July 30, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 2 - Devil's Class]

Yomi thanks everyone for coming. “Then, let’s start the class. Today, we are going to talk about a devil that hides among the crowd. Lesson 2: Devil’s Class.” On the newspaper, there is a report of a certain 12 year old junior high student who got dragged by the train to her death. Could it be that she was bullied that drove her to commit suicide.

In class, a girl introduces herself as Satou Anne [guesswork from 佐藤杏] who came to transfer here from Kanagawa. “Due to my father’s work, I always transfer school.. ah.. I always wasn’t able to make friends so I hope that I can become friends with everyone here.” Everyone claps and welcomes Anne to 1-A class.

Anne smiles for she is always very nervous during this time but her classmates in this class look very friendly so she is quite at ease. Sitting at her seat, she thinks that in her previous school, there are many despicable things among the girls so upon coming here, she should be able to have a good friend.

Her seatmate greets her and introduces herself as Nishiki Maiko [guesswork from 西木芽衣子]. Anne is really happy for someone took the initiative to talk with her. Anne happily greets Maiko back and says that it is the first time she came here so there are still many things that she doesn’t understand so if she has some question, can Maiko please teach her.
Maiko smiles and tells her yes, just ask. Anne is very happy for the people in this class are quite nice. She looks at what Maiko is scribbling on her notebook. Maiko wrote for Anne to be careful of this class for everyone appears to be very friendly but actually.. Then, a dark colored haired girl with a couple of friends pulls up the notebook that Maiko is writing.

She asks Maiko what she is saying to the transfer student. They tell her that the teacher already left and they are going to teach her a lesson. The girls took the mops and brooms from the locker and start using them to hit Maiko. Anne looks in surprise and wonders what’s up with this class. Later on, Maiko washes herself on the sink.

Anne gives her a handkerchief and asks if she’s okay. Anne says that startled her. She asks if those girls always like that. Maiko laughs and says that she’s too weak and those people basically do not have any guilt in their hearts. “Actually, that kind of people are quite a lot around us and it is truly scary.”

Anne didn’t react. Maiko says that she is going and next time, she might involve Anne and she’ll be made the target. To Maiko’s surprise, Anne says that she wants to become Maiko’s friend and she can call her by her first name.
Anne thinks that Maiko is such a kind person that she cannot just leave her be, so she has decided to become friends with her. Soon, Anne shows Maiko a magazine and asks which one is her favorite celebrity. Anne invites Maiko to go to the toilet together. She also invites Maiko that they go home together.

Dark colored hair girl and others look displeased. Looking surprised, Maiko asks why.. Anne happily says that it is because she wants to become Maiko’s friend. After a pause, Maiko smiles and thanks her. Suddenly, to the two girls’ surprise, dark haired girl puts her arm around Anne and asks her to come with them for a while.

Behind the school building, dark haired girl asks what she talked about with Maiko. Anne says that they have fun together. Dark haired girl says that’s right, she’ll tell Anne something good and it is about Maiko. “Not long ago, Maiko really likes to bully others. I heard that she’ll get angry if she sees her good friend playing with others. At that time, she is quite too much so right now, she is properly accepting punishment-

*Anne couldn’t believe that Maiko would bully others* It would be better for you to be careful for she only doesn’t want to be isolated so she is taking advantage of you. *Maiko is eavesdropping at the corner* You absolutely won’t find the word ‘guilt’ in that person’s dictionary.”
Anne is somewhat bothered over the accusation that Maiko is using her. Then, she sees Maiko waiting for her at the gate. To Maiko’s surprise, Anne invites her to hang out at her house. Anne thinks that she isn’t quite sure about that past issue but Maiko is definitely not that kind of person, that they are saying.

“She would even warn me to be careful. That is because she doesn’t want me to get hurt so she did that, right?” At Anne’s house, Anne tells Maiko to sit in her room and she’ll go get some snacks. Maiko notices a couple of albums on the bed. Maiko looks at them. She looks glum upon seeing Anne with friends.

Then, she is surprised to see Anne with a long dark haired girl. Then, the other pictures of Anne and a girl who have X on their face or head. Bringing a tray of snacks, Anne says that she looked at them. Maiko apologizes. Anne asks if she is surprised. She explains that she has already transferred school so many times and still things always go wrong.

“I obviously do not want to do anything but the other person is always provoked to anger and in the end, did such a mean thing to me.. *clenches fist* it is truly difficult to have friends.. *looks happy at Maiko* but you are not the same. I know it from the time when we first talked. This person will definitely become a friend so we won’t lose to that bullying class, right?”
Maiko looks moved and says, yes, thank you. Anne smiles over this. Anne says to commemorate their friendship, they’ll take a picture together. After taking the picture, Anne tells Maiko not to cry or else, she won’t be cute on the picture. Anne thinks that it is okay for there is her at Maiko’s side. Then, there is a bloodied hand behind a wall.

The next day, Anne and Maiko are happily chatting on their way to class when they heard their classmates are having some discussion. Anne asks what had happen. After looking surprised, light colored hair girl asks if she didn’t know that Kaoru [guesswork from 華; the bully] got seriously injured and was brought to the hospital. Anne and Maiko look surprised.

The others whisper that the teacher said that Kaoru was attacked by some murderer who doesn’t differentiate people but they think that is wrong for definitely, someone who hates Kaoru did that. They all suspect Maiko and thinks that she is a devil. Anne tells everyone that Maiko didn’t do anything but Maiko already turns to leave. Anne wonders why everyone is saying such mean things when their friend is the one who is truly a devil. “I will protect Maiko--..”
Maiko runs away and stops to catch her breath. She looks up to see a flyer then she looks stunned. Later on, Anne tries calling Maiko but she isn’t answering her phone. Anne wonders where Maiko went. She looks up the roof and sees Maiko with Kaoru’s friends. She wonders why then she thinks that Maiko is in trouble so she quickly goes up the roof.

She opens the door and calls out to Maiko. Anne asks what they are doing and are they bullying Maiko again. “We only want to pass the days peacefully so you guys shouldn’t come and disturb us! ..it is because that Kaoru did bad things that she encountered retribution and it is definitely that.” The two asks what nonsense is she talking about and besides, it is Maiko who called them.

This surprises Anne and she wonders why would Maiko.. After the two girls left, Anne asks Maiko why she went to look for those two and what if they use violence on her.. Maiko asks if Anne would lie to her. This puzzles and surprises Anne. Maiko says that she already saw the posted report regarding last month, a girl who committed suicide at the intersection. That girl is the same one with Anne in the picture of her album. Anne looks surprised.
Maiko says that there are also those other girls, majority of the ones who took a picture with you. “In the end, are all of those people dead or missing, why!? *Anne is speechless* After you brought me home yesterday, where did you go? About Kaoru’s injury, could it be that..is also your work? If I am mistaken, then refute me..hey, is it really like that!?”

Anne smiles and says that she is right but what’s the problem. “It is Kaoru’s bad. She said that she won’t stop bullying you.” Maiko looks aghast that she leans back on the fence. Anne asks what’s up with her. “Why do you have that awful expression? That’s very strange, Maiko.” Maiko exclaims that the one who is strange is Anne for doesn’t she even have any feelings of guilt..!?

Anne innocently asks, “Guilt? Why would I have that? Did I do something bad?” This scares Maiko that she shouts for Anne to quickly disappear and do not come near her again, go far away from her!! Anne asks why when they are friends. Maiko shouts that she isn’t friends with her. “I only..want someone to be at my side, that’s all. That way, I won’t be bullied..”
Anne looks glum and mutters that having friends is truly very difficult.. “I only wholeheartedly and constantly do my best for the good of my friend. Why is everyone like that? *her former friends left her or looked tense or got scared* Why would everyone leave me and go away!? *crying* Why? Why!? *Maiko looks horrified upon seeing Anne looking like a ghost* Answer me, Maiko.”

And, on the ground is bleeding Maiko’s mangled body. Still on the roof with the broken wired fence, Anne ends up sobbing that everyone are so mean..so mean.. In another school, Anne introduces herself and says that her house is from Saitama and they moved here. “I do not have friends from my previous schools *smiles* so I hope that I can become friends with everyone here.”

And on the picture with Anne, Maiko’s face is crossed out. Yumi says, “We are used to judging what’s good or evil based on looking at things as to what’s right and proper, but that varies from one person to another. I can only warn you that on your way, if you mistakenly entered a devil’s nest, it is very possible that you’ll encounter a monster that we cannot judge using common sense.

Hihi, better be careful. *closes the notebook* It is possible that they have already hidden themselves at your side. And this lesson is up to here. See you again in the next class.”
Comment: I’m actually debating with myself whether Anne is a devil/demon or a human. I guess I’ll lean more on devil since the police would have already found the culprit since she is seen by many people and here, there are a couple of witnesses. That is unless, Anne also got rid of them. Still, the fingerprints so maybe Anne doesn’t have them?

I mean, the previous victim was only assumed as a suicide. Also, how can she have the strength to push her down through a wire fence unless that wire fence is very thin. ^^; Hm..can it actually be done if driven by emotions and adrenaline? I’m amused over what a Chinese reader mentioned and that is, do not casually let your picture be taken.

Ya, for it ended up as one of Anne’s collection of victims/‘friends’. Anne must have some sort of attachment to them that she keeps them around. Usually, one would destroy them after being ‘abandoned’. I guess what happened to the others is the same. Anne got so protective of them that she is physically hurting the bullies.

I’m actually not sure if she is deliberately killing her friends or they just happen to be in a place where they can get killed. I actually wonder if all of her previous friends are also victims of bullies and like Maiko, they wanted to use Anne so that they won’t be bullied. Unfortunately for them, Anne hates being thrown away after being used. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
Be careful who you trust because as quickly as they say they're your friend is how quick they can turn their backs on you. ~ Abhishek Tiwari


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