April 11, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapters 68-69]

Kawasumi and Suiren are having their usual date at Café Bell. Kawasumi recalls that it is already a year since they have gone steady. So-called mutual collision of ideas, and sharing [/enjoying] the same time. Anyone has some other thing besides this kind of feeling. He thinks that from that day on, Atohira didn’t go back to their house again. While walking together with Suiren, Kawasumi is bothered that Atohira told him that they are always rivals. He thinks that as a person, as a man, he is still quite far off and lacking [in dealing] with Suiren and Atohira. If he can handle things a bit better.. Noticing his glum expression, Suiren tells him that he is always listless after the cultural festival. Kawasumi apologizes to her. He wonders if she is also aware of Atohira’s intention [/feelings] and could it be he confessed something..but compare with those things, since Suiren won’t say it, he wants to cherish more this kind of feeling. Kawasumi held her hand tighter and this made her blush. Then, they wave each other goodbye. Suiren recalls Meguna telling her about the anniversary kiss. Suiren thinks that this isn’t the time to think of that.
So, Christmas quietly and smoothly passed to welcome the New Year. Clang clang. Clang clang. Suiren and Yuri rang the shrine’s bell. Then, they manage to greet Aya who is selling omamori [amulets] to the many people there. Holding an ema [wooden plaque for wishes and prayers], Yuri says that Aya seems to be very busy. She writes on her ema a wish for Daisuke to pass the qualifying exam. After hanging her ema, there are other wishes for family’s health, able to get a girlfriend and get into a certain first choice high school. While walking out, Yuri tells Suiren that Daisuke said that he is going to take an exam for a beautician specialization school. She mutters if it will be long distance.. When she notices that Suiren is looking at her, Yuri admits to her that they are going steady but then, it isn’t good if it extremely affects their studies. Besides, she also has work and they aren’t in the same school so they cannot always see each other but still, she’ll do her best [to make it work].
Ring-- Ring-- Yuri's phone is ringing and it is Daisuke who told her that he is currently at the shrine. After hanging up, she tells Suiren that he is inviting her over to pray together at the shrine. Suiren urges her to go but Yuri is hesitant. She offers to call Kawasumi to accompany Suiren but Suiren says that he went to the dojo today. Yuri says that she’ll walk Suiren home. Not wanting to trouble Yuri, Suiren shakes her head and quickly runs off while pulling her hat down. She stops and assures Yuri that it is alright. And, Suiren walks away. She is happy for Yuri but becomes confused and aghast with so many people around that she kept on bumping on them. And, she finds herself in front of Atohira and Hajime. Suiren looks nervous as Atohira looks at her and calls out to her. He asks if she is alone. Suiren bows and quickly dashes off. Atohira calls for her to wait. Gesturing to Hajime, Atohira tells Suiren that this guy is Kawasumi’s older brother and they [brothers] are not the same right. This made Suiren stop and look at Hajime. Atohira tells Hajime that she is his younger brother’s girlfriend.
Suiren finds Hajime quite tall. She bows. Hajime bows back. Suiren nervously thinks that even if their voice on the phone is very similar but they are totally not like brothers. After a long pause, Atohira tells Hajime to say something to Suiren for this person totally won’t talk. Suiren mutters that Kawasumi said before that they [she and Hajime] are very similar. She becomes nervous when Hajime asks what her name is. She tells him that it is Shibazeki Suiren. She thinks that even if the voice is the same but she always felt that this is..it is.. Atohira asks if she is so afraid then let him say, as thanks for that yucky melonpan, they go eat that. Soon, Suiren finds herself between the two guys sitting in silence by the bench. Atohira is the only one eating a crepe. Suiren wonders what kind of situation is this or is it good that it isn’t just the two of them alone. The one on her right side felt okay..this is..an oppressing feeling. She wonders if they [she and Hajime] are similar.
After finishing his crepe, Atohira says that she and Hajime have something very similar. Aghast Suiren wonders if that is true. She is surprised when Hajime introduces himself and that he’ll leave his younger brother under her care [/yoroshiku]. Suiren says, yes.. It made her perk up and think that in the end, he is Kawasumi’s older brother. After watching her, Atohira teasingly asks where they are going next. Soon, they are at an amusement park. Suiren is shock over how come she.. She recalls Atohira asking if she doesn’t want to get along with Hajime. Suiren muttered that even if she wants to.. End flashback. Suiren thinks that normally, she doesn’t go to this place. Atohira says that they are going to ride that. Suiren agrees since Hajime doesn’t oppose it. And as the teacups they rode kept twirling around, Atohira is having a good time. There is no expression from Hajime. Suiren felt ill that she mentally asks for younger brother Kawasumi to save her.
While Atohira wonders what to ride next, dizzy Suiren wanted to contact Ryosuke so she has to call Yuri who’ll call Ryosuke who’ll call Kawasumi. Before she can call, she overhears Atohira saying that this is so fun and aside from today, it is the only day when he can be with Hajime since he thinks that they won’t see each other again because of the exams. She didn’t call anymore. Then, Atohira says that they are going to ride the freefall [/drop tower] next. And, Atohira had fun, still no reaction from Hajime and Suiren is totally aghast. She is then lifeless after the ride. Atohira asks if she is okay. He looks at the map and says that they can buy popcorn at that side. “Suiren, thanks for coming.” Suiren sweatdrops and thinks that even if he says that said but she was firmly pulled here. After watching them [it seems], Hajime quickly walks away. Atohira says that he’s going to the toilet. Atohira grabs Suiren’s wrist and says that they are going to ride that. He points to a Ferris Wheel. Suiren kept on shaking her head in refusal because that Ferris Wheel is.. And she finds herself inside the carriage alone with Atohira who asked her to sit down.
And, Suiren sits down. Atohira tells her that it is reported that this Ferris Wheel has a legend and let him tell her first clearly that he won’t do anything [to her]. Suiren thinks that this is the Ferris Wheel that.. She recalls Kawasumi apologizing to her after she bluntly told him about wanting to talk more with him. She becomes flustered. She is now sitting at the side where Kawasumi used to sit and Atohira is on the side where she used to sit. Atohira casually tells her not to vomit and the view outside is very beautiful. Suiren looks outside. Atohira says that she probably do not go here and depend on some legend’s unseen power. After a pause, she admits that she did and she wanted to depend on its power..at that time. Atohira says that she is already together with that kind of person and rode this so isn’t that already enough happiness.
Suiren thinks that even if it is like that.. She asks why he rode this. Atohira asks if she didn’t know. She nods. Crossing his arms, Atohira says then, he won’t say it. After a pause, he asks if right now, he is Kawasumi, would she ask ‘why’. Suiren says that if it is..perhaps, she’ll ask. This made Atohira pout. He calls her stupid, idiot, stupid. “Quickly ask me.” Surprised Suiren sweatdrops and asks him what this is about. He looks out the window as the Ferris Wheel continues to turn. He tells her that it is because he doesn’t want Hajime to hear it. “..is that guy still doing okay?” Suiren says yes. He says no, is it really like that. She tells him that ever since the cultural festival, Kawasumi is listless.
This made Atohira pout. He says that all of it is his fault. “You are also the girlfriend of my friend’s young brother. But also--..my friend’s girlfriend.” Suiren asks if they already cannot go back. [<- being friends?] He tells her not to say that. She tells him that Kawasumi and Atohira..between the two of them, it is a place that she cannot touch. This puzzles Atohira. Suiren explains that when it is about them [Kawasumi and Atohira], Kawasumi becomes more talkative than usual. “A dazzling person.. he would look at some unknown far place.. saying, ‘Atohira-kun’, ‘Atohira-kun’..at the end..even though..I would get jealous.. I couldn’t do anything about that situation. (Mutual collision, more than romance).”
Atohira says that isn’t she the same. When Kawasumi is talked about, she becomes very talkative. Suiren says that she thinks that they can go back [to their, Kawasumi and Atohira, old relationship.] After looking flustered, Atohira looks at Suiren who is looking outside. Then, Suiren notices that he is near her and he kisses her cheek. And, just when their carriage is at the top, Atohira smiles at surprised Suiren. He looks out and says that they are at the peak and the legend says that if one doesn’t have strength, then ‘go strive hard by yourself’ even more. Surprised Suiren says yes and she exclaims in surprise. Atohira shouts for her not to vomit. After getting off the Ferris Wheel, Suiren covers her mouth to prevent vomiting. She follows Atohira who calls out to waiting Hajime. He tells Hajime that okay, they’re going back.
On the train back, sleeping Atohira sits between Suiren and Hajime. After arriving at the station, Atohira says that he is going towards this side and tells Hajime to bring Suiren to his house. Atohira smiles back and bids the two goodbye. After he left, Suiren is surprised that Hajime is quickly walking away. She quickly follows him. And, they are speechless as she keeps on following him. Later on, glum Kawasumi walks home and thinks that Atohira didn’t go to winter practice. He wonders if it is because Atohira is already in third year. He opens the door and goes into his house. His mother welcomes him back. He says ya, and opens the refrigerator. After taking a bottle of cold water, he sits down on the table where his mother is talking with Suiren. It is only when he is drinking the water when he notices that Suiren is there.
After standing up, Kawasumi screams in surprise and exclaims why!? His mother tells him that just now, his brother came back together with her. Puzzled Kawasumi asks, with Hajime? Suiren nods. After Kawasumi calms down and sits down, Suiren says that they met at the shrine. Still puzzled Kawasumi asks why with Hajime. Then, he realizes something. He asks if Atohira is with them. Suiren nods. He asks if she is lively [/okay; I think he is referring to her but]. She says yes. That he says not.. that side [Atohira; it is either that or he is worried about Atohira not Suiren ^^;]. And there are scenes of the characters doing their own thing. Atohira, Koharu and Hajime are studying. Daisuke tries to study. Yuri prays for Daisuke. Koume is sitting on a swim tube in the waters. [<- isn’t it cold] Kawasumi and Ryosuke train by jogging. Aya and Suiren are making bread. And, Suiren is thinking of things.
And when it is snowing, Kawasumi is probably returning home when he sees Atohira waiting for him. Atohira approaches him and shoves an envelope to him. After Atohira left, Kawasumi opens the envelope to find a letter telling him that on next Sunday, at 13:00, he’ll be waiting for him at the dojo. “This is like a letter of challenge [/duel] but I think it should be the last time.” And, Atohira stops walking to look up the snowy sky. Later on, Kawasumi informs Suiren about it. She thanks him that he told her and on the weekend, she’ll wait for him here. Kawasumi smiles and says okay, wait for him. On Sunday, Kawasumi rubs his shoulder and faces Atohira. In bed, Suiren looks at her butterfly pendant necklace. Then, she sits up and holds the necklace tight. And, she smiles.
Comment: Apparently, because of Atohira, we didn’t get the anniversary kiss. ^^; Suiren decides that this isn’t the time for any lovey-dovey when Kawasumi is still depressed about Atohira. Interestingly, Kawasumi had realized that he is still lacking in many areas so I guess he is trying to improve things slowly with Suiren. Well, now, he tells her about that duel against Atohira. Yet, she would just stay home and wait for him. It made me think that Suiren is the understanding one for she lets Kawasumi have space regarding his other things like karate, and Atohira rather than forcing him to prioritize her. I think in a way, it is like not holding too tightly on him by being too possessive. It seems that Hajime is indeed the silent type like Suiren though he seems to be good in reading the mood. I think when he supposedly left for the toilet, he had sensed that Atohira wanted to talk with Suiren. In a way, Hajime is in a totally different level of being stoic. ^^; That Ferris Wheel ride seems to be Atohira’s last hurrah with Suiren and to know how Kawasumi is doing. In a way, she also gave him an idea about what Kawasumi thinks of him and what to do about it. I wonder if it an emphasis that Kawasumi is ‘slow in responding’ when he belatedly notice that Suiren is in his house. ^^; I’m curious what his mother is telling Suiren. Well, regarding the previous duels, it was a tie so this would probably be the decisive one. Atohira might also want to patch things up Kawasumi, like this would be the last time they are rivals. Scans by allwink

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