July 27, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 32]

[Free talk: I’ll start summarizing at the new arc. I only browsed through the previous chapters in Chinese and only know more about the character interactions and stuff rather than the koto stuff, just like Chika and the others..^^; What happened so far: After they experienced the joy and sadness of competing for the first time, knowing their rivals and the girls realizing more of their feelings for the guys during cultural festival...they found out that this is the last opportunity for Takezou and Hiro to compete for the nationals because the prelims for autumn will be for next summer’s nationals. So, if they fail and compete again in the next autumn’s prelims, the two would have graduated on the next next summer’s nationals.]
Narration: “I only wanted to take back the former days-- warm memories--.. *Satowa looks back to the time when her parents look happy as she plays the koto* It isn’t at all that I wanted to hurt you. *someone shouting, ‘What is that piece..!? It isn’t Yagegoromo at all! It’s a different piece!!’ and everyone is shock as Satowa played a different piece during the competition* I also do not want you to show that kind of expression. *her mother slapping her hand away and said that her koto is simply a lethal weapon* I..I only.. *in anguish* In the end, where had I gone wrong.” Satowa wakes up with tears from her eyes. After wiping her tears, she sits up and thinks that it has been a long time since she had that dream and lately, she didn’t dream of anything, why--.. She recalls that it was mentioned that next time, it would be the last opportunity. She thinks that it is because of that so she thought of it again. It is probably because right now, she is so happy in the koto club that she didn’t look back over it. “Like this kind of happy times, sooner or later, it will come to an end. Afterwards, I’ll once again--..” She recalls Chika shouting that he doesn’t want that, and telling Kazusa that compared to the first time he heard Satowa’s koto playing, he likes her current playing.
Satowa hugs herself and tells herself that it is alright for it is already not the same anymore. “Right now, it is fine if I just think about the national competition, and advancing to the nationals together with everyone--..” At the school’s hallway, Hiro calls out to Takezou who is walking ahead of her. Takezou is surprised that she came voluntarily for the morning practice. Hiro says that it is more or less because she wanted to see the piece that Suzuka had composed and she wanted to practice it a bit. Takezou smiles and says that it is the same with him. Hiro blushes and looks mesmerized by him. Then, she caught herself. To Takezou’s surprise, Hiro starts hitting her head on the wall as she tells herself that right now isn’t the time to stare blankly and yesterday, didn’t she set a rule on herself. “It is alright to have a secret love but before I quit the club, I won’t confess! I absolutely won’t let him notice my feelings! Even if anything happens, the issue is also about absolutely not bringing any unfavorable influence to the koto club!! Strictly maintain the three iron rule!! [<- don’t know what it is ^^;] But one more thing.. ONLY this one issue so that later on there won’t be any heart obstruction, I have to ask first.. *Takezou nervously calls out to her and asks if she is okay* Naturally.. carelessly..”
Blushing Hiro suddenly shouts if he likes Mashiro-senpai!!? [<- hope I get the name right, it is the senpai of the koto club who already graduate] This made Takezou hit his head on the wall. He shouts in shock about what is this all about all of a sudden. Hiro is trembling for Takezou was really rattled..so in the end.. Feeling awkward, he tells her that if it is like, then he likes Mashiro.. This shocks Hiro that she says yes, yes.. She thinks that it is alright, it is as she anticipated and she should just do her best for the club practice. Takezou clarifies that it is the kind of like wherein one respects the other and if there is a love feeling, it is more fitting to say that it is a ‘longing for’. Becoming embarrassed over what he is saying, Takezou starts to ask Hiro why she.. To his surprise, Hiro says, longing for..it turns out to be like that. Hiro happily smiles as she heads towards the club. Takezou is totally clueless over what just happened. He tries to ask that of Hiro but she is already greeting Satowa who is already in the club. As the girls talk about waking early and Hiro looks excited, they are interrupted by a loud shout. Chika and the others are racing over who’ll reach the club room first.
Upon reaching the room, Chika catches his breath and says that he thought that he’ll definitely be first. Sane laughs and says that it’s too bad. Takezou asks if they ran all the way. Sane says that they met at the gate and raced all the way there. Then, he says that Michi is also coming now. Michi is huffing and puffing as he tries to reach the clubroom. Chika looks at Satowa and is about to say something but to his shock, she looks away from him. She tells him that his hair is messy like this because of lack of sleep. Chika protests that it is the trend. She tells him to stop talking nonsense and quickly get prepared. Chika angrily shouts that she is the one who first interrupted. He curses and turns away while looking somewhat flustered. Satowa just looks serious. Suzuka arrives and says that all of the members had nicely showed up, excellent, excellent. Michi says that since he said ‘nicely’, could it be that yesterday he said that they’ll have morning practice. Suzuka asks if he did but even if he only said to practice like idiots but of course, morning practice is inevitable, isn’t it. Thinking that it’s dangerous, the others timidly agree with him. Suzuka says that about the piece, he has already decided that it will be ‘Yaegoromo’. This surprises Satowa that she says that they are playing a classic, and isn’t that too [difficult] for their club—
Holding up the CD, puzzled Suzuka asks classic, but the tune is more modern and didn’t she played it before. Satowa realizes the piece that he is referring to. Chika happily says that it is that piece, and he has seen or rather had heard it. While the others are asking how come Chika knew about it, aghast Satowa grabs back the CD and says that it isn’t Yaegoromo and it is just that at that time, she forgot to take it out and carelessly gave it to Suzuka. She tells him that only this piece cannot be used. Suzuka asks why. She says that it is a solo piece. Suzuka says that he’ll change it into an ensemble. She protests that it will take a lot of time. He tells her that he already had a rough prototype of it on his head and within a day, he can already write the music sheet. She protests that depending on this piece, this kind of piece, it cannot influence anyone!! “It also cannot [make us] advance to the nationals..!! In short, it is no good!!” Everyone is surprised by her reaction but Suzuka calmly asks, “..have you yourself properly listened to it once?” Trying to diffuse the situation, Takezou says that okay since Satowa is unwilling then it isn’t a necessity for them to choose this piece. Hiro nervously says that is right and they’ll just look for some other piece. Turning to leave, Suzuka tells them that they can do whatever they want but right now, all of them should first go to the audio-visual room.
Aghast Satowa asks if he is going to broadcast THAT in front of everyone. Suzuka says no, he already got the DVD of the traditional music competition so come and listen to their own playing as well as the winning Hakuto group’s playing. In the audio-visual room, Suzuka says that they’ll start watching Hakuto’s first and the number of people in that group is double theirs. Michi asks how come their arrangement is only one person is at the front most as if he is the lead. Chika recognizes that it is that guy asking his name during the reward ceremonies. Suzuka corrects him by saying that actually, he is the ‘lead’. Everyone is mesmerized by the playing. Takezou asks if it is a classical piece. Satowa says that she never heard of this piece. Michi says that it gives that THE koto feeling. Kouta says that every time he listens to a classical piece, he couldn’t keep on listening to it since he’ll fall asleep but he doesn’t know why this feels-- Chika wonders how can this be for obviously the technique isn’t gorgeous but this person’s music penetrates deep into people’s heart [/have a real impact] and obvious, it is currently the most simplistic performance yet it is exceptionally enchanting. Satowa wonders what’s up with this ensemble for a high school student can unexpectedly play that kind of performance.
The way it pauses [/disconnected; I’m assuming it is the rests/pauses in the piece], rhythm and timing seems to be passing through a calculation [/well planned] and THE PLACES WHERE ONE SHOULD PLAY OUT THE TONE [/TIMBRE], and it is quietly piling up. While there is some applause, Suzuka says that is Hakuto’s performance which is different from Himesaka’s dignified ‘adjusted to uniformity’ as well as Meiryou’s gorgeous spirit [/positive outlook]. As if ‘USING THE CORRECT ANSWER’ by playing THIS piece. Satowa says that the correct answer is even if she doesn’t think too much in using lyrics on this music but she can understand that kind of feeling. She says that until now, when people say classics, it is ‘make people listen’ by having meaning by itself. Suzuka corrects her by saying that this isn’t classical music but more like Hakuto’s original music. He also says that this song is probably created for that person [Mio]’s tone to be displayed at its peak. It is a music piece that is totally using him as the subject [/main part]. The piece makes up of other sounds but it is to magnify enough that person’s tone making it more flashy and dazzling that everything is deployed like it is passing through a calculation. It is like Hakuto has an outstanding strong composer and that means, if they are to advance to the finals, they have to absolutely surpass this group.
After everyone look surprised, Michi asks but it seems to be a correct answer type of performance so how can they win against that. Suzuka says that they only have to perform something that will surpass the correct answer. “It is nothing at all, the correct answer is not at all definitely the best.” Suzuka says that next, they are going to listen to their own playing. Someone exclaims how come they’ll listen to it after Hakuto..torture!! While their performance is being played, Suzuka says that their performance is obviously sloppy, lacking in careful deliberation, technique is also quite rusty [/out of practice] but they have the ability to merge feeling into the musical piece and this is their current biggest weapon. “-So, the piece that is able to draw out that kind of strength in a huge degree is this one.” He holds up the DVD and Satowa looks flustered. He tells them that it is originally a solo performance so later on, he’ll balance it out between each of their own ability and playing tone. “I will rearrange it into a song that best suit you guys. This is the piece that I recommend. *puts the DVD on the table* What’s left is for you guys to come and decide on it. *goes out the door* After school dismissal, we’ll continue this conversation.” After he left, Hiro says that Suzuka said that they’ll decide. Takezou asks what to do. Chika turns to look at flustered Satowa.
During lunch break, Satowa is sitting by herself behind a building. She wonders why Suzuka unexpectedly chose that song.. That-- She recalls her mother praising her that it is an amazing piece and Satowa even composed it. ‘You are truly a koto genius. Thank you. After listening to this song, mama also felt more energetic’. She wanted to go back to that time, take back that time. She had relied on this piece, because she place her longing for ‘wanting to go back to that time’ but-- Her mother said that her koto is a lethal weapon. Satowa puts her head on her arms and wonders how can she possibly have the courage to properly listen to it like what Suzuka asked. She is surprised when Chika suddenly sits beside her. He claims that he is also going to eat lunch here. As he eats his food, she smiles a bit upon recalling that he said that he had listened to it. Satowa says that he said that he heard that piece. Chika tells her that he did when he went to her house. She asks how come he would do that on his own. Chika claims that he got her permission even if she was sleeping at that time. Recalling him say that he likes her playing right now, she looks at the DVD and look flustered. She asks what he felt when he listened to the piece. After looking surprised, he says that it really hurts or perhaps, it is very painful.
This surprises Satowa for why, it is because she..[is venting her frustration]..when she is just..only want to take back the smile. Chika says that it is because her playing at that time, it is simply like a heart-wrenching cry. This surprises her again. Chika suddenly puts an earphone in her ear. He tells her that he got the music file from the DVD that Suzuka brought. “You yourself still have not listened it, right? Even if it is also not bad but I don’t know what this music means to you *puts the other earphone on his ear* but you won’t be afraid if we listen to it together.” He plays the music. After it was announced that contestant 13 Houdzuki Satowa, Satowa wonders if this is her playing. “-ah, really. True. I one-sidedly poured my own pain and suffering into the playing.” Satowa looks up and laughs for it is also inevitable that this kind of playing is called a lethal weapon. She wipes her tears and thinks that the feelings that she wanted to convey the most, not one bit did she blend into into the piece. And, using that kind of sound, how can she possibly convey it. She recalls how her mother walked away. She looks up the sky then stands up. She thanks Chika. She looks back at him and says that it is already alright. At the hallway, Satowa calls out to Suzuka. Holding up the DVD, Satowa asks if it is true that just by relying on this piece, they have hope to advance into the finals with the current members. Suzuka slightly smiles. He tells her that it will depend on them.
Comment: And, Satowa has finally realized why her mother reacted that way to her playing. It is like she is blaming her frustration and sadness on her mother who is already very pressured in heading their group. It is like she is also a failure as a mother. Chika did the right thing in helping her face it by listening to it with her. ^^ Hiro got a bit of progress upon learning that she has no love rival ^^ Hehe, Takezou is still quite clueless over what’s the reason why she would be asking that kind of personal question. =P Suzuka is acting more like an adviser. Actually, more like an easy going one since he would just advice and in the end, he would still let everyone decide on what to do. It is indeed better to play an original composition given their current experience and time limit. Especially since, I think classics would tend to have a stricter criterion for judging on how it should be played, etc. So, putting that aside, they now have a piece that they’ll perform for the qualifiers. Scans by 二次元秘店化.

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    3. Would love if they did an anime adaptation. Really want to hear the sound of the koto and hear their playing.

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