March 4, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 55]

[Free talk: I’m really sorry for this blunder. It turns out that the Chinese scanlations that I got has some missing pages. ^^; Thanks for the info, SA. ^^ Hehe, and I was wondering why it is shorter than the usual 30 pages. ^^;; Anyway, I’m added the missing part. Sorry for the inconvenience. m(_ _)m ]

Teary-eyed Mego hugs and kisses Aoi as she tells him that she’ll wait for him. Narration: “That day when you gave me an ecstatic ‘hard to let go’ type of hug and kiss. After that lovely-dovey, reddish faced Aoi told me, ‘It’s no good. It seems that I.. can no longer be satisfied by a kiss.. *Mego goes huh and blushes* time we meet again, until that time--..’ Almost every single day, I would dream of Aoi-kun at that time.” Dream: Aoi removes his clothes and says, ‘Mego’. Naked Mego says, ‘Aoi-kun..’ And Aoi is on top of her. End dream. Blushing really red, Mego wakes up and screams. “Pause, pause!! I’ve dreamed of such a lewd dream again-!! Could it be that my desire isn’t satisfied!? I!! How appalling, how shocking. Even if Aoi is in a different place and it is hard for us to meet, I also do not need this kind of EXCESSIVE RECHARGING. Ah, it is already 10am!? I’m going to an idol concert with Tomo today!” So, it is spring break. After Aoi left to study at Sendai, their 350 km long distance love has started. At a concert area, girls squeal when a 5-member idol group greets everyone and welcomes them for coming to SSS concert!! Holding a fan with one hand and a glow [/light] stick on the other, Tomo screams and shouts that SSS are super cute and super cool- “My favorite is brothers’ ensemble of kiss kiss jump. I’ll also cheer you guys on” Shizu tells Mego about holding the glow stick and fan on each hand then the fan should be placed in front of one’s chest.
Mego thinks so that is how it is. Everyone put the name of their favorite idol on the fans. Holding a wand, Mego thinks of wanting to do that, too but instead, she’ll put Aoi’s name on it. “Because a shy and perplexed Aoi-kun is definitely very cute” <- Natural S[adist]. Chibi Aoi is aghast and tells her to stop!! The next day, Mego is wearing a maid uniform, bunny ears and magic wand. Nerdy-looking guys say that girl is really cute and she is super similar with ‘Magic Angel Lily Alice’ As Tomo and the others take picture of Mego, Shizu giggles and says that Mego really suits cosplaying. <- Shizu’s original handmade [outfit]. Inside, Shizu says that the new BL books are also sold out, comiket [comic market/day] is really awesome~ Mego says that she also bought Masamune’s merchandise♡♡ Tomo says that comiket handmade products are really selling well Mego smiles and thanks her friends. “In order for me not to be quite lonely while I’m separated from Aoi, this spring break you guys have been accompanying me out to have fun everyday. Thank you, guys. We are already in third year high school. After graduation, it is possible that we’ll also go our separate ways. But, even if I’ve become an adult, you guys are always my best of friends.” This made the two teary-eyed. Tomo says that it is the same with her, and it is only with them whom she can really get along with.

Shizu says that it is also the same for her, even if she only has two of them as friends, but everyday she passed with them is very happy and very fun. As all three girls are teary-eyed, Mego thinks that just having these two close friends, yet they are more precious compared to 10 friends. Afterwards, on the last day of the spring break, with some splattered ink on herself, Mego looks at her finished manga manuscript and exclaims that she has finished it~~!! [The manga character looks like her. ^^; Unless that is Mitsuru in disguise =P] Missing part: Mego cheers for her first ‘to be submitted’ work is finished. Tomo exclaims that it is the first time she drew a manga from start to finish. Mego thanks her two friends for helping her ink the manga. Looking at Aoi’s drawing, her friends praise Mego for her drawing is getting better when before, she can only draw the face. Mego giggles and says that she looked at Aoi’s photo and properly practiced. So, during spring break, Mego drew a short series [/oneshot] manga which can be directly submitted and this is the first step in becoming a mangaka!! Holding her manuscript, Mego wonders whether to submit it or directly bring it and pay a visit.. At S school[?] bishoujo [beautiful girl] manga editor division, a glasses guy greets Mego and introduces himself as Wakamiya [若宮] of ‘bishoujo manga’ editor division. He thanks her for coming and bringing her manuscript today. Mego nervously greets him back. While Wakamiya browses through the manga, Mego tensely thinks that she unexpectedly brought the manuscript and came here. “Isn’t this too irrational~~ But, after he read it, he can immediately tell me what needs to be changed..” She is glad that Wakamiya smiled for it means that it is accepted. Then, Wakamiya looks gloomy and confused. Mego thinks that he looks perplexed, really sorry that her drawing couldn’t be quite understood.
Wakamiya asks her what pen she used to draw since the lines are thick. Mego sheepishly says that she used a felt-tip pen from her house or is it better for her to use a manga special dip-pen. Thinking that she drew it, up to this degree, using a felt-tip pen, Wakamiya tells her that honestly, she is quite far off from making a debut. This hit Mego hard that she says, the end.. Wakamiya says but then, as a maiden work, this is already not bad for the feeling expressed is very rich, it is a skilled work and it is very interesting. He tells her that there is still room for a huge improvement so next time she has a new work, she might as well let him see it. Blushing Mego stands up and thanks him. She tells him that she’ll continue to do her best. Wakamiya asks her if the eye patch guy and reki-jo [history buff girl] are modeled after someone. Shy Mego admits to him that it is about her and her boyfriend. Wakamiya says it turns out to be like that, she is portraying her own personal experience. He advises her to do her best and try it out, whether it is love or studies, because in the future, these experiences will become her weapon. “The feelings of loving someone, the pain, and the happiness, everything can become your asset.” At Nagata cram school, some girls are whispering to look, at the guy at the back on the third row, he’s quite cute, right? And, that is Mitsuru. They whisper that he looks good, having this intelligent and clever feeling to him, and wearing glasses really suits him- Mitsru blushes and smiles. He thinks, “No wonder it is the great me.. Even in cram school, I can also get the girls’ attention. In the end, glasses are an added point [of good looks]. But then, sorry, what does buy the whey [by the way] mean. I look very intelligent but the fact is, I totally do not understand what is being talked about in this lesson!!” <- all form but no substance/not as good as he looks.
While walking on the streets, Mitsuru yawns and massages his shoulder. He thinks that he is already in third year and for the time being, he’ll go to cram school. “But, I totally don’t have any enthusiasm to study since it basically won’t go in [my head] after listening to it. If this keeps up, can I even pass the exam to get to college? Speaking of that, whether it is going to college or working, I basically haven’t thought of any future dream-type of stuff. Compared to the future, which is a faraway thing, right now, I can only think of seeing that girl. *his cellphone rings* Ah, just thinking of that person and I got a message. *blushes and smiles* Geez, our hearts are linked [/in sync]” Azusa took a picture of a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, salad and hamburger with egg on top with some vegetables at the side. Azusa wrote that she made hamburger patties with her mother. ‘It looks very delicious, right? My skill in cooking seems to have greatly improved,’ Narration: “It has been nine months already since Tokugawa left Tokyo last summer. That girl would always stay at her mother’s Nagano home. Everyday, we would exchange messages and call up each other on the phone. Right now, Tokugawa ought to be very happy. Together with auntie [/Azusa’s mother], she makes meals together, and shops together. Cherishing the everyday ‘ordinary mother and daughter’ time that she hasn’t experienced until now.” Blushing Mitsuru mutters that although it is most important for her to be happy. “But then, sometimes, I also want to see you, Tokugawa..” His cellphone rings and it is Azusa writing, ‘Is that for real!? You said that right now, you want to see me, right!? You said, ‘want to see cute, cute, my super cute face, right!?”
Mitsuru sweatdrops and mutters that he didn’t say anything about super cute. Azusa writes back, ‘Really want to see each other, really want to see each other, that the heart is trembling, right!?’ Mitsuru mutters no, not really like that, wait, this seems like some sort of song lyrics.. Mitsuru is surprised when a girl shouts behind him, “It is useless to deny it!! I have heard you clearly!! *Mitsuru turns around to see Azusa pointing at him* I know you’ll be lonely so I came back. Doesn’t Tokugawa Azusa-sama, whom you haven’t seen for several months, have such a goddess type of beauty!? Quickly thank me, Kobayashi Mitsuru!! *jumps on to Mitsuru and hugs him* I’ve come back, Mitsuru.” Exclaiming in disbelief, Mitsuru blushes really red as teary-eyed Azusa kept on hugging him. There is a car beside the road where they are. Shuuichi, Azusa’s father, is inside the car. He says that she finally came back to Tokyo. “This is totally like a child playing house love game. [They] can only play that until now. Because in the end, Azusa will be with the person I chose and marry the outstanding person who is qualified to become the next chairman of the Tokugawa’s family clan. And that refers to you. *another guy is sitting in the car with him* As Azusa’s fiancé, I hope that you can steal Azusa away from that youngster.” A guy with a mole under his right eye says, “I definitely won’t disappoint your expectation, uncle [/addressing older man].” Narration: “For what reason do we grow up? And for whom to we grow up? Very soon, I’ll get to know the answer.” Blurb: “The two’s happy reunion will bring about a new crisis!? Afterwards, Aoi at Sentai will [happen]..!! Next, a huge chaotic wave [/storm]!!”
Comment: Nothing much on the Mego side except, they’ll probably be in bed later on. It is nice though to have such great friends that Mego has. It is a plus that they have the same type of interest. I didn’t know that Mego is the S-type in their relationship. No wonder uncle Kagetsuna is wary of her for his innocent nephew. =P And, it is emphasized that what Mitsuru lacks in brains as in brains for studying, he makes it up for his charms. It is rare in shoujo for the guy to be the one who doesn’t know what he’ll do in the future rather than the girl. And, Azusa is back and saying all the usual fun stuff ^^ Actually, Mitsuru’s dialogue is fun, too ^^ So, this couple will encounter the ‘introduce fiancé now we have a love triangle’ thing. Unlike Chiharu, I think this one won’t play nice and fair especially since he is with Shuuichi and he would want to ‘look good’ and ‘deserving’ to his possible future father-in-law. After all, the payback is the chairmanship of a famous and rich clan. In a way, I guess for Shuiichi now, he thinks of true love romance as ‘play thing’ and put importance to duty and qualification as his criteria for Asuza. ^^; Ironic in a way since he must be in Azusa’s place before, yet this is how he is now. Most probably, he got ‘eaten by tradition/system’. As noted before, he is awful to make Azusa be miserable like him with that kind of arranged marriage..though I think, somewhere in their ancestors, such things had happened and the cycle just kept on repeating itself. Anyway, if ever they’ll get the father’s approval, I wonder how they are going to do it. Oh ya, now that Azusa is back, will she stay at the Kobayashi’s again? Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks kat for the summary ^^

    Truth to be told i skipped the mego 's part because i couldn't care less i saw the raw , and i got that it's her fan girling over aoi and being good friends with her other otaku friends and i don't care

    You mentioned in your comment that they will have sex ,yup if we follow the author"s pattern in previous series .

    About the Azusa + mitsuru 's part . Ya it is rare for a male lead to be lost regarding his future and that's not good if he want that crap daddy to approve of him . I'm glad that things are going smoothly with Azusa and her mother she deserves to be happy

    About the dad ,the reason why i'm saying he is a crap daddy is because he went through the same thing .Yet he calls azusa 's love childlish then i wonder what his love is ? He really is selfish and even if he doesn't love Azusa ,it 's to the point where he doesn't respect her wishes and feelings and that's too much .Also when i think that he will probably reunite with aoi's mother it makes me sick because he doesn't deserve happiness at least the mother is trying to fix her mistakes but this one he is only making things worse

    1. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      Hehe...I see.


      I think he has realized that 'his love' is childish and he is making do with lookalikes. ^^;; Ya, so the only reason I can think of is, he got 'sucked in the system' and doing what his parents did to him before. Somewhat of a cycle. Yup, Azusa is just a 'tool' to get the right person to become the chairman. Actually, in very traditional families, love isn't really put into account but rather, 'compatibility with one's status, etc' hence the arranged marriage. Seen it way too many times in shoujo and heard about it in real life. And in a way, it makes it more real rather than those who easily accept the suitor/lover just because of love.

      Well...I know that you know that the father is still like that in order to prolong the series. =P In a way, this will be the couple's 'trial'. Though I have a bad feeling with what the others are mentioning about the 'first' not being the one the girl likes. The new guy seems capable of stooping low to get Azusa.

    2. Yup and i knew that you missed a part when i looked at the pics of the summary and i didn't saw the editor ,because i think that the pics you post are the only important parts of the chapter and since this dude is a new charater you would obviously put his pic well that's what i get from reading your summaries ^^

      I highly doubt it ,i think he is thinking that it's true love and to the point where he only goes with women that looks like her .Well yeah he probably became the same as his father before him . True , it isn't the first nor the last time we will see it .

      True , and i have a feeling that at the end he will be with aoi's mother and even make peace with azusa and i really don't want that . Well when i saw that he had this evil look i thought maybe he is the stalker what do you think ? either way this dude seems to be bad news .

    3. Hehe, I see.

      Hm..thinking about true love..doing it with a lookalike? ^^;

      Yup..I think that will likely happen. Well, you ought to have a better guess about it since you have read her previous works. ^^ Stalker..possible, like he is checking her out before? I actually gave up on the stalker thing since it wasn't brought up anymore so it was like 'case solved'. True..he seems bad news.

  2. thank you for the summary kat-sama

    I was glad to see these mitsuru x azusa scenes because they were really nice

    The father of azusa should just go and die somewhere and bring that new guy with him^^

    but i think that at the and of this arc the parents of azusa will reconcile with each other^^


    1. Thanks for reading, Sebastian ^-^



      Is that so...not with Aoi's mother?

  3. Well I think Mitsuru and Azusa will turn 18 years old this year, so therefore, they can elope! LOL Thank you for the summary! <3 Tika

    1. True, Tika so that is probably the deadline for the 'bad guys'.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  4. Thanks for the summary!

    Azusa isn't your typical brain dead fluff shoujo heroine so I don't see the normal prince charming tactics working on her. I think he'll go after Mitsuru instead and start chipping away at that half of the relationship first.

    1. Thanks for reading, Lucy ^-^

      That's I'm having a bad feeling that he will stoop down and do something despicable.

      Oh...that's a possibility.

  5. Thank you for the summary kat ^^
    I've been waiting so long for this chapter since there is chinese new year
    i really live mitsuruxazusa scene.. they are so cute ><
    so.. the next chaper will be more exciting cause there are a new guy huh ?
    hope azusa still with mitsuru than the new guy..
    and hope azusa will stay at kobayashi's again ^^

    1. Thanks for reading and waiting, valerie ^-^


      I'm sure she will.

      Hopefully ^^