June 30, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 72]

Narration: “—Haku Reishou is the young king who rules this land, the country of Hakuyou. Before ascending to the throne, he lead the army in achieving numerous exploits. After ascending to the throne, he had purged the corrupt central government. He was ruthless towards those who oppose him thus everyone who feared him had called him, ‘the Cold-hearted Wolf King’.

In this king’s harem, there exists just only one consort.” At Hakuyou’s harem, smiling Reishou asks smug looking Yuulin, “Then, what is it that you want to tell me, my beloved consort?” Holding her fan to her, Yuulin says, “Beloved king, actually..there is something that I want to ask of you.”

Reishou replies, “The beloved consort wants something? Anything is okay, you can go ahead and ask.” Yuulin says, “..then, *gives him a sharp look* The greeting this morning, please by all means, ‘have a bit of propriety’! *Lovey-dovey 1: Blushing Yuulin told him that it is almost time for him to go. Reishou says that work is detestable since it is forcing him to part from her.* During work, you’ll suddenly run back to the harem. Please ‘have a bit of propriety’ regarding that kind of behavior...
...*Lovey-dovey 2: Reishou is hugging Yuulin and says that he really wanted to see his beloved consort. Yuulin exclaims that he came back again!* And also, ..th-is and th-at.. *blushes really red* ..there are so many many others. *Reishou looking clueless* In short, there are lots and lots more so I bet of you, have a bit of propriety. Please act a bit normal! I’m very distressed about it!”

Amused Reishou says that he was wondering what she planned to tell him but in the end, it is about this. He touches her face and goes into wolf mode. He says, “We are a married couple, right. For me, there is no other more unbearable thing than not being able to be intimate with you. This endless yearning feeling..does it make you feel very perplexed?”

While her heart is beating fast, Yuulin trembles and blushes. Yuulin shouts, “I also like you the most, idiot--!! *This made Reishou beam with joy* But..but, because we are newlywed, this kind of sticking around is actually overdoing it--! Really--! It’s embarrassing to death!” Reishou goes, huh-?
Narration: “My name is Tei Yuulin. During the time when the ‘Wolf King’ is settling down the national affairs and in order to use marriage as a shield, I had been employed as a working consort. ..Fundamentally, it is like that but not so long ago, I’ve become a real consort and entered into the harem...

...For me who always considered this as an unattainable unrequited love, it should be an incomparable happy life, right.” Reishou pouts and says that even if she say that, but isn’t this almost the same as their acting married couple before. <- privately, he would expose his puppy mode. Yuulin shakes her head and says that it is way too extreme!!

Smiling Reishou says that’s right, he also asked Gen about the degree of intimacy between the king and the consort and he said that it is normal like this. Yuulin angrily says that person is also not a bit objective and he is absolutely a liar. As puppy Reishou hugs rabbit Yuulin tight, he says that she is so decent [/serious] ha ha.
Narration: “After starting a newlywed life with this king who has a dual personality of being wolf and puppy, I had found out that my husband is quite troublesome.” Yuulin shouts it’s wrong and he started being all sticky with her again! Jumping away from him, Yuulin shouts, “In short! Right now, I have to start my consort studies! It is no good for you to hinder me! Don’t come over!”

And, Yuulin leaves as Reishou tries to call her. Yuulin thinks that from ‘working’ to ‘real’, for her to continue living here, there are still so many things that she has to learn by heart. “First, I have to finish Li Jun-san’s prepared special consort training menu, otherwise, I have no way of becoming a qualified consort!

...*Jun is laughing and says that it would give one a headache if she cannot do this kind of level [of studies]!* Because it is no good for a newlywed to be weakly ordered around by others! [/be manipulated/left into the mercy of others]”
At the king’s office, Jun calls out to chuckling Reishou to please do not always go and find the princess consort for he should also consider a bit the balance of work. Reishou says that today, she escaped but she fled sideways. “It is truly so cute. She’s so cute to the point that I also don’t want others to see [her].”

Jun darkly tells him that no one wants to see that kind of rare [/strange] consort. Jun sighs for he had already given up. He says that it is alright to be happy but please maintain it, for it not to, influence the internal government affairs. Reishou says that he is really a nonconforming person. Jun tells him to go find someone else if he wants conformity.

“Next, there are so many reports regarding the neighboring countries’ foreign affairs.” And among some trees, a cat-looking ninja looks at a building and says, “Hakuyou’s imperial palace.” He hopes around the branches towards the palace.

Back in the office, Reishou looks at a paper and asks if the country of Enha [炎波] is still in chaos. Jun tells him that it seems that the nobility are still quarreling about the partner [/mate] of the king’s heir. Reishou says that kind of power struggle happens everywhere and besides, it is still having some conflict with the border’s minority group.
Jun asks if there is a plan to do a bit of SOMETHING about it? Reishou says no, it isn’t necessary since it is still considered a bit quiet if each country is quarreling nonstop within itself. “Just don’t forget to report, and it is fine.” Jun says yes. Reishou continues to say, “Right now, the utmost priority and necessity is peace [/stability] in this place.”

While walking with her court ladies, Yuulin thinks that she read the books to the point of her brain is going to explode. She decides to rest a bit until Reishou comes back. After the court ladies withdraw, Yuulin thinks that the requirements isn’t the same when she was just working before since she is studying the whole day..

“If I want to stay at His Majesty’s side, I must learn so many things.. *clenches fist* -ya, * full of energy* I’m going to review tonight.” Then, a pointy black cloth is moving behind the bushes. Yuulin wonders what is that shadow in the bushes. “Is it an animal?” Dai suddenly goes in front of her.

Holding his kunai, Dai tells her to go behind the pillar now. Yuulin exclaims in surprise when Dai throws his kunai towards the black shadow behind the bushes. Cat ninja comes out and he is wielding long [ninja] claws. Dai asks what is this, the intruder is also too small. “If you hang around this place, you might encounter something scary, okay--?”
Cat ninja attacks and Dai blocks them. As Yuulin hurries to retreat inside, the two spies are surprised when Reishou wields his sword and slashes at cat ninja who managed to evade. While cat ninja is aghast, wolf Reishou glares at him and says, “I don’t know from where you came from, beast but this isn’t some place that you can carelessly wander into.”

That freaked out the cat ninja that he quickly makes his escape. Reishou calls out to Dai who says yes. After Dai chases after the intruder, Yuulin is quietly watching behind. When Reishou turns to her and asks she is alright, she hurries towards him and says yes. Just when she is going to ask what’s with that, she loses her balance.

This made Reishou worriedly ask if she is injured. Blushing Yuulin says no, just now, she was in a hurry to hide that she ended up spraining herself a bit.. <- she was hurriedly looking for a pillar when she twisted her foot. To her shock, Reishou carries her [ala princess carry] and shouts for someone to quickly call the royal physician.
As the court ladies worriedly go to Yuulin, aghast Yuulin insists that she is alright and tells him to quickly put her down for it is so embarrassing. Later on, Yuulin’s left foot is bandaged. She says that it is really alright..and speaking of that, about that [cat ninja] is he spy probing into the princess consort.

Yuulin had a chill upon seeing Reishou’s serious expression. She thinks that he’s angry and he’s thinking that at one time, in order for her to avoid danger, he has given up on her. “But, right now for him, that decision to make me stay at the harem is quite heavy.” She touches his finger and says, “Your Majesty, I understand everything. *holds his hand tightly* and, I choose to stay in this place.”

She looks at surprised Reishou. He says, ah, yes. Then, they hug each other. Narration: “Danger. Happiness. It is essential for me to live in this place in order to protect him. It is a definite necessity.” Then, she calls out to him. Putting her hands on his lips, she tells him to wait, why is he overwhelming her and from here on, it should be meal time.

Reishou says that it makes no difference if they are a bit late. Yuulin says no. Reishou says that he thinks that no one will complain and he is a newlywed king. Holding her hands to express ‘stop’, she tells him that the problem isn’t about no one having complaints but rather, it will cause trouble for the people who prepared [the food].
Going into moe [/cute] puppy mode, Reishou asks if this is also no good. Yuulin insists that no is no. Disappointed Reishou says that she is really too serious when obviously, they are newlywed.. Yuulin exclaims that she is very normal- “Obviously, it is Your Majesty who acted way too seriously during the ‘pretend to dote on’ act so how about a bit of propriety! Really--”

Reishou replies, “..sorry, Yuulin. It is just that I have no way of acting appropriately when it is related to loving you.” Sweatdropping Yuulin is speechless. Narration: “..[as] a consort under training, a mysterious spy, new life has already unveiled. And in the end, the most troublesome of them all, is the ‘wolf and also puppy’ husband. ...I feel very uneasy about the future.”

While Reishou happily hums while carrying embarrassed Yuulin, she groans for it is really over because she has no way of resisting him when he basically doesn’t intend to listen.. <- it is inevitable that he’ll carry her away.

By the woods, Dai clicks his tongue for he lost the cat ninja since his movement is very fast. Hiding at some bushes, the cat ninja is trembling in fear as he kept on muttering, “Big bad wolf, so scary. Big bad wolf, so scary.”
Comment: And the married arc starts and so far so good ^^ They are really acting like one especially Reishou who gets Gen’s support. In a way, I guess Gen is in charge of the king’s love affairs or perhaps, a love adviser =P Obviously, Yuulin is uncomfortable with the public display of affection by her lovesick husband.

Unfortunately for her, she pretty much melts when he throws in those beautiful lines. =P She can resist a bit but in the end, it is futile. It is nice that she is studying hard to ‘get promoted’ to become queen. I’m really hoping that she’ll become more competent and very helpful to Reishou like what she did in the previous arcs.

And perhaps, get the others’ approval and turn a blind eye on her background and lineage. I’m thinking that Jun is really like some ‘mother-in-law’ who wants to teach the ‘daughter-in-law’ this and that to prove herself worthy for the ‘son’. =P

So, we are now going to foreign affairs starting from that report and the new character. Based on the report, I think that the cat ninja is from Enha who wanted to check out Hakuyou’s consort since they are having problems with their own. I think the possibility of him being from the minority group of Enha seem low because I don’t think they have spies like that.

Apparently here, spies are ‘ninja-s’ and they are cute ^^ I wonder if he’ll continue on having that trauma with Reishou later on, and he can probably hang around with Suigetsu since they have the same intense fear =P I’m not sure if he would dare face Reishou again after that threat.

Anyway, that reassurance scene is really nice. I like how Yuulin can pretty much read his thoughts and said those words that he wanted to hear at that time. ^^ Ah, married life can be a bit difficult with a ‘mischievous’ husband-king. Scans by 狼花嫁吧合作

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