May 2, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 70]

Holding one hand out and another hand in a fist, Yuulin exclaims, “Welcome back, Your Majesty!” With flowers around, Reishou happily says that he’s back, Yuulin. Blushing Yuulin tightens her fist and closes her eyes. She is in a ‘want to come, then come’ pose. After a pause, Reishou pulls her to him and kisses her.

Trembling Yuulin says, “ now, it is considered as, ‘that’s it’, right..?” In wolf mode, Reishou says that for her to anticipate it like that, then he has no way of not responding back. Yuulin screams, “Ya ah ah ah- I don’t mean to urge you [to do more]-” And, blushing Yuulin is hugged tightly by Reishou. She kept on thinking, ‘wolf- wolf-’

Narration: “I, Tei Yuulin, has been quietly living at the harem’s prison room for some time. Regarding this no longer acting as lovers thing, during the time when I’m also gradually..getting used to it..?” While having tea, Reishou says that by the way, finally it has all been sorted out.
Holding some books, Yuulin asks, what. He tells her that it is the ‘things that I want to properly deal with first’ before Yuulin comes back to the harem. “..sorry that it took a lot of time.” Blushing Yuulin says no [it is okay], then, she will immediately be officially..wa ah ah ah. Smiling Reishou says yes, she’ll go into the palace.

Surprised Yuulin holds her blushing face. Reishou says that simply, even if he is very sorry, but in the end, there is still this one thing that he has to deal with and can she accompany him? “..Because it seems that immediately [they] will arrive soon.” Yuulin is puzzled.

So, with flowers blooming on the plum[/sakura] trees, musicians are playing music where Reishou is going to receive some guests. Narration: “It is the reunion banquet for the brothers who were separated for a long time, and had been living their own [separate] lives.”
With hands together, Ryukou calls out to Reishou that at Youshu, he has been doing everything to study from start to end while whole-heartedly longs for the day when they’ll meet again will arrive, royal older brother. Reishou says is that so, they haven’t seen each other for several days and he has grown up, An Ryukou. “It’s really great that on the way to the capital, you had a pleasant journey. The same with you, too, Lady Ranyou. You look quite healthy.”

After bowing to Reishou with hands together, Ranyou looks up and says that this time, to receive a summon for them to come back to the royal city.. “It is truly an incomparable happiness, Your Majesty.” While the courtiers are watching, Reishou smiles and says, “That’s right, it is no good not to introduce [to them].”

Narration: “Eh- About that, I’m going to show my face in this occasion? For real?” Jun glances at aghast Yuulin and gives her a ‘quickly go!’ look. Yuulin mentally whimpers for a woman has to have enough courage. And, Yuulin comes out with a smile. Ryukou and Ranyou looks surprised for she looks like Yuuka, their former servant.
A bit tense, Yuulin closes her eyes as she stands beside Reishou. Reishou says, “It’s THE FIRST TIME you meet, right. She is my sole beloved consort. ..Although she left the palace for some time but she had once again returned to my side. ..I hope that you all can happily get along.”

Yuulin slightly opens her eyes and sees the two speechless mother and son. She mentally thinks, “Ah ah ah!! Those two are staring blankly. It’s exposed!! Ex-po-sed-!! [<- she had infiltrated the mansion] It has been such a long time that I didn’t do this kind of thing that my heart is beating so fast that it’ll give up-!!! [<- princess consort’s professional smile]”

Flashback: During the ‘battle meeting before the banquet’, Jun told Yuulin that it is fine to have a just and honorable smile. “Then, please treat it as if nothing had happened.” Yuulin tried to protest.
Jun said that after the Dark Merchant Iryou has been captured, Ranyou has been under strict surveillance, then ordered to return to the royal capital. “She should more or less had also perceived it.. That is, the rebellion plot has fallen and exposed. His Majesty has decided to make the royal young brother stay at the royal capital and place him under his wings...

...The royal younger brother’s mother wanted to push her son up to the throne. FROM THE START, that kind of attempt DIDN’T EXIST. ..even if on the surface, we cannot punish her but from today on, the only thing that she can do is quietly pass the rest of her life..while being under surveillance.”

Yuulin sadly thinks that Reishou doesn’t want her to see the fight for the royal crown...that ice-cold and scary malice. “Before the form of the rebellion plot reveals itself, it had faded away to an unknown place. But, from now on, Lady Ranyou’s heart will always harbor hatred towards His Majesty and..I, the consort, who is of ordinary birth [/family background], right.” End flashback.
Ryukou keeps on gazing at Yuulin so she approaches him. Thinking of acting just and honorable, smiling Yuulin asks if there is something about her face? Flustered Ryukou bows and says no, he has a feeling like he knows her.. While Yuulin still has a frozen smile, Ryukou smiles and says, “ is as if that person had lead us back to royal older brother’s side.”

Flashback: Yuuka assured Ryukou that it is absolutely no problem!! [they’ll go back to the capital] End flashback. Ryukou asks his mother if she also thinks so. Inner Yuulin is crying and shouting that Ryukou is such a nice kid--!! “Younger brother--” [<- she has a younger brother complex]

 Ryukou says, “I want to become royal older brother’s helping hand. I have to work harder.” Ranyou looks at him and says, ..yes. “Yes, An Ryukou.” She slightly smiles and Yuulin sadly thinks that she couldn’t read through Lady Ranyou’s heart.

Recalling how they used to talk before, Yuulin thinks that she also cannot utter a word to ask but she hopes.. “It’s great that the domestic quarrel between the two brothers can be averted’, *Reishou looks glum* It’s great that smile is retained. *Ryukou smiling while drinking tea*, I hope that she [Ranyou] can..”
In the prison, Iryou says, “Ah, welcome although I have no way of doing any presentable hospitality.” Reishou says that Iryou is quite suited for prison life. Iryou says what, how is that possible. “Then, today, you’ve come to chat with me about what, Your Majesty the King.”

With a hand on his waist, Reishou says that the plot that he had used up all of his mental and physical efforts to entrap him [Reishou] has totally gone up into smoke. “Like this, all of it has ended.” Iryou exclaims, “Ah ah ah, is it a topic to make one feel defeated [/frustrated]? How regretful!!

...Sigh- It wasn’t easy for things to proceed smoothly and reach up to this stage. *frowns* Truly so regretful. *smiles* Although right now I’m a merchant in this world but originally, I am but someone who is bent on becoming an official[/courtier] during your father’s reign...
...At that time, the king had already totally abandoned the affairs of the state. There is corruption in the central government all the way down. ..really regretful that to have connections, one has to have silver taels [= currency/money] so wanting to succeed in the preliminary round of the imperial examinations, the poor me basically have nowhere to go...

...I want to say that after the king’s demise, the new king might be a bit better. But your royal older brother is also not a good king. Your Majesty the king, I want a place where I can fully use my talent. *smiles* Rather than wait for a king who is worthy of being served, it would be better to push for it to happen quickly...

...‘A cold-hearted Wolf King’ is a king who has the ability to bring about transformation. But, that kind of method will create too many enemies in the imperial palace. I don’t think that it can last for a long time. After a terrible and harsh king, it should be a king who is stable and gentle, right. [<- Ryukou]”
Reishou replies, “It turns out to be like that, as a result, you are taking action at every step. ..expanding your contacts at the royal capital and other places. Royal younger brother’s mother, the royal younger brother and Ryu family’s eldest son are all chess pieces. You cleverly approached the imperial palace’s powerful people [/public figures] to weaken my power...

And at the same time, you conceal your whereabouts by accumulating funds, gathering weapons and spreading rumors everywhere. Preparations for the plan to bring down the Wolf King. *glares and smiles at Iryou who shuddered over it*...

No, this can be considered as ‘declaration of war’ against me, right. This is very interesting. It isn’t that I totally cannot understand your way of thinking. (Right now, a ‘powerful king’ is needed. ‘Wolf King’ has work that he must accomplish--) But, I also cannot easily throw away this organizational structure [/scale of operations] once again *thinks of Yuulin*...
..let me first confirm the current situation of the preliminary round of the imperial examinations although, it shouldn’t be the same as how it was before. But if someone like you were to increase, it will be very troublesome. *scene of Yuulin screaming while Seishin sweatdropping behind her* ...

...And, talking with someone from outside the imperial palace is also very interesting. I’ll come back again.” Aghast Iryou thinks that just now, he thought that he was split into half by Reishou. He mutters, “It is an incomparable honor, Your Majesty the King.”

At the harem, with her open palm and fist pose, Yuulin exclaims, “Welcome back! Your Majesty!” Somewhat amused, Reishou says that he’s back, Yuulin. Then, he gives her a tight hug. Puzzled Yuulin asks what is it, is he tired after the banquet. He says no, he just wants to feel it more that she is at his side. This made Yuulin dizzy as her heart beats so sweet.
Reishou says that he has been thinking about letting go of this thing. “Thought of it for such a long time. I cannot let you stay at this kind of place. Inevitably there will be a day when I have to let you leave *holds her face* but every day, upon seeing you, I would also want to continue it tomorrow on.”

While thinking that these are true words, teary-eyed Yuulin replies, “Is that so? I also always want to see you every day.” Reishou looks surprised as he recalls her telling him that the bride is the Wolf King’s partner. Then, Yuulin suddenly screams, “Ah, that’s right, talking about wanting to see, when can I see An Ryukou again?

...*Reishou looks surprised* Can I also attend together [with you]? [<- attend meetings as an observer/has no say on issues being discussed] An Ryukou and Your Majesty’s conversation is very tense. If it is possible, I also want to say some words to Lady Ranyou. I cannot cower in this place. It is also okay if she hates or loathes me. Rather, I’m thinking of simply becoming strong with a spurt of energy. How about it? What do you think? Is it okay? *turns to Reishou* ..Your Majesty?”
Reishou burst into laughter and says that she is truly such a positive thinker [/proactive] from top to bottom..! “Even after what happened in the past!” Embarrassed Yuulin mutters that so? “And, for you to laugh like that.” Reishou happily says that he really wants see what is the world like through her eyes.

Wondering why he is exaggerating that much, Yuulin says that she thinks that it’s very normal..!? Reishou says, “Really? *image of Yuulin happily looking at the petals floating through the wind* You always *happily holds Yuulin to him* give me a brand new future.”

Later on, Gen is shouting, “Finally! Finally, the harem will return into its original state-! *tears of joy* I’m so happy-!! Su-ccess-or-!! Yahoo-!!” Sweatdropping and blushing Yuulin tells him to please do not honestly shout out loud what he desires. Gen shouts that he will-!!

Looking up the sky, Yuulin thinks, “Okay. I, Tei Yuulin, is about to face [/welcome] the real days of entering the palace.” Blurb: “The first part’s climax, by all means x2, do not miss it-♥”
Comment: If the scanlator’s guess is correct, based on the blurb, there will be a second part and the second part will possibly be about married life. And based on that blurb, maybe in the next chapter or so, we might have a wedding ^^ That is also based on how happy Gen is. =P So far, things are moving smoothly for the couple with the plot totally destroyed.

Just like as some of you have guessed, Reishou will indeed take Ryukou under his wing and keep the mother under close watch. It is indeed, keep your enemies close to you. I didn’t expect it to also apply to Iryou. We finally get to see Iryou’s face. He seems to be a bit of an easy-going guy based on how he was talking until Reishou gave him the glare.

I wonder if Reishou had that glare after multiple attempts on his life by his older brother before? It is such a waste for Iryou to use his talent this way but then, being frustrated and impatient, it is inevitable. Well, being poor is indeed a hindrance in wanting to be in a high position.

The guy has a deep grasp of the political world. It is sad that because other people are rich and have connections yet sometimes unqualified can pass the examinations like Keitaku yet someone poor who is more talented and knowledgeable cannot serve just because he has no connections which can only be bought through money.

Interestingly, Iryou and Reishou’s end goal seem to be the same = make Ryukou the king after his reign and it is for the country. That is if Reishou hasn’t changed his mind about it. I’m amused that Reishou would keep on visiting him. It makes me think that if this series continues, Iryou can be an important asset.

Maybe a ‘hidden’ strategist whom Reishou would always consult with? In this way, Iryou can fulfill his dream of having a place where his talents can be used. ^^ That is if he can win Reishou’s trust..well, maybe there’s no need since Reishou ought to know if Iryou is giving sound advice or not.

Hm..thinking of it, Iryou and Yuulin are both proactive wherein they want to change the situation. The thing is Iryou is doing it the wrong way. So, he ended up in jail whereas Yuulin is going to be ‘rewarded’.

As for Ranyou, it is still indefinite if she will still try to pull off something or somehow, she’ll help them out since that is what her son wishes to do. For a while there, I thought Reishou would be jealous of his younger brother when Yuulin wants to see him. ^^ Ranyou might have figured it out that Yuuka is Yuulin.

I wonder what she thought about it like, she thought they have a spy but it turns out that they are also spied on by the consort herself. =P For now, Ryukou seems clueless about it. Not sure if it is good if he’ll know that his mother tried to get rid of his beloved older brother whom he really admires.

Anyway, I really hope the series doesn’t end with the marriage and there is more to it ^^ I like how the mangaka is putting in some deep royal and political intrigue in the series ^^ Scans by 狼花嫁吧合作

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  1. I have been waiting for this. Thank you very much, Kat ^^ Finally, Ryukou is now in the royal capital. I do hope that he will continue to admire his older brother and will be of great support to Reishou in the future. I'm excited to see Ryukou and Yuulin sisterly moments just like before.

    I agree with what you say regarding the fact that there are undeserving people who rise in position just because they have the riches and name. Iryou was also a victim of rhis unjust society. I know that Reishou will not overlook this thing. On a side note, I wonder what would Yuulin's younger brother's reaction be upon knowing that the consort is her sister. As far as I can remember, he's planning to be a government official. Am I right or am I just imagining things? Haha.

    I was surprised with how Yuulin welcomes Reishou. The genuinnes of it is really there, unlike before. I really love this couple. I look forward to their marriage but I am hoping that this mangaka will not end this manga with just the wedding. I wonder what will be the new twists of the story. Looking forward to it. Thanks again, Kat :)

    1. I completely agree with everything you've just said (or written ;D)
      Ryukou is such a good kid, I would cry if he turned out to be another enemy.

      Seishin's reaction... omg, i'm laughing already!
      this is gonna be greeeatt~
      I love this couple as well, they are well balanced. he's the calm and collected one, she has a temper and is proactive.
      A wedding would be a great way to end any other story, but this one must go on.
      I seriously hope they don't mean 'first part of the finale' as in there are only 2 chapters left.
      There is still so much to tell about this couple, and the way the last conflict was solved was a little bit anti-climatic (though i' glad it didn't drag on and on, honestly)

      i would like to thank you as well, kat!

    2. Maybe the next topic will be the 'push for an heir'? ;-)
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    3. Indeed, although Reishou is a wolf king, there's something in his actions that makes him sweet. And Yuulin, being as she is, is always cute. I am sooooo happy that their lovey dovey is now not an act ^^ Even though I also love their previous acts, but this one is really different. So sweeeeet :)

      I agree with you that thankfully, the last conflict was not drag on. That would be so tiring. Omg, I just remembered Reishou's reaction when he saw Yuulin in the shop/brothel. Hahahaha.

      It's almost every chapter that we get to see Gen. So yeah, I also think that we'll have more "push for an heir" from him from now on. Hihi ~~

      For now, I am waiting for the wedding. Though it'll be a long wait again. Can't wait for May 23.

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    4. Thanks for reading, Quennie ^-^

      For now, it seems that he'll continue to admire his older brother. For now, his mother isn't showing any opposition but then, she cannot do it in front of Reishou. Yup ^^ Yuulin will have another 'younger brother' to dote on ^^

      Yes, Seishin plans to be an official. Iirc, Reishou also encouraged him about it.

      Yup, hopefully so ^^

    5. You're welcome, Anonymous ^-^

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    1. Yup and thanks for reading ^-^

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    3. I think both will. Ryu has to because they have to make up for what Keitaku did and still keeping his position. Han would probably want to 'suck up' to her so that they'll be in a favorable situation. Shisei tried doing it but Yuulin declined his help since she probably knows of the 'exchange for it', aside from wanting to do things on her own.

      I'm not sure of the guardian thing but I think there are backers for the consorts. Using the consorts to please the king to get what they want since he'll be eager to please the one he had a fancy on. The guardians for a consort would probably be Gen-type of characters who are more concerned about the harem than politics. If that is what you meant about guardians. ^^;

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