getting carried away. For Yona, Suwon is only worth taking down if he does something bad to the country and just think of who’ll be the ruler afterwards. She is giving him a chance to rule the country that is hopefully better than her father’s. She seems to be still in denial over how nice Suwon could have done that and not all of that niceness is fake. I guess she wants to understand him so that she can be empathize with what he did and tell herself that it is okay not to avenge her father or give justice to her father’s murder because sacrificing one for many is the best way to improve the country’s situation. The daughter isn’t complaining so no one else should. For now, I guess we can say that she'll just continue wandering around and help those who need help.

Still, it is indeed a very peculiar attitude to want to understand the murderer of one’s loved one/parent. Is it because she loves/loved him and he was really nice so what made him do that? She is interested in psychology? It seems she forgot that the main reason why her father was murdered is because of revenge and not for the country. If it is for the country, and this is nice Suwon, he could have use other methods to get the throne, do things for the country and not resorting to murder which is usually the last resort. Unless Iru isn’t the king that Haku knew him to be, and how he was portrayed before he was killed. Of course, for Haku, betrayal is unforgiveable. It seems that while with the others, he is just in some way trying to forget like how he was fooling around with the others, have to take care of Yona, and drinking with Jeha. At night, when he cannot sleep, he must be nursing the grudge like when Zeno talked with him before. I wonder if Haku was thinking of the possibility that for Yona, her happiness is Suwon so he seemed to say that quite seriously or rather, his face slightly bowed/not quite shown. If say, Yona still loves Suwon, I wonder if Haku would still want to kill him. Since Yona didn’t exactly tell Haku not to kill Suwon so I guess she is fine if Haku killed him since she couldn’t do it. It really does seem that these two are still tied to the past that is Suwon and haven't really moved on with their lives. Anyway, it seems that they will stay within the border so the dragons can go with them. And, they’ll really most likely meet up with Suwon again. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer. ~ Seneca, Moral Essays, Volume III: de Beneficiis


  1. U are amazing as usual Kat, thanks for ur great work ^^

    1. Thanks for the comment and for reading, Aya ^-^

  2. I absolutely love your translations kat!! Your analysis seems to be on the dot as well! To me it seems that Yona understands that despite her father being murdered by suwon, he has made the country a far better place than it was during her father's reign. I think despite wanting to hate him, she simply can't after seeing all the things he's done for the people.

    1. Thanks for reading them, aliya ^-^

      Hehe, I won't credit Suwon for making the country better as a whole. Wind is still the same. The one who fixed the women kidnapping stuff are Yona and the others. They teamed up for Water and guess who were the ones were seriously injured in that and Suwon takes the credit. Suwon suppressed the fire rebellion with a bit of their help and it is because of them that the people are doing things for themselves like farming with help of fire 2nd son. I think the only tribe that Suwon directly helped is Earth. Sky seems to be still the same. And, she obviously didn't think of all the dead Kai villagers who were indirectly murdered just for Kouka to get their territory back. Oh well...collateral damage so that Earth tribe will be happy and be steadfast loyal to Suwon.

  3. Thnx for summary kat.
    What you say in your comment is quite true,Soo-woon killed yona's for revenge as well.
    For me Yona seems kinda ''desperate'' in a way to justify his actions saying what he doing is good for the country....somehow trying to find a reason to forgive him in a way.Dunno this is how it seems to me.

    It is quite naive to think someone that ploted for years to take revenge,would have in his mind the best of the ''people''.People think Strong leader is a good one but not always.In ancient history even in recent times there have been many examples of that.
    A strong/grand empire does not equal happy people.(from recent history see Hitler/Stalin etc,strong leaders but good ones?succesfull ones?their people were happy even if their ''empire'' was strong one and rich?dont think so^^)

    In Soo-woon's mind maybe he has a vision of a strong large rich kingdom,but rich kingdom does not mean rich and happy people.Everything Soo-woon has done so far is not just for the people,is about himself as well,he is a new king that killed the old and plotted to take the throne unless he shows he is strong he would loose his head fast.
    Problems like drugs/human traficking/corruption will always be there,even if he tackled them temporarily means nothing in the long run....More fair laws/health care and support for the poor/better education these are few things that are needed to tackle the real problems of the kingdom has soo-woon done any of these yet?
    So please lets wait till he actually do something that is genuinely for the good of the people before we say soo-woon is the hero that will make kouka a paradise.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I think so, too. She is justifying that it is okay for her father to be murdered for the country. And conveniently forgot what Suwon told her on the night of the murder.

      Good point.

      It wasn't shown if Suwon did that but from what is shown, it seems Yona, he just deals with the problem when they come then the other stuff is for his personal agenda which is basically about helping Earth tribe and related to his father.

    2. I really hope this is true. That Soo-Won set up the drug trade so that he could come in to look like the hero. This story currently lack any strong villain, danger or darkness for any character

  4. Thanks for the translation. I'm really looking forward to that soon Hak kiss Yona.

    1. Thanks for reading, secret_night ^-^

      Hehe, are we talking about real kiss or stolen kiss? ^^

    2. I'll wait the real kiss !!! I can not even imagine how it will happen

  5. Based on the events, I see no direction or specific goal made by Yona yet. I'm starting to think that Yona is selfish. Not taking actions towards her father's death and just letting Soo-won do whatever he wants. She just keep on justifying Soo-won's actions without contemplating that from the very first place, a good king wouldn't resolve to killing someone just to have the throne in order to save his kingdom. Soo-won can help save their kingdom in his own way even if he's not on the throne, if he really wanted to, that is. I hope Haku wouldn't keep a blind eye on this. I want to see more progress!

    1. True, dollyfishe.

      Right now, I think that she will never take action regarding her father's murder.

      True, and we are talking about a pacifist king and not some tyrant.

      Hopefully so, more progress ^^

    2. Right now the story is going all right its Yona's decision to watch Su won rule because she also agree that her father wasn't a just king to his people after coming out of the castle .Yona's love for Su won and her kind nature stops her from taking revenge on Su won.If you ask me I really pity on Hak because Su won was like his brother and he killed their father like king and couldn't forgive him to let Yona to go through all this hell .Yona also couldn't understand Hak's feeling for her...:( (until cahpter 110)

    3. I don't think Yona ever felt her father wasn't a just king. While she acknowledges that maybe his method of ruling wasn't working, she also felt he was kind and loved his people. Hak also thought that Il wasn't the coward people thought he was and that he wasn't foolish. Because of these reasons, even if Soo-won had good intentions in mind, I have no clue how Yona can feel that his death can be overlooked. Even if you're doing something for the good of the country, how is it right to do whatever you want to whomever you want in getting there? To me, it feels like Soo-won is just more important to her than both her father and Hak. If Yona loves Soo-won that much, she should just go back and marry him. Nevermind Hak and the dragons. Soo-won's supposedly fixing the country. He no longer wants to harm Yona. What's the problem? Why drag on with the pity story?

  6. By the way, many thanks for the translation! :) This made my day.

    1. Thanks for reading and glad to hear that, ^-^

  7. Thank you for the summaries!

    Whilst Yona is being rather wishwashy without a clear goal in mind, it's understandable. She's 16 and is trying to think of the bigger picture if she takes revenge on Suwon. It's a tough choice because a lot of people would be affected. This is also supported by her bias and ex-friendship with Suwon, which would be hard to let go of especially since Yona finds it difficult to wholeheartedly hate anybody, let alone someone who used to be so close to her. Her bias is shown when she's trying a little too hard to justify his actions.

    I think Suwon has more reason as to why he killed Yiona's father and succeeded the throne. Whilst everyone thinks it was for revenge and/or to 'restore' the country's strength, maybe he has another motive. At the very beginning, he said he had something he had to do. He did believe Yona had died at one point so it's unlikely that it's related to her (unless she is involved but both are unaware). For now, he has the support of his people only because they're overjoyed the previous king's weak reign is over. He still has a lot to prove-- and many are doubtful of him due to his age and happy-go-lucky exterior. He's headed on the right path but there are lots of more serious issues he has yet to tackle.

    I've thought about this before but King Il, as Hak has mentioned before, was not a cowardly king. Did he have a reason to rule in such a way? Was it to do with Yona being the reincarnation of King Hiryuu? Is there another potentially larger obstacle coming up?

    Also, I wonder what Yona is planning on doing. She has no set goal in mind. She doesn't wanna kill Suwon, or take back the throne. It's almost as if she's just wandering about with 5 bodyguards with the ambiguous goal "to help". Like, is she just going to keep roaming villages until the sword (and shield, was it? I forget) that the oracle foretold about shows up? Then what is she going to do?

    Yeah, that necklace is probably gonna become a symbol of some sort, or will at least have more importance in the future. Irdk about what Hak's thinking. He could be a very complex character. I'm still confused about his view on this all... perhaps the mangaka will touch on it later.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      True but I think she has more or less made up her mind. She isn't going to do any revenge against Suwon and will only go against him if he is ruling the country badly.

      Other motive? Wasn't that taking back their territories? So far, there is no concrete goal that he really has to do except for the usual 'for the country' thing. I recall he somewhat hinted something like that after the war with Kai but now, it is solving another drug problem. Based on how things are going, I don't think anything 'serious issues' will be tackled. ^^; It is mostly got a problem in this area, everyone go to that area and resolve it. Back to traveling or Suwon back to palace.

      About that part, I think it is when Iru grabbed the sword with his bare hand to stop the fighting. If he is cowardly, he would rather 'run away' rather than facing it and well, grabbing the sword himself. It gives an impression that Iru would rather get himself hurt rather than for someone else to get hurt as well as stop the fighting. In the bigger picture, I would think Iru is okay with people calling him coward and any other names being a pacifist because at least, with no wars, people are alive. About the poor conditions, I think that is mostly in Fire tribe and I have no idea why Iru doesn't know about that unless someone is keeping information from him. Wind is okay. Water is having drug problems that even the general doesn't seem to be doing much about it until his daughter steps up. Earth is bumming and it seems that they can only be prosperous if he has brains/proactive or someone point out to him that they have wealth there. Sky seems okay. So, what's the problem? They don't like acting as a 'weakling' since they seem to be more of a country that survive through the spoils of war which makes them rich. Wind sided with Iru because they also value their people's lives. Hehe, that's my impression.

      Most likely, yes. Then, some darkness/trouble will appear. That might be Suwon or some external problem. For now, it seems to be the drugs as the main problem since that issue came up again. Given the dragons' would most likely involve fighting. Ah, the shield is supposed to be Zeno so the sword is the one missing. It is still uncertain if it is a person like Zeno or a sword as in sword...the one she carried in the first chapter?

      Yup. Well, hopefully. ^^

  8. Selina (&#39;.&#39;)August 8, 2015 at 7:17 PM

    yay some progress owo hehehe
    i wonder if yona still feels guilty about Hak being bound to her :/
    hmmm seems complicated but its so interesting >< ahahz
    thank you so much for the summary Kat :3
    ~have a lovely day~

    1. Hm..didn't she wanted him to be with her?

      Thanks for reading and same to you, Selina ^-^

  9. If someone I love the most was murdered by someone I know, I, without a doubt wouldn't turn a blind eye on this. I would definitely drag that murderer down to accompany my love one in the grave. And in Yona's case, what the effin' heck is she doing? Where is justice? Just like what @dollyfishe said, I find Yona selfish. She's blinded by her love to Soo-won to the point of disregarding her father's death. She even asked Haku to be with her platonically and as a humble servant without considering Haku's feelings. It may sound like that we're promoting revenge or something but it's all about justice. What you reap is what you sow. And I wanted to see that happen to Soo-won. Thanks for the translation!

    1. Hehe, I guess, Mustsleep, for Yona, it is okay to deny justice if it is for the good of everyone. And, the situation is, the one she loves the most murdered her father whom she probably have a so-so relationship. So, yes, she can turn a blind eye to it.

      True..but so far, none of that is happening..yet?

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  10. hello kat it's been quite some time I hope you are doing fine .I was really busy and I also went on a trip to amsterdam that's why I didn't drop by anyway I wanted to give my feelings on the two chapters I missed .

    Let's start with the meeting of the five tribes in chapter 109 .Tae woo I think that's his name said the truth the war only helped the earth and SW interest which is restore his dad's legacy .To me it should be very obivous that it's his main goal do what his father couldn't do by taking back what was his and of course by doing this he won over earth who is now he dedicated fanboy .

    I like how tae woo unlike the people around yona and SW is keeping his logic and doesn't froget that he can't trust SW and what he did in the best and he knows that the war didn't do a damn good thing to his tribe .I think it's refershing to have a character who actually has brains ,what do you think ?

    And of course couldn't care less about earth fanboying and the SW blushing even if it was super weird on his part .I Know for sure he doesn't like yona that way and I laughed when water suggested his daughter for marriage because in the past i told you that there is a high chance that the author would put these two together since this won't end in a bad way for SW and that's so lame .I also think sky would get with one of her bodyguard maybe the one who got stabbed .

    About Lili it would've been great if we never saw her again so boring yona 2.0 laughed when hak pointed this out .As if we didn't have enough fanboys now we got a fangirl honestly i really really don't care about her and her "friendship" "bond" with yona because it makes no sense they met like twice and now they are best friends what the hell and of course we will have a meet up with SW in the new arc and more drama .

    About GD and WD "love " for yona I wish that would stop .I mean don't you think that like a lot of elements in this story ,such drama isn't needed ,those dudes are born to love her so why make it seem like they fell in love with her when it's something innate even if they met her when she was spoiled they would still love her .

    About the yona part ,I told you so in the past that all what she think about is SW and she admitted in this chapter .Honestly lame and pathetic don't even describe the situation the fact that she is willing to think that much about SW that's just sad and make no sense and what's worst is that she will

    1. decide what to do with her life depending on what SW does now calling that awful isn't enough to describe how awful her mindset is .

      I agree and I laughed at your comment about her thinking of killing him since we know that's all talk and her trying to act menacing .I also knew that the author was gonna do that when it's all lies and we could've been fine without the extra drama yet again

      It's so pathetic that other try to portray her as someone who isn't naive and has grown when in fact she hasn't ,she didn't grow at all and is still in denial and trying to justify SW 's actions and you know above all what's the saddest thing is that she never think that much about those are facing death for her sake nor does she think twice about risking their lives for SW sake

      So yeah that chapter is yet another example as to why I hate yona's character .

      Now this brings me to the last point the hak moment in the two chapters .After reading her thoughts on SW how in the world Am I supposed to enjoy the moment between the two since it ruins it ,now if you asking me how .It's simple She still think more of him than she does of hak to the point of living according to what his goal is .So yeah the market scene thing and the necklace thing are meh to me .

      No matter what yona does I'm still not into her being with hak he is way too good for her .So the scenes were indeed cute but they didn't get me hyped in fact I feel sorry for hak because she is his world while it isn't the case for yona .I also believe that something bad will happen to hak maybe that will open yona's eyes for good .Their scene in this chapter felt quite ominous so i'm prepared to see hak bleed in this arc but I'm not expecting much ,except drama

      About the stone so it's for royalty ? Maybe it's a hint that he will rule kouka in the future or maybe this new country will be where hak 's background will be revealed and maybe he is from royalty

      Anyway thanks for the summary kat ^^

    2. Hiyo, sofia ^^ Welcome back.

      Indeed..though I would like Tae Woo to refute Earth that Suwon is the king that the country needs now rather than agree with him. But then, I guess if he has brains, he won't do that since he is in the palace. =P I think only the Wind tribe is like that towards Suwon since they knew how they are forced to agree to make Suwon king. Unlike Yona, they like Haku don't take such things lightly.

      Indeed you did suggest that. Hehe, is that so. Hehe, pairing everyone huh ^^ Or just being sarcastic?

      Well, I guess the bond thing is about not agreeing with the father and want to do something else and they are both reckless. In short, being very the same that they immediately hit it off. Both girls probably wanted to have a sister =P

      True, it is an innate thing but I guess the mangaka is portraying it like it is some forbidden love or something.

      Ah true. I'm still thinking if it is normal to want to understand the mindset/goals/etc of someone whom one thought as nice but did some dastardly thing. I can only conclude that she still has feelings for him to want to do that. Good point. She is indeed deciding what to do with her life depending on what Suwon does. is mostly Suwon. I guess she didn't really think of that because, as mentioned before, they always survive and got out with non life-threatening injuries.

      Ya, I somewhat ruins the mood. Hehe, bleed only?

      Ya..though not sure if that is the mangaka's intention. It can also be about truth and 'strength and ability to overcome abuse issues, trauma, rape recovery, as well as depression and grief. Partly this is due to its energy of bringing inner power and hope.' So, his issue regarding Suwon being resolved in some way? But of course, I'm hoping it is about royalty but as I told you, I have to keep those expectations low.

      Though I'm imagining Sei offering Haku a deal that he couldn't refuse but in the end, he probably doesn't want to leave Yona or plunge the country into war just to become king. So, scratch that.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    3. By the way, you were right about Bleach. If there is a right arm, there is a left one and who would have thought it is a Quincy. So, maybe there are legs running around somewhere.

      One Piece: those guys got Kaido instead of Shanks. ^^; Sanji and others seem to evade Big Mom. Time to say goodbye and reunions.

      7 sins: more training and a payback which is good. Though he specifically said him and 7 sins so they are probably going to really power up.

      AoT: when MS is done with it.

      Boruto teaser: it is actually good intro and amusing skit.

    4. Ya ,i checked it out couldn’t care less and maybe ichigo’s dad will bring the remaining legs ?
      Or they will come running back by themselves .
      Yup they are so unlucky and kaido truly looks like a beast i loved his introduction ^^ yup over all nice arc with alot of big moments but it was quite long ^^

      Ya we can expect power ups for the sins ,meliodas was freaking badass ,my only problem is with king ,he is indeed asking the right questions but even when ban was doubting king was shown not to doubt him yet right now all of sudden he is being all emo about it i thought he was freaking annoying
      But the you have no wings was interesting ,so if king isn’t a fairy what is he ? Even elaine didn’t have wings right ?
      Okay ^^
      Well I checked out trailers and read a summary of the movie since it’s out in japan it was okay at best the music and animation were good and that’s it .

    5. Lol. about unlucky.

      Well, King is 'in character' as I told you before, I find him too emo when he saw Diane hurt before and blaming others for it.

      That's right, Elaine also doesn't have wings.

      Hehe..I actually meant the manga promo stuff. I haven't read the summary or anything about the movie. ^^;

    6. That's true I had forgotten about that I thought it was so lame T_T him ,meliodas and diane are my least favorite sins because of their emo /annoying personalities .Still ,seeing how he didn't doubt the captain even when ban did ,it was weird to see him act cold and hostile toward meliodas .

      I guess that would be revealed later on when king fights one of the demons .

      Ah okay but just to tell you the movie isn't worth seeing it based on what I have seen ,didn't watch the last won't watch this one either .

    7. True..maybe the mangaka is trying for something 'unexpected' since iirc, someone saying in MS that it was unexpected for him to be like that after all this time.


      Hehe..I actually do not watch Naruto movies. ^^; I consider them fillers =P Of course, this new one might be the 'direct' project of the mangaka. is something for it to still have readers/audience compared to say Bleach anime.

    8. Maybe or he is just trying to ruin king's character because I may not like meliodas but his behavior toward him was freaking annoying and let's not forget the diane thing and recently the hendy stuff .

      Neither did I ,I watched a little bit of blood prison years ago and i couldn't continue since it was awful but when something naruto related comes out i do check it out not because i love ,but it's out of habit i guess i watched/red the manga for 10+years so it's not easy to forget .

      Even one piece i don't watch the movies ,i watched strong world and film Z and they were pretty good .Bleach i watched fade to black i think it was called that way ,not sure ^^

    9. True.

      Hehe, true. Sometimes, for me, even if something is really 'awful' but there is something that makes me keep on reading it..wanting to know how it ends even if I know that I won't like it or it will be a train wreck.

      Hehe, is that so. I don't recall Bleach having a movie. ^^;;

  11. That’s true but I do believe that he won’t have any problem with SW being replaced if it happens later on .But I really like that he keep up his distance with SW and co and isn’t getting all buddy buddy with them because of what happen and the fact remain is that SW and his party can’t be trusted because of what they did and because more than the country interest they have their own interest as a top priority .
    Earth like I told you in the past is quite pathetic about how he managed his tribe yet was still loved and how he quickly shifted over to SW ‘s side failing to see his true colours .I guess since he got war+wealth+lost land this dude is amazing .
    But yeah Tae woo is right the only one who gained from the war is earth ,sadly even if him and hak did see through suwon real motive behind the war ,yona and all of the kindgom didn’t .
    I was being sarcastic yet quite serious at the same time ,I could see Lili as queen in the end even it makes zero sense but i can see it ,since I don’t expect any kind of tragedy even for SW .
    Ya in short they are both very meh try to act badass but always make it out alive ,not thanks to their skills but thanks to having skilled people around them .Again instead of seeing boring yona 2.0 fangirling over yona 1.0 I would’ve loved to see more of the wind tribe for example maybe tae woo and the other boy could’ve meet up with hak and they would journey to sei it would be nice but instead we got Lili…..sigh
    Some forbidden true love when in fact it’s plain fanboyism T_T
    Ya somehow it’s normal to want to know where it went all wrong ,but for god’s sake he killed her dad and she is willing to risk her life to save him and is thinking all the time about his goal ,feelings and thoughts i don’t call that normal .She is in denial until this day and refuses to face reality ,yes the dude isn’t evil but he is still a bastard ,does he need to kill hak for her to have a change of heart ?
    Yup and how pathetic is that you can’t tell me that someone who waits and see what others do with their lives to manage her own life is someone strong or has any type of will ?
    Bleed ,suffer ,fanboy…..etc you get my point ^^
    Honestly ,I believe even if one of them gets near death ,she won’t change .It’s like those guys were risking their lives from day one yet she is living her life according to what suwon does ,she never thought I’ve to be careful because they are risking their lives for me ,I’ve to find my path quick and do what I’ve to do sot hey can move on with their lives ,it’s all about suwon and it’s sad that these dudes excpet for hak don’t know that .
    I know and I feel the same so I won’t take the stone as hint to him being possibly from nobility but I also think that it is a sign that hak would be in danger in the current arc and that’s it .My expectations are close to zero for this manga .
    Yup no matter what happen hak won’t leave her or betray her even .
    So yeah after hearing her thoughts on SW and how he is a key factor in deciding her life ,Now more than ever i can’t take her seriously and no matter how gaga she gets over hak i can’t take it seriously either .

    1. Yup.

      That's right, it is so for Earth.

      True..they all don't see it. that so but from how things are going, I'm inclined to think that everything will be sunshine and rainbows at the end.

      I'm actually hoping for that later least visit Wind tribe. And let's see how Suwon react if they're in trouble and how they'll react to him.

      Hehe, and I'm also wondering if that is normal. Ah..perhaps.

      Agree..they are currently on wait and see regarding Suwon and for themselves, nothing much except help those who they encountered + need help.

      Well, someone got near death but then, it seems 'okay' since he is immortal. And, for now, yes, things are still the same. Wait, Haku also almost got killed. At most, she doesn't think that but rather, she wants to train to become stronger since she doesn't exactly want to be a useless 'damsel in distress'-type. Of course, being reckless kind of negates it. ^^; I mean, they are put into more trouble.

      Uh-oh...close to zero is bad but then, mine isn't that any higher, I guess =P

      True...kind of reminds me of VK. I don't feel much for the romance since at the back of my mind, I believe Yuki is thinking of the other guy =P

    2. True and it's so pathetic that it's just hak and I guess some guys from the wind tribe who sees that SW is only getting back land .The dude isn't concerned about the happiness of his people but want military power and restore his dad's legacy.But since he gave his fanboys what they wanted so they don't question him ,and yona is also his fangirls so it makes sense that her own fanboys don't question her "i will risk your lives for the sake of SW life "

      I feel sorry for these guys when the one they love believe in and would die for would decide their fate upon the actions of one man who didn't hesitate to destroy her life .Because the dragons and co they have no will of their own they are just following yona no matter and as we said before and as it was proven in this chapter yona herself has no will or goal of her own as her every action and life depend on what suwon does ,it is all so very pathetic .

      At least in VK despite all it's flaws no one made yuki look like she was the boss when she obivously wasn't ,people always pointed out at her flaws and i like that compared to yona where it's just fanboyism .

      and you know I feel like everything we talked about in the past is being proven right

      yona has no goal it was said in this chapter

      yona didn't get over suwon and refused to face reality in this chapter again proven to be right in this chapter

      no matter how gaga she gets over hak ,suwon is still the biggest existence in her heart/mind yet again proven here .

      Also ,it's moment like these "i refuse to believe that suwon lied to me and hak and blah blah blah " that makes me think that yona is so freaking weak .I mean yeah suwon cares about both of you but for god's sake it should be obivous so far that he manipulated both of them and lied to them yet she still doesn't believe that at this point of the story

      It was one disapointement after the other with yona ,I was thinking that she would would realize after all what she has seen mainly in kai with the war that her father's ways may be wrong but his ideals were nobles and that suwon is looking for power and lands ,it would be one thing if he defended against attacks but now he is looking for troubles and that's no good .I 've a feeling that if sei has something to do with the drugs he would use it as an excuse to attack and take back some lands .

      It's beyond pathetic how she refuses and will never face reality about SW .Yet such characters are seen as strong ????

      Hmm knowing SW he would take this as a mean to win them over and make himself look good since that's what he does ,what i hope is that the wind won't be foolish enough to buy this dude blah blah blah .

      And by the way ,i do admit that suwon is far more suited to be king that yona for obvious reason but let's take a look at what he accomplished .

      Unified the five tribes .

      Sky was his to begin with
      earth he made it rich with some game so it became his
      wind was threatened and hak told them to do so
      water quiet tribe so they followed
      fire made it seem as if he forgave them for their betrayal when in fact he used the dad knowing that he would turn against him .

      went against kai by prentending that they attacked first when it was in fact water tribe soldiers as pirates who attacked and couldn't care less about the drugs but used it as an excuse to take back daddy's lands so yeah what makes him so great i don't get it ?

    3. The point I'm trying to make is ,if yona gets over situations with her fiery glares and others make it seem as if she is badass ,suwon overcome danger and achieve some degree of success with cheap tricks .

      In Chang i'm indeed impressed with the strategy since there is actual strategy and real plans .

      True ,i will be honest no matter what happen i don't believe yona would doubt suwon or decide to go after him never even if he were to lol kill hak lool she would still try to explain it .It's by no mean a proof of maturity or wisedom it's proof that she is very immature and childlish because she can't face reality and put two and two together .

      True it's like VK T_T i mean no matter how much she blushes when she is with hak or cries or whatever never in the whole series did she give him the same amount of thoughts she still gives suwon ,in this chapter for example she says i want to understand his thoughts his goal blah blah blah did she ever show the same intent toward hak hell no .Throughout the story it's always about suwon every single time and of course let's not forget the hairpin .So yeah she wants to get stronger to fight with him yet she doesn't bother about his feelings what's up with that ? That's why i don't get excited over the hak /yona scenes to me they are whatever to say the least i feel sorry for hak so yeah how can i cheer for them knowing that no matter how hard she falls for hak suwon will always be the most important ??

    4. True.

      Ah, I agree but then it is a bit hard to complain about that since they are actually 'happy' about it or 'not complaining' or 'cannot help it'. So, the problem would rely more on Haku, Yun and Zeno. Haku has been 'programmed' a long time ago. Yun is 'mother' so he has to watch over them no matter if they have no goal or just wandering around and helping people especially since they need his help to survive at least financially. Thinking about it, no one is complaining that Yona spent a lot of money for that necklace. As for Zeno, he rather play around. =P

      Ya..and I was hoping to be proven wrong about that..but until now, it is still...sigh.

      I agree, it can be used as Suwon's advantage again. And that will make Water be very loyal to Earth but then, Water doesn't seem to be that interested in power and glory stuff. He just seem to want everything to be okay with his tribe.

      Perhaps, strong in a way, it is rare for shoujo lead to actually kill someone, knows some archery or swordmanship..just don't compare her to other heroines like Chang Ge.

      Yup..and unified for go to war to get some lands back. The rest are troubleshooting with the help of Yona and others like the rebellion, fire tribe knowing how to farm, etc. Since Wind tribe mentioned that they aren't help, so that means, the rest are pretty much left on their own. Nothing on making the people more self-sufficient, law enforcement, etc.

      He's great I guess because the generals are doing what he wants even if some are kind of reluctant. Of course, great about the country...I'm not buying it..for now. mentioned before, they really have it easy. Of course, Suwon got it the most easy and got away with almost everything including murder and got almost everyone impressed.

      Ya...for now, that is indeed quite possible.

      It seems that she kind of knows Haku's feelings but don't know how to deal with them. It is like some untouchable topic. And of course, can sometimes forget about it when Suwon is around/thinking of Suwon. Even if she is kind of 'forced into' helping Lili with Suwon, she didn't think what would Haku think about that. I recall that you oppose them teaming up with Suwon since they can deal things with themselves without his help. Even if thinking about it now, Yona doesn't want Lili to know who Suwon truly is and what he did to her because..ah, she knows that Suwon can help them out? Want to 'save' Suwon's face/reputation even if Lili will learn about it later on? Was it ever mentioned why she agreed to team up? ^^;;

      Ya...maybe until she cut ties with Suwon or when Haku's existence is greater than Suwon? And, if one has low expectations, that might happen in the very end or never if it is like VK. =P

    5. I understand that but still it doesn’t prevent any of them to question their « leader » it’s like for god’s sake she is risking your lives for the sake of her dad’s murder ,so ask her about her aim her goal Don’t you think it’s their right to know at least this much ? but you are right the problem lies in the guys as well not only yona .I mean take a look at hak he knows all about yona’s feelings and despite the anger and sorrow he still follow her and is happy to do so .So the dragons+yun who is her devoted fanboy who do not have a history with SW won’t have a problem with yona’s real motive to risk their lives and that their journey is wait and see what SW will do .
      That’s why i don’t consider them to be a group a unit ,it’s one person who is leading them and that’s it the other are just there ,in chang ,the heroine has the skills on both aspects intellectual and combat yet her crew always give her their opinions and question her choices and play actual important roles that’s why they are able to come up with smart moves and move forward toward their goal .
      In AnY fanboying and fighting that’s what they are made for ,the saddest part is that they fight and yona take the credit for it .
      True but if help out wind ,water will start to become loyal because he would think the dude is peacful some thing like that .I just hope no matter what the wind will not be added to the list of suwon ‘s fanboys that would disgust me .
      You are right that the manga and the heroine shouldn’t be compared to chang ,it’s out of it’s league .
      I know that but my point is that yona doesn’t deserve all the hype she gets because she isn’t strong .
      True and i think we talked about it in the past ,about yona instead of feeding the poor she should think about to improve the lives of her people to the point where they can take care of their own lives on their own ,by promoting education ,laws …etc
      And yet suwon isn’t any better what he is doing is taking back daddy’s lands making some tribe rich and that’s it ,when there is no more wealth and no more country to invade ,what will happen ,things will go back to the way things were during yona’s dad time .I wished for yona to see what suwon is doing will only work for a short amount of time but nope ,oh well i will read till the end whatever happens happen
      True ,but like you i told if yona get through danger with her glare ,suwon it’s by using tricks it’s too bad the people around them are too deep into their fanboyism to see that .
      Ya ,i believe so because she was shown to be perceptive lol so it would make no sense for her not to know about hak’s feelings but again it pisses me off so much that despite knowing his suffering and rage she goes suwon this suwon that when she is with him and every time they have a moment she ruins it with something suwon related .I can only conclude that she lacks tact and is insensitive when it comes to hak and when suwon is involved .
      True ,whenever she does something like when she teamed up with suwon ,she never thought what about hak ?It’s like when suwon is in the picture her brain can’t function and what she hears and see is only suwon .It’s a great shame that a dude who has given her everything isn’t even part of her thoughts during such moments that’s why i can’t take seriously their moments and of course yona herself i can’t take seriously .
      No it wasn’t mentioned but it would be something along the lines of « it was for the sake of lili and the water tribe » but we all know she just wanted some time with him .And who cares about the fools who are risking their lives defeating a fleet .
      Honestly it will never happen ,and if it happens in the end then to me it’s as if it never happened .

    6. True, but then, being a fanboy and currently what she does isn't a 'turn off', so no need to question, right? She's technically Hiryuu, right? Their boss..their reason for existence..the reason why they have powers, but then, also the reason they suffered. They seemed to have just accepted it and if not, suppressed it to just 'blindly follow'.

      Yup, I think what we are looking for is more indepth interaction between everyone, giving their opinions, weighing things, what to do, what is their goal..stuff like that. Since Haku was reminded of Yona through Lili, I guess it is more like princess want to do this and it is a good so let's go no matter how reckless it might be.

      Ya..I'm just thinking that with those kind of qualities and perhaps, if the reader is younger who is not at all concerned with politics and stuff, Yona can be seen as a 'strong girl' in some way. Okay, I'm just thinking that younger boys would be more impressed with Naruto and Ichigo than older ones who'll most likely poke fun of them especially with talk-no-jutsu.

      I agree..but oh well, unfortunately, it's like that. ^^;

      AoT is out. Can you see the death flags? Erwin is highly possible. If someone is 'dreaming' before a big mission = death flag, then Armin. I didn't see the one for Jean but his fight with Eren is amusing. Jean was right on the dot..I almost thought he is going to say that Eren is a damsel in distress like thrice or more? ^^; Anyone else acting out of the ordinary? Anyway, Reiner and what his name look oddly different there.

    7. Ya ,I know that i understand but still i can't accept it ,it's so freaking lame and it feel forced .

      Yup that's what I was expecting but sadly we have only one character in the series ,excuse me two and that's yona and SW . Each one of them run his own show and the others just follow like sheep .

      True ,I believe yona is popular mainly and mostly among teenage girls because unlike cheng this is a very shallow story .True a young boy would find naruto cool a grown one corny and lame .

      I could see them clear as day ,What happened to his dad really hit erwin to his core .To think that he would throw away everything just so he could learn of the truth ,his dad tried so hard to find and died for .But yeah i think he will die and thumbs up for levi for being honest with him about being dead weight and that he will end up as titan bait then lunch or dinner depends .

      Lol hange had a crush on the dude who had a crush on eren's mom ^^

      armin as well i think he may die ,i believe that we are getting closer to the end so main charaters dying shouldn't be too shocking and i believe in AOT almost everybody will die ,if not everybody this is not live happily ever after type of manga

      Jean was so very right about everything ,eren is really a damsel in distress whom mikasa always to save .I will be so happy if he dies and honestly if he was just useless it would be sort of acceptable but what i hate in eren is his big mouth ,it's like he talks blah blah blah but he can't achieve a single thing so if he dies good .

      Yup they do ,it's like they are older ????

    8. Hehe...ya..but that's the reason for it.


      Indeed. I guess Erwin really wants to witness the 'truth' even if it kills him.

      Oh..I didn't made that connection. thumbs up.

      True...this series got a lot of people dead left and right..the question would be, who'll survive and what is the aftermath when they learn the 'truth' that those who know would rather make everyone not know about it. Better off if they didn't know?

      Ah..give the guy some credit. He was able to do a bit of a titan. ^^

      Is it...or a different haircut? Or, maybe just the usual mangaka inconsistent drawings. ^^;

    9. Well i think almost everybody will be dead and I also believe those who will learn of the truth will wish they were deead he just had to wait for a power up from historia's dad to do it and honestly my main problem with eren isn't his skills but his personality .

      Yeah i guess it's the drawing

      By the way have you read the seven sins ?

      Before getting in the chapter I've a theory what if meliodas and his two brothers are the sons of the demon king .The reason why i'm saying this is because black haired meliodas was the one giving them orders and telling them what to do so i assume he is their leader ,even before that it i felt that he was very bossy .And honestly i don't see elite demons obeying someone other than the demon king himself ,but if it's his son then i see no problem .Also both have the same mark ,are hinted to be insanely powerful even for demons at least meliodas is and big meliodas seem rather OP the bird just by touching him turned into something demonic and went boom

      Do you think it's possible or it's too far fetched ?

      It was nice chapter we learned more about the demons that their power can turn against them if they break their law and we are learning more of their names though i can't remember any ^^

      Also don't you think there is something "demonic romance " between taking it from the ass girl and moustache demon i mean at one point she was sleeping on his lap ,most of the time he is the one to explain what she means by taking it from the ass ,when meliodas was fighting with truth demon and rocks were flying he covered her with his coat so i'm just saying what if ?

      Hawk look like a demonic pig

      slader i'm getting more and more yaoi vibe from the guy ,he is really girly

      Elizabeth i really don't care about her and we all know no matter what kind of power she gains she would only get in the way and end up crying so who cares and truth to be told she is one of the reason why i hate meliodas around her ,his character just gets a giant thumbs down .

    10. Kat I don't if you have this about chang ge xing but it's rather big in the overall story I think it's the prologue if you haven't read it yet then SPOILERS ALERT

      The one who saved cheng's mom is Li shimin and the two were obviously in love and spend alot of time together when they were younger he is the one who gave her han name yet she married cheng's dad .He was very upset and she is the one who told him about the assination which he was the target and that was after he had killed his two brothers ,so shocker he didn't kill her and it was cheng's dad who killed her mother he is the one who gave her the poisoned wine and she died in the arms of the one she loved and he was crying .

      I feel like this prologue gave a really human side to Li shimin and even if cheng isn't really his daughter i can see why he loves her that makes alot of sense .

      I think cheng may lose it if she learns that Li shimin and her mother were in love that he was really upset by her death that he didn't cause and instead her father did ,that in fact her dad may not be her dad .

      I think that the only one who could maybe reveal the truth up to this point is the servant that was mentioned chapters ago and i hope it is explained .

      Now about the mother ,she was pretty like almost every character in the story and i guess except for the hair colour cheng looks like her .Now what i don't get is why was she so cold toward cheng ,in this chapter we have seen that she isn't cold and cruel yet with cheng she was very distant and cheng said that her mom never looked at her was it because she had her with a man she hated ? and yeah why did she marry him ?

      Also she was always looking away so what did she desire go back home or be with Li shimin ,what's your opinion on this backstory ?

    11. Hehe, I see.

      Just read 7 sins.

      Possible. They might also be obeying him since they know that he is very strong and wise. I would prefer that rather than they are obeying him just because he is the big boss' kid. Of course, it would be great if it is both ^^

      Indeed..we know of their weakness so if Meliodas know what their powers are, that would be a great way to outwit them..I mean Meliodas telling the others about it. Of course, it would be a nice challenge if they can guess the powers and at the same time, outwit them.

      Hehe, uh-oh, I'm not paying attention to those stuff. ^^; It is possible..we'll know later on when they have to fight someone/some people.

      Ya...and got snubbed.

      True, what's up with that slader. For comedy? I wonder if the guys reading the series are grossed out =P

      Well, nothing happened with Elizabeth here except new outfit and the usual Meliodas' sexual harrassment.

      By the way, was it mentioned how the 10 commandments were defeated? It was Meliodas and all the races, right? Or was it just himself? Just curious what this time around he mentioned only himself and the 7 sins. It seems that Meliodas was able to predict how they'll act so that counts as something.

    12. Thanks for the info ^-^

      Oh..I thought she poisoned herself. ^^;;

      That's a possibility though not too sure..currently, Chang seems to have other things in mind like thinking more about the future than the past.

      Based on that chapter, I think she got raped and forced to marry the older brother. That is based on her crying at one scene below right, iirc...after Shimin tells her that he'll come back soon. I recall Chang has brothers, was the mother treatment of them the same or only with Chang? Maybe she can see herself in Chang or she might suffer the same fate?

      Probably Shimin since she seems happy being with him and didn't long for home.

      And, since Shimin is portrayed in a good light here, I guess he won't be the villain in the series but the lead guy's brother/s. Forgot his name. Do you recall who is the guy who looks like him but is blond/light colored hair?

    13. Yup I hope it's both and he does seem to be OP same thing for grown meliodas .

      That's true it's like I told you before he could tell them their abilities and come up with plans to defeat them not just rush in and get their ass kicked .But he won't since he doesn't even want to admit the obivous that he is a demon ,i doubt he will tell them .For example if merlin in her current state team up with someone else to take on one of the demon ,she can probably figure out his ability and the other person will defeat him or she will use the ability against him .

      I paid attention because it's weird to have a demonic romance among demons who are supposed to be heartless ,merciless and just plain evil .

      I don't know maybe he is indeed into boy love and it's not the first time but even without the yaoi antics i do find him creepy .

      As far as we know it was himself +other clans and I guess he does have faith in the 7sins so much that he believe only seven of them can take care of the commandments even if in the past all the clans had to unite to do so .

      True ,it's seems like he knows well how their minds work

    14. Well there is this pannel where chang's dad gave her a cup which i assume had wine in it ,poisoned wine .The dude looked really evil even in chang's flashback he looked fishy/evil .

      While I do agree that chang 's focus is the future and she is quite mature and wise but let's not forget she is still a child we have seen that when she was pretending with sun to be cousins of a rich family .When the servant who worked for he rmom was mentioned she started freaking out and she was quite shaken by returning to the royal capital .So I believe that if she learns that her mom and Li shimin were in love and she was the one who told him about the assasination which led to her whole family being killed ,I don't think she would be okay .

      I think you are right because of what you mentioned and we have seen that unlike with Li shimin she had no love for her husband and i think the reason why she never told him why she married him despite their promise is because he raped her and that's not easy to tell or maybe he didn't and he threatened Li shimin so she married him to protect him .

      Well I recall in a flashback she was beating her brothers and they said something along the lines of that barbarian 's daughter which makes me think chang is her only child .

      I think she was fearing that chang may suffer the same fate as she did but still i don't get why she was so cold toward her ,I mean she didn't even explain what being a girl in puberty meant ^^ or maybe because she is the fruit of rape or just because she isn't from Li shimin the one she loved .

      Honestly I don't know I've a feeling that even if she was with Li shimin instead of his bro ,she would still be unhappy .I just don't get what she wanted and why she treated her daughter like that and was just sitting in the castle looking away

      Do you think Li shimin is still in love with her ? I mean he set up a funeral for her and chang and it wasn't mentioned what he did with the rest of the family .Also he didn't try to chase after her even when others wanted to ...etc I guess he had a soft spot for her even if she wasn't his own ,i guess it's because she looks like her mom except for the hair colour .

      Ya ,and I wonder if we will ever have a face off between the two ? Nope I don't cant you send me a link to see who you are talking about .

    15. Also another proof that she and her brothers don't share the same mother is the mom knew what was gonna happen since she told Li shimin about the assasination and she told cheng to get away why didn't she do the same if those were her sons ?

      Also ,from that we can get that she was crazy about Li shimin she sold out her husband and his bro to save Li shimin knowing that they would get killed along side their whole families ,knowing that her daughter would be hunted down and killed .This is insane and I'm not sure I like the mom very much because i get she loves him but come on ,having all these people die for his sake .Having your daughter live on the run always watching her back for his sake it's selfish to say the least .

      I don't know if I mentioned it above but i think Li shimin had no intention of killing the mother ,he was so angry when she was coughing blood but still he sent people after her child quite messed up those two I guess they had eyes only for one another but for her to sent all these people to save him and for him to try and kill her own child and still keep her alive it's so messed up

      anyway I wanted to ask you a question about the sui princess i know who she is at least what she looks like ,she is the great khan 's wife or something like that right ? but what i don't recall is just what does she want to do ?What's her goal

    16. Good point. Is keeping his identity more important than defeating the 10 commandments?

      Ah, true..but then, I didn't think that way since Meliolas is a demon and he isn't exactly acting like one.

      Hehe, because of the mask?

      I see...but strange, why would chang's dad poison her? It couldn't be that he know that he is going to be assassinated so he is going bring her with him to death. I think she knew that she cannot survive outside like chang and she cannot marry Shimin either.

      I see..hehe, I guess I'm thinking that after everything that Chang has gone through and almost died..she can take it better and she pretty much decided to let go of the revenge thing. Actually, I think she would be more confused than anything else. ^^;;

      Good point. Chang is most probably the result of the rape and that is connected to her being not Shimin's. Her father was the crown prince, right? It is highly possible that he already has a harem. So, her other siblings are most probably from another wife. The puberty thing is excusable since usually, that is explained when it happens.

      I think she does want Shimin so she told him that he's too late. She seems okay before that happened.

      He probably still love her in some way but probably hurt by the 'betrayal'. I cannot definitely say about the funeral being proof of his love since it is always mentioned here how important the body has to be buried/proper treatment so that might be another reason. In history, I think the brothers are given a proper burial since at that time, the father is still alive.

      Ah, I don't recall what past chapter he was shown but I saw him here:

      Maybe, it is her revenge on the brother for what he did? She didn't care much about her daughter, right? But at least, cared enough to want her to escape. Maybe, she thinks that a better life is waiting for Chang outside. And in a way, she gave her 'freedom'. Hehe, that's thinking positively about it ^^

      True. Maybe a mistake on the mangaka's part? After all, the prologue came afterwards.

      Is that the one who seems to be plotting things with Sun's brother? I don't quite understand that one. ^^;

    17. Seems like it or he is really confident in his skills including the seven sins own ablities ,if he think they can beat them without a proper strategy .
      Ya and that’s a shame ,if for example he was all soft and lame during normal time and then in battle he switched into demon mode and became brutal and ruthless it would be okay but sadly most of the time he is lame but I admit he sometimes is pretty cool when he is fighting .
      Ya the mask ,I mean on one hand he looks like a freak yet on the other hand he is rather girly and i find that rather creepy .
      Well it’s true that he had no reason to kill her and if he knew that she sold him out he would be pissed and kill her in a more brutal way ,I don’t know why i find him quite fishy and when she started coughing blood she looked suprised .But maybe she did for the reason you stated she has no longer a home to return to after so many years and she can’t be with shimin so let’s kill myself and make of my daughter a rogue princess .
      I hope so ,but i doubt it do you remember when the servant thing was mentioned and started putting two and two together she became ill .And honestly at this point ,the only one who could tell her is the servant guy who collect intel for her and their are far away from each other so maybe later on once they reunite he will tell her .If he manage to find the woman who worked for her mom .Still i think no matter how mature she is or wise or whatever ,learning that your mom sold out you whole family got them killed to save the man she loves and who happen to be the killer of your family that’s not easy to swallow .I was quite shocked when i read the prologue it’s like wowww you love him to the point of sending so many people to their death including kids .
      Ya and even if the boys weren’t her kids ,and chang is the fruit of rape what she did was still awful ,so many lives for the sake of one man !!!!!
      Ya she loved him till the end but what I find annoying about the mom is she just sat in the castle for years and did nothing….I wanna say like mother like daughter but that’s so wrong ,chang has done alot since she « died » her brains are always active and she is always thinking of her next move .The mom didn’t care for her daughter ,didn’t fight for shimin ,didn’t try to go back home .I don’t say the last two points are possible but still do something but nope did nothing for 10+years except sit and look away what was she looking at ,chang never knew was it shimin or homeland .Anyway you get my point ,i don’t like the mom what she did was selfish/cruel .

      Ya he still does love her except that he doesn’t have time to mourn or think about her since he has a kingdom to manage .
      Well ,it’s the first time I’ve seen the guy and those chapters aren’t translated yet so I think he is a new guy and based on his looks he is an ughyur (sorry if the spelling is wrong^^) and the ugyhur and turks aren’t on good terms right so I doubt he has an relationship with sun bro or the sui princess .
      I would like to think that but she didn’t seem like she had any type of grudge so to me I can only assume it was out of love for shimin and that’s nasty .
      Yeah when could say outside chang would lead a better life since she will have the freedom to do what she wants but a life where you always to watch your back isn’t a life either .
      Ya it’s weird again do you think the relationship between the two will be further explained or that’s done .
      Yes that’s the one I wonder what’s her goal and honestly unlike with AnY where i remember stuff and everything is quite easy to understand .In chang sometimes i can’t follow who is who and who is doing what with whom and their goals .It’s pretty complicated there are alot of teams in this manga ^^

    18. Well, true, it does seem that he is over confident.

      Maybe, she didn't realize that would be how the poison would react? Shock over the pain? Ah...if it is like that then, it's possible that she's slowly being poisoned due to jealousy/infidelity rather than other reasons. Still it depends...she doesn't exactly have a great relationship with her mother and family. She might think it is inevitable that mother still likes Shimin. Or, better this way since he is ruling the country really well and she knows that to do to great things, there are sacrifices. Basically, I would think she would react that way if she is 'ordinary type' and have a deep attachment to her family. I say 'ordinary type' being naive about politics and the ways of palace life. Meaning, it should be a surprise if it is so. If she is close with someone, like forgot her name who committed suicide, that would be the same impact on Chang.

      I think Chang's mother is the 'typical' type who had 'given up'. Don't you think so since she probably think that her life is already useless, meaningless as if she is dead. She isn't strong like Chang..probably not as intelligent. I'm not sure about her educational background either. What exactly can she do? During this era, I think women would act more like Chang's mother than Chang. I get your point but I really don't expect much from her mother. ^^;

      It is? I thought I had seen him before but I forgot which chapter it was. ^^; I somewhat recall that he is a Turk..forgot his relationship to Sun. But then, maybe you are right, he is ughyur based on the hair color and Chang is in the tribe that deals with those people right?

      True...most likely, the main reason is love/care for Shimin. I think it is the same in the palace...princess are used to be married off to form alliances like to turks and others. I think Chang would have a more miserable life if this didn't happen..something like her mother's life.

      I think it's more or less done.

      True..especially if characters are suddenly introduced like just appear without clearly knowing how s/he is and what's his/her role in the story.

    19. I understand and I agree in a sense that she might no breakdown the way she did when her wife killed herself but still I believe this reveal would be a blow to chang but so far all he reactions toward all the hardships she encountered were pretty nice .I never thought she was being conry or overly dramatic like a certain character from another manga  so i’ve faith if she does know the truth she would react in a nice way ,in a way that won’t make the reader feel disgusted with her character .

      I mean we agree on the fact that cheng ge xing isn’t AnY .It’s a serie with a nice plot ,intelligent and mature character ,without a lot of growth and deepth in the plot and the characters as well so far i’ve no complaint about how things have been done so far so I’ve faith .
      I agree that chang ‘s mom seems to be a « typical « woman and without even taking into consideration intelligence and others skills .Her daughter is strong in a sense that she accepted the harsh truth of her family murder and that shimin was indeed a good king and moved on she found a greater girls when she overcame her saddness and anger .
      The mother on the other is really weak ,she spend all her life neglecting her child not trying to return to her homeland and not trying to make a home in her new land just looking away and crying over a lost love and honestly if she was lonely and sad i believe it would make a sense for her to look for some sort of happiness within her child and be really close with her since she has no one else so yeah i find her behavior very meh but at the same tim i expected nothing since she is the usual weak willed type of women .
      Nope I’m sure we have never seen him before ,he is an ugyhur and the only ugyhur we have seen so far are chang’s wife and her mother .I was pretty sure but still I had some doubts since you were so certain that he was already introduced so I looked on the net and found some spoilers so here I go SPOILERS ALERT ……..the author revealed in an interview that he is chang’s uncle and he is the boss of the ugyhur ,her mom comes from a wealthy family .She gave this spoiler so as to make it clear to the fans that there will be no love triangle with him ,sun and chang .

      True ,so I guess the mother was trying to spare her from living the same life she did but still I think the way she behaved with her child was wrong on so many aspects .
      Ya and in cheng ge xing characters tend to be rather complex and things do get quite deep so sometimes even if i know who that character is i don’t know what is his goal and whose side he is but what I know is that she is an enemy of chang .

    20. True.

      Wanting to return to her homeland is impossible if she is the 'wife/concubine' of the crown prince. She's pretty much stuck there for the rest of her life and the husband is free to do whatever he wants as he pleases. Iirc, those that were not loved by the emperor tend to just 'rot' and wait to die in the harem. Of course, there are also the other wives who can make life difficult if she is the favored one. It is usually described that being in a harem is like being in a cage. Given her personality and how things were, it is indeed expected that she would just be kind of an 'empty shell'.

      Next, other than the product of rape or whatever reason, girls are usually 'belittle' in China and boys are the preferred ones. Maybe her mother won't act that way if her child was a boy. Of course, that is just a way of trying to understand her and yes, it doesn't change the fact that she is the usual weak willed type. There are a very few who managed to raise up the ranks from a concubine and even become empress. ^^ Those are rare types.

      I see. Thanks for the info ^^ I guess Chang doesn't have to go to the homeland to know about her mother...SPOILER ALERT since the uncle came to the caravan ^^

      Possible. I'm been thinking about which is a more miserable life, I guess that is subjective. I mean, Chang can be safe and sound in the palace, living a dull life with 'you cannot do this and that' and someone deciding what her life be - most probably marry off for alliances. Or, her life is in danger, exposed to health problems but can do whatever she wants. So, that is safe but dull long life or dangerous but independent short life.

      Ah, true, she is most likely. So, Sun vs his brother and Chang vs that woman. The guys in fighting I guess whereas the women based on their wits, strategy, cunning, etc. That seems fun ^^

    21. And in general being from royalty whether you are a man or woman it isn't easy because if you are a guy then you will always have to watch out so as not to get stabbed in the back and if you are a woman you have to work hard to please and give birth to male heir in order not to be thrown away .

      Yeah She really looked like an empty shell .I mean away from her homeland ;married to a man she doesn't love and who probably raped her being seperated from her true love when they both live in the same place so i Guess her being so passive to the point of being an empty shell is what's to be expected .

      Honeslty if part of the reason why she was so cold toward chang is because she was a girl and not a boy it would be very ironic to say the least .Because she suffered all that because she was a woman ,as a young girl her dad gave her away for marriage got mixed in some battle rescued by a prince and you know the story ^^ yet she would be cold /indifferent to chang because she is a yeah at the end of the day let's just say that she is very weak and unlike her daughter she couldn't overcome the hardships and grow stronger from it .

      Did he ? I mean when they arrived at the caravan she was dressing as a boy and introduced herself as the old man nepehew i don't think she would change to a girl that would make them look suspicious so I think they left the caravan and now are in her mother's homeland .

      True ,both options have positive and good points of course being outside and on the run suit chang alot more than being the castle where she will let her talent rot because she is a woman .and chang is skilled and strong girl so surviving in the outside is something she can do but the problem is that she won't be able to live her life since she always has to watch her back she won't be able to settle down and since she won't to bring prosperity to tang while being hunted down by many enmies ,a peacful and long life isn't something she can afford .

      Ya ,I'm not too sure but here is what I think is going on with her ,she is married to the great khan and is working with his son against him to steal away his power I guess .She even has a female assistant who is always with sun and I also believe she is using sun's bro so that's why i don't understand what 's her goal .

      Yup that's what I think will happen and honestly I'm more excited for the battle between the two princesses which will be wits vs wits ,I can't wait to see how chang will defeat her .

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    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Thanks for the comment ^^

      Indeed. Is that so..

      I hope so, too and hope she think less of Suwon.

  14. Hi!! :)
    Thanks for the summary! I really hope Yona realizes that Su Won is not the good guy and will stop justifying his actions. I feel justifying Su Won's actions is equivalent to insulting Hak and her father.
    As for the pendant scene, I too feel something bad is going to happen. Hopefully that would be an eye opener for Yona.
    Thank you again! Looking forward to the next chapter!! ^_^

    1. Thanks for reading, Mehul ^-^


      You're welcome ^-^

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  16. Thank you for translating!

    I am glad that we get to hear more about Yona's conflicting feelings towards Soo-Won in this chapter. While I really dislike Soo-Won, I've always appreciated the portrayal of Yona's emotions as way more complex - as they realistically would be. Yona loved her father, and she does mention that his murder is unforgivable, but she also loved Soo-Won. He is the man she has wanted to marry, and it seems that they have been building a strong relationship since childhood.

    For me, the most important part here is her conversation with Lili. Yona talks about wanting to understand Soo-Won and admits she might oppose him more forcefully if he were tyrannical. Her curiosity reminds us that we, like Yona, only know parts of Soo-Won's story and there is a lot more we need to find out.

    At times like this, I remember how firmly Yona's father opposed her desire to marry Soo-Won. It seems that many people respected Soo-Won even before his takeover, so why was the king so against their marriage? It was the only time we ever the King with a serious & even angry expression. He might feel guilty (assuming he did murder Yuhon), but that would be a weird way to show guilt. Maybe he did not like that Soo-Won carried weapons? But then why would he tolerate Hak being close with Yona? Something is not adding up. What did he know that we do not?

    I'm starting to get suspicious that Soo-Won is behind the new influx of Nadai. He manipulated events in the Earth Clan so he could secure their loyalty. I would not put it past him to cause problems for the Water Clan and then fix them, thus setting himself up as a reliable & heroic king, thereby securing their support.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hm..wasn't it more like she is one-sidedly building a strong relationship? I think Suwon is more interested in Haku than her ^^; At least, for his goals. =P

      True. It would be nice if she wants to know the real reason behind that family feud which led to all of this rather than just wanting to understand only Suwon.

      Ah...that is one of the mystery that will probably be revealed at the end of the series. The other theory is Iru knew Suwon's true intention/personality/goal, etc. Of course, he is stupid to try to pull off the 'get the enemies closer' strategy since he got killed. He probably knew that Suwon is already trying to turn people against him but didn't realize the extent until it is too late. Iru most likely knew Haku really cares for the people like he does. Iru, like Haku, would rather get themselves hurt/give up something for the good of the people. Iru most likely tolerated what people think of him because he is doing what he thinks is the best for the people. Right now, everything is based on speculations and what was hinted on.

      Hm..that's a very interesting theory. It would explain why Suwon kind of anticipated this new problem with Nadai in Water tribe again.

    2. Yuno's mother died to rebels. I wondered about this. Who were these rebels? Could it be Soo-Won's father, thats why he was killed?

    3. That's the theory that perhaps, they belong to Suwon's father so Yona's father had a dispute with his brother. But, it wasn't mentioned ever again and our heroine isn't interested in it either. ^^;

  17. is it me or yona's hair is growing? it has been months right?

    1. Yes, it is growing, cookiedoctor.

      I think the series will end when the length of her hair is the same with the one in chapter one.

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  21. I need to rant about Yona so if you're a huge fan of hers, you probably don't want to read this post. Seriously, after reading her thoughts here on Soo-won, I'm beginning to think that she's just like him and feels that it's okay to do WHATEVER you want to WHOMEVER you want as long as you're doing it for the country. I had thought better of her. Even if Soo-won had Kouka's well-being in mind, there were other paths he could have chosen to tread in terms of bettering the country. For example, since most of the other generals were already discontent with Il, why didn't he openly denounce the king? He would have had more than enough support to get Il off the throne. He had to be cowardly, manipulative, and selfish. Il's death was for selfish reasons because, as he said himself, he wanted revenge. Even if Yona is perfectly okay with everything that has happened, has she ever thought beyond her own feelings regarding the matter? What about Hak's feelings? What about her father's feelings? What about the truth? Soo-won didn’t even give them the entire story. Does none of that matter as long as "it's for the country"? She even mentioned that she doesn't want to take revenge on Soo-won because he's not an evil tyrant. Well, neither was her father...but it's okay for him to just get murdered? She understands her father loved his people and he was, in his own way, trying to protect them. Still, she gives Soo-won all kinds of excuses and feels he should "be understood". I hate how she tries to atone for everything and acts like she and her father were at fault for everything that Soo-won did. I mean, she EVEN thought it was her father’s fault for putting a rift between Hak and Soo-won. Give me a break! Soo-won’s a grown man. He’s responsible for his own choices! He chose to toss both Yona and Hak to the side of the road for the throne. I also really hate how inconsistent of a character Yona is. I mean, take a look at her blindness and obliviousness to Hak. She seems to be sharp enough to be able to pick up on people's suffering and seems to understand the basics of how the world works. She's EXPERIENCED with how it feels to be in love...YET, she doesn't get it(not even an inkling) when it comes to Hak.

    Also agreeing with some of Sophia's thoughts, I have to question why everyone(all the dumb generals) follows Soo-won around like puppets. Nobody questions him or wonders what his end goals actually entail for their country. Soo-won seems to be the only character in AnY with goals and anything of a brain, and he just manipulates people over and over. Even Yona is disappointing because she doesn't question or try to get to the bottom of anything. After just seeing him once or twice, she's ready to trust/assume that he's doing the right things. I don't understand where this trust is coming from since, you know, not too long ago he betrayed her, killed her father, and almost ended up killing her himself. If someone who was that close to me pulled Soo-won's betrayal on me, I would question his every move from there after. And not more than about 10 chapters back, she had mentioned that she didn't condone what Soo-won was doing with Kinshuu because people from all sides were suffering but now she seems to have forgotten that it even happened. Hak seems to be the only one who distrusts Soo-won enough to doubt him BUT even he will do nothing because he's so chained down by his love for Yona, bowing down to her every want and request. If Yona asks him to save Soo-won, he would save him. It's so frustrating.

    1. And speaking of Hak, I no longer feel like Yona deserves him. It takes Yona almost 100 chapters to realize Hak was badly scarred by Soo-won's betrayal. If she hadn't been so busy feeling sorry for herself and pining after Soo-won, maybe she would have noticed Hak's suffering sooner. Seriously, She's so neglectful towards his mental wellbeing. Worse than that, once she did notice him, she's just praying and hoping that his pain will magically heal. That's it??? You don't have to be able to fix his problems but where's the effort? Knowing how much resolve she has and how determined Yona can be when she sets her mind to accomplishing something(even when she has practically zero chance of succeeding), it just makes me feel like maybe Hak's suffering isn't all that important to her. She doesn't even wonder if Hak being her puppet and following her every want while conflicted internally is okay. As long as Hak is doing what SHE wants, she's fine with things. For risking his neck on a daily basis to protect her, for being so devoted, and so unselfish...Hak deserves more kindness than that. Sure, Yona says she wants to see him smile, she says he's important to her but, really, her decisions and actions(or lack of, in this case) speak more loudly than her petty words. If you really want to see him smile and if he's truly important to you, do something. Acknowledge his suffering and let him know that you care. Is that too much to ask for? Search for answers and truths so that he can move on. But, nope...Hak just has to suck it up...and Yona is just saying Soo-won should be understood. Seriously, who is she trying to protect here? Is this romance story even about her and Hak?

      And why do I even care about Yona's journey anymore? I'm sorry I even felt bad for her to begin with. After all, Soo-won doesn't really bother her that much anyway. Maybe she and Soo-won should just get back together because, at this point, it seems like they deserve one another. If it wasn't for wanting to know how Hak’s conflicts get resolved, I don't think I'd care to read the rest of AnY. Much earlier in the manga, I thought I loved Yona's character but now, I'm not sure that I do at all. Everyone talks about how strong Yona is, however, it seems to me like her true weakness was always Soo-won and, looking at it like that, she has NOT become stronger at all. She’s still holding onto his hairpin, feeling sorry for losing him, and clinging onto the hope that things weren’t his fault. And while I had originally obsessed over the chemistry and adorableness between Hak and Yona, I'm beginning to think that if I look beyond that shallow outlook on a much deeper and more meaningful level, their relationship pretty much sucks.

    2. After all, Hak is just Yona's puppet she pulls along on a string because he's so in love with her. He sacrifices so much for her because she's his world. Question is, what exactly has Yona ever sacrificed for him that doesn't also involve bettering herself so she can help Kouka? Even that little thing about how she went in search of the Dragons to protect Hak doesn't hold much water because, at the end of the day, we all know those dragons aren't there for Hak. They're there to serve Yona, and Yona's priority is the country, and it feels very much like Soo-won too, before anything else.

    3. Hehe..starlight. That is what some of us have been discussing/ranting for the past few chapters. Trying to keep expectations low. ^^;

      I agree, there are other paths but he chose to do that. And, the other party isn't exactly some tyrant or anything. I mean, Haku and the Wind tribe who prioritizes their people prefer Iru so I think that already means a lot compared to the other generals who seem to be only out for glory and power.

      True, at first, it is negligible because perhaps, she is still too stunned after what happened. But she kept on looking at the hairpin among others and didn't really have any anger about what happened except those glares. No one cared for the truth about what happened or give justice to the king's as if it is nothing major happened and almost everyone goes on with their lives.

      For that one, I think the mangaka is doing the 'clueless about the one who is in love with her' heroine routine.

      Well, Wind general is suspicious but prioritizes the tribe people so he cannot really go against Suwon after what they tried to pull just to get Suwon on the throne. Lol..maybe it is her admiration for Suwon's brains and looking down on her father's 'cowardice'? Honestly, they all believe that Suwon is doing something good for the whole country but for me, I think it is only for his allies, the Sky, and Earth. Instead of helping the poor people, first priority is to unite the tribes and get back some lands taken from them.

      Ah..if she asks Haku to save Suwon, and he did...I don't know what to think of Haku. ^^;;

      Yup, that's it. She just seem to think that she cannot do anything about it so she just let it be. Or, maybe the mangaka is trying to go for a love triangle so she is somewhat either for Suwon or for Haku.

      True...things seem to have become stagnant with Yona. The journey is currently aimless..probably waiting for whatever bad thing is going to happen according to the prophecy so in the meantime, help those whom they encounter. seems to be like that..not that deep nor meaningful.

      Hehe..sacrificed the limited money of the group to give Haku a necklace =P And that is the extent of wishing him happiness and protection without actually doing other things.

      Yup. And, maybe lessens Haku's possibility of being killed/injured since she has other bodyguards who can fight and not just protect her?

    4. Kat, I was so mad in my last post, I forgot to thank you for all the work that you do in translating and summarizing these chapters for people. Regardless, I hope you know how much we appreciate your work.

      You're right. Regardless of whatever rumors the ignorant people choose to believe when it comes to Il, he cannot possibly be that terrible of a king if good people like Mundok respected him. Rumors shouldn't always be believed. After all, it's not like there's any truth to Hak murdering the king and kidnapping Yona. Even if Il was a bad king, he still loved his people and, in his own way, tried to protect them. He did not deserve to be murdered in that fashion. Yona is so blinded by her feelings for Soo-won that this doesn't even cross her mind. And don't even get me started on all those generals who are some of the biggest hypocrites I've ever come across. Their tribes were suffering because THEY did nothing to help them. In fact, the fire tribe chief was directly responsible for the suffering of his people because he was stashing money. Geun-tae sat around is palace, half-naked most of the time and did nothing. Horrible things were happening within their cities that they were blind to and neglectful of and, here, they have the galls to pile ALL the blame onto Il?

      And Soo-won...his "I'm so righteous because I'm choosing to save the mass over individuals" image that he's manipulated everyone into believing is just sickening. If his intentions were completely pure and had nothing to do with selfishness then why did it take him all these years of plotting and planning to "save" his people? And speaking of selfishness, the people must feel good that the lives of innocent individuals like Yona and Hak had to be destroyed and sacrificed in order to make theirs better. Nobody should be feeling good and happy about it because that's hypocrisy. If Hak, Yona, and Il are selfish then so are these people. They're no better.

      As for Yona's cluelessness towards Hak's wouldn't bother me IF it was done convincingly. Unfortunately, it's too ridiculous and unbelievable. "Gee, Hak has tried to kiss me so many times now...what could that possibly mean?" She's not even a little suspicious while everyone else around her(including strangers) know. "Gee, I feel all hot and nervous around Hak EXACTLY the same way I used to feel around Soo-won...what could that possibly mean?" Give me a break! I don't care if Yona is 16. She can't be THAT dumb. And, honestly, I'm not even that mad that Yona can't see Hak's romantic feelings. It's his emotional suffering, Yona's neglect and blindness to his inner conflicts that bug the heck out of me. How can you be so blind and neglectful of someone you claim is a long-time friend? Hak even told her at one point that everything about her stresses him out. She tells him to do things that he likes to do…and, yet, she also asks that he does what she wants. How does that even work??? She demanded that Hak give himself to, really...the least she could do is show him a little thoughtfulness and consideration. And, when she received that wound by Hiyou and Hak was sad because she was hurt...I HATED how insensitive she was to him. "It's my wound". Seriously, Yona? I mean, Hak was so considerate to her when she was crying over his broken heart after ch.92. He tried to comfort her by saying that he never sees her weaknesses. How would she like if she was crying and Hak just told her to stop crying for him because it's HIS wound and not hers? Sheesh.

    5. As for Hak, as I've said, he's a man completely chained down by his love. Even if he wanted to kill Soo-won, he would push all his own feelings aside to save Soo-won if Yona wanted him to. That's been his pattern since ch1. As much as I love him for the kind, devoted, and caring man that he is, he's such an idiotic fool. I wish he would care about himself at least half as much as he cares about Yona. I want to just shake him by the shoulders and tell him that it's okay to be a tiny bit selfish, that he doesn't have to endure himself to that much pain and suffering on Yona's behalf. IMO, Hak should learn that he can't take care of Yona unless he takes care of himself too, and that includes things on an emotional/mental level.

      As for the necklace that Yona doesn't mean much. It actually shows that she isn't willing to sacrifice anything of herself, her wants, or her needs for Hak(who, on the contrary, sacrifices everything for her). It's not even close. And, yeah, I imagine she would want Hak to be injury-free. After all, she needs him. Hak has said that he's there for Yona to USE and she has never once objected to that idea. That might not be the truth of it but, with the way Yona acts and with how self-centered she seems, it certainly feels that way overall.

    6. Thanks for reading them ^-^

      That's right. Since Sky and Fire had some ambition/other goals, I won't be surprised if they kept the real situation of what's happening from Iru just to make him look bad and make it easier for them to remove him. Or at least, people won't have any complaints about if he was murdered. He is also a nice scapegoat.

      Yup. And, it would have been more convincing if Iru and others were some tyrants or whatever..but they're not. Well, the generals and others are probably okay with it..Wind is forced to accept it. The people, they probably still believe that rumor or, too focused on survival to care. So far, only Earth directly benefited from Suwon's rule.

      Ah, the contradiction. Maybe the mangaka is wanting to show that she's the boss of the group so everyone is offering up their lives to her every whim like the dragons were yet try to show some romance with Haku. Hehe, maybe she is THAT dumb and insensitive? ^^;

      That's right..and unfortunately, everyone seem to be okay with things and tend to just keep quiet about it. I mean after Haku went berserk, the dragons aren't talking much about it with him. So, next time they see each other again, what then?

      Hehe, I'm being sarcastic about the money for the necklace =P And yes, you're right...and it can be viewed that way. Actually, the same with the others. She also somewhat treats him as a 'servant' since she insists on him calling her 'princess' whereas the others can call her by name. In a way, Haku seems to be just the 'love interest' of the clueless heroine when he had a lot of potential as a character and he also used to be a general.

  22. I like to see Yona be forced to choose between Hak or Soo-Won. Yona has not given up on Soo-Won yet. Maybe we have an incident where Soo-Won try to kill Hak again., Force Yona to relive the moment her father was killed, but this time Hak was the one stabbed by Soo-Won

    1. Hehe, is that so. But what if, she starts crying and everything over Suwon if that happened...or maybe, treat Suwon's wound. I wonder if all the generals except Wind, will treat Suwon the same as Iru when he dies. Will they get angry at Haku? Will they avenge him? There are a lot of possibilities...

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