August 1, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 33]

At the audio-visual room, Suzuka has finished showing Satowa’s video. He turns off the player and tells them that this is the original composition that they’ll perform next. He is startled when he glances at the others who are crying. Wiping her nose, Hiro says that her tears basically won’t stop coming down and she has goosebumps all over. Turning around, Chika wipes his tears and says that he had already heard it thrice and he isn’t.. Takezou blows his nose. After putting his glasses back on, Takezou thinks that it is Satowa’s performance after she wholeheartedly throw herself into it. “Now, after listening to this performance once, I’ve become aware..that Houdzuki-chan is truly very amazing. ..Definitely mustn’t hold her back.” Michi says that for them to play this kind of piece, can they really play it well to make people cry. Kouta says that he cannot help but cry so basically he can’t play it. Satowa tells them that it isn’t like that. Somewhat embarrassed, she explains that this piece, at that time, she actually played it to put a smile on someone’s face after listening to it..about that.. Everyone looks at her and they all smile at her.
Satowa says that it is alright, there’s no need to force themselves to smile, sorry. “I had projected the wrong emotions into the piece.. If it is possible, while playing this piece together with everyone, I hope that it can like this koto club. Displaying a lively [/proactive] spirit.” Suzuka agrees and tells everyone that they cannot play it in accordance to how they just felt a while ago and they have to thoroughly change their [cognitive] association with the piece. Kouta groans. Michi asks how that is possible when obviously it has already a deep impression in his heart. Kouta whines that it already cannot be change for the song has already been associated to that. “Why did you made us listen to it?” Suzuka says that it is necessary because before playing it lively- which displays out ‘the yang’ [/positive] one definitely has to understand the display of ‘yin’ [/negative]. “Like this, the piece would BECOME PROFOUND especially this song. *the three are totally clueless over what he is saying* ..but I’m also not asking you guys to immediately comprehend it. In short, I have already finished writing the music sheet. *puts some paper on Takezou’s table* Have these photocopied in accordance to the number of people and then later on, [book]bind it together. Practice starts after school dismissal.”
Takezou exclaims in disbelief that he really wrote it within one day. Kouta says that Suzuka is really amazing. Hiro asks if he did it overnight. Suzuka denies it. Preparing to leave, he says they are very lucky because for them, he had decreased his time for sleeping and he also wrote the music division [/who plays what] inside. Takezou exclaims his thanks. Outside the door, Suzuka looks at his watch and thinks that there is still time before the teacher’s meeting. He goes to the math prep room and lies down to sleep on the sofa. Back at the audio-visual room, everyone finds Suzuka really amazing for he really wrote it all up in just a day! Takezou comments that even if it is [music] staff but the tabs are also marked below. Satowa apologizes and asks if she can look at the music score. Takezou exclaims of course she can. Satowa looks at the score and felt it became petals floating away. She smiles over this. Chika peeks into the score and asks what his part in the ensemble is. They both look into the score. It is written that both Chika and Sane will play the 17 string.
The two are really thrilled while shouting that it is amazing for they are going to play the 17 string [bass] koto. Kouta is amazed that they’ll have two 17 string in this performance. Satowa will play the solo part. The first group is Takezou and Michi while the second group is Kouta and Hiro. While Satowa is thinking that she is the solo part, Hiro says that their club only has one 17 string koto. Later on, at the club room, Shizu angrily complains that the students and also the adviser, all of them are thick-faced to death. Chika says that granny came. Shizu says that this is the 17 string they’re going to borrow. Suzuka apologizes and thanks her. Hiro asks when did Suzuka go and borrow it. Chika happily tells Shizu that he’ll play the 17 string next time. Shizu says that he looks quite happy. Chika happily exclaims that it is because it is so cool, super big and it feels very amazing. Cool <- tuning pins are on top of the 17 string. Shane exclaims that he knows and the timbre is super cool- Kouta and Michi are jealous while Suzuka thinks they are brats.. Chika happily removes the cloth from the 17 string and happily says that he’s going to play the 17 string that granny lent them. And he is stunned for there are no tuning pins on top.
He starts complaining to Shizu that this isn’t 17 string since the shape isn’t the same. He says that this is too much for where did the coolness went. Shizu says that its strings are 17, no more and no less and regarding the tuning pins, this is the type wherein they are put inside so look over there. The tuning pins are all underneath. Shizu says that the only one that they can borrow now is this one. Chika has a sad expression that Shizu tells him that it is useless even if he has that kind of face and it can be said that this is also a sitting [?] 17 string. Chika says that he feels that it isn’t that amazing. Shizu angrily tells him that if he is that stubborn, she won’t lend it to him. Tinkering with her koto, Satowa thinks that the prologue is the solo opener.. She starts playing and everyone looks amazed by it. Hiro asks if this is the prologue part. Kouta says that it is so cool. Takezou thinks that even if this morning he heard the same melody but it can change this much just by changing the arrangement and how it is played.. Suzuka looks pleased. Chika thinks that the timbre changed again. “It had become stronger. Compared before, it is more vibrant. ..this person became amazing again.”
Chika turns around and tells Sane to teach him to play the 17 string. This surprises Sane for he’ll be teaching him. Chika says that isn’t he the senpai of the 17 string. Sane blushes and says ya. Takezou says that they also start practicing and yoroshiku [I’m under your care], Michi. Michi salutes and says understood!! Hiro says that she is a group with Kouta again. Kouta giggles and hugs her from behind. She tells him that she’ll be stricter than before. Suzuka tells Satowa that he forgot to ask her what the title of the piece is. Satowa says that she still hasn’t decided on it. Suzuka says that is reason why she lost the feelings that she wanted to convey. This surprises Satowa. He urges her to quickly decide on it for it is bad if it remains an untitled piece. She says okay. Actually, Satowa is problematic because she totally doesn’t have a gift in making titles. At the side, Sane tells Chika to listen up for the 17 string’s strings are like this. He informs Chika how it is numbered and unlike the koto, one has to depend on the body to pluck it [?] so that it would be more pleasant to hear. Chika says so that is how it is.
Sane says that he just have to do his best in practice and use his body to remember that kind of feeling!! Thumbs up, Sane says that there’s no problem. Chika exclaims that he understands!! Chika recalls how Satowa played. He tries it out and looks surprised. Satowa also looks surprised. Chika looks at his trembling hand and looks quite happy. He wonders what to do, the sound is so heavy and the bass is so cool for the sound is quite deep. He thinks that Satowa can play this quite skillfully and he cannot let there be a big gap between his and her strength for he’ll definitely chase after her. Then, as Chika is about to play the 10th string, Satowa looks at him and smiles before resuming her practice. Soon, it is night. Suzuka tells everyone that it is almost time for them to tidy things up. Michi is surprised that it is already 8pm. Chika curses for time passed too quickly. He is frustrated for obviously he only compared playing 4 strings with the koto and how come it is so hard to find. Takezou says that it cannot be helped for this is the first time he practiced. Chika says but if he doesn’t hurry in grasping the strings positions, he has no way of advancing with the practice so better for him to go Shizu’s house to practice.
Suzuka tells him about that, Chika and Sane cannot practice at the same time at Shizu’s place. The club has already borrowed one 17 string so right now, there is only one 17 string at her place that can be borrowed. “The two of you will have to take turns in practicing at granny Nishina’s place.” Chika says that if it is like that, then how about bringing this 17 string everyday for practice so after practicing at granny’s place, they’ll bring it home for practice then in the morning, bring it back to school again. Suzuka asks if granny will permit him to run around all over the place with the borrowed instrument, and besides he would be responsible for it. While Satowa listens over the conversation, Suzuka says that it cannot be helped, so, as much as possible take advantage of the time for EFFICIENT and CONCENTRATED training. Chika and Sane look at each other and immediately played jakenpon. Sane wins with paper against Chika’s rock. Sane is quite happy whereas Chika can only bend down on his knees and curse. Sane says that like this, he cannot play tomorrow. Chika asks Suzuka if they can use the club funds to buy one. Suzuka tells him that their club funds are basically zero.
With sparkles, Chika and Sane ask Suzuka to buy one. Suzuka says that he’ll beat them up. Chika clicks his tongue and says that it is inevitable for if he cannot practice at granny’s place then he’ll take advantage of other time. “Let’s skip class, Sane!” Sane says that it can only be that..! Suzuka asks if they are idiots and they’re amazing at that. Chika exclaims in disbelief and says that if they don’t do that then they absolutely won’t have enough practice. Suzuka angrily says that is why he told them to practice efficiently. Chika exclaims that he totally do not understand for how is being efficient done! Satowa apologizes to Takezou and says that she has something to do today so she’ll go ahead. Takezou says okay. After Satowa left, Hiro tells Takezou that it is very rare for Satowa not to join them in the after club practice. Takezou agrees with her. Satowa goes to her house. She stands in front of the gate and looks tense. She is surprised when Doujima granny chuckles and says that it is truly a rare guest. Doujima granny came with a young lady. Satowa says that it is Doujima and-- Doujima introduces the lady as her granddaughter [from son] and they should have seen each other from before. While she apologizes for that, Satowa nervously thinks that she bumped into the person whom she really doesn’t want to see.
Doujima asks what’s up that she came here, the ojousama who had tarnish the surname Houdzuki and was driven way. Satowa says that she came to see her mother and how about her, did she come to practice so late at night. Doujima says no, she and her granddaughter Akira [guesswork from ] are currently Chiharu’s disciples. This surprises Satowa. She thinks that putting her granddaughter aside, how come Doujima would also— With a [sneering] smile, Doujima says that Chiharu not only lost her husband but also lost the Houdzuki clan’s SUCCESSOR so there must be someone at her side to support her. “Thus, at one side, I’m taking care of things. The problem about the NEW SUCCESSOR, *glances at Akira* has also been considered already.” Satowa feels uneasy. Akira says that speaking of that since Satowa came back then there is something that she [Satowa] wants to ask teacher so how about quickly going inside. Doujima tries to protest for this person is—  Akira says that even if Satowa has already been driven away but she is still teacher’s daughter and she is still just a high schooler so isn’t it quite pitiful that she couldn’t even go back to her house. Doujima says that Akira is truly a kind-hearted child. Akira says that she doesn’t deserve the praise. Then, she looks sideways.
While walking through the hallway inside the house, Akira says that teacher should be in her room. Then, they see Chiharu walking in front. Satowa is startled when Akira calls out to Chiharu. Satowa looks flustered as her mother looks back at them. Satowa says that it has been a long time. Chiharu asks what she is doing here, quickly leave. She turns to leave so Satowa tells her to wait. “Wait a moment, mother!!!” This made Chiharu stop. Satowa says that she came here today because there is something that she wants to ask of her. Doujima says that after everything, Satowa shouldn’t be thinking of saying that she wants to go back, right? “You did that kind of thing on your own and you left things in a terrible mess--” Satowa ignores her and says, “Right..right now, I have joined the high school koto club. *Chiharu and others look surprised* Right now, I also have been always playing koto but currently, our club lacks a 17 string so can you lend me one of [our] house’s 17 string?”
Doujima starts laughing and asks if Satowa just said a club. “Are you joking? After Houdzuki Group removed your name, you are currently in a club playing koto as if playing house. Afterwards, you currently run over here and say that you’ll borrow a 17 string? This is quite such an extremely rare kind of shamelessness.” Satowa answers her, “I’m talking with mother.” Doujima is shock by that answer. Someone says that she recalls that when Satowa left, she brought her own 17 string. Satowa says that she needs another one. Chiharu looks away and says that there is no musical instrument that she can borrow here so please go back. Satowa recalls everyone’s reaction after the competition and about this is the two’s last opportunity to get in the nationals. Doujima says that is inevitable and let her say, that the attitude of one who is requesting something. “So I’m saying, a problematic child is truly--” To everyone’s shock, Satowa bends down on her knees and says, “I beg of you.” Doujima becomes nervous that she says that this is really strange, for what person would do this just because of a club activity and she should have some other attempt [/plot?], right? Akira says that if Satowa is okay with it, then she can take her [Akira] own 17 string.
Akira tells Chiharu that this should be no problem since it is her instrument. Chiharu is quiet but Doujima is protesting. Satowa looks up and asks if she can. Akira says yes and currently, it is not being used. With an expressionless expression, Akira tells Satowa “Besides, I really cannot stand and keep watching your miserable appearance.” To Akira’s surprise, Satowa smiles at her and says, “Thank you very much.” After watching them quietly, Chiharu says that this no good. She turns around and says that her own daughter is giving her disciple some trouble and there is nothing more comparatively shameful than that. “As you wish, you can take the koto. As an exchange condition, please do not set foot on this place again.” Satowa bites her lip. She bows again and says, “Thank you very much.” And, Satowa kept her head down until the others left. After bringing the koto out of the gate, Satowa thinks that her mother looks more haggard than before. “I don’t know how her health is. *recalls her mother telling her not to set foot there again* --no matter what she tells me, I also won’t think about abandoning mother again. Before I properly convey to her my most real playing, I absolutely won’t give up.”
In a room, Doujima says that Satowa is still playing koto and thinking about it, she felt that it is utterly nasty. “Besides, it is also at a school’s koto club? She truly doesn’t have a sense of honor. Just in case, we must carry on a strategy to prevent any opportunity for that child to come back to Houzuki family. Isn’t that so, Akira-chan?” Akira says that it is as she said. In her room, Chiharu looks as if she is about to cry upon recalling how Satowa begs her to lend her the instrument. The next day, Chika and Sane are so happy to see the 17 string that Satowa brought to the club. Chika happily asks what’s up with this. Satowa says that she borrowed it from her family. Chika’s smile disappear for her family is.. Takezou asks if it is alright. Hiro says that it isn’t easy to borrow it right. Satowa says that it is nothing and it’s very normal for she only just went to borrow the instrument, that’s all. Chika and Sane don’t quite believe her so Satowa tells them that compared to that, she would be more perplexed if the two don’t diligently practice and hold everyone back. Chika says that’s right. He smiles and thanks Satowa.
Chika tells Sane that they start practicing. Sane says that it’s great for this one has marks on top. Chika exclaims that is true. Recalling Satowa saying that it is very normal, Hiro worriedly looks at her and thinks that it is impossible for it to be that simple after all, that family removed her name [/disowned her] and drove her away. Satowa smiles while looking at everyone looking happy about getting an extra 17 string. Hiro notices this that she hugs Satowa tight. Puzzled Satowa asks what it is. Hiro says that it is nothing, let’s practice. Chika tells Sane that this koto’s strings are of different color. Sane says that’s right. Satowa explains that is for them to differentiate the strings. Suzuka enters the room and asks how come their mood is quite high so early in the morning. Takezou greets him a good morning.
Comment: Just like a song has to have a title in order for the player not to get lost, Satowa clearly knows what she has to do so she wasn’t distracted that much by Doujima and Akira who kept hinting of how shameful she is for asking and even begging like that. For Satowa, pride and other things are not that important compared to her friends and being able to get to the nationals with them. She handled it beautifully ^^ As for the funny part, it is really thanks to them being ‘idiots/naïve’ ^^ Suzuka really shows that he is a genius composer to be able to finish writing the piece in a day. Doujima shows her true intention on pressuring Chiharu. She wants to take over the Houdzuki Group through her granddaughter who is oddly expressionless. It seems that Akira isn’t that really that insecure and cautious of Satowa like her grandmother since she let Satowa go in the house and even offered her own 17 string. From that scene, it seems that her mother really feels bad over what Satowa had to do. In a way, would she act like that if Doujima wasn’t there? Anyway, Satowa would have a chance to play that piece like how she wanted to and hopefully, make her mother realize what Satowa really wants. PS. I might make some mistakes with the musical terms especially for the koto specific ones so I apologize for that ^^; I can only say that I did my best and use the terms that made sense to me. Scans by 二次元秘店

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