July 5, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 108]

Looking at the sealed door, Yun wonders what he should do.. Then, he notices that there is a mechanism at the neck area of the stone statue. It must be because it is broken so the entrance closed on its own. He is nervous for he heard a sound over there though possibly, it is his imagination. He wipes his tears and decided to pull himself together as the genius bishounen. He heads into the forest. Yona wakes up and finds herself in darkness. Someone calls out to her. It is Shina. She goes to him and says that she has been looking for him. Shina warns her not to go here since it is very dangerous. He explains that there are intensely resentful spirits here who are attacking everyone. Right now, he cannot control his own body that Zeno also used his ability. Yona asks what is making him unable to budge [/fight back]. He tells her that it is the past Blue Dragons..that person conveyed it to him. A long time ago, this place was Blue Dragon’s village. One day, they were raided by bandits. At that time, the villagers took the baby Blue Dragon and ran off. The predecessor Blue Dragon is used as bait as he will seal them inside this place. So, he and bandits fought and got injured. They were also unable to get out from this place. And right now, that person is inside his body.
Yona asks if he is telling her about that person because he felt distressed about that person’s circumstance. Shina didn’t reply. She tells him to let her go and if he is the one who made her fall asleep. Shina says no [he won’t]. She tells him that she is going to see [/get] him no matter how many times [it takes]. Shina seems to be on the verge of tears as he bit his lips. Yona hugs him and says that it is alright. No matter what he does, she and everyone’s hearts won’t waver. “Let’s go back together, Shina.” And Yona wakes up again with Ao on her shoulder. She thinks that it is pitch black so is she dreaming again. No, this is.. She starts calling out to Haku and asks where he is.. Then, she notices that he held her hand. She happily calls out his name. Haku asks if she is awake. Yona asks how come she cannot see anything. He apologizes for the fire had died out and in the end, he doesn’t know where they should go so right now, he is thinking what should be done.. She asks if he is hurt anywhere because his voice sounded in pain. Haku says that he is okay.. To his surprise, Yona holds his face and says that he’s lying for even if she cannot see his face, she also clearly knows of his situation since his body is ice-cold and his breathing is in disarray.
She tells him that Shina said that there are intensely resentful spirits attacking them. Haku asks what is that..it is just that his body is a bit heavy, that’s all.. Then, he groans. He is surprised again when Yona puts his head to her bosom. She tells him she won’t let him go [/leave] whether it is because of some ghosts or other things, she absolutely won’t. Haku asks if this is a dream. Yona tells him to get a grip of himself. Haku says no, he is thinking if he is dreaming of some shameless spring dream. She starts slapping his head and tells him to quickly wake up. After Haku stands up, Yona asks if he can move. Feeling ill, Haku says that it generally feels that his body is very heavy. He angrily says that at a crucial moment, he couldn’t see her face clearly which put him in a bad mood, and it made his will to live suddenly surge up. Yona says that is indeed the vigor [that he ought to have]. With the spirits behind them, it was mentioned that actually, he was already possessed [a while ago so he didn’t see her face?]. Haku says that it is pitch black so where should they go. Ao is running ahead so Yona who is supporting Haku says that it seems Ao can smell Shina’s scent. Haku comments that it is more outstanding than White Snake. Yona is determined to go there, and return with Shina.
Meanwhile, Kija says that Zeno and Shina’s aura is very near. Feeling ill Jeha wonders what’s up with this place and this heavy air..it is very painful as if his insides is being cut. It is like he is simply a prey being played on the palm of some unseen beast. And, he collapses in pain that Kija turns around and calls out to him. Nearby, Zeno and Blue dragon had noticed this. Blue Dragon says that they are already near but then, it seems that the Green Dragon is at his limit. While Blue dragon turns to leave, Zeno starts humming that ‘You push. I push back. The one who cries is the loser.’ Then, he charges at Blue dragon and causes him to fall. Sitting on top of Blue dragon, Zeno says that this is a bit rude. He takes Blue Dragon’s sword and cut himself free from the ropes. After Zeno says that he is free, Blue dragon asks what he plans to do, use the sword to cut him down. Zeno says that he won’t do that kind of thing. Blue dragon says that is true for in the end, it is this guy who’ll get injured. Zeno says that is one reason but for him, all of the dragons are Green, White and Blue’s children so he seriously love them tenderly.
One two and three, Zeno chops his arm. While Blue dragon is surprised by that, Zeno says that Jeha is already in danger and there is not much lit candles left in this room. Even if this is quite unsightly, he can only force a breakthrough. Blue dragon is surprised to see Zeno’s chopped arm become covered with dragon scales. Zeno shouts the obligatory ‘yiiahh’ and punches a hole through the wall behind Kija. They call out to each other. Zeno calls for Kija to come over and if Jeha is still alive. Jeha groans and says that he is still alive. Just when Blue dragon calls out that his power is actually.. Kija goes in front of him and puts his hand over Blue dragon’s head. Kija darkly tells him to give back his younger brother. Unfazed Blue dragon scoffs this off as if they are playing some brothers family game. That makes him laugh to death. Kija says that if he is looking for someone to possess then go to him for he doesn’t care since he can carry his [Blue dragon] everything. Blue dragon says that he is no good for the First White dragon’s protection in his body is too strong. Blue dragon manages to grab back his sword and swings it at Kija. The face-off was interrupted by Ao who jumps to Blue dragon. Blue dragon shouts that this squirrel is annoying to death. He tosses it away and says that it is a hindrance.
Someone calls out to Shina. It is [exorcist] Yona. Blue dragon is stunned. Kija is worriedly saying that she suddenly came to this place. She apologizes for coming late and here, this is Yun’s onigiri for him. Puzzled by it, Kija thanks her anyway. She looks at Blue dragon and approaches him. Blue dragon becomes tense and asks what’s with her. He finds himself crying. He asks if she is some divine being. She says that she is only human, a human whom he has no power to resist whether he uses power or body possession. Blue dragon asks why his legs are trembling, tears are continuously falling and he is terrified that he cannot approach her. Yona hugs him and says that she has heard from Shina who told her about him. He tells her that it is so scary.. *scene of him facing the bandits underneath* ..since he was young, he has been considered a taboo and was loathed by others. They used him as a bait when he isn’t used to fighting. Always until he withered and died, he was always locked in the darkness that he can only curse everything. His comrades are only the spirits staying in this place. Yona says that no wonder Shina temporarily lent his body to him even if he is totally pained over how he caused trouble for Zeno and the others.
Surprised Blue dragon asks if the body was deliberately given to him. Yona tells him that Shina is a very nice person and if Shina allows him, there is no harm for him to stay inside. But, it wasn’t easy for Shina to come out from the darkness and see the sky so if he calms down, give the body back to Shina. Blue dragon calms down and says that it is enough, he actually always know that no matter how he struggled, he already cannot go back to his time. He asks why he has this feeling as if he had been always waiting for her for such a long time.. After he left, Shina calls out to Yona and says that he’s back. Kija is delighted that he is back. Haku and Jeha felt that their body became lighter. Zeno says that for the aged, this is truly a waste of energy. Shina apologizes to everyone. Kija tells him not to mind as long as he is fine. Then, Shina realizes something. He covers his face and looks around. Haku says that if he is searching for the mask, it is left outside. Yona asks if he must have it. As Ao climbs on his shoulder, Shina says there’s no need but it is a relic that makes him feel at ease when he wears it. Yona says is that so.
Yona says that they should go back. Haku says that the entrance is sealed. Holding up his hand, Kija tells them to leave it up to him. Then, it became totally dark. Zeno says that the candles have all burned out. Haku says that the fire is already no good. Jeha says that in the end, everyone will be family with the bones in this place. Yona says that is quite a headache. Shina tells them that it is alright, he can see so everyone, grab on to him. Everyone clings on him though Jeha is taking the opportunity to hold Yona so Haku is pulling Jeha’s ear. Shina corrects himself and says that they line up. Yona says that Shina is truly reliable. Shina tells them that their heads might bump here so avoid.. Kija bumps it. Jeha is teasing Kija for being the first [to bump] then he also bumps it. Zeno laughs and calls the two idiots and he also bumps it. Haku tells the three that is enough.
Then, they hear someone shouting. They wonder if it is a ghost or something. It is coming from over there. It is Yun who shouts that he finally found them stupid rare beasts, idiots, they’re slow to death, idiots don’t cause him trouble and it is troublesome to death. Yona asks how he managed to go here. Yun says that he heard some noise from afar so he went to investigate it and in the end, he found another entrance. He complains about it being dark, alone and the onigiri he brought has gotten cold. They all call him mother. He shouts that he doesn’t recall giving birth to them. Yona apologizes to flustered Yun. Kija apologizes to Yun and says that he’ll enjoy the onigiri using his moved heart. Haku asks where the other entrance is. As Yun leads them away, Shina notices a skull. He holds it up to his head and asks it to please, rest in peace. They call out to Shina so he goes to where the others are. And a bit of glowing light is shown near the skull with a mask beside it.
Comment: And, that ends the usual ‘Yona and dragons bonding’ comedy arc and hopefully, the next arc will go back to the main plot. Since this is a light-hearted arc, I guess I shouldn’t have expected more out of it since I think that the ‘exorcism’ is way too easy since it is done by persuasion/talk-no-jutsu from Naruto. =P For an intensely resentful spirit, Blue dragon is too lame. It would be interesting if he realized who Yona is. It would be interesting if he would shout and complain why Hiryuu came only at this time. Why is Shina the one ‘chosen’ and not him? What was his purpose, after all? It would be interesting if Yona gave him some answer about those questions so that we can find out what she wants to do in this lifetime. Perhaps, it is some better answer than what she told the Blue dragon instead of just easily giving up just because it is Shina’s body and his time had passed. Through possession, he can actually ‘live’ again. How about possessing some other animal so that we will have two mascots? =P

In a way, I would want an answer that would make him really rest in peace or at least give him comfort for his suffering instead of saying things that is totally unrelated to him which is, Shina is this and that. ^^; Oh well..the intention is to keep this short and funny so... And, I thought Yun is going to fix that dragon head instead of finding some other entrance. ^^; It turns out that Zeno can do things if he really wants to. Someone give this guy something to hack himself with when needed instead of depending on the enemies and/or their weapons to activate his power. =P Oh ya, even if because of his predecessors/first dragons are protecting him from being possessed, I think the other spirits most likely do not affect him because of his ‘purity’. Aside from Jeha who might still have some hang-ups with his past, they have also affected Haku. Is it because these two have some ‘darkness’? Those not affected are Yona, Zeno and Kija. Not sure about Shina since he was already possessed. Not sure with Yun either. Hehe, not that any of this is important at all to the story. ^^; Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. I think Blue Dragon also recognized Yona being the reincarnation of Hiryuu. Which was also why he was deeply moved by her. And that was also so kind of Shina to be sad for Blue Dragon and in the end letting him possess his body.

    In the end, that was an enjoyable arc. I am now looking forward to the main plot/story. Thanks for the summary, Kat. Good job!

    1. Btw, the scene of Haku and Yona where Haku was thinking whether he was dreaming is very funny. Does it mean that he always dreams of that situation? Hehe ^^

    2. Quennie, he probably did..unconsciously..but he doesn't seem to exactly know why.

      True..and luckily, Blue dragon didn't cause that much havoc on the others or he'll regret doing that. In a way, I'm thinking it is because Yona doesn't have a specific goal, he isn't necessary or whatever, that Shina thought that it is okay to just 'give away' his body to any tragic BD person. ^^;;

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hehe..possible..or he really cannot believe that this is happening =P

    3. Aw. Poor Shina. If what your saying is really the reason why he let BD possess his body, that would be so sad. Maybe he isn't necessary now, but Yona will eventually need her in the future. Also, he is already loved by the other dragons, Yona, Haku and Yoon so he should not feel that way. He's like the youngest of all the brothers ^^ It's like they are one happy family (with Yoon as the mother, of course. Hahahaha)

      Well, I think the romance between Haku and Yona is still in the far future. But these scenes of unrequited love of Haku are really cute. These add fun while reading ^^

    4. Oh, and lastly. What do you think of that time where Shina and Yona talked? Is there some kind of time-space warp for the dragons and Hiryuu to talk with each other? Or was it just a dream?

      Hmm, or maybe it's just for the sake of this arc? Just curious though. Hehe. Thanks, Kat ^^

    5. True, perhaps in the future, Quennie. I'm just thinking that Shina should value himself more rather than just letting some tragic BD/person possess his body just because he feels sad/sorry for a dead guy. Thankfully, they got his body back easily. ^^

      True..I would be more at ease if there is no more hairpin scenes =P

      I think it is a dream. Yona did mention that Shina made her sleep so, it is for him to tell her what is going on. I recall that before, there is also the time when Yona 'meets' the other dragons in a dream. Sorry, I forgot what chapter. ^^;

  2. Yes, I agree, it was way too easy to persuade the blue dragon spirit to leave Shin Ah.
    But, I guess, the purpose is served. This chapter was heart warming.
    Thank you for translating and summarising! This warmed my heart as well!

    1. True, Apurva.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. Thanks for the summary kat ^^
    What can I say except that I agree with all what you said in your comment ,the only difference is that I honeslty didn’t excpect much from this arc .I mean yeah I was joking about the exorism thing when you first mentioned but look the cruel fate /life of the dragons was shown earlier in the story a little bit in WD village and most of it in the BD village and with GD flashback .All their suffering was yeah because they waited for hiryuu who didn’t come but let’s be honest the reason why they suffered was because of kouka .Yet despite feeling sorry for them yona has never really deeply thought about their fate .If she had the goal of making it up to all the harm kouka has done to the dragons then it would be good ,because her being hiryuu 2.0 would have some meaning .Are the dragons forced to be born and reborn just to wait for hiryuu and here he is well she is and you would think that as hiryuu 2.0 she would want to fight to change their fate to make sure they suffer no more (zeno even hoped she would do that) but nope instead she just wander around the kingdom and i guess except for SW she can’t thing deeply about anyone else .
    And yeah what make it worse is that she herself now knows she is hiryuu 2.0 and thus she knows that all of these poor dragons were waiting for her and lived an empty and miserable life because of her yet no she doesn’t think of it at all .And truth to be told if she just now out of the blue decided it was her goal to care for the dragons i wouldn’t be pleased because it should’ve been obvious 80+ chapters ago ,so yeah it would feel really random .
    Another thing that make it even worse ,is that the dragons think she is their savior .When vengful BD said is she a divine being I almost puked and i also laughed really hard because in the past i told you that’s how the guys see her and you told me no and here it is,I mean i saw the raw before reading the summary and when yona came in i facepalmed with both my hands because i knew without understanding what was written .The way yona came in was supposed to be majestic and the way BD reacted was supposed to make it seem as if he just met someone who came straight from heaven and it is indeed the case and that’s so lammmmmmmmmmme .I mean let’s go back to VK ,for it’s faults the manga never made yuki look like she was some sort of amazing being that is far above the others i mean zero and kaname liked her because she brought them warmth and stuff like that ,she never got any type of hype in fact all the characters admitted that for a pureblood she had no charisma and she lacked the combat skills of her kind and wasn’t considered to be very intelligent .In AnY i can’t believe the amount of fanboyism/fangirlism she gets from the fans and the characters ,and honetly i don’t even understand why ? The way they try to force this bond between dragons and yona and her being the light of the world make me want to puke i will be honest because it’s forced to the point of being lame .

    1. In this chapter ,i didn’t want to mention it but you did this was so naruto –ish the talk no jutsu she gave BD .What I mean is that naruto in the whole series he was just a dumb and stubborn kid who really didn’t knew the world or understand how it worked yet he usually gave speeches about peace and blah blah blah and when villain asked questions he obviously couldn’t answer he picked the easy way by saying i will never give up ,it ‘s my ninja way all the boring blah blah .It’s the same thing with yona what the hell shinah is kind has anything to do with his suffering ?The BD after all what he went through was pretty lame the way he was dealt with was beyond lame .You would think this time yona would struggle and try to think deeply about something other than SW related stuff but no .It’s lame and it’s really too bad .And yona may be less spoiled but she doesn’t understand how the world work or what true suffering is ,so whatever speech or glare she give others to me it’s just meh .

      Also ,i don’t like how they try to force the dragons +yona bond thing and leave out hak and yun .It’s unfair and kind of lame since most of their feelings are somehow fake since even if yona was her former self they would still love her because their blood say so but either way i don’t like it .It’s something we don’t get in OP where they are devoted to luffy and luffy is devoted to them but everybody is devoted to one another as well and you feel a great unity unlike the way things are in AnY .
      Also ,i really don’t see the point of this filler arc ? not that i see the point of the other arcs but this one is really a filler arc ,did the author wrote this one because she was thinking about what to do in the main story ?
      Yeah another thing i hated it about this chapter why the hell was it yona that had to talk some sense into the BD ? i mean don’t you think someone like GD or zeno would be better for this ,since they are the ones who did suffer because of their dragon power yet of course it had to be yona the one who can’t relate the least to him or to suffering in general because she is the lead and who cares about the other characters .I guess it ‘s another poor attempt to make yona shine by throwing to the side the other characters .
      About zeno ,I agree about what you said ,but to me that’s not the main issue with his character .Like I told Holly what’s the point of him being 2000+years old ? I know that he probably want yona to make her own choices but come on kat it’s very annoying how he behave like a teen when he should be the voice of reason in the group ,he should give advise and be a source of wisdom ,he should be the one to guide yona in her path but instead he is just their for comedy and now just like everybody else he is a mere fanboy and that’s sad .
      About why Hak and GD were the only one being affected i think you are right it’s because they have « darkness » in their heart while the other are pure and naive .I think it wouldn’t work on BD either way because the dude is very pure .On zeno i think it’s not because he is pure but because of his age on yun it wouldn’t work because he is also very pure and naive .
      Again I think this arc is very meh and i do not see what’s the point of it .I don’t care about BD ,i think he looks pretty but i couldn’t care less about a dude who never talks .It would’ve been nice if this mini filler arc was about hak but that’s too bad .And yeah the moment with yun was funny ,the hug scene where hak pulled GD’s ear was funny as well and the moment where yona was slapping hak’s head and his thoughts at the act was also very funny but overall very meh arc .

    2. By the way 7sins are out so spoilers alert^^

      It seems like meliodas ' trial wasn't to control his emotions like we thought but rather to get rid of them in order not to go nuts and destroy everything because he is that powerful and i may not like him but i can't wait to see him go all out

      I thought that he is past with liz was cute and touching and the romance was actual romance ,i mean unlike elizabeth where i feel like it's forced and it happened all too quickly with liz they really felt like a nice couple and they had quite a dynamic and unlike elizabeth ,liz actually knocked some sense into meliodas when he was being too much of a perv so yeah i've no problem with meliodasxliz even if we saw little of them i kind of like the pairing .

      It was also suprising seeing meliodas make all those faces that he never made in the series so far ,I guess it does show how deep his bond with liz was .I mean after all these years he still didn't get over hear death and even when knowing it's all an illusion he still does go nuts just by seeing her dad .I also liked the art when it was showing meliodas being overwhelmed with rage .

      It seems like I was right about the sins actually being fit for their "sins" i mean yeah they were framed but in some way or another they do stand for the sin they represent .Meliodas even if he went nuts because liz died and he destroyed danfor as a result of his fight with the demon who killed liz ,he obviously killed a lot of people by simply going into rage mode and releasing his power so I guess we know why he blame himself a lot for what happened not only did he not protect liz but he also killed alot of others oeople he loved as well .

      About the demon we saw that he looked like a beast and even when they were released from the seal the way they looked was not human like so i'm thinking that maybe this isn't meliodas real form what do you think ?

      Also ,when we saw the kingdom being destroyed it looked like dragons were attacking ,so did the demon bring them along does it mean that they are like servants of the demons or something like that ?

      I don't really care about elizabeth ,she will be a healer whatever as long as we don't get too much drama revolving around her i'm okay .

      I'm glad to see that hendy+the boys are with the druids to train and the other as well will train there that's what i wanted
      I mean since they all have the same purpose they should train together and depart together to face off against the demons .I didn't want to follow hendy and co then the sins +co then ban then the demons it would be simple and nice if it's demons on one hand and good guys on the other .Now the only one left is ban i just hope that he went to look for his weapons and maybe meet up with escanor and join the sins .Because if he is still there looking at elaine i will face palm so hard ,the dude is my favorite character but it will be really lame if he is still there or still looking for a mean to revive her .

      I loved the chapters ,they were simple but nice .About meliodas he probably can't control his emtions yet if elizabeth were to be put in danger he would probably lose his mind again ,i don't know if i stated before but i think meliodas is so protective of elizabeth because he failed to protect liz and doesn't want to make the same mistake twice .

    3. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      I also don't expect much from the arc but was just kind of mentioning it so that there would be more 'meaning' to the arc rather than using that tragic BD just for some bonding time, comedy, and for Yona to 'shine'?

      Hm..'because of Kouka'..in what way? It is their own tribe that seemed to made them suffer. They are actually 'secretive' that no one knows about them and thought that story is a 'myth'. The first dragons did 'cut off ties' from Kouka, did they not? I would put the blame more on the dragon curse and indirectly at Hiryuu/the god dragon on why they have to endure all that suffering from generation to the next until the present. Based on what Zeno and the others said/feel, yes, it is because they are waiting for Hiryuu. Of course, until now, there is no clear purpose for it coming from Yona.

      It is because she is Hiryuu 2.0...and I guess all of that is directed at that rather than Yona, herself? How's that for an explanation? =P They must be seeing thing..though probably more convincing if we see some reddish dragon/Hiryuu behind her.

      Hm..didn't realize that kind of similarity with Naruto ^^; True..I was hoping for something more about that..or something more convincing..

      Oh, you noticed that. I was thinking how convenient that Haku wasn't there. Ah, would it be comedy if Haku saw that and would smack Shina's head for getting that head on bosom thing, too? =P

      Well, it's the blood..she's Hiryuu..and I get what you mean. Basically, it is a 'short cut' for them to be devoted to her without a need for her to do much nor really deserve it. =P

      Yup, it is a 'filler arc' in between the main plot arc. It is actually longer than usual I think and that is possible. It did cross my mind just like when she was in the Zeno flashback arc.

      Because Yona is Hiryuu who can 'make BD calm down'. Corny as it is but it seems to be the intention. I'm not convince that Yona actually talked sense into BD. ^^; He probably won't listen to the others..but then, Zeno didn't exactly try to talk him out of it, either. ^^;;

      Ah..ya, he's for comedy..probably, he's easy going and stayed that way after nth thousand years. It is like how I though about Kaname...geez, you're the ancestor supposedly old and experienced..how come you are acting like some lovesick teen most of the time? Of course, he might have the excuse that he is in the body of a 'teenager'. Probably Zeno doesn't want to be a spoilsport/be the adult in the group ^^;

      For me, I guess it is good for comedy but if one expects more from it plotwise...don't.

    4. It is strange for druids who are all knowing and everything to actually believe that one can get rid of such emotions instead of at least, controlling. Are they underestimating Meliodas love for Liz?

      I agree..I also felt the romance there even if there are only a few scenes.

      Yup..in a way, it is good that they are their 'sins' and they are also in someway framed for the said 'sins' but in a different way. I mean, it would be strange that the title is 7 sins when it is only just something that was 'framed on them', right?

      If a fairy has another form then sure why not, Meliodas. It would be interesting how the others would react though to his true form if he has one.

      Possible that they brought along the dragons/servant of dragons. I'm not sure how much the mangaka is basing it on theology since I heard that dragons = demons = Satan, etc. Still, this is fantasy so cannot say for sure. There was a mention of wolfmen...is that the same battle?

      True..it can be confusing/frustrating if the scene keep jumping around especially on a climax. Do you think we will have a training/how they actually train arc..or a few chapters about it? Like show us what's in that cave? Hm..I think that it would be more on Elaine though he'll probably do that with some idea about defeating/killing Meliodas to revive her. I mean, he would want to become stronger etc for that purpose.

      Possible and about her being the 'reincarnation'.

    5. Honestly aren’t all the arcs about forced bonding time ,comedy and the usual forced yona is badass moments +SW drama ,so in my mind this is just the usual T_T
      Well ,I can’t argue with the fact that most of the blame is on the dragons gods and the villages who persecuted them from birth but let’s not forget that they reasons why the first dragons left was because their power became a source of conflict .It was stated I believe by zeno that others started to fear them (i believe he meant kouka) and lust after their power that’s why they left the castle kouka i believe does have a part in the tragedy of the dragons even though most of the blame is on the gods and villages .
      Ya and don’t you feel that it’s lame/sad on yona’s part that like i said even after seeing their suffering and knowing she is hiryuu 2.0 she doesn’t take it upon herself to do something about this dragon tragedy don’t ask me what i don’t know ,but she could ask the priest for adivse do something about it at least think about it but i guess that’s asking for too much .
      That has to be something like that ,that even when she is far from great they see her as a gift that was sent from heaven.That’s why i’m saying whatever bond they try to show between yona and the dragons most of it is fake since they would love her even if she was her awful ,i’ve no doubt about that but it’s really annoying me how she gets all type of hype when she really doesn’t deserve most of it .
      Well ,I thought of this similarity with naruto since a long time ago but i kept it for myself ,i don’t want to talk about naruto but yeah both are naive young kids who didn’t really experience the world yet they gave speeches as if they have lived a long life full of sorrow and they have as a result great deal of wisedom to give such speeches when in fact this was the furthest thing from the truth .Both never had an actual to the suffering around the them or to the big question of their age .For example when naruto faced nagato who was talking about peace and how the weak gets destroyed in wars and blah blah blah what did naruto answer I will never give up ,can you tell me what this has anything to do with the issue at hand ? And saddest part is that this one line is enough to convince everybody even those who spent all their lives ,living and working for their ideal .The dude never gave an actual answer ,or at least thought about it in a deep and logical way .
      Same thing for yona did she ever gave a real deep answer to the suffering she saw regarding the dragons or the villages .Nope what she did is my dad was lame i’m gonna do charity work to fix that and that’s it .And of course if naruto had his « never give up « answer always ready to win against the villains yona has her fiery glare …FACEPALM .Honestly i can see really great similarities between the two and that’s even more scary than AnY being like VK .
      So the talk no jutsu in this chapter did make me feel moved or anything at all ,maybe if it was done By let’s GD ,i would feel something because his words would come from experience and they would actually have some weight unlike with yona where it is just TNJ and forced bonding moment by the way the dream thing at the start was supppppper lame .

    6. Nah ,he doesn’t mind if it’s BD ,yun or zeno .He only smack GD when he flirt with yona and white i guess but he is too shy for that .
      Ya that’s my problem it’s like their devotion to her is taken for granted while she has never done anything to deserve such fanboyism .
      Yup you said yourself it’s corny and it’s really lame that it happened because she is yona and because she is hiryuu and not for an actual logical reason .Yup you would think that in such situations it would time for his « wisedom » to shine but nope let’s wait for heavenly yona to come in and solve the thing ,btw i can’t get over how she came into the cave where they were ,honeslty the author couldn’t get any more obivous in trying to make yona look divine and heavenly and i really don’t like that
      I agree and that’s one of the main reason why I hate kaname but at least when the time called for i the was pretty cool .It maybe the reason and like i said he probably want yona to make her own choices but still do you see any point of him being 2000 years ago because i really don’t ,it would’ve been much better if YD was a girl who was into hak i bet that would added more to the plot cause to me zeno is pointless as a character .
      True ,if you expect comedy then it’s okay but do expect anything serious or deep and you are in for a rude awakening .

    7. Nope based on what black elder girl said she doesn’t underestimate his love for her ,she knows that she is the one who love the most and she means everything to him to the point where he still didn’t accept her death .But I would say that they are well aware of meliodas ‘ destructive power ,that if he loses control chaos and death are sure to follow so they want to avoid that at all cost .I don’t think it’s too far fetched what they asked of him since he is very emotional person and he is also an elite demon so yeah combine these two together and you will get a massacre .

      Yup ,it was short but well done and if we got more background on liz and even meliodas about how he was in his demon days I’m sure this would’ve been quite emotional but still it was pretty good and again even if we saw little of liz i like her better than elizabeth too bad she isn’t the lead and meliodas ‘ past romance is so much better than his current on ,which feels more like a childlish crush

      True ,if that was the case there would be no point in the manga’s title and the series as a whole .
      Ya ,elizabeth would probably be like i would love you even if you were an ugly monster and the others would accept it i guess .If i recall correclty at some point when elizabeth’s sis kidnapped her and meliodas took her back there was a scene where meliodas ‘ shadow was that of a monster almost like the demon who killed liz ,so i guess in reality he looks like that .Just like the knights who drank demon blood and turned into monsters we can assume actual demons look like that .
      Maybe I mean aren’t the druids kind of servants of the godessess ? So the demon clan who is as powerful probably has servants as well and maybe among those servants are dragons .Why not maybe she use it as a basis . Nope liz said it was a mission in the flashback so i doubt it was the day of Danfor ‘s destruction .
      It makes me feel annoyed like when the truth « killed » everybody and we switched back to hendy it was really annoying so i’m hoping that we will soon get all the good guys together so it make it easier to follow and i enjoy the story more that way .I really hope we don’t spend chapters on them training ,i hate training arcs .Not only is it boring but it also make the future fights look very meh if we know what their power up are before the fighting even start .Either way i hope they keep this training arc short .Well sadly i also think he is still looking for a mean to revive elaine but i’m sure he gave up on killing meliodas and is looking for another way .Still I hope that maybe he meet up with escanor and they join the others because like i said before if the demons wreck the kingdom and they all die reviving her will be the last of his concern .

    8. Hehe, not really. The comedy is more evident on these type of arcs. For example, they got White then bonding with White like know he fears insects, got Blue then he got his name, got Green and forgot what they joke about at that time. Here, after a battle, bonding again. I mean, in this arc, Shina is acting strangely and yet they have time for a 'brothers meeting'. ^^; That wouldn't have in the 'serious arcs'.

      Indeed. And, I'm thinking, aren't the dragons solely for Hiryuu and not for Kouka? Their 'mission' ended when Hiryuu is dead. So, back to the question, how come the dragon powers are passed on generation to generation? Just for Hiryuu 2.0 who doesn't even know how to fully utilize that power? After the dragon powers are given, it is stuck with them forever? The price to pay for getting those powers?

      True..it was like 'a fact' that she cannot do anything to change or do something to change. It's like, 'ah okay, is that so. poor you.' Ah, basically, no action.

      Ya...and it makes me wonder if mangakas who just give simplistic answers to very deep and serious questions..is trying to limit the depth for the readers = don't want their heads to break from being too philosophical. You know, this is for kids/probably don't want to think much and they also won't understand much. Hope I'm making sense. ^^;

      Lol...that is bad. And so far, there is no improvement on those areas.

      Hehe..don't like them communicating through a dream? =P

      Hm..that's biased smacking. =P

      Well, that cannot be helped since Yona is the main character and supposedly Hiryuu so she should have that kind of 'aura'. I guess Naruto, Yuuki, etc are more okay since unlike with Yona, the enemies tend not to be that impressed with them when they do those poses, etc. ^^;

      Rather than pointless, let's just say that he is just one of the 'statistics' among the dragons who suffered because of their power. But ya, pointless in helping Yona regarding what she wants to do in life or guide her..etc.


      By the way, if you have free time, check out a bit of Chang Ge Xing. Echidna from tagboard mentioned it as similar with AnY's plot but in a lot of ways and so far, no romance. This is how I had envisioned Yona to be. Brains and can fight + has to win people. After a few chapters, I got into it..it is interesting.

    9. I see but then, to totally get rid of those feelings would be quite impossible, don't you think? Anyway, he figured out something about it so I guess that doesn't matter anymore.


      Indeed...so the more 'superior' ones are the ones can take human form? What do you think?

      I see. Possible. For the dragons, I would think of them more as pets..well, perhaps, pet servants?

      I see...the training can preempt the actual fight.

      That's right.

    10. Well you do make a point usually it’s either the comedy or the SW drama and yona going gaga over him .Like in this mini arc we got not SW related drama from yona so it’s comedy time .
      Yup I also think that the dragon are for hiryuu’s use not kouka’s because if they were something like kouka’s protectors they would go for SW not yona .Ya ,maybe the dragon’s curse continued because they dragons gods knew that hiryuu would be reborn sooner or later they just didn’t know when thus the dragons continued to be born and die waiting for hiryuu 2.0 . Ya this whole dragon thing is unfair and again another failure on yona’s part even after she realized who she is meaning hiryuu 2.0 she still doesn’t feel any kind of responsiblity toward the whole dragon mess which was done for her sake well not really but you get what I mean ^^ she doesn’ t feel that she should do something for the dragons and that’s sad but again they will make it seem like she did something epic like with BD exoricism .
      I think I get what you mean this manga is for young teenage girls so let’s not be too complicated .But Kat why introduce « complex » situations so they can be solved in a shallow/lame way ? and the worse thing is that they make it seem like it was solved in a really deep/touching way when that wasn’t the case .
      Nope ,because the author is still trying to force the whole yona /dragons bond stronger than anything I don’t buy it and I don’ t like it so yeah the talking through the dreams is lame in my opinion .
      Yup and that was nice ,yuuki was never seen as someone amazing which she wasn’t she was seen as what she really was and I like that .Ya maybe that has to do with her being a former god but i don’t like it ,i mean if she earned the admiration through real efforts and actual merits then i wouldn’t complain .Well i do have to admit that she deserves a little credit but the words amazing ,badass let alone divine aren’t something I would use to describe her .
      Yup ,he should be the voice of reason in the group yet he acts like a teen it maybe funny at first but now not so much .
      I know the manga and I’ve read all the english scans . I wanted to talk to you about it ,in relation to AnY but I didn’t have the time ,and I wanted to take my time since this is a manga worth discussing also I wasn’t sure that you actually knew about it but since you do then here I go ^^
      This manga is amazing now before going any further ,let ‘s be clear on a point there are some parts that I find confusing mainly because the name of the characters are complex so i can’t remember who is who and also it seems like a lot of concepts from taoism are used in the manga and that’s something that I have no knowledge about add to this the references to china’s history but I will probably re-read it in the future and do some research when I’ve time to enjoy it better ^^
      Anyway let’s start with the basics the art is beautiful ,I really love it something it really does look like art ,the main girl looks really nice so does the main dude and many other characters .Some look really « real » like the old guy who is always helping out the lead girl .I’ve nothing bad to say about it and I think it look better than AnY .

    11. True..so back to..what is the purpose of Hiryuu 2.0 that they all suffered while waiting for his return?

      Do you think if there is some aura thing or dragon behind her, it would be more believable..like how Naruto has the 9 tails?

      Ah..good point there. Mangaka changed her mind over how serious it should be? ^^; Prefers the comedy? ^^;;

      Oh, you know that manga ^^ Me, too..I also get confused with the names because of the 'Sun' whom I thought it is this person but it turns out to be this other one. ^^; and forgot the others' name..nevertheless, managed to more or less understand what's going on. Taoism is quite philosophical actually..though it is somewhat a religion, too.


    12. Don't know ,but the dragons make it seem like she is doing great .Those guys don't seem to be bothered by all the dragons who were born ,abused and died waiting in vain .None of them try to question what's the point of yona being Hiryuu 2.0 if she will be the one to free them from their fate ,they just fanboy so yeah things will probably be this way till the end .

      Well this was never said or implied ,I would be okay if it’s because of her previous life being a dragon/god but that doesn’t seem to be the case .They go gaga because her glare are supposed to be the result of her being fierce brave badass lol
      Ya ,but I really believe is that the author can’t handle really deep stuff like with Chenge .But like I told if she just stick to comedy i’m okay but the problem is she tries to introduce really deep issues yet the way she solves them is quite lame and very shallow .
      Oh glad I’m not the only one ,Ya at first I didn’t realize that sun was the male lead’s name ^^
      Ya ,that I get like how the lady was explaining the whole path and heart thing .It was very complicated a lot of the dialogues here are quite deep ,very philosophical .

    13. True..and we already agreed that people don't reflect or question things here even the important stuff. They all act as if it is just a 'fact of life' so continue to do what we are already doing.

      Ya..but then, thinking about it, Hiryuu doesn't seem that impressive either. ^^; So..unfortunately, it is just because of the dragon blood..cannot help it. As for the others, I guess they are just stunned to see a young girl glaring at them. =P

      Ya..though I presumed that her previous series, NG life has that depth...do you have any theories why it became like this? Since you read both. Is it because the cast is too big or it is too 'epic-ish' rather than keeping things simple?

      True..honestly, I tend to get confused with Chinese names if they are written in English ^^;;


    14. Sadly no they don’t they are just amazed by yona’s glare ,others believe simple lies and take them as facts and yona ‘s mind just fonction for SW sake so yeah they don’t .
      I will have to agree the dude was so not impressive ,I guess the point is that he was given dragons bodyguards by gods and thanks to his dragon’s aura and oath /contract/binding curse between and the dragons and himself he went down in history/folklore as being » impressive » I wonder if he also had a fiery glare ?
      Well , NG life is indeed better and in term of depth it certainly has more than AnY so I think the reason why this manga is messed up in so many aspects is because the author can’t handle a work that long .To me that’s the explanation that makes the more sense maybe if this was kept short it would be better .
      Well I ‘m confused with them no matter what they are so complicated unlike japanese names ^^

    15. Hehe..harsh..but I cannot say otherwise.

      Hm..maybe? We'll never know unless there are more flashbacks...

      I see. And since that is the reason, perhaps, it being popular caused it to be a very long series?

      True. I find Chinese and Korean names complicated since they seem to be 'quite the same' that I tend to get lost over who's who. ^^;;

    16. Hi Kat and sofia, I'm so far behind with AnY that I don't even know what's going on anymore. I have to catch up on the summaries since Zeno was sliced up in battle but I decided to pop in here first to see if this story is progressing at all. I guess a small arc is about to wrap up per Kat's concluding comment. I also gather that the story hasn't settled yet on a "clear" direction. Too bad. :(

      You guys were talking about Chang ge Xing. I read it about a month ago and I found it thoroughly engaging. The heroine's battle strategies were extremely interesting to read. I like how calm she is as a character and fluid with her battle strategies. She also have an excellent grasp of the politics of her day and I was really impressed with the way she handled the surrender of the city that was besieged by the turks. She's an intelligent girl. The other characters in the story are also interesting. From the guys at the palace who knows that she's alive and still desire to protect her or the guys who intend to watch her and kill her if she brings ruin to their kingdom as the prophecy implies...they're all interesting to read about. The two young guys from the Turks tribe were nice additions to the story. I'm looking forward to seeing how their stories will come together in the long run since these are characters from different countries and it kind of feels like the bigger story will unfold that involves several kingdoms.

    17. Hehe, Taylor_E, hmm..just a bit of information about stuff and nothing much. In between that part and this arc is Zeno flashback/sob story. So, the story which included Suwon hasn't 'moved' since then.

      Yup. Somehow, I think we are already at the middle part of the story since she has changed her goal.

    18. Yup and no matter how much I rant ,don’t think it makes me happy because I really believe that what the author did with this manga is waste .It had everything to be an epic tale of adventure ,war ,growth and love but maybe the manga turned that way because it’s aimed at young teenage girls and that’s why it is so popular despite all it’s obvious flaws .
      Ya or if yona travel into zeno’s mind and thus we will get to see more of hiryuu .Since they have such a strong bond that they can use dream telepathy .

      I told you since the series and the magazine as a whole is aimed at young girls the fact that it’s fluff +is quite long is what made it so popular and it’s not such a shock .For example young girls like AnY because it’s cute and fluffy and even think yona is amazing .But a more mature reader would see that the series has a lot of flaws .With Chang I doubt that young girls would like it because it has this historical and philosophical aspects to it and i think a young reader would get bored .The plotting and scheming may also not interest a young reader who would prefer the simple way problems are solved in yona .There is also the romance in yona it’s pretty obvious with tears ,blushing hearts going crazy .In Chang not only is not the main focus but even when it gets focus it’s very subtle .
      Ya same with me ^^

    19. @Taylor_E to make is she is everything yona is not and that's fantastic .The story has all what is lacking in AnY .

    20. to make it short ^^

    21. Yup...sigh. Honestly, I'm actually thinking of the same thing for Reimei no Arcana but somehow that focused too much on the romance. ^^;

      Hm..wasn't the dream just for conversation and not 'talking with the dead' =P

      Hehe, the series yes but the magazine..I think it depends. Skip Beat runs in the same magazine so perhaps, it is the exception? And, again, there is NG Life as you mentioned and you enjoyed better. It might not be as deep as Chang in regards with the plotting/scheming and other real brutalities in life but then, something is really missing here like what's the goal of Yona/the story.

      In love stories, get the guy/girl. In other stories, become pirate king, be successful this and that. Here, it seems to be after ousted out from the usual lifestyle, travel around the world with newly found friends who had no choice but to follow you and help people along the way. So, I guess if we really lower our standards and treat it as that, we might enjoy the series ^^ And of course, do not expect any major and/or sudden character development =P What do you think?

    22. That’s true ,there are a lot of works like Remei no arcana ,akatsuki no yona ,VK who have great material and can be masterpieces yet the authors find a way to destroy all of that to make the work just okay almost bad .
      In Arcana the story was destroyed for the sake of a puppy love between Nakaba and cesar .By the way I’m still bitter about Loki’s fate T_T
      In VK It was destroyed for the same thing some sick puppy love .
      In AnY it was destroyed for the sake of making the heroine shine .The others characters have litlle focus and when they have it’s mostly comedy and fanboyism .The heroine keep making reckless choices and has no real aim yet they still try to make her look divine so yeah you get my point .
      I was being sarcastic with this comment ^^ but yeah I bet in the future they are gonna tell you the bond between the dragons and hiryuu is so strong it can get over time space and even death .Now we have dream communication ,later we will have telpathy .Because whatever feelings they have most if not all of them are forced on them by the dragons gods again I believe you get my point .
      I agree ,and like I said she has proven that she had good writing skills in NG life so I can’t explain the mess that’s AnY except that maybe it’s too long and she couldn’t handle it .
      Yup AnY isn’t and doesn’t have to be like Chang I would’ve love it but it’s okay .It could’ve been a better story if yona like we talked about so many time had a proper goal .If she has shown intent on moving from SW .If each character had something of his own instead of fanboying over yona small stuff like that could have made the story better even without the depth and brutality of Chang .
      Also ,let’s say her goal is to fix her dad’s mistakes even in that she fails .I told you before that feeding some poor people kicking a bad guy out of a tribe will not change things on the long term .So what she does will only serve one purpose make her feel better that she is useful now and that’s it .
      Also I believe there is another key element of why this story is a failure .I believe the fact that she never question her choices her path her future her past as well is the reason why she doesn’t grow at all and of course it doesn’t help that the dudes never complain or give her any constructive criticism and seem to find her reckless and stubborn attitude badass and don’t mind bleeding for her .
      I gave you the example of the water tribe thing to explain how she made a stupid move which led to a lot of death yet she never reflected on it .The fact that she think nothing is wrong in her ways is quite scary in a sense .
      Chang on the other hand her growth is the result of her always reflecting on her past as well as future ,she has her moments on doubts but she always manges to overcome them and come out stronger and wiser .She clearly knows what she want and tries to achieve it a smart and effective way .She learned from all she has and from all those she met and I’m not talking about archery or swords .Her allies ,do respect her for her skills but they don’t fanboy over her and they do advise her and tell her when she does wrong .They really feel like a queen and her generals ^^
      I will tell you my honest opinion about AnY it will not change ,no goal or growth will appear within yona but at the end everybody will be fanboying over her of that you can be sure .Till now she has never accomplished something of importance yet other treat her like she did so yeah her fiery glare will solve everything .I no longer expect anything from it ,I guess I just wish that it won’t get any worse than it is already .
      Also another thing that Chang mentioned that yona doesn’t seem to get and that’s when she said that people will always be at the losing end no matter which king wins .Yona seems to think that with SW as king no one will ever starve and that’s not true for we have already talked about SW real motives .

    23. Also she mentioned it to Sun and the mistresse of the temple I think, about if you save one person than what about the others something along these lines which is yona doesn’t seem to get .because if she really wanted to change things she would not go visit them one by one to feed them like I said that’s just charity .
      So yea I agree in AnY don’t expect something great or epic and you will love it ,if you do expect not so much ^^

    24. Yup, I agree. Sigh, really too bad.

      Hm..that might actually happen.

      I see.

      That's right. Even a simple goal would be nice instead of wandering around...unless that is her goal, go around and help people who 'suffered' because of daddy's policies. But then, the fixation with the hairpin and Suwon...sigh. Well, it seems that she is okay with that..make her feel better and she is useful.

      Yup..and as I mentioned below..she is okay with it..everything is going okay even if it is like that..so why change? Well, that is the major difference. Yona has followers thanks to people who admire her as a princess who is picking herself up after being ousted and those who cannot help it or love. Chang has followers because they are impressed with her intelligence, skills, etc. So, it is like 'charisma' vs 'ability'.

      Hehe..somehow, deep down..I know that it is so..but since this is fiction, maybe the mangaka would have a change of heart and improve things since she wrote a better series before.

      That's right..and you know who should be saying that...it is the one who witnessed/observed history throughout his thousand years of life and travels. Unfortunately, it is more fun to play around with them than advising the youngsters about what to do with their lives. He has a hands off policy..it's your life do what you want with it..I'll just hang around with you guys since we are 'brothers/blood related'. Perhaps, he doesn't want to be a killjoy.


    25. True as long as she has something she wants to do and work for it and at least we would know where the story is headed .Yet the fact that we have no goal and we have the hairpin and the SW puppy love thing is making things worse .
      True and we know that being admired for your skills is much better and yona’s « charisma » isn’t really charisma at all as we have seen ,it is just the result of fanboyism ^^
      Since we have come this far I don’ think so 
      Ya and that’s really lame because like i told you what’s the point of him being 2000+years if he behave like a teen ? that’s yet another thing that went wrong with AnY .

  4. Thanks for the translation summary! I enjoyed reading this chapter. Except it felt a little rush. I wish they spend maybe one more chapter on this underground blue dragon situation instead of just this one chapter. It felt a little weird that the blue dragon would just leave or rest in peace so easily. And am I the only one who feels that it was sort of out of character for Shin-ah to talk so much? I don't know, maybe it's because he has never talked much prior to this chapter? But despite that, it was great to see Shin-ah open up this his fellow family/companions.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Hm..good point. Well, we'll know for sure if it is only for this arc or not, about Shina being a bit more talkative, in the next arc.

  5. Thank you, Kat!

    "...Never look for justice in this world, but never cease to give it..." Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest Updated Edition Jun27

  6. Thank you for the summary .

    ~ reemy

  7. The setting I love it ,the background of this work is quite rich we have a lot of different people of different cities it’s refershing and never boring .It really does feel like we are going on an epic journey .
    The plot rather nice girl wants revenge later on comes to find out there is more to expect from life ,lead boy general who fight battle after battle but things happen and he set out to find out who he really is yet something I can actually see how these two paths would meet and how both will bring order to their chaotic world
    Now let’s get into the best part the characters
    The main girl I only got love for her she is the definition of a warrior princess not the red head that we both know ^^
    The girl can fight ,she can lead battles ,she can use poison ,she can ride a horse ,she can get herself out of danger with her own strength ,she isn’t naive and that was the case from childhood (she knew how things worked in court unlike yona who was living in her own head) and she is far from dumb even got some training
    I loved her from the start how she decided to live as a boy so as not to attract attention ,how she fled from the castle and managed to care for herself and get herself back on her feet .She survived on her own .I also loved her anger and hatred at the start of the series how ruthless she was ,how with her own efforts mainly her wits she managed to survive and even gain position how she first began as captain than strategist…etc each time she get through situations with her sharp mind . She also began to question her path after remembering all what she has been through and decide to change her ways and that revenge would bring nothing what she should do is bring order to the country .I didn’t want to get much into details , i didn’t want to spoil too much anyway she was fantastic from the start but she gets even better with time ,she truly does learn from her mistakes and from all the people she meets and the places she sees .I love how she doesn’t have this « I’m a princess « thing about her which yona does ,I mean she really is humble when she revealed herself to the little boy and the old man she had no problem bowing down and asking for their assitance ,she bowed to so many people throughtout the manga to thank them for their help ,apologize or ask for help .I really love how she gives alot of thought to her own path in life about what she should be doing ,about how she can’t save everybody ,about the people .She is very mature to the point where one could forget she is 13 at the start and around 15 right now ,calm and composed most of the time like a real general .She treats those who help her with great respect and so do they ,they aren’t her fanboys and each is his own person ,they aren’t afraid to give her a piece of their mind instead of just fanboying .She made efforts to have their help and all of them became loyal and respectful toward her not because she is the princess or has a fiery glare or is a former god but because she has proven herself to be worhty of respect and loyalty . She is also very human and has her moments of doubts and where she breakdowns .
    The lead dude he started off as a violent general and turned out to be a nice guys who valued his people and was very honest and dignified man .I love how unlike with Hak he is his own person he came to respect the girl and care for her but he has his own life and his own goal ,he isn’t just there to be part of harem .

    1. Ooops sorry for commenting here I thought I was still commenting above :)

      Also there is danger everywhere alot of different people involved with plotting and counter plotting the heroine has always to watch her back same goes for almost everybody .There is an actual sense of danger and that’s great .
      Another thing I liked was the people we have seen so far ,the girl will meet really poor people and you will see how great they are despite being really poor unlike in yona where they let themselves die waiting to be saved .
      I also liked how the girl always tries to improve her knowledge and understanding of the world unlike yona who is all about I need strength and she neglected all the other aspects of what makes a person really strong .Also remember how i told you in the past I don’t care about yona’s combat strength if her mentality doesn’t evolve something along those lines ,look at the heroine here what makes her shine isn’t her combat skills which are pretty good but her sharp wits .The way she plan ahead and now how to read the situation and think ahead and simply put 2 and 2 together is something yona doesn’t have .Imagine if yona had a strategic mind like that ,things would be so much more interesting .
      Also like I told you in this series everybody has a will of his own a motivation that is his ,so it’s really interesting to see how all of those people come together in yona all is for her and that’s boring because there is no struggle or conflict .
      And of course there is the romance ,well it’s true that at the start there was none but once the guy discovers that she is a girl he will blush really hard that was cute ^^ and you will see in a very subtle way how he is starting to be aware of her as a woman but it’s not lame or forced just subtle you will see that in their own way the two have feelings for another with both saying to each other if one loses his place he can come to the other .Well the dude will make more emphasis on this and there will be smiles and glances and just subtle hints you will have to read between the lines but the romance is there and it’s looking good .I really hope we will get something big for these two cause what they have is already great but it can evolve into incredible romance .If I spoiled you really sorry ^-^
      So long story short AnY and this series can’t recall the title ^^ maybe the same type of story minus the fantasy element but no way in hell can AnY compare to this masterpiece to me that’s what it is i can’t find anything to compain about .But I think she may die ,the way she is coughing to me is a bad omen  another thing I like about her is how well organized she is ,she is careful in her ever move and always has that dude gather intel and watch out what’s going in the country another that yona doesn’t do ….sigh
      P.s I re read some of my comments and oh god there are words missing and mistakes but that’s what happen when you write an essay instead of a short comment sorry about that but I guess it’s okay since I’m being understood ^^

      Ya for an emo demon like meliodas that’s really far fetched .
      I thought the same that the human ish demons were really OP more than the other that’s why they can take human form .
      Ya ,I think they are like their pets .
      Ya again I really don’t like training arcs T_T

    2. No problem ^^ Yup, you pretty much summarized what is so likeable about her compared to Yona and I was hoping that she would be more like that. Of course, it isn't exactly the same since Yona is supposedly 'spoiled princess' who got everything she wanted except Suwon.

      I had finished reading it...updated now ^^ For the romance..I'm not too sure if there is though there is a strong bond thing for owing each other's life and a lot of other things. Maybe it is leading there but as you mentioned, unlike in the other series, they don't make each other [/love] become their priorities in life since they already have their own priorities in life.

      Well, since this is kind of based on history, I usually cannot help think that no matter what, they are all 'dead'. Of course, I'm not sure if the manga will show their/her death. Not sure either how closely they follow history. And yes, the coughing does hint towards that especially if there is blood.

      In a way, as I mentioned that AnY seems for kids/young readers is things aren't as brutal/realistic as CGX wherein, when you make mistakes, people die. As for the polite and respect stuff, I think that is typical in that era especially towards elders and people with position and yes, one has to be 'educated/had training' in some way to do that. Though somehow, I feel that when it is done here..it is somewhat superficial if one wants something from the other...most of the time. Something like, just being formal but be careful if you actually believe all that.

      Naruto has ended..really quite shoujo-ish.

      Bleach..don't care..I knew I shouldn't read the latest chapter since it might end up about nothing.

      One Piece..what they did is rippling around the world. With some other new developments on the side. Can they actually bring down Shanks. Kuzan joining Blackbeard. Fujitora..not sure if he is quitting or will go after the two..translator mentioned that it is ambiguous. And, with a huge cast, I already forgot who the others are/what importance they have like Tsuru and some characters I don't recognize. ^^;

  8. I know the heroine in this manga unlike yona was never spoiled and she got some training .But the thing is that yona has had room to grow and be like her but she didn’t .Unlike the Chenge (that’s her name right ?) she doesn’t learn from her mistakes .For example when she told hak SW attacked kai for water tribe sake .After all what happened she still is naive about how politics work about how SW work .
    Chenge is very careful in every move she takes ,she always tries to plan ahead and know how to act fast .She always does her best not doing the same mistake twice .I really love how smart she is for example when she first led a battle and tricked the old dude to attack them so she trap him in the river .It was simple but very smart ,she actually took into consideration the landscape and came up with a battle plan when has yona ever done that ?
    She think deeply about what to do for the country and has actual plans .Yona yeah there is an issue here let’s go there kick the guy out and leave ,there are two armies clashing let’s get between the two of them with less than 10 persons .
    Add to this the difference in skills,personality…etc ,so yeah Chenge is far above yona .Chenge is actually badass and doesn’t pretend to be one .
    Well ,Like I told you one has to read between the lines to see the romance since this isn’t a priority but yeah there is a bond between the two since like you said they saved each other and came to respect one another but I also believe that there is a romantic interest going on mainly from the guy’s part but still it’s here .It’s too bad that it’s really subtle since they have far more important issues than romance ^^
    I agree that it’s indeed childlish ,even in the most dangerous situations and when being reckless yona and co never suffer great loses or die or something like that .The plot is always there to save her and it’s very meh .Unlike with Chenge you don’t hold your breath while reading because In AnY you know that no matter what things would turn out well .
    I know but Chenge despite all her skills is very humble and respectful toward those who helped her because she know that she couldn’ t come this far if it weren’t for these guys and again she is already skilled herself .
    Yona who doesn’t even have ,half of her skills ,she could never manga to survive on her own yet I don’t really recall her showing that much respect or gratitude .
    Also chenge and her group unlike yona and co really feel like an actual group .I love how everybody has a key role and isn’t there to just fanboy .Just compare zeno and the old guy in chenge ,in AnY he is useless and is just there for comedy ,in very rare moments he acts hiS age .In Chenge that old dude is a badass ,I really like him .He helped Chenge in so many ways and is really sharp and wise .
    Ya ,I just hope that we see both Chenge and Sun happy .I hope both reach their own goal ,If after that they die since it’s based on history then I’m okay since this won’t be a happy and had a lot of children end .
    If she just dies because she is sick and eveything turn out to be tragic I won’t be happy about it 

    1. Ya it has it was beyond shoujo ish it was very lame ish .It ended and I was like what ‘s the point of this series ? To tell us that sakura and sasuke are a happy couple in love and whatever .The author could write another 700 chapters about these two I would never ship them or begin to like sakura or buy sasuke last minute change of heart .Of all the manga I’ve read this has to be the worst romance ever but I don’t care ,it was pointless drama and a waste of time .To hell with naruto
      Same here ,i didn’t read the two last chapters but I actually checked some comments so I know what’s going on .I mean I know that nothing is going on so yeah .The only interesting thing I got from this flashback which was overall very meh is that hashwalth and the other quincies are several hundred years old .The juha in this flashback is 200 years old and we know that a thousand years have passed ,so question quincies are supposed to be humans right ? how come they lived for so long or are the quincies two types quincies born quincies or quincies born humans don’ t know if I’m making much sense ? The power from hashwalth is whatever since I think ichigo has the same ,I mean didn’t orhime and chad gain power buy just being next to him but again I don’t care .

      Ya they really caused chaos all over the world and their enemies will really go up .Especially luffy since he is the one who beat doffy ,the elders will probably start to take him even more seriously and that’s bad news .
      Lol it won’t happen Shanks is way too OP I believe he is the strongest of the emperors because even without a DF he was able to fight against kaidou ,blackbeard and whitebeard I think that alone speak for his strength .Plus it will be up to luffy to take down shanks in a friendly match ^^
      Kuzan ,it was hinted in punk hasard that he was doing something fishy but i don’t believe he turned bad .I think that may be he joined dragon and is doing what he can to take down blackbeard the guy unlike akainu isn’t an evil dude .Or maybe he is working with white beard crew .
      About fujitora we have seen that he is a fair man who really try to act for the best and isn’t a hypocrite like almost all the marines .So it would be really weird if he were to actually take down luffy or law but then again what’s the point of him leaving the marines when he just joined them and he needs his position to bring changes to the system so i don’t know .

    2. I'm just a curious passerby, but what manga are you talking about? (The one with the lead named Chenge)

    3. sofia, since it is different from the manga and the amazon selling the book, I looked for her chinese name = 李长歌. It is Li Chang Ge. The meaning is Li surname then Long Song. And, the title is Chang Ge Xing which can mean Chang Ge's Travel/Journey ^^

      True...though I'm referring to knowing tactics and stuff. ^^ In short, it does seem that Yona isn't interested in that and well, her goal to use them is also nonexistent. So, there is already a big difference there.

      So, of course, Yona cannot plot stuff like those ^^ And, we actually have a general with her..and he isn't being used to plot those kind of stuff either. ^^;; Just the basic hack and slash for defense in terms of fighting.

      I guess you are right. The baidu wiki called him as 'lover'. ^^; And the scanlator mentioned not to ship them. ^^;;

      Ah yes, that's right especially with teachers. Basically knowing gratitude, respect and stuff. Again, I'm wondering if it is because Yona is 'spoiled' so never taught about those basic stuff and she kind of take things for granted..and seems to still do so though Haku seems to be her 'comfort pillow' = cannot go anywhere without it since she felt at peace when its/he's around. Ah..what kind of daughter is Iru raising...no teachers or anything? ^^;;

      You know, it seems that the mangaka bypassed that respect and honor stuff. I'm thinking that the way the generals treat Suwon, they don't treat him as a 'higher up' but more of an equal or slightly above. It is like his buddy-buddy with him and do not really treat him seriously in a way. But then again, maybe it is a tactic for them to lower their guard. ^^;

      Ya..and Zeno is supposedly older than him. =P

      I actually tried to find more about her but it seems she is fictional perhaps like Anastasia of Russia? According to baidu, the kid with her, Ah Dou, is supposedly the son of some rebels, Dou Jiande, who was defeated by Li Shimin..so fiction again. But it makes sense why he is furious when Chang Ge doesn't want to continue the revenge.

      From Li Shimin's wiki, I found the name Ashina She'er who was part of his army. Isn't that Sun's brother? Li Shimin is the current emperor who killed the older brother and younger brother. Chang Ge is the daughter of the older brother/crown prince. Apparently, Li Shimin is supposedly one of the greatest emperors of China. Basically, what Suwon suppose to be aiming for? =P

      So, perhaps, a happy ending is possible since they are fictional. ^^

    4. Yes, that is indeed the point of the extra chapters. It is to show that Sasuke cares about his family even if he isn't around much. And, more scenes on how everyone are including Kabuto, Snake guy forgot his name, and the others.

      Ah...good point..I don't even think when reading Bleach anymore..so I didn't notice that. Maybe as what you call them Juha's 'soldiers', they get to live long like him unlike ordinary quincies? Maybe it is the blood thing so that makes Ishida immortal/long life now? Whatever. I think the purpose of this part is just to get rid of Fire dude + sob story. ^^;

      And, you forgot to mention that aside from no DF, he got only one arm.

      Ya..maybe as a spy though curious how he managed to convince Blackbeard to take him in.

      True. Though, I don't think that Akainu is an 'evil' guy but more like, for his 'justice', the end justifies the means. Pirates are bad. No ifs no buts. Very rigid and close-minded..unless I miss something to consider him as 'evil'.

      About the talk with the 5 elders, it seems that the tenryubito are the ones calling the shots of everything. I begin to wonder if there are amazing ones rather than the stupid, arrogant ones we had seen so far except for Doffy and his family.

      AoT isn't out in MS yet...but it seems to be about Eren's father. Love triangle again it seems..^^; Talk to you about it when it is up.

      AnE - do you think that they are aiming for Yukio as the vassal for Satan? It really seems to be going the way of the anime's ending.

    5. Anonymous, the title of the manga we are talking about is Chang Ge Xing.

    6. PS sofia..about Anastasia from Russia, I meant about her still living and not about she didn't exist. ^^;

    7. Oh so that’s the meaning thanks for explaining and I think the title is really well suited for the story .It really is an epic journey .Oops I thought her name was chenge so it’s Chang okay ^^
      Yup and I guess the fact that she has she doesn’t have the same sharp wits and strategic mind as Chang is because she didn’t get training and she doesn’t have a clear goal and let’s be real honest she is very stubborn and impulsive .She doesn’t ask for advise and doesn’t listen when she want to do something and just rush into danger .She is very narrow minded in what she does ,like in Water tribe arc she didn’t think that her actions would lead to war with kai and just rushed in there .Now her rushing into danger would be badass if she was actually strong and could kick ass on her own without help .But that’s not the case she does reckless things knowing that she put others in danger that’s very selfish and dumb if you ask me .
      Chang is her opposit ,she is someone with training she got knowledge in politics ,history ,in miltary and has shown to be so very intelligent and willing to improve herself ,unlike yona she isn’t focused on physical strength because it’s by no means the most important thing .I mean even if you were weak physically but if you are intelligent enough and have enough charisma you could get powerful guys to fight for you .Chang in my opinion is very open minded ,mature and really wise so much that I tend to forget that she is barely 15 .She really is a capable general and really stand for the warrior princess type of character .
      True ,she got a general and an old dude who has lived under every king of kouka yet they serve no purpose at all .Chang’s group is really one hell of a group they are so much more effective and impressive .
      Oh that’s great then can we take the baidu wiki seriously ? I mean I didn’t even know they had one before you mention it ^^ really ? did she mean that as don’t ship them because it will end as a tragedy ?or because she doesn’t like the pair ? if that’s the case it would be weird those two are a great pair so much better than hak/yona .

    8. Ya ,I think that has to do with her upbringing .It is just that ,after all what happened to her she should know that without hak she would be long dead without yun and the dragons she would also be long dead and wouldn’t be able to go anywhere .Yet she still has this I’m the princess attitude and that’s really bad .Chang on the other hand she bowed to alot of people throughout the story ,even if she is of higher birth .She is very humble and grateful to those who helped her .She even told I think the old dude I’m no longer a princess ,something along those lines .She tries to help the country not because she is it’s princess but because she saw the cruel lives that people had and she just want that to change .She doesn’t act all high and mighty and never mention stuff like because i’m the princess of this country .She doesn’t go about doing things robinhood style but all what she does is the result of alot of planning .
      Yup ,we can’t argue with the fact that yona takes hak for granted .Just like when you are a child and you have a toy you like and you refuse to go anywhere without it .
      That’s true about SW and even if the relationship with the generals isn’t amazing but it is still better than the one with Yona and the dragons .But I agree that SW treatement of the generals is that way so he can manage to keep the upper hand and get rid of them if they screw him over .Like with fire he used him knowing that he wanted the throne and at the end the dude looked like a villain when there was the war with the fire tribe .Yet no one question SW who teamed up with him to take over the throne and then threw away the dude like trash ?
      Ya and that’s sad the old guy he is called Qin If i’m not mistaken is the one who seem to have lived for thousand years .I really like his character ,he is one badass grandpa ^^
      Oh so she didn’t exist  it’s okay I guess like you said maybe that means she won’t have to die but again coughing blood is really a bad sign .
      Oh that’s why he was so pissed at Chang but I guess he will comeback last time we saw him it seems like he had doubts about his choice and he was also pissed that she didn’t chase after him ^^
      But isn’t Sun supposed to be Turk and aren’t turks and Han enemies so how can his bro be part of the emperor’s army ? or maybe the real brother not the fictional one ?
      Oh so he will be a great emperor so does it mean he won’t die and Chang will stay away from the throne just help the country in the shadows ?
      I really hope these two get a happy ending ,I know it isn’t the usual blush and heart racing type of manga but I want to see some lovey dovey moment between these two but above all I want to see how these two would continue on their journey and how they would grow hoping that their paths will meet in the future .
      So long story short Chang Ge Xing is superior to AnY in every aspect and AnY can’t compare .

    9. I really didn’t see any point to this series ,he could’ve written one chapter and it would’ve been enough .It was so obvious that it was just fanservice for the sakura fans .I don’t need to comment any further you know well my feelings for the series and characters such as sakura .

      Ya good point maybe those who drink his blood live much longer .
      True ,no DF+no arm and is strong enough to be an emperor and feared by everybody so I doubt the other rookies will have a chance at taking him down .
      Well I recall that for law to become a shichibukai he sent the heart of 100 pirates to the marines so maybe he did something big to prove his loyalty
      I know that he isn’t evil in a sense that he won’t go around killing people randomly but he is still evil since he too the end justify the mean thing to the extreme he is the type of dude who would blow an island if there is a criminal that he can’t find on said island .Like in the robin flashback when he destroyed a ship full of people thinking some of the scientists were there if that’s not insane and evil I don’t know what it is ? Sometimes I believe when you take justice to the extrem it can turn into something pretty evil but that’s just me ^^
      I was shocked about this one ,I always thought that the elders were the top dogs and honestly I still believe they are but just maybe there are some dragons that aren’t stupid like most we have seen so far .
      Okay ^^
      Well ,I think it may happen , I mean rin may be annnoying and lame but he isn’t « weak » so I doubt he can be satan vassal but yukio on the other hand is perfect choice ,he is also his son .He has a weak heart unlike rin ,he is jealous because he is stronger because he is closer to shiemi whom he has a crush on he is angry at him for their dad’s death all that makes him weak and I bet he will fall into darkness sooner or later and let satan in .

    10. I know that you didn’ t mean her not existing ^^by the way you mentioned what was yona taught at the castle well she was taught dancing and music which she was never good at ,neither is she at what she is doing now .I was thinking of something do you think Li Shimin is Chang’s real father ?

    11. True..and as mentioned, Yona has it all and the only daughter. Chang isn't and like Kyouko, somewhat looking for her mother's approval. In a way, she doesn't need it because everything is going smoothly for Yona even if what she is doing is impulsive, reckless, etc. Yup, so depending on the mangaka, there won't be a reason to change unless something really bad happens while she keeps it up.

      Yup. So, I'm thinking Yona isn't interested in that. For the manga, maybe it is more interesting/cooler to see the heroine shooting arrows and swinging swords rather than reading and studying stuff. But then, other manga with the same setting got their heroines studying to cope with their 'new positions'. I guess for this manga, Yona doesn't need to study that since she isn't inclined to take the throne? And as above mentioned..no need for it so far.


      Not sure..on what basis they wrote it at baidu. ^^; Wish? No, I mean the scanlators mentioned it in their scans about do not ship them. So, I assumed it is telling readers not to think that there's something between them. Anyway, this seems to be serialized in Ultra Jump, too..so it is technically, 'shounen'.

      True...they also mentioned something like, save a life, will it save the people/country. Basically, one has to think long-term. In a way, Sun paid the price for doing that impulsive thing to help out the old man. Yup, she is indeed being humble and respectful. She knows her place.

      Yup...no one is doing any deep thinking in AnY =P Well, even if they did, it didn't translate into doing something. But then, in that scenario, who was using who? Both are using each other and too bad, Fire ended up being the 'bad guy'.


      Yup...still, the doctor say that it isn't life threatening yet so she just have to be careful/take care of herself. That will depend more on the possible obstacles in the future.

      Hehe..ya. In situations like that, it is always difficult. You chase, they protest and object. You don't chase, they still do the same. ^^;

      Checking it on wiki again, Li Shimin's army got Turks in his army.

      From wiki:
      'Emperor Taizong, also known by his personal name Li Shimin, was familiar with the culture of the steppe nomads and employed military strategies using steppe tactics as a prince.Taizong shared personal relationships with Turkic allies as a prince, reinforced through oaths sworn as blood brothers. His later successes as an emperor against the armies of Central Asia through diplomacy and divide and rule are the result of his early experiences with Turkic culture.

      Taizong was proud of his policies promoting ethnic equality, and was reported to have said that, "The emperors since ancient times have all appreciated the Chinese and depreciated the barbarians. Only I view them as equal. That is why they look upon me as their parent." Taizong's views grew into state policy as his government recruited Turkic and other non-Han Chinese soldiers into the Tang military. Turkic soldiers were later promoted to higher ranks as commanders and generals.

      Also, wasn't it shown that a Turk is working within the city as a blacksmith?

      Most likely...and the emperor died of illness.

      True..and as you mentioned, AnY is more on fluff.

    12. Hehe..true but he wants to keep up some of them jokes like 'are you my father' and ya, pretty much an extended version of the last chapter with more focus on the Sasuke family.

      Yup..unless they use underhanded ways to defeat Shanks. What do you think?

      Ah, I get it. I forgot the Robin part..was only thinking of the Ace part. ^^; But ya, doing things to the extreme to the point of harming/sacrificing innocents is in a way evil.

      Indeed..and Yukio is a loner which can be bad since he has those kind of issues. I'm thinking along the same lines. I'm actually dreading that if Yukio did, he will come back with the help of Rin's tnj. ^^;

    13. Hehe..just making sure. =P

      Hm..they seem to be impressed with Yona's dancing at that bar, iirc. Strange..they are training her to be an entertainer. ^^;

      Fiction-wise...maybe. Reading about Shimin being good with strategies, etc among other things..it makes me think that Chang is a female version of him. ^^; Is that why you think so?

    14. That’s true ,both kyouko and Chang had it rough and could only rely on themselves that’s why they are so strong .Yona on the other hand when she was in the castle she was spoiled rotten and even outside she always had hak and then the other dudes to look after her .She never had to struggle on her own .And you know I thought that maybe if one of the guys was near death in the future this will give her the push she needs to change her ways and become more tactical in her moves but I doubt it .I mean she has had a lot of time to change and she didn’t and one you are as stubborn as she is growth isn’t really an option and of course it doesn’t help that all those around her go along with all what she says .
      Yeah and that’s probably has to do with audience keep things simple and « cool » no need for the work to have any type of depth since the readers would probably get bored .
      Ya but Chang even without wanting to get revenge anymore is still being smart in how she tries to achieve her new goal same goes for kyouko even now that she no longer want revenge on shou she is still doing her best .
      So the fact that yona never wanted the throne isn’t a reason why she is being so « dumb » and narrow minded+ reckless in her mission .
      Honestly I believe that the main reason like I stated before is because she is very limited in her view of the world of what happened of what she must do and how she must do it .She took her allies for granted ,she took all what was told to her for granted ,she think that feeding people and being able to fight would make the country stronger and help her protect herself and those she cares for .
      Just think about all the time she rushed in danger not thinking about the dudes who will have to come and save her or like in water tribe that her actions may lead to a bigger conflict and it did (she is the one who gave the excuse for SW to attack kai if she didn’t slash that creepy dude’s face he wouldn’t have called the kai guys and thus SW would have never attacked kai) but she never does think of these thing at all nor does she reflect on her choices ,path and mistakes .Another example is how she believe that SW attacked kai for water tribe’s sake .
      Chang on the other is smart in everything she does ,when she wanted revenge and even now that she doesn’t .She think twice before doing anything ,she plan ahead and is always watching out for possible threats and always reflect on her choices and mistakes which allows her to grow and mature which is so different from yona .
      You were talking about the pic of naked sun taking a bath and saying stop shipping me with Chang something like that well I thought it was just a joke but maybe the translators really think that there is nothing between and they are wrong .I didn’t know but that’s obvious this manga isn’t really shoujo ish isn’t it ?
      True ,it’s Chang who mentioned this when she was starting to doubt her path .And that’s what I’ve been saying for a long time now that solving problem robinhood style will do nothing on the long term .True ,sun really screwed up on that one and he paid the consequences and that never happen in yona .Also Sun is actually pretty badass general so whatever mistake he did he has the ability to fix it .
      Yup no one is trying to put two and two together well they were both using each other but the point is no one try to question or blame SW who used fire dude knowing fully that the guy had his eyes on the throne and he might in the future turn against him to take over the country .
      But didn’t he say it may become life threatening if she works /worry too much and her problems are far from solved .

    15. I see so they were at war with the turks but he tried to change that and ally with them but in Chang’s flashback it was shown that he refused to marry her off to the turks thinking they weren’t good enough
      So maybe he is willing to accept some of them .Oh well we may see how he feel about them in future chapters .
      Ya ,I think the series should’ve ended when naruto gave sasuke his ninja headband but I guess that’s like DBZ it was so popular that even when it should be done you would still try to get money from it .
      They really gotta pull something shocking to defeat Shanks .
      Ya and most of the marines are pretty messed up like looking for ace’s mom to kill her and her child because they were related to roger .Most of the time their justice is dark and cruel and like I told you before it seems like they are only worried about their own interest to keep face and not reveal their secrets to the world that’s why they destoryed enies lobby and robin’s home land .
      Ya he is a loner who keep everthing to himself and he will probably go dark side because of that .Yup that’s what will happen i’m pretty sure maybe even shiemi will have a part in it .
      Well the dudes are always impressed with her ,as for the customers I thought that’s because they were on drugs .For the fire dance I thought it because she thought of her tragic love story with SW and she became so beautiful from just remembering it .
      There is that and there is also the fact that he didn’t try to chase after her when he was told that she fell for the cliff and some of Chang’s teach the old dude I believe mentioned that he loved her as his own and there is the flashback where servants were saying that the two were having an affair and I know the woman told her no your mom never left her place in a decade …etc but I’m just saying what if that’s the case .It would be a heavy blow for Chang

    16. Hm..ya, probably not..and Haku was already at a near death = find dragons. I really think that after that, refusing to face Suwon or what she plans to do with her life..things get a bit lost. I'm not sure if all of this can be treated as the time when Chang is 'at a loss' after Mimi did that. Maybe there will be a trigger that will change her/change her awareness..of course, low expectation so I'm not really counting on it. And with a new arc, it is once again, will she finally know what she wants to do or she'll know based on what Suwon would do next.

      True..but a little depth would be nice and I think it is possible...of course, not a full scale one like in Chang.

      True though as mentioned, Yona has zero education on those things/not interested and so far, even with her recklessness, things somehow turned out fine. And well, Suwon is attacking Kai = bad guy so it is okay, I guess, for her to the point of not wanting to side with anyone. But yes, there is lack of reflection on those scenes that you've mentioned. It seems that Yona is going with the flow and just resolve the issue when it comes up like scar guy got away, so let's deal with what he'll come up with next.

      Yup, that one. True, it isn't shoujo-ish...hehe, since it lacks the romance part. =P

      True..I guess they are okay with 'using each other' to keep the peace. In a way, it seems that no other generals are ambitious enough/want to become king.

      Yup..he did. So I'm saying that since Chang somewhat gave up on her revenge and seems more concerned about the what do you call them..travel routes..seems to be the Silk Road..she would less likely engage in dangerous/stressful activities and it can lengthen her life. Ah..that is her current goal, right? That is why she's traveling around with Qin..and putting learning her background for later on. Hehe, kind of forgot. Sun is of course trying to find out his past/background.

      I think there are many kinds of Turks at that time. East/west..something. But true, we can assume that Turks are thought to be inferior and it is also mentioned, they are thought to be 'barbaric' whereas the Hans/Chinese are refined. Of course, being a king, wouldn't it be advantageous to ally with them rather than being hostile with them especially if they are good at fighting? So, ally with those who'll want to be under him then defeat those who doesn't want to. That's what I think.

      True. It becomes obvious that there is no story and things are dragging on...like Bleach and others.

      Yup..though it is understandable that they would want to keep secrets if they are supposedly for 'justice'.

      Oh, that's right..shiemi might.

      Lol..because they are on drugs. Is that so. ^^;

      I see. Though I'm not sure if it is a heavy blow for her since she plans to help out the kingdom which is in a way, helping him. Do you mean, heavy blow because of what she has been doing for a long time and got very ill when it turns out that he is her father?

      7 sins is out..training...and using each other's 'way of fighting'. It seems to be going to be an ongoing joke about Gowther being fond of stripping ^^; It seems that this training is more on 'mental/way of fighting' rather than learning a new skill/technique.

    17. Ya and whenever I say yona’s goal or change of heart I’m just joking because I got sick and tired of expecting and getting nothing so all I’m left with is jokes .And I told you before her own dad’s murder wasn’t enough for her to have a change of heart so….
      With the way the characters are drawn and their relationships to one another I doubt any depth is possible here .
      Yup but like I told you that she wasn’t taught isn’t the problem that she isn’t willing to learn and think only of being able to use swords that’s the real problem .And yeah another problem is that neither SW or yona are paying for their choices .Yona for her poor decision making and SW for manipulating everyone and being just dirty .Like how he didn’t openly admitted that the plan to attack kai was his own so he could force water to join war ,like how he worked with fire to overthrow the king yet made it seem as if the dude was a true villain when he was just his pawn ,when he worked with fire to persecute the wind tribe …etc .Those two did this much yet none of them suffered as a result of their choices to me that’s really a problem .Look at Chang with sun like you mentioned he risked alot to save a man and found himself in one hell of a mess afterward .And sun is actually very capable and strong so he afford to make mistakes but yet he paid the price of his mistake and I love it ^^

      Ya except that he got screwed over in the end .
      I hope so I really wish for a happy ending ^^ I also think it’s the silk road and yeah her goal are those travel routes used by merchants and those merchants can go and come as they wish so I guess this relate to making tang peacful ,she will make it wealthy and be able to watch out for the other tribes ?Since she will come into contact with a lot foreigners Well that’s just my guess .Ya unlike Sun that’s second priority .
      I agree about the turks and the han and that makes a lot of sense .
      Like I told you before they keep secrets to protect themselves and their position and all of that is put under the name of justice .
      I mean that learning that the dude who killed your whole family and sent you toward a life of hardship and illness where you have to watch your back always and never let your guard down or you might die , a world where you have to hide your identity and gender in order to live .If you learn that such a man is your dad if it doesn’t deliver a heavy blow that I guess the person’s heart is made of steel.
      Yup and I’m glad that the others are training as well at least this group will be done with training when they leave the druids .I wouldn’t wish to see training in many different places ,what I find funny is gowther taking off his clothes it’s during the flashback when meliodas told gil you are too rigid learn from hauser and kid hauser was in the background making a mess with his tornados ,i thought that was funny ^^
      I hope really hope ban will meet up with escanor and they will return to the sins together ,chapter was just okay and I hope king won’t continue to be emo about what happened and let hendy be .

    18. Hehe..true..it can be tiring to expect things and nothing happened out of it. ^^;

      Hehe..well, it was possible at the start of the series...but now, the way how scar guy is drawn like an idiot, how Suwon won the Earth, among other things..it starts to sink in to me that this must be some adventure comedy series. ^^;

      I see...though it seems that there is 'no need to learn' because they manage things somehow, don't you think so? In regards to fighting, she feels frustrated that she cannot help beat up the enemies and her group gets hurt so she wants to learn archery/swordsmanship. Regarding strategies, politics...it doesn't seem because she is unwilling but rather, there's no need for it. Even if in the long run, it is better to know strategies in order to lessen injuries/casualties...of course, I doubt she knows that or anyone bother telling her. ^^; And, there's not much depth here so...

      And as we agree, Yona and Suwon got it easy = everything smoothly which is quite unrealistic so basically, there's no need for any deeper stuff so it seems to be aimed at younger readers. Don't think too much or expect them to do things realistically...it is fantasy...just enjoy the ride?

      I see. But true, those routes did made Tang wealthy. I read that it was their golden age. Other countries go there to study/work...Japan and Korea copied the government style. I also recall that in places where Chang went..she tend to be surprised over how well the place is doing when there is 'war/turmoil' stuff. I read that Li Shimin tend to listen to his advisers..according to a site:

      "In dealing with state affairs however, Li Shimin learned hard lessons about the reasons of the Sui's downfall. One example was the war he launched against Gaoli in his later years that proved to be a waste of money and manpower. But Li was also smart and modest enough to invite criticism from his advisers. A loyal chancellor named Wei Zheng actually pointed our more than 200 mistakes made over time by the emperor who ultimately corrected all of them. During Emperor Taizong's twenty years' reign, the national economy became prosperous, society was reasonably stable and people lived in peaceful harmony."

      So, I think somehow Chang is going to help make that happen.

      I see..but then, if the guy is her father...it was like, oh, it turns out that my real father isn't dead yet. Thinking about it, Chang doesn't seem to be close to any of her family. So, the reason for the revenge is..? She was oust from the palace, for justice? In a way, what would become of her if she remained a princess...be married off to someone against her wish? Cannot do this and that.

      You see, what happened there is actually a power play. This is what happened:
      However, as his military power grew stronger and stronger, Li's two brothers grew envious and concerned. Prince Li Jiancheng specifically feared that Li Shimin would replace him. The fear drove him to fashion a plot to eliminate Li and grasp his military power. Hearing of the plot, Li Shimin informed against his two brothers to his father.

      Meanwhile he deployed his soldiers inside the Xuanwu Gate through which his two brothers would go to meet Li Yuan [father] the next day. On July 2nd, 626 the brothers attempted a coup. Eventually it failed and Li Shimin and his forces killed the two brothers. Chinese history refers to this as the Xuanwu Gate Incident.

      So, Chang's father tried to kill Shimin but it just so happen that Shimin beat him to it and became king after the father gave up the throne after a couple of months. And it seems the father were never in good terms with him again after that incident. When choosing a successor, a similar thing happened with Shimin's sons. I think that we say that it is a 'norm' at that time to try to kill each other to becoming king especially if one of the younger sons seem to be favored by the father. In this one, people aren't complaining because he is doing a great job at it.

    19. Hehe..is that so. I didn't find that funny though already got what the mangaka is getting at about their training.

      True...less emo is good.

      AoT is out in MS. So, it was indeed a love triangle. Our theories are pretty much right about Eren's father. I think that he is the Ymir variety...titan who became human again. But then, he might be faking about not knowing much but actually want to know about the world inside like ape titan. Was he sent first but he didn't came back so Reiner and others were sent? How did he know about the true royal family and about the injection?

      Do you think that there was a time skip? He took Eren...went to the church and massacred Historia's family then went back to the forest? The father didn't answer the question why it can't be him but it has to be Eren. Why? And, I forgot Historia's father's reason. ^^;

      The topic seems to be about being special = can do great things and not = useless failure. Of course here, it cost a lot of lives. The answer of Eren's mother is really what a mother who loves her child would say ^^ Too bad that like Keith, Eren had a quarrel with his mother before she died. So..perhaps, in the basement = history of mankind?

      Bleach is...killing off unnecessary characters. Are you ranting about Grimmjow or don't care? =P

      OP...Sabo's sob story...though I don't understand the birds part at the end.

    20. Yup and with AnY I feel exhausted .
      True and even if the author were to do something here like a sudden goal appearing it would feel very random as if she got the idea in the morning while heading to work and that’ s just no it’s awful so I just hope things won’t get any worse than they already are .
      Ya that’s the reason but the fact that she is very narrow minded in what she wants to do is also another reason I believe .Because if she really understood the way politics and the world worked she would know that even without taking the throne the best way to protect her harem and the country is by being smart .For example chang’s routes are a smart moves on her part but yeah there is no need to think too deeply about it because to begin with the story lacks depth ^^
      Yup and that’s so lame the world of AnY is supposed to be a world ofroyalty ,political unrest ,a lot of issues yet those who are supposed to be the leaders that will bring change don’t struggle one a bit in their quest .This make the story unrealistic,boring and so very predicatable .Yona should’ve failed so many times yet she didn’t ,suwon should be questioned for his actions like with his alliance with fire dude than treating like a trash as if he himself was a freaking saint .You get my point ^^
      Another example is when luffy sent the noble flying he also paid the praise because he crew was beaten to a pulp by kizaru .

      Ya it’s easy to guess that these merchant/travel routes would make tang richer .True and I liked that i mean just look at the little girl she met when she was at the temple .She was so adorable and so nice ,worked really hard and was very mature despite her harsh lifestyle same goes for all the people we have seen so far that is something we don’t have in AnY where people have no will to live on or any dignity at all .They let themselves die blaming the king and waiting to be saved that’s another reason why i didn’t like the tribes and why i liked seeing more of chang’s world ^^
      Ya from what we have seen he doesn’t seem to be hateful man ,if you put aside the whole killing family thing .
      That’s yet another thing that we don’t get in AnY ,yona doesn’t listen to her harem and SW manipulate his generals and advisers and he is the one who run the show .
      Well from what we have seen Li shimin always loved her like his own and he is the one who gave her the little blade that she still keep ,about her family they weren’t close but she still tried to please her parents which shows that deep down she loved her family .So I think her desire for revenge is because her uncle whom I guess she also loved betrayed her by killing her parents that she loved despite not being close to them forced her into a life where she has to always look behind her if someone isn’t trying to kill her but i do believe that at some point like you said she will realize that her fate outside the castle is much better than if she had stayed in it as a princess and if she wants tang to be better and Li Shimin is getting the job done she will come into term with what happened and forget her hatred for him .
      Oh so that’s what happened .It isn’t like with AnY where the king was just bad ,here we have Li shimin who is more skilled than his brothers but said brothers are also good yet jealousy started to grow and Li shimin defended himself by killing them and took the throne where he is doing quite a good job .And I get that’s the norm but why kill their whole family ,he could kill the boys and leave the others be but oh well I guess he wanted to avoid future troubles .

    21. Ya it was indeed a love triangle and if he didn’t introduce her to eren ‘s dad who later on cured her then he would probably be eren’s dad and I think that was also part of his inferiority complex cause that what it was .In his mind if he was special she would’ve picked him over eren’s dad and that’s why he had such an obsession over being special .
      Ya ,I think it’s pretty much safe to assume that eren’s dad is part of reiner ‘s group who was probably sent on mission inside the walls but then just like ymir he somehow lost his memories and wanted to learn more about their world ,his memories I assume he regained later on but since he was happy he didn’t try to achieve what he was sent to do but that changed when his wife died .
      He either was a spy and learned about their secret or he knew before coming to the human world or he had direct ties to them and thus knew their secrets .
      I don’t know maybe he was just a coward ,isn’t it the same with historia’s dad he was just scared ?
      Yup that’s what it was and it seems like keith was so focused on being special that he ended up failing everything ,if he had lived according to what eren’s mom said his life might’ve been different .
      Ya and the dude still liked her after all this time ,the way he broke eren’s gears so he would fail and not join the recon which =death .
      Yup ,it ‘s really awful if you fight with someone important and you never see that person again
      Yup I believe that what will find in there is how mankind came to live in these walls ,how their life were before and how the whole titan thing began maybe we will find a way to cure the titans .
      I like grimmjow but at the same time i couldn’t care less ,the avengers will die .The shingamis have been losing since the start but now they will start winning .
      Ya his sob story was okay it was nice to see what happened to him and it’s just like I imagined it except the lost part memories .In my mind the reason he didn’t came to ace’s rescue or met with both him and luffy was because his injuries were so big that it took him years to recover but the reason was that he didn’t remember .It was awful the way he recalled though
      I didn’t get that as well ,this is the new world so I guess we will see alot of weird stuff like that .

    22. Ya..and well, she could say that she has been thinking about it for some time.

      Yup...well, it lacks depth so it should be a surprise that everything would go very smoothly and no one pays dearly for any consequences of their mistakes, recklessness, etc.

      True. It seems that Kouka people has been spoiled..except for the Wind. By the way, do you think that the Wind are pro-Iru because they care about their people and do not want them to go to war like Sky, Earth and Fire. I don't know about Water's thoughts regarding Iru.

      Yup, they are more like a 'one man show' in a way, dictatorial and everyone just follows most of the time.

      Oh..it was Shimin who gave that to her. I thought it was her father or someone else. ^^; Yes, but in a way, isn't it one-sided for she tried to please but they don't seem to care. Ah, true..there is that betrayed feeling. Actually, you cannot say that being in the palace, 'one won't have to always look behind her if someone is trying to kill her' because I think the possibility of that happening is higher in the palace with family feuds who will/can kill. She can actually do the Yona path if she wanted to rather than revenge..lay low/disappear = longer life. Of course, it would show that Chang doesn't care/love her family which happened with Yona. Hm..thinking about that, it would be a reverse for Yona if she were to take back the throne/revenge later on. ^^;;

      I think that is the possible outcome. Yup..it is better to avoid future trouble..so again, it is strange that Suwon, being all smart, didn't do anything of that sort with Yona. So, he still cares for her? He isn't worried that she is going around tribes to show that she is alive and people would realize what he did to get the throne. Again, they probably don't care as long as they live in peace and basic needs fulfilled.

      Actually, if the women aren't killed, I think it is also an awful life if they are 'given away' as wives to enemies as part of some peace treaty. I think it was common in China before. Let's not fight each other, let's become 'relatives', here is a princess for you to marry/become your concubine. I think that would have been Chang's fate if she lives and stayed in the palace.

    23. Yup..and in a way, Eren's father caused his ruin.

      Oh...about this 'since he was happy he didn’t try to achieve what he was sent to do but that changed when his wife died', what was the mission? Get the coordinator. Eren's father did but then, revised it by putting it into his son and hope that he kills all the titans?

      I see..just scared. Strange that these fathers are scared of doing something like that yet are okay on doing that to their own children which means they don't really care about the children/how they'll feel about that. Of course, they paid the price for it. For this one, he became titan food.

      Hehe..is that what it was. I thought he was making a point that Eren isn't special/has ability like him..but it turns out that he is. ^^;

      Hm..cure the titans...that's interesting so I guess if there was, it got tossed out the window when his wife got eaten.

      Hehe..that is likely for Bleach. We might see something hideous under that hood.

      Is that so. I thought he was too far away that he couldn't reach Ace in time. Hm..now that I think of it, why was Law there at that time? Before, I thought Law was the 'brother' but since that isn't true... Is it just to save Luffy to make him owe him/be in his good side?


  9. True they are quite spoiled and very pathetic which is yet another reason why I didn’t like the tribes we have seen so far .True ,the wind was shown to be a nice place ,I think they were .Hak’s grandpa and hak himself respected hima lot so I think the rest of the tribe did as well .Maybe water as well since he seems very peacful
    Ya and when you have a series with a huge cast you don’t want a one man show .
    Yup I agree and Yeah he was the one ,that’s true in the past among royal families killing relatives for power was something casual.
    Ya he does care about her and yeah that should be the smart thing to do but this isn’t really a realistic story unlike with chang .And who would follow her or help her except the wind tribe ?I believe another reason is that he looks down on her what can she do ? maybe that’s what he think .
    That’s true

    Yeah that’s the mission ,maybe he decided to put it in eren so he can kill the titan because he came to love humanity and wanted revenge for his wife .
    Ya it just show that they are selfish cowards .
    But then again if titans get cured it would mean a happy ending and I don’t think this series will get one so it will probably just be the history of mankind .
    Oh so I thought it was law ? I didn’t but i think he saved him because like you said in the future Luffy would be a good ally to him

    1. Yup.

      Hehe, maybe. And well, the fact is that she can actually do something with Haku and the dragons..the problem is, she doesn't want to/it didn't crossed her mind yet among other possible reasons.

      Possible. Do you think Eren's father is related to the ape titan? Say..brother? Since they have the same physique.

      True..if this is going to be like a 'horror story', they'll learn the truth about the titans and realize that they are powerless to totally wipe them out or something because of something = it is futile.

      Yup, and destroying Doffy has been his dream since childhood so it is indeed highly possible that he thought that far. Do you think Doffy will be killed off or he'll somehow wander around/jailed like what happened with Crocodile. I mean, he would still have a purpose in the series so will not be killed off.