April 13, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 58]

At a place overlooking the city, Mego shouts that they’re at Aoba Castle!! And that’s Masamune’s statue!! Pointing to the city, Mego tells Aoi to look, from here, one can see the full view of Sendai. Aoi says yes. Narration: “Hello everyone, I’m Kobayashi Megumu. Because it is Golden Week, I travelled to Sendai. It is like a dream to be able to go on a Sendai date with Aoi-kun. It is like Masaumune-sama and Megohime--..” Then, Mego sneezes. She laughs and says that even if it is already spring, it is still quite cold in the northeast. Aoi looks around for something that he can use to warm her up. He ends up hugging her tightly. Blushing, he asks if she is still cold. With her heart beating loud and fast, blushing Mego says no..she is very warm. While steam is emitting from her head, Mego thinks that from the start, Aoi is on fire and could it be the effect of long distance relationship!? “Just by seeing each other, he’s bursting out a fiery passion..!!” She tells Aoi that it is like in the dream. “Everyday, I would see you, Aoi-kun, in a dream. Right now, it seems like the dream’s continuation..”
When he asks about this dream, she turns to him and sheepishly says that yes, before he told her, ‘I totally cannot be satisfied with just kisses’ and the continuation of that--.. *looks embarrassed and stops talking* (Ah-- what am I saying..)” Blushing Aoi says continuation..she also have that? She looks at him again and asks, “‘You also’..?” She sees him covering his mouth and blushing. Mego wonders if Aoi also have that same kind of dream of ‘cannot be satisfied with just kisses’ and ‘the next time we meet--..’ The two blushes really red. Then, they were interrupted by someone shouting, “Ah, how nostalgic, Aoba Castle!!” It is Mego’s father who is lovey-dovey holding the shoulder of his wife. Mego’s father says that when they were young, they also dated here, right, Saika Ayaka [/guesswork from 彩華; courtesy of Anonymous]. Ayaka says yes, it is really nostalgic, Satsuki-kun. Mego exclaims in surprise for weren’t her parents going to grandmother’s place first. Satsuki laughs and says that he changed his mind. “We also thought of idly going on a date before going there.” Embarrassed Mego shouts that she doesn’t want to go on a double date with her parents!! With popped veins, Satsuki thinks, “This guy is Mego’s boyfriend huh.. A guy with an unknown origin. I won’t let you easily get my family’s cute daughter..”
Kobayashi Satsuki’s occupation is ground self-defense force. He knows kendo, judo and karate. (In short, he is very strong, yo!!) Aoi recalls that Mego’s father is part of the self-defense force’s..and he looks strong. Respectfully nodding, Aoi greets him, introduces himself. He also says that he is currently going steady with Mego. Moved Ayaka tells her husband that it is enough, do not disturb their date for it is quite pitiful. Pointing to the two, Satsuki calls her stupid for they only look away and those two are immediately doing that kind of thing!! “At this age, the sexual desire of boys and girls is very strong!!” The two are flustered for Satsuki hits the mark. Mego decides to make a run for it so she grabs Aoi and tells him that they’re going. She thinks that it isn’t easy for them to see each other in Sendai. And, as they pass by Miyagi Museum of Art, Mego drags Aoi. While carrying his wife ala piggyback, Satsuki chases after them. And they are going downstairs of Zuihōden [mausoleum complex of Date Masamune and his heirs. source: wiki], Mego still pulls Aoi while Satsuki carries his wife ala princess carry. Mego thinks that they totally do not have time alone together.
Then, she loses her footing at the stairs. His father calls out to her as Mego falls down. When Mego opens her eyes, she finds herself in Aoi’s embrace. He had used his body to shield her from hitting the floor. Aghast Mego apologizes and asks if he is alright.. He grabs her and asks if she is okay and is she injured. As the tense parents look on, Mego is moved to tears. She says that he’s bleeding and compared to her, he should be worried more about himself. Aoi comforts her by patting her head. He says that this small injury isn’t much and it is okay as long as she is alright. While somewhat blushing over this, Satsuki notices Aoi wincing in pain. He tells Aoi to come over for a while. At her grandmother’s house, Mego is shock to see the huge bruise on Aoi’s arm that her father is treating. She apologizes to Aoi and asks if it really hurts. Satsuki tells her being noisy is tiresome. While Ayaka is holding a bag of ice, Aoi thanks Satsuki for troubling himself for him. Satsuki sighs and says that it is a piece of cake compared to the injuries treated during training as self-defense force. “It is a good thing to have strong endurance but if it hurts, it is better to say it out. If the condition of the injury is serious, there might be a delay in treating it.”
Aoi apologizes and says that he only doesn’t want Mego to worry because she is very kind-hearted that she’ll treat his pain as her own pain. This made Satsuki remember the time when he has a broken arm in a cast. Young Mego asked if he got hurt during work and doesn’t it hurt. Satsuki patted crying Mego’s head and said that he is alright, it doesn’t hurt a bit. End flashback. Satsuki mutters, “..My.. my work is always accompanied by danger so I hope that when there is an unexpected circumstance [/accident], a man, who is worthy of entrusting his daughter’s life with, would appear. *Mego is moved* For Mego to have this kind of father who thinks too much and quite annoying, would you still like her?” Blushing a bit, Aoi seriously says, “-Yes. Like. I love Mego.” Satsuki says, “Okay, Sanada, you’ll be staying her for today.” This surprises the two. While Mego is saying ah..stay.., she wonders could it be that her father approves of them doing that kind of thing.
Holding out his hand, Satsuki seriously says, “Let me first say something. Sanada will be sleeping in my room and Mego will be sleeping together with Mama [/his wife]. Puhahaha *points at the blushing two* You two think that you’ll be allowed to do that shameful thing, that you cannot help but be elated, right!! How is that possible that I’ll simply let you guys get away with it. Stupid, idiot!!” While Mego shouts that her father is such a meanie, Satsuki heads out the room and says that before eating, he is going to take a bath. Then, blushing a bit, he mutters, “..tsk, such a good guy.” Two hours later, drunk Satsuki is clinging on to tense Aoi. Satsuki laughs and says that Aoi is also in a kendo club. “When I was a student, I also won the Nationals. I’m also the one who taught Mitsuru his kendo.” At the kitchen, Mego is helping her grandmother wash the dishes. Ayaka muses that her husband has really taken a fancy on Aoi that even if he is now drunk, he would still endlessly bother Aoi. Aghast Mego thinks that it is quite cunning for her father is monopolizing Aoi by himself that there is no way for her to have some lovey-dovey with Aoi.
While offering some coffee, Mego apologizes to Aoi for her father is a bothersome person. Satsuki wakes up from napping on Aoi’s lap to hear Aoi says that it is alright. “I’m very happy. Your father is a good father who is full of devotion [/affection towards his children]. If my father is still living, it is possible that he is almost at the same age [as your father].” This made Satsuki blush. Mego thinks that’s right, Aoi’s mother is missing and his father, at that fire--.. Aoi says that too bad his father wasn’t able to always stay at his side so he hopes that Mego can properly get along with her father. Mego tightly hugs Aoi. Teary-eyed, she thanks him for valuing her father. She thinks that she also wants to see Aoi’s father. Holding her face, Aoi says that he couldn’t bear it..even if he’ll be beaten up by her father, he also wants to touch her. And, they kiss. Mego thinks that they can no longer be satisfied with kisses, she, also wants her heart and body to merge with Aoi to become one body-- Satsuki angrily calls out hey and kicks out his foot. While Aoi is speechless, Mego runs off and thinks that it turns out that he is pretending to sleep.
At the other side, in Kobayashi’s residence at Tokyo, blushing Mitsuru is uneasily sitting on the bed while hugging eye-patched penguin doll. Holding the doll, he says, “Hey, penguin, tell me, will Tokugawa come over to my house today? Aren’t I a bit stubborn?” Beep Beep. It is a message from Azusa saying that she is coming over now. This made Mitsuru blush for she’s commmiing..and she’ll be here soon~!! At the streets, blushing Azusa tries to psyche herself that this is nothing. “Mitsuru is just watching the house by himself so he is most likely lonely, right. So I’m just going to see him for a while, that’s all. I am not at all such a frivolous girl. I’ve changed into a brand new underwear and it doesn’t have any deep meaning to it.. *blushes upon recalling Mitsuru saying that he endured 9 months that he wanted to touch her* Really cannot dare believe that Mitsuru needed me that much.” She didn’t notice that a car is following her. After smiling in the car, the passenger goes out of the car and calls out to Azusa. He tells her that her clothes is really cute and is she going on a date. Wondering who he is and if he is flirting with her, Azusa asks what about it. He says, “Then, that is troublesome. I’ll be cuckolded by my future bride. *Azusa’s eyes widen* It’s the first time we meet each other. I’m Toyotomi Shougo. You’re fiancé.” With that, he pulls her to him and kisses her. Azusa goes ‘!?’ while Mitsuru continues to wait for her.
Comment: And, based on the Toyotomi surname, he ought to be a ‘real’ bad guy here unlike Uesugi. Toyotomi Hideyoshi is the second main villain boss in Sengoku Basara and this series’ characters are very loosely based on that. So, I’m expecting underhand things from here which includes that stolen kiss. Of course, it depends on how far and low he’ll go to get Azusa. I’m not sure if the mangaka will closely follow Sengoku Basara for his character because in the series/game, he has a ‘connection’ with Takenaka..here, that would be Shino. Meanwhile, the first of the other couple has been hindered by Mego’s father. I’m really amused that he really hit it off with Aoi. Is it a coincidence that Aoi’s uncle and now, Mego’s father is really into him? Something like how he is a cats’ magnet. Mego has reasons to be jealous. Did her father just steal Aoi’s first lap pillow from her? =P Somehow, I kept on imaging her father beating up Azusa’s father when it was mentioned how good he is at martial arts ^^;; Hehe, he really looks like some gangster. ^^ Well, I think all the adults in the series are introduced. Let’s see how they’ll affect our two couples’ lives/love ^^ Scans by 工作室

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  1. Ugh, I hope the mangaka doesn't turn Azusa into the typical weak willed crybaby character now.

  2. Thanks for the update Kat!! Really looking forward to this series!!

    I hope its still a good ending for Mitsuru and Azusa. I'm hoping he is not connected to Shino for she is already happy with her current boyfriend. I hope Mitsuru and Azusa will beat this Toyotomi guy up... Leave the happy couple alone come on....

    As fror Mego and Aoi, it is so cute on how much interruption their getting from their lovey dovey time hehe!!! Both Aoi's uncle and Mego's Dad may continue to interfere with their lovey dovey time but it is so cute so I'll let them be hehe.....

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