June 16, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 62]

Aoi dreamt of the time when Shino is crying and hugged him tightly. Teary-eyed young Aoi looked at his mother who is heading out of the door. Ah yes, it is the memory of the time when mama left home. With a tear in his eye, Aoi wakes up and is surprised to see Mego clinging on to him. While drooling, she tells him porridge, porridge, Aoi-aoichan~~..  Hi hi~~ After looking at her smiling in her sleep, Aoi kisses her forehead and thinks about always earnestly hoping for this warmth, and right now, it is here. Mego wakes up from a delicious smell. She sees Aoi by the kitchen. She sits up and freaks out upon recalling that last night, she and Aoi made love for the first time. She tries to look for something to cover herself and she finds Aoi’s t-shirt. Aoi turns to her and says that breakfast is ready so she should wake up.. And, he sees her in the middle of wearing a t-shirt. After the two screams about it, Aoi looks away and apologizes.
Hiding behind the blanket, Mego couldn’t believe that in such a bright place, he saw all of her. She apologizes to him for letting him see something bad so early in the morning. He says that there’s nothing bad about it for she is very beautiful, yesterday and also today. It is the first time he knew a woman’s skin [/flesh] is so soft, warm and comfortable. This made Mego blush over that. He turns to her and asks if her body hurts. He is surprised when she hugs him tightly from behind. While thinking that he is a decent and frank person, Mego says that he is such a cute guy. Aoi blushes and asks if she is kidding for she’s the one who’s cute. Mego says that what she is saying is true, and for him to say that then she won’t be polite [to deny it] and no matter what he is, it doesn’t matter  Aoi hugs her back and says that she’s the one who said that. While they have some hot drink, Mego thinks that so early in the morning, their heart and body’s distance is infinitely close.
On August 6th, 12 noon at Matsushima coast, Mego, together with Aoi, exclaims that the sea is truly beautiful. Mego finds it baffling for today, the whole world looks sparkling. She wonders if it is because it is the first time she did it with the man she likes that caused her heart and body to feel love or it seems like her whole body’s cells had completely changed into something new and the world is beautiful--.. They pass by a church and Mego points out that a wedding is behind held there. The bride tosses the bouquet and Mego got it. She is moved that she got a bouquet from the bride. Then, Aoi puts her scarf on her head and says, “Whether in sickness or in health, we’ll stick together in hard times. I’ll be faithful to you. A vow on ‘holding tightly to love’.” This made Mego blush for she thinks that Aoi wants to play some marriage game with her. She exclaims that she agrees. Aoi continues, “Whether in good times or adversity, we’ll be together through thick or thin until death.”
This made Mego uneasy as she recalls her nightmare when Aoi mentioned, ‘until death’. She quickly holds on to him and exclaims, no..!! She tells him not to say death, that kind of unlucky word for even if through death, they also won’t part!! “The two of us will definitely live on together!!” After looking surprised, Aoi smiles and says, ya. He tells her that this morning, he dreamt of the time when he was young and actually, he always harbor hatred towards their mother who’ve abandoned them. He recalled that day’s sadness and despair but that night, he touched her skin, and in the morning, sees her sound asleep beside him. He tells her that he feels happy from the bottom of his heart. It made him think that it is really good that he was brought out into this world that he cannot help but be grateful to his mother for giving birth to him. Holding out his thumb and little finger, Aoi says, “Mego-chan, wait for me to graduate college, then at that time--.. *holds thumb and little finger together* (will you please marry me)” Crying and blushing, Mego says okay.
In the church, Aoi puts a flower on her ring finger as a ring and they kiss. Narration: “Whether in sickness or in health, generation after generation, loving each other forever. I promise to protect you always until the end of time.” At 7pm, they are back at Sendai to look at the beautiful Tanabata decorations. Aoi says that it is magnificent sight as if it is Tanabata’s sea. Mego happily agrees. They hold hands and walk together. Mego thinks that it is like a dream to be in the scene that she longed for when she was a child. “Together with the person I like, looking at my favorite Sendai Tanabata festival. My dream. Thank you for helping me make it come true. My 18 year old’s summer vacation is the most beautiful memory--..” Later on, Mego apologizes for making Aoi walk her back to her grandmother’s place. Aoi says that it is nothing for he also wants to spend more time with her. Mego thinks that since last night, she should be excessively happy but on contrary, there is some fear. “What’s up with that dream? That black hands attacking Aoi-kun, and city in raging inferno. If that is a dream that predicts the future, what should I do? Can I protect Aoi-kun--..?”
And upon arriving at the house, they are met by furious Satsuki who says that them lewd kids are so slow. Mego’s grandmother looks tense as well as the couple. Mego exclaims how come he is in Sendai. Satsuki says of course, he is going to come to teach his bad daughter who slept out without any good reason. While cracking his knuckles, he tells Aoi to bite the bullet for laying a hand on his virgin daughter. Mego goes in front of Aoi and tells him to wait, don’t beat up Aoi, beat her up instead. Aoi goes in front of her and says no, just beat him up for he is already prepared to be beaten up!! Mego shouts for Aoi not to be like that for he didn’t do anything wrong. He says no, it is a fact that he laid a hand on her before she got married. Mego exclaims that’s wrong, she’s the one who laid a hand on him.
Satsuki is really irritated over how messy things are. He grabs Mego and tells her to shut up, she’s going back. He won’t let her see Aoi in the near future so that the two can properly reflect on things!! While she tells him to wait, Mego thinks that she doesn’t like having this worrisome feeling and they’ll be separated. Mego pulls her hand away from her father’s and asks if he’ll forgive them if they do it after marriage..? “If it is like that, I’m going to marry Aoi-kun right now and I’ll live together with Aoi-kun from today on!!” While everyone goes into shock over this declaration, Mego thinks that she found a way to protect him. “No matter what kind of fate awaits us, just to be able to accompany you around, and give you enough support. Whether in sickness or in health, I’ll protect you as if my life depended on it.”
Comment: Hehe, why do I get a feeling that the twins are kind of trying to beat each other on who’ll get married first? ^^; Mitsuru did a marriage proposal. Here, it is a marriage vow. Since the two pretty much did the wedding ceremony here, I don’t think the real one will happen soon. It is more like a red flag that something bad will indeed happen to Aoi. Since the dream is some sort of disaster, I guess Mego’s father will come to play here because of his job. Because of that dream and her intuition, Mego got to do what she thinks she must do so that she won’t have any regrets later on. Of course, for her father and Aoi, it would seem irrational for her to do that because of some dream. Can she actually convince them to let her get married immediately? I don’t think so. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
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  1. This is a very cute chapter!! Thanks for the update Kat!! I've been waiting for this in a long time hehe <3!!!

    Aside from the disaster awaiting Aoi-kun, this is a very very touching scene!! TT_TT
    I guess the twins just can't wait to get married to the person they love!! In fact their might be a double wedding!! Hopefully no tragedy will occur though....

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^


      Yup, most likely a double wedding ^^

  2. i always think they are so cute together!!

  3. Author did mention august 6th in this chapter. What if she reffers to earthquake on the august 16th in 2005? I've serched google: in Sendai swimming pool's roof collapsed, 1 pesson had beeen seriously hurt and 13 were injured.

    1. I don't think so. In chapter 1, when the twins fell in love, it was September 201X. I think the mangaka is aiming for a fictional earthquake/disaster.

  4. Thanks for the summary kat .