July 29, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 65]

One season after another, on the end of February in Tokyo is the wedding of Kagetsuna and his fiancée. Kagetsuna calls out to Shino who congratulates him. She ‘tells’ them that he’s so handsome and his wife is so beautiful. Blushing Kagetsuna laughs and says is that so. Kagetsuna informs her that Aoi also came here from Sendai and currently, he is together with Mego. Shino is quite happy for it has been a long time since she has seen her brother. She sees the two at the courtyard and finds them locked in each other’s embrace while kissing. Shino blushes and thinks that it is truly conjugal love. Mego giggles and says that it has been a long time since she saw Aoi and seeing him revives her blood. Aoi tells her good job and congratulations for smoothly getting herself admitted to a female college in Sendai. Mego says yes, and she also strived hard in convincing her parents and in the end, she got their consent to let her to stay at grandma’s house while studying.
Then, Mego notices blushing Shino watching them from the window. Blushing Aoi exclaims since when she is standing there. Mego says that it isn’t what she saw and it is because they haven’t seen each other for such a long time so they are a bit moved. Shino laughs over her brother who is unexpectedly blushing. Since Mego got admitted to a female college in Sendai, she will start a new life together with Aoi starting this spring. Shino mentally thanks Mego for giving love to her brother for this is the first time she saw her brother so happy like this. Watching them from the window, Kagetsuna’s wife says that it is really good, those kids. Then, she notices Kagetsuna looking a bit worried so she asks him about it. Kagetsuna says that it is nothing. He recalls about being informed that Yuki is currently at Sendai. Kagetsuna has hesitated whether to tell this to Aoi or not but as matters stand, it is already not necessary since he doesn’t want Aoi to recall the past sadness because those kids are currently using their own way to move forward.
And, it is spring. Mego and her friends are crying out loud while promising to always see each other even after they graduate. Her friends ask Mego not to forget about them since she’ll be going to Sendai. They want to be always be otaku friends even if they become grandmas. While Toudou watches in surprise, Mitsuru tells them to stop crying or else, he cannot take their picture. He came to congratulate them. Mitsuru calls out to Shino and the others to join the picture taking. Afterwards, Mitsuru checks the picture on the camera and is pleased with the outcome. Then, Shino notices Azusa standing by the gate. She looks serious upon seeing her. Mitsuru becomes worried for did Azusa came to quarrel with Shino. Everyone is surprised when Azusa bows to Shino and asks her to please punch her with all her might. Azusa says that the past her always forced whatever blame upon Shino and right now, thinking about it, she is really ashamed. “If it is always like this, I won’t be able to forgive myself. *Shino backs away while holding both of her hands together* What. Don’t act like some good kid. Actually, you really hate me right. I already told you to quickly punch me!! It is because you are acting like a good person that it infuriates me the most..”
And, Shino socks it to her really hard that it sends Azusa flying some distance before she falls on the ground. Everyone is totally shocked. They are surprised that Shino is actually very strong but then, when they think of it carefully, Shino is Aoi’s younger sister. Mitsuru goes to Azusa and asks if she is okay. Shino holds her hand to Azusa and smiles. Surprised Azusa thinks that she is saying that with this, they are even. Rubbing her bruise, Azusa says that it turns out that before, if Shino wanted to counterattack, she can do so at any time but she restrained herself and didn’t make a move. Azusa thinks that Shino has really totally defeated her. Azusa asks Shino to answer her question. “I obviously bullied you like that yet at that time, you shielded me. Is that sympathy..?” To Azusa’s surprise, Shino shakes her head and ‘says’ that it isn’t for Azusa. “‘There’s safety in numbers’ and it is no different to what you did before. I did it for myself. I only do not want to become that kind of mean and coward person.” This made Azusa smile and thinks that actually at that time, she is like scum and it is because Shino is outstanding that it makes her hate her. “Although I really hate but that kind of arrogant attitude makes me really respect you.”
Azusa had realized now that resenting someone would forever make her unhappy so from today on, she’ll follow her own heart and thoughts. Taking Shino’s held out hand, Azusa bids Shino goodbye for it is possible that from today on, they won’t see each other again but she won’t lose. She tells her that she’ll absolutely become happier than Shino is. Shino smiles and says that she also won’t lose to her. Everyone is glad for right now, finally, the snow in the heart had melted. Then, Mego’s cellphone is ringing. It is Aoi who congratulates Mego for graduating. He apologizes for not being able to go to Tokyo because from today on, he’ll go to the beach to participate at kendo club’s camp training. Mego says that it is alright and she is very happy that he called her. Aoi smiles and thanks her for choosing to study college at Sendai. “You’ll definitely have all sorts of uneasiness since you’ll be living away from your parents. I’ll do my utmost best to not make you lonely.” Mego blushes and says okay. She hopes for Aoi to wait for him and she’ll immediately be at his side.
At a karaoke bar, Tomo plans to have a 5 hour karaoke and meal package to celebrate graduation. She starts singing Hyakka Ryounan. Her friends accompany her with their music instruments and comment that Tomo’s voice is really nice to listen to. Mego thinks that this day is truly worth reminiscing for even if everyone has their own things to do but she believes that each of them can have a happy future. Then, the clock trembles. Mego wonders if it shook a bit. Narration: “But, that incident unexpectedly happened.” Then, the girls are surprised at the strong vibration on the ground. Mego exclaims that it is an earthquake. At Tokugawa’s Minato Tokyo office, Shuuichi, together with his secretary, is surprised by the strong earthquake. At the street, Azusa clings on to Mitsuru and says that the ground is swaying. In Miyagi prefecture at Sendai, Aoi is nervous over the strong earthquake that people are screaming. High waves are splashing towards the city. Narration: “On March 11, 2011 at 2:46pm, the Great East Japan earthquake had happened. And this earthquake had reversed a lot of people’s fate.” Mego looks tense as she hugs her friends. Aoi also look tense.
Comment: And, what are the odds that Aoi survived it when he is going near the beach? Of course, he can go up a higher building but based on the twins’ dream, he doesn’t seem to have drowned. I think we can imagine Mego crying about Aoi’s broken promise about not making her lonely. That is one flag. Another one is Azusa saying that she and Shino would probably not meet again. Of course they will since Shino is Aoi’s brother and surely, she’ll go to the wedding but if Aoi dies, that won’t happen. Shino is pretty cool in this chapter ^^ In a way, she basically doesn’t want to stoop down to the level of bullies. I guess Shuuichi would have a change of heart after experiencing that earthquake. As for the mother, it might be possible that she’ll somehow save Aoi as her redemption. Since this series is ending, I don’t think there would be any drama about the mother blaming Aoi for being bad luck like he is in Sendai so the earthquake happened or she blaming herself. ^^; I’m leaning more on Aoi just become missing and after some years, he and Mego will meet each other again. Basically, the finale would most likely be a reunion. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks for the update Kat!! <3

    This was so cool and kawaii!! Shino was so awesome here!!

    I didn't expect an earthquake to happen, that was so unexpected..... Since Mitsuru and Azusa are together, It's only Mego and Aoi that I'm worried about. You might be right Kat, about the ending being a reunion for Medo and Aio TT_TT
    I hope he won't die and just return safely. Or maybe he will have amnesia and due to the trauma he can't remember Mego and it took a few years for him to remember.... I dunno just a guess but yeah.....

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Indeed ^^

      I think most people are safe in Tokyo. The one really devastated by that earthquake is at Sendai and the places near that area especially by the tsunami.

      Possible though I'm thinking that the mangaka already used that amnesia in her previous series, maybe Aoi was just in a coma or something and it took time before they get reunited. But then, she can still use the amnesia thing if she wants to ^^

  2. Hey there! I really appreciate your summary. My local publisher really takes time in publishing each book so I am thrilled when I stumbled across your blog.

    I am really curious about the ending!

  3. From the announcement the series will end at Ch 68 but I think this is where the main story ends. Vol 12 ends at Ch 61 so Vol 13 should end at Ch 66. Two chapters won't be enough for a volume so there will be extra chapters that serve as Epilogue. This is common for Sho-Comi series these days.

    1. How many chapters are there in a volume? Usually, it is 6 right? Did they trim it now these days?

      From the ones I read, epilogue/extra is just one chapter.

  4. Thanks kat for the summary .


  5. Thanks for translating.... Huhuhu I remembered the March 11 tragedy and this manga has so much feels... Thanks for taking time in translating it for us. Really appreciate a good samaritan like you guys. ������