April 8, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 66]

Narration: “The founding of Sakaguchi Candy can be traced back to the Meiji Era. Sakaguchi Shirou [guesswork from 四郎] is the fourth son of a kimono store in Yokohama. The origin of his infatuation with Western-style candies is when he received a marshmallow from a missionary. In order to learn the craft on how this candy is made, he went to America by himself at the age of 18. Even if he suffered hardship from racial discrimination but at the same time, he was able to master all sorts of ways in making all kinds of Western snack. At age 28, he returned back to the country. At Ginza, Tokyo, he opened a small Western snack store. There is a scene of children happily eating milk caramel. In order for the children of whole Japan to easily [get and] eat Western snack, he made milk candy to establish what is now the foundation of Sakaguchi Candy Company. It has 1572 employees and its sales figure is at 174,682,000,000 yen. The current president is the fourth successor, Sakaguchi Yuki [guesswork from 佑基], Shirou’s great-grandson.” Beep. Beep. Beep. At the ICU, Yuki is now lying in the hospital bed with all sorts of machines attached to his body.
At the hotel, Shun looks up to the moon up in the sky. Narration: “Ever since before, my father never once told me, ‘I want you to ‘succeed the family business’. I might as well say that it is also father who bought me the guitar. Not only that, among the relatives who had oppose my debut, it is only my father who supported me.” Flashback: At the Sakaguchi residence, a bald man said that if Shun isn’t going to succeed the family business, then the company will fall into a faction dispute and will split up right. A woman exclaims, if Yoshitake [良武] just smile a while ago and could it be that he coveted the position of their brother, Yuki. Talking about order [of successors], then shouldn’t it be their Daiki [guesswork from 大輝]’s turn. A moustache guy said no, no, Daiki had already gone into banking and besides, isn’t his performance there quite remarkable? Thin glasses guy shouted for them not to talk anymore and they’re noisy to death. Until now, hasn’t it been always the eldest son who’ll enter the company in order to not to cause a family dispute. “Shun, this isn’t something that can be resolved by your willfulness.” Shun looked glum.
To his surprise, his father said that he already approved of it and they, the outsiders, do not meddle on it again. Shun looked flustered. Plump glasses guy told Yuki that it would become something very troublesome. Thin glasses guy said that until now, they have a succession system in their company so all of the employees know that no matter how hard they work, they won’t be able to become president so they always follow him [Yuki] as the president but if it isn’t this kind of formality [/form], everyone would be more ambitious. Yuki asked if the next president is a special duty [/managing director] or still a routine thing due to a faction dispute that might pull it apart. “Or do you mean that I do not have the strength to lead the employees? *everyone is quiet* I hope that you all do not treat me as an idiot. It is not at all because I’m the oldest son that I became president for that reason. For this is after all, carrying on my shoulders.. 1500 employees that is related to this company.. and also, the lives of 10000 employees in the factories that is working together with this company. I wouldn’t be able to hold this position if I didn’t have complete awareness of that.”
His wife and Shun looked flustered. The relatives were all silent. Yuki continued to say, “Until now, I had never once told Shun that ‘I hope that you’ll succeed me’ and as for the cause, this isn’t something that one can just rely on, ‘I’ll leaving it up to you’. Using that kind of reason in order to be able to easily hold this position.” Later that night, Shun called out to his father who is reading the newspaper at the living room. His father asked if he want to be in a band. He stood up and says that in order to celebrate, he’ll get a bottle of good champagne. He left the room. Shun and his mother didn’t say anything. Holding a tray of coffee[/tea], his mother said that even if his father said that, but she thinks that he wishes that Shun succeed the company. Looking flustered, Shun said that he knows. Carrying a bottle of champage and a couple of glasses, Yuki told his wife if there is any good dish that goes with alcohol. His wife exclaims if he is going to open a year 95 Dom Pérignon.
Yuki smiled and said that it is because it is a celebration. His wife told him to wait but he already took off the cork and said, it is open His wife is in shock for this bottle cost 540,000 yen and in the world there is only 2000 bottles of this antique. “Didn’t you say that when Shun enters into the company, it is only then you’ll open it so you bought that!” Shun is startled by this as his father continues to pour the expensive champagne into the glass. Yuki smiled and said but it is already open. While his wife looked dismayed, Yuki told his son to drink a bit. Flustered Shun said that he isn’t an adult yet. His father smiled and said that it is alright, it is for a celebration. And, his father poured him a glass of champagne. Shun muttered that he will go and study for college. His father said, ya, and he also can still maintain this energy up to 30 years. Then, he patted the head of flustered Shun. End flashback. At the hospital, the doctor informs Yuki’s wife and others that the reason for the collapse is a gastric perforation and at present, they already performed surgery to mend it but before the surgery, they had a CT scan and found a tumor.
They have already removed the entire tumor that they can see, and right now, it is at the pathology for examination. [<- to know if it is cancerous or not] While Yuki’s wife looks flustered and worried, the doctor says that the result of the examination will determine the kind of treatment will be done from today on.. “Then, regarding tonight..if something strange happens, it would be quite disadvantageous [/harmful].” This shocks Yuki’s wife and Aki. As she covers her mouth, Yuki’s wife start to tremble that Aki comforts her. Then, Aki glances at Soichiro. At the smoking area, Soichiro asks what to do. Sitting Aki says that even if he ask him.. Soichiro tells him that the Kagawa LIVE is tomorrow. Flustered Aki says that he knows.. After a pause, Soichiro says that after telling Shun, what then, if Shun comes over, perhaps he’ll be refused from meeting with him [his father]. Back at the hotel, Shun’s phone starts ringing. Shun answers his phone. At the other room, the other CP members lay awake on their futons.
Sitting with Yuki’s wife, Aki said that just now, he is at the ward and he is currently with Shun’s mother at the family lounge. Aki informs Shun that the doctor said that it would be disadvantageous if something strange happens tonight. After looking surprised, flustered Shun says is that so. Aki says that the doctor also mentioned about the way of treatment from today on and he [Aki] thinks that possibly, it is because it is just after the surgery so he [doctor] told them of the worst [possible] outcome. Shun says yes. Aki says that it is because they cannot visit the patient so even if Shun come back, he won’t be able to see his father. Shun says yes. Aki says but, in Crude Play’s LIVE, if there is no Shun, it won’t be able to pull open the heavy curtain [/start the concert]. Shun hears Aki sniff [/cry]. Then, he tells Aki that before, his father said that if one isn’t completely aware [/prepared], one wouldn’t be able to hold this position so if it is his father, he’ll definitely would tell him [Shun] to properly be responsible as the lead singer and he’ll also tell him that he is in this position so he should have already be properly aware of it..
“But I.. honestly speaking, I basically do not have that kind of awareness. I only felt that being in a band with you is quite fun.. *Aki looks surprised* It is only because of that.. *scene of Crude Play in their younger times with Aki. Shun is having a great time with Aki. Then, when he turns around, Aki and no one else is there.* In a band without Aki, how come I’m still a lead singer.. Obviously, my father is already critically ill. *trembling and flustered* I really want to be at his side but I still have to constantly restrain [/be patient]..” Overhearing that, Shinya looks sad and flustered. Aki also looks flustered. He asks Shun if he is coming over [to the hospital]. Shun says that he won’t go back because even if he did, he cannot do anything. Aki asks if Shun wants him to go over [to him]. After looking slightly flustered, Shun says that even if Aki goes, there is no meaning to it. Aki says that even if he is useless, he’ll also go. Shun’s mother looks surprised when Aki suddenly stands up with the phone on his ear. Aki tells flustered Shun on the phone, “I’m going.”
Comment: Well, the founder of the company is an amazing man to be able to make a huge company from a small candy store. I guess he is also aware of the possible internal quarrelling of the family regarding the company that they have a system in place that the oldest son will be the successor. I’m not sure about the other relatives but Yuki seems to have been brought up well to know of his responsibility and not just take over without much thought of it. It is nice how he, as the president, is aware of how many lives are dependent on him for the continuing success of the company. He is also really nice to let Shun do what he wanted even if it isn’t what he personally wanted for Shun. It does seem to have moved Shun enough to probably want to succeed the company later on. I’m not sure though if he did go to college while in CP. After all what his father did, Shun would really want to be at his side. It is only now when Shun finally revealed that the reason why he did all that, and it is to have fun with Aki by being in the same band.

Isn’t it a bit too late? Or, deep down, he is still hoping that Aki would join the band again. Was it because he is depressed? Or, anyway, Aki is still in a way, part of the band. I wonder if Aki went into a bit of guilt trip for he had easily given up that position to Shinya just because he didn’t think that he has the talent to play bass. I guess in a way of making it up to Shun, he’ll be there for him at the concert. Though it made me think, didn’t Shun ask him to be with his mother at this time? ^^; Who is with the mother now? Soichiro? Since Shinya overheard it, I guess it is like confirming what he has been feeling/thinking all these times. He is the ‘unwanted’ one because he took Aki’s place. Well, he couldn’t help it either since he was infatuated with Aki’s music. Nevertheless, the bottom line is it really hurts to hear that. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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