July 2, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 1 - Homemade Boyfriend]

[Free Talk: This is the second season of Zekkyou Gakkyuu, otherwise known as Screaming Lessons/Class by Ishikawa Emi. It is episodic horror stories which seem to aim at elementary students about the disastrous consequences of being ‘bad’. Yomi, the ghost/demon narrator, usually sums up the lesson so I’ll skip writing a comment about it.]
At a school’s hallway, a couple of girls are talking after hearing some noise. Girl A asks, “Hey, have you heard about that? It seems to be coming from that toilet~~” Girl B says, “I know about that but I heard that a strange girl passes over the third street’s park in the evening.” There is a notebook on the table.

Yomi narrates: “People really like searching for terrifying stories. You don’t know? Hi hi, then let me tell you one. *the clock shows that it is now midnight* Everyone, go back to your seats. Class is about to start.” Lesson 1: Homemade Boyfriend. A long haired girl exclaims upon reading a survey among elementary kids. It said that three out of two girls have boyfriends since 67% of girls interviewed have one.

Holding the magazine with a package bundled with it, she tells Yumeno [guesswork from 夢乃] that this is disastrous for they are left behind. Yumeno, a girl with short hair and glasses, asks Himari what she is talking about. Aghast Himari asks if she still doesn’t understand that right now it is just the two of them in their class who do not have a boyfriend. Yumeno asks is that so. Himari says that it is so. The girls who have a ‘boyfriend’ simply seem to be the world’s happiest person. They always have happy faces. “I also want to become like them.”
Himari whines that she is so envious. Then, she notices that the package with the magazine is a homemade magic doll and with it, one will definitely have a boyfriend after one makes the doll. Himari says that if it is that simple, then there’s no need for her to be troubled. Yumeno stops her and tells her that it is useless to be in such a hurry anyway, she might just mess things up.

Himari says if she cannot? Yumeno tells her yes and she must think about it the opposite way. If she did it in accordance to her inner urging [/feelings] and it works out, Himari will become cute and she’ll feel happy. Yumeno assures her that for sure, she’ll quickly find a handsome boyfriend. Himari is touched by that and says that Yumeno is right.

After buying the magazine, Himari decides to forget about the doll for perhaps it is what Yumeno said. As they walk home and eat some ice pop, Himari decides that right now, there is no need to hurry.. In class, Himari is shock when Yumeno introduces Nakata [guesswork from 中田] a glasses boy as her boyfriend and he is from the next class. Yumeno looks flustered as Himari couldn’t believe that Yumeno unexpectedly..
Himari tensely wonders if it is really okay since Nakata is totally not handsome. Yumeno admits that the past her totally didn’t think that she’ll have a boyfriend but it is rare for someone to particularly confess to her so she wants to seriously consider it. This shocks Himari.

At home, stunned Himari lies on the sofa and thinks that it is over for Yumeno is one step ahead of her. She notices the package near the magazine. She decides to forget it, anything will do. She’ll definitely do anything just to get a boyfriend. She opens the box which includes some manual, materials and tool to make the doll.

She is puzzled over the wool and felt inside so she reads the manual. It said that if she makes the lucky doll in accordance to the explanation and, she is filled with love while doing it, then perhaps, there will be a boyfriend, like the lucky doll, who will appear in front of her..

This infuriates her for what the hell is that and although it is very baffling... Teary-eyed and scowling Himari calls on the gods and Buddha to no matter what, grant her a handsome and remarkable boyfriend and she’ll give her all-out effort to do this.
At school, Himari with dark eye bags laid her head on her table. She thinks that she is really an idiot for she made that kind of thing. “What am I thinking? And it is even said that it is a lucky doll.” She made a smiling chubby doll. She is startled when Yumeno calls out to her. Himari quickly hides the doll in her pocket for it isn’t good if Yumeno saw it.

Yumeno asks how come she didn’t tell her that she already had a boyfriend. While Himari is puzzled, Yumeno asks her to introduce them so that they’ll know each other. Himari wonders who the boyfriend is and she recalls the manual saying that a remarkable boyfriend will appear. She thinks that it is impossible for it is like the lucky doll [she made]..

A boy calls out to Himari and she turns around to see a fat boy. She is stunned and wonders who this boy is since he is stupid looking and fat. The boy says that she said to go steady with him. On the first time they’ve met, he had a bit of reaction at that time so take care of him from here on [/yoroshiku].

He introduces himself as Itoya [guesswork from 系也]. Himari is nervous for this is wrong so wait a minute, he isn’t her boyfriend! What’s going on!! Then, she notices the stitch marks around his cheek. She realizes that he is the doll. He gently pats her head and says that he’ll go to section 1 first.
Yumeno finds Itoya sweet for doing that. Himari wonders if Yumeno couldn’t see the stitch marks. She puts her hand in her pocket and wonders if it isn’t the doll but no, he is definitely the doll she made. As Yumeno congratulates Himari, the other girls are laughing and asking if they saw that, is the boyfriend..

Himari thinks that the boyfriend she longed for, and indeed she wanted one..but what she wants is a handsome boyfriend!! Itoya would heavily walk towards her while calling out to her. He helps her carry the box she is holding. He would even carry her ala princess carry and worriedly ask if she quarreled with someone.

In class, Himari is totally exhausted. Yumeno praises Itoya for being a good person. Yumeno confides to Himari that before she got a boyfriend, she still didn’t feel it but right now, she sincerely felt that having him is really good. He understands all of her thinking that he would think of a way to make her wishes come true. It is very wonderful.

Looking at Yumeno, Himari thinks that Yumeno has changed for her face is brimming with happiness even if her boyfriend isn’t good looking. She mentally apologizes for she totally can’t stand it and at least, Itoya should become a bit thinner. Then, she realizes something.
In her room, Himari throws the doll on the floor and holds up a pair of scissors. She thinks that he should have already gone home now and right now is the opportunity.. She starts cutting the stitches. It makes her feel really uncomfortable but she must definitely make him handsome and this way, she can attain happiness. Snip. Snip.

The next day, someone asks Itoya if he lost weight. Thinner Itoya says that he went on a diet. Watching him from the side, Himari glumly thinks that he became a bit better but it is still not enough. Noticing her, Itoya calls out to her and says that they go home together but she turns away saying that she is meeting with her friend..

Yumeno notices this. So, Himari kept on trimming and repairing until there is nothing else to adjust with the doll. She made him tall. She made his head smaller. She put double eyelid for his eyes [to make them look bigger].

And every time, Itoya would invite her to go home together with him, she would keep on snubbing him. Yumeno has seen all this that she calls out to Himari during class dismissal. She asks Himari if she truly likes Itoya since he obviously wanted to get closer to her yet she always treated him coldly.
Himari denies it and says that she didn’t think.. Yumeno reprimands her that she treats her boyfriend quite awful and as the girlfriend, she should reflect a bit about her attitude. Wondering if it was necessary for Yumeno to criticize her like that, Himari asks why she is doing that when she isn’t at fault at all.

Yumeno protests that Itoya is the boyfriend whom she had a hard time getting so if he dumps her, she thinks that Himari will become very hurt. Himari asks on what basis but then, is Yumeno lecturing her just because she got a boyfriend earlier than her. “Are you looking down on me..?” Yumeno says that she isn’t.

Himari shouts that Yumeno’s boyfriend is a setback for he is totally not handsome at all, and she [Yumeno] also thinks that she [Yumeno] is really amazing just because she can properly go steady with him [her boyfriend]. Himari is surprised by what she blurted out. She quickly runs away.

And someone is standing outside the classroom [and seems to have overheard everything]. Himari thinks that she didn’t thought of saying it like that and it is all Yumeno’s fault for mentioning about that detestable thing..for no matter what is said, her boyfriend is a fake..!!
The school bell rings and some girls call out to Himari to come with them. Behind the school building, the girls tell her that what she told to Yumeno yesterday is quite mean that she is absent today. With folded arms, the girls say that they have something they want to tell her and that is, it is really bad to attack someone’s boyfriend with malicious talk and it definitely makes them angry.

“Do you understand that is someone’s boyfriend-” Himari thinks that it is here, so annoying to death this boyfriend this and boyfriend that. “Each one is showing that ‘soaked in happiness’ expression. Won’t it end? ..I, it is because of this character that I couldn’t get a real boyfriend. There is no one who would like me, an awful person who said that kind of malicious things to Yumeno.

...*the girls are surprised that Himari is teary-eyed* A person like me won’t be able to get a boyfriend throughout my life.” Then, they are surprised when a handsome boy calls out to Himari and asks what she is doing there. The girls ask what it is when it has nothing to do with boys. Patting Himari’s head, the boy says yes, since Yumeno is his girlfriend.
The girls are shock for it is Itoya who had become so handsome that this is cheating. After the girls left, Itoya asks if Himari is okay and is she injured. Pointing at him, Himari asks what happened to his face. Itoya says that he fixed himself up for her craftsmanship isn’t too good. Himari asks if he knew. Itoya says that he wants to make her like him a bit because he wanted to become the one whom she wished for.

“Because you are the person whom I like.” Surprised Himari blushes and recalls Yumeno telling her that her boyfriend understand what she is thinking and he would want to make her wish come true. Himari starts to cry and wonders if a person like her is okay for honestly, it is alright even if the person isn’t that remarkable or quite handsome, it is fine just for the other person to just be in one’s heart.

Itoya tells her that they go to Yumeno and properly apologize to her. She says okay. They hold hands and walk. Himari is quite happy until Itoya says, that’s right, before that.. Smiling Itoya holds up a pair of scissors. He says that he had accepted and made her wish come true so Himari should also respond to his wish. “Actually, I like a smaller nose and more slender eyes.”
Nervous over what he is saying, Himari asks if he is joking. Still smiling, he tells her that it is possible that is thanks to her, that this is caused by her mending of his head and made it small. In turn, his brain became better. Himari is aghast if it is caused by her casually modifying his head. Itoya says that it made good ideas emerge into his head.

Then, he shoves the scissors into scared Himari’s mouth and says, “Himari, we are going to become a pair of perfect lovers. *trembling Himari mutters about this being a dream* I love you.” Snip. And Himari can only remember Yumeno happily saying how baffling it is that he would think of ways to make her wish come true. There is a pool of blood on the ground with a pair of scissors.

Yomi narrates, “If from the start, the girl would wholeheartedly like him, perhaps, the ending won’t be the same. *holds the doll* But people are used to paying attention to external appearances. To be able to personally have a custom-made boyfriend should be a wonderful thing. Ah, ah, of course, during that time, no matter what kind of mistake happens, you would have to take responsibility for it. Then, horror classes will start once again.”
Quote of the day:
Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances. ~ Wayne W. Dyer


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  2. wowww! never thought it would end like that. i just start wondering, 'where is the horror part?'. gives me chill :s
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