April 6, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 69]

Narration: “Hakuyou finally welcomes the end of its long lingering quiet winter days.” At the prison-like room in the harem, Reishou says, “..Geez, this is quite vexing. In a short while, I’ll have to part away from you ..won’t you let me see more of your face, Yuulin?” Yuulin is covering her blushing face.

Then, she covers his mouth and tells him to wait, don’t corner her to the wall. “Work! You abandoned work and came over here, right!? Won’t it be very bad if you don’t go back!?” Pouting and unsatisfied, Reishou asks, “..what. Don’t you want to be together with me?” Yuulin exclaims, “I want to! But, won’t it make others think that it is very strange!?

...Obviously, right now, there is no consort in the harem.. And for you to stay here for a long time..” Pouting Reishou stares at her and says that even if she is right but he has to have enough vitality in doing the next work..

Yuulin is puzzled. In puppy mode, Reishou asks, “So, one more time ..okay?” Yuulin felt like she’s melting and isn’t he quite devious pretending to be a puppy--!!! “Obviously, he is a wolf! Obviously, it is a wolf--” And Reishou took the opportunity of the moment to hug her tightly.
Narration: “While pursuing the Dark Merchant a few days ago, I, Tei Yuulin, met up with His Majesty again. Then, he brought me back to the harem to a cage-like room.” While still in Reishou’s embrace, Yuulin thinks that afterwards, she listened to his sincere words and their feelings are interlinked.. Reishou apologizes to her for making her stay in this kind of place.

“Before I can properly make you go back to the harem, there are some things that I have to deal with first..” She tells him that it is alright, she’ll properly wait. Yuulin feels that she is going to quickly swoon. Seeing her expression, Reishou lets her go and says that it feels like he had carelessly overdid it, and even if he hates to part with her, but he should go.

Yuulin says okay, she’ll walk him out. Reishou holds her face and kisses her. Smiling, he tells her to forgive him for that and he’s going. Holding her lips, Yuulin blushes and manages to mutter, take care. In a daze, she slowly walks to her bed and jumps onto it. She starts rolling around the bed and mentally screaming. “What is this..Is this reality!? Not long ago, I was prepared to become a ‘broken jade’, right!!! [from the idiom ‘Better broken jade than intact tile/’death is preferable to dishonor’]...
...*sits on the bed* My head is light as a feather. I’m so happy that I feel like I’m going to float away. Being overly happy is quite scary. *blushing* The Dark Merchant has already been arrested so there is no problem at that side. But, for me and His Majesty to be together, there is still a huge pile of things that has to be resolved!”

Then, Gen happily calls out, “Hey- Young lady who is lovey-dovey♥ with his Majesty-- you have a guest--” Yuulin turns around and looks aghast. “—Yes, for example--” And fuming Jun appears and says that it has been a long time since they saw each other, Yuulin-sama. Looking aghast, Yuulin thinks that he came. “Definitely! Absolutely! The person whom I have no way of avoiding!! *aghast*...

...Why did Teacher use that strange way of calling me. *sweatdrop*” Going to the side, Gen is happily skipping and humming about. As fuming and smiling Jun pushes up his glasses, trembling Yuulin thinks that it is the (primary) working consort’s biggest hindrance, devil mother-in-law boss, Li Jun-san..!!!

...Ah, ah, that anger has already become a whirlwind..” Meanwhile Reishou meets up with Gikou who is waiting by the gazebo at the lake. Reishou says that he has been waiting and it seems like there is something that he wanted to tell him.
Bowing to him, Gikou says that he’ll be troubling Reishou amidst his busy schedule--.. Reishou tells him to skip the opening remarks and they walk [while talking]. Gikou says yes. Glancing at Gikou, Reishou thinks that he’ll resolve this troublesome aftermath first. Back at the harem, while amused Gen is sitting at the side, Jun recaps what happen by saying that even if he has already heard of her ‘all sorts of recklessness’ after leaving the harem.

But, let him say that for her to be able to do it up to that kind of level, it really makes one admire her. Yuulin just looks aghast and tense. He says that for the purpose of keeping her safe, they had agreed about hiding her, right, but in the end, she herself run off from Shukushu to Ninshu, didn’t she? “And even infiltrated An Ryukou’s residence as a maid!

...*chibi Yuulin says, ‘and next is this side!’* By chance, you heard the plot of the royal younger brother’s mother. Upon attaining that information, you even run back to the royal capital in order to search for the Dark Merchant.. From what place, are you a secret agent of.” Yuulin thinks that listening to it in one go, it is really like that--..
Jun angrily says that she unexpectedly got a lot of help in doing this reckless action and how come no one hindered her.. Yuulin exclaims that she forced them and all of it is her fault! Jun shouts that of course, she is at fault. Then, he says that when the others were asked, all of them said that it is their own decision and it has nothing to do with her.

Yuulin is teary-eyed over what the others said. Jun is still fuming over this and that the biggest problem is that king who didn’t say anything yet he would run off to search the source of the imperial palace’s restlessness and then would bring her back.. Jun sighs and says that the next important point isn’t that.

“Yuulin-sama, His Majesty said that he wants to welcome you back into the harem. This time around, it isn’t as a working, but rather as a real consort. I heard that this is also your wish.” Yuulin says, “..yes.” Jun tells her that he’ll tell her frankly to please give it up and take advantage of still being the ‘consort who disappeared’.

“Return to your own world and live at ease there. ..Regarding His Majesty, I’ll go and persuade him.” Yuulin thinks that is the inevitable hindrance showing up now [/before her eyes].
While walking, Reishou asks Gikou what’s he wants to talk about. Gikou says yes, it is related to that thing regarding his son, Keitaku, who was arrest at the same time with a criminal.. Reishou thinks that in the end, he came for negotiation and next, they would be talking about some condition. Gikou says that the aftermath has been dealt with.

“My son’s ignorance. Everything is my responsibility. With this life to make up for it, please bestow your forgiveness.” Looking surprised, Reishou asks if he’ll take responsibility for it when he thought that Gikou is going to negotiate because his son said that he only thought that the other party is an ordinary merchant.

There is a scene of Keitaku shaking his head and exclaiming that he really didn’t know. Gikou says that no one knows if that is a fact or he is just pretending by saying that he doesn’t know in order to escape from blame. Then, he asks Reishou why he looks so astonished. Reishou says no, this is a bit unexpected for he thought that Gikou will use his power to wipe this incident clean or perhaps he’ll abandon his son.
Gikou says that he always taught his sons that they must become courtiers who’ll guide the country and the king towards the right path. “Not only he didn’t do that..he would even have a relationship with the rebel party that is opposing the king. Simply do not have any face to look at His Majesty...

..even though it is for a brief time that I can serve His Majesty, but it made me happy from the bottom of my heart. From here on, I’ll rely on you regarding the country’s long-term peace and stability. But..please, by all means, do not follow the footsteps of the former king [Reishou’s father].”

Reishou says that Gikou had verbally meddled many times regarding pampering the princess consort and the harem. “Is it because of regret that you weren’t able to prevent it at that time?” Gikou looks dark and didn’t reply. To his surprise, Reishou starts laughing and says that he always thought that Gikou isn’t pleased with a king who grew up at the frontier but in the end, he is quite a decent courtier.

“—truly regretful, Minister Han, right now, this court doesn’t have any spare to dismiss a capable minister over a small issue. *Gikou tries to protest* I’m afraid that later on, you still have so many things that you’ll be dissatisfied with, that you’ll want to directly criticize. *there is a scene of Yuulin* Once again, devote your time for my reign. ..regarding your son, it will be treated as the exchange.” Gikou looks somewhat surprised.
Back at the harem, Yuulin says, “—Li Jun-san, I absolutely won’t go back.” Fuming Jun tells her to stop that nonsense and quickly go back. “Little girl, honestly, nodding a bit will do.” Trembling Yuulin says that she won’t. Jun asks if she really understands it. “In case you become a real consort, you would not have any flexible space. [<- everything will be rigid and strict]

...you won’t be able to see your important family again, right?” Yuulin looks flustered as she remembers Seishin. She says that when she left the city, she is already properly aware of it. While tightly holding her skirt, she says, “..Li Jun-san, right now, I’m very happy because during the time when I was working, I’m always lying. (very long, endless time)

...Because I cannot like His Majesty, I start to deceive myself. After perceiving it, it is also okay to say things to pretend that I do not like [him] ..it is only during acting, when I can say my sincere words. (incomparable precious time) Thus, right now, I’m very happy that I can clearly say out loud my feelings. That nice person had unexpectedly said that he wants to pull me into his extremely hard life...
...I won’t regret it. No matter what would become of me later on, I won’t regret it. *teary-eyed and smiling* To be able to stay at his side, it is alright even if I have to put in a lot of effort. I’ll do my best as if my life depended on it to make the impossible become possible. I absolutely won’t admit defeat. I can finally say that.”

Then, Jun remembers the time when he found wounded young Reishou at the battlefield. Flashback: Jun said that he is injured again. Holding a sword, Reishou said that it is just a scratch and Jun exaggerates too much. Jun told him to please value himself a bit for honorable blood flows within him..

Reishou laughed and said that Jun is the only one who’ll say that kind of thing. End flashback. Yuulin is surprised when Jun suddenly weakens and clings on to the table to steady himself. He mutters, “..enduring a frontier life, one suffering after another.. it isn’t very easy to come here and become this ‘Wolf king’. ..but want to love and marry this young girl who only has unswerving determination and integrity [/courageous spirit] as strong points.. My schedule, my plan..”
Yuulin sweatdrops. She exclaims, “Guide.. Coach me to spur on [and make progress], I’ll leave everything to you!! (Right now is the opportunity to insist!!!)” Jun exclaims that she’s excessively lively and how about having a bit of gracefulness [/ladylike manners]!!! Yuulin shouts, “As you ordered, mother-in-law-sama!!”

Jun angrily shouts who is mother-in-law-sama!! Jun starts complaining that she only has vitality yet not one bit of gracefulness. Yuulin says yes. Jun exclaims yes, it is as she said. Yuulin wonders if this is considered a breakthrough. Narration: “Even if the problems in front are still a lot like a mountain. Bit by bit, with time, moving on and forging ahead.”

Jun shouts, “In short, do not look at that side. After the chaos [/recklessness], the one who is hard up is the person at that side! And also me! Thus, please, you should be properly aware of it! What’s next is really troublesome. [<- not sure if this sentence is by Jun or Reishou] Are you listening, Your Majesty! From now on, the policy [/guidelines] will be more detailed and be more prudent”

While sweatdropping Reishou looks somewhat bored beside her, Yuulin thinks that she didn’t think that the admonishing will continue up to the night. Jun angrily shouts, “That side!! If you want to flirt, wait until later at night before doing it!” It turns out that Reishou is holding Yuulin’s hand while being lovey-dovey. Surprised Yuulin wonders if Jun means that it is okay if it is done later at night and Jun is so open-minded!
Comment: So, Yuulin is graduating from working consort to a real consort when she officially goes back to the harem again ^-^ I like her speech for she has really made up her mind. She is giving up everything and will do her best for her man ^^ Actually, she probably already had when she started to do all that reckless stuff for Reishou.

She already psyched herself regarding the probability of all that might lead to her death. Reishou is still quite lovey-dovey with her and using his puppy mode as trump card =P I’m amused that Jun is actually portrayed as a ‘mother-in-law’ of Reishou. It turns out that he has been ‘babysitting’ Reishou when he was young. I guess as some sort of guardian since his mother passed away early.

That flashback revealed that since he was young without a backer in the imperial palace, Reishou is pretty much made into a child/teen soldier in the army. It makes me wonder if that is another reason why the others think lowly of him. It is because he used to be a ‘lowly soldier in the army at the border without any formal training/education’.

Well, aside from having the blood of a commoner. I wonder if the one who made Reishou be enlisted in the army is his older brother since it was mentioned that he tried to kill Reishou. After all, being in the army, that is in constant battles, raises the possibility of getting killed.

In a way, Jun is like a ‘mother’ if he was the one who ‘brought up’ Reishou and guiding him to become what he is now. Hence, he is the ‘mother-in-law’ of Yuulin. I’m curious though what his original plan and schedule for Reishou. But then, he is the one who hired Yuulin so he can only partly blame himself =P

I guess Jun kept on lecturing and giving sermons to vent out his anger and frustration but deep inside, he knows that it is all inevitable. In a way, I guess Jun doesn’t want more trouble for Reishou which will be brought about when he marries Yuulin.

The other good outcome here is, Reishou now knows Gikou’s real intention for his meddling and most probably, they’ll get him into their side. It is amazing that he would even give up his job and everything for the sake of honor/the right thing to do just because of his son’s stupidity. He also won’t use his son’s ignorance over what happen as an excuse to get a lighter sentence.

He obviously wanted what’s best for the king and country. For now, I’m not too sure of Keitaku’s fate when Reishou mentioned that Gikou working for him again is an exchange. It makes me wonder what the other courtiers and officials would think of that. Anyway, it is hinted that there are still a lot of oppositions later on but more or less, they now have a lot of people on their side. ^^ Scans by BaRaMei&的水母合作

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    1. Yup, Kattie2104 ^^ Hm..yes, more or less. For Gikou, I think he still needs to realize that Yuulin and Reishou won't be a repeat of what happened before.

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