June 8, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 31]

Yuki looks surprised as she sees Arisa kissing Shou in the classroom. Then, Arisa told him to close his eyes and treat her as Yuki. Yuki goes into shock and mutters, “--..eh.” Then, there is a click sound. Arisa hears this that she quickly turns around to look at the door. She looks back to Shou and asks who was there a while ago.. She is shocked to see that Shou is rubbing his lips. She shouts that he’s not allowed to wipe his lips. “Do not rub your lips in front of the person whom you kissed with. And doing it so calmly!!” Shou says that it seems that there is lipstick. Arisa shouts how he can say that kind of junior high line when obviously it isn’t his first kiss. Standing up to leave, Shou tells her that she is also quite awful. After he left, Arisa recalls that time during junior high. She called out to Shou who is reading a manga and said, “Hey- Hey- If, If I said that I like you Naruse, what would you do?” End flashback. Arisa hears Shou leaving and mutters, “..stu-pid..” Yuki returns to her house. The first triplet say that she’s back and she came back too late for they had already eaten up all of the pasta. Walking to her room, Yuki darkly says that it is alright. The twins ask her who that handsome guy is, a while ago. Yuki darkly replies that it is someone related to club activities.
She goes into her room and sits down on her chair. Then, she tensely holds her head and wonders what’s going on with that..!!! “Wh..why..why would Naruse and Ichii.. No.. it’s wrong to say, ‘why’ for that is because Ichii likes Naruse and besides, that is a very explicit declaration but looking at Naruse a while ago, he also didn’t refuse. That means, Naruse— ‘has given up on waiting for me’...?” Yuki is stunned by that realization. Then, her cellphone starts ringing. She quickly answers it and it is her friend, Sachi. Sachi asks if she has club activity today. “Today, Meiko [guesswork from 芽衣子] and I did our homework the whole day that our mood is totally gloomy already--” Meiko calls out that they are still not finished. Sachi asks if Yuki wants to go to a matsuri [/festival] tomorrow with them. The next day, at the matsuri, where there are a lot of food stalls, a couple of girls glance back to see scowling Shizuka in a yukata. They whisper what to do, should they go over, but he’s definitely waiting for his girlfriend but then, he looks like he got a stomachache. Ya, it seems that he is perspiring a lot.
Holding a couple of kakigori [shaved ice with syrup], Kira goes to Shizuka and tells him that if he has that kind of expression, girls won’t go near him. “And, why do you think that I made you wear a yukata for?” Aghast and trembling Shizuka says that he doesn’t know and by the way, starting from just now, he is always been stared at. Kira laughs and says that it is because he is bait so it is inevitable. Holding his hand over his eyes, Kira asks whether or not, Yuki will come today. Stirring his kakigori, Shizuka says that he also doesn’t know. Kira asks what’s up with him, is he going to give up so soon. Shizuka says that it isn’t a matter of giving up or not, right now, that person is only thinking of club activities. He thinks that if he ponder on it in detail, from the first day when they met at the field, that person really gives it her all. Shizuka is surprised upon overhearing Yuki asking Shou if he doesn’t feel frustrated [after the lost; chapter 9]. He recalls Yuki trembling and thinks that at that time, she isn’t at all crying.. <-correct. and right now, thinking of it, she isn’t the person who would cry her nose off over that small kind of thing.
In the end, just to act cool, he put that coat over her head and is he a clown. <- partly correct. “..if I can only..fight that person on the same stage then, I’ll be perfectly satisfied.” While thinking of that, a couple of girls say that he’s so handsome, and super melancholic. Somewhere else, someone calls out to Yuki. While Sachi is eating some yakisoba [stir-fried noodles], Meiko calls out to Yuki that they’re over here. Yuki apologizes for coming late because she helped her young sisters in wearing a yukata. Meiko tells Yuki that Sachi planned to wear a yukata today but in the end, her nephew [sister’s son], who came to play, puked on it. Sachi says that he really cried to death. Yuki glances at the side and thinks, matsuri huh..lately so many things had happened but she almost forgot about the matsuri appointment and it feels like just like during that time at the pool, she’ll meet up with so many acquaintances [/friends]. She had immediately noticed Tonomura. A girl in a yukata calls out to him and tells him to wait. Holding out his hand, he tells his girlfriend not to run or she’ll trip. Yuki thinks that perhaps, Shou will also come.
Then, someone calls out to her and says that if it isn’t manager Naruse. Yuki greets Shouji and Yashiro [guesswork from 八代] a good evening. Yashiro asks how come Yuki isn’t together with Shou. Yuki says that even if he asks her, she also doesn’t know. This surprises her friends that Meiko asks what’s up with Yuki and Shou. Yuki says that there’s nothing at all, and she’s going to buy some kakigori. <- runs away. Yuki offers to buy some for her friends since there are a lot of people. Meiko wants melon flavor while Sachi wants cola flavor. While walking, Yuki thinks that she obviously isn’t in the mood to go to the matsuri and have fun in various kinds of sense. “..Naruse definitely won’t come, right. He seems to really hate places where there are a lot of people. ..in the end, yesterday, because I was really at a loss on what to do that I ran away. I also didn’t know what they’ve talked about. *flustered* ..even if I really wanted to know but I’m really afraid.. *someone steps on her foot* That hurts!” People in front of her are squeezing ahead in order to look at the menu. Yuki thinks that there are really so many people.
Yuki tries to shout that she wants a cola, melon and ugh *someone elbows her face* matcha.. [green tea powder].. Then someone calls out for three lemon flavor. Then, Shou suddenly pulls her to him and calls out to the owner that he wants to order a cola, melon and matcha. Yuki looks at Shou in surprise and thinks that he came. While holding her hand and pulling her away from the stall, Shou tells her that she is really unsuitable with the crowds. Then, Shou gives her the three kakigori. Yuki thanks him. Recalling Arisa kissing Shou, Yuki wonders what to do for she felt that she couldn’t look straight at his face. Scratching his head, Shou asks her why isn’t she wearing a yukata and it isn’t a bit captivating if she wears casual clothes at the matsuri. Furious Yuki darkly says who cares about him. She thinks that she is now looking straight at him like the usual. Shou says, “Ah.. that’s right, one more thing..there is something that I wanted to tell you, senpai.” Yuki thinks that here it comes. Yuki asks what it is. Shou says, ah, about that- Then, they were interrupted by a couple of guys who call out that they had found Shou. They scold him by saying what he is doing for the place, where they’ll look at the fireworks, will be taken by others. Shou says forget it, he’ll call her later on.
After he left, Yuki thinks that it is no good..why did she breath a sigh of relief when she obviously decided to communicate with him frankly. “That’s right, I have to pull myself together and make my heart stronger..” Then, Arisa, who is wearing a yukata, calls out to Yuki. Startled Yuki’s strong heart suddenly had a major crack. Yuki thinks that is very dangerous for it almost became a strange love triangle thing = Yuki, Shou and Arisa. Yuki greets her a good evening. Arisa greets her back and says that there are so many people and she shouldn’t have worn a yukata. This immediately made Yuki remember Shou asking why she didn’t wear a yukata. Holding her cellphone, Arisa complains about her friends being late and when she sees them, she is definitely going to beat them up. Yuki thinks that Arisa is so cute and although she challenged ,her but with common sense, she is basically not a rival for this cute girl.. Yuki’s ‘strong heart’ has more cracks now. Then, Arisa asks Yuki if she has seen Shou. Yuki says that just how, he was at that side. Arisa asks is that so, since she thought that after she did THAT KIND OF THING yesterday, he won’t come here today. Arisa stares at Yuki who looks very tense since she missed the opportunity to ask, ‘what are you referring to as THAT KIND OF THING’.
Arisa says that in the end, the one she saw was Yuki. Yuki apologizes and says that she doesn’t mean to peek. Arisa says that it is alright, that is just her forcefully kissing him, that’s all. Surprised Yuki asks, really..? Arisa says ya, ya, generally, it is like that, and by the way, during junior high, she has been rejected by Shou once. Once again, Yuki asks, really..!? Arisa says yes, and it can be said that she was ‘rejected by him’ by.. Flashback: In 3-2 section, Arisa asked what if she said that she likes Shou, what would he do? Shou looked at her and smiled. She blushed. Then, looking at his manga again, Shou said that’s really disgusting, don’t joke around. This stunned Arisa. End flashback. Arisa said that Shou coldly smiled and ignored her. Aghast and tense, Yuki thinks that is really..truly quite nasty for one’s own confession to be ignored, it would be all sorts of being difficult with [/having tantrum].. [<- not too sure whose confession but probably Shou’s as chibi Shou says to properly think over it.] Arisa says, “But, junior high is junior high.. Right now, it is still unknown how it would be.”
Then, Arisa leaves while talking on the phone. She asks where s/he is right now, ah, eating takoyaki. Yuki thinks that Arisa’s cuteness isn’t at all because she is wearing a yukata. “Rather, it is because she dared to face her own feelings head on. Even if she gets hurt, even if she encountered defeat, she’ll still strongly face the difficulties--” Then, she sees a younger girl shouting that she also wants the pink one. Pushing the younger girl, her sister says no, the pink one is hers. The younger girl wails that her sister is a big idiot. Yuki recalls how she gave in to her wailing twin sisters by giving them her balloon. Yuki thinks, but she really hates facing difficulties. Flashback: Her grandmother called out to her and told her to hold hands with her. Yuki said okay, and held her grandmother’s hand. End flashback. Yuki thinks that she basically thought that being like that is okay. Yuki finds her friends looking dark and saying, “..Yuki..what’s going on.. *Yuki looks aghast* Can we trouble you to explain to us about Naruse-kun confessing to you? Why did you hide it from us-- How come you totally didn’t look for us to talk about it as good friends!! Why you!!”
Aghast Yuki apologizes and says that she always wasn’t able to find..an opportunity. As Abe and Hatori pass by to greet Yashiro, Shouji apologizes for he thought that they already knew so he said it out. Meiko exclaims what happened next, is she going steady with Shou or they are already going steady!? Yuki tensely says no..about that. Then, Shou arrives to say, “Not going steady. *eating a grilled squid* ..we are not going steady.” Meiko tensely says that it is Shou, himself who came..how dazzling. Sachi says that she really wants to ask Shou what kind of game he is playing right now. Meiko tells her to shut up. While Yuki is quietly watching, Shouji laughs and says that’s true, with just one look, and he already knows for no matter how Shou knocks as if his life depended on it, he cannot knock down and open Yuki’s impenetrable defense. Just then, Shizuka is throwing a bag of garbage when he notices Yuki and the others. While Shouji and the others are laughing about this, Shou says, “Ya, so.. *munch munch* I already gave up.” Everyone freezes and look surprised. Yuki wonders what he meant just now. Shou continues to say, “I no longer like Yuki-senpai.” This surprises Yuki. Shouji exclaims in shock. He shouts, “That’s really boring-- don't give up!!”
Abe shouts that Shou doesn’t have any perseverance- Shou ignores them. Then, Sachi calls out to Yuki since she is already walking away. Yuki says that before the fireworks start, she’ll go to the toilet first. As Shou looks away, Yuki walks away thinking about what Shou said that he wanted to say something to her, and then he said [now] that he no longer likes her. “—Geez, that guy was the first who gave the answer when I was half-heartedly beating around the bush, when I’m confused and dejected that I stopped from moving further, when I was gradually falling in love with him..” Near the wooded area, Shizuka is looking around and sees Yuki below. He is surprised to see her trembling shoulders. Shizuka goes to her and calls out her name. To his surprise, Yuki suddenly slaps her face hard. Turning to him, she greets Shizuka and says that he also came. Shizuka nervously asks if she is okay. Yuki says that it seems that her face is being stung by mosquitoes and it’s so itchy.. She turns away from him and says that it is alright, it’s nothing at all. *Shizuka notices that she is clenching her fist tightly* Crowds caused me to become a bit dizzy, and I only want to rest a bit..” To her surprise, Shizuka hugs her. Yuki calls his name and asks him what it is, let her go. Shizuka hugs her tighter and says, “—sorry, *looks really serious* I don’t want to let go.” And fireworks light up the night sky.
Comment: Ah..no wonder the going steady thing got dragged, it is indeed to give the love rivals a chance. So, Arisa isn’t going to give up even if Shou rejected her like that, wiped off her kiss and called her awful for pulling that off. It also helps that her rival isn’t that persistent and pushy like her. Even if that is good in a way, but then, where does one really draw a line when it is so obvious that the guy doesn’t like her? Is she hoping that he bumps his head and he’ll suddenly like her? Is she hoping that he’ll wised up and decided that she is better than Yuki? After all, with what she is doing, doesn’t that speak volumes of her love for him? That is in contrast to Yuki who is dilly-dallying and delaying things, that she couldn’t give her sole focus on him. And, based on what’s happening, after the dream, the kiss he wanted to say something to her and what Shou said in front of her and the others, it does seem that Shou had given up on her and doesn’t want to wait anymore. He even said that he no longer likes her. I guess Yuki would probably blame herself for that and would think that he got tired of pursuing her. She had also mentioned that she isn’t confrontational so unlike Arisa, she would most probably not try to win him back. As evident with her running away, she is a coward so she won’t be brave enough to do something more especially since Shou said it in front of her and others that he no longer likes her. Personally, I won’t either if someone rejected me. =P

Nevertheless, maybe Yuki would have a change of heart later on and finally conquers her weaknesses. And, Shizuka got his wish and it seems that he isn’t going to let go of this opportunity. But then, in the end, he’ll be heartbroken and probably just become a bit mature since this is a ‘fixed couple’ series and not a ‘love triangle’ so we already know who ends up with who. I do wonder if what Shizuka did would finally make Yuki realize that he likes her. As for what Shou is thinking, he is probably thinking that it is for the best that he let her go so that she won’t be troubled anymore between him and her duties as manager. He is probably thinking that he lie a bit so that everyone would stop bugging Yuki about it. But still, is it necessary for him to do it that way? Giving up and no longer like her are very heavy words that even if it is a joke, it shouldn’t be said with all seriousness like that. Someone will get hurt and would take it seriously. In a way, the ending of the chapter is nice because it seems to say that even if we make a mistake, and the other person has given up/no longer likes you for whatever reason, there is someone who is there for you. =P Again, since this is a ‘fixed couple’ series, Shizuka’s chances is none and nil. By the way, the mangaka is taking a break so the next chapter will come out after a month. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Thank you so much for the summary Kat 😃

  2. thnx for summary!!
    Might be a little cruel but serves yuki right ;p ,All this time she is the one rejecting naruse and in front of others as well!! and asking him to keep it a secret!! Now he finally does what she asked him and she feels rejected?!She is the one that told him its his fault for making her like this like saying his feelings are a bother!!So now he says in front of others that there is nothing going on with her so she wont be bothered, but she doesnt like it?! serves her right!She saw arisa kissing him and ran away and didnt even confront him,and even after talking to arisa and learned the kiss was one sided she only thought about how cuter arisa than her....the guy been through hell for 2 years,now its time for her to make up her mind and go after him i think^^.Dont want to see more chapters of naruse going after yuki like he is some kind of dog^^.

    1. Well said. Did she really expect him to sit there and be made fun of (and humiliated) by the others while she strings him along in the background?

    2. and you know the funny part is,if shou wasnt around yuki would just reply herself she not going out with him or has feelings for him lol!
      But when shou says it,is different right?guess she will realise how naruse been feeling all this time^^.

    3. Amusingly, she was in the middle of denying any relationship with him to her friends for the second time this night before he interrupted her with what he had to say.

    4. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ah..yes, and wasn't it because if it is revealed like what is happening now, thanks to Shou's confession? Iirc, she wanted to keep is a secret so that the others won't be so distracting and kept on teasing them about it until she is no longer a manager? And, what does she asked him to do? Tell everyone that he gave up and no longer likes her? How about being discreet and give the girl some face instead of rejecting her in front of everyone? Iirc, she was asking him to wait for her since she apparently, she couldn't commit to going steady yet. In a way, I think it is a good decision for it won't be fair for Shou to go steady with her if she cannot give him most of her focus.

      I would agree with you but after that, she was asking him if there is something he wanted to tell her and he made some sexist remarks instead. Indeed, she didn't confront him but then, given the circumstances, she is already plagued by the fear that he is about to reject her and it is already known that she is a coward. It is also noted that she thinks that he didn't refuse Arisa's kiss either. Given her mindset and personality, it would be a miracle/out of character if she did go ahead and confront them. And, if she did, what would she say? Don't kiss my guy? When, she isn't his girlfriend since she couldn't commit going steady with him yet. In that situation, I get a feeling that Arisa will have the upper hand unless Shou intervenes.

      True, and that shows how low her self-confidence is and trust that Shou's love for her would be more..also, that he would be understanding and everything and he already know her character and personality. Well, he proved to her that her fears and insecurities are right. She isn't worth it.

      I disagree. If she has any pride/dignity whatever, she shouldn't chase after him after what he said in front of her and everyone. I don't want her to be as pathetic as Arisa is who kept on running after a guy who doesn't/no longer loves her. If the guy doesn't want her anymore and felt that she isn't worth waiting for/chasing anymore..then, free the guy and he can do whatever he wants. She can just focus on the things she has to do - do her best as manager, get high grades to get into a good college and afterwards, find a good job..and maybe find a guy who can be patient and understanding of who she is and knows how to deal with her and her shortcomings.

    5. but kat-san love works both ways i think.You give and you take.People have feelings and are not pets^^.You should never take someone for granted.This is a lesson everyone learns sooner or later i think.
      A person with dignity treats her loved one with honesty and not hide behind excuses or runs away.
      I agree with you i do not want to see Yuki becoming like Arisa,but the least i expect her to do if she actually has pride and dignity is facing Naruse for the first time in 2 years with honesty. Something like '' you been after me for 2 years,i can understand if you are tired with my indesicive self and i apologize if i hurt you,but this is who i am and my feelings for you are real,so can you show abit more patience with me,because i love you and i want to be with you'' and if naruse says no then she can start moving on.But running away without facing him?this is not pride or dignity in my opinion.
      And the rejection thing is obvious naruse did it so people wouldnt bother her,if he said he loves her Yuki would just deny him yet another time in front of others and people would comment he doesnt respect her like many did at the camp chapter.So in the end what naruse supposed to do?Its yuki that told him his feelings are a bother afterall^^.In a Situation like this you cant expect a 16 yo boy acting like a 35 yo experienced man.

    6. True, but I don't think or got the impression that Yuki is totally taking him for granted. From her monologues, I get the impression that she is trying to be more sensitive, realizing what she has been doing to Shou, etc, aside from hear fears, what if, etc. She reciprocates some of his feelings with those holding hands and stuff. But of course, with this episode, she would probably really know that now, in terms of, someone not waiting for her a very long time as she sort out her issues so better not take them for granted. Amusingly, we are already getting this kind of issues when they haven't officially going steady yet. ^^;; So, I guess the mangaka might be aiming for resolving the issues before they go steady.

      Yes, that might be possible if Shou didn't say those words. And, actually, I don't think that is the problem. What caused Shou to act strangely is when she blamed herself and him for her mistake on not paying attention as a manager. He seems prepared to battle it out with her regarding the waiting and he had already secured a confession, 'I am already yours'. She did ask him to wait three months before going steady and he said no because he believes that she'll delay it further..which is true but I don't think she'll back out of it. I think that it is only Yuki who is thinking that he won't wait anymore which was reinforced when he refused to tell her what's bothering him, she saw Arisa kissing him and he didn't react negatively towards it [at least, she didn't saw the wiping of lips], and now, saying that he has given up and he doesn't like her anymore.

      What I meant about pride and dignity is when a guy tells a girl in her face and everyone else that he has given up on her and he no longer likes her, I would prefer for the girl not to chase that guy anymore because if she did that, she would be like Arisa or any desperate girl who thinks that there is only one fish swimming in the sea. He already put a period on the relationship. He didn't even bother telling/explaining it to her first why he would say that. It is more important to secure the place where they are going to watch the fireworks rather than talking to her. He already came up with a conclusion so I don't think there is any reason to say, 'I love you and want to be with you' when he already said I had given up and the finishing blow, I no longer like you.

      How about not saying either love or don't like her anymore? How about mind your own business, it is none of your business, what is it to you and other typical rude remarks that he usually says. He can also be evasive about it. And, maybe it is his way of fixing things..I mean, they won't be like that if he didn't confess to her publicly so he probably think that he should reject her publicly, too.

      Yes, I don't expect a 16 year old boy to act like an experienced man though there are mature 16 years old and there are immature ones. It really depends and I don't think it is because of one's age since there are other factors to it.

      And, I do agree with your points about facing him, no excuses and just tell him honestly her fears, issues, etc. Hm..thinking about it, it does seem unlikely for her to do that since she tends to solve things by herself without relying on anyone. How can she treat someone honestly when she couldn't be honest with herself especially with what she wants. She got lots of 'training' in giving in to her siblings.

      So, basically, I think both have their faults as to why it ended up like this rather than it being solely the fault of one person.

    7. Yep i agree with your last statement both are at fault. But guess we gotta agree that we dissagree about the public ''rejection''.Yes it was harsh of him,but its obvious for me he did it for people not bother her (he is teenager in weird situation so he didnt act 100% right i agree) and he prolly thought yuki wouldnt take it seriously (Remember he doesnt know yuki saw arisa kissing him!) because yuki been doing it for quite alot time....I mean Yuki herself would have denied him in front of her friends anyway as she has done in the past.So naruse thinks yuki wouldnt take it seriously.
      And no i dont think yuki going after naruse to ask him what he meant would make her like Arisa.If naruse says he meant it when they are alone with a dead serious face then i 100% agree with you there are other fish in the sea for yuki^^.But i dont like double standards because yuki done the same thing naruse did a couple of times but the guy didnt doubt her(even if he got angry)....but why with yuki is always different?? I didnt see anyone saying Naruse should find other girl when yuki acting like his feelings are a bother or when she reject him!!
      This is why i want to see Yuki going after naruse this time (I dont mean chase him like arisa) but going after him to TALK and make their stuff clear^^.I dont want to see Naruse going after her again,that would just show naruse is like a male arisa.and sorry for the long posts XD

    8. For me, I really agree with Kat. In the story, it's already been established that Yuki is not a vocal person. She's a big sister after all. I understand that for I am too. It is true that the eldest sister would always think much but then, they will not speak of it because they have to hold it in for everyone's sake. And it even takes Yuki a lot of courage to say that she likes him. And indeed, what she asked is for some time. Even with the reason, I think it's okay because Sho already confirmed that Yuki has same feelings for him. So what's the difference of waiting a little bit longer? What a relationship needs is time and trust. And if I'm not mistaken, the mangaka wants to make Yuki someone who looks for a man that's already a husband material. And it just happened that she fell in love with an immature guy that's why at first she kept on rejecting her own feelings. But the. She already accepted that fact and confessed but don't want to be in a relationship. After all, it's just a label. And Sho didn't trust her feelings (or maybe not).

      In this chapter, what I want now is to have Yuki just focus on herself and do whatever she wants. She doesn't need Sho who cannot wait for some months while others can even wait forever.


    9. Nah,Yuki didnt face him and told him to wait for 3 months,She used it as an excuse to get away.When naruse asked her what she gonna do about studying she couldnt give him an answer.And when she went home she thought naruse was right and she wont have time to date him.And she kept acting and blaming naruse for stuff making him feel like his feelings are a bother.That is why he acting like this he is trying not to bother her.Is his way immature kinda yes,but at least he dead serious and i think he could easily wait for 10 years if yuki showed that she IS serious and means what she says.And the guy thats not husband material and immature is always there when she is in trouble so that speaks alot.

      People really have double standards imo,noone likes arisa because she is desperate, but if naruse keeps going after yuki like a pet next chapter would just make him look like Arisa.When the guy is ''harrasing'' her ''teasing/flirting'' her or saying he loves her he is immature and pushy when he plays yuki's game and says he no like her he is rejecting her.What the guy supposed to do?No expect naruse act perfect same as yuki not perfect^^.

      And the guys that wait forever,wait for girls that are honest with at least themselves.I know im one of them lol.When i met my girl she had started her phd and had really no time for dating i had to wait for 3 long years before we get into a relationship,we had our ups and down was hard but what kept me going was the fact that she didnt use excuses or made me feel im a bother all the time,and when she said sth she meant it.(and it was damn worth it XD)
      Well at the end its just a manga and it all depends on whats ur opinion of what is romantic or not.i dont mind Yuki not ending up with naruse but doing it without any confrontation and serious talk between them would just show she has 0 character development and nothing changed.I hope a nice long talk between next chapter and not pointless rival drama^^.

    10. Yes, it is possible that it is like that but the words he used. Yuki did deny it and even say that he is like a younger brother's..but I think there is a huge difference if you say, 'give up, and don't like anymore'. And, 'like' here is usually translated by others as 'love'. Just to make them stop bothering her, it is better to say that and who cares about her feelings and she is not even worth an explanation first?

      Also, didn't she say that she doesn't want to commit to a relationship yet because it will distract her and the others, among other things? So, I think she got a valid reason to deny it. Why would she admit that they are going steady when they are not. If she tells them why not and that she actually she likes him, the others will most likely just listen and then, gossip about it. Or tease them about it. If the intention is to make them stop bothering them, I would agree with the intention but I don't like how he did it.

      I still think that this is a very serious thing. He is the one who is pursuing her and everything..saying he likes her, etc then some lovey-dovey that is usually not done when one isn't going steady or even a confession, then, after a confession, some slight problems/more waiting...without any explanation he says that he doesn't like her anymore. What is else is there for Yuki to hold on to?

      What if they went steady or got married, and just because of some difficulties with her and he's fed up since it is what..over two years already and there is no/minimal improvement..and currently, they are not in proper speaking terms, then during some public gathering, he'll say to her and everyone, he's tired/fed up so let's break up/divorce.

      What's the guarantee that he won't pull that off in the future? How would she believe him again? How will she know if he's telling the truth or not about liking/loving her or not? And I don't think he is very emotional when he said that so I can say, ah, he is just angry and frustrated..but no, he said that calmly while eating some squid. As someone here said, it would be better if we know what he is thinking but we don't..so for now, I can only say that based on what I saw had happened and based on my assumptions. ^^

    11. Okay, I'll say it. I think both are better off with someone else which is obvious after this episode...either temporarily or permanently, it depends ^^ His needs and wants cannot be fulfilled in the span of time that he wants them fulfilled. She has other priorities and issues that she cannot address/fulfill/finish in the span of time that he wants them to be resolved so that she'll prioritize him, and he is a hindrance to what she has/wants to do.

      So yes, it is better for Shou to find some other girl who can immediately fulfill his needs and wants. Unfortunately, he doesn't love the one who can do all that for him. For Yuki, it is better to stay single for a while since she obviously cannot add in another thing, romance, which she isn't good at while doing other things like her studies, being a manager though that will end soon, and taking care of her siblings in some way. She doesn't seem ready for love especially since she over think things about love and other 'excuses'. Unless, there is some really patient and understanding guy comes along who can help her out with her flaws rather than accentuate them...and probably not too demanding.

      I think talking is possible if that didn't happen. We already know that Yuki is a coward. Would she go after Shou and would want to hear from him again that he has given up and no longer likes her? Does she need to know why when she already 'figured it out'? For her, Shou had just given the concluding statement of what she thinks and feels that he wants to tell her but is hesitant to say so.

      Anyway, this is shoujo and what I'm thinking seems to be a bit too realistic...so doubt it will happen. Maybe what you said will happen..and ya, I won't like it. =P I understand what you mean that Shou is getting the short end of the stick but I presumed that he knows what he is getting into since he is always portrayed as someone who really knows her well. As you mentioned, those two need to talk..I really hope that they did that before announcing something like that especially when the girl already has a gut feel that is what he is going to say. In a way, Shou is supposedly 'intelligent' that it is weird for him to do this kind of thing. So ya, this is most probably just to give the love rivals a chance. Hm..and the ex-girlfriend didn't make an entrance yet, if she will ever appear.

      Don't mind..I also write long posts..and long summaries ^^;; Lol..this even went over the limit. ^^;;;

    12. I think Yuki meant what she said..she just forgot about she has to study to go for college/exam. Of course, Shou would be more than happy if she flunked so that they can still be together in high school.

      Not really..Arisa got dumped. Shou wasn't. So, that makes her desperate and him, not. Wasn't that suppose to be courting? Always tailing the girl and doing what she wants to get her heart and that 'yes'? Shou who is supposedly to be intelligent ought to know that he has a chance with Yuki. Others might think she is stringing him along but I think she does like him but mentally among other things, she isn't ready. And actually, except for that seemingly desperate thing, pushy and overly clingy, I like Arisa for she knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. She is also quite vocal and doesn't easily give up. Unfortunately, her types tend to be 'love rivals' or 'bad girls'.

      Huh..saying he loves her is immature and pushy? I thought it is romantic. Though personally, doing those things when they are not in a relationship, is a no-no to me. Rather than immature and pushy, isn't it sexual harassment? Well, cannot say anything about that since I wasn't under the impression that Yuki is playing around with him.

      Thumbs up for you. ^^ True..and yes, Yuki is different from your girl because of what you mentioned. ^^

      True. I see. Hopefully so but I'm not that hopefully about it since based on how things are going, I think the mangaka will continue to drag things out. After all, in shoujo, rivals spice up the series and usually they do cause some development whether plotwise or characterwise ^^

    13. Noone is good in romance its just happens and you learn.Some are lucky some arent^^.

      Think my whole point comes down to what you wrote ''I think Yuki meant what she said..she just forgot about she has to study to go for college/exam'' ,for me it was just something she blurted out at the heat of the moment without giving it good thought,something that Naruse understood right away.Thats way worse than naruse's ''rejection'' i think ;P(how can he wait for a girl that says sth like this on a whim without giving it much thought,when for 2 years for him is the most important thing!!)

      I think there's always 2 sides of the coin,for example what you said about marriage,someone can throw it back at you and say ''what about Yuki is she gonna treat her husband like he doesnt exist because of work?Is she just gonna give up on him when there is a missunderstanding ?!Is she gonna decide on herself what to do and not involve the other person because she is scared!?How will she get married without ever compromising,is it gonna be the other person always on the giving?!'' Besides actions speak louder than words,naruse proved despite what he says when she need him he is there.
      or one could say ''she wont date because she has exams,later she has college so she wont be able to focus at her studies,later there is job so she wont have to date.....'' So what then....^^

      And to me Naruse would be like Arisa if he just goes begs and is the one that will take the initiative again.True is not same situation,but is same desperation and i not like one sided romances where only one person tries for the relationship all the time (hated itazura na kiss for example^^).I agree 100% with you tho,that Yuki shouldnt go beg or be like arisa,but for me this time she is the one that gotta take initiative and clear things up.I know is hard and not like her character but she 18 years old i think or soon to be she needs to start growing.How she gonna face the world like this,not only in romance but in her workplace and other aspects of life,she need learn speak out and say her opinion not only work hard and nod her head^^.

      Tbh if you think about it,yuki and naruse are already dating.They see each other everyday they kiss/hold hands manga style etc lol.The only problem is that they have to hide it and cant admit it to others which is the problem.Dating is not a ritual,after you go with ''steady'' with someone you dont sighn a contract of slavery:''Ignore everything you do,and be with me 24 hours''.What stops them from doing it is yuki's been afraid of people gossiping or bothering about her,which is quite overdramatized because it could be solved easily in the first week just by saying a piss off line and none of your bussiness^^.But i guess the manga would be over in less than 5 chapters if it was like this^^.Its not like Yuki and Naruse have serious problems (family/economic/health/drugs/alcohol/abuse etc) that prevent them from being together.Wonder what they would do if they actually had one of those^^.

      My point at the end there are always 2 ways to look at things.and the writter needs to put some serious character development(both yuki and naruse) and not just drag out stuff....

      P.S thnx the replies ,sorry for long posts i get carried away sometimes^^.i promise i wont post more :P

    14. Wat kat is saying is true.naruse is "supposed" to understand yuki more than anyone else.yuki is taking time for commitment but wasnt naruse the person who chased her?knowing about her personality "i no longer like her" is a blow she will take seriuosly.i would rather not like it if yuki confronts naurse about it.even if we think naruse said it in order for people to stop bugging her then he shouldnt have confessed to her infront of everyone.she should stop thinking about him.but we already know who she is going to end up with.so just have to wait how the plot progresses

    15. That's right.

      I see and true it was at the heat of the moment. He is already on her so she had to immediately clarify things that it isn't immediately going steady. But then, if she over thinks like thinking really hard about it rather than just blurting it out and not taking him serious, and she does think for a long, long time..somehow, the outcome is the same. ^^;; Actually, I don't think Shou's issue is about the waiting but rather, the 'causing her trouble for she is thinking of him' due to the basketball incident. From their earlier talk, he already knew what she is thinking/will say later on, and he seems to be prepared for it.

      That's right. I've been thinking of that. Yuki supposedly cannot do it at the same time = studies and love so she shouldn't be able to do it if she got a job and they are married. Maybe she'll have more time for him if she is no longer a manager...though she mentioned about the exams. Depends if she'll still join a club in college and how hard is her course. It also depends on what kind of work she'll do in the future. In the end, yes, if she cannot resolve that, it is best for her to be single, have a guy who is okay with being a lesser priority or, just be a housewife. Problem solved. ^^

      Hehe..I see. And true, that would be the best for her ^^ And, hopefully, the mangaka goes that way in terms of Yuki's character development. Her 'flaws' are always highlighted so perhaps, there will be a resolution for it.

      That's right and the 'going steady' is indeed more on 'formality'...though the earlier part, she is still not sure about it. ^^; Indeed but in a way, I think that for Yuki, it is like that so she cannot commit yet. It is like how 'perfect and in control' she is as a basketball manager, maybe she wants to be like that a as a girlfriend. In a way, wasn't she uneasy when she is showing her other emotions to him rather than the usual controlled and deadpan expression?

      Ah, aside from that, which happened because of Shou's public confession, it is back to her problem of cannot concentrate with 'work/studies' and 'Shou'. In a way, she has studies, basketball manager duties and when she goes home, do some house chores + a bit babysitting of her siblings which might include cooking, tutoring, etc, and then study again at night. Hm..thinking about it, when she is no longer a manager, I think that frees up a lot of her time and lessen her priorities in life. There is no longer a need to keep it a secret. By then, the other girls will probably be also busy with exams, too. So ya, it doesn't seem that they have such serious problems for it can be resolved with some talk and time management. And, that is why I think that this is how the mangaka tries to prolong the series.

      True, but it seems that she wants to drag things out. ^^;

      No problem and don't apologize for long posts ^^ I'm fine with them ^^

  3. Thanks for the summary it was awesome!!!

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

  4. What was Shou thinking??? Personally, I think what he did really hurts. I can't imagine myself being in the shoes of Yuki, being told by the person she loves that he is already giving up. He even told it in front of everyone. Good thing that Yuki is a not so emotional woman. But Yuki should really conquer her weakness or else there would no chance for them. Hello, Yuki, graduation is coming!!! The time you'll be spending lovey-dovey with Shou is decreasing. Argh -_-

    Oh well, thanks for summaries Kat. True to what you said, you really summarized a lot of series after you came back from.vacation. You're so amazing. Thanks ^_^

    1. I completely agree!! that was a bit too harsh and sudden! I didn't expect him saying that he gave up in such a very direct manner (although I expected he would say it someday but not like this) and to think that a few chapters before, Yuki kind of already confessed (at the camp, she already said in an indirect manner that she likes shou by saying that "she is already his"). It was only a matter of making it official I guess but I think that should have given Shou something to hold onto so he can wait more although I get that Shou might be thinking of Yuki graduating soon and stuff like that but in all fairness to Shou, I do think that his decision to give up is for Yuki's benefit.

      Just that... it was really very harsh.. :((

    2. I agree, too. I hate guys who give up. I prefer Yanagi's (Last Game) persistence. I'm sure Shou has his pride but considering that he knows that Yuki is fragile despite her strength, announcing that he gives up is such a mean thing to do. I'm kinda shipping Shizuka now but I'm sure Shou has his plans. In the meantime, I hope he sees Shizuka and Yuki and just dies of jealousy. Thanks for translating, Kat!

    3. Hi,

      I agree with some your comment, and I definitely agree with you more than the other comments here.

      Sometimes, I wonder if the people reading this manga have actually been in a real relationship. Both Shou and Yuki are not perfect. You do not do everything right in a relationship (this is why divorce rates are high), and sometime even if you love someone, and want to be with someone (hence the great girl/guy) they gets away.

      These are two high school kids, in their first real relationship, of course she not going to do everything right. Of course he going to screw up. Adults still cannot get it right, but everyone expects them to get it right, seriously?

      I am a college student and psychology student. I learn how emotions affect the simplest behaviors consciously and unconsciously (from how well I listen to others, handle an unrelated situation, take a test, interact with strangers, family, and friends, etc.); yet, I still screw up in a dating relationship when I am mad. My professors, who some of them expertise are relationship, in class will often talk about recent stupid fights between them and their love ones. And they often do this to prove that they still screw out and so will we.

      Yet everyone here and on raff seem to be love experts...., sure you are. She is frustrated, he is frustrated, and they are still growing up. And yes ideally, we all want to find the perfect person and never let them go, but real life stinks in, stuff gets muddle, and sometimes you end up letting go--welcome to real life! It sucks sometimes.

      Shou knew who he was getting into a relationship with, yet he still choose to go after her. Yuki knew what type of person Shou was, and despite herself she still feel in love with her--and along the way they both acted stupid.

      She does not deserve him? She is getting what she deserve? She should have fought for him?

      You better be the world's most perfect person to utter those statements. If not, stop judging, and let them figure it out. Real relationships are not a fairy tale, real people get tired, frustrated, and f up. And people have their doubts.

      Btw, if you are that perfect, please leave your information, we are graduating next semester, and some of them are focusing on dating and young adults, they could use you in their research.

      I myself have been in a relationship for 5 years, and we are happily imperfect. We got together, broke up due to immaturity, and found our way back to each other. And we still don't have it all figured out. But, this is reality and normal.

      Good luck everyone and your current or future partner. Real love is not about perfection; most people in long lasting relationships will tell you that they had doubts, and mishaps (not including abusive relationship). And they can tell you equally about their happiness and problems, yet they work through them and keep going. :-)

      Oh, and thanks Kat!

    4. I couldn't agree more with what was said ^

    5. I definitely agree with the Anonymous ! I am a psychology college student too. You've said it all! I cannot help it but to think what if Shou did this on purpose to make Yuki realizes that Shou is not waiting on her forever if she keep delaying? <3 Tika

    6. According to me, no matter that Yuki loves Shou. I think the problem, is Shou who's waiting her for 2 years.
      Because, Yuki is not able to say no or say yes.
      And no matter that you love the person,it remains a bit selfish to make wait someone too long, I think it's not correct in human relations, that's all. ^^

      Anyway, it's only a manga, and I think everyone has right to say what they think, not need to have experience to judge sometimes otherwise there would be so many things that anyone should judge in life. ^^

    7. I agree, Quennie, it would really hurt. Why not be evasive like what Yuki does or bluntly tell them that it is none of their business? Is that his way to make them shut up/make it all up because after all, they are all into that because he confessed to her publicly..so he must turn her down publicly. ^^;

      True..and it seems that Yuki is more into 'correct what's wrong with her first before going steady' rather than, 'let's go steady and just deal with what's wrong with her as they go along'. The former would be more of her personality since she is a perfectionist.

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

    8. Yup, Anonymous [1; 6:30am].

      It does make me wonder, why is Shou in such a hurry..yes, he probably wants more lovey-dovey than what he is currently getting. Since he is into porn and stuff, he probably wants her to get into bed before she graduates.

    9. True, Anonymous [2; 9:17am]..though I do wonder if it is really about pride. He seems okay with how things are until Yuki berates him for making her lose focus since she kept on thinking of him and he just doesn't seem to want her to be that way. It does seem like he is doing her a favor but again, I got a problem with how he did it.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    10. True, Anonymous [3; 10:29am]..I also think that it depends on how much realism one puts in while reading a series. Do you want it to be realistic, or idealistic since it is fiction so everything should go very smoothly.

      Indeed though honestly, I think what Shou did is a major screw up. He wasn't exactly emotional when he said that. And, I would tend to think that what he said should be said if one has no intention at all to get back together with the other party. Or at least, do it privately between them. Of course, as you mentioned, there is the factor of being immature which is how Shou is. I'm really curious though on how the mangaka is going to patch things up after this one.

      That's interesting..what's the title of your study?


      You're welcome ^-^

    11. Maybe, Tika, though does he have to announce it in front of everyone? And, based on what he said, it is more like 'I've given up on you and don't like you anymore' rather than, 'I'm not going to wait for you forever'. There is a sense of finality that it made me think, that is what you'll tell someone if you want to end a relationship permanently.

      As he mentioned about Yuki taking things to heart, he knew that it will really hurt her but I guess he probably thought that it is for the best.

    12. True, LeeAyaKim but I think it is somewhat understandable since she has no interest in him at all, he is the opposite of her type, etc aside from focusing on her studies and being a manager. Everyone knows that it will be difficult to court Yuki.

      But true, it is a bit selfish to make someone wait too long and it is unfair to go steady with someone whom one cannot fully pay attention to. It is right for Shou to give up and everything since things aren't going that smoothly and he is fed up with waiting & with her or he thinks that it is the best for them. For me, the problem is how he did it.

    13. Hi Kat, my friends (some not all) focus will be dating and young adults in graduate school. I will focus on children and trauma, mostly from domestic violence.

      In the past and currently (this summer), I work at a domestic violence shelter, I work with the mothers and children, but I will focus on the affects on children in graduate school. Thanks :)

      Currently, we are still undergraduates, but we graduate next year. :)

      *Good luck to the other psychology student who commented. The life of psychology students/ psychologist (as told by my professor) only consist of: "research, math, scientific method/research, psychology, and more research. Soft science my patootie." Lol, yes she is corny, but she is an amazing professor!

    14. Oh, and I mostly want the people reading it to be realistic. These are their true beliefs about a relationship, and it is scary (a little sad)--and completely unrealistic and teen movie-ish.

    15. Ah, I see. Just curious what specifically about dating..like does dating affect studies/grades, how realistic they are before going on a date = do they think of it as marriage or just fooling around, etc.

      That's quite heavy stuff. I presume that you'll be doing it as an active observer. I think it would be very hard not to be moved by that kind of stuff.

      Well, gambatte ^^

      Hehe..is that so ^^ Isn't there also reading other people's research? =P

      I see. Somehow, I think there are people who likes it to be like that as an 'escape' from reality. Of course, it is dangerous if it is considered as 'reality'.

  5. Hoping Yuki has an "ah-ha!" moment and chases the boy she loves now, as it looks like her admiring Arisa's ability to go after what she wants hints to Yuki learning maybe to do the same. I know it is out of her character so I don't expect much, but Misaki finally learned to chase Usui back a little in Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, so there is hope for Yuki!
    Thanks Kat!

    1. Ya, she might but I hope she doesn't.

      Hm..did Usui said something like what Shou said/did? I don't recall it.

      You're welcome ^-^

    2. No, Usui didn't- someone warned Misaki that Usui was having to endure as she was never decisive toward him, and that spurred on their talk in the classroom while the fireworks happened outside. She realized what he'd been through waiting on her.

  6. Thanks for the summary. I don´t know why I wanted to cry (well I do). This situation is awful. Poor Shizuka, but maybe he is what she needs right now, as a friend. And I don´t like Arisa at all!!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, AmyLeto ^-^


      Hm..didn't think of that...will Shizuka act as a friend here? I thought he would be more open with his romantic feelings for her especially since he witnessed that.

  7. when will next chapter realease ?


    Thanks for the hard work Kat ;)

    1. Ya...

      Thanks for reading, Chunho ^-^

  9. Thanks for the summary!!

    Ugh, I see more misunderstandings coming from this hug!! Hopefully it will be straightened out quickly!

    I think Shou is just telling a lie because it was an opportunity to put the issue to rest in front of everyone so they will stop bothering Yuki about their relationship status. It seems he always notices what bothers her and tries to fix it. He might also have thought why not give Yuki a little shock, since she's stringing him along for so long maybe this will snap some sense into her that she doesn't have unlimited time to finally start the relationship.

    Hopefully whatever happens it will not be dragged out long. I wish we could just see them as a couple soon instead of having these rivalries... their chemistry together is what I enjoy most about this manga! And the rivals are not all that interesting, especially not Shizuka in my opinion!

    1. I completely agree! I HATE these silly misunderstandings. Yuki keeps dragging out EVERY issue and is then surprised when Shou doesn't so exactly what she says. Could she just make up her mind already? And this thing anout Shizuka liking her is just random. I don't see why he would become a rival at all. I'm not really surprised about that Arisa girl, though. She was really suspicious from the start =.=
      I hope that this is resolved quickly and that Yuki finally grows a backbone! She and Naruse need to have another talk. And THIS time, they need to listen to EACH OTHER. Because clearly they're getting nowhere if they continue like this.

    2. Thanks for reading, squeaker ^-^

      Hehe..depends...it doesn't seem that Shou went to chase after her. Everyone would probably be busy with the fireworks.

      True but how about telling them it is none of their business or something less hurtful? How will he explain it later on, sorry, I lied so did it gave you some jolt that I'm not going to wait for a long time? Getting back to business, go steady with me already. Is that something one should/would lie about just to get a reaction that one wants? Lol, if I were Yuki, that would have totally backfired. In a way, I guess the good effect is those other girls would stop pestering Yuki and start going after Shou again = he said that in front of talkative guys.

      I would hope it that way but from how things are going, I think it will indeed drag on and the ending would most likely be for the two to be together.

    3. Hehe, Anonymous, and I would think that she should have gotten used to Shou not doing exactly what she says/wishes.

      True, and I blame the mangaka for that since it is obvious that it is a deliberate dragging of the series.

      Was it? Shizuka liking her seems to be set up from the time he was introduced. He even got a cupid. I think the going steady thing is being dragged just for Shizuka to have a chance with Yuki.

      Based on the dragging of things, I hope but I don't think that it will be resolved quickly and Yuki will immediately grow a backbone. I do agree that those two need to talk but then, after Shou's declaration, Yuki might think, what is there to talk about when Shou already said things very clearly and easy to understand to her and everyone there.

    4. Thanks for the reply, Kat! Hmm, maybe, but I wonder if this way what he said would create a clean slate... otherwise if he asks for personal space (mind their own business), the others probably won't completely stop wondering or talking about it.

      Actually when I think about it, Shou doesn't know that Yuki is having doubts about his feelings (and also doesn't seem to know she saw the kiss?), so maybe from his perspective he didn't expect Yuki to take what he said seriously. Of course I could be completely wrong... that happens a lot, lol. But it's fun to speculate anyway! :)

      I've been wondering if the series will end once they get together, although I enjoy stories that extend into the relationship after the couple starts going steady. Oh well, either way it's been amusing for the most part.

      Anonymous, I agree, if they would have an honest talk then maybe they could straighten out the misunderstandings (if they are all misunderstandings). But I'm sure it won't be so easy!

    5. No problem ^^

      I think they will still talk about it either way. Clean slate...probably for he does seem to be ending the relationship.

      Yup, he doesn't know. Hm..that is possible but he would have noticed her shocked expression and hear that she's suddenly leaving. He did know that she tends to take things to heart that he told Arisa not to say unnecessary things to Yuki. True, it's fun to speculate ^^

      I think it will end once more or less when they get together. It is already summer, that is around what..July/August. For it to be somewhat romantic, probably make up on December, then 3-4 months of lovey-dovey before the end. I'm assuming something like that.

  10. Thanks for the summary, Kat! Honestly, I missed Yuki and Naruse sweet moments together. :(

    1. Thanks for reading, kaily ^-^

      It seems that we won't have that maybe after some chapters? Depending on how much dragging that mangaka will do with this issue.

  11. WOAHH...Thank you for the summary!! <3

    I need the next chapter!!! so eager to know what happens next!! :(( so sad that the wait would be longer and to stop at a major cliffhanger too!! :(

    Thank you again and more power to you!! <3

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Thanks for the support ^-^

  12. Sorry, but i really have no pity of Yuki. Shou is chasing Yuki for two years and been rejected many times, and when he thinks that he will be reciprocated, she acts as if these feelings are a burden to her. Probably that's the worst part for Shou, see the person he likes unhappy and blame himself, because he is the reason she is unhappy.
    And the irony of this chapter is that, without Shou at that same time and place, Yuki probably would have said that wasn't nothing between them or that they aren't in that kind of relationship or other excuse, what would appear for everyone there that she rejected Shou.
    For some what Shou said must be cruel but Yuki deserved to hear every word he said, because those words were like a slap in her face that she needed in order to wake up.
    If she doesn't wake up now and fight for what she wants,then will be my time to give up and quit this manga, because i'm already tired of only Shou chasing her and Yuki acting like a coward.
    Thanks for the summary, Kat!

    1. Is that so. Though, it would be better to tell her about it personally and explain things rather than just drop the bomb without any explanation and in front of everyone. She didn't know that is what's bothering Shou, she thinks that he couldn't wait for her.

      Fight for what she wants when what she wants no longer loves/wants her? I'm not in favor of that even if I'm also tired of that dragging stuff of Yuki thinking of every excuse to not confess and now, not go steady with him even if I can understand that she has her misgivings, cannot concentrate on two things at the same time, etc.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  13. Thanks for the summary, Kat!

    Hmm.. just great. I understand that Shou wants to give Yuki a little push but to do it in front of their friends was too harsh. I don't believe he really feels that way of what he said but I wonder how this will affect the situation. I mean, he knows she loves him and he also knows Yuki is actually insecure. She always put others needs before her own (but she did just admit it was because she doesn't like conflict and confrontation). Which isn't all bad, but it can be a strength and a weakness. In Yuki's case, a weakness. I wonder how Arisa would act when she hears, will she believe him or know that he was lying? I doubt Shou gives up so quickly like people think. Like Shizuki thought Sho didn't ever care about basketball like he should. Back then it didn't look like Sho came to a real challenge, as for now he has. Not to mention Shou said he'll call Yuki later, I wonder if she'll pick up or ignore it.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      Hm..is that a push? I tend to think that he is ending it because of the statements he said. And yes, in front of their friends. Indeed, he most probably do not feel that way but somehow, I think he thinks that what he is doing is for the best for both of them.

      Arisa will most probably think that he's lying but since everyone believes what he said, it is to her advantage.

      It depends..Shou is thinking that he is making her conflicted and troubled for she couldn't concentrate on what she has to do because of him. I'm not sure he'll call her later after he said what he said. Unless, he had some other intention for it and would explain things to Yuki. If the mangaka is going to drag the series and give Shizuka a fighting chance, I think he won't call.

      Yuki would might ignore it since she is a coward and does she need to hear possibly more hurtful words from him? What he told her and the others is very clear and precise.

  14. I don't know if my comment went through, but I decided to type this up again.
    Thanks for all your work Kat! I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

    I really sympathize with Yuki. I feel as though we forget that Yuki spent her entire life giving up/never fighting for something she wanted. Whenever her siblings did something, she always shrugged it off and that habit became a part of who she is. For Yuki, it is just so much easier to just not fight and be straightforward with Shou. Yet she's so frustrated because she likes him, but she's confused and unsure about how people perceived them, or how her mind is too occupied about him.

    All these misunderstandings that occur are rooted in Yuki's fear for the unknown. She's afraid that Shou will dislike her later on in the future, she's afraid that he will give up on her, she's afraid of what people think etc. I don't think they are excuses, these are valid fears that people who are in love face.

    I get Shou's frustration as well. It's hard, I think he has really fallen for Yuki, things like her happiness and what is best for her seem to be more at the forefront of his mind. But at the same time, he must be exhausted. Two years of chasing after her and she has not been straightforward about her feelings can be discouraging. However, there is progress between the two. I know that he is obviously lying about no longer having feelings for Yuki, but I hope that he's not exhausted enough to the point of letting her go. I hope the two continue to work through these misunderstandings.

    As for Hakamada, I really want his hands off Yuki. As for Arisa, hands off Shou. LOL
    However, I appreciate their role in the plot and development for both Shou and Yuki.

    Keep up the great work Kat! Can't wait to read more of your summaries for Namaikizakari!

    1. Ah..it didn't. Thanks for reading and yes, I did, thank you ^-^

      Indeed, and it also distracts her from being the perfectionist she is especially as a manager.

      I agree with Yuki..and it doesn't help that what Shou said proved to her that her fears are right. Well, it is indeed valid fears but does come out as excuses. In a way, it makes me think that she isn't ready yet and Shou is a bit too eager about it.

      As for Shou, based on the recent events, I don't think he was exhausted about it. She has been showing signs like saying some things that she does like him, and does some things to reinforce it. I think what broke the camel's back was he doesn't want to trouble her too much for her to have that expression of blaming herself and him for failing to do what she should be doing. In this case, as manager. Yuki 'being perfect' is an illusion from all the hardwork she does from behind the scenes and it does take up all her time, effort and mental power, etc. There is also her studies and 'babysitting/helping out' her siblings. Squeezing in a love life might be problematic.

      True, that seems to be their role..and well, they are 'love rivals'.

      Thanks for the comment and the support ^-^

  15. Thank you, Kat!

  16. Serve you right Yuki! I feel sorry for the poor naruse which made me feel angry at yuki all these while. She over analyses everything, for goodness sake chill out for once and enjoy life!

    Hope to see improvement in Yuki's behaviour after this episode. Thanks Kat!

    Asuni chan

    1. Unfortunately, she couldn't do that easily because that is already deeply ingrained in her life especially being overly responsible. I think it cannot be counted how many times she suppressed her wants, not do what she wants and cannot have fun just for her siblings.

      Over analyzing is also part of her personality or else, how can she anticipate everything the club needs and be prepared for everything and anything that might happen.

      Improve..in what way? Become like Arisa?

      You're welcome, Asuni chan ^-^

  17. Thanks for the summary and I've been curious from the begining on who the captain's girlfriend was but they only showed her back :'( I want to know what she is like and how she looks like. Ohh well thanks again Kat!!!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      There was a side story about their love story here:

      She is his childhood friend and she is the lively type..^^


    2. Thank you :) I saw Yuki and naruse in the side story too so it was cool

    3. This may be pushing it but could you please do a summary on the side story chapter of the capital :) Please!!!!! If not its ok.

    4. Ah..what side story chapter of the capital? If it is the one about him being an idol and she is a manager, I'll skip it since it is irrelevant to the story.

  18. Don't know if it was already said in other comments, couldn't read all, sorry, but since this is my fav series right now, I feel I must give my two cents about it. But before, thank you very much for the summary, could say I love you for that, even, lol.

    Naruse's beeing waiting for Yuki for two whole years with so little to hold on, to believe it'd play out well that, really, only in manga I guess I'll see that kind thing. Believe me, been there, done that and didn't work out for me, lol.

    Anyways, imo, he said that in public to save face for both of them, mostIy Yuki tho, since she's 'rejecting' him over and over and he knows people aproach her due to that - beeing close to him. And he knows he's causing problems to her beeing assertive like that, wanting. The problem is, we know Yuki inner's thought, the author shows them to us, but doesn't Nasure's, so we really don't know what he meant.

    It might be he said that just so she realizes he'll not be there forever for her. Hell, last chapter, even keeping his distance, he was the only one who noticed she was drowning and came for rescue. It might be that his family are moving to other city, maybe far away,so that's why he didn't want to wait when she finally "confesses", or it could he really are tired - doubt that one tho. What I mean is, he's been waiting, and two whole year. Do you guys think it's easy that feat? Like I said, only a godsendangel would do that kind of thing with so little to keep him going. If Yuki's thoughts weren't show, doubt it wouldn't be people saying she's leading him on, giving him false hopes, playing him for a fool and so on. I mean, it's two g****m years his holding his feelings, his urges, believe me, he's got urges, not just 'cause he's in hs days and is a healty boy, but everybody has urges, even more so when it comes to your loved one, and he's beeing able to hold all of that.

    But now, imagine that same person, your loved one, show you distressed faces when with you, says she's beeing troubled because of you, says you are beeing a burden to her since she can concentrate in things she wants to do/must do. Imagine hearing from your loved one, the same one that gave you all those 'hopes and hints' that her life is a mess right now because of you... I'll just say that I've been there and it hurts like all hell.

    Not trying to sound too much of a sexist here just because I'm seeing thing more of Naruse's sides, but Yuki, despite all her problems, are really pushing him around emotionally and maybe mentally, since we don't know what he thinks, 'cause we're not shown his thoughts, only when he speaks - cleary a smart move from the author, to keep some mistery in the story.

    God, I write too much, got stop that.

    In short, what I want to say, both of them are in the wrong, but they're not entirely wrong, if that makes any sense at all. He's been waiting for years with so little to hold on and it might have some ulterior motives why he can't keep forever - and I don't think this motive would be he'd fall out in love with her, but that's conjucture and I'll digress, or I'll write too much stuff again.

    1. Thanks for reading, Fê ^-^

      Yes, but didn't she already 'confessed' to him but she just couldn't go to 'going steady' because she has other priorities? So, wait some more? I don't think he got very little to hold on. I think he already got a lot from Yuki since she reciprocates some of it..just read between the actions. Also, that is compared to other series or probably real life, he got more kisses, hugs, etc and they are not yet going steady/even the time she didn't 'confess' yet.

      True, that might be his reason but I don't know if that is okay to hurt Yuki like that. I mean, before doing that, at least talk with her personally or something rather than suddenly declaring that and in front of others, too. Not too sure, Yuki is 'going away' because she is going to college. I agree, I do think that is a major part of the reason why he is getting impatient or rushing things. He wants to do it before she leaves for college.

      True..based on that, I think it is better for Yuki to concentrate on those things rather than going on a relationship since she cannot handle both at the same time. I do agree that it is for the best that Shou let her go since it is probably for the best for both of them but I don't think that it should be that way.

      Indeed, it does seem like that but then, isn't it the same for Yuki? A guy kept on pursuing her, she is getting interested, confused, do not know what to do, want to be really sure of things, confessed, asked him to wait a bit, etc..then there's a bit of hitch or perhaps, a major hitch for him, and he won't tell her what's bothering him, though still helping her out when she's in trouble and then, drops her like a hot potato without any explanations.

      I agree.

    2. When I say, little to hold on is that he's gotten concrete. Everytime they kiss, is out of his initiative, not that it doesn't count, is just that, I don't know how to express this without sounding hypocrite or sexist, is not the same when the loved one seeks you out for w/e reason. Those hugs, kisses and holding hands, even the "I'm already yours" might sound weak if you're not in a serious relationship. Not saying it doesn't count, but it's just not the same you hear I'm yours from your girlfriend, whom you're commited to, and hearing from someone thar claims to like you, but everytime steps away when it's about to get serious. And Yuki mainly seeks him out due to her duties as managers, of course, she likes and is concerned 'bout him, but, imo, I don't think that Naruse thinks she likes him the way he likes way? Get it? It's hard to explain, lol.

      And I don't know if that really hurt Yuki, problaby yes, maybe a little, but she herself was about to deny any kind of relationship with him, if not reject it entirely, she's say something about the lines that they're not going out yet, not ready yet, not the time for that yet and so on. Then he came e blurted that out. Sure, was harsh, but I don't think it hurt her the way he might be gotten hurt, again, if heard what she was about to say about their relationship. I think it did confuse her, that alone no one can't deny. It confused to no end, for that matter, since, like we all know, she's not confrontational and is not used to that kind of situation, besides, there was the kiss, although Naruse doesn't know that she saw it.

      The hot potato was good, lol, but it's the way he does things. Yuki too does that and doesn't explain, it's just that we get to see what she's thinking and feeling, since we the events from her pov, and the author opted to obscure Naruse's actions. Maybe we get to see why now that his family starting to show.

      And thank you for the replay, didn't think somebody would even bother reading all thar rant, lol.

    3. You explained it very well actually lol.Think you spot on the problem better than any other comments.Especially :
      ''Everytime they kiss, is out of his initiative''
      ''but it's just not the same you hear I'm yours from your girlfriend, whom you're commited to, and hearing from someone thar claims to like you, but everytime steps away when it's about to get serious.''

      So i agree with this and the second paragraph^^.Long posts make my eyes hurt but your comments were real good mate.

    4. It hurt my eyes too, believe me, never again I'll do something like this, lol.

      Thank you for reading and sorry for the typos.

    5. I see, Fê. Well, I got the impression that it is because she only came to like him, still confused, want to keep it a secret, etc and in a way, she isn't that expressive/vocal. For her, that's the best that she can and able to do. I would think that based on Shou's reactions those expressions and gestures are enough for him to confirm that she does love him. Before that incident at the basketball practice wherein she wasn't that attentive, everything seems to be fine with them.

      Yup, and isn't that the truth since they are indeed not going steady yet? Didn't she have her reasons to keep it a secret since it is already a distraction within the club? I think denying it might hurt less than outright saying no longer like her/him. Confuse..ya, and probably think, ya it is all her fault so now he has given up on her and got turned off/no longer likes her. She'll probably kept on thinking/over thinking about it that she'll miserably fail the rest of her basketball manager job and flunk to repeat high school =P

      Hm..now that you mention it, they are similar in someways about that. True.

      No problem ^-^

  19. And for Yuki's part, we know she likes, we know she has problems to deal with it and we know she's shaken since seeing the forced kiss and doesn't know how to react even when the girl confessed that it was forced and Naruse didn't accecpt it. It's just that she's immature, tho she gives off that aura of someone really strong willed and whatnot, but she's just not used to this kind of situation, she is not confrontational with ANYTHING, not with outside fights and much less with inside struggles, her inside struggles - and that seems to be the main reason she couldn't say yes yet.

    Ah, hang just a bit, swear it's gonna be the last paragraph, the angst in this chapter, mine at least, is not because of Naruse words/"rejection", it's that, now, we'll get to the common shoujo scenario where the rivals would be granted chances to try and "steal" the mc's. And that pisses me off so much 'cause I'm really tired of the same tropes just to get some drama. Saying that, but'll still read, lol.

    Sorry 'bout the rant, just had to get this out of my chest, sorry again for lying that the above would be the last paragraph. And sorry for the english too, might be a lil' (a lot) rusted. T____T


    1. True, she has her own issues and priorities.

      I knew that this is going to happen when she confessed but won't go steady. It is an obvious dragging of the story and definitely, give the love rivals a chance for the usual shoujo scenario. In such scenarios, I think it is better not to make the love rivals shine too much or it will be a full blown love triangle. Though this is a 'fixed couple' series wherein no matter how deserving/undeserving the other one is, they will end up together.

      No problem ^^

    2. Well, Shizuka may shine (and become a problem, lol) I mean, he's cool, tall, kind, honest, handsome and all, but I think the kisstealer - won't call her name - just lost all simpathy with this chapter, I don't know. I, for myself, have nothing going for her, not her honesty in telling Yuki everything, not her cuteness and w/e.

      She may become trouble for Naruse and Yuki to get together tho, I admit that. Yuki thinks shes too cute and far more suitable for Naruse than herself, and that alone is a huge problem, lol.

    3. Just wanted to say I really appreciate your feedback and what you have to say in regards to Shou's perspective. In regards to the topic of Yuki's feelings towards Shou and how it's more one sided. I agree that Shou doesn't have really anything concrete other than "I'm already yours" and some of the kisses here and there. You're right, Shou's initiated it. I think though, affection from Yuki probably affect Shou a lot more than we think it does. When you think about who she is, her personality and everything, al though she is an "adult" and selfless, she's not confrontational or very expressive about how she feels. If she did something like hug him back, got him medicine, or went looking for him etc. For Yuki and many of us, those are HUGE steps to be taking in showing how much we care. I'm not saying they are more meaningful than what Shou is doing, but it definitely says a lot y'know? Yuki's doing a lot of things out of her comfort zone slowly and surely (like forcing him to hold hands with her). If I can put it in an example, imagine your love one is not the type to tell you how they feel about you, it could be because they're bad with words, they're extremely shy/uncomfortable, whatever the reason may be. They're not vocal about those feelings, but they show their feelings through other methods. Then one day, your love one tells you they love you out of the blue. (might be a bad example, I'm sorry TT^TT) But you know it took a lot out of them to say those words to you so it has an enormous impact.

      However, I still do agree with everything you've said above, I just want to make a note of how Yuki's action have such a large impact.

      Thanks for your feedback again, it was truly an interesting read :) I'm glad you gave you two cents!

    4. Thank you for reading, I know it's a pain when it's this big of a text, thanks again.

      And, like I said before, I know I'm viewing things much more on Naruse's side, but that's 'cause we se everything that happens to Yuki, what and how she's feeling, what she does about it and what doesn't and the effort she puts in everything, even the holding hand thing. That's why I focused more on him while writting my *** off, lol.

      And yes, that most than problaby hurt Yuki, regardless, I think it left much more confusion than hurt feelings in the air. And we, as readers, know why Naruse did that, since we've been given backgrounds for such actions - he's just trying to protect her, from the girls that try to bully her because she's close to him, the guys that don't give a moment's break and from herself, since she "beats" herself way too much thinking everything is her fault, and now she just said that she can concentrate because of him, so...

      Well, thank you one more time, I'll definitly stop here now. ^^

    5. True, Fê, but what I mean shine more than Shou. In most cases, it becomes a full blown love triangle and the series will just be about, whom the girl will choose.

      Hehe, is that so. I think Arisa is quite okay except for the desperate, clingy part. And yes, she might be trouble later on.

      That's right. if Yuki starts to think that way, it is problematic. So, aside from love rivals, there is her own issues...and probably a bit of his..and I'm predicting that they'll get together either by December or just before she graduates =P

    6. Oh, now I see what you meant, maybe it comes to that, I mean, kisstealer is as a good and honest girl as any love rival, maybe even better than some, since she admits and like I said, is - so far - sincere in w/e she's doing. The contrast between Shizuka and Naruse can somewhat make him more of a decent love rival, besides his looks, he's viewed as someone shy and pure with little to no knowledge about relationship, much like Yuki herself.

      And it'd bore me to no end if turns out to be a full love triangle, lol. You have no idea how much I dislike those tropes, so much that my fav series are the ones where the couples have troubles in themselves, insecurities, past traumas and so on, but when the problem comes for a third party and love triangle/polygon... It just kills the mood for me to enjoy again. Hopefully it won't happen here, and hopefully you're right about your prediction. ^~

    7. That's right, Fê. Personality-wise, Shou is similar with Arisa whereas Shizuka is similar with Yuki. It does make me wonder if the mangaka is also trying to emphasis that love is better than what...compatibility? Well, aside from the love factor, it depends on people if they prefer opposite attract or being with someone they are similar with ^^

      Hehe, is that so. I think it is quite stressful yet exciting to read love triangles which is similar with what..watching sports.

      Hopefully so ^^

    8. Nah, just can't get into full blown love triangles/polygons. It's not for me, it's just not, lol. Not saying that if it happens here I'll stop reading or suddenly it'll make the story bad, it'll bore me for sure, but probably it'll spice things up.

      But I liked the way it turned out in Kaibutsu-kun, and love the way it's beeing done in Ore Monogatari - though I didn't read any chapter since 16, got catch up, it's a wonderful series.

      I guess what bores me is when the mc's are fickle, or willing to much to forget or "give in" easily only so to prolong the story and the drama.

      And definitely love is better than compability, not that Yuki and Naruse doesn't have that, it's just a kind of different natural interaction between them, imo, they fit quite well and look quite nice together and might not seem healthy for Yuki since it's taking her quite the toll, but I do find needful so she can grow out of her shell and live life not only by her image, but also with her heart.

      Don't think kisstealer is much alike Naruse, only in her forwardness, I'd say. But then again, we haven't have got much of her yet, so I don't know, and sorry for derailing a lil', it seems I can't help myself. T_T

    9. I see..I had seen that in other series with a focus on love triangle. The mangaka just have to be careful not to make the mc fickle or what you have mentioned. ^^

      Indeed, Ore Monogatari is a nice feel good series.

      True, and it won't be easy for her since she has been doing that throughout her life. Hm..I'm starting to wonder..what if Kido returned her feelings or is also in love with her...will we also have this kind of problem wherein she'll keep on dragging things on with all sorts of 'excuses'? But yes, Shou is good for her since he is making her act her true self and supposedly knows her true self.

      Hehe..well, the 'chasing' is also a bit similar and how 'clingy/wanting the attention of the other' but then, she doesn't know when to quit..that is good or bad, depends on your point of view ^^

      Don't mind ^^

    10. Careful indeed, and I guess we will see something about it next chapter, since Shizuka is holding/hugging Yuki and now she's bound to at least consider that he might see her in a romantic way, which she didn't believe or refused to accept it. God, I'm anxious, lol.

      When I said is not much alike Naruse is - maybe I'm wrong - the way I see, he's always alone when not playing/practicing or messing with Yuki. In flashbacks he'd always be alone, playing games or reading manga, but always alone, people/Shizuka/basket guys aproach him out of their own volition, while Arisa seems to be surrounded by people by choice, Yuki points this out too, I guess, when saying that she's cheerful and much more outgoing than her.

      Short version, it seems to me that Naruse excludes himself when it's not about Yuki, and Arisa doesn't. That's why I said that I don't see much similar things between them, other the forwardness they have towards their target of affection.

      Not knowing when to quit is bad, imo, sometimes you just gotta let it go so you can move on too. But like you said, it depends how one view things.

      Thanks ^~

    11. True..but I tend not to underestimate the 'cluelessness' of a shoujo heroine. She might think that it is done as 'friends'. =P

      I see. I got the impression that he also hangs out with Abe and others during lunch or after school. Ah..that seems to be before he started to really court her. But yes, there is that 'loner side' to him too wherein, most of the time, people do approach him instead of vice versa.

      Ah, I see. Hehe, I'm actually referring to that rather than how they are with friends ^^

      True...and where does one draw the line on when to give up/move on.

  20. Arigatou Kat san. Just want to ask what do u think about this chap? U think Shou is really giving up or just saying it so others don't bother Yuki. I really hope these two will make up soon. OMG its killin meh. Why does Shou have to do this???

    1. You're welcome, Han ^-^

      I think the purpose of what happened is to give the love rivals a chance.

      Based on the incident that happened before he starts to act strange, I would think that he is giving up as in 'freeing her' so that he and probably the others won't be a bother too much to her manager job and studies.

      Soon..not too sure. I think it is a way to make the series longer.


  21. i get that some of you are really invested into this manga by the lenghs of your comment.
    shou is probably giving her room so she can think about other stuff rather than him. and instead of arguing about their relationship and their choices. they are CHARACTERS. fictional

    1. Hehe..for me, not really.

      Probably, but I don't approve of how he did it.

      I would prefer to call it 'discussing' rather than 'arguing'. ^^ And yes, they are fictional characters.

  22. This was so cruel! How could he say that? It would have been fine if he hadn't known her feelings, but she had said that she liked him! ......
    Thank you for the summary.

    1. Ya, Apurva..

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  23. May i know when 32 is coming out. I'm dying to know what will happen!

    1. It will be out on July 4th in Japan.

  24. I liked your opinion at the end of the summary because i have the same opinion too. I mean he is such a stupid to say this cruel words after what he went through of making her like him and confess to him. Even if it is for her own good, he shouldnt have said that. I also felt sorry about hama.. ( dont remember his full name. The other guy who likes her) he is really a good guy and he showed up when she needed him.

  25. Sorry kat for thanking u so late. Read all ur summaries and each para. Hope yuki and shou will go steady. Still shou feels a little "mysterious" as he quietly giggled at home after yuki confessed to him. Hope shou isn't playing with her as yuki will never be able to trust anyone from her heart( makes me sad to even think about her feelings and situations). Even though she is tough outside, she is weak when it comes to neglect something from her heart, and will for sure cry from inside. Even though it is an anime, Mrs. Mitsubashi has shown us so many things, and I am really saying all this from my heart.
    Thanks once again kat for ur work and will try to read and talk to u about other episodes. Please share ur views too.

    1. Thanks for reading them, Tanvish ^-^

      I'm sure they will...in the later part.



  26. Hope so that they will and arisa won't target their ongoing relationship. But as far as I could see shou really resembles aizen in the anime bleach who is pro in plotting his ways and enjoys them, even if the person gets hurt. But still if shou likes her from heart, will they change for each other( like yuki getting stronger and mature and shou getting a little soft or mature) but that will spoil the essence of this beautiful anime quickly.
    Or if shizuka and yuki get together, will shou become jealous and fight with him for he waited for two years( he is really patient and understanding for her) or will he pass on( think of her as a toy)?
    Sorry kat for asking same question asked by many on the same topic, like beating round the bush, but honestly I couldn't find any place where people really mingle with each other and are never left unanswered !
    Also was curious to know if they r gonna release aime( like video on each chapter) ? If u want, I will keep my comments short for u and others also.

    1. It depends, Tanvish. If the mangaka wants to make this series longer, Arisa will indeed target and cause more trouble. Hm..is that so. Perhaps, just a bit of change to keep the essence.

      Shizuka getting together with Yuki is very unlikely. He will be 'cannon fodder' to make the two get the relationship going just like what Arisa's role is. This series is a 'fixed couple' from the looks of it. Of course, I don't know if the mangaka would change it..still, it is definite that she will end up with Shou.

      No problem ^^

      It depends on how popular the series is that an anime producer would want to invest on it. Don't mind..I'm used to long comments ^^

  27. kat , i can't wait for July 5th.. I hope there is a better story between Shou and Yuki...

    thanks for doing this...

    1. Hopefully and thanks for reading, kaily ^-^

  28. Hi Ms. Kat..

    yeah, though we know who will end with whom, it's still exciting to know what will happen between the 4 of them..
    ohh.. i really like yuki, just feel that i can relate to her at some point. like being the oldest and not able to say what i feel or what i desire..
    i'm just happy reading your blog, and this way i can write comments and some thoughts of mine..
    can't wait for the next chapter.. ^_^

    1. True.

      Is that so ^^

      Thanks for reading and comment away ^-^


  29. Hi, kat !

    I haven't been here for quite a while.

    I've dropped this manga a long time ago.I think I've written a comment on this. The main girl, Yuki, annoyed me a lot and I felt it was so tiring reading her thoughts, vascillatting to and fro. I'm sorry that I feel she actually deserved what just happened, although I have to admit it wasn't very nice of Shou. It was rather humiliating on Yuki's part. My point is, she should have been frank with Shou from the very start.... that she's not ready to be in a relationship because she has other priorities. And then just reject him, period. And say don't bother her anymore. Period. I actually feel happy that she got hurt. Just like what commenter said... now it's manager duties, then exams, then college , then work. Love is definitely not her priority, she doesn't have time for that. She is old maid material. Or, what she needs is an old , mature guy, not some teenage guy with raging hormones whose needs she 's incapable of meeting.

    I actually have the same feeling regarding the main girl in Kademoni Kareshi??? She so annoyed me that I dropped the manga as well.

    Perhaps, I will read again when it's over. But you're so right. It's a fixed couple. I'll wait for this to end. But I like your commentaries, kat, except they have not changed my opinion of her.

    1. Hiyo megaworthit ^^

      True but then, she got/developed feelings for him so she won't bluntly reject him. In a way, she wants everything but cannot handle it and obviously, he isn't her top priority. For a very high school student who is serious in studies and club activities, I think that is understandable. It would depend on the person if love or studies should be their priority at this stage of one's life.

      I think the mangaka is pointing out that even if they are opposites, incompatible and currently have other priorities in life and stuff..somehow love will find a way. Maybe not now or whatever..but definitely will. So 'teenager guy with raging hormones' might not be true later on. =P

      Is that so. For me, it hasn't gone to that level yet. I had also kind of dropped KK = still glance in a while on what's happening which is nothing much.

      Hehe..it's okay.