April 27, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 33]

In a bus, Rino happily tells everyone that there are seats at this side. Sho says that it is seats that face each other and this way, everyone can always chat. “Right, Tachibana--” And, he sees wide-eyed Chihiro staring off. He calls out to her again and asks what’s up, she’s so stiff. Chihiro suddenly exclaims in surprise and says, ah..that..she is probably so shocked over how neat the carriage is, that she is at a loss for words!? Sweatdropping Sho asks if she is a lump of iron. Chihiro laughs and asks what’s up with her. She thinks that this is bad for she is so nervous. Ren tells the two to quit being lovey-dovey and quickly sit, they’re an eyesore. The two sweatdrops and says, as you ordered. Rino asks Chihiro if it would be better for her to sit beside Sho. Surprised Chihiro exclaims that she..she is going to sit with Rino. Holding Rino’s arm tightly, Chihiro exclaims that she wants to sit with Rino. She is thinking that sitting with Sho would make her more nervous. Rino sweatdrops and says that she heard her. Unsatisfied Ren says, understood.. Sho says ah, really.. While sitting, Sho comments that it is great that they were able to go on this trip. Reading a book, Ren says that is true for it is great that Chihiro passed the make-up exam. Sho says ya.
Rino asks if it is a clear day at their destination. Ren says that according to today’s forecast, it is a clear day. Rino says that she brought some snacks and is there anything they want to eat. “Chihiro?” Chihiro is staring off the window then, she snaps out of it, thinking that she has become stiff again. Chihiro says ah, what it is, Rino. Rino repeats if there is a snack that she wants to eat. Pointing to his eyes, Sho asks Chihiro if she didn’t sleep last night because her eyes are so red. Chihiro says yes, actually, a bit.. Chihiro thinks that no, it isn’t a bit but rather, she didn’t sleep the whole night because.. Rino says that she knows, it is like their spring trip during elementary. Chihiro laughs and says yes..that kind of feeling and she is also wondering what is the best outfit to wear.. She thinks that it is because, tonight, finally..! “Fin..finally...ever since that unsuccessful H [/sex], I always had excess awareness towards Hinase..that every time I see him, I felt a lot more nervous.. Besides, that day, I had accidentally met with Hinase’s older sister.” Flashback: A short wavy haired woman stood by the door and saw the two. She exclaimed in surprise then said, ‘Please continue.’ Then, she went out and closed the door. The two were stunned and speechless. End flashback.
Chihiro felt embarrassed, it is too embarrassing that the more she thinks of it, the more she felt that it is embarrassing to death. She sighs and thinks, ..but, she can unexpectedly do that kind of thing.. She wonders if it is really okay to have a go with the flow H..and in passing, it is quite scary.. Blushing really red, Chihiro thinks that just thinking of it, she’ll break out into a cold sweat. Then, Sho calls out to her. She asks what it is. He smiles and says that it is nothing. Seeing him smiling at her, Chihiro’s heart starts beating fast. She wonders why he used that kind of expression to look at her. “Could it be that it is because of my clothes!? Is it very strange? Is it? Seating face-to-face.. it seems that there is some blunder.. *glances at Sho* It feels that he doesn’t look the same as usual when he’s wearing casual clothes. If he gazes at me like that, I don’t know what would become of me.. like this, can I really do it..”
At a small town, Rino exclaims that they are here and the atmosphere is really not the same. Ren agrees. Sho says that it is a bit colder than he imagined. As her heart keeps on beating fast, blushing Chihiro thinks that they are finally here. Sho asks where they are going to sight-seeing first. Looking at his book, Ren says how about picking strawberries since Rino said before that she wanted to try that out and it is nearby here. Pointing to a banner with strawberries pictures, he says that look, there are banners about it are hanging there. Chihiro says then, let’s go. Rino asks if it is really okay for everyone. Ren says yes, starting from nearby, they can go, one by one, to the places they want to go. At a greenhouse, Rino exclaims that this strawberry is so sweet and super delicious, right? Ren says yes. After asking if this can also be picked, Rino starts stuffing herself with strawberries. Ren tells her to eat slowly and be careful not to choke. Rino protests that there is a time limit so if she didn’t eat a lot... At the side, Chihiro picks a strawberry and looks at Ren and Rino who are happily chatting. She thinks that it is great since those two looks so happy and compared to that side, their side is.. Facing away from each other, she and Sho are all quiet.
Chihiro wants to say something but she is bothered too much about tonight that she doesn’t know what to say and she has no way of turning around to face him. She thinks that if she didn’t say something a bit, the mood would be heavier. She is surprised when Sho calls out to her and tells her to face him. Holding a strawberry, he says okay, open your mouth. She blushes as he holds the strawberry to her. Then, Chihiro slaps his hand away and becomes surprised by what she did. While Sho looks surprised, Chihiro thinks that this is bad.. They were interrupted by Rino who calls out to Chihiro and tells her that this one is sweet. Holding the strawberry, Rino tells her here, open her mouth. And, Rino feeds Chihiro with the strawberry. Chihiro looks surprised that Rino asks how it is, is it very sweet? Chihiro says yes. The two guys look at the two girls. Chihiro says that it is really very sweet and very delicious. Rino happily says that isn’t it so. Then, here’s another one, open your mouth. Chihiro says ah.. Then, Chihiro also wants to give Rino one. Rino opens her mouth so that Chihiro can feed her one.
Sho looks at the strawberry on his hand. He happily says, “Kiritani-kun, open~~your mouth” Not amused, Ren says, what the devil. Looking at his pitiful strawberry, Sho says that he cannot help it, ah, forget it. He calls out to the caretaker and asks if there is a fork which he can lend for a while. This puzzles Ren. Later on, Sho calls out to Chihiro and tells her to open her mouth. He is happily holding a cup with a fork inside. His expression made Chihiro aghast that he asks what’s up with that frozen expression. She says that it is nothing and what is that. While smashing the strawberries with a fork in the cup, Sho says that for her to ask what it is, this is Hinase’s handmade strawberry shake. He gives it to her and she looks suspicious of it. He assures her that it is definitely delicious to drink. Chihiro says that it doesn’t look that special. He continues to urge her to drink that she realizes something. She thinks that just now she made the mood to become stiff. She also thinks that that she is definitely acting very awkward..and it seems that he do not mind it at all. She wonders how come he can be so perfectly composed.
Chihiro thinks that he obviously had already H so could it be that he isn’t nervous anymore at this time? Could it be that the one who is somewhat uneasy is only her? After looking flustered, Chihiro takes the cup and drinks it in one gulp. She says that it is really delicious. He says that isn’t it so. Looking determined, Chihiro thinks but, she also won’t lose to him who appears to be very calm and collected. Sho is surprised when she takes a strawberry and says, here, open your mouth. Sho blushes and seems to hesitate a bit. Looking at her, he says, then.. He eats the strawberry and kisses her finger. This surprises Chihiro that she quickly pulls her finger away from him. Closing her eyes, she thinks that it is no good, in the end, she couldn’t be calm and collected and she couldn’t do it skillfully. She thought that he would suddenly become shy but then, Sho is Sho. Looking at Rino, Ren says that she looks like a hamster. Rino’s mouth is stuffed with strawberries, Ren holds her face and says, squeeze [/press]. Then, he turns around and says how about they go already. Blushing Rino is puzzled and surprised about it.
Later on, the two guys are walking ahead. Walking behind them, the two girls, are sighing together. Chihiro thinks that later on, they’ll be at the hotel soon and when they reach there, there is no turning back so what to do. Sho asks Ren what he just did to Rino for she suddenly became quiet. Ren says that he didn’t do anything..and what about him, what did he do to Chihiro for it seems that she is becoming more and more uneasy. Sho says that nothing..he didn’t do anything. The two guys look behind to see two blushing and stiff girls. Chihiro notices that the two are looking at them. Chihiro quickly shouts for Rino to quickly look, that onsen [/hot spring], Hell’s Sauna, she super likes that one! Rino exclaims huh..really..where.. Rino tells Chihiro to look, that onsen [hot spring] is for beautiful skin. Turning around, Chihiro says ah, it can make beautiful skin, where. Pointing in front, Rino asks if Chihiro wants to go. Chihiro says that she wants to. They tell the guys that there is an onsen that they wanted to go to so can they go there? “Then, when it is dusk, we’ll meet here again, okay?” At an outdoor onsen pool, Rino says that this is quite healing, and finally, she is free. She asks Chihiro if she feels very tense when they are together with the guys. Chihiro agrees for finally she can relax.
Chihiro admits that actually, she wants to talk with her so this is really great. Rino says is that so, she, too. Then, Rino tells her to look, her skin has already become smooth, and perhaps, it can really become beautiful skin. She asks won’t Sho be very happy about it. Chihiro asks what she is saying. Rino says that tonight, her heartbeat would be more dokidoki. Chihiro tells her not to tease her. After a pause, Chihiro asks if she can really do it. She tells Rino that actually, earlier on, there was an unsuccessful attempt at doing H. Rino asks if it is during their study meeting. Chihiro says yes, at that time, she doesn’t know why she is aroused that it felt that doing it like that is okay. In the end, that day, they didn’t do it..and once she calmed down, thinking of how she went with the flow in that situation, she felt incomparably ashamed. Of course, she has that feeling of wanting to do it but right now, there are more feelings of embarrassment and nervousness [than wanting to do it]. “Besides Hinase..it is also not his first.. but for me, it is my first so regarding anything, I’ll waver until the crucial moment, so can I really do H...
...Honestly, I also want to do things more than kissing, and I want to understand Hinase more, yes? But, I’m too timid that I also don’t have a bit of confidence towards myself.. I also feel that I’ll fail when I do it. So, for tonight, I want to soak in an onsen for beautiful skin. Does soaking for a longer time makes the skin better..” Rino laughs that Chihiro says geez, don’t laugh at her. Rino says that Sho also likes this part of Chihiro, isn’t it so? “He’ll also notice that you are nervous, right- Hinase-kun is a meticulous and thorough person.” Chihiro asks if that is so. Rino says of course, or else, he won’t be going steady with Chihiro. Chihiro says that for Rino to say that, should she feel happy about that. Rino says that besides, maybe Sho is secretly nervous and even if he has experience, but he likes Chihiro and it is his love’s first time so for a guy, it is also very special. Blushing Chihiro says it is good if it is like that. Rino says that regarding this, that is what she, who has no experience, can only say, that’s all. Chihiro says that Rino definitely had noticed her nervousness so she accompanied her here, right? “Thank you..” Rino says ya, it’s mutual. This made Chihiro asks what’s up between her and Ren.
Turning around, Rino says, ah..what..it is that.. Chihiro asks what it is. She urges Rino to talk to her. Pouting Rino says that it is really nothing, and even if she also wants to move a step, she also still feel that this [/current situation] is better.. Puzzled Chihiro says she’s listening but she doesn’t understand. Rino says that she’s also isn’t clear about it. Rino changes the topic by saying that Chihiro’s chest had grown big. Embarrassed Chihiro asks how come she’ll say that suddenly. Looking at her chest, Chihiro asks how can that be, when she doesn’t think it became big. Rino asks if that is so yet she thinks that it is bigger than before. She asks if she can feel them? Surprised Chihiro exclaims why and isn’t hers also very big. Rino says that it is because she is very curious how big it is so can Chihiro let her touch them. Chihiro relents for she couldn’t refuse Rino and how come she feels that Rino is some uncle [/ojisan]. She asks if she can also touch Rino’s. Rino says okay. Chihiro blushes while Rino touches her chest. Chihiro thinks that Sho will also touch her like that tonight, and even if she was touched by him before, but at that time, it wasn’t directly touching. She thinks that in the end, he would do H and in the end, what would become of her..and in the end, what does H feel like..?
Chihiro snaps out of it and wonders what is she fantasizing about, how humiliating that right now, she felt extremely ashamed to death. Rino says that in the end, Chihiro’s chest became big. Chihiro tells her not to touch anymore for it will become very strange. Rino laughs and asks, very strange? Chihiro says geez, it is the same with Rino, tonight with Ren, and she also doesn’t know what will happen, right? Rino tells her no, it won’t. Chihiro asks if she still doesn’t understand because tonight, she and Sho will be together so like that, Rino would also be alone together with Ren. Blushing Rino exclaims that’s right, is that so!?, what to do. Chihiro says what to do..she is also thinking of what to do. Rino says that she doesn’t know, what to do for she didn’t think of this! While holding to each other, Chihiro asks if things are far from reassuring [/fat in the fire]. Rino says that it is indeed far from reassuring. Chihiro asks if basically right now isn’t the time to have beautiful skin. Rino says of course, it isn’t. Chihiro asks Rino what to do. Rino asks Chihiro back what to do.
And, in raccoon picture-taking board, the two guys put their head inside. Sho calls out that he also came to the onsen~~ Then, he looks at Ren and asks what are they doing. Ren says that is what he wanted to ask him. A couple of girls are saying look, look, those two, aren’t they very handsome, handsome guys. Sho says, “Let me say, Kiritani, today, I’m going to sleep together with you, is that okay?” Aghast Ren tells him that’s disgusting to death. He asks what happened between him and Chihiro. Sho says ah yes, it always felt that today, she is always avoiding him. He groans for in the end, that thing is very problematic. Ren asks what it is. Sho tells him that day, when they wanted to do H, his older sister suddenly came in and he thinks that probably at that time, Chihiro’s feelings is quite downcast..and he can only think of that [as the cause] so today..he is at his wit’s end. “So, can you accompany me the whole night, okay?” Ren asks if it is really okay like that. Sho says that he also cannot help it for Chihiro isn’t that willing and he cannot force her or else, he’ll be hated by her.
After a pause, Ren says that Sho truly really likes Chihiro when obviously, he is quite a player [/frivolous] during junior high. Sho calls him a meanie for being so blunt but then, he has no way of reputing him. Ren says that is isn’t really that bad for he likes the current Hinase more. Sho says, “Kiri..kiritani-kun” Ren tells him to shut up. The two [fan]girls cringe over what they are talking about and say, like..and also mentioned about the whole night, what’s up with that, when they are guys.. Sho happily points out to Ren that it seems to be that side. Walking out, Sho asks Ren what’s up with him and Rino. Ren says that there is nothing at all. Sho apologizes for if he were to say with him for the night, then Ren won’t be able to be alone with Rino. Sho says that he’ll just sleep at the hotel’s corridor. Ren says that there’s no need and Shou is thinking too much since it is still not that kind of boy-girl relationship between him and Rino. “Basically I..plan to pass time somewhere tonight..”
After a pause, Sho scowls and holds Ren’s shoulders. He asks Ren what’s up, tell brother [Sho]! “Brother won’t harm you!” Ren says that it is really nothing at all, on contrary, because of this reason, he felt very perplexed..ah.. Understanding a little bit, amused Shou says so it turns out to be like that.. Ren tells him quit having that kind of expression. Sho happily teases Ren that okay, tonight, the two of them are going to thoroughly talk about it and he won’t let him sleep, okay~ Ren tells him, ah..look behind him. Sho turns around to see Chihiro and Rino blushing over their conversation. He says that they’re too near and when did they arrive. Then, the two girls scream in surprise. Sho says that they’re so slow and even their reaction is so slow. Sho asks what, the two of them are always lost in thought, what had happened, did they soak until they’re dizzy. This surprises Chihiro. Rino exclaims that they are healed..healed at that onsen.. Pulling up her sleeve, Chihiro tells them to look, the skin is smooth [and slippery] like water! Looking aghast, the two guys think smooth like water..even if they say that.. Ren says that it will be dark soon. Sho agrees so how about they go to the hotel. The girls agree. And, all four are quiet. While walking, they wonder in the end, what would become of tonight!?
Comment: The mangaka seems to be channeling her inner BL/GL for the comedy in this chapter. Ah, the double date isn’t progressing well since they are spending more time with their friends instead of their respective partners. Well, it basically boils down to Chihiro being the root cause. It seems that she lost her nerve to do it after the interruption and that she is no longer in the ‘heat of the moment’. So, she is using Rino to avoid Sho which makes the guys unhappy. Okay, not sure about Ren since he isn’t too keen about being with Rino since their relationship isn’t at that level yet. The strawberry stuff is amusing. Anyway, it seems that Rino can give good advice regarding love even if she isn’t that experienced. I guess she isn’t the type to overthink like Chihiro does. It’s nice to have a friend whom she can confide it but then, in the end, Chihiro’s nervousness and worries also spread to Rino when it is now about her possible trouble = being with Ren for the night ^^;; So, I wonder what will happen that night. Will that first H finally push through? Since Chihiro didn’t sleep the night before, will she sleep through this? =P Scans by Link同好会汉化

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  1. Thanks a lot Kat!
    This trip is so...awkward!! LOL There is a lot of cute reaction in this chapter. Those faces are priceless.
    Personally, now that Shou & Chihiro will obviously success, I wish that this trip will also make Ren & Rino closer. Their relationship is really interesting!

  2. Kat you are amazing!Thank you so much for the summary, although there is no progress in this chapter, i liked it a lot.

    1. Thanks for the comment and for reading ^-^


  3. Thank you for your hard work, Kat!

    The focus has been so much on sex in this story, that it'll be anticlimactic when it happens...she has too many fears and he is constantly disappointed that he can't get it, so it's like- just give up for now and have fun just being together...don't rush it. The first time isn't enjoyable for the girl anyways usually- it hurts and is quite frankly, anticlimactic (like...whoa what is all the hype about)..the sweetness and romance of sex that happens because two are ready and it just happens on it's own during intimate moments is much more sweet and endearing than all this planning and freaking out and frustration between these two trying to get the deed done. The focus on sex in this is getting old. I want to just see them being lovey doves for once without her glaring and blushing at him. That's all I ask for haha. If she can't even kiss him sweetly without freaking out, she isn't ready for sex. Move along mangaka, give this story a bigger more meaningful plot. Last Game, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Kimi ni Todoke, and Hibi Chouchou were great stories that prove there's more to love than just being horny teenagers.

    1. The sex that happened in Black Bird was much more realistic and sweet. It wasn't drawn out horribly. And it was very very romantic and wonderful to see them bond that well. With this one I'm just like "Ugh...get it over already or quit trying...you two have zapped the romance from it and it's become a chore now!" Lol

    2. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I agree and that seems to be kind of the point of this arc..? It shouldn't be rushed, but then, the guy wants it and she wants to please him. She now wants to but kind of overly nervous about it. Stuff like that...and it makes me think that this series is character driven and not much on plot. ^^; Something of a love comedy that relies on the interactions of the characters and funny internal monologues of the characters which is the mangaka's forte based on her previous series. The insecurities of a teenager/virgin in doing it the first time though yes, this has been going on for a lot of chapters now. ^^;;

    3. Ah so true Kat...a character driven manga...I wasn't thinking of it that way. It definitely seems so. In that case, I will have a little more patience with it haha. :)

    4. True..I'm thinking of it that way to enjoy the series. ^^