June 12, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 46]

While Iriya goes to fish his mother out of the water, Uki and others shout down from the bridge over what they are doing. Makoto shouts that the mother jumped down into the river. While Iriya pulls his mother into the shore, Uki offers to call for an ambulance. Iriya starts slapping his mother’s face and shouting for her to wake up. He asks what kind of joke is this for she suddenly disappears on a whim, reappears on a whim so don’t just go die on a whim. Iriya kept on calling for her while performing CPR. And the ambulance came. At the hospital, the doctor says that for the time being, they did first aid on her and they cannot relax until she wakes up but for the time being, her life is not in danger. Iriya thanks the doctor and Uki says that’s great. Makoto looks at Iriya and recalls him shouting for his mother not to die on a whim. She is about to say something when Sayuri [guesswork from 小百合; Iriya’s mother/aunt] came and apologizes for the plane was late.
Sayuri asks if Iriya is okay and she heard that he collapsed due to a fever. Iriya says that he is fine and even if he is okay.. Sayuri says is that so..yes.. Uki says that they should go home for he still has to talk with his mother. Sayuri apologizes and thanks them. Uki says that it is okay and when things are okay, they can eat together. Then, she drags protesting Yusa, who wanted to stay, with them. Makoto is about to leave too but Iriya holds her hand tightly. Sayuri asks how Shiori [Iriya’s real mom] is. He informs her that she is still sleeping and her life is not in danger. Sayuri apologizes for making him experience such a painful thing. Iriya asks why she is apologizing for it isn’t her fault. Starting to cry, Sayuri says no, everything is her fault. Flashback: Junior high Sayuri scolded C-chan [Shi/C for Shi-ori]for she told her to come together with her friends and she cannot just go to the junior high department. She also scolded her on how she is sitting on top of the wall while wearing a skirt.
Pouting Shiori said that she doesn’t have friends. This made Sayuri’s male friends say that they didn’t know that Sayuri has a younger sister and she is super cute. They learn that she is in grade 5. They offer to be her friend and anyway, uglies are very reclusive. This made Sayuri’s friend scold the boys for recklessly saying that. Shiori is four years younger than Sayuri and no matter who, they’ll say that she’s cute. It would be a lie if she didn’t say that she isn’t envious of Shiori. At the faculty room, a teacher praised Sayuri for she is number one in the final exam and after graduation, he asked her to come and consult with him if there is anything that troubles her for she is more than welcome to do so anytime. Sayuri happily said okay. At home, their father praised Sayuri for her consistent grade while scolded Shiori for her awful grades and being a shame to the family. Sayuri thought that she is doing quite good as a sister, daughter, and student. When Shiori is in junior high, she recognized teacher Taniguchi [guesswork from 谷口] and told him that she is Sayuri’s younger sister. He was smitten by her.
Later on, she informed Sayuri about talking with Taniguchi and says that he looks very nice so she’ll help her out. Embarrassed Sayuri told her to forget it. Since then, Shiori will always talk with Taniguchi and hang around him. She simply wanted to help her sister out but while she is doing that.. At the library, Shiori is looking at a book when Taniguchi suddenly cornered her and said that for her to do that kind of thing everyday, and for things to reach this point, don’t say that she didn’t plan on this. Later on, Shiori went home with hickeys, marks on her legs, and hand mark grips on her wrists. She called out to sister who worriedly asked what happened. Tearful Shiori can only mutter the name of the teacher which made Sayuri’s mind gone blank for like this, in the end, conclusion is like this. [<- Shiori will steal the one she likes] Sayuri quickly pulled her hand away from Shiori and told her not to use her filthy hand to touch her for Shiori obviously knew that she likes the teacher and didn’t she say early on that she has a good plan but in the end, she is like what their father—
And, Sayuri is surprised by her outburst and realized her mistake when Shiori is glumly looking at her. From that day on, she never saw Shiori’s smile again and gradually, she didn’t return home again. End flashback. Sayuri tearfully says that she is bad for being jealous over her only sister and losing to her nonsense self-inferiority and pride that she said those kind of words.. Iriya comforts her by saying that it isn’t nonsense at all for she is seriously distressed so how can it be nonsense. Teary-eyed Makoto thinks of her own relationship with her sister and muses that it isn’t about hate or want to hurt her, but how come at that brief encounter. They were surprised by a ruckus. Shiori is trying to leave for she has to go home. The doctor and nurse try to stop her and return her inside the ward. Iriya asks what’s going on. They say that when she woke up, she suddenly went on a ruckus. Shiori tells them to let her go and she has to quickly leave since a small child is waiting for her at home.
The doctor says that her memories are messed up and it is because she fell into the water which could have caused it or perhaps, it is the tumor but for the meantime, they don’t know the reason.. Iriya approaches Shiori and says that he’ll go and check out things in her house for her so it is alright and relax. Shiori asks if that is for real. Iriya says yes, where is her house. Shiori smiles and says that he’s very nice, thanks. Then, she passes out so they took the opportunity to return her to the ward. They say that she is okay for her breathing has stabilized. The nurse tells Sayuri to come with her to deal with the formalities. She says okay and tells Iriya to go home first for he isn’t completely well. Iriya tries to protest but Sayuri says that she’ll leave it to her family to deal with the rest so he doesn’t have to worry about anything. He asks if she is going to bring her to Kyoto. Sayuri says that she’s afraid that she is and she’ll properly talk with her parents.
She holds Iriya’s hands and says that she knows that she doesn’t have the right to ask him and even if it is like that, in the end, she still hopes that he can walk a normal and smooth happy path, she asks him.. Iriya interrupts and says that he already knows about that.. While holding hands and walking with Iriya, Makoto is about to say something when Iriya says that the mother who raised him up seems to be very worried that she thinks that he’ll say that he wants to leave together with his biological mother. He turns to smile at Makoto and asks how he can do such a stupid thing. He is busy with school, and after summer break, there is the cultural festival and too bad that they aren’t in the same section this year but they can be committee members so that they can meet each other in a committee meeting but then, she already hates being a committee member.
Afterwards, after that ends, there is her birthday. So many things happened last year and this year, he wants to properly go to other places to have fun— Makoto thinks that she also wants to be with him on their second Christmas and Valentines’ day but.. She lets go of his hand as Iriya continues to say that he really anticipates.. Makoto calls out to him and says that she thinks that it is okay for him to do that stupid thing. “Until now, you are always a good kid..it is already okay [/enough]. No matter what kind of Iriya, I like [you].. *wipes tears* I’ll always wait for you. *Iriya looks surprised* Quickly go *smiles* to your mother’s side.” As tears fall down, Iriya hugs Makoto tightly.
Comment: So, it turns out that Iriya’s ‘mothers’ have a sisters’ issue, too. And it went an ugly turn over a presumed ‘stealing of a crush’. I’m not sure if I should think that teacher went all the way with Shiori but then, given how their father views her, even if a rape happened, they’ll probably not report it. Too bad that Sayuri wasn’t able to patch things up before Shiori left their house but I guess she doesn’t know what to say/do after saying that. And, Sayuri is probably the sole reason why Shiori would still want to stay in that house. I wondered if the teacher is Iriya’s father. ^^; So, like in most shoujo, it is one party going to leave because of some reason and the other one will be waiting. After knowing the truth, Iriya cannot help but want to take care of his biological mother. It might be selfish but I think it is understandable especially since she is sick and dying. I guess Sayuri cannot help take care of her since she is busy with something else though I would assume that she would want to do that since she blames herself for what happened to Shiori. I mean, with Shiori in Tokyo, Iriya doesn’t have to leave and sacrifice his time with Makoto. But then, maybe taking care of Iriya is her atonement for what happened. Nevertheless, maybe it is indeed better for Shiori to be in Kyoto and her father to make things up to her. Anyway, they can have Iriya’s time later on. So, if he does leave with his mother, I guess we’ll have a time skip for the finale. Scans by 离境

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