June 18, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 69]

Narration: “A friend said, ‘I can no longer continue to sing in a band without you.’ *picture of Shun* Originally, it is merely expressing the music of his inner heart’s monologue. But, it has already been passed on to many people. That guy, who is always waiting for me on stage, is currently planning to leave the stage. *picture of Shinya* Saying ‘this is my gift for you’ then sent my bass guitar over to me. [<- It said ‘my’ so I’m not sure if it is a typo or he really sent Aki’s bass rather than buying a new one though I’m not sure how he can send Aki’s bass from his house to him.] Seven years ago, I refused to climb up on stage and he replaced me from start to end in standing here. His sudden departure caused that position to unexpectedly soar up in the sky. Should I or should I not climb up on this stage?”
With skype [online telecommunication program] for video chat, Shun informs Soichiro of what happened. Soichiro says that he is saying that no matter who called, Shinya won’t answer..and if there is anyone who said some words [for him] to come back, [<- when he got off the van?] then from the start, he won’t just leave like this. Shun and the others look flustered. Soichiro says and besides, it is very difficult to persuade a person who firmly believes that his action is correct. “Aki, you should be able to comprehend it, right? *Aki looks surprised* At that time when you told him that you wanted to leave Crude Play, it is the same kind of feeling. *Aki looks flustered* It is because he believes that his departure is for Crude Play.” Everyone looks flustered as Soichiro lights up a cigarette. Soichiro says that they are going to announce it to the public, like this, ‘Shinya suddenly fell ill so this performance is cancelled.’ This surprises everyone.
Shun asks what is that cancelled performance, is that something one can say let’s do it then they’ll do it. Soichiro says definitely not but no matter how many amazing musicians they can pull over, it is also impossible to make that person fill up Shinya’s vacancy within an hour, right. “No matter who, it cannot be done.” Shun looks flustered. Outside, the fans are already gathering in anticipation to watch the CP concert. Inside the concert hall, the crew are nervously wondering what’s going on. Senzaki looks at his cellphone and it is 16:02. He mutters that it is still two hours before the concert starts. Back in the dressing room, Shun admits that he is fine with lip-synching, and honestly speaking, he hopes that Aki can come back. This surprises everyone.
Looking at trembling Shun, Aki thinks that right now, he’s immediately facing his friend who’ll stand on stage yet carries the feelings of wanting to return to Tokyo. “The only sentence that I can say is.” Flustered Aki says that he’ll go, he’ll go, okay. This surprises the others. Soichiro asks whose identity he is assuming. This surprises Aki. Soichiro asks if he is the honored guest playing music or he is acting as Crude Play’s Aki? And, there is a new news item on Yahoo! Japan about Crude Play’s Shinya suddenly getting sick and he will be substituted by Aki. Back at Yamato TV, a crew member shouts that today’s dress rehearsal is up to this point and they’ll be troubling everyone for the official program, thank you very much. As everyone exchanged greetings of ‘good work/otsukaresama’, Riko takes her phone from her seat and reads it. Shibaken is a bit agitated and uneasy for he particularly wants to talk with Riko.
Yutaka calls out for them to have a drink since Mush and Lucca had joined them. Lucca accepts his offer and thanks him. While Yutaka is wondering where to go, he notices Riko is staring at her cellphone. He asks her what’s up. Everyone is surprised when Riko suddenly looks flustered and crying. She had read about the new regarding Crude Play. Shaking, she apologizes to everyone and says that she has a bit.. She bows to everyone and exclaims, “I’m truly very sorry but I cannot go today!!” Everyone is surprised when Riko immediately rushes out of the studio. Miwako tries to call out to her but Riko has already left. So, Miwako and the others apologize in behalf of Riko. Everyone is quite stunned by this. Yutaka asks what’s going on. Keiji wonders out loud if someone made her go to cram school. And, Shibaken finds himself blushing yet he doesn’t know what’s going on with himself. At the dressing room, Miwako and others find Riko immediately packing her things. Miwako tells her not to refuse people like that for it is too rude and if she is hated by the people whom she’ll perform with..
When Riko is putting on her backpack, Sou asks her what’s going on, and did something happen. To their surprise, Riko says that right now, she must immediately go to Kagawa.. “Ogasawara said, he will perform onstage at Crude Play’s LIVE.. *Sou is surprised* because Shinya, he disappeared.. *Miwako is surprised*” Yuu is puzzled for how come that NEET is going onstage when Shinya is gone? “Ah- how come?” Sou just sweatdrops. Inside a taxi, Miwako tells the driver to go to Haneda [airport]. She notices Riko still crying from the rear view mirror. She asks why Riko is crying. Riko mutters how come she is crying..she thinks..that probably..it is because she is angry. “..no..possibly it is loneliness.. but I am angry! Super angry! *looks at Miwako* It is because that is Aki, right? The one who is going to stand onstage is Aki! At Kagawa!! But how come I’m in Tokyo?? What should I do if I wasn’t able to watch it. How come he didn’t tell me in advance?.. Ah—geez! Even if I know that what I’m saying is nonsense! Because it is suddenly decided! *calms down a bit* But, I super do not want this kind of outcome..” Miwako mutters, is that so, that’s true..it’s very detestful.. She looks up the sky and thinks, “But I..”
And at Takamatsu airport, Shinya has just read a message from Aki saying, “If you wished for it, then I’ll go onstage. It is already up at the headline news so I cannot run away again. So, at the very least, also come over and watch, okay. Come back to the venue and come watch, okay.” Miwako is running inside the Haneda terminal 2 airport with Riko behind her. On the phone, Miwako exclaims that they have just arrived right now, and the two of them had finished checking-in. “We’re currently in front of the boarding gate, thank you!!” Riko looks at the airplane schedules and the plan for Takamatsu airport is at 17:30. Then, they find Soichiro there. He shouts for them to run or they won’t be able to board the plane. Back at the stadium, Senzaki worriedly asks Aki if he is really okay. Aki asks what he is referring to. “Are you saying that I cannot play well? Can I do it or not if it isn’t lip-sync?” Senzaki looks flustered and didn’t reply. Aki smiles and says, “Far from good.. so excited.” Blurb: “Destiny’s door opens!!”
Comment: So, Aki finally decides and is going to perform in place of Shinya. Yup, Shinya has to put him on that kind of pinch and don’t budge at all for it to happen. Since Shinya is a complicated guy, I’m not sure if he would be happy or what over Aki’s invitation for him to watch them. Since Miwako is going there, too, I guess the mangaka will play up that pairing. Is this CP’s last performance? I cannot say. It depends on the health of Shun’s father, Aki will be part of the band permanently or anything else that might come up. I’m not sure how the CP fans who are going to watch will feel about this concert. If they are fans of CP before Shinya came, then they would be fine. Well, for sure, Shinya’s fans will be disappointed but I guess they will understand since Shinya is supposedly sick. For die-hard CP fans like Riko, this is indeed a must-see. If she made it in time, she might even also perform though not sure how good they will be at ad-lib. Nevertheless, I think Aki can perform well, just not that well compared with Shinya. In a way, since they are playing as a group and as friends again, I think the energy and feeling would be very different especially from Shun. Even Aki is already feeling excited about it. And, apparently, Shibaken is turned on when he saw Riko in tears. =P And, hopefully, someone tell Yuu who Aki really is. ^^; Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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  1. Thank you for translating this. This is indeed one of my favorite mangas. Thank you again ~RoseFleur

    1. Thanks for reading, RoseFleur ^-^

  2. Thank you for the summary! =D

    I don't like how Shinya is being cast aside like this, even though it is his doing, but still... Aki may have been the original member but Shinya has been there the whole time with them, performing on stage. Their success now is his too. They didn't do it alone. At the very least, Shun could have at least treat Shinya with respect. Shinya is a person with feelings too. Stop treating him like a dummie replacement of Aki. It's upsetting. How hard is it to treat a person as a human being? From Soichiro who never asked Shinya's feelings about performing, Shun who never failed to remind Shinya he's an intruder, the other two bandmates who never stood up for Shinya, Aki whose actions never failed to twist and turn Shinya and even Riko! I thought Riko at least would be concerned when she heard Shinya disappeared but apparently a concert is more important. I know Aki is her boyfriend and she's a fan, but Shinya took care of Riko a lot before. You could at least be a little more concerned of him than a concert, right? Seriously, are they a specialist in bulldozing Shinya's existence or something? Any other person would quit music industry and dodge it like a plague if they were treated this way.

    Don't they have any regards for Shinya at all??? This is seriously so upsetting. I'm not the guy's fan but you could at least treat him as a person with feelings!

    1. Thanks for reading, Ili R. ^-^

      Ya..it must be an awful feeling though they have been pretty much doing that since the start. ^^; They seem a bit glum and everything but in the end, they want Aki. Who cares how Shinya is being treated. =(

      Riko..ya, she totally do not care but is currently in fangirl mode. ^^;

    2. Yeah... But precisely because they have been treating Shinya like that from the start that it is more unforgivable. I knew from the start how Shun is treating Shinya but I just thought that it couldn't be helped if Shun felt that way. After all, Aki is really precious to him and you can't force someone's feelings. But now, even after Shinya disappeared, he still didn't think much about Shinya and how he's been treating him. And that's really upsetting. You don't have to be buddies with the guy, but you could at least respect him. At least, have a conscience.

      You know, I think, if they treated Shinya with respect in the first place, they could easily perform the last performance together with both Aki and Shinya. They may have to alter some music but they'll work it out, since they're talented anyway. With both Aki who's been the original member from the start and Shinya who has been working hard alongside them all these years, I think they both deserve to be there on stage with the band. They have contributed a lot to the band, they have the right to be there in the end.

      Riko... When I saw the chapter but without translation, I thought Shun would feel more guilty and I thought Riko was crying because of Shinya, so when she's not, I guess I was really disappointed at first. I wasn't hoping for Riko to develop feelings for Shinya or whatever but I thought at least there was someone who could be there for Shinya especially at this time. You know, as a friend, because Shinya was there for Riko most, if not all, the time when Riko needed someone. And when I read that Shinya is all alone now, it just made me angry at them. I mean, it's not like Riko has superpower to find Shinya just like that, but still, being more concerned about a concert, isn't that a little too much? Not being able to do something even though you're concerned is A LOT different than not doing anything because you're not concerned enough.

      Sigh..... I'm ranting again. I thought I've written all my thoughts about Shinya but apparently not. XD

    3. Yup.

      True, but it seems more like either Aki or Shinya. Since Riko mentioned it, perhaps, the mangaka will still have a 'happy outcome' for it.

      Ya..and when she said, angry..I thought it is about that..but it turns out, it is about being not in the concert to watch it. ^^;

    4. Yeah, I guess so...

      Lol... Yeah, exactly. And she just abandoned her job for a concert. So not professional. =D

    5. True..and I'm actually wondering if 'mingling with the others' is very important since it isn't exactly her 'job' but it is really 'need for her job' or else, why would the others be apologizing to the others.

      I guess it wasn't that 'bad' since it is just this once but if Riko does it often, that might be very problematic for her career.

    6. I guess so...

      Well, I'll be watching her from now on to see how she's going to do professionally. Besides her attitude towards her career, there's also about Sou and Yuu to worry about.

      She's still young. There's still room for growth. =D

  3. thanks alot for the summary kat!!

    it is nice to see Aki playing with HIS band again live.I think they shouldnt had let Shinya take aki's place in the first place.Aki's dream was always this band and play together with them.The reason they succeeded was not Shinya's bass playing skills,but aki's songwriting above all.He was always shown to regret not playing with his band is good to see him do it!!must had been a hell of a good live imo.And Riko not being concerned with Shinya and being worried about Aki is only natural,he is the man she loves and she knows how hard/important it must be for him a decision like this.Why would she put Shinya above?Worry more about the guy that takes ''care'' of you because it is his job or worry about the guy you love?the choice is obvious?
    Riko knows how important this concert is to Aki and how hard,its a given she would want to be there with him.
    Really liked this chapter finally after all these years he on stage playing with the band they made together and playing his songs with the rest of them was cool.

    1. Yes, they shouldn't have MADE Shinya to replace Aki in the first place if he's going to be cast away like this after he has overstayed his welcome, not like he is ever welcomed. Like a dirt old rag, being cast away after it no longer has its use. It's okay to treat an old rag like that, not to a human being though.

      Yes, it was Aki's dream to play with his band, it is his band but Aki is not the only one with feelings and the whole world doesn't revolve only around him. It doesn't make it okay to hurt other people's feelings just because it will make it everything okay with the main character. Aki is the one who ran away and pushed all the responsibilities of playing on stage to Shinya, and what? When he's okay with performing again, Shinya no longer has his use? Say bye bye and that's it? I'm not talking about the concert in this case. With the concert, Shinya was the one who pushed Aki, even though Shinya was made to do it. I'm talking about the whole attitude in the first place, as if Aki would come any minute and take his place again, and Shinya will be tossed away.

      I didn't say their success was wholely because of Shinya. They were a band, regardless of their attitude towards it. But while they were performing, they were a band. Shinya has some part to their success. And while Aki's song was amazing, it couldn't be performed right without Shun's voice and Shinya's bass. You can write super amazing song but without a great performer, it doesn't mean a thing. They always go hand in hand. In fact, Shinya was the only one in the band who plays live instrument. Shun sings live but he can't play the instrument live.

      Yes, he has his regrets, everyone does. But Aki's regrets the only one that matters, regardless of other people, is that what you're saying?

      Shinya didn't take care of Riko because it was his job. Mostly because he likes Riko and partly because Shinya is more sensitive towards other people's feelings, which has been shown many times before, not that Riko knows so whatever. And okay, MAYBE Riko knows how important the concert is to Aki and MAYBE she wanted to be there for Aki but let's not deny the fact that she wanted to be there because she was a fan too. I'm not asking her to act any other way, I mean it's not like Riko can do anything about it, but I would have thought a decent human being would have been more concerned about a guy who was there for you when they heard he disappeared instead of a concert.

    2. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the way it's going. If it was the band's last performance then yes, they should perform together with Aki so that there will be no more regrets. And it's good that Shinya can finally cut his ties with CP because he's been suffocated by the band for so long. IN A WAY, Aki is more attached to the band than Shinya. I just don't like how they pushed and pulled Shinya for their own convenience. What must Shinya have felt to have to remove himself from the band like that.

      And it's not like Shinya is completely blameless. You can't count on others to stand up for yourself, if you're not going to do it yourself. He could have spoken his mind about joining the band, he could give his piece of mind to Shun, Aki and the others, he could gain more courage, after all, he's a big boy and everyone is too busy caring for their business to be Shinya nanny. He should be more confident instead of blaming everything on Aki's talent. It's not like Aki can help it, the same way Shinya's talent can't help but push Aki from the band in the first place. And you can't expect others to grow a personality that they do not have, like a sensitivity towards other people's feelings because it suits you more that way. And Shinya can't help but be attached to Aki the same way he despised him too. Moral of the story? Be more selfish because everyone is selfish. If you are not selfish, your existence would be wiped out because selfish people do not care about other people's existence. No, I'm not being sarcastic.

      And I guess, people grow stronger from their pain, though some people do die. But insects no longer prone to pesticides after being killed by them first, I don't know why human evolved from some monkey but there must be a reason and I guess the end justifies the means, BUT let's not make the person who commits a sin as a saint, alright? They hurt Shinya and let's not deny that and try to justify it. Whatever their feelings were and whatever end would come from that, the fact that they disregard Shinya's feelings like that is not what a decent person would do.

    3. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ya, though I'm also thinking like Ili R, on how they treated Shinya.

    4. Ili R, I think Shinya couldn't since he also loves CP especially Aki's music. It is the only way he can play them. Ya, love and hate thing. Shinya has been a bit vocal about it, too.

      Iirc, Shinya pointed out that he was an 'outsider' to the interviewer and Shun had to call out to him for saying 'not so nice' things. They make him feel he is an 'outsider' and he also always remind himself that he is. Kind of sad but hopefully, he'll find a group where he'll belong like iirc, what his old deceased friend mentioned.

    5. Shinya couldn't what? Be more selfish? I guess so, but it would be a lot easier for him if he could. You don't have to care about other people's feelings, just yours. You may hurt others but at least you're happy. The others may not like you but at least you won't get hurt by them. A bit messed up but you won't get screwed over. The only you can be totally immune to the others.

      Or Shinya couldn't cut his ties with CP? Or couldn't speak up about being in CP? Or couldn't stand up for himself more? Yup, I always thought Shinya has a love hate relationship with both Aki and CP. I guess, some things can't be helped. If they're all immune, not touched by anything and mistake nothing, they will no longer be human. Same with Shun. I just hope Shun develop more of his conscience.

      Yeah... Though I'm not sure about him being in a band again. He probably loves CP too much for that and probably too sick of the whole band thingy already. Old deceased friend? What old deceased friend? Eh? Did I skip on something?

    6. *** the only way you can be totally immune to the others***

      Oh! I get it, you were trying to say that Shinya did speak up about their treatment of him before, in response to what I said, right? I didn't get it the first time, sorry, my brain is not registering things right now. XD

      I actually forgot about those scenes where Shinya spoke up, especially with the interview thing. But when I said speak up, I was kind of picturing Shinya have a heart to heart talk with Shun and the others, though I don't know what good it would do but I was kind of picturing him say something like 'tough, Aki bailed on you and I'm the one who's here so quit your whining' or something like that. Haha, but Shinya acting like a rebellious child during the interview was cute! XD

    7. Well, cute now that you think back on it again. But not cute then. =D

    8. Couldn't make himself 'not join' CP or quit it unless..ah, someone finally says so? Hehe, I think that is what Shun is doing.

      He doesn't speak up much but has been giving hints here and there. Though they probably think that he is just being annoying. Actually, I think it is amazing that he even helped out Kaoru with his playing. True..in a way, with faults, they are more realistic.

      I think it is both. I think it was with Yuu whom he told that he kind of regrets joining CP. Very complicated love and hate thing, I'll say. It is in chapter 20...it is, 'find your nakama/comrade/s' but in English scanlation, it is 'find your partner'. It is the advice of the deceased old friend. And since then, he has been looking for a band..and found Riko..and too bad..she's taken/too popular. ^^;

      Ah, I see. ^^

    9. Well thats how music industry works?He was just a bass player,anyone kinda good looking and with good bass skills could be in Shinya's place.Ofc the other band members would make him feel like an outsider.It was a band made from schoolmates and suddenly they get a random guy to play the bass in the place of the guy that writes their songs and is their friend its only natural it would be this way.
      I agree to an extent that they seem cruel to him,but its only natural considering the story and how the characters are shown and dont forget he is the one that chose to disapear!!.Its not like shinya did a favour to them by playing in their band,they could easily find another bass player,i think the one that got the most benefit is shinya.
      I like Shinya's char i even rooted him with Riko at some point coz i dont like Aki haha,but considering the situation and the story i only find it normal the chars act like that and its understandable.They couldnt have possibly beg him to come play and apologize to him,because they feel they dont owe anything to him,cruel but its the truth^^.And for Riko he is someone she works with not her lover so ye.
      And btw Aki living like a neet and hasnt done any live for years,what would Shinya do if the concert fails?Pay back the money to the fans?Did he consider the possibility of the concert failing because of his actions?

      And dont forget the one that got the most out of the band,was shinya because through them he made it big.He got lots of money and fame from playing in someone else's band.This is something that can help him alot if he decided to go solo career.So he not that much of a ''poor'' guy.Shinya finally understood some stuff and will try do what he thinks best.

      It sounds cruel but its a manga that gotta do with music industry so its natural that there will be stuff like that and characters wont act like members of an all girl pop group in elementary school^^.

    10. Kat, haha, yup. But I thought if Shinya would reject entering the band from the beginning, it would be better for him since I don't think he was that familiar or attached with Aki's music at the time.

      Yeah, they don't take Shinya seriously so they would think of him just trying to be annoying. I think part of the reason he helped Kaoru was also because he was sensitive towards other people's feelings. He can't help it, I guess. That's why I pity him all the more. And when he found Riko, even Riko is more absorbed with Aki. =(

    11. HA! I knew you would use that point. 'Anyone could replace Shinya'. Even if it was someone else beside Shinya, it would still be the same. If not Shinya, someone else would suffer. There would no need to be a replacement if Aki didn't run away. In a way, you just proved that Shinya is needed by the band because someone is needed to be there to replace Aki's spot. Why? Because Aki ran away. And after that, you're saying it's okay to throw him away when he's no longer needed?

      I did say that it was natural for Shun and the others to want Aki back but as a human being, you should learn to respect other person. They might not be happy with things but they should have resolved it with Aki as a band before Shinya enter. And when Shinya enter, they should acknowledge the guy has feelings and not shove the fact that he's an intruder all the time. If anything, they should be angry with Aki. Aki ran away. Which is why Shinya has to be there. It's not Shinya's fault. It was Aki who made the situation to be what it was. He was the one who abandoned the band. The fact that they want Aki back does not excuse the ill treatment they treated Shinya with.

      I don't have any problem with the way the story is going or how the characters are portrayed. And the way the characters are portrayed, along with everything else, Shun and the others hurt Shinya. That's a matter of fact. You can't deny that by giving bunch of excuses for them.

      He HAD TO disappear. Because he's sensitive to others' feelings, he had no choice but to disappear. They made him disappear. He didn't do it out of the blue to play truant like a rebellious child. He disappeared because they made him disappear. After hearing a conversation like that, who would have enough thick skin and willpower to stand on stage?

      'Its not like shinya did a favour to them by playing in their band,they could easily find another bass player,i think the one that got the most benefit is shinya.' Seriously? Shinya did give them a favor. Because without Shinya, they can't stand on stage. And if not Shinya, the other what-if bass player would also be giving them a favor. Why? Because he was there with them performing on stage as a band. Without Shinya and what-if bass player, they would not be a complete band. They need him.

    12. Yes, they couldn't beg him, they couldn't apologize to him because they FEEL like they haven't done anything wrong. But just because they thought they didn't do anything wrong doesn't mean that it's true. They DID do something wrong. They just couldn't be bothered to think what they did wrong. Doesn't justify their actions against Shinya.

      Just because he's just your colleague doesn't mean it's okay to treat a concert as more important when you heard he disappeared, especially when the colleague was there for you when you needed someone.

      Why aren't you saying those words to Shun? He was the one who insisted on Aki performing live despite the fact that he hasn't been performing for years. Shun was the one who pushed Shinya to pull that stunt. If Shinya didn't disappear, you would blame him to be selfish and not knowing his place but if he did disappear, the concert would fail and it would be his fault. In the end, everything is Shinya's fault?

      Shinya doesn't need CP to be successful. He was not in the band for the fame or money. I don't think he even wanted to be in a band in the first place. He didn't want to perform on stage and be a mega celebrity. I think so anyway, or if not, I missed something again. I've been avoiding saying this because I feel bad for the other two, but Shinya contributed more to the band than them. The reason CP became so successful not only because Aki's songwriting but the instruments. Those who dubbed the other three instruments contributed half if not more to the band and made it successful. Why? Because their playing is way better than the other three and they play Aki's song the way it should be played. Since Shinya is the only one who plays live, he contributed a lot more than the so called members that were there just to be a poster picture. All the other members did is just mimic some acts and be actors on stage. Even Shun, his selling point is his face. Not even his voice. Or instrument. They should just stay as a high school band, that way they don't even have to give up Aki and play as best friends.

      Yes, it's natural for them to act the way they've been acting and I don't expect them to act like all girl pop in high school but it still does not excuse them for their wrongdoings. They did ill treat Shinya and if their characters get a bit of backlash, then it's only natural. Like how it was natural of them to be feeling like that in the manga, it's only natural for us in reality to feel this way about their character.

      Oh, by the way, I'm on Aki's side when it comes to whom Riko should end up with. He started it bad with Riko but he's been trying to make it up in his own way. I'm more tolerant of other people's mistake. It's when they don't have conscience and don't feel guilty and keep doing what they're doing until the end that makes me angry. Which is why I don't like Shun right now.

    13. True, Ili R, he must, and I think he had regretted it.

      I see...that is possible.

      By the way, even if Shun doesn't have the voice..he can sing well and I think his charisma helps a lot ^^

    14. Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything about Shun's contribution at first because he's also a huge reason why CP could succeed this far. It's just that when you look at it musically, Shinya is more talented. Of course Shun is the fore front for the CP but I was just saying that you could only go so far with your handsome face. So Shinya helps with the band too. I actually wasn't going to say anything about who is more valuable for the CP but somehow it got like that while I was trying to explain Shinya's role in CP. =D

    15. Actually, what I meant was, everyone has their own role in CP. Not one of them is not needed. They're all needed. The original members who created the band in the first place, Aki who writes songs for them, Shun as the face, the other two who created the band together with Shun and Aki from the beginning and also Shinya. Yes, Shinya is just a bassist but he is still needed in the band. They're not not needed. They all contributed to the success of CP. That's what I meant. Not who contributed more for the band. It just went that way while I was explaining. Sorry.

    16. I see ^^

      And true...they all contributed ^^ Aside from helping them form CP, I think the other two are probably more on 'having fun with Shun and Aki' rather than for the band itself musically. =P

      Actually, I'm just pointing out that Shun can indeed sing. ^^;

    17. Haha yeah... =D

      Yeah, it's just that I was explaining how Shinya is necessary to the band but then I started saying all these things that sound like I'm degrading the CP members, which is not fair for them since they're the ones who created the CP in the first place. I didn't mean to degrade them like that so I feel kind of bad. I'm so sorry~~~ 😱😫😭

    18. It's okay, don't mind ^^

  4. The first thing they would be worried about ofc is gonna be the concert and their friend Aki,same thing goes for the band and Riko too.We need to wait see next chapter to see if they feel guilty or sad for Shinya.But atm its like they dont have time to think whats going on with him or time to feel bad i think.^^

    You make it sound like Shinya is a saint,that joined CP only to help their band and not because he had personal reasons as well.
    He knew he would have benefits by joining such a band,thats why i say this not about pop girl band,''my reason for playing is just because i love music and everyone overly emotional'',if that was it then why did he even join?
    And the truth is no matter the reason he joined he did make ALOT of money and gained fame.Which is something that will HELP him when he tries to be solo,(not to mention being close to Aki helped him learn abit more about songwriting)

    And about Aki it was Soichiro that manipulated the situation and replaced him,because this would be convenient for the future plans he had for him.So ye it was not that he was just a coward Soichiro was the main reason.And even if Shinya wasnt around Soichiro would have found some other bass player to replace Aki at some point because that would be good for his plans....(i mean shinya himself admited at some point that aki's bass playing is not bad at all)

    Thing is Shinya is just a bass player,main reason for CP success is aki's song/music and the frontman no matter if he dont sing that good rest are expendable,sounds cruel but its the truth for me.Many bands in rl have changed bass player without even ppl noticing but a member that writes music/lyrics or the frontman leaving is hard for the band to keep going.

    Shinya good bass playing might helped the band but in my opinion Shinya got way more benefit than they got from joining.
    The money/fame/experience he got from CP will really help him make a better solo career,besides its better for shinya this way considering he was never happy with the band and never felt his own^^.
    And yes its both shun's and shinya's fault i agree.What they did was playing with fire.

    P.S : thnx for replies^^,i think we agree that we disagree because for me what they did was not that much cruel and shinya gained alot more than they did by him being in the band,and also it doesnt seem that much unexpected the chars reacted like that considering the story and the circumstances.Well just an opinion cheers and have fun reading^^.

    1. I actually never said Shinya was a saint. I did admit that he has his own faults in this whole thing. It was always said that he joined because he loved to play Aki's music but it was never implied that he joined for the fame and money so I rather not doubt him on that count. Yes, he got them but doesn't mean he joined because of them. Yes, Shinya benefits from joining the band. Still doesn't excuse the others to mistreat him.

      Soichiro or Aki, doesn't really matter who's the ring leader. They all share equal responsibilities, including Shinya, in developing the situation to it is now. I'm not talking about that. I was talking about their ill treatment towards Shinya, not who's the ring leader to it.

      Yes, they do replace members a lot in bands before. But they've gotten so far for so many years alongside Shinya. Shinya has his own fans too. And we're not talking about other people. We're talking about Shinya and CP. But again, I was not talking about this in the beginning. I was talking about their treatment towards Shinya as a human being. All the fame, glory and money in the world doesn't excuse you from mistreating other people.

      And I've been saying that I have no problems with the way the story is going or how the characters are portrayed. Just because I'm upset about their behavior doesn't mean I wished for the author to write any differently. I'm not happy with how they're acting, not how the author is portraying them to be. I also did say that it's good if Shinya can finally move on from CP.

      No, I'm not trying to argue some more. Just trying to highlight the whole point I was upset in the first place. Their treatment towards Shinya. Nothing more, nothing less. Other factors don't come into it. LOL FINALLY! Yes, let's agree to disagree. I don't want to debate anymore. =D