April 4, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 104]

And, it is raining in the mountain area. Zeno walks wobbly and slips down on the muddy floor. In a daze, he thinks that he is so hungry yet strangely enough, he obviously couldn’t die of hunger. He is already indifferent to everything and he doesn’t want to stand up again. It has been many years since they have parted that day. The people in the city started to feel disgusted with him to the point of dreading him because his outer appearance doesn’t change. So, he decided to choose the next successor and leave the royal city. Afterwards, he noticed a baffling thing. Even if White and the others aren’t around, he can feel still the four dragons’ presence [/breath] so he quietly searched out where he felt it. At that place, there is a group of people quietly living and offering sacrifices to the dragon. And among that people, is a young boy. Zeno is startled to see the young boy with the dragon’s claw for his right hand. He quickly turned to leave but the people saw him. Thinking that he is an enemy, one of them fired an arrow at him. Holding the arrow that hit his back, Zeno thought that the one standing there is the White dragon who he doesn’t know.
After removing the arrow, he recalls White telling him that no matter how many years, he’ll wait for him even if he turns into an old man. Zeno finally realizes that he is an idiot. Obviously they are no longer around, so for things to reach this stage there is no use of regretting it. End flashback. Zeno wakes up and notices that he is in a rundown shack. He looks at the door which suddenly fell down. A young girl calls out that it is broken but forget about it. She is carrying some food cooked on a pot. Putting the pot on the side, she says that he is already awake so wait a moment and she’ll give him something to eat. She introduces herself as Kaya [guesswork from 佳耶]. She explains that she found him collapsed by the road side and it is great that he is still alive. At first, she thought that he is dead because of his blood stained clothes. She had washed his clothes and air-dried it. She asks if he doesn’t mind that she stripped him of his clothes without permission and sorry for making him feel embarrassed. He looks surprised and asks where his pendant is. After taking it from the table, she holds it to him and he quickly grabs it.
Seeing him looking tense and holding tightly to it, she apologizes for putting it aside without permission and she wasn’t thinking of stealing it. She gives him some food. He didn’t react so she urges him to quickly eat for isn’t he hungry even if the food doesn’t have any taste. He says that there’s no need..for one will die if one doesn’t eat..and he wants to die. She looks surprised at him. That night, he hears someone coughing. He sees Kaya coughing on the floor that he quickly goes to her to ask if she is alright. He is startled to see her coughing blood. She apologizes for waking him up and says that it is alright for this is an ordinary thing. She doesn’t want to infect people with her illness so she is living alone. She apologizes for not telling him since she was just thinking of giving him food and making him go. She tells him that it is best for him to quickly leave this place. Zeno looks around and notices how rundown the place is. He carries her up. She tries to protest that it is better for him not to touch her. He assures her that he won’t get sick. Then he becomes wobbly while trying to carry her.
Zeno bends down to his knee and tells Kaya who is suppressing her laughter not to laugh for it will make him lose strength. Giggling Kaya asks if she is that heavy. Trying to carry her up again, Zeno says that she isn’t, but rather, he doesn’t have strength. He apologizes for obviously she is sharing her scarce food yet he didn’t even thank her. She tells him that she isn’t doing some amazing thing. After he puts her on the bed, she asks what his name is. After a bit of hesitation, he says that his name is Zeno. She tells him that is very easy to remember. He tells her that he would have soon forgotten his name for it has been a long time since someone called his name. She tells him that if it is about quickly forgetting it, it is good to call one’s own name. Since she has been alone for such a long time, she is also like that at times. Zeno smiles and says that it feels like she is like a child. Kaya smiles and says that she’ll remember his name and she’s so happy because it has been a long time since she talked with someone. Falling asleep, she says that today is a good day, goodbye..Zeno. This made Zeno call out her name which wakes her up and asks what it is.
He admits that he was startled for she is still alive. She says that of course, she is still alive and it is because she felt that it is better for him not to come back here so she said goodbye. He says that she took care of him before so this time around, he’ll return the favor. She smiles and asks what that return favor is and it is alright. Seeing him looking flustered, she tells him not to show that kind of expression again and honestly speaking, she is already very happy that she can have a conversation with him. Later on, Zeno is carrying a basket of vegetables. He happily calls out to Kaya. Carrying some firewood, Kaya asks where he got that from. Zeno says that he worked very hard today that his boss gave him more salary so today, they can make some delicious food. Holding up her arms, Kaya happily exclaims that’s great. He also holds up his arms and exclaims that’s great. He looks happy upon seeing how happy Kaya looks. So, he has been earning money at one side and staying on at Kaya’s place as a freeloader. They eat together the food. He tells her about not slicing the vegetables in equal size that some are still not cooked. She says that it is fine as long as it is almost cooked.
Then, he says that he has a gift for her. He takes out a pretty flower. She says that it is so cute. He puts it on her hair. She happily says that she’ll take it. The two hold up their hands together and exclaim that it’s really cute. So, they do laundry together and carry vegetables together. And he happily shows her things. When he holds her shoulder, she says that it is good if time can stop. This startles Zeno and lets her go. At the house, Kaya is having a coughing fit again. He is flustered to see her coughing blood and assuring him that she is alright. Then, she tells him that she’ll be squeezed. He has put a box and some bucket filled with things on top of her. He says that he thought that putting heavy things on her will make her not feel cold. As she says that even if it is interesting but geez.. He quickly runs off and tells her to wait for him in a while.
Later on, he comes back with a small pouch. Holding it, she says that it is warm so what is it. He says that he roasted a rock warm and used a cloth to cover it. He says that if she is cold again, he’ll make another one for her. He tells her that he’ll do lots of things for her so she can warmly go to sleep. She tells him that she already received a lot of thank you gifts from him and it is already enough. He no longer needs to take care of her again. He asks if she hates being with him. She says how she can possibly hate him for she is happy everday but she really doesn’t know when she’ll infect him and even if she is alone, she can live on. He tells her that he said that he won’t get sick. She protests that he is working as if his life depended on it for her medical expenses. He assures her that he really likes to work so it is no problem. He says that he always want to talk with her. Flustered Kaya says, but she.. He tells her that he wants to always be with her. She protests that they have no way of always being together for she..
Zeno tells her, “Kaya, please marry me.” This surprises her and she starts to sob out loud in happiness. Outside the house, Zeno holds his pendant tightly and calls out to the dragon god on why he won’t come out. He asks for him to come out and please save Kaya. Since he can give him an eternal life then he definitely can extend Kaya’s life so please save her. He wanted to be with her even for a day and if he can grant his wish, and he’ll really do not have any other request. It wouldn’t matter to him if he is always like this, unable to die, he’ll always be his slave. He kept on praying for the dragon god to save Kaya but no matter how he shouted as if his life depended on it, his voice cannot be conveyed [to the dragon god]. Later on [I guess], Zeno holds out to Kaya’s outreached hand. She thanks him and hopes that they’ll meet each other again in heaven. He says, ..ya. And, the hand turned into a skeleton that he kept on holding on to.
Comment: And, Zeno did regret not going to see White before he died. I guess he finally realize it when the White dragon he felt is a totally different person. He passed out the chance to bid his friend a last goodbye and the ones he had been serving since the separation, started to detest him to the point that he has to leave. And, I guess he learned from it that he won’t run away from it again with Kaya. I guess in those times, that can be considered ‘married’. It turns out that his ‘wife’ is a dying woman so there is no child. For him to keep on holding to her skeletal hand, I guess he probably vowed never to fall in love again. It is indeed quite sad for someone to wish death when someone beside him would most probably wish for life. Well, nevertheless, they had been happy even if it is only for a brief time. I do wonder though if Zeno is still a priest, would the god dragon grant his wish? He is already asking for just an extension of one day with Kaya yet it wasn’t granted. Won’t that make Zeno bitter with the dragon god? From this, it seems that Zeno cannot extend someone’s life or revive someone using his powers. Scans by 红莲汉

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  2. poor zeno, all this time he was just too lonely T>T and thanks for the summary.

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  3. This is why he treasures every day with the happy hungry bunch T__T

  4. I am liking Zeno more and more. And the thing about vowing to never love again(your guess, I also don't know what's the symbolism for the skeleton hand. I just think of it that she died), that's a bit sad. Not that I don't like how devoted he is for Kaya but I guess for me is just a symbol that he has yet to move on. I mean if he cannot find someone to love more than Kaya then all is well when they meet in heaven but if he were able to meet someone new, I wish he wouldn't suppress himself. Sorry got a little sidetrack there.

    Also, I don't think the dragon god will grant his wish even he stayed as a priest, I think this dragons will obey the natural way of life. If a person will die this day, then he will die. Something like that. And I don't think he will be bitter about that, for me I think deep inside he already knows that something like that is somewhat impossible.

    Anyways, This is yet again another great chapter and Thank you Kat for the summary, you always do an amazing job. thumbs up for you! :)

    1. I do think she had died, Zuki...of course, yes, it might be a symbolism..or he has been holding her hand until it became just bones. ^^; That might be a reason though I'm thinking more on he doesn't want to be that sad/hurt again since he will always outlive anyone whom he'll fall in love.

      Hm..that's a good point..though Zeno was just asking for one more day..surely, the dragon god can do that. Okay..I'm not sure about the limitations of its power. ^^; If it is limited to granting powers through its blood and that's it. If it is so, then yes, it would be impossible but still, he cannot help but pray and hope for the impossible.

      Thank you for reading and the comment ^-^

  5. This was such a heart breaking chapter. It was so sad seeing Zeno hold onto Kaya's hands until it turned into a skeleton. He must have stayed by her decaying body all those years. =( Thank you for translating! It's greatly appreciated.

  6. Now I feel a lot satisfied about Zeno. Before, he was really a mystery to me. He' the fastest to join the group without even showing any background where he was. And then, he's very knowledgeable of things. And in the latest, he was actually the first Ouryuu. Yeah, quite satisfied. But then, I hope this story will go back the present time. I'm already missing Yona and Hak.

    1. Ya..the focus is indeed on Zeno.

      Maybe soon..like after knowing that there is a reincarnation of Hiryuu?

    2. So you're guessing that the next chapter will still be in the past? Oh yeah, btw. When will be the next chapter available? Will it be for the next month again or on the 20th?

      Thanks also for the summary.

    3. Yes..though that is based on my non-existent Japanese. Based on the official webpage's blurb for next chapter, I can read the Chinese/kanji for 'forever, time, life' then something about 'before, fated person'. So, I'm thinking it would be about knowing about him knowing/learning of Yona.

      The next chapter will be on the 20th.

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  7. Poor Zeno, always had to experience such heartbreaks. But I'm happy that he was able to experience such love with Kaya. I was thankful though that they did not have any child. I dunno what would happen, maybe his powers will pass on to his child? Waaaaah >.<

    Thanks for the summaries, Kat. As always, you're amazing. That was fast, you immediately worked on this after your vacation, I bet :)

    1. Hm..Quennie..that is an interesting point. Would his power actually pass on if he has a child and then, he can finally die? Or, he'll end up watching his child grow old and die.

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

      Ya...after a nap ^^ Thankfully, it is an easy one.

  8. I'm loving Zeno even moooore. T^T
    Akatsuki No Yona has a loooong way to go!
    Btw. Thank you very much for having this blog! I almost gone crazy finding the nest chapter. Lols.

    Your blog is very much appreciated! Genki desu. Arigatou!!! ❤️

    1. Ya..cute che.

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  9. HELLLLLO KAT ^^ it's been a while i returned 2 days ago and i'm dead tired + busy the trip was really nice i had a lot of fun i visited few french cities including paris i saw my friends that i didn't see in a while +my sister we had a blast :) and now i'm back anyway so you were in tokyo lucky you i always wanted to go to asia but it's too expensive :( so how was it ?

    About this AnY chapter well it seems like zeno "married" a female version of himself and i guess he picked the habit of calling himself zeno from his wife .His life was indeed very sad but i don't think we needed that many chapters to see it , this arc about the past was supposed to shed light on the story as a whole and it didn't .I'm left wondering one thing what's the point of this arc except make us feel sorry for zeno ....i believe the author could've done much more in this arc yet she didn't it is all fluff .

    1. Welcome back, sofia. Hehe, same here..was tired and legs still recuperating. Oh nice ^^ I guess it is the opposite here. It is expensive to go to Europe though managed to go there last year ^^v

      Lol..female version..because of being 'weak'? Ya..basically, it is that..to show about Zeno's past like the other dragons' sob story.

      Ya..oh well..

    2. Ya ,i'm dead tired and when i'm not working i'm sleeping ^^ ya since europe is closer to where i live so it's cheaper ,a one hour flight and you are in france .But if you go to asia it is like 20 hours .So did you enjoy your trip and how did you manage since you don't speak japanese or do the people there speak english .For me it was super easy since i'm fluent in french ^^

      Female version because she has the cute easy going personality and attitude the same that he has and i don't know if i mentioned it but i think it is because of her that he refer to himself as zeno .

      Ya but we don't need 5 chapters about his sob story .

    3. Yup..around 15 hours.

      Ya, it is okay ^^ In ordering food, just point to the pictures...all of them have pictures on the menu =P Some have English menu. I tend to point to the picture then use fingers how many or say one/two..they know that basic English. In shopping, not much conversation needed unless for special needs. Take out google translate and hopefully, they understand and the translation is correct. They tend to talk in Japanese too..we just kept on nodding as if we understand/just understand a bit..or at times, just use logic on what they mean. ^^;; When lost, ask someone where you want to go..hopefully, that person knows where it is..then they say left or right, straight. Information centers of department stores tend to know English. Well, somehow we managed. ^^

      That's nice..you know, we tried speaking French when ordering crepe. The guy couldn't understand that we ended up talking in English. ^^;;

      I see. Hm..sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean. Is it that even if his name is Zeno, he only uses it with her? Or, started using it with her? I think it is only the time he started using it again since the death of the others.

      Hehe...is it 5 chapters already. I think around 1-2 chapters, it ought to be wrapped up depending on the time skip.

    4. oh that's a long trip ...

      Ya i remember it was the same for me when i went to istanbul i used hand gestures and of course there some places where there were a lot of tourists so english was okay .

      Also ,i think getting lost and misunderstood is one of the many charms of exlporing a foreign city ^^ .It is also true sometimes even when you don't understand you can guess what the person mean .

      hehe ...It is quite easy to learn you know ,i mean if you can learn chinese i'm sure you can master french easily and there some words that are just like english .In fact sometimes i do make spelling mistakes because i get confused between what's english and what's french :)

      Well what i mean is that whenever zeno speaks he never uses "I" for example I think but rather it is zeno think that ...
      that's what i mean and i think it is a habit he picked from his wife .I think it is 5 chapters and it is all fluff to me this flashback didn't live up to expectations .

    5. Yup...and imagine riding on economy class.

      I see.

      Yup..of course, it helps if the place is 'safe' and people are 'friendly' ^^

      I see..well, I did learn a bit of French before going and it turns out that it wasn't needed. ^^;

      Ah..that. I didn't think too much about it because that is usually used by some characters so that they would be 'cutie-cutie'. So far, it is done by girls..referring to themselves in the third person. Of course, I'm not sure if that is the mangaka's intent or it is as you mentioned.

      Ya..we wanted the flashback to reveal more about the prophecy among other things but well, it is basically Zeno's story.

    6. oh my that's awful ,you will get out of the plane with a horrible back pain

      True ,for example in France people are polite and all but there are some places where you shouldn't be at a certain period of the day i remember when i visited in Lyon the neighbourhood where she lived wasn't not a safe or a nice place at all .When we came back at night we had to walk fast to get home but her house unlike the place where it was located was quite nice anyway the thing is even if travelling is nice and all but the truth is a lot of cities in the world despite being pretty aren't safe .

      But it isn't diffcult isn't it , i remember i also did the same when i went to istanbul well i only learned how to say thank you ,yes and how much ^^

      True ,i have seen this many times in manga but i just thought maybe it is because of her

      Ya ,and it is making me mad because it shows yet again that the story is all fluff i mean no real goal no real progress no real plot WTH the author got a chance to make a nice twist and yet she gave us 5 story about zeno's sob story i mean who cares ? yeah it was sad and touching but who cares ? GD got a backstory but it was one chapter and that's it same goes for WD and BD maybe it was one or two but zeno it seems like a whole arc for his sob story is a bit too much .She does this for zeno who isn't even really a main character he is like a semi-main character yet for hak nothing ,if you can have 5+ chapters about a sob story at least do hak some justice and give a tiny bit of focus you wouldn't think he is the most popluar character when you see the amount of focus he gets anyway....wait and see whatever T_T

    7. Yup..and stiff legs.

      Indeed. Though, in Lyon..you have to walk fast because of thieves or rapist kind of people? Or more on drunk and harassing people? Just curious.

      Yup..not that difficult.

      I see.

      Lol..well, I think Zeno's fans care ^^ I do understand what you mean since it is basically just his back/sob story and I'm not too sure how it will affect plot progression. Maybe just to know his hardships/hardships of an immortal? Know more about him? Hehe, focusing on Haku..indeed, we'll just have to wait and see..and if it happens, we might not want it to stop, well, as long as it is good =P

    8. Because of drunk and harassing people while in paris it is more on thieves i remember when i was in the subway i was watching as some people were stealing others as if it was casual O_Obut thank god i didn't encounter any kind of problem ^^

      True but again wouldn't it make more sense to focus on the most popular character and i'm really losing hope you know i feel like hak's character will never get the focus he deserves .We could've learned about him in one chapter anyway we will just have to wait and see and of course more than AnY the thing i'm looking forward to is SB ^^

    9. Ah, I see. Oh, you did. Was it teens or the ones they usually say as the culprits..gypsies-type? In Paris, I relied more on buses because of that said problem. I even watched youtube to know how it works so that we won't fall for it. Amusingly, it is pretty much the tricks used here in our city. ^^; I think tourist are favorite targets.

      Hehe, you know..not really. If I'm a mangaka who wants to squeeze money from a series/make it go on for a long time, I would put the fave character's background and juicy stuff at the end so that the readers would want to keep on reading it until the end. =P If the favorite character is done with so early, there might not be much to keep the readers reading especially if there isn't much else about the story. The problem with that is the readers might lose interest.

      Of course, SB did it well since she is giving us bits and pieces to keep us interested without revealing everything all at the same time...and well, for those who have time, daydream of what actually happened/possibilities, etc ^^

    10. Ya it was gypsies type .True in the buses i didn't see anything fishy and again i didn't encounter any problem in the subway so it's okay ^^ well the victims looked to be from paris so it isn't always tourists and thank god i blended in because of my looks and my fluent french so no problem .

      That's true but come on kat we at 100+ chapters and there isn't a hint that hak will be given a proper background story not only that but whenever there seems to be progress between him and yona ,the author thrown in suwon in the mix and we are back to square one so i'm pissed with what the author is trying to do with the story .But doesn't change the fact that i wil read the story till the end .

      Well in SB we know of ren's past since a long time ago well at first we got some hints then the whole thing yet we are still into the story because after learning of his past we saw his struggle with it and starting to accept his past mistakes same thing for kyouko we knew about it ages ago and we are still into her story .So an author can reveal those stuff and keep his story interesting as long as he has character growth in it ,and that is something which defines SB but doesn't mean much in AnY .

    11. Oh, I see..perhaps...well-to-do looking Parisian? We have seen some of them and they totally ignored us/busy with some other things. One petition woman bypasses us for a guy in a business suit. =P

      Ya..I know..the only background stuff we get is him with either Yona or Suwon. Lol...that's true. Kind of like Naruto/Bleach? You know, I think we'll be complaining a lot until the end. ^^;; As I mentioned, I lowered my expectation and would be happy if the mangaka did those things that we hope for. If not..it would be, 'oh well~' like the usual disappointing series.

      With SB, that's right...we do know the 'whole thing' and the mangaka is more into giving us the details later on. Like with Kyouko's mother, we know that there is a problem with her but then, we don't know the extent. We know Ren had problems when he was young..but it is somewhat revealed that there is some other guy who has been tormenting him. Not just that director. It makes things more complicated in some ways yet interesting. We still do not know who exactly is Rick to him..how did they know each other. What happened to that bullying guy, etc.

    12. Yup those kind of persons and also old ladies .Well i was stopped by a few of these petition dudes and it was funny since they thought i was french and started explaining to me if i wanted to donate money to organizations ...etc

      Ya that's it ....yup and i'm really getting the VK vibes for AnY yona is a less annoying yuki but still the way she doesn't have a clear goal and still goes back and forth between two dudes and is still forgiving/loving toward the guy who is a liar and a manipulator (suwon/kaname) yet treat the guy who is always there as a third wheel/lap dog (zero/hak) i mean at the point i can't ignore the similarites it is just too much .The lack of a proper goal made the series very episodic so far from the epic story it is supposed to be and that's also VK -ish .You are right we will complain till the end and i know that this series didn't live up to expectations but i'm still ughhhh oh well i got over naruto so i will get over this .

      True ,she revealed the whole thing yet she still mange to add depth to the issues of the main characters and that's awsome .

    13. Ah yes...there were those, too. Oh..and when you said non or refused, did they get angry or just go to the next victim? I saw a video when they were pretending to be deaf and pointing to the petition, the 'victim' sign language back to them and they left because they didn't understand it. =P

      Lol..that's right..though I have to admit, I like Kaname after Zero kept on being emo ^^; Then, Kaname went through that near the end orz. I did hope that two guys dump her with finality...unfortunately, they keep on going back to her. ^^;;; I don't know if you'll agree but early on, I have the feeling that Yuuki is two-timing those two..and since they are okay with it...shrug...whatever. About the goal, all along, I thought it is about making vampires and humans happy together. Based on the side story, they seem to solve that by turning all vampires into humans. ^^; Iirc, is Kaname's goal. As I mentioned in the summary, I think VK isn't that bad if you just think of the story as Kaname's story =P And, he got a happy ending ^^


    14. Nope , no one got angry with me .At first i got along with them since it was fun pretending to be a french girl but then it got boring/annoying so i either told them i was in a hurry when they stopped me on the streets or just avoided them when i saw them .

      True ,at first i like zero better but after he made his vow to go after all purebloods yet he was still being all emo and let's say it yuuki's lap dog i started to find his character very meh .Kaname on the other hand is a better character but i didn't like him either because he was so into yuuki .

      True , all along VK i thought that myself yuuki was a horrible lead but then i stopped and i realized that both of the guys who are into her are worse since they didn't even manage to dump her .

      That's true yet again ,yuuki was indeed cheating on both guys .She was supposed to be with kaname yet she kissed zero drank his blood....etc and after all that she erased his memories and went back to kaname he got her pregnant after he "died" and zero begged her to stay with him then killed herself to bring kaname back .

      All along i feel like that she abused those dudes love for her and got the best of them and i feel like the one she really"loved" was kaname she was getting all emo/annoying only when he was concerned she was never really shaken when with zero .

      I think it is bad because it got all elements to be an epic romance/action manga yet it got all wasted .

    15. That's good. ^^ By the way, is this at Paris? In what place? When I was there, I only saw one at Gare du Nord station and a few at Galleries Lafayette. I'm thinking that there is school/off season so there aren't many of them.

      I agree.

      Hehe, that's true and in a way, she is leading them on. So..slightly better than Sakura? I tend to think that this is a love triangle series and no matter how awful the main lead is, she is the 'prize' and whoever gets her is the 'winner' Though I would also interpret it as 'loser' in this case. ^^; Some writers would be subtle with the switching back and forth for the climax of such series is always 'who'll get the girl/boy' but this one, she is really like playing them around.

      Yup..and it happened way back. You know when they are playing bodyguard. She is with Zero but she kept on thinking of Kaname. Then, when she is with Kaname after they supposedly gone steady, she keeps on thinking of Zero. It is a pattern. She always think of the other guy when she is with one of the guys. ^^;;

      Hm..you do have a point but then, even with that, she couldn't choose only Kaname. ^^;; She seems to want both. One for being 'brother' and the other for being 'childhood friend'. Just imagine, if that is true, how does Zero felt that she is the 'second choice' but then, as I said, he is probably okay with it.

      That's right, and I think it is the storytelling skills. I really got a feeling that the mangaka is making things up as she goes along. Like, what, he's her brother. Then, huh, he's her ancestor so that is like having her great great great nth as her lover. Then, Kaname's best buddy, Ichirou was it..was very loyal then suddenly became gaga over that PB, then somewhat go back to Kaname again. There are many instances as if the purpose is just to make a cliffhanger chapter ending.

      And, the villains here are totally lame. Like after all the hype on Shizuka, iirc that is her name, she was easily killed just like that..and the other 'main villains'. ^^;; Nevertheless, it is quite good as comedy..I mean not taking it seriously. ^^ It is amusing how Yuuki want to act as 'you want to commit suicide, just call me' then got immediately defeated by a brat PB. Lol...

      By the way, speaking of heroines who suppose to have a great future, it seems that the one in AoT is stepping up to what is 'destined/planned' for her. Hopefully, our damsel in distress will no longer one after that.. =P Won't spoil you.

    16. Nope in Lille another city i visited .

      Yup at least both guys loved her and treated her well and she had history with both .Sakura not only didn't sasuke love her but he also tried to call her and they had no history at all yet she still "loved" him sigh and they got married facepalm .Yona is in between the two suwon does care about her and they have history but he freaking killed her dad planned for it and all that while smiling to her face yet she still loves him to the point where she can easily justify him killing her dad when the dude wouldn't think twice about killing her and hak if they get in his way .

      True ,it all depends on the author skills .The theme of betrayal /moving on is so well written in SB can't stay the same for AnY
      About yuuki not only did she play them for fools but they knew it and accepted and were happy about it which is way worse than what yuuki was doing it’s like they got not dignity ,and i’m saying this mainly about zero i mean he said it himself that yuuki was waiting for kaname always and to me he had a greater place in her heart yet he was happy to be number 2 .
      This is yet another thumbs down for yuuki because she loved kaname much more than she did love zero she was so very pathetic/annoying/sickening whenever kaname was involved to a degree that she never was when zero was involved yet she still kept with her wanting each boy for herself when she didn’t love both equally .
      True ,the villains in vk were lame and very random . Same goes for the villains in AnY and the way they get defeated by yona’s fiery glare oops i mean by her awsome fighting skills ,the villages and people are very meh as well except for the wind tribe very funny people ^^
      Lol the so called love between yuuki and kaname is so lame and gross .I mean kaname was into her since she was a baby because she was pure and he is a flithy beast something like that he raised her and all to be his ,how sick is that ,it’s like he forced everything on her .yuuki on the other hand she was his pawn from the start and she danced to his tune she went was more of a stalker than a woman in love .Their relationship was some gross incest between a very old ancestor and his niece sister or whatever .
      But it had good comedy at least it should be that way or you will be disgusted with shoujo manga for life .
      Speaking of author’s writing skills just look at the theme of betrayal which is in both AnY and SB ,in AnY yona justified suwon’s betrayal forgave him well she never really hated him for it .IN SB kyouko went into full rage mode wanted revenge hated the dude cried and was hurt then she calmed down and is starting to move on to find a new man worthy of her love . that’s way there is no moving on in yona the way she took the betrayal of suwon is so wrong .
      I didn’t read AOT yet i will read right now and give my thoughts on it .

    17. P.S I wanted to say that i don't hate AnY i just feel a great deal of frustration since it is not every day that you see a shoujo manga which can be great and yet the author is one or another trying to ruin it with a poor writing of characters and plot . I will miss this series when it ends ^^

      speaking of series that i dislike kanjo , i rarely read summaries but i usually just check out your comment and i get the idea of what's going on and i have to say poor shinya after all what his efforts and dedication to music they wanna threw him away because they want /shun want to play and have fun with his best friend if that isn't selfish and childlish i really feel sorry for shinya he is always on the losing end

    18. Oh...I see.

      True. Though about Suwon, I think he'll think twice about killing them if they're alone. If not, he won't since he has to 'pretend' in front of his allies.

      Ya..anyway, based on the comments I read before, the guys' fans do not care much about it either. I recall how happy they were when Yuuki and Zero kissed at that ball before where Kaname is suppose to kill a PB. At the back of my mind, I'm thinking that it won't last..and it didn't for she later slept with Kaname. ^^; Honestly though, I'm almost glad that Kaname dropped her at that time...after seeing her lovey-dovey with Zero when she got beaten by the kid PB. Unfortunately, he became too emo-suicidal after that..then, went back with her. orz Ah, the screams of Zero fans then.. For the heck of it, I almost wondered how fans would react if Yuuki ended up with Hanabusa instead =P

      Yup..I don't know what he saw in her. Oh well, there was a joke that he wants a 'doll' to dress up. Iirc, he painted her nails though I know that he bought her outfits. Hehe..putting it that way, it seems that they are meant for each other and the others just so happen to get involved with them. ^^; You know, I had expected Kaname to act like a proper ancestor being older and everything...but then, thinking about it now with AnY, Zeno isn't any better. So, I recall the question before, in some other manga, if you are an immortal and your body is forever like a teen, would you always act like one because everyone treats you as a teen because of your physical features?

      True..SB it is a 'normal' reaction. For AnY, it isn't typical and as I mentioned before, it just shows that she doesn't really care much about/love her father.

      That's right...well, hopefully, it won't turn into a total train wreck.

      I agree...hopefully, he'll get some consolation prize. ^^

    19. Well i don't think he has to think twice about anything since he got everybody dancing to his tune even the girl whose father his killed .The generals are suwon's pawns it 's very obvious he won them over quite easily and that's pathetic considering they are older than him .I wonder how can any of those dudes follow suwon when he will get rid of you if you get in his way no matter who you are . Don't they think "maybe i will be next ?"

      True and that's pathetic going back and forth in such an obvious manner makes you think that yuuki is either very shallow or a whore .I personally think she is just an idiot ,a very annoying one .LOL i would feel sorry for hanabusa since he is a nice dude .

      LOL and that's true you know i never got the feeling that he considered yuuki an equal but more like a thing /doll that he owns and he isn't all that wrong .Since yuuki always did as he wanted and always came back runing to him it was painful to watch .whatever fated love the author wanted to show ,it was just kaname isolating yuuki since childhood so she could only love him and it was a sucess to say the least .

      You are right about kaname ,the way he acted wasn't like the ancestor should act .More like a love sick stalker....you are right about zeno ,his attitude isn't really the main problem it's how he lived for about 2000 years old yet he did nothing to improve the lives of the dragons who were treated like trash or help out the kingdom is some way he just went from place to place for centuries without doing anything except wait for yona ?

      True in SB it is realistic because like kyouko was hurt then angry after that she lstarted to hate and distrust other people feelings she also became vengful but now she is started to move on because she accepted shou's betrayal as one of life's many lessons and she is ready to move on . Yona on the other hand despite all tears and glares she never hated or was angry with suwon in fact she even tried to justify his actions that he did for the country and he is a good king and to top it all off she expresses he longing for suwon to hak of all people (like you really understand suonw or i saw the bird you raised blah blah blah)

      Some say that yona will never believe that hak loves her but i think it is the other way around hak will never believe that she loves him as man because everytime yona mentions suwon she has the puppy dog eyes and of course there is the freaking hairpin

      True and it doesn't only show that she doesnt love/care her father since the thing she seems to miss is being with suwon and suwon's smile .She has never shown grief over her dad or that she missed him never .Also ,this shows that she doesn't take what it has to lead i mean if you are a leader you gotta make diffcult choices and yona can't even manage to hate the dude who killed her dad and is planning to kill hak lol so i don't see how she can be queen . she is very naive and like i said despite all her glares and speeches she is no queen material .

      Hope so poor guy i hope he can be popluar somewhere else because i believe aki will be back in CP since soichiro likes him .

    20. Well, I'm just thinking that before, Suwon could have taken Yona down when they met but he didn't. He didn't tell anyone about it either. That is when they got GD. Then, he looks so shock and everything after seeing enraged Haku. The only times, iirc, he said about killing them when Sky Gen or his underlings say that they should kill Yona/Haku. So, I don't think he has crossed the line yet...as in totally treating them as his enemies. Honestly, it is very easy to get rid of Yona and others if he wanted to..just post them wanted posters and give a reward.

      As for the generals, I guess they don't think of that as long as they don't antagonist him. Also, you have to admit, he needs them to go to war. I'm not sure he knows that many talented people to get rid of the generals and replace them with those who are loyal to him.

      Lol...I think it is two-timer =P Ya, she's an idiot, too. Hehe, is that so..well, Hanabusa is okay only later on. Earlier, he is just an annoying brat + Kaname's fanboy.

      Yup..and there was that momentarily bit that she attempted to kill him for killing them bad PBs. I was like, she couldn't even defeat a brat PB and she thinks she can kill Kaname. Yup, this is some sort of comedy. And ya, I was kind of expecting Kaname to at least teach her some vampire fighting skills when she became a vampire but no..she has to learn to suck blood. ^^;; Actually, I'm thinking if it would be better for her to stay put/lock her up or something than running around causing trouble or helping bad PBs like..forgot the last female villain's name. ^^;

      Indeed. Ya...all those lives who probably shouldn't suffer that way. It makes me wonder what Zeno is thinking..unless, he was mourning for his 'wife's death that long. ^^;

      Yup..the mangaka could at least make the reaction as something that readers can relate to. Actually, I would probably understand why she doesn't hate if she is still totally love Suwon. You know..Sakura type = love is blind and all that. Here, it seems that she is angry because of those glares, yet at times, she doesn't seem to be with that hairpin and that talk with Haku which you really hate. Is she still confused or the mangaka doesn't know which she'll stick to or that is just for the love triangle bit?

      I think it is both/mutual. Haku doesn't of what you mentioned. And, Yona doesn't because of his overly teasing about her. As mentioned in another manga, if teasing is too excessive, the girl would think that you actually hate/do not like her. But then, there were slips so I guess they decide to turn a blind eye on that?

      Indeed..that is one instance among other things why she isn't queen material...yet <- if something happens and she somehow develops it.

      Hehe, Soichiro likes Aki as a composer. I think Soichiro plotted to make Aki meet Shinya and have an inferiority complex to give up being bass player. Aki isn't really for a band since he isn't good being at the spotlight or even for photo shoots based on the preparations for CP's official debut. Well, there was this poll in the magazine as to who is your favorite DT [/virgin] male character...Shinya won that. Though I'm not too sure if that is for real since a couple of non-virgin characters got in the poll. ^^;;

    21. I know that i'm just saying that unlike yona who can't even hate him he would kill her and hak without blinking if they seriously get in his way .But they didn't and in fact yona has been helping him out in a way and the most important thing she doesn't want the throne . I wonder if suwon does something dirty and put hak in a near death situation (because let's face it he would never win in a fair match so he gotta be sneaky to make up for the difference in strength) would yona feel some remorse in not killing him ?

      That's true that he needs them but i don't see how they can be loyal to a dude like him .

      That's true about hanabusa his boy love for kaname was very annoying but when he got over it and started to crush on yuuki he became quite funny .

      That's so true and in a way yuuki was quite full of herself to think she could make a difference . Yeah yeah she was a kuran but that's it ,she had neither power nor charisma or intelligence just chasing after kaname and she didn't even manage to catch him and when she started being active like helping that female PB she made more of a mess than anything else .

      Yup that's why i said she was kaname's thing and not his equal he taught her how to suck blood and look pretty .If he viewed her as an equal he would've taught her combat skills ,politics and that kind of stuff . So at the end she maybe a PB but she is just a spoiled naive and stupid princess .So yeah he should've put her under locks

      Well there are some spoilers out for the new chapters it seems he paid a visit to the dragons in the past that's why WD said he felt nostalgic .Either way this chapter seems to be fluff yet again so whatever at the end of the day zeno being immortal and all and yet he did nothing of his life .

      To me yona is still in love with suwon maybe less than before but she still loves him that's very obvious .Of course there is the hairpin ,the ughhh talks and the simple fact that she is okay with her father's murder breathing and living as if it's okay to kill her dad since it is for the country .

      And another thing to show how ughhhh of a character she is (i can't find the right word to describe her ^^) is she accepted that her father screwed over the country and suwon is it's savior but if she did love her dad she would think that he isn't all to blame ,and the generals are at fault as well for they let the country go to hell .I think i told you before like the Earth who wanted to fight and all and is strong and blah blah yet humans were being sold in his lands while he was in his castle doing nothing . Why doesn't think about that ,it is shocking and sad that she never once tried to stand up for her dad and accepted all the blame that was put on him .

      Anyway we talked about this before and i feel like a broken record always saying the same stuff ,so next time i will try and make it short and say that AnY = VK

      That's true but i don't blame hak for not thinking that yona is starting to see him as a man . I mean just look at the recent chapters when she told him (you really understand suwon) in an envious tone and after seeing him breakdown he has zero reason to believe that she likes him .

      Yona on the other hand despite all his teasing which isn't all that harsh (he only tell her that she lacks appeal which is true) risked his life so many times ,stayed with her even if his feelings were hurt and all yet she still believes he does it because it is his job i mean it isn't like he is getting paid or anything .

    22. She was shown to somehow feel the emotions of others yet she can't understand the feelings of the one who has always been there for her another instance of why she so very ughhhhhhhhhhh

      Now you get why i get so annoyed whenever the fans or the characters go all gaga over her when she is in fact not an amazing character at all and all that hype and praise is nonsense .

      True aki is more of the dude who works behind the scenes but i still have a feeling he will come back to CP or do you think shinya will leave on his own even if aki doesn't come back i mean isn't he fed up being treated that way ?

    23. Ah, I see. Regarding that, Suwon just says that so I'm not totally convinced that he will do it. He has not shown any action leading to that. But then again, as you mentioned, Yona and others haven't really gotten in his way...Haku almost did, and well, we know Suwon's reaction on that. Heheh..if Yona doesn't have any totally negative feelings for Suwon after that..I totally don't know what to think. ^^; So far, based on their last meeting, she seems to be a 'pacifist' about it...as if it was nothing at all. Well, that is from what you are expecting like for them to talk about that but then..there was none at all.

      Hm..but are they really loyal to him? Since he is also doing what they want, they are loyal to him. That is my impression. He made Earth tribe rich and going to war. He supposedly going to change the country whatever so that makes Sky happy. New Fire owes him for not killing them off because of their father's betrayal. Wind is just going with the flow. Water is skeptical with him but seems to be going with the flow, too.


      Is that so. I'm somewhat assuming it would be like that. You see AnY Chinese scans are also out in the Chinese forum. A day earlier than SB - one group is working on them. I checked baidu and there is no spoilers at all about it so I thought, maybe it isn't that interesting. ^^;;

      But isn't Yona also showing some 'romantic like' for Haku? So the less like for Suwon has become Haku's in her heart? So, from that, Yona believes what people are saying rather than what she has seen or at least have insight over what is really going on. But then, everyone also seems to believe that it is the king's fault. ^^; Probably except for Wind tribe since everyone seems happy and take care of themselves even if they are not quite wealthy. Actually, it also shows how little she actually knows of her father. In contrast, in that one scene, Haku has found out what Yona's father is really like. I do wonder what her father would think about all this -- regret?

      Lol..maybe she thinks that he is just overly loyal to her as the princess? Again, she is naive so I won't be surprised if she really believes that up to now.

      Nice equation ^^ You know, can we also consider that for the political stuff of both series...there are some nice could be interesting stuff here and there but somehow, there are loopholes and not totally developed. VK's world is interesting based on the factions of hunters, the vampires, PBs, etc. It was nice when Zero got promoted as the head of the hunters but unfortunately, he didn't do much with that position...iirc, he was kind of chasing Yuuki/chasing with her after Kaname. ^^;; Things can be interesting here in AnY but there isn't much depth = do not overthink/analyze. And currently, there is a 'cap' on it since the dragons cannot go out of the country.

      Ah..that is a common shoujo/manga thing. ^^ Knows everything but clueless with the one beside her/him especially if it is about love.

      Hehe..well, they must be seeing something about Yona ^^

      Ah, that is Shinya's contradiction. Even if he might be fed up with it but he still likes CP..or at least, Aki's music. It is kind of like cannot live without them yet cannot live with them kind of thing. Like he is annoyed with Aki being clueless about people but he likes his music. In a way, what he did is kind of helping CP out to be 'together again'. Also, I'm not too sure if Aki will permanently go back to CP. From what Shun promised his father, I think he would take over the business so CP would most probably disband soon..or probably, after this concert. That was the impression I get.

    24. I'm sure he will cross the line if they get in his way .Well i'm just saying she was okay with him killing her dad so why would things be different with hak ? Maybe she will say it's for the sake of the country .

      Yup he won them over by giving them what they wanted and showing them only what he wanted .Right now they all think he is great and all ,i doubt anyone would blame him for yona's dad or anything else .No matter what happen i don't see the generals turning on suwon .

      From what i get it is all fluff yet again and it's the last chapter of volume 18 nothing at all this flashback a waste of time ,fluff and nothing more .What a waste...sigh

      Yup that's what i believe is happening with her feelings .Ya and it's lame that during all these time she was focused on getting stronger yet her mind is so far behind .She easily believed all what was told to her and accepted that her father was rotten ,she was never shown trying to understand her father or his goal and that's yet again another failure .Yup it's only hak and the wind which liked the former king and they are quite great for the reasons you stated ^^ maybe he will be hurt because his daughter doesn't seem to understand his ideals .

      Well she believe that he is still following her dad's order which is foolish since what he does goes beyond loyalty .Also i told you about why hak would never believe that yona loves him ,there is another reason .Do you remember when they all started calling yona by her name ,hak tried and she denied him that ,stating that he must be the only one who doesn't forget that she is princess .Now that was yet another blow to hak ,so the reasons why yona don't believe that hak loves her can't compare to the reasons why he can't buy her loving him .

      True ,the universe that involved supernatural beings ,royalty ,politics and hunters in VK was quite nice but what the author did with it was ...facepalm

      In AnY dragons ,murder, war ,epic main lead and what we got yona playing robinhood without any worthy villain or goal just a very meh heroine .

      Whatever they see in yona i don't see it .

      Ya ,at some point i even thought he had a thing for aki .Well i really do feel bad for him let's hope he goes away and find better because it is pitiful to see how he is treated in CP ;

    25. Hm...probably not. I mean that would be so low and she would be an ingrate if that happens after everything that Haku did for her. Though, her father also did pamper, etc her a lot. Anyway, she did got the dragons..kind of for his sake right so that he won't die/be killed. And the only threat for now is Suwon or if they got into trouble for playing Robin Hood.

      True..they kind of need each other so they will all just pretend nothing of that sort had happened. ^^;

      Hehe..it is for Zeno's fans and those who are curious what happened then. It isn't for those who are curious about the prophecy thing and want to know more about other stuff. =P I just hope that after that, there is 'something' after it like Yona knowing what to do in her life, we know who the sword is, what is their goal, etc.

      Hehe, true, though I'm not referring to his daughter not understanding his ideals/philosophy. You see, when I watch the news about a family member being murdered, etc..people would always cry for justice and would want to get it no matter what. You know, even if a certain criminal would be defended by the family that s/he innocent, s/he is a good person, etc. In those instances, it makes me think that they really love that family member. Here, a father gave her material stuff, protected her that even got a general to do it, and I get the impression he did everything to make her happy except for the Suwon thing. And, his daughter is okay with his murder because it is justified.

      Comparing her reaction to the ones I mentioned, it really makes me think that she doesn't love her father much/at all. So, yes, he'll probably be hurt or probably angry like..what's the point of having a daughter like that who do not care for you even if you gave her and did 'almost everything' to make her happy. Something like that. It is a bad impression on Yona but I cannot help thinking about it. So yes, for her, Suwon and probably the country is more important than her father. And amusingly, this country do not care much about her disappearing or even if she's dead/her father was murdered. Well, the poor is thinking of survival but what of the others? And whatever she knows about Suwon is a 90-100% a lie. Oh well.

      That's right. And, that gave me a bad impression like he has to be always the 'servant' to call her princess as what his position was then at the palace.


      Lol..is that so. Ya...for now, that other one would be Mush&Co but he is also on the verge of losing that one, too..

      By the way, about 7 sins, I somehow feel that something is left out in the anime. The part when King's story is mentioned. I don't get the part wherein he stabs his BF {best friend} with a rose to stop the killing. Is that just to paralyze him? Because at the present time, BF is still alive until he was permanently killed by King...I assume. It seems like things are being breezed through so is the manga like that, too or things are a bit more detailed. It feels off when Diane is defeated, then, Growther appears and defeated, then, King appears. It seems weird for King to start blaming wind guy for not protecting Diane. ^^; I'm at ep 19.

    26. You said it yourself her dad spoiled her rotten yet did she even think about him ? or avenging him nope so why would hak be different .It was maybe true in the past but now her dragons are there to play Robin Hood not to protect hak .

      The problem is that we learned nothing his sob story didn't have to 5/6 chapters long .To me this arc was a let down and unlike with SB i don't have any reason to hope for anything better to happen .

      I know that and i agree and i find it sickening that never not once did she spare some thoughts for her father but for his murder hell yeah .But somehow i was trying to follow yona's logic ,suwon is a good king so what's the point .But not only doesn't she love him or mourned his death .She never tried to understood what he stood for ,while she thinks a lot about what suwon wants to do .That's awful, i can't even find the right word to describe how disgusted this aspect of yona's personality makes me feel .

      True whether she dies or lives except for her fans (fire dude and lili) no one gives a damn .You know whenever i started giving some thoughts to her character i think that there is nothing good about her and i really dislike her

      True , i was so freaking pissed i mean he has known her the longest ,always been there ,risked his life on god knows how many times ,put her first even before his own safety yet she denied something so simple as to call her by her name when she was okay with strangers .The way she told him you can never forget that i'm a princess ,she shoud've just continued the sentence and said " and that you are a servant" cause that's what she meant .

      Yeah i get that , and i'm kind of disgusted with annoying mush she said that she would never sing aki's songs yet still going gaga over his songs .Which is another blow to shinya i guess .

      well they didn't change that part much ,it is the same in the manga .If i recall helbram died 700 years ago and 10 years ago or something Hendrickson bought him and revived him and he also revived him this second time so king will have to kill him over and over again .

      Ya i think it went the same in the manga and they didn't delete much .True king blaming wind guy was lame and very corny in the manga .

    27. Hm..that's true. Though what Haku did and her feelings for him gave me the impression that he is important to her though again, is that more than Suwon or country? Hehe...something like usually, romantic love is greater than parental love. Anyway, I don't think the mangaka will do that especially given Haku's popularity.

      Hehe, I see.

      Lol..only those two from the country, huh..

      Ya..I didn't like that part.

      True..it is like Riko can say that but deep down..she loves Aki's songs...main reason why she likes CP.

      Ah, I see. I thought it wasn't a fatal blow, spared him then King just took the blame for it.

      Got to the part where I learn what Gil's 'stronger than 7 sins' part actually meant. That was really nice ^^ They are indeed going easy on each other. Strange he says that Hen killed his father but actually, it is the red guy. Sorry, the names haven't stuck on my head yet. It seems that they are defeating all the 'main bosses' ^^;;

    28. Yup that's the question is he more important than suwon ? something like if both were dying who would she save ,honestly i can't say that she would save hak first .You know i have a feeling that in yona 's mind suwon=the country . Something like she won't take down suwon because he is a key player in the kingdom and he cares for the country something like that .

      Well hak is indeed popular but when the reading the manga it seems the author isn't aware of it .

      True and one of the main reason why i hate her is her being such an aki fangirl it 's like it consumed half of her brain

      Yup gil was never evil but he was just pretending ,the black haired guy with the red armor drefyus or something like that well you have to read the manga to see that things are far from over and more complicated than what they seem .

    29. Hm..good point on Suwon = country.

      Lol..and she managed to make him popular just with that...personality and interactions.

      Ah..cannot argue with that for it is true.

      Oh..is that so. That's good..I like complicated since it gives things more depth ^^

    30. Yup

      Ya and with just a little focus on his character he turned out to be the best in the whole story while yona with all the attention she got ,she is by fair the worst . I'm thinking that if hak got a little background and we get to see things more from his point of view that would be great because i believe that his character is way more important than the dragons or suwon .

      Yup and i really can't take it because that dude except for his talent for music he is a worthless bastard and very childlish man .

      Oh believe me when i say that things will keep getting better and better in seven deadly sins .

    31. Hehe, true..well, we'll just have to wait and see if the mangaka will do that for Haku.

      Hm..true. Well, it is most likely the usual, love is blind and all that stuff which you hate. =P


    32. Ya ,we can just hope i guess because i'm not expecting anything .

      More like love=dumb i mean i hate it how the girl only lives for the boy has no dream or ambition of her own and even if she has she has she will give up everything if the dude dumps her which is so very pathetic .

    33. True...but I guess, it won't be so 'pathetic' or 'bad' if the other party is deserving. In a way, it does show how much the girl/guy loves the other person. There are people who do love with all the heart when they are in love. But, I do get your point. Sakura-types can be pathetic but strangely enough, I'm not hostile with Mikasa. ^^;

    34. Yup ,if it was a hak or ren type i wouldn't mind so much because those are great dudes who deserves to be loved and be dedicated to .But the suwon aki or sasuke type hell no it make the girl look pathetic and submissive

      Me too i tolerate mikasa only because of her strength .

      It makes me think of the new manga by the author of maid sama . The main girl is yuck she is so disgusting she loves a guy who treat her like trash and she is always happy when he is humiliating her saying stuff like he is shining and you know it's the type of things when you read them you feel like you are about to have stomach cancer .And the dude he is making shou like the perfect guy he is a douche and a brat .

    35. True.

      Ah..I only browse a few chapters = look at the pictures..and I got that impression so I decided not to read it. ^^;

    36. You did got i really feel like getting a stomach cancer everytime i read that thing . I mean sure the whole master maid theme was nasty but at least usui loved misaki and treated her well but in this series you can't even much how low the pride and dignity of the girl is the guy she loves is a top notch jerk and the end result is so messed up so pathetic and all you can do it either puke or facepalm or both .

    37. Hehe, true. And, actually, there are lots of that in shoujo. In that series, do you think that they'll end up together? I often see it in shoujo. Either the guy continues to be a jerk and they get together, or the guy has a complete change and they get together. It is rare situation when the girl finds some other better guy.

    38. Yup that's why most of the shoujo out there are trash . Well i believe they will because when i tell you that the dude is a bastard and whenever he treat the girl like trash she keep asking for more that doesn't even come close to how sickening the relationships are in the manga there is a dude who is pretty nice and cool who likes her but she doesn't care she is still into the douche guy .So yeah at the end of the day no matter how much i rant about AnY i know that there are works out there who are worst .

    39. Hehe, is that so..and it is that bad. ^^;

  10. About SB i'm so freaking shocked you can't even imagine how much but well let's start with shou .

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      Ya...but then, as someone mentioned, it seems that Shou tends to beat Ren in some things though Ren is the one who can do things in a more 'long lasting way'. The first one was 'saving' Kyouko from Reino. The other one is the stolen kiss.
      Maybe, it would repeat again here.

      That's right..and if it is actually going to be fixed...well, I'm talking about their relationship..just to make things rainbows and everything. The mangaka is diverging away from the usual repentant mother who abandoned one's child in shoujo.

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      Ya..and checking the net, I think it is this one, and the only one ^^;; :

      Well, weaklings in a way can still help..I mean, iirc, I'm surprised at how much No. 2 helped Luffy out. I actually thought I won't see that character again after he got defeated by Sanji. ^^;;

      Indeed ^^

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      page 2: They ask what is this about and what is going on. He says that everyone is perplexed because it isn't in a bowl yet he gave it that name. As he removes his chef uniform, he tells everyone to try it for currently, this is his best French style meal that he can do. Something like that. If it isn't a French theme meal, 'French style' can be translated as 'method'. I didn't see the dish so ^^;

      Page 3: Guy asks if he has that degree of awareness. He says that no matter what, if it isn't use, the training itself cannot be qualified/eligible. [<- not sure on what he is talking about] Besides, regarding being aware, he has all of it and from today on, it is held/contained in the dish. Glasses says, come..it is time.

      Sorry if some parts do not make sense since I don't know the context but I think you can get the idea ^^

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    1. It can be found here:

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