July 28, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Side Story 1]

[Free Talk: There is no chapter 73 this month. It is only this side story that was published.]

This is a ‘lovers’ time’ story before Yuulin became the Wolf king’s ‘real bride’. After being mutually loved by the person she likes and also getting the understanding of the in-law (sly boss), Yuulin can only wait for the notification that she’ll enter the palace. Then, this THING appeared before her. -> very thick book.

Yuulin looks aghast. She sits down and flips it open. She quickly closes it back. She nervously opens it again and she closes it again. She starts to profusely perspire. What the hell? Later on, Reishou goes to visit her in her cell room. Yuulin happily welcomes him back. Seeing the books and scrolls on the table, Reishou asks if she is studying hard.

Yuulin says yes, Jun brought a lot of books regarding customs [/practice] and behavior in the imperial palace and harem. Chibi Jun told her that in the near future, she must make sure to review things like this. Reishou says is that so, good work. He hugs her and is puzzled that there is no reaction from Yuulin. He looks at her and sees her blushing, dizzy and trembling. Reishou becomes tense over her reaction that he asks what is it, does she hate his hug.
Shaking her head, Yuulin says that she doesn’t hate it a bit. “It is..that..ah..that, right now, I want to confirm a bit.. I am going into Your Majesty’s harem, right?” Aghast Reishou says yes, that’s right, it is currently underway. “Eh? Yuulin, have you changed your intention!?” Yuulin shakes her head and exclaims that she totally didn’t!!

She says then, they are no longer going to act and soon will..become a real married couple. Blushing Reishou says yes. Holding her face in shock and becoming pale, Yuulin asks what to do..she wants to go back.. This startles Reishou. Yuulin exclaims ah, no, it isn’t what you’re thinking. Grabbing hold on Reishou whose soul is already flying upwards, Yuulin exclaims for him to wait, she only wants to do a bit of mental construction [/psychological building].

“Your-Majesty. Your-Majesty. Are you listening? I really really want to become Your Majesty’s bride! Your-Majesty!!” Reishou snaps out of it and asks so, what is this about!? Blushing Yuulin says that it is about that. Yuulin shows him the thick book called ‘Complete Harem’s Secret Bedroom Techniques!!”
Blushing Yuulin says that teacher gave THAT to her and he said that it is compulsory course for a married couple.. Chibi Gen told her that the princess consort must study it and it is really amazing!! With a -_- expression, Reishou tells her to wait a moment for he’s going to deal with that old geezer. Chibi Gen freaks out.

Yuulin exclaims he is going to deal with him, by all means, don’t because it’s too frightening. While Reishou continues to have a blank expression, Yuulin asks out loud over what is a married couple, she also had prepared herself well and grasp the meaning of it..but after seeing that book, it seems that it isn’t the same with what she thought...

...and it made her entirely uneasy and nervous so she wants to go back and ask her friend about it. Chibi Meigyoku asks what is it, you’re welcome to ask!! Yuulin says that it is no good for a harem married couple is comparatively special or what if she is deceived and made a mistake. “Huu..I don’t know what I’m talking about. What to do. What to do.”
Reishou calls out to her and says that there is nothing she must worry about for right now, he is already happy that he is with her like this. “You only have to smile like you normally do and that is enough.” Yuulin is moved by that. He says that even if this is indeed the harem but she also need not be quite bothered since they’ll slowly become a married couple according to their own pace.

Yuulin is really moved by that. She hugs him and exclaims, “Yes, Your Majesty..!!” Reishou sighs in relief. Taking away the book, Reishou tensely says that in short, he’s going to confiscate this book. Reishou returns the book to Gen who exclaims that he doesn’t want that but all of this is thinking of Reishou but no matter how he act violently, this old man won’t give up-!!

Next, is igniting love’s fire! Reishou can only frown and scowl. And like that, during the short period of time before ‘officially entering the palace’, at that prison room, in according to her pace, Yuulin and Reishou walk from ‘lovers’ to becoming a ‘married couple’.

With hearts all over, Yuulin leans on Reishou and thinks that in the end, Reishou is so nice, so cool and super reliable!! Reishou thinks that it is because their 80% progress will fall back more than half because of that book..ya..this is also good. Hopping around, Gen is holding his two books on harem’s real skills.
Comment: Hehe, if Reishou is a cat, he had already lost one life here. =P Even if Gen means well, Yuulin’s reaction is different and indeed, it would have made their progress go back a lot since she would get scared, think a lot, etc. Of course, Gen isn’t the type to easily give up ^^ Anyway, in the end, Reishou got some bsho points from Yuulin ^^ Scans by 狼花嫁吧合作

Quote of the day:
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  1. This is so hilarious! Why Reishou has to make that kind of respond? *when his soul flying away and his face goes -_-
    Bwahahaa~ XD

    Alright, I'll wait patiently for the next chapter. Thanks for your summary, Kat :)

    1. Yup ^^

      Thanks for reading, Faradisa ^-^

  2. Hahaha, poor Yuulin, to suddenly find a book like that xD
    I'm wondering about the author of this book, though. Did Gen write this? And how exactly did he gain this knowledge!?
    How suspicious ;D

    1. Hehe, I think he did or at least, he compiled them ^^

      Well, I think it is his duty to know about it ^^

  3. Selina ('.')July 29, 2015 at 1:06 PM

    ahahahz too cute XD
    i wonder how part 2 is gna progress - will there be jealousy :3 ?
    or maybe new charas hmm
    i would love to read about kouju x houen :P (sorry if i spelt it wrong)

    Thank You! for the summary Kat :D
    You're Awesome!!!

    1. Yup, Selina ^^

      New characters are a definite. Jealousy..I'm not too sure..that will depend on what the part 2 is all about.

      About that pairing, maybe ^^

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

  4. Kyaaa....they're so cute. Wondering how their so called "married life" will be...hehe XD

    1. Yup, Ghina ^^

      Hehe...some are left to our imagination =P

  5. So cute!! love the summary thanks :)

  6. it is really one of my favorite manga of all time.. its funny and romantic at the same time. it made me wish that somehow it can be animated coz it would be super awesome! right? hahaha.. thank you kat for the summary :) wishing you all the best!

    1. Yup and thanks for reading ^-^

      Thank you ^^

  7. oww... its so cute! either yulin or raishou! Never bored with this cute couple. I wonder how the progress of their romantic love as they get real married love! I will wait for next chapter!

    thank you for bringing this wonderful summary to us!

    1. Yup, nisa ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  8. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4002679661
    This is a link to the next chapter. Just scroll down and you can view it.

    1. Yes, I know but I'm not going to look at Japanese raws = spoiler...I'm waiting for the Chinese scanlations.