May 4, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 106]

Yun tells everyone that they’ll rest in this place today. Yun tells Haku to make some fire. Kija will get water. Shina will gather a large amount of firewood. Jeha will set up the tent. Yona offers to go find some prey. Yun is happy about this for it is a big help since they are running short on meat. Clenching her fist, Yona says to leave it up to her. Starting to leave, Yona says that she’ll capture a bear and come back. After lamely saying that Yona is so cool, Yun shouts for Haku to quickly stop Yona for his princess has grown excessively strong [/grown strong and overdoing it]. While making a fire by rubbing some stones, Haku casually says bear huh, it seems that the princess is hungry. Yun shouts that he is excessively calm. While Yona and Haku leave, Yun tells them that any bird-type is fine so don’t be reckless. Yona says okay. While Yun is thinking of what’s next, Zeno says that he’ll go to sleep so when the food is ready, wake him up. Yun grabs Zeno’s scarf and tells him to wait, he come and help prepare the dinner. And, actually it has already been exposed that Zeno regularly cooks. Zeno smiles and says, “Zeno--..” Yun tells him that acting like a spoiled kid is useless. With a stick on his hand, trembling Zeno says that starting this morning, his lower back is always aching and his head is also very painful. Yun tells him to shut up, you forever 17 years old.
So, while chopping a vegetable, Zeno comments that youngsters these days treat old people really rough. Then, he senses something. He quickly turns around and looks into the forest. Watching the pot, Yun asks what it is. Zeno says that it is nothing. In the forest, while Ao the squirrel is running around, Shina is picking up some firewood. After seeing Ao running, Shina tells it not to run too far away. Then, he sees a dragon statue that Ao has climbed on. While Ao is in the dragon’s mouth, the mouth closes with Ao inside. This made Shina immediately chop the dragon statue in half to free Ao. After Ao climbs to his shoulder, Shina asks if he is okay. Turning around, Shina says that they’re going back. Then, a black smoke starts to emit from the dragon statue’s mouth. And the dragon-shaped black smoke approaches Shina from behind. Later on, while carrying a basket of vegetables, Yun comments that Shina is so slow. Since Yona and Haku also haven’t come back, they cannot finish preparing dinner. Jeha offers to go and look for them when they hear someone is approaching. Jeha calls out that Shina is bac... They are surprised that Shina isn’t wearing his mask. Zeno and Jeha ask him what’s up and what is he thinking. There is no answer from Shina. Zeno tells Jeha that he always wanted to see Blue Dragon’s eyes and now, his dream has come true.
Jeha says can he say, like this, on contrary, he doesn’t know if it should be okay. Ah, he has golden eyes and indeed it is extremely beautiful. But lately, he noticed that when he simply wanted to see his eyes, Shina would dodge and say ‘stop’, ‘not allowed to look’, ‘not allowed to come near’, that kind of treasured scenario is really very interesting although it is really beautiful. Zeno tells Jeha that he can, more or less, stop or else, he’ll die because his heart had become numb. Yun says that he always felt that when always wearing a mask Shina shows his face, he’ll be very shocked. Kija says that he is very happy for it proves that from Shina’s heart, he is now part of them so they shouldn’t fuss too much about nothing so let’s be a bit quiet. Kija tells Shina that his eyes are truly very beautiful. Zeno comments that Kija is one who really has no way of calming down. Jeha says that after all, Kija has an illness wherein if he thinks of something, he’ll say it all out. Holding Shina’s arm, Kija tells him to come over here. Shina answers, “Don’t touch me, boy.” This surprises Kija that he says, that so. He apologizes for hurting him for he couldn’t control his hand’s strength. Looking down on him, Shina says that it is just a weak strength from a moving right hand so how it is possible that it will hurt, idiot.
Yun is surprised that he mutters Shina’s name. Stunned Kija backs away and goes back to the other dragons. Sitting on the ground together, Kija says that right now is the start of the four dragon brothers’ meeting with the topic of ‘Shina’s rebellious stage’. Zeno just smiles while Jeha says okay, this is becoming more interesting. Yun says that it is four dragon brothers’ meeting so it has nothing to do with him since he isn’t a one of the four. Kija says no, it isn’t so, because for them, he is like their moth..ah no, their younger brother, so he must participate together with them. Yun says that just now, wasn’t he about to say mother. Letting it go, Yun sits with them. Kija says that he never experienced this rebellious stage so Jeha, tell of his suggestion [/opinion]. Jeha asks why he is the one who’ll talk. Kija says that wasn’t he in a rebellion stage before. Jeha asks who had a rebellion stage. Zeno says not to worry, after a little bit of rebellion, one will become frank. Kija asks what, could it be that he wants to say that his [Kija] temperament is twisted. Zeno happily says that Kija’s frankness is ‘not knowing how things are twisted into steel products’ [<- not sure what he is implying but probably being oblivious?] When Jeha is already fully twisted that when it is already incurable, he was born of the fire [/phoenix from the ashes] and although right now, he is a cheerful older brother, all of it is because he is too pure. Jeha tells Zeno that’s enough, don’t say anymore.
Kija asks Yun if he had rebelled against the priest. Yun tells him to please not drag him [into it]. Kija says that in short, Shina is also like Jeha, because he is too pure so right now, he is bouncing back [/boomeranging]. Jeha tries to protest but Zeno says that kind of thing is like a hurricane, after the hurricane, he’ll go back to the original kind blue dragon. Standing up, Kija says so it turns out to be like that, they only have to have a tolerant heart in facing Shina. Zeno agrees. Kija goes to Shina and asks where it hurts him right now, but don’t be discouraged, let go of the biggest enemy!! Do your best and you’ll definitely can do it!! When you’re troubled, face the sun and shout as much as he wants and melt together with the earth. Even if he isn’t number one, it is also okay for him to be the most special him [Shina].. Shina punches him and tells him that he’s noisy to death, shut up. Kija goes back to them and says, how strange, he hit him. Yun says that it is alright, if he [Shina] didn’t hit him, then he’ll [Yun] hit him [Kija]. Kija says is that so. Jeha says okay, okay, at this time, just let Shina be is the best choice, and let nature take its course. Holding a rope, Jeha tells Shina if he can help him set up the tent. Shina takes his sword and slices the tent in half. Yun shouts at Shina over what he is doing.
Jeha tells Yun to calm down a bit, for it is no good to get angry while not distinguishing between right and wrong. Even if there is no more tent and they’ll be a bit cold at night, but they’ll be able to see how Kija is like being afraid of insects. They can have a laugh..but then, it is nothing. Kija is already freaking out from the mention of insects. While Kija looks stunned, Jeha and Zeno are smiling. Yun isn’t amused for they need money for the tents and he sewed the tent’s cloth overnight. While Zeno and Kija are apologizing to Yun, Jeha is waving to Shina to quickly apologize to mommy, quickly come over here. Yun shouts who they are calling mommy. Yun says that in short, since they are together and living as a group, one has to properly do one’s job. He tells Shina that he asked him to gather firewood so did he properly brought the firewood back. Shina looks at him that Yun exclaims that it is useless to glare at him. Kija shouts at Shina that even if he is in a rebellious stage, he should also properly listen to Yun. Then, Kija notices something and asks Shina where is Ao. Shina asks, Ao? Since he hasn’t seen Ao since a while ago, Kija says yes, his partner [/comrade]. Shina says who knows what that is. Everyone looks surprised and Kija looks dark. Kija asks, “—who are you..?” This surprises Yun and Zeno. Yun asks if it isn’t Shina. Kija says no but he is indeed.. Zeno confirms it too.
Kija says it is okay for Shina to lose his memories about Jeha but he would go as far as to forget Ao, that is already not Shina, this person just looks like Shina. Jeha says wait a minute, how can he say such a mean thing about him [Jeha]. Kija asks again who he is and what happened to Shina and Ao. Just when Kija is about to touch him, Shina stares with his dragon power at Kija. Jeha quickly jumps in to cover Kija’s eyes. Shina is still using his power so Zeno goes in front of the two. Yun is stunned over this and when he looks at Shina’s eyes, he suddenly weakens and kneels down on the ground. Jeha shouts for Yun not to look at Shina’s eyes and also, Zeno..! And, Zeno’s right arm is ‘attacked’. Holding his right shoulder, Zeno tells them that it is a paralyzing power. He assures them that he is fine since losing its feeling is only just for a second, that’s all. It has no effect on him. While the other two are worried tense, Zeno says that it is the first time he tasted Blue Dragon’s power and even if he earlier heard the so-called illusion of seeing a dragon and being swallowed by it, and it is this kind of feeling. While walking, he says that living for two thousand years, there are still so many things that he has to learn and he is still far from growing up. Next..since it is here, he felt some strange presence, there is something inside Shina’s BODY. This surprises Kija. Shina ‘attacks’ the left side of Zeno’s body with his dragon power. Zeno collapses. Shina chuckles and says that the feeling is quite good, how is it, the feeling of being swallowed and split up into pieces.
Zeno says that he felt like yawning, and it’s annoying to death, so how about he try to directly destroy his heart. Then, a dragon’s claw stabs Zeno through the heart. Zeno collapses. While Jeha and Kija are calling for Zeno, Shina laughs and says it’s so amazing.. Then, he becomes rigid and collapses. The two calls out to Shina then are surprised to see Zeno sitting up. Zeno happily asks if Shina has calmed down. Kija tells him not to do this kind of ‘frightening to death’ thing. Zeno says that if he is loses to this kind of thing, he would have died a long time ago. While Kija looks flustered and tense over this, Yun asks if Shina is okay. Zeno says yes, right now, he is only bitten back by the paralysis that’s all, and he thinks that the thing inside won’t be able to move for some time. Shina’s finger moves. To their surprise, Shina stands up. When it is about to be dark, carrying a boar, Haku says that they are coming back late. Carrying some fruits, Yona wonders out loud if Yun will get angry. Haku says that it is okay after all, they are going to bring so many gifts. Yona wonders out loud if Yun would be happy. Arriving at their camp site, Yona calls out to everyone that they are bac.. Only to find Yun huddling himself at the side of their destroyed tent. Yona calls out Yun and asks what happened. Teary-eyed Yun asks them what to do for everyone..everyone..had disappeared.
Comment: Ah, is that you, Black Dragon/Sword? =P Ya, that is what I’m imaging since it is surely a ‘dragon’ and that seems to be the only one we’re still looking for..well, the sword and I know that the black dragon is just a joke. It must be a malicious= black dragon since it is sealed in that statue. It must be powerful enough to negate the side effects of using Blue Dragon’s power. So, since it is sealed, what are the possibilities of it being sealed in a sword later on that Yona can use so that she can power up? So, that won’t be a magical sword, it would be a possessed sword. ^^ Well, it can also posses Yona to suddenly have amazing sword/fighting skills when she needs it. And, that will be one issue solved regarding Yona still being weak. =P If she immediately powers up, they can now deal with their goal/knowing what their goal is or whatever rather than walking aimlessly as Yona trains to become stronger. It would be nice if Yona indeed bring home a bear by herself so that it can prove that she has indeed become stronger..but from mommy Yun’s reaction, it must be still beyond her ability or he is just worrying too much. The dragons’ antics are amusing as usual. Apparently, they cannot handle a ‘rebellious teen’. =P Kija and Jeha are teasing/sniping at each other whenever they get a chance to ^^; It does seem that it is only when things get serious, when Zeno also get serious or else, he’ll join the other’s ‘fooling around’ as if he isn’t really older than them. Anyway, since the dragons disappear, Yona would have to find them again...maybe bring back something new, whether a sword or a goal, while she is at it? And, the mangaka is on a break so the series will resume on June 5th. Scans by 红莲汉

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  6. That was unexpected! It will be funny if that black dragon will end up in Haks body. That all kept on calling him "dark/black dragon" so now he might really become one :P

    1. Haku's body..that would be interesting, Alisa ^-^ Indeed ^^

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  9. I'm late to the party but I'm a reader who decided to take the plunge. Thanks for all your hard work with the summaries. :)

    With respect to the sword/dark dragon, I tend to agree with you that it would solve problems with Yona's combat effectiveness. But I hope that it doesn't happen because I want Yona to work for her skills (and fwiw I don't think that learning a few stances from Hak that she'll use with her super-weapon counts as "work" when we're talking about that type of power) or at least lose something precious in order to gain them - a shortened lifespan or something like that.

    I mean, the other characters have had to develop (or cope with) their skills throughout their lives. In comparison, Yona is often quickly acquiring resources at little personal cost. The dragons have to follow her, Hak loves her, the guy from the Fire Tribe loves her, Lily loves her, etc. Now she cries about how she "needs to get stronger" and instead of working harder, being thoughtful, and learning how to function within her limitations, she gets a dragon power (if we're right about the story's direction)? I don't like it tbh.

    Then there's the effect of a dragon power on her character development and on the story.

    First, the Dragons+Hak already provide enough physical brawn and Yona doesn't seem to know how to maximize the power she currently has. I'd like to see a useful contrast like in OP. Nami isn't a particularly strong character physically but she has brains and the ability to use her weapon with enough proficiency to protect people and not get herself or Luffy/Zoro killed every time the crew gets into a scrape. I'd like to see Yona leading the group with strategy or contributing more like in the trafficking arc. Right now she generally just considers what she wants to do (protect the village, defend these people from drug dealers, etc.) and then gets the guys and their allies to do it. She doesn't think about, say, attacking the ringleader, about what the terrain means for their respective styles, or about how the guys may be nursing injuries or in need of a break. She's got more than enough power as their leader. There's nothing stopping her from asking Yun and Hak to educate her on military strategy or providing aerial support as an archer. She makes things worse by overdoing it and focusing so much on what she can't do.

    Second, Yona should learn to be a better friend before powering up since she's used to being self-centered and she kind of still has blinders on. For example, I get that she's oblivious towards Hak's romantic feelings but during his breakdown the panel has Hak remembering the 3 of them as kids and then the 3 of them again when they'd gotten a little older. IMO, a lot of his pain in that moment came from being betrayed so thoroughly by the best friend he had loved enough to trust with the girl he loved. *His* betrayal. Yet when she calms him down all she says is that *she's* fine. She doesn't appear to get that Hak lost it because *he* wasn't fine and I'm uncomfortable with that response to a childhood friend's emotional distress. Because, especially wrt Hak, Yona still struggles to give back emotionally IMO and that's a relational issue that won't get fixed by more strength because she wants to be acknowledged and to feel better about her powerlessness.

    Although the plot potential is exciting... :p Sorry about the length of the comment.

    1. Thanks for reading, Holly ^-^

      I see..something like losing something in order to gain something. Well, Yona working for her skills is ideal but at the rate she is going, it might not happen very soon so, for me, a bit of power-up is welcomed ^^

      That's right. Those are what I'm hoping to at least compensate for her lack of physical strength or in fighting but unfortunately, it isn't happening. ;_; It would be fun if she has the brains so that she can 'fight against' Suwon using her few powerful dragons/people against his tribe leaders, etc. Apparently, that doesn't seem to be the mangaka's aim for this series..well, it isn't evident.

      Yup, I agree. She must be thinking that he lost it because he thought that something is going to happen to her. It seems that she is clueless of the hurt that Suwon caused Haku, not just her. She didn't realize that Haku's anger/hatred is much more than hers when she is suppose to be the aggrieved party. I guess she doesn't quite know of their friendship. ^^;

      Yup, and no problem ^^

    2. For sure. Thanks for the thoughtful response. :)

      That's true. Since I think the manga's working towards an ending, a power-up may work out.

      Good to see I'm not the only one who thinks so! I think that if Yona and the dragons are forced to take the throne back from SuWon it'll likely be Hak and Yun working as the brains unfortunately. Yona delivering the arrow that kills SuWon or perhaps stabbing him with the hairpin would be the most logical conclusion of the mangaka's insistence on making her fight, but I'm not sure I'll be on board with the execution because of Yona's probable motives.

      True. I wonder if she does that because it's easier. IMO SuWon's actions clearly showed that Hak was more important to him than Yona. Granted, she wasn't privy to the conversation when he outright said so, but when SuWon spent more time with Hak on that last visit without bothering to inform her, it was clear. But admitting the closeness of SuWon and Hak's relationship would be painful because it would mean having to admit to the unpleasant truth that she wasn't that much of a priority to the man she'd loved for 10 years. So instead she thinks of herself as the center of Hak and SuWon's relationship -that sort of thing.

    3. No problem ^-^

      Hehe, you think it is already going towards an ending? I'm thinking that we should be more or less at the half-point. Well, I'm hoping. You see, for now, Yona is just helping people randomly = she heard of trouble/asked for help then she help and move on. I'm kind of hoping that she would realize what she wants to do with her life and the dragons. Like, a major goal in life since for now, it seems that she is 'lost'. In a way, she does seem to be okay with what Suwon did and is currently doing.

      So, halfway from her would be Yona realizing her goal and what to do with the dragons = utilize them for their powers then, from there towards the goal. I consider the past half as lost her position, find dragons, wandering around to know more about what's going on the country/tribes and now, not sure where that 'black dragon statue spirit' is going to lead the plot. ^^ are also thinking of stabbing him with the hairpin. Currently, that's the problem. She doesn't seem inclined to take the throne back and even if she did, she doesn't seem to have what it takes to be on the throne. She would be highly dependent on Haku and others. I'm basing things on the first chapter, her weapon of choice would most probably be a sword. If she'll ever kill him, it would be fitting to also stab him but then, I'm not sure if the mangaka wants to pull that off. What do you mean by 'Yona's probable motives'? For now, she isn't inclined to kill Suwon either when she got some opportunities to do so. Probably not want to 'backstab/did it like Suwon did'? I don't know..some internal monologues are lacking in this series so most are just presumptions based on one's actions. And based on her actions, she seems to still highly regard Suwon.

      Indeed, Haku is more important to Suwon. In a way, Suwon had to sacrificied his friendship with Haku. Actually, thinking of Suwon's goal, Haku can be very useful but too bad for him, Yona saw him killing the king. The original plan might be just to frame someone for the assassination. Then, everything is 'all well' for the three of them.

      Hm..that's an interesting point. ^^ You see, it is curious as to why it wasn't part of Suwon's plan, aside for it being revenge thus he wants to personally kill the king, to marry Yona then he can become king in the 'proper way'. Is it because he really has zero romantic interest in her? He rather do this than be in a loveless marriage? I wonder if that ever crossed her mind. =P

    4. Hm. Oh I would agree that we're roughly halfway, but I think that the threads of the ending are starting to come together.

      True. I'm concerned that we're getting one of those possessed sword that can only be handled by a pure, powerful, spirit deals. If the black dragon can be sealed into a statue it can probably also be bound to another object IMO.

      I totally agree with you on Yona not having what it takes to be queen. But to me, Hak does. Unless he leaves her or something, Hak and Yun (the Minister of Agriculture, Finance, and Other Titles) can do the heavy-lifting.

      Re Lack of Focus:

      I agree. In retrospect, Yona's lack of focus likely could have been fixed by Yona having a Kyouko-esque response to Suwon's betrayal and then leaving the Wind Tribe in order to muster foreign support for her return (or something). But what puzzles me is how the narrative seems to condone her lack of focus.

      Re Probable Motives:

      As it is, I agree that she seems to highly regard Suwon and she seems to be willing to believe the worst of her father. I don't think her dad was perfect but we're not seeing evidence of a reign so brutal that such a response would be justified. We've seen a lack of care with funds and a philosophical disagreement on a foreign policy that wasn't that bad. Why Yona would rather accept her father's murder as justice than dive into the more complex truth is beyond me, but her passiveness is a problem because it won't be enough to motivate her to kill Suwon.

      Which brings me to my theory of events: IMO shortly after Yona finds the sword, Suwon's plans to take back the lands his father conquered are going to take an ugly turn. People are going to end up suffering -maybe the Earth general has heavy casualties after his territory's attacked while he's gone; perhaps the Fire Tribe has their routes cut off a la Wind Tribe so that even the soldiers are starving, Suwon callously sacrifices a devoted army contingent, etc. The warmongers have second thoughts. Yona, Hak, and the Dragons will be forced to step in and Yona will kill Suwon on behalf of the people. Or if not Suwon himself, the guy who takes over.

      While the idea of Suwon getting his comeuppance is nice, I can't get behind Yona going after him because he was hurting people when she won't fight for her father. Her father loved her and gave her everything but Yona can't even be bothered to investigate the chain of events that led to his death. Killing for the likely motive of helping the people won't fix that level of ungratefulness to me.

      Re Hak & Suwon:

      Ha ha! I don't think Yona ever thought that Suwon might not want to marry her.:p I wonder if the original plan involved Suwon killing both Il and Yona before he heard Yona's confession and realized that she could help him.Thing is she should've known BARD that he didn't want to when he reacted the way he did to her confession. It's really odd to me that a princess who grew up around the nobles would be this inept at indirect communication.

      With respect to the loveless marriage, my suspicion is that Suwon might be gay. Yona's childishness and infatuation would've effectively ended any mature discussion on the possibility of an open marriage built on mutual tolerance. So I can see how Suwon might've felt cornered if he wanted the throne but not Yona. Though I think he might've married her to consolidate power if she hadn't witnessed the murder.

      I think things were deeper with Hak than wanting a valuable ally. Although I'm on the fence about Suwon's orientation, to me the part where he asked Hak to stay by his side demonstrated how much he loved Hak. He was willing to forgo his usual strategy of discarding people when necessary because he wanted to take Hak with him.

      What confuses me is why King Il was so against Yona marrying Suwon in the first place?

    5. That's right, I'm thinking along that can be sealed in an object.

      True..but that would be like a puppet queen. Why not just make Haku the king? I'm actually thinking that Yona's father was inclined on Haku as the one who'll marry Yona since he opposes Suwon yet seems okay if it is Haku. Oh well, we know who is on the title so that won't happen. ^^;

      Indeed. It isn't like her father is some tyrant. Also, why blame everything on the king, don't the generals had a hand on it, too. Except for the Wind tribe, everyone seems to have gripes on the king or are having a hard time. ^^; It is also observed that the people tend to depend everything on the leaders, previously on the dragons, rather than doing things on their own to be productive and to improve their lives. That is comparing them with the people of Kai.

      That is possible. It seems that Suwon has some other plans after taking back the lands. Though, being a strategist, I don't think he'll risk callously sacrificing the troops. That would be suicidal and be like it deceased fire general who did that.

      I agree. It seems that only Haku and to a certain degree, the wind tribe are the ones who are not happy over what happened to the king. The own daughter seems to not to care. I mean, at least get angry at Suwon for killing her father, as a father and not a king, but there was no such intense hatred/anger for even a short while.

      True...she must be really secluded, pampered and overprotective. And, as you mentioned, after all what he did, that is the thanks he gets from her.

      Ah, possible. After all, the murder is more on revenge for what Iru supposedly did to his father, and not exactly because he is a 'bad king' or for objecting to the marriage. Hehe, gay huh...for Haku? He seems more shock over what Haku tried to do to him. =P Well, I would think that as already noted, the bonds of those two are quite deep compared to whatever bonds Suwon and Yona had. I think that Yona's childishness and infatuation can actually be taken advantage of, if Suwon wanted to. Ah, perhaps, he also doesn't want to marry the daughter of his father's murderer.

      True..and I guess we can say that Haku is important to him.

      My theory about that is probably, Yuhon is getting dissatisfied with how Iru is running the country. Some rebels probably went to him and try to convince him to take the throne. Probably due to some skirmishes, Iru's wife got killed and Iru learned about it. So, Suwon is the son of his brother who indirectly killed his wife. Then, probably Iru confronts Yuhon about it. I'm not sure how in the world is it possible that a great warrior got killed by a chubby pacifist king unless Iru did it in some unhanded ways which might be out of character...unless, it is out of anger or anything of that sort. So, the rebels probably went to Suwon and whispers this and that about Iru killing Yuhon. Since he love his daddy and it is evident with what he is currently doing, he plans his revenge and executes it. Which is where the story starts.

      Maybe, there will be an ironic twist later on that Iru didn't kill Yuhon but it is someone else. Anyway, I'm guessing that Iru wants to spare Yona from those kind of family intrigues, probably distrust Suwon/know his intention so he didn't want Yona to marry him. What do you think?

  10. Yep. Hope you got a lot of sun during your trip! :)

    Although by rights it shouldn't, I think it'll play out with Yona as a benevolent ruler with Hak backing her up as king. I think you're right about Il trying to match them. IMO that's an example of how his passiveness backfired because if he'd ruled like a normal person he could've just told Yona to marry Hak because it was her duty as princess. But c'est la vie.

    That's true. The villagers often blame the king for problems that were the general's responsibility. Il definitely made mistakes by giving the generals too much autonomy and not being accessible enough (IMO that's how Suwon's takeover gained traction), but those are relatively mild fixes. Do you see Yona eventually wising up?

    I think Suwon's plans involve conquering even more lands than his father. Right now skirmishing with Kai is all good because Suwon won't lose this current battle and the fighting is largely confined to the edges (aside from the Kai-Fire fight that Suwon controlled). But once the losses start piling up folks will finally start having doubts IMO.

    Suwon's a little overrated as a strategist IMO because he has trouble thinking on his feet. That's a good point. I guess I just expect a tipping point when the generals realize that war isn't good.

    Yona's forgiving of Suwon would've been more palatable if she'd been furious for even just a little while.

    Yes, exactly. Do you think that there's a way to redeem that aspect of her character at this point? I'm finding that a lot of what bugs me here (aside from the plot-driven writing and the plot armor), is how Yona takes people for granted.

    True. The only thing that gives me pause is Suwon's "I wish we could've all slept with our colds forever" bit.

    For Hak? I'm not sure although it does make sense when you put it that way. :p It's just that I mean, the guards commented on how he never looked at women in the palace, he laughs off Lily's concerns about sharing a room with them instead of reassuring her, and we know how he treated Yona from a romantic standpoint. However the parts with Hak that would raise an eyebrow could also just be deep friendship which is why I suspect he might be gay but I'm not about to bet the farm on it.

    I think Suwon was starting to take advantage of Yona with the hairpin. However, I don't think Suwon could've told Yona upfront that she'd be second fiddle to his lover if they were to marry. She would've kicked up a fuss since her "love" for Suwon is the one thing she's consistently fought for. I don't know that Il murdering his father was his problem because Suwon was willing to marry Yona to secure the throne.

    Yeah. :)

    That's possible. Il did often shield Yona. IMO Il probably handled a sword at one point for him to have taken a cut from a sword without showing discomfort. Sometimes the people who have seen the most bloodshed in life become the most pacifistic later on. He could've killed Yu-Hon by drawing on his skills out of desperation when he realized that Yona would be in danger if the rebels and Yu-Hon kept going.

    Hm...I wonder if Suwon is still being manipulated.

    I thought along the lines of King Il being a good judge of character. He liked Hak's honesty and he seemed to like Hak as future king while implicitly understanding that Yona couldn't pass muster on her own. Time has proven Il right on all three counts. While I'm not convinced that he knew the details of their friendship, I thought that maybe King Il knew something about Suwon to be so unwilling to trust him. Yu-Hon being involved with the rebels would be interesting.

    1. Yup..there's lot of sun..^^

      True..though for now, it seems that becoming a ruler is not her goal at present. You know, I think if she wants to take down Suwon/the throne, it is very easy with the dragons power. Just get Blue Dragon near Suwon and he's finished. I also think it would be nice if while traveling, Haku and others can teach her politics and stuff. During that battle with Kai, she seems to naively think that it is just because of the trouble with Water tribe. Also, I would prefer that she isn't dependent on Haku. If Haku is away or something, she can be easily overthrown.

      Ah yes, I think that there might also be an issue regarding gender. I would assume that this is a male-dominated country. Aside from there being no female generals, it is quite telling that the next ruler would be whoever Yona marries and Iru never taught her anything that is related to becoming a ruler. So, her duty is probably marry the suitable king and produce a heir.

      Somehow, based on the current situation, I don't think Yona will wise up on it. Perhaps, if someone tells her about it? Like regarding the battle with Kai, she realizes that the people caught in between are the ones suffering because someone told her about it.

      Is that Suwon is planning to expand the country? He doesn't seem to be the type who thirst for power and conquest. True, and aside from losses on the battlefield, I think it would be more evident on where are they getting all the money to finance their expedition. I'm not sure about what Suwon is thinking. I tend to think that a country would tend to become economically strong and everything before venturing out to conquer other countries. Here, their country is still poor probably except for Earth and Sky. Water is still recuperating from their drug problem. I guess he just took the risk while Kai is having trouble within their country and they have a good excuse for the battle.

      I think that except for Earth and Sky, the other generals think that war isn't good. Wind and Water seem hesitant to join the battle but are kind of forced to do so. While Fire needs to re-gain Suwon's loyalty and trust.

      Indeed but there is no anger at all..she just does some glare then later on, act as if it was nothing or, looking at the hairpin, or goes wishful thinking if it all didn't happen.

      I'm not sure. It depends on the mangaka's intent on it. Was all that deliberate or a mistake? If it is deliberate, then perhaps, she can still be redeemed like, there is actually a reason for it..she is STILL in denial, she loves Suwon more than her father and her love is blind, etc. It could also be part of her character..if it is so, I doubt that she'll change. ^^;

      Hehe, I see. Somehow I'm wondering if the mangaka is forcing a love triangle between the three. What Suwon did usually eliminates him as a love interest but somehow, the mangaka seems to be still floating the idea because of how Yona considers him like the hairpin bit, and cannot get angry at him or even kill him out of revenge/anger.

      Ah, true. Unless Suwon decides to have a harem-type of thing so he can take up lovers but the title of queen will still be Yona's. Probably but she might also be the 'martyr wife' type. Ah yes, that was a wrong theory...after all, Suwon is still 'friendly' with Yona even if her father supposedly did that to his father.

      Hm..that is possible. I always assumed that Iru doesn't have any fighting skills.

      Indeed, and after all, he entrusted Yona to Haku and not Suwon. He could have set her up with Suwon early on and it would have been easy since Yona is gaga over him but he didn't. Why? Is it just a preference for Haku? Anyway, I think we'll know those answers, if it were ever being addressed, in the ending part of the series.

    2. That's good!

      For sure. While Yona being independent as queen is ideal, I think that she's too headstrong and oblivious to be fine on her own. Like even if she did learn how to conduct herself in political meetings, she still wouldn't be able to see trouble brewing in front of her. I mean, she was literally between factions in a war and, as you note, she still doesn't put two and two together. I feel like Yun will do nicely in Hak's absence. :p

      I agree on the male-dominant society part. When Yona and Hak were betting the money, they assumed that Hak would be the one shooting and then didn't believe that Yona would hit the target. So there's definitely bias there about both female power and the ability of females to wield it in the political sphere. I'd be more outraged on Yona's behalf about those assumptions, but, well...Her father allowing the royal line to continue through her rather than handing the throne to the nearest male heir feels like quite the concession on its own honestly.

      That's rather unfortunate but I think you're right. Too bad Yona didn't start off taking a backseat. I think that if she'd sat back and learned initially, that she would be past this stage.

      Suwon's not personally as hung up on power and conquest because I think his focus is on seeing his father's dreams come true. He made inroads with his allies and the Fire Tribe owes him which was all he needed to go to war against Kai. I think it's telling that he didn't make rounds to other places or try to build the country up economically before using the Water Tribe as a pretext to fight. Heck, he didn't even evacuate the villages -Yona and co. were.

      That's true. But my thing is, Earth and Sky taking losses would be the first step to usurping Suwon -especially since Hak has the Earth General's respect while Yona's in with the Fire Tribe (the older brother will die IMO). Sky is a bit of a sycophant and will support whoever's in power.

      True. It hurts her likability.

      IMO many of Yona's characterization issues exist because the mangaka wants to make her a pampered ex-princess who becomes self-sufficient and also the most powerful person in the world with the dragon blood and the Hiryuu incarnation who takes the throne with the help of the gods. So unfortunately, when you put it that way I think we may be looking at a quality that's a part of her character. The naivety looks to me like it's supposed to be endearing.

      I think so wrt the love triangle. I guess maybe trying to give Suwon a more emotional death? Because I mean, for Yona, letting go of Suwon doesn't have to mean falling into Hak's arms right away.

      Yes. That scenario's exactly what I had in mind. Idk about her ability to 'martyr wife' tbh. Yona's not used to disappointment or self-denial and she's possessive of Suwon. Suwon seems to prefer a smaller circle so I don't think Yona could contain herself when he's blushing around his 1-3 lovers while giving her the odd pat on the head. :p

      IMO Il was a shrewd man who wasn't concerned with saving face. I found it interesting that the Fire Tribe didn't make their move until after Il was gone.

      I'm not totally sold on Suwon acting entirely for revenge tbh. He'd built an intel network at 9 and he was saying wistful stuff while his father was still alive. Sure, revenge may have played into it after Yu-Hon's death but it seemed like Suwon may have already had the makings of a plan.

    3. True..and I can say that if Yona doesn't get those basic leadership skills, know about politics and how to run a country, I don't think she fits to be a ruler even if the others are going to help her with it. It will be problematic since everyone especially enemies within will know how weak she really is. Anyway, currently, that doesn't seem to be the mangaka's direction. I have a feeling that she would be content with being a 'Robin Hood'-type like what she is currently doing. Even if Suwon starts to give the country problems, I would think that she would just do something about it then, let things be. Like, what she is doing with the towns/tribes that she encountered. She and her group help them out, then leave them on their own as they pick themselves up. In short, I'm not getting my hopes up that Yona will do something more than that, at the current pace and direction we are going. =P

      Yup. Though about that part, wasn't it because Iru doesn't like Suwon and they have no other male heir? I was thinking that if he wasn't thinking of Haku, maybe Iru might plan on making her marry some other prince from another country which can make the country stronger and have one less enemy country.

      Good point. Perhaps, it is like that since I get the feeling that he is doing everything because of his father. I'm actually not sold on what others are saying/Yona is thinking that he is doing all of this for the country. Ah, wasn't the village where Yona and others in Kai? I do think that they are just fighting in the borders and Suwon finishes up without any villages getting into trouble..that is until the Kai soldiers went berserk over their defeat. It would be interesting to know if Suwon knew about that. I mean, just know what his reaction is. Would it be guilt over the cost of lives, was it okay for him since it is Kai anyway, or shrug and says that's part of war?

      Why do you think the older brother will die? True..that is a major possibility if those losses happens. So far, it seems that Suwon is getting his way in everything.

      True...the naivety's intention seems to be for cuteness and comedy. What you mentioned is what I thought the series is all about. So far, she is somewhat self-sufficient but becoming the most powerful person in the world and takes the throne seems to be not happening at all. I thought that being Hiryuu's incarnation, she would want to do that but Yellow said that it is all up to Yona and she doesn't have to necessarily follow Hiryuu's path. So, could it be that it is just for a reunion of Hiryuu and the dragons? I think that it is a definite thing that Yona will 'release' Yellow from his 'curse/power'. Could it be that it is the same for the others? She'll end the 'dragons' power' and generations of 'longing'. Probably after she completes whatever goal she has in mind..if she has a life goal later on.

      Emotional death? Ah...that would be Yona being emotional over his death? True..though do you mean that she can let go of Suwon only if he's dead?

      I just thought of it since Suwon killed her father and she still seems to think 'good of him' as long as she has this perception that 'it is for the good/for the best of things'. I think Suwon can pull it off and, she would be fine with the set-up even if she knows about it. They don't have to be there all at the same time ^^

      Hm..good point on that. That makes Iru be not what he seems to be. Fire Tribe was assuming that Suwon is easier to deal with than Iru.

      Possible..or he just want to be of help to his father later on in life by knowing all sorts of things? At that age, if there is a plan, could it be to become king to fulfill his father's failed dream?

    4. Logically I agree about a Robin Hood career, but I suspect the mangaka will use protecting her friends and helping people to get her the throne. This manga seems to adjust the plot in order to accommodate Yona (i.e. the end of the Awa arc with the lighting of the signal and Kumji (?) being disrupted by a glare) even when she's unqualified and she should be facing the consequences of her mistakes (i.e. Awa and Yona's planning, Yona being unrestrained, and Yun not dying when they were discovered). I hope you're right though.

      I think you're right that it was because Il opposed Suwon. Good point. I think Il said something about "choosing his heir" so I think that he wanted a steady man who could defend the country and rule wisely since there were no spare daughters (that sounds awful). We haven't been introduced to other royalty, but maybe political marriage was a second choice?

      I agree. His reasoning with the Fire Tribe included talk about military leadership although there was also praise for the bottom-up approach used by the second son. If he was for the people, it should've been the other way. Good point! We'll have to see him fight in Kouka. That's true. It'd be nice if we could see some reaction.

      Because the second-oldest son has had feelings for her/argued with Hak but neither Yona or Hak have interacted much with the current Fire General who's honor-driven while owing his life to Suwon. If Suwon's deposed, Yona will need their approval to take the throne unless she can unseat Suwon in the general's mind.

      That's true and it''s obviously not a guarantee. I don't see Suwon being able to do this indefinitely. Kouka's still quite poor and the people, as you've said, are very dependent on their leadership.

      Well yes, but from a writing perspective it's tough to pull off because the character's in a privileged position with a limited personality and becomes the Chosen One by blood (again), gets a potential power-up, and receives special treatment because she's the main character after her personality improvement. Naivety is cute and funny to me if she's an ex-princess coping with a permanent common life *or* if she's a non-royal girl who recently discovered her dragon heritage *or* if the narrative is using humor to show that it's something she needs to grow out of. But when the character's going from one form of privilege to another in a coming of age story, it looks like inattention and no leadership skills when the narrative's sympathetic IMO.

      I think that the direction you're thinking of with the dragon reunion and Zeno's freedom would be satisfying. But at the same time, I think Hiryuu reincarnated because there was something he needed to do. Also, Yona can pursue her own life but the dragons had no choice. It'd be crazy to do the Happy Hungry Bunch until she dies. Plus the dragons being strongest within the current borders can't be a coincidence. Do you think these could be the last dragons though?

      Yes. Yona being emotional over his death. Hm. It's hard to say. I think that even if she stops loving him romantically that those ties will always be there because she gave so much of her heart to Suwon if that makes sense. What do you think?

      That's a good point. Although Suwon saying he couldn't marry Yona really puzzles me since, like you said, she was there for the taking. Got any theories? I don't buy that his quest to be king was the issue.

      Exactly. I also think that Yu-Hon driving the priests away suggests a thirst for power since his issue was that they were interfering with the king.

      Suwon apparently built the network in the royal capital immediately after Yu-Hon's death. I think his father's dreams were a factor. Maybe Suwon felt like the return of the land was a negation of his father's legacy? Also, do you have any ideas about how Suwon got the man to give him money in 60-61?

    5. True but currently, it isn't needed and she doesn't have plans for it. She thought that Suwon is 'good for the people/country'..though that depends if Suwon causes damage and more suffering because of what he is doing. But now, that wasn't the case, and if they kept on winning those wars, it might be even be good for their country = steal from other people by conquering them, etc. For now, Suwon isn't even bothering with Yona and others. In fact, he might be even thankful to Yona for helping him solve the problems in his country. I'm not too sure if he took credit for it though..^^;

      I think a political marriage is a second choice. Unless, again, he already has his sights on Haku.

      I see. Well, that is if Yona wants to become the ruler ^^ Having more generals to her side would be beneficial.

      Ah, do you mean the naivety of not knowing what's going around her, or being clueless about her feelings for Haku? ^^; I think the latter is for comedy in some scenes. If it is the former, yes, it is indeed hard to pull that off especially if the goal of the series is something like her becoming a ruler/leader of some group.

      Yes. I get the impression right now that what Hiryuu has to do now, purpose of being reincarnated, is to free the dragons. They had so many tragic ancestors that suffered because of the power. Its purpose was suppose to protect him but he's what then, the power was stuck with them for generations, and for Yellow, kind of permanently. So, Hiryuu has to come back and fix this mess =P Currently, she doesn't seem to be in danger, and the one who had a dead flag is Haku, based on the prophecy. She doesn't have some life goal that would need the dragons help...I mean she'll specifically need their powers for.

      Perhaps..but still, it would be a bit awkward to be like that. It just reinforces the thought that yes, she loves Suwon more than her father, or it was kind of okay that Suwon did that. But, I do get what you mean. I tend to think that usually, if one gave everything to someone then got betrayed like that, shouldn't the normal reaction be hatred/anger? It wasn't so I would think that she is blinded by love that no matter what he does, it would be okay with her. Hm..iirc, Suwon agreed to killing her when the others tell him that he should do that..after he killed her father. it wasn't about her father killing his it because of Haku? He knows that Haku loves Yona? Hehe, maybe that is the reason why Suwon is shocked when Haku tried to kill him for he was actually doing Haku a favor = giving Yona to him. =P Kidding.. would that suggest a thirst for power when he isn't the king? Do you mean the priests are giving advice to Iru and Yuhon don't want them to since it prevents him from taking the throne? Or, he doesn't want them to be around if he manages to take the throne?

      Possible. I would think that Suwon sold him some information but looking at it again, I think he knows the guy since they wave at each other. He probably explained that they got no money and he gave them some. It is possible that the man owed Suwon before like helping him in something. It was already apparent that Suwon frequently go outside.

    6. That's true and I would like to see a Robin Hood scenario where the dragons go free. Good point. I guess I'm expecting to see Suwon's goals clash with the well-being of the people and for things to go badly eventually but you're right. Yeah I don't get Suwon's reasoning there. It just seems like if you're going to the trouble of usurping the throne, there's no sense going halfway. Why do you think he hasn't tried to put Yona under his control? Do you think he was planning to kill them once they were captured so he's delaying the inevitable?

      Now that you mention it, Il's response to Yona and his talk of finding a suitable candidate without naming any others...The manga cuts to Hak when Il explains the future king part. Maybe he favored Hak but was prepared to consider others?

      I mean not knowing what's going on around her. Tbh, I prefer being clueless about Hak's feelings to the alternative of running away when he stands close to her or whatever panicky shoujo heroines are doing these days. I agree. If the goal is Yona becoming a leader, it'll be a hard sell at this rate.

      Excellent point. That's a very interesting idea and I like the thought of the dragons' suffering finally ending. Good point. The lack of danger and the lack of goals is why I'd like to see her let the dragons go. It doesn't sit right to me for the dragons to suffer only for their master to not know what she's doing. I'd be surprised if Yona didn't find a way to save Hak tbh. I'd be pretty mad if he died.

      That's true. Well I mean, like an old crush where you're over them and the feelings get complicated and nostalgic when you see them again but you still ultimately wish happiness for that person. Like that. I agree with you that hatred is the most human reaction which makes Yona's kind of confusing. Her clinging to the hairpin bothered me precisely because Suwon was willing to kill her. I'm starting to think Yona prefers gentle but fake niceness over rough but genuine kindness. Do you think maybe it's because she knew her feelings were one-sided so she treasures the one time she could pretend her love was returned? Though you'd think murder would end it...

      Maybe. :p I believe the revenge motive for the killing but, well, I don't see someone who's fine with murder being *that* put out with a loveless marriage that would've enhanced his claim to the throne. After rereading some of these chapters though...all of Suwon's blushing around Hak, seeking closeness, etc...I'm suspicious again.

      Because I'm pretty sure that Yu-Hon was expecting to be appointed king and that he didn't want to share power with the priests once he took over. Also, I wonder if maybe the priests wanted Il to be king?

      That's possible. It just seems like intel is one thing, while money is something else. And it was kinda strange how Suwon was refusing to explain if it was as simple as "I helped him deliver goods when I was in town once..."

    7. If Suwon is supposedly a good strategist as he is portrayed, it would be better to finish them asap rather than letting go around and helping people, let others know that the princess is alive, what they are saying from the palace isn't true, etc. Doesn't that make him look bad, make his hold on power weaker and he is liar? So, it makes me think that he would rather have them alive being his 'friends' and they had a 'past' and after all, they are of no threat as of yet. They don't really bother him. Even if they were, probably as you mentioned, he is delaying the inevitable. That would mean that he'll really do something only when push comes to shove, he is put on a pinch, and he belittles what Yona and her group can do. Actually, didn't they already frame Haku for what happened to Yona. I'm not sure if they also blamed Haku for the murder. They already got an excuse to 'save' Yona and probably kill her secretly.

      I think putting Yona under his control got thrown out of the window when the others saw her witnessing the murder. Suwon was only prompted to kill her..though he is probably just trying to go with the flow..because the others said so and he doesn't want to show that he still has ties with her. I think it is the same when Haku went berserk. Suwon didn't do anything until Sky mentioned it and he said that he won't do it again and implied on finishing Haku..something like that.

      That's what I'm thinking. Haku is the first choice then probably someone else...anyone except for Suwon.

      Hehe, I see.

      True..honestly, I think the plot went astray after Yona found the dragons. Iirc, the reason she found them is that they can help prevent Haku's death which is presumably because he has to babysit her against so many enemies/danger. She found them and she goes around ala 'Robin Hood'. There is no deliberate danger against them..they're the ones looking for it. ^^;; So, is that the real purpose of the dragons, to protect Haku? It was actually funny when White thought that he is going to protect some weakling but it turns out that Haku is almost at par with him in terms of fighting. =P

      Indeed..I would have thought of it that way but then, the way she looks at the hairpin and how protective she is of it makes me think, does she still have feelings for Suwon? Even Haku who knows her for such a long time would also think that way. So..since attempted murder and murder of her father didn't do it..does it mean that her love for him is very deep that whatever 'wrong thing' Suwon does can be justified? that so. Wouldn't it be an amazing twist if it turns out that Suwon is a girl? Ah, no wonder Iru doesn't want Yona to marry Suwon. Ah no wonder Suwon acts like that with Haku. Ah, no wonder Suwon doesn't have any romantic interest in Yona or any other girls. Anyway, he looks quite feminine to me. =P Now, everything makes sense. ^^

      About the priests, was it during the grandfather's rule when Yuhon did that or during Iru's rule? And yes, I also think that Yuhon is expecting to be king. Hm..wasn't it their father the one who chose Iru which is why everyone is surprised by it. There was no reason mentioned why though. He probably got sick of war that he chose Iru instead? That is what I'm thinking.

      I think that goes back to what we were thinking..Suwon is already plotting something so he refuses to explain it and hope Haku drops the topic/forget all about it.

    8. Precisely. Well, he's already a liar but he could do more to keep the others from finding out lol. Here's my thing about Suwon letting things go: this is a chance to cover his tracks and solidify his position before they can do any damage. By keeping them alive, he's hurting his own claim. That's true. Why he didn't tell the generals he was engaged to Yona while sending out a squad to kill them both using your excuse...I just don't get it. I thought that Hak being accused was the rumor but Suwon didn't affirm or deny.

      Hm. Good point. But I mean, it would've been better to at least have Yona in a dungeon or spied on rather than what's happening now from Suwon's point of view. But I have to agree that it doesn't look like he wants them dead although I guess the story's working up to a confrontation. It also feels like a wasted opportunity to create tension in the story. Just think about how much more intense the search for the dragons would've been with Suwon's soldiers hunting for them and Suwon's intelligence network chasing after them as they tried to escape Kouka. Or do you think that would've cluttered the story too much?

      Which, in retrospect, you can't blame him for haha.

      I agree. I think I've said that the problem was Yona's lack of motivation for leaving Fuuga in light of her continued feelings for Suwon. If she'd decided then that she wanted to take the throne back, learn the truth about her father, or get revenge, then gathering the dragons makes sense. Also, do you think that maybe she should've given Hak a choice about coming with her? I think if she'd done that and then left when he refused, he would've followed her while claiming he was just "going in the same direction". Leaving in foolhardy fashion fits her spoiled, headstrong character and forces her to interact with Hak as an equal after she spent the first chapter calling him "Servant". Moving past his hangups over social status (I wonder if Yona had something to do with that) would've also allowed Hak to learn how to love himself and express his feelings in a more healthy and well-rounded manner.

      It's possible. I think she did say something about wanting to protect her friends and keep Hak alive...which kind of ignores the fact that the only reason why he was in danger was her. Yes. That was hilarious. White's fear of bugs was the funniest to me but that sequence with him discovering Hak's fighting skills was a close second. :p

      I think she still has feelings for Suwon and I would agree that it doesn't feel like a human reaction. I thought that with her recognizing Hak that we'd see less of that, but we just haven't gotten there yet. Which is why I thought that maybe the one-sidedness was what fed the attachment to the hairpin. If it wasn't for her father it would be somewhat understandable -maybe she should've seen Suwon in a situation that left doubt.

      I would be completely on board with that plot twist! It would literally explain everything haha. I've noted his feminine looks too, but I just figured he was on the feminine end of the bishie spectrum.

      Yes. Yu-Hon banished the priests during the grandfather's rule. But that felt strange to me because the priests would've had to be really interfering for Yu-Hon to have banished them when corrupting them would've been easier. I would agree with you that he at the very least felt that Yu-Hon's approach wouldn't be in Kouka's best interests. I think there may be something sinister about Yu-Hon that the story hasn't revealed yet. Suwon's memories of his father seem whitewashed because we saw how Hak and Yona were scared of him and now this bit about the priests.

      That's true. I reread the portion and it looks like Yu-Hon was definitely alive then. Do you think someone trained him or that maybe his scheming only took an ugly turn after Yu-Hon's death?

    9. I would think that the most probably reason that he somewhat still cares for them. I think it is the adviser guy who is accusing Haku of that.

      I see. True, he could have done that but he didn't. Probable reason, the girl cannot do anything even if Haku is with her. Well, it is true since it is proven that she still have some sort of feelings for him based on how how she talks about him sometimes and of course, that hairpin. Not really. I think it would have made things interesting and as you mentioned, create tension. The thing is, I observed that the mangaka cannot pull off something grand or epic like that. The basic plot is interesting but it isn't going the direction that this kind of plot should be going. Isn't there too much goofing around and light-hearted stuff? For now, I can almost say that there will be zero or almost character development for almost everyone. I'm not sure about Yona.


      I think that would be better so that he is serving/following her out of his free will. True but then, she also insisted that he kept on calling her 'princess', iirc. So ya, I think she got something to do with it. And even made him probably think that it is impossible that she'll like him.

      That's right..she is the sole reason that he is in danger or be put in danger. Actually, before, there are some Chinese readers who speculated that if that is her goal, then after getting the dragons, she'll set Haku free. For me, discovering Haku's fighting skills is first. The fear of bugs..well, after too many repeated is somewhat losing its charm. ^^;

      Yup..and usually, seeing that kind of murder scene would make one think otherwise..and whatever you thought of the person was fake. But it didn', ah love is blind? She is still in denial?

      Hehe, indeed. Thanks to you, I thought of it ^^

      Maybe he couldn't corrupt them? How come corrupting is easier than banishing? I think banishing is easier just gather them and send them to some place. Unless you mean corrupting them so that he won't look bad. Maybe that is the reason why he didn't become king. True..though Earth seems to like Yuhon since he is into war/battles. I think Suwon is a papa's boy.

      I would think that it is his interest/hobby - he likes politics and stuff though isn't really into sharing to Haku what he knows? Ah, if Yuhon is still alive, he is probably starting to form his information network and learn how things work. He probably thought that he can be king so he'll need it, or at least, some strategist who can be useful to the country. And yes, things probably turned an ugly turn after his father's death.

    10. That's true. Well, the adviser is very pragmatic. He consistently gives advice that would be effective if it wasn't for Suwon's sentimentality lol.

      True. I think you're right that Suwon probably is thinking that way and I think in the pirate arc he takes her under his cloak because he doesn't consider her a threat. I think he's wrong because the danger of the girl, IMO, isn't from her abilities but from her position. If Yona's alive and marries someone, that person will have a legitimate claim to the throne. And now that the dragons are together, it'll be too late for him because of a hole he failed to patch up in the beginning. Tch. It's too obvious.

      I agree. It seems like the manga can't decide whether it's a serious epic of love and betrayal or if it's a romantic comedy in a serious setting. A little bit of humor can work to break up the pace, but I worry that the chapters spent goofing off will rush the ending. But like you said, Yona's lost right now and the manga's becoming aimless as a result. Tbh, I'm not sure how Yona can grow as a character when everyone's fawning over her. Do you think the mangaka's getting too attached to her character?

      See that was my thought as well. I do remember that part. I think Hak was bothered about being an orphan when he was a kid but he wasn't so focused on status before he became Yona's bodyguard. I think you're right. Not to mention Yona throwing things at him. I understand that Il wanted Yona to be happy, but I do think he should've taught her how to treat people with respect. It just feels so one-sided you know?

      The idea the Chinese readers had would've been awesome. It would've been interesting to see Yona learn how to negotiate with Hak for things like when she wanted to learn the sword. I hear you. That whole misunderstanding was funny from start to finish. Got a preferred dragon btw?

      I suspect that denial is how her love for Suwon survives. At times she seems aware that her feelings aren't returned and that Suwon's a questionable guy, but then she makes excuses for him. Btw, what do you make of Suwon slapping Yona's hand? I know from the head patting and the fact that he didn't reciprocate with a confession of his own that he was letting her down gently, but that was rather sudden. His way of maintaining distance? Repressed irritation at her advances?

      Ah well shucks. I don't think we've seen Suwon topless after all...:p Do you think Yona would've noticed anything amiss when Suwon was hiding her inside his cloak though? I want this plot twist to happen so badly now.

      Well, co-opting the priests seems like an easy way to maintain power through a shared national mythology. The generals can force people to send their sons like the Fire Tribe, but getting folks to believe in you by attaching your cause to that of the dragon gods? You need the priests for that IMO. To get rid of them rather than corrupt them, I thought perhaps they were influencing the king in a direction that Yu-Hon really didn't agree with. What do you think? That's true. :p

      Good point. Right. But then if that's the case it feels to me like it's possible that he wanted the throne earlier. If it was pure revenge, I think Suwon would've killed the king and left it at that rather than taking the throne too. Also, I don't think that he would've felt the need to not tell Hak unless he knew that it was a side of him he didn't want Hak to see. He told Hak about sleeping beside Yona easily enough I mean.

  11. True.

    That's right though based on how the others are acting..I mean the seems that they don't really consider a threat either and they know she is alive. Well, for the generals who are sided with Suwon.

    Indeed. Perhaps...or rather, she seems to like them to continue on being like that for the jokes. ^^; After any serious arc, there is the light-hearted ones and as if any development that happened earlier, it was never discussed or they act as if it didn't happen. For example, after that war/battle that Suwon initiated and Yona seems to be bothered that the people are caught in between, there was no follow up on what to do based on that. They are just going to continue traveling around.

    I agree and in a way, it does seem that Yona was/is taking Haku for granted. You know, I think Haku being a bodyguard and a general is quite a unique position in a way, how can he still be a proper general if he isn't always at the wind tribe. Maybe, his grandfather is the caretaker and he just ask Haku if they have any big problems/decisions to make? Did he become a general first then a bodyguard or vice-versa? But, it does show how much trust Iru has for Haku. By the way, do you think that it is remotely possible that Haku is actually Yuhon's son? The other possible twist is that, Suwon is actually Iru's son but 'got adopted' to Yuhon or there is some sort of exchange or someone's wife had an, Iru doesn't want Yona to marry Suwon because they are siblings. Something like that ^^; Well, if things are vague, anything seems possible =P ^^; If I have to choose, it would be Green, I guess. I read this for Haku =P

    Possible though when I first read it, it makes me think that he did that because he is about to do that deed so kind of like, don't touch me, I'm dirty? Hehe..or maybe, she'll make him waver from what he is about to do? I cannot say, looking at that scene, he is also blushing and stuff..was that just pretend or an unconscious thing? If he ever had some sort of feelings for her, he no longer thinks it is possible because of what he is going to do. So ya, it does seem to be maintaining distance. Not sure about repressed irritation..depends if he is lying about what he is telling her.

    Nope, don't think so. I would guess he is flat-chested if he is ever a girl..based on that purifying thing before the coronation. I don't think so. She is too emotional at that time to notice anything..but the sword, I guess and listen to what he has to say. ^^;

    I see..true, unless the priests are really difficult to corrupt. That is indeed possible or Yuhon isn't good at doing things slowly and want to immediately 'solve' the problem. But then, it is possible that it cost him the throne if his father considers the priests as important to him.

    Taking of the throne would be like what you mentioned before, to somehow probably fulfill his father's role/dream-whatever. True..he is probably keeping that side a secret from Haku. Well, it worked for Haku is totally unaware of it.

    1. Good point. I think that's an oversight in the writing. The generals are supposed to believe that Hak kidnapped Yona after killing Il. IMO either they don't believe the rumors, in which case they should be more suspicious of Suwon/the new staff who benefited from Il's death; or they do and they're failing to ask themselves why Suwon's shielding and protecting the criminal.

      That's true. The party in Awa reminded me a lot of One Piece. :p Yes, well, my suspicion is that this mangaka makes plans and just takes it from point to point without considering the motives and goals of the characters. That's true. We don't really see people reflecting on what's happening and the actions the characters take (Jae-ha and Hak's breakdown) often don't make sense within the stated dialogue. IMO that's why a guy like Hak is a well-defined personality compared to some of the others. It's also why I think Yona's stated goal of helping and protecting is going to be her actual goal.

      Well I read somewhere about how satire's often the only tool the powerless can use against the powerful. Throw in Yona's awful behavior and I thought there might be a similar dynamic with Hak because he often protects himself with sarcasm. Now that she's being nicer, he's not insulting her as much as he was to start IMO. That's true. I think you're right about his grandfather being the caretaker with Hak perhaps making the big decisions. I think the Five Tribe meetings would've been in the royal capital so there's that. He was already in line to become the next general when Il asked him to be Yona's bodyguard. That's true. Il appears to have had an eye for people. Think that's why Suwon was forced to bring in his own people?

      Hm. We don't know if Hak knew both of his parents or if it was his mother who died while his father was unknown and presumed dead. But that's a possibility I think. Suwon OTOH probably has his mother's look plus his mother was alive when they were sick while Yona's mother had black hair and had passed away at that point. Il's biggest concern seemed to be Kouka and I can't think why Il would trade a 3 year old male heir for a daughter? Anything seems possible and it wouldn't shock me to see such shenanigans, but I think the sibling theory creates more questions than it answers. What do you think?

      Ha ha really? Hak's my favorite character too (if it's not obvious). White shares my fear of bugs but I like Blue. :p

      Fair enough. I agree about the wavering. It reminds me of the flashback where Suwon called marrying Yona and becoming king that way a lovely dream. Think his advisers were involved with that strategy?

      Yeah, that scene is why I flipflop sooo much about Suwon. Do you think he might've eventually fallen for her if he hadn't been a scheming murderer? Repressed irritation that she was making an advance he didn't want (because he was going to kill her father). He ignored her and tried to change the subject before the slap.

      Hm. I don't think he was lying exactly. He prefers to deflect and omit rather than lie directly. But the thing is, Suwon uses goods and emotions to make people happy so that they'll do what he wants. Also, notice how he's not blushing after telling her he loves her hair? That, IMO, is Suwon using Yona's feelings for his own purposes. My guess is marriage after killing the king.

      You're right. Although Ik-Soo could probably be bullied out of the profession, the others might've had more backbone :p. That's true. Yu-Hon is a fierce fighter but he doesn't appear to be a good negotiator. Oh I like that theory! I'd like to know how Yu-Hon managed to drive out the priests without his father knowing until too late. Think maybe he had help?

      That's true. :D Ah, the benefit of hindsight.

    2. I think they don’t believe the rumors since Sky and Earth saw her with Haku and some unknown people. She doesn’t seem kidnapped or asking to be rescued..unless they think that she has a Stockholm syndrome but still, they didn’t bother rescuing her either. So, those two are just okay with Suwon even if the guy is a ‘backstabber’ and can betray them if he wanted as long as they get what they want from him. Wind already knows the truth but is keeping a low profile for the sake of the people. Water through Lili should know the truth but probably don’t bother much since he got enough things to handle. Fire..well, his bro might inform him but he’s too busy pleasing Suwon as gratitude for sparing them and letting them keep their position. In short, I think everyone knows. And, they know that Yona isn’t doing anything against Suwon because of what happened to her father. So, as some say, why would others care for giving justice/revenge for her father when the daughter doesn’t?

      True. Ah..l also get that feeling though not sure if it is to the point of making things up per arc. ^^; So far, not yet. Perhaps, there is a bit of idea on where the story should head…more on, how to properly lead it that way? True..most probably so since there is no intention to take back the throne and well, perhaps, she never thought that she is suitable to be a ruler. Again, I’m not sure if it is a gender thing like she thinks it is impossible since she is a girl and all the others are male rulers.

      Hm..good point on that, perhaps it is what Haku is doing though I don’t think it is deliberate on the mangaka’s part =P For me, it seems to be more on the usual teasing with a love interest. Yes, the meetings would be in the capital. I see. Possible..and where did Iru’s people go? It is indeed strange or unbelievable there within the palace, there is no group who are angry over what happened or something like they love Iru. It is like everyone was okay with what if Iru is some tyrant despot that everyone is happy that he’s gone. Maybe, they all just go with the flow to keep their lives and positions?

      Hehe, ah..a flaw on that maybe it wasn’t a deliberate trade but a switch and he only learned of it later on? Maybe, he thought that Yuhon would be the king and would need a male heir? But when I mentioned about Haku being Yuhon’s father..aside from the hair, it seems that Yuhon is a great warrior which reminds me of Haku. That is what Earth mentioned so I thought of that. There was also a theory about Yona being adopted since the Fire tribe is supposedly Hiryuu’s tribe..but somehow, the current ruler is from Sky. True, it does cause more questions and is quite soap opera-ish. ^^;

      Hehe, I see ^^

    3. Hm..perhaps they are involved with it a bit. I’m curious what is the real plan if Yona didn’t see the murder. It will help us gauge more or less what they are really thinking/what Suwon planned to do with his ‘friends’ afterwards.

      If what he is saying in that scene is the truth..highly possible. Haku is even presenting himself as their cupid. Ah, I see. True, it is most likely that…repressed irritation. Ah, I see…but it is still lying, right? For his own purposes. Something like, being manipulative? Like how he won Earth, he is acting stupid yet when Earth lower his guard..he got him. True..marrying her would have sealed his old and he’ll get to have Haku as extra ^^

      Indeed but he’s the only one left now, right? Depends. Maybe the father is sickly and weak at that time or went on a country-wide journey/tour. Yuhon is put in charge and then learns what happened so no, the throne goes to the younger brother. But then, it must be done secretly because iirc, they all don’t know why Iru got the throne instead. Maybe, Yuhon framed the priests so that they’ll be banished, and it is only later on the father realized that he got duped. If he values the priests, he would. Though based on the current situation, no one really believes in that dragon legend and the dragon god. Iru didn’t bother getting them back either. So, maybe the priests are indeed just a bother like what you mentioned and banishing them is very easy since their power and influence had diminished that much. But then..if it is so, why bother banishing them..when they are probably just an annoyance. Ah..too many unknown factors to make up a proper theory. ^^;

    4. I think you're right that they don't believe the rumors. It's a little bit strange since Earth and Sky seem to be two of the more dominant tribes of Kouka, but their generals don't seem to be political types. But I guess love (for war) is blind. :p I think maybe Wind and Water are more pragmatic because they spread their resources more and unlike Sky, the ruler of the country doesn't come from their tribe. That's true. I suspect that the allies Yona and co. have made will come into play like that. Honestly, I would've liked to see Yona think about her father more. I mean, in light of the conflicting information, I can understand not rushing the castle. But not even trying to make inquiries about Yu-Hon's death is beyond the pale. Like you, I can't blame the generals for not fussing over Il when they're getting the war they want and nobody else seems to be raising an issue. Do you think Yona's still in denial or what's going on with her?

      Lol. I wouldn't go that far either but I think what happens is she has a list of plot points that she wants to hit in each chapter but then in the execution, the plot takes precedence over the characters themselves. Good point. I guess the thing for me is that although I agree that the male-dominated society isn't equitable, I can't side with Yona for that because she doesn't have the qualities needed to rule. She's also very passive when it comes to the big picture. It could be the case that Yona really does want to Robin Hood for the rest of her life, but I have a feeling that the plot will find a way to put Yona on the throne.

      For sure. I think it's just that Hak is one of the more well-developed characters in this manga. He's only been out of character once IMO and the mangaka often gets more realistic dynamics out of him because of it. Yeah. I agree that there's also an element of teasing the love interest. :p I know that during the party Suwon was able to sneak a lot of his people in because Hak didn't recognize a lot of the guards who were there and ready to kill Yona. It seems like most of the people who would've been on the king's side were displaced beforehand or turned by Suwon. Good point. I wonder if there isn't also an element of grass looks greener on the other side at work right now too. This is the honeymoon period after all.

      I'm still not really sold because of the age difference and the sheer level of conspiracy. After 3 years, people in the palace would've known Suwon since Il wouldn't have ascended. I don't see how later on, when Yona's born, they hide the switch from someone as earnest as Joo-doh...for instance. Although it does explain why Suwon knew from a young age that he couldn't marry Yona/Il wouldn't allow it, I just don't see the evidence for it. Yu-Hon as Hak's father, otoh, might work for the reasons you listed and because they both have that straightforward demeanor. Hak being able to intimidate grown men as a child also reminds me of Yu-Hon's scariness in the sick room. Idk. I can see it. Aside from the sibling theory, why do you think Suwon said he couldn't marry Yona?

      Hm. The rest of the dragon incarnations have been bound by tribe so I don't see why Hiryuu would be any different. Do we know if her mother was Fire Tribe? If Yona's mother is Sky or something, that's a huge plot hole unless she's adopted. What do you think?

    5. I think there's conflicting information there. Suwon knew at like 15 that he wasn't going to have Hak and Yona with him (I think because he knew he couldn't have Hak without Yona) which makes me think he was going to kill or exile them. But after Yona's confession, it looks like he might've tweaked his plan until Yona walked in on the murder. The adviser wanted Yona dead immediately, and it seems like maybe they had wanted that from the beginning.

      Interesting. I can read that scene in two different ways. What he didn't say in that scene and his behavior afterwards is what keeps me flipflopping although I'm fairly certain that Suwon had a strong platonic attachment to Yona. That's true. That part is actually eyebrow-raising for me. Suwon is very quick to tell Hak that he's had "the wrong idea" when Hak leaps to that conclusion...right before asking Hak to use his first name. Smh. Yes! That's the word! Like with winning over Earth, I think he's being manipulative when he gives her the hairpin. Well I don't know if Suwon's technical truth-telling is an outright lie in the sense of directly saying stuff that isn't true. Lying by omission maybe? What do you think?

      Speaking of which, I think I might stick to my new theory that Suwon had planned on becoming king as soon as Il gave back Yu-Hon's conquered lands in those peace treaties. The murder of Yu-Hon (if Il did it) was the justification for parts of the decision I think. Also, what do you think about the idea of Suwon also being involved with the queen's death? It seems to me that the rebels who would've been around when Il ascended would've been pro-Yu-Hon forces and Suwon was a little too knowledgeable about the royal capital's underworld. It'd be interesting if you were right about the rebels being involved with Yu-Hon which prompted Il to kill Yu-Hon thinking he was responsible, only to find out later that Suwon may have played a larger role than he got credit for. In which case I wonder if Il might've actually been concerned about Yona being killed by pro-Yu-Hon forces if Suwon were to become king but he just didn't want to tell her about it because it was a vague suspicion. His concerns about royal family deaths rang true to me IMO and it would also explain Il's referring to himself as cowardly -because he didn't have the heart to eliminate a threat when he had the chance to and instead tried to ban the use of weapons and have Hak around more often in order to keep Yona safe. Thoughts? I'm still thinking it over.

      Well he was pretty young when they got kicked out. If he stays in, then Yu-Hon merely has to send him to work with the poor or the sick and then step back and let the depression sink in for Ik-Soo. In many respects Yun's practicality was essential to Ik-Soo's survival. :p

      Hm. I think you're right that there's likely a combination of opportunism and deception involved. I agree that there's too many unknown variables. I think you raise a good point with Il not getting the priests back. That would suggest then that it was the grandfather who relied extensively on the priests. But, like you said, if they're just an annoying group, then you don't go to the trouble of banishing them. Do you think maybe that the old king had intended to put Il on the throne even before that? In any case, that move suggests to me that Yu-Hon may have had a vision for how he had planned to run the country after he ascended. Maybe Suwon stumbled across his plans? What do you think?

    6. I think Sky is a bit of a political type..he supported Suwon and iirc, doesn't approve of Iru's rule. He mentioned that after Suwon just stood there when Haku is going to snap his head off. Aside from Sky and Fire, the rest aren't that concerned over who is ruling them..well, at least to do something about it when they don't approve of it.

      That's right. In a way, that is one thing that Suwon is 'better' than Yona = love for the father. I'm not sure. She seems to be like that too with Suwon. One minute, she is glaring at him/hate him..then later on, she is looking at the hairpin and being nostalgic about..what if this didn't happen. Is she confused or the mangaka is forcing some sort of love triangle or both are being indecisive on something? And, if it isn't still in denial, perhaps, Yona isn't too curious about it, believed that story about what happened, or let things be for Suwon seems to be doing a fine job as king. Actually, maybe the mangaka would just give us the info dump at the near end to clear things up on what had happened, rather than going the approach of sprinkling the revelation around the series.

      I see...ya, more on plot per chapter than character development. Overall, is still unknown if she'll be Robin Hood or, do that for a while before going back to the palace. Ah..depends on what part we are in the series. If this is ending, it would be the former. =P

      Indeed and when Haku is in the scene, it is always fun to read. It is rare to have cool action scenes in shoujo ^^ True..most likely, it is like that. Too bad Haku was a bit laid back there. Possible..and so far, there are no complaints. Well, it is too early to tell but as long as Suwon is doing what he promised them or what they like...everything will be okay. Wind is of course wary of him. If Yona wants to be queen, that tribe will definitely support her.

      Well, the other one is what I told you before, because she is the daughter of the one who killed his father. So far, she doesn't seem to hate her because of that or rather, doesn't tie in that reason to want to kill/hate her. So, maybe he doesn't like her at all..or he actually believed that Yona is Haku's. Unless, he has some death wish of some sort/dying..then that is another reason.

      We don't know. Nothing much is mentioned about her except being killed by rebels. In a way, where is she from..her parents/relatives..nothing has been revealed from what I recall.

      True but then, what the adviser wants tend not to be what Suwon wants. Actually, it seems that the adviser says the things that Suwon won't do/say. As you mentioned, the guy is pragmatic yet kind of cold-hearted which can be bad in politics if you are doing that to the wrong person. They would have wanted it but I'm not too sure Suwon wanted it. I mean, he got that chance at the end of getting Green arc, yet he protected her. He could have done it when they are at Water tribe. Hehe, well, in a way, maybe the mangaka doesn't want to do it at that time or it would be the end of the series since Haku and the dragons would have ripped Suwon to shreds..the end.

    7. Ah, iirc, Yona's mother died when she is young so Suwon would still be too young to pull that off. Unless, he is already at that kind of mental state at that age. Ya, it is likely for him to want to be king when that happened..and probably, his father hinted or put an idea on his mind about it to win back the land that was given away..which is enforced when his father died. = enforced that Iru is a 'bad person' who made his father's life miserable. That is based on the 'male heir' thing.

      That's a nice theory. After all, Iru is always protective of her and well, that is one of the suspicion/theory that he doesn't want her to marry him - he knows Suwon's true nature..but probably, as you mentioned, it was just a suspicion.


      Ah, perhaps, the priests are giving 'visions' that they do not like? In a way, that would be more than annoyance. Do not really believe in 'god' but feared enough to just banish and not kill them? Maybe but I think it happen later on. They mentioned that everyone thought that it would be Yuhon. Perhaps, Yuhon himself also thought so. Somehow, I imagine that it is only when the king is about to die when he suddenly said that it will be Iru so everyone is shock and didn't know why..maybe the king had already died/too weak to explain why. In a way, it makes me think that Yuhon did something really bad for this to happen. Can I say that it is like being disinherited? is either that or, Yuhon told him about his plans/dreams for the country.

  12. When you put it that way…that’s a really good point. That’s true.

    Tbh, I think the passiveness of the generals would’ve worked for me if there’d been a private meeting where we could see that they aren’t fooled. They’ve got reasons to go along and Suwon is smart, but they’re supposed to be seasoned, battle-hardened men who’ve spent years in politics. Hak’s grandfather being requested for a meeting Hak knew nothing about was shaky. The strongest, youngest, and most loyal general vanishes with the princess when the king is killed…and the logical conclusion is that Hak killed Il without a motive and ran? New faces aligned with Suwon appear out of nowhere…and Hak is still the likely culprit? Suwon rushes the coronation instead of trying to find the princess who may be alive…and Wind’s the only one who catches on. Was Hak’s status as their peer a talking point for his biography or a fact with real-story implications? :/

    That’s true. Suwon’s doing well as Yona’s foil there tbh. Do you think there’s an advantage to the love triangle at this point where the story’s concerned? Hm. That’s true. Yona doesn’t seem able to do separate fact from fiction with either her father or Suwon unfortunately. Her naivety kind of concerns me if the story takes them back to the palace. If she lacks curiosity and only understands superficially, how exactly will she hold her own in political meetings? Compassion is good, but that can only take her so far. An info dump’s better than nothing. :p

    That’s my impression. You know, I’m not sure what more Robin Hood missions will accomplish story-wise. Maybe Yona will think about relieving suffering on a grander scale? Pretty much the only place left to go would be Sky territory which is where I presume the royal capital is. Touche! :p

    I’d read a manga from Hak’s point of view. :p The action certainly helps! That’s true, but strange people wouldn’t have been so unusual because there were a ton of guests visiting for the party. I think it’d be interesting to see Suwon realize that it’s not easy being king. Right now he’s trying to be hands-on while cleaning out corruption, being more caring for the people, and so on, but he’s been late and forced to rely on the goodwill of strangers to get results. Too bad everything’s going his way! >( Wind for Yona. Earth for Hak IMO. I think the manga will play up the Hiryuu=King; Yona=Queen connection towards the end. :p

    True. I suppose it’s possible that Suwon sensed Hak’s feelings for Yona. Hm. What he said to Yona at Awa means that he may be open to his death once he’s accomplished his goal. But then that still wouldn’t explain his attempt to manipulate Yona with the hairpin. Because IMO you can love someone while knowing you can’t be with them and that would show in your actions. It really is a puzzle. Maybe a combo?

    I’m hoping that’s explained. It’d be disappointing if Hiryuu reincarnated as Yona against the rules. :p Now that you mention it, more family background would’ve been nice. They’re travelling all over the place so I don’t get why they haven’t visited Yona’s maternal grandparents or why Hak didn’t visit his bio parents’ place before he left Fuuga.

    Good point. I think the adviser respects power. That’s true lol. You think that maybe Suwon is nice to Yona because he understands how it feels to lose a father to murder for largely political reasons? Maybe marrying her and making her happy would’ve been his way of making amends.

  13. Good point. The networking and the use of his network at that age didn’t strike me as normal, but at the same time it does seem rather off. Good point. I suspect though that the truth will likely be in the middle compared to Suwon’s memories. What complicates the idea of Il’s persona being entirely false to me is that Il was known as a pacifist even when before he was chosen.

    See that’s what makes it so fuzzy for me. If you’re right about Suwon not being a sinister character until after Il killed Yu-Hon then I’m not sure why Il would’ve gotten that way. So I can definitely understand the temptation of the sibling theory in the absence of a reason for Il to have concluded that Suwon was a questionable person. Another possibility is that Suwon witnessed the killing himself and Il refused to kill Suwon but then feared for his life as Suwon got older. Except he doesn’t appear to think that Suwon will kill him…Idk.

    Oh! So maybe they believed the visions were fake and that the priests had too much sway with the king? I think that would make the most sense. Maybe the old king knew that there would be blowback if he named Il as his heir sooner. :p Well, as you said, Kouka is very dependent on its hierarchy. The king might’ve told someone but the advisers who knew played the reason close to their chest. It seems like the government is surprisingly good at keeping certain secrets from the public like Hak’s grandfather knowing where the last priest lived. Yeah. Disinherited makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe Yu-Hon knew the reason why he’d been passed over and that’s why he was okay with it.

    That’s also very true.

    1. Hehe, we'll never know. Earth seems to highly regard Haku for being good at fighting. The idea. But then, wasn't it mentioned early on that Haku is wary of them 'politicians' so perhaps, he doesn't hang out too much with them because of their ulterior motives. <- I forgot where I read this ^^; We cannot really say what is the generals like when Iru is still alive. Earth would most probably love teasing Sky like before. Fire and Water would be overly serious. Wind..with Haku as general is unknown.

      Before, I would think that Suwon would still have a chance hence the love triangle. Lately, the mangaka is only drawing those two together so Suwon probably has no chance anymore still...maybe it is one among the other things that might make Haku think that Yona is still into Suwon? Not really sure what the mangaka is planning. Perhaps, she doesn't plan on making Suwon as the major antagonist? That's right..unless, she just listens then some adviser just lead the meetings. Something like a 'puppet queen' if she will still be like that when they put her on the throne. True..but then, it would seem rushed, don't you think so? If it is info dump in the end and yes, that is better than none at all.

      True..if she wanted to do that in a grander scale, she would have to sit on the throne. So, perhaps, the story is about Robin Hood missions + some grand war/opponent? Aside from Kai, iirc, there are two other countries below which seems to be against them since Suwon split his troops as defense. Still, if that is it, after the war, what then? What are the chances that they'll go from royalty to democracy? =P

      Oh..I thought he meant that there are soldiers that he do not recognize. I didn't think of guests since I don't see any of them =P Indeed, things are going smoothly for Suwon. Well, I did thought that is the direction of the series..but as of now, not too sure since based on my impression, Yona didn't seem to 'grow much' after she found all the dragons.

      Ya, but what is his goal..I'm thinking if it is a very long term goal and he can finish it when he's old and gray..or, it is just something short term goal so, he is okay with dying after it's done. Maybe, it wasn't really to manipulate Yona? But unexpectedly have that kind of effect on Yona? I'm not sure of the extent Suwon can imagine that Yona would be that possessive and protective of a hairpin from someone who killed her father =P I think Suwon shouldn't be able to relate since he did something about his father's murder.

      Ah..I thought grandpa just picked up Haku without knowing his parents or anything? Something like crying baby on the road, or left on his door. ^^;;

      No, I don't think so. I still think it is something like for 'old time's sake' kind of thing. Hm..making amends..later on? Marrying her...if she agrees...can you imagine the reaction of Haku and the dragons?

    2. That's right. And, do you think it is possible that Iru is actually still alive? I do wonder about it..what did they do with the corpse? Feed the fish with it? Yona doesn't seem to be bothered with it. I think in most cultures, they would want the body for a proper burial. Though, it would be kind of messy or wth if it is like that...I mean, what if Iru and Suwon agreed to fake that. And, they have some other motive? I would then shake my head, nah, nah, things would be too complicated and this series isn't that type of story.

      True..and maybe Iru is thinking of keeping enemies close...which is I think stupid if he cannot pull it off. Ya..any theory would contradict the other. ^^;;

      Yup..something like that. Or, it is a vision that is unfavorable to a certain group..well, Yuhon like perhaps, their god said do not go to war anymore or else, the country will be wiped out. Or something about his family? Indeed...there are a lot of secrets and everyone is tight lipped. Indeed..and is okay with it since Suwon would be the next in heir..again, if they are on a tradition of only male heir = blood relative. Not too sure since Iru is going to get someone else so is that breaking the tradition or it is allowed?

    3. True. That’s why I think he’ll be instrumental in persuading Earth. True but unfortunately, it makes me worry for Kouka’s future. Hm. I don’t think Hak’s an isolationist who can’t politick. For instance, he was aware of the Fire Tribe’s troop movements. Even if he did isolate himself somewhat like with the Fire Tribe’s second son, once he became a general the other generals in a normal world would’ve started paying attention because you can’t politick in a circle of 5 without knowing at least the basics. That they didn’t to the point of not noticing the red flags is questionable IMO.

      Interesting. I think that he probably does think she still likes Suwon because of the hairpin. That’s true. There does appear to be a gap between the dragons gathering in a fairly standard good versus evil set-up and Suwon’s portrayal as a gray character. What else would Yona be able to do? :p She’ll want to help the people, but if she can’t strategize, perhaps a more cerebral adviser is in order. It would definitely seem rushed IMO but I’d rather read an info-dump than finish the story and be left wondering about important details. I suspect that we’re going to end up with some portions being rushed anyway as is.

      I think that’s what the mangaka will use to justify Yona sitting on the throne. I suspect so. That’s true. Maybe Suwon dies in the war and Yona returns. Sky felt sorry for her so the pieces are there. I’m pretty sure all of the surrounding countries have been war opportunists. Splitting the troops would've only made sense. On paper I’d be on board with a democracy, but in practice I just don’t know how it would work. The Fire Tribe villagers never thought to innovate with their crops like Kai, or to teach the women and children martial arts or hunting. If they can’t make changes to feed and protect themselves, expecting the citizens to give up their dependency on the Generals is a tall order IMO.

      Good point. Yeah, but I just figured that since so many people were travelling in for the party, it would’ve been expected. Yona’s lack of growth hasn’t stopped the mangaka from having the other characters praise her. So I just don’t expect her lack of growth to disqualify her when all is said and done.

      Hm. He seemed pretty clear in his coronation speech that he wanted to unite Kouka and restore it to its former glory. That requires both long term and short term work. It could also be the case that Suwon has no intentions of dying and was merely acknowledging Yona’s right to be furious with him. Hm. Suwon’s underestimation of Yona’s feelings did, in a way, lead to this current situation. Eh…his expression was too off IMO. I think he was scheming but it’s possible that he underestimated the extent to which she’d be attached to it. lol. True.:D

      Oh really? I figured it was like some of the traditions I’ve heard about where the chief or the person in charge will adopt a kid who has no parents or relatives. Hak appears to be sure that he’s an orphan, adopted, and that Fuuga’s his hometown. Hak having doubts about whether grandpa loves him makes more sense to me if his parents died when he was a little older –like say 5ish. Though Hak’s brother, otoh, might be a baby at the doorstep.

      I don’t see why it can’t be both? Suwon has a very strong emotional attachment to Yona and he planned the murder around her schedule. Not now because too much has happened lol. I meant Suwon’s handling of Yona if she hadn’t seen the murder. She wouldn’t have known, but he would’ve. So I thought that maybe he’d marry her for the political advantage but also to take care of her because he knows how it feels to lose a parent while young.

    4. I don’t think so no. I think because of how quickly everything happened, there just wasn’t much emphasis put on it. I imagine that Suwon would’ve arranged a discreet burial. Yona isn’t bothered with a lot of things we think she should care about. :p Agreed as to the conspiracy angle. I think there is an element of conspiracy in the sense of general planning things and the like, but yeah. I agree that it’s not that type of story.

      I think so. It just seems to me that Il may not have realized Suwon was a threat until later on. It’s true. Too bad we don’t know if Suwon’s treacherousness was ever applied to anyone else. Although I suppose it could also have been as simple as Il feeling that Suwon wouldn’t treasure Yona like Hak does. But then the vehemence seems to paint another story…

      That would also be interesting. Do you think that maybe Yu-Hon had a specific country he hoped to conquer and all the priests he asked told him it was a bad idea? Although to get rid of them over a power struggle, it would probably have been more the priests telling the king not to approve of Yu-Hon’s plan. Maybe Suwon knew about a plan that’s more specific than “restore Kouka to her former glory” and that’s what he’s after? It looks to me like it’s the king’s prerogative because the generals didn’t react to royalty going through Yona like it was this outrageous thing. Suwon being the closest male heir made his coronation more palatable for them but I think they were fine either way.

    5. True. Haku, more or less, knows how things work but of course, doesn't mean that he likes how it is. Ya..


      Ah, I'm thinking more on they'll vote on who they want to be their ruler rather than it being 'inherited' but yes, for now they seem to be quite dependent on their rulers which will also happen if they are in a democracy. Hoping the 'ruler' will solve their problems and they don't have to do anything.

      I see.

      Indeed..but was Kouka not united before? Currently, it seems more like uniting them together so that they can engage into war to take some lands back.

      Ah, I see. I thought his grandpa tends to pick up abandoned kids and take them in..and it just so happened that Haku fits the 'position'. Wasn't the new Wind general also adopted by the grandpa?

      I see. I do think it is possible to do both, and Haku would even wish them happiness. Everything would have gone smoothly but too bad, Suwon didn't put a guard in front of the door before he pull that off, in order to prevent someone from accidentally seeing it.

      Indeed...ah, one of those, we'll know probably later on/at the end...hopefully.

      Probably..Kai but definitely want to conquer. Ah, but were they in war at that time? Aside from banishing the priest theory as a reason for 'disinheriting Yuhon', perhaps, the grandfather is sick of wars and its toll so decided to let Iru rule the country instead. I mean what is 'Kouka's former glory' = being a warmonger? Currently, it is deemed as 'weak' because they let the country being bullied by the other countries. Did the country become 'poor' because of that? Or, was it always like that and with war, they'll just take the spoils of the other countries?


    6. Yes I think you're right.

      Oh! That's an interesting possibility. I think there's going to be a lot of rebuilding needed after the big war takes place and maybe it'll be the first step in Kouka's citizens wanting to take control of their own destinies in an aftermath that'll require them to start over? That'd be really satisfying. Do you think that the dragons will die if something happens to the castle?

      I think the simple fact that we have several more or less autonomous regions means that Kouka's always had some regional divisions that align with tribal boundaries. In terms of effect, I think that the distinction between the upper class and the lower class is probably the most profound fracture to be seen in that society. The Fire Tribe's second son sought to differentiate himself from Hak based on class rather than tribe and although the Fire Tribe general brought up Hiryuu in his coup attempt, we still generally see the tribes intermingling for trade and travel with little trouble IMO. So there does appear to be national unity in that sense.But yeah I agree in general that Suwon appears to be uniting them for war. Do you think Wind and Water will eventually be forced to send bodies?

      I think that's how it was too though come to think of it Hak may just be the oldest of grandpa's adopted kids. I'm not sure if the new Wind general was adopted but I think so.

      Precisely. See that's the mystery that I hope to get answers to simply because people don't generally do things the hard way without a reason. And Suwon's hatred of Il doesn't appear to extend to Yona so I just don't know what to make of it. One theory contradicts the other, etc. There's probably a mix of factors there.

      Lol at hopefully. But yeah. I hope that the mangaka doesn't leave us hanging on these issues.

      Good question. We see Yu-Hon going on military campaigns as recently as when Suwon and the others were children so there may have been conquest happening right up until Il was chosen for the throne. I think that the grandfather maybe was tired of the wars as well because in a sense choosing Il, whose "claim to infamy" was his pacifism in a warmongering nation was kind of implicitly endorsing his views. When many of the people who hated Il talk about Kouka's former glory it seems like the cultural memory is tied very closely to war and conquest so I think so. Honestly, I'm not actually seeing the bullying per say because it's not like Kouka gave up its own borders in the peace treaties. I think they're just mad because they had to quit being imperialists.

      As for Kouka's economic's hard to tell. The country appears to have port cities as well as other nations it can trade with but we don't really see any exports or national crops until Suwon arranges that deal with Kai for tea as well as the polishing of the rocks from the Earth mines. That suggests to me that there may be a lot underutilized natural resources. Maybe it's undeveloped like that because the country was warmongering rather than making trade agreements. The Fire Tribe looked like it boosted its economy primarily through the military so it's possible that the spoils of war was their source of national income for a long time. What do you think?

    7. Hm..not too what protecting them in the castle, or the castle itself? Since there are priests there before, maybe there is some sort of altar or object? Sword? =P Ah, if it is a sword, maybe they can now move around as long as it is with them.

      Ah, I see. True, it seems that the tribes tend to mind their own business and just 'work together' if the king wanted them to. Not too sure. Somehow, I think Suwon also doesn't quite trust them so he only brought the ones he 'knows' are loyal to him while the others..somewhat far away from him. They will probably send people if they are forced/threaten to.

      Indeed, and hopefully, the mangaka would explain things..ah, convincingly ^^

      Hehe, ya it seems to be like that. Is it possible that the people do not really know the basic stuff of survival because most are dependent on the war's spoils? True..perhaps, they are not used to be submissive ones since they are always the ones demanding? Which is assuming that they do win in most of the wars/battles that they engage in.

      Ah..that's exactly what I'm thinking. So, maybe that is why they kind of approve of what Suwon is doing?

    8. I had assumed it was the castle itself, but when you put it that's not so clear is it?

      Good point about Suwon not trusting them. I actually thought Suwon played his hand wrong with Water and Wind. I think he should've still gone around to smooth things over but Earth and Sky could've still managed the tasks that required more trust IMO. But that's me though. What do you think of how he managed that?

      Those generals being forced to send soldiers would make for good drama IMO.

      Maybe I need to go your route and do the whole low expectations thing lol. :p

      That's the puzzle. Have we seen any of the villagers say that they were trained in something that would've become unprofitable after the end of the war like sword blacksmiths or something? I'm asking because the generals don't appear to have a profit-share and the Fire Tribe is drafting its soldiers. If the young men were mostly already gone before due to the wars, it seems odd to me, now that you mention war's spoils, that the Fire General could take the young men now and the village wouldn't already have a system in place for adjusting to their absence.

      That's what I suspect. Because when you compare the claims made by the outraged populace with the facts we're given, the people's perceptions don't add up. Plus it's not unheard of for stuff like that to happen in real life. Hm. Do you think that maybe different generals were in charge of different areas for wars? Someone like Yu-Hon must've won much more than he lost. Same with Earth. I think grandpa may have also done his share of conquering because they said he was on par with Yu-Hon (maybe foreshadowing a Hak v Suwon showdown?), but that he's mellowed with age and raising kids a bit.

    9. Nope. As I mentioned in the other thread, things might be deliberately vague so that the mangaka can figure things out later on.

      True and perhaps, he must strike the iron while its hot = they have an alibi for a battle. With Wind, I think it was done before, they threatened to harm the people of Wind tribe. Suwon did that to make grandpa comply with making him king. With their blessings, the Fire tribe cut Wind tribe's streams. He knew that the Wind will do everything for its people. For Water, they kind of blame them for the trouble with Kai which probably be for ousting the Water general if he doesn't go with them.


      Hehe ^^

      Maybe the system wasn't applied and the generals aren't keen on that kind of way of living? Actually, I'm just guessing that they used to be 'great' and now, the war's spoils are gone..they are spoiled and everything so, they hope the king and generals would still give them the 'dole outs' in exchange for the manpower they provided. Not sure if it is indeed like that for all of them. Wind seems to have some way of living. Water should since it is in a port area. Do you think that the Fire tribe is the poorest of them all so they would resort to that kind of thing, aside from the fact that ex-Fire lusts for power.

      In what way in charge of different Fire providing manpower, Water providing the supplies/money? Sky probably also provides money since they are a trading town. Hehe, it would really be nice if we really know how things work and what really happened in the past. that only with Kai or also the ones below. I think it is towards all since they are on defense against the ones below which shows that they have no alliance or peace treaty something. That must have really put them on a spot to make enemies of all their neighbors but I guess they have strong soldiers so they can pull it off. Is that their 'past glory'?

      By the way, while re-checking on Suwon's threat to Wind, I saw this:

      It seems that Yona and Haku was never part of the plan when he becomes king. Or, he is already assuming that they'll know what he'll do to Iru. Or, is it because he won't marry her and Yona is part of the package for Haku? =P

    10. I tried to avoid that conclusion, but the mangaka writing this by the seat of her pants makes too much sense. :p

      Right but as it is now, the rift is too obvious. That's also why I thought Suwon should've chastised the Fire Tribe in public while rewarding them under the table for cutting Wind's water supplies. Given Kouka's societal emphasis on rank and appearances in the upper classes, Wind and Water would've had no choice but to reciprocate Suwon's friendly overtures even if they didn't believe his sincerity. But you're right that he probably needed to move quickly once the pretext for war presented itself.

      Think maybe an excuse to go to war was what Suwon was looking for in Awa as well? His story about coming to acquire evidence against Kumji seems fishy.

      Idk. IMO even if they were subsidized, life in the village must've gone on. Nobody goes home to harvest during war. You know what I mean? In any case, I got the impression that they got their own produce and were depending on the young men. Hm. The Fire Tribe certainly appears to be the poorest so they definitely would've been more prone to being "spoiled". Wasn't the soil also questionable there?

      As an aside, I'm surprised that ex-Fire was lusting for power for its own sake. I think that his bid makes sense if he wants the throne because the other tribes had better land, better inter-trade opportunities (the Fire villages are pretty isolated iirc), access to medical care, etc. while the Fire villages had effectively been left to their own fates when the war ended and Il's peace treaties crippled their economy since they likely lived primarily off the spoils of war. Fire was probably importing all its food for its troops and upper classes and that must've taken a toll on the general's finances. To me, Fire acting out of desperation also has the added bonus of someone besides Suwon having a grudge against Il's policy that we can take seriously. What do you think? Do you buy the "rightful place" and "Hiryuu" rationale the Fire general used?

      I was thinking different areas like Sky to the South, Fire and Wind to the North, etc.but you've made a good point about the various roles each tribe could've played. I agree with you that they were likely at war with all of their neighbors. If they were at least cordial, Suwon wouldn't have had to split his troops. IMO you're right about their "past glory" and that the strength of their soldiers was what allowed them to get away with it.

      It'd be interesting if perhaps Il had heard about their neighbors putting aside their differences to attack Kouka and if something like that had led to the peace treaties. Then Yu-Hon got upset and threatened to take over with the support of the country so Il killed his brother to save Kouka.

      I don't see why it can't be both. :p I wonder if Suwon was going to strip Yona of her title and banish them both since it seems like he never intended to have her witness the murder but he didn't plan to have her around either. But then he told Hak to protect Yona which would be impossible if the plan was to kill her. Maybe you're right that it was never his plan to go with the adviser's advice.

      It seems like Hak might've sealed his own fate with that spiel about not acknowledging Suwon without Yona when he was listing his demands :p. Suwon resting his head on Hak's shoulder while fighting tears seemed kind of like he was giving in to fate. What do you make of it? I don't get the sense that Suwon would've turned Hak down if he'd pledged his allegiance.

      Also, something I didn't notice before: Suwon answering the question "You want me, right?" with "That's what you mean..." :p That scene you found definitely has me reconsidering a few things. What're your thoughts on it?

    11. True.

      That's possible ^^ And he'll probably think of another way to get Water on to his side.

      Hm..that makes sense and yes, I kind of buy it since I'm assuming that he is indeed thinking along that line which is somewhat typical for people like him..yet, perhaps, he thought that Suwon is much easier to deal with rather than Iru. So, with that, like I wondered in the other thread, does Iru know that was the effect for Fire tribe? Didn't he mention it to Iru? Or, they are just acting on their own? that rationale is indeed, how come only now..? It also depends on how long has the sky been the ones on the realm as king. Was it only recently with Yona's grandfather? It is possible that his grandfather/father 'brainwashed' him to take the opportunity to take back the throne since it is rightful theirs. Then, what happened to their tribe, somewhat reinforced it. Was he always like that? Before his demise, it seems that he really lost it. Since when did he start to think solely for himself rather than his people? many questions again ^^;

      That would be indeed interesting. ^^ again, what was Suwon's original plan? And, yes, protect Yona from who since obviously, right now, they are not after them at all. Protect her from some other things since she is a 'clueless naive princess'?

      Most likely so. Suwon must have pretty much decided that this is what he indeed wanted.

      Okay...I find that weird so I checked the Chinese scans.
      Suwon: How come I have to marry Yona? [<- so he might not exactly refusing to marry her]
      Haku: You want me, right?
      Suwon: Is that your excuse for rejecting me..ah, in short, I think..
      Haku: Marry Yona and become the next king. I'll belong to you.

      So, in a way, Haku prioritizes Yona then Suwon. Suwon knows that so, he'll have to give up on Haku. Hm..thinking of it, I wonder how much Suwon knows Yona. Does he know her well enough that she cannot go against him even if he kills her father? Or, he doesn't..because if he knew, he could still at least say, he killed her father in self-defense and she'll believe him rather than bluntly saying that it is for revenge, blah, blah. seems that the Chinese translates that Suwon sentence differently..^^;
      In Chinese, it is: I think..when I become the king, Yona and Haku..would definitely not be at my side.

      That can mean like what we are thinking or, he has a gut feel/premonition that is what's going to happen..probably because of what he is going to do.

    12. He could try a little harder with Wind too. :P

      That's a good point. I imagine that Il's knowledge would be limited for this one. Fire has a lot of pride. The older son took responsibility for his father's actions and TaeJun for Yona's death. They were both very very scared but their pride prevented them from outright saying so. Similar deal with ex-Fire's inability to accept defeat. If Fire did try to acquire resources during their meetings I don't think that he would've outright said he needed aid when they were setting the national budget. Cuz yeah, if the generals had gone to Il about their problems, aside from maybe Earth, I don't see Il refusing to send funds or anything like that.

      I think Yona said that her family had been on the throne for about 200 years?

      But that's if we buy that he was attempting to use the throne to raise Fire's living standard. I don't recall him mentioning that at all but he did talk about past glory. So I mean, I think he stated his motive fairly clearly. His maniacal behavior there reminded me of Zhao when he killed the moon spirit in Avatar. :/

      Good to see we agree.

      True. Well it seems safe to say that Suwon's original plan included killing Il, becoming king, and not marrying Yona :p. I think you're right about protecting her from other things because she's clueless and naive. Suwon, IMO, has never considered Yona his equal.

      Oh so the Chinese version has Suwon being more serious about poaching Hak. Sheesh. Stuff like this is why I can't make a decision about him. >( I wonder how Yona would've felt about that. She's trying to get Suwon to join her for juice but he's not responding because he's trying to take her bodyguard lol. Thank you for looking that up. Do you know what Suwon was going to say after "ah, in short, I think..."? Do you think he was going to try and persuade Hak one last time?

      I don't know. He still looks distressed at the thought of having to marry Yona so your interpretation that he won't marry Yona but Yona's part of the package for Hak still makes more sense to me. Although that does certainly suggest that Suwon was aware of the fact that marrying Yona was an option. But IMO if his original plan was for Hak/Yona to not know he killed Il, I don't think he has a reason to try and steal Hak if Yona was still going to be the princess? Which way are you leaning?

      Well, Suwon's underestimation of Yona;s feelings played a huge role in the collapse of his plan. He just didn't take her seriously IMO. Yeah that's why I think that Suwon is a touch overrated as a strategist. He intricately planned the murder down to Yona's usual habits, but as soon as Yona disrupted him he told the truth instead of coming up with a halfway believable cover story. Though the revenge explanation was for the reader's benefit as opposed to what Suwon would realistically have said in that situation though IMO.

      Hm. The Chinese translation is very interesting. You think maybe he instinctively felt like his plan wasn't going to go as planned?

    13. True but he probably decided not to waste effort on Wind since they probably won't budge after what he tried to do/did. I mean, unlike Yona, I would think that they know that Suwon is the 'boss' who tried to 'kill them off' using Fire to get what he wanted.

      That's right.

      Oh, so it was 200 years...that's pretty long.

      Hehe, sorry, I didn't watch that one. Hm..cannot say for sure but wasn't Suwon kind of showing older son that what Tae Jun has done for that poor tribe is good. Maybe, he had some plans for it but thanks to Yona and others, he doesn't have to since they already/partly did that job. Of course, I'm not sure how long term it is since after some time, they are going to war. ^^;

      Hm..equal as in position..or brains or having a goal and accomplishing it? =P

      That's right ^^ Suwon knows Haku's value unlike her =P No problem ^^ It is possible..I'm thinking that it is either that, or he is going to say that Yona is Haku's, something like that.

      Ya..but basically, Yona is the hindrance for Suwon that he won't get Haku yet marrying her doesn't seem to be part of his options. Good point. Yona is packaged with Haku but he only wants Haku. Both not knowing would still end up with Haku + Yona. Killing Yona would be a possibility but Haku would most likely want to learn who got rid of her that is unless, Suwon can really cover it up = 'perfect crime'. And it helps that Haku is leaving Yona up to him. So, perhaps, that was the original plan which we thought is also the adviser's but Suwon kind of wavered and Yona managed to escape which probably cost him Haku. What do you think?

      Ah, that's a good point.

      Hm..I interpret that as feeling that those two will not approve of how he become king though..wait..that might mean that he is going to spare Yona..yet, it can also be that she won't..but why would Haku won't? Is it because he is super devoted to Yona? It is something like: When I become king, I think Yona and Haku would definitely be not at my side. So, he probably has tears that he is going to sacrifice both for his goal. Sorry..if the earlier translation caused confusion. It is the Chinese grammar. ^^;

    14. In that circumstance it's not about winning Wind over, IMO because you're right that it isn't going to happen. It's about the political disagreement not being visible to potential outside enemies after coming to power under questionable circumstances. Which is why to me it only makes sense to use Kouka's social customs to your advantage even if Wind will be the first tribe to turn on you.

      I think it still does raise a question about Il's level of culpability though. Like to what extent Il was to blame for his failure to leave the castle and see what was happening. While I feel like the blame he gets is disproportionate, to an extent I'm not too comfortable with Il not really interacting with the people. What do you think?

      Haha. Hm. So you're thinking that if Hak had seen the light back then Yona would've been more jealous of Hak than upset at him leaving? Somehow that wouldn't surprise me. :p Oh that's an interesting take as well. I'll have to think about that one.

      That's true. Since it's clear that he can take the throne with Yona still living, it's a little bit strange for him to have decided Yona was off the table so early. Idk. Think Suwon knew about her feelings more than he let on? Hm. It's a puzzle. Killing Yona would definitely fit with what he was thinking at the end about both Hak and Yona not being at his side after Hak made it clear that he's choosing Yona. But I'm not sure how to figure the questionable behavior with the hairpin in with that as the original plan. I know I said earlier that I thought he'd tweaked his plan after the confession but I'm not convinced anymore in light of what he said to Hak immediately after giving it to her.

      Think maybe someone else was supposed to kill Yona? The hairpin would've been an obvious clue for soldiers searching for her in the castle. In any case, I think you're on to something. Especially if Suwon sent him to the entrance because he was deliberately trying to separate Hak from Yona. He couldn't have expected to challenge Hak directly and win, but depending on the framing he may have been able to retain that friendship if Yona's dead before he gets back. What do you think?

      Oh. That makes a lot of sense. I agree that him telling Hak to protect Yona it could hint that his plan was to spare Yona somehow as well. Good point. So then Hak turning Yona and himself into a package deal would've directly led to that. Thanks for your re-translation.