April 29, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 44]

And, in the classroom, Iriya sees Makoto with his mother. Makoto realizes that this person is truly Iriya’s mother and she’s so young!! “Isn’t she his older sister!? So at least, she’s thirty years old..!? She totally doesn’t look like it. Ah, this isn’t the time to think about that..!” [ I’ll use ‘Iriya’s mother’ instead of ‘Shizuka’ since in the other scanlation, she is ‘C-chan’. ^^;;] His mother smiles. Iriya says, “You’re still alive huh.” He looks surprised and covers his mouth. He says that he wanted to say that. His mother says indeed, that’s right. Iriya calls out to Makoto and tells her to come over to him. She did as told. Iriya’s mother says that her older sister is currently in Europe, right. She overheard it from the mothers nearby who were talking about it at the streets. “Are you very worried [about Makoto?] that you ran over here?” Makoto remembers that Iriya’s mothers are sisters. Iriya tells his mother that it has nothing to do with her and by the way, how come she came here. He asks Makoto if she did something to her. Makoto tells him none..nothing dangerous.
His mother says why she came over, yes. “Do you have anything that you wish for me to do for you? *This puzzles Iriya.* Decide on it as early as possible for I do not have time.” Iriya mutters that she is making some irresponsible remarks, then suddenly appearing.. “Wishing for you to do? There is. Right now, immediately disappear from my sight. Do not get involve with me again!!” Makoto mutters Iriya’s name. Then, the teacher arrives and tells them not to go to school without wearing their uniform. Then, he asks Iriya what’s up. When Iriya is trying to explain, his mother pats his chest and says that she is going ahead. “Ah, that’s right. *takes Iriya’s hand out and puts a Bunny in a car toy on his hand.* Here, I’ll give this to you. Happy birthday- Even if it is late by 10 years and one day. Girlfriend, thank you, too. Bye-bye.” While the teacher is puzzled, Makoto tries to call out to her but Iriya’s mother already left. At the shoe lockers, Makoto is worried about Iriya. Iriya tells her that he is going back to the hospital and would she be okay later on. Makoto is surprised to see him smiling and apologizing for yesterday and today since she got involved in some strange incidents.
Makoto thinks that she had seen this kind of Iriya so many times. Makoto tells him not to smile because if it is her, she basically couldn’t smile. “I’ll absolutely won’t be okay..” After a pause, Iriya asks, “..then, what should I do? What should be the normal reaction? I don’t know because I’m a bit abnormal!! *Makoto is teary-eyed* That person didn’t consider me important, not one bit, so she abandoned me. Until now, she does what she pleases. After that, it is okay for her to do that!? *about to throw the toy on the floor* For me to say something about, wishing for her to do.. when things have reached this point..” Makoto exclaims but..but yesterday, the one who saved him is that person..! This surprises Iriya. She tells him that it is because he has a fever, so it is possible that he doesn’t remember but she wasn’t the one who saved him. “So, that’s person’s wrist is injured..” After calming down a bit, Iriya asks, “..what, so you want me to forgive her..?” Makoto says no..she doesn’t mean it that way. Makoto doesn’t know what kind of approach she should use for that person caused suffering to young Iriya yet she also saved the current Iriya.
Makoto recalls his mother saying that it is right for Iriya not to be brought up by a scum [/garbage] and his mother asking Iriya if there is something he wishes for her to do for him. Turning away, Iriya says forget it, for he also won’t see her [his mother] again. “I’m sorry, let me calm down alone for today.” Later on, Makoto goes in her bedroom. She wonders if it is okay to just come back like this. She wonders if Iriya is okay and in the end, she should send him an email. Then, she realizes that Iriya’s mother had taken away her cellphone as hostage. She is troubled for there are a lot of stolen pictures of Iriya inside..no, that that..she doesn’t know of a way to contact her. She weakens and falls on the floor over what to do. She is startled when her sister comes in her room Holding a CD, Rika asks what she is doing since she surprised her to death. Makoto gloomily says that something had happened. Rika asks what is it, did she had a fight with Iriya. Teary-eyed Makoto cries and calls out to her sister.
Later on, Rika says so it is about his mother. “Even if I felt that his mother isn’t a very decent person but I didn’t think young Iriya would have that kind of experience.” Hugging her Bunny doll, Makoto says that she really doesn’t know on what is the correct thing to do. Rika says that if it is her, she’ll tell him to quickly sever relationship with that parent and she’ll make him happy. Makoto thinks that she thought that her sister will say that. Rika says to go back to the topic, what did Iriya say. Makoto tells her that he said forget it and he doesn’t want to see his mother again. Rika asks if that isn’t okay. Makoto says that even if Iriya felt that is okay but she has this feeling..he shouldn’t..that kind of feeling.. “Perhaps, I’m just thinking too much. Perhaps, it would be better not to meddle too much but I do not wish Iriya to have misgivings towards anyone, be troubled about something. I wish that he won’t regret.. Sis, what do you think?” Rika says that is okay and if it is something that she decided then it is okay. Makoto timidly protests that she doesn’t have self-confidence.
Rika says that what she said isn’t definitely correct. “You and I am not the same person. Besides, about Iriya, *points at Makoto’s nose* Right now, you, Makoto should understand it more than anyone else, right?” Makoto recalls their times together and says yes. “Even if I say that, but there isn’t much that I can do..” Rika tells her that it is okay and just be the same as usual, she just have to accompany Iriya at his side and make him feel at ease. “Gambatte [do your best] Makoto. ..Ah-- *pats Makoto’s back hard* But, the day has finally arrived when you talked with me about this kind of topic--! *hugging Bunny very tightly* If you don’t get your cellphone back, I’ll buy you a new one!” Makoto tries to tell her that she is holding Bunny too tight and it might break. Rika drops Bunny and glomps Makoto. Their mother shouts that they are so noisy and do they know what time it is right now!! Rika winks at Makoto and says that she’s angry so let’s go to sleep. Going to bed, Makoto thinks that she’ll immediately go see Iriya when she wakes up. She felt a heavy atmosphere flowing quickly by. She wonders whether or not, Iriya is lonely all by himself and it is good if he can properly sleep..” At the hospital, Iriya is holding the toy while looking out the window.
Comment: From what Iriya’s mother is saying, I get the feeling that she is dying or something. It makes me think that they’ll make amends if that is the situation. And, it is possible that his mother is making amends because of the situation. Contrary to what Makoto hopes, I think Iriya didn’t sleep that night. I’m amused over what Rika would do in that kind of situation. Though, Makoto is the ‘lead character’ so she is doing what is typical of her. It is nice how Rika loves and is supportive of Makoto when before, Makoto has this rivalry against her. ^^ Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. ~ Margaret Mead


  1. I still remember what happened to Iriya when he was abandoned, ALONE, at their house. He almost died from hunger . Unforgivable ! !

    1. Indeed, megaworthit.

    2. Yeah she`s a terrible woman I wonder if she`s truly sorry or just doing this so she can die in peace?

    3. If she is dying, it might be 'can die in peace', Linda.

  2. Thank you so much! Your summarize is the best! Although they were fought, I love this couple!

    1. You're welcome and thanks for the comment, sunny ^-^