March 5, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 67]

After Atohira left, Kawata calls out to Kawasumi and tells him to quickly lead the way for there are many people lined up already. Kawasumi apologizes to him and runs off, leaving a surprised Kawata. At the takoyaki stand, while Aya expertly makes some takoyaki-s, Daisuke calls out to Yuri. A girl asks Yuri if it is her boyfriend. Yuri calls out to her as Haruka [guesswork from 美佳] and asks if it is time to change shifts. Daisuke tells her to accompany him in looking around the school. Yuri says okay. Soon, Atohira is walking the corridors alone as some girls are glancing at him with hearts around them. And a triple bun haired girl came rushing towards him from behind. It is Koume who shouts, captured--!! The others are quite happy about this except for Atohira. Koume says that she’s very happy that he can come. “It’s at this side” Atohira tries to protest but it is futile for she had already dragged him away. While Daisuke realizes that Atohira is gone, Yuri is pointing out the gym where the posters of the classes are put up.
While standing in front of section 3-A, Koharu holds a placard and tells passer-bys that they have a Japansese-style café so want to come and have a sit inside. After some guy comments that she’s very cute, Koume and another girl call out to Koharu. Koharu blushes upon seeing them, dragging Atohira. She says that he came. Atohira just looks glum. Koharu starts to mention to him their menu, mochi with azuki/red bean soup or perhaps, fiddlehead rice cake, green bean [/konjac] jelly, matcha ice cream, mitarashi dango or hojicha. He asks her if there is a fruit[-based] cake. Looking at him, blushing Koharu says yes! Soon, he is served with a round dessert and tea. After a pause, Atohira asks if it is a strawberry daifuku [confection consisting of a small round mochi Source: wiki]. Sweatdropping, she tells him that even if it is chestnut inside, isn’t it a Japanese-style dessert, ha ha ha. To her surprise, Atohira eats it and says that it is delicious. She asks if he wants another one. He says yes.
As she heads in the ‘kitchen’, Atohira looks out the window and sees Kawasumi meeting up with Suiren and Meguna. He notices that Suiren is blushing a bit. Just when Koharu brought back another daifuku, Atohira said that she already liked [Kawasumi] right, so what does she feel upon seeing that. Koharu sees Kawasumi together with Suiren and Meguna. Koharu tells him that she doesn’t feel anything. Somewhat flustered Atohira mutters, ha-.. Koharu asks how is it, if it is okay, in a moment.. Standing up, Atohira says no, he’s leaving. Koharu thanks him and says that she is very happy. And, she watches him leave. Somewhere else [/flashback?], Kawasumi is running towards Suiren and Meguna. Some guys are disappointed that Suiren already has a boyfriend. Meguna asks if it is a change of shift soon. Kawasumi says no, Atohira came. Suiren tells him that Yuri told her. Kawasumi looks glum and flustered. Suiren tells him that right now, she plans to go to the roof and eat takoyaki. “Before.. the change of shift.. I’ll be there..”
Kawasumi blushes a bit. Since Suiren is concerned about Meguna but Meguna tells her that her boyfriend will be coming soon. Kawasumi tells Suiren that it is a rare cultural festival.. Suiren shakes her head and says that it is..okay. Then, a guy calls out to Kawasumi to tell him that Kawata is telling him to quickly return. After Kawasumi tells Suiren see you later, she nods. Then, Kawasumi grabs the guy named Itou [伊東] and asks him to exchange shifts with him. Soon, Suiren is on the roof. She looks down to see Kawasumi looking around. Then, she sees him going after Atohira, who is heading out of the school. Kawasumi holds Atohira’s shoulder, and Atohira immediately hit his hand away. The two stare at each other. Kawasumi glances up to Suiren then faces Atohira again. Atohira says that he is about to leave. Kawasumi tells him that Atohira is the person he longs for [/his ideal], and..a friend. Atohira tells him that between him and Kawasumi, it is always rivalry, right. Kawasumi looks glum and flustered. Looking away, Kawasumi says what he is saying, absolutely not. Atohira says, “I know.”
Just then, Daisuke, together with Yuri, calls out that he has found Atohira. Daisuke tells him not to suddenly disappear. After a pause, Atohira says that isn’t it better for the two of them to be alone. While Daisuke and Yuri blush, Daisuke tells him not to say that, Yuri said she wanted the three of them to eat together. Atohira teasingly apologizes for making the two of them alone in school. Daisuke tells him to be quiet. Pushing Daisuke to Yuri, Atohira tells him not to mind him and quickly go. Daisuke asks if he is leaving. Atohira says that there is already no need to look for him. Waving goodbye, Daisuke says ya. Yuri nods to acknowledge Atohira before she left with Daisuke. After the couple left, Atohira says ‘bye’ to Kawasumi. Kawasumi says that from today on, he wants to properly cherish [/treasure]. Atohira glances at him and says is he proposing marriage. Kawasumi says that it is okay whether it is Suiren or Atohira. Atohira tells him that’s quite disgusting. As Atohira quickly leaves, Kawasumi mutters that he didn’t mean it that way..
Later on, Kawasumi goes to the roof and gives Suiren some okonomiyaki. Suiren thanks him. As Kawasumi set down the food as if they are on a picnic, he tells Suiren that it is alright now, Atohira already left and he exchanged shifts with Itou so eat up. Then, Kawasumi is bending his head down to his crossed arms. Just when Suiren is about to touch him, Kawasumi suddenly sits up. While separating the wooden chopsticks, he exclaims, “Sorry!! It’s nothing at all! It’s alright! Come- Let’s quickly eat-” While eating the okonomiyaki, Kawasumi says that he estimates that later on, they’ll change shifts together. Suiren tells him, “..about that..I..always, since always.. like only you, Kawasumi-kun.” Kawasumi blushes a bit and hugs her. He says, “Ya- Me, too.” He wonders why Atohira said, ‘I know’ earlier.
Comment: I somewhat feel sorry for Koharu since Atohira didn’t go there for her. I guess it is okay that she feels happy about him coming. And it is good that she didn’t know whom he really likes. Suiren has already sensed Kawasumi’s anxiety towards Atohira. She is really nice to volunteer to ‘hide’ at the roof just for him. Of course, he reciprocates it by asking someone to change shifts with him so he can be with her. And, it is very nice how she reassured him that he is the only one she likes from the start until now. ^^ It seems that Kawasumi wants to be in good terms with Atohira whom he looks up to and whom he wants to consider a friend. But for Atohira, he is a rival..both in karate and love. Atohira isn’t making any moves on Suiren and I don’t think Suiren would let him since she knows of how Kawasumi would feel about it. So, I guess, things might be more about the two guy’s rivalry among other things rather than a love triangle. Anyway, it is good that there won’t be any dragging misunderstanding-related issue happening...for now. Scans by allwink

Quote of the day:
The supreme happiness in life is the assurance of being loved; of being loved for oneself, even in spite of oneself. ~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


  1. Thanks. There are spoilers out for 48 already (I won't spoil you though) but part of me wonders if it's not Kawasumi's anxiety that's being reacted to but Suiren's. I need to reread the last few chapters and get a better take on it. It was him that figured out Atohira liked her, if I remember correctly. She still has trouble standing up for herself and I can see him--if he feels she's bothered--intervening instinctively to protect her and call off Atohira so she's not bothered by him. I don't know. I imagine it's a mix of a lot of things.

    The arc bothers me and I hope it's resolved quick and makes them stronger.

    1. Yep, Kawasumi was bothered by it initially but when Atohira came to his room trying to pick a fight because he was irritated about everything--Kawasumi said if he had questions he'd ask Suiren. He didn't take the bait. When he talked with her that day after her talk with Atohira--she told him that she liked hearing his voice. It was 'calming'.

      It was right after that Atohira snatched her from the diner against her will--and then apologized TO Kawasumi instead of Suiren, it was a big red flag to Kawasumi so he asked her what happened. That's when he found out Atohira was asking her what made her smile. I'm pretty sure at that point Kawasumi knew what was going on but he didn't say anything to Suiren.

      In chapter 65, Atohira showed up at the school and Suiren RAN past him trying to avoid him. When asked by her friend if she knew him--she shook her head "No" and when he called her a liar and insisted on walking her home she said she was going home with Aya. He dragged her away and Meguna ran to get Kawasumi.

      By the time Kawasumi first confronts Atohira about his feelings--Atohira has already forcibly taken her away from her friends against her will twice and confessed his feelings to her. Suiren doesn't want to worry him (because he went to the extreme and avoided her last time when he was worried) I mean she almost vomited when he confessed to her because she didn't intend for this to happen.

      So, yeah. I don't think her avoiding Atohira has to do out of respect for Kawasumi. I'm pretty sure she's doing it for herself because she's not comfortable with the feelings he has for her and the fact is--he probably IS there to see her whether he wants to admit it or not.

      Atohira HAS made moves on her. She's rejected him and Kawasumi does have the right to tell him to leave his girlfriend alone, I think. Especially since she's made the choice to leave her own cultural festival to avoid one of the visitors--it's that point that Kawasumi steps in again. Rightfully so, I think.

      I'm sure there is a large part of Kawasumi that is concerned about everything given their communication issues and his past with Atohira. two cents.

    2. I even saw a spoiler 68-69 LOL
      I totally agree with you.
      i'm also don't like this arc.
      I really like the way a story progress before even it's very slow. but when the love triangle come. at first, i think it might be interesting because this story is a cliche one but now i think it's getting boring
      I really don't like atohira personalities.
      before he likes suiren he might be an awkward person but i like it when he helps the main characters solve their problem but now he is really annoyed me
      The way he acted toward a person he likes or a person who likes him including kawasumi was really bothering me
      i really want this arc to end soon (but seems like a mangaka is going to drag it)
      Anyway,thanks for a summary ^_^

    3. i agree with all of you :D
      yes, i even saw a spoiler 68-69 and make me more annoyed with this atohira..
      he know that he can't take suiren away from kawasumi, but still make a move like that? and with that annoyed personalities

      and yeah this arc is too long and make me boring somehow..
      but i really want suiren to honest with kawasumi about atohira, even kawasumi already very alert about it..
      when this arc end? thats my question every new chapter out haha..

      thank for the summary as always ;)

    4. You're welcome ^-^

      Thanks for not spoiling me ^^

      Yes, from this chapter, Kawasumi mentioned it to Atohira but he denied it.

      True..though Suiren kept on reassuring Kawasumi that she is okay. So, does that make Kawasumi an worrywart and insecure boyfriend?

      Is that so..I thought that is the outcome of this arc.

    5. Anonymous[2], or probably both..for Kawasumi and for herself. Though, I would think that she doesn't quite like Atohira being forceful. I mean, she isn't good in dealing with guys except for Kawasumi. It does make me wonder if she regrets asking for his help. ^^;;

      True..that would most probably be what is going to be tackled here especially with all the flashbacks and how Atohira is causing problems for the couple.

    6. Is that so, Anonymous[3].

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    7. Hehe, is that so, Putri.

      I actually thought that the issue is more or less resolved here. ^^; Apparently from the comments, it isn't.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. Atohira, how dare you become a tsundere, you!!!
    I think Atohira is behaving that way because he does't know how to properly express himself. I hope we get over this arc soon, Atohira was pretty interesting until his recent character development. He's behaving like kid.

    Thank you for the summary!!!! Made my day!! :))

    1. I see...possible.

      Thanks for reading and glad to hear that ^-^

  3. Thanks Kat! i hate the direction this manga is going in Atohira is getting creepier and creepier and at this point .Suiren either stands up for herself or she might lose Kawasumi.Im so over this arc

    1. You're welcome, Linda ^-^

      Is that so. Hm..for now, I don't think she's in danger of losing him.

  4. Funny thing is I am a Kawasumi and Suiren supporter just because of all the time we've got invested in watching them SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLYYYY develop their relationship...BUT...I happen to like Atohira's go-get-her personality with a shy girl like Suiren. Kawasumi drug his feet and a few times made Suiren feel insecure and not very important to him.

    By the way- have we seen these two kiss on the lips yet? If we did, I need to revisit that chapter,
    totally forgot. I remember him kissing her cheek but that is all.

    Atohira is annoying in how he is trashing on his long history with Kawasumi by going after Kawasumi's girl. In that, I don't respect Atohira. Kawasumi thinks they are friends, yet Atohira does not think that way and that kind of shocked me.

    However, I really do like how Atohira takes initiative. I like the more lengthy and fun conversations that he and Suiren have had, verses Kawasumi and Suiren's still shy and awkward, almost wordless communication.

    What I would love to see:
    (1) Kawasumi take on just a little of Atohira's proactive personality
    (2) for Atohira to go away.

    That would be nice. Oh yeah, and an up close sweet romantic kiss. ON THE LIPS. Lol.

    1. No, there is no kiss on the lips. It was hinted some chapters before that it will happen on their anniversary...probably, anniversary date?

      Ya..though maybe Atohira is saying things that he didn't mean again? Like, he is affected by his jealous of some sort towards Kawasumi.

      I see.

      Hehe, maybe you mean, Kawasumi taking one more of Atohira's proactive personality? He has already been doing little of that. =P

      For that..I guess some more waiting...

    2. Very true. We have seen Kawasumi become a better boyfriend. And Kawasumi wouldn't be Kawasumi if he suddenly started acting like Atohira, i was wrong to say that. And you may be right about Atohira saying that out of jealousy.

      Hmm. But why do I feel so unsatisfied lately. I'm not sure if it's annoyance of Atohira rocking the relationship a little, or annoyance at myself for liking Atohira now :). Oxymoron.