March 6, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 103]

So, Hiryuu passed away leaving the four dragons sad and crying in grief of losing someone they treasure. Whether it is because of the dragon god’s blood in their body that they are in grief or it is they themselves, they have no way of knowing. Zeno looks at the snowy sky. He waves to everyone to quickly come over for it is really a nice morning and they should leave while everyone hasn’t waked up yet. Going out of the palace, Green, together with the other two dragons, says that it is cold to death. Zeno teases him that he isn’t like a young man. Green tells him to shut up for he is the one who excessively hasn’t changed. Zeno just giggles. White asks Zeno if he really plans on staying at the royal city. Zeno smiles and narrates that even if Hiryuu has pacified the country, but there are small-scaled sparks of dispute that always flares up again. Even if the king has died, except for Zeno, the three dragons are always rushing about in resolving the dispute issues.
Afterwards, a few days ago..there were some attempts to capture one of the four who have a dragon power, and Blue got caught. Even if White and Green went to rescue him and he had returned safe and sound, but afterwards, Blue covered his eyes and the whole time, he has shut himself inside Hiryuu’s memorial hall. Now the four dragon’s existence gradually became one of the sparks that trigger disputes. At the palace, the people were asking why it is like this for White would suddenly leave the royal capital and go somewhere else. Is that a lie!? They told Green that they still need his power. Green told them to listen up, in this era, they no longer need their power so from today on, think of establishing a new country with the prince as the center.. One of the men protested that the prince is still young and with the four dragon’s existence, they can suppress the disputes so they are necessary. Zeno told them that he’ll stay here to protect everyone so relax. The people started muttering that if it is the yellow dragon.. [<- weakling].
Showing them the dragon medallion, Zeno told them that this dragon crest is something bestowed by heaven to Hiryuu and he entrusted it to him so that meant that he is the successor of the king’s unfulfilled wish [/work] and he will pass to them the revelations [/orders] of heaven. The people start muttering that it is Hiryuu..heaven’s..dragon god’s crest.. Zeno told them that he’ll translate [/convert] the revelation for everyone to have a steady life that will absolutely not be disturbed. Those who intend to cause trouble will surely be given punished by heaven. And the people started to worship Zeno and called out, ‘Yellow dragon-sama’ and he will become their priest-sama. Green tried to protest but Yellow just smiled at him. End flashback. Zeno tells them that anyway, he is worried about the queen and the prince so temporarily, he’ll do some priest work and appease the people here at the city. He also tells them that there’s no need to worry and just leave at ease. He’ll wait for the princes to grow up and he’ll also freely leave this place. White says that if that time comes, when he is going to leave the royal city, go to his place. “I’ll wait for you, no matter how many years and even if I become an old man.”
After looking surprised, Zeno slightly smiles and says, yes. Green tells Zeno to remember to bring wine when he goes to his place. Zeno complains that Green won’t stay at a place too long. Then, Zeno sees Blue. He asks Blue to let him see his eyes for the last time. Zeno calls out Blue’s name. This made Blue cry upon remembering Hiryuu calling his name. After Blue obliged to show his eyes, Zeno says that his beautiful eyes are swollen. While Blue kept on crying, Zeno comments that Blue likes it when his name is called out. This made the other two tease Blue by calling him by his name. Blue protests that Green cannot add, ‘-chan’ to his name. Then, they all go on a group hug [/huddle] and White [I presume] said to listen well, they are brothers who have the dragon’s blood that even if they are separated by a thousand mountains and ten thousand seas, their blood will call out to each other...
...“Hiryuu has already returned to the horizon [/sky]. One day, we will also follow him and die. *Zeno looks somewhat sad* Our souls are tightly linked in reincarnation. The bonds between the four dragons’ blood and Hiryuu will absolutely not disappear. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday, brothers.” And, Zeno waves goodbye to the others. After calling out their names, Zeno apologizes for he’s afraid that his soul cannot go back to heaven because with this body, [his soul] cannot go anywhere. And the other three dragons have gone to do whatever they want. Soon, it is spring, looking far away, Zeno giggles and thinks that Green went to a different place again and it seems that White and Blue has already settled down but then, everyone’s breath has gradually weakened. It has been 20 years already. While he is in the city where Hiryuu passed away, he would always carelessly seek out the dragon’s breath. Then, the king [previously the prince I presume] informs Zeno that the clan from the south seems to have sent troops towards Kouka.
The king asks if they should send troops to face the attack. Not wanting to sacrifice the people as much as possible since that is Hiryuu’s wish, Zeno says no, it is alright, everything is peaceful. The king seems doubtful but Zeno just smiles. Actually, since that time, Zeno no longer hears their god’s voice. He takes off his coat and grabs a sword. While riding a horse, he thinks that after 20 years, except for comparatively small disputes, he’ll think of a way to resolve it alone just like what White and the others did before. Then he feels very uneasy. He thinks that White’s life is currently disappearing. Blue and Green’s pulse are becoming weaker. He holds the medallion tightly and looks at his hand. He thinks that in the end, he is the only one who doesn’t change at all. He mentally apologizes to White for he obviously invited him to go to his place but he is very scared. He’s scared to see them again when they are already old. After seeing the enemy army, he goes down from the horse. Clenching the medallion, he tells the three not to go. Holding a sword, he thinks that even if he isn’t useful at that time, but right now, perhaps, he can be more or less be of use.
Even if he hates disputes, but he felt that just by doing this, it would seem that he can stand beside them. He tells them to come as they protect Hiryuu together. While Zeno faces the enemy by himself, White on his death bed mutters out Zeno’s name. His family asks him how he feels but White just mutters that Zeno is a big idiot when he obviously called him to come over..and he made him wait for such a long time. And, after White closes his eyes, his family tell the ex-White Dragon to rest in peace, good work.. Zeno starts crying. He puts down his sword and calls out to White. Then, the enemies start to take advantage of it by stabbing him with their swords until he is pinned down on the ground. Then, they got the shock of their lives when Zeno stands up with swords they stabbed through his body. The enemies shout he’s a monster and quickly kill him. Zeno takes off the swords from his body and tosses them away. His skin is now covered with dragon scales. And, Zeno proceeds to beat up the enemy with his bare fists. He calls out, “King.. King.. King.. White. Blue. Green. Do not ahhhh. Do not abandon me.” And, he cries amidst of the defeated enemies’ bodies scattered around.
Comment: So the fighting continues though it started to shift to different intents like getting a dragon yet perhaps, some are still of the same intent which is conquest. I guess because of people wanting to catch a dragon, the other dragons get to have an early retirement. It does seem that after his capture, Blue has become a broken man that I wonder what they did to him. Anyway, the way the people are complaining about the dragons are leaving, it made me realize that they had become overly dependent on the dragons regarding their quality of life. Even Zeno pampers them by usually going to battles alone instead of relying on their army. I’m not sure if Zeno realizes this since he left Kouka later on. Well, with the dragons gone, the people seem to pin everything on the king. So, if their quality of life is bad, blame the king. I’m amused at how Zeno easily tricked them to think he is amazing just by showing that medallion, and claims to be a ‘priest’ who’ll tell them what to do based on what their god told him. I wonder if he is the ‘ancestor’ of all the priests including the one with Yun.

Regarding that invitation, I understand that Zeno is scared of seeing them old yet he’s young which means that they’ll leave him soon, I guess, but then, that could have been the last time he could see them. Obviously, the reincarnations have no memories of the first generation and are somewhat different, so I wonder if Zeno regretted not seeing them again after they left the royal city. If I were him, I would probably regret it. As for their enemies, I guess, either Zeno tend to totally defeat each army or they always have a different enemy coming after them because, it would be strange that after so many battles, the enemy would still be shocked that he cannot be killed when they encountered him. From what he said, he tends to deal with huge armies. So, the first gen dragons seem to reach a good old age and passed away the same time. And, now, he’s all alone. Oh ya, it seems that Zeno has always been secretive. He didn’t tell the others what he is truly thinking. He would tend to smile and say something else that what is the truth or what he really thinks. So, Hiryuu gone and other dragons gone..there’s no sword here. Also, I guess ‘this world’ believes in reincarnation so does that mean that Haku, Suwon, etc are also reincarnations of someone else in the past or that only applies to Hiryuu and the three dragons? Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still. For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is omnipresent. In this divine glass, they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure. This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.  ~ William Penn, More Fruits of Solitude


  1. Thanks for your translation Kat. I am hoping this will have an important tie-in to the current dragons and story. Right now it feels like nothing more than filler. We are spending a lot of time on people the last 100 chapters hasn't been focused on. So far these flash backs show me how lonely Zeno's power leaves him, but not much more deeper than that. They fight battles that are far removed from the more important present day ones. It is all old info. As much as I love hearing "back in the good 'ol day" stories from my grandparents, that is about as far as my tolerance goes for flashbacks. Lol. Hope it makes it's point quickly so we can return to present day soon. :)

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Well, hopefully..though for now..I'm not sure about the tie in with the current story. It is as you mentioned...I thought we'll know something more about the prophecy, the sword, among other things to give us a hint about where the story will go from here. Oh well..

  2. I feel that the next chapter will still be the flashback. However, I wonder what will happen after that. Since yona and the others already resolve problems from the fire and water tribe while Suwon did help the earth. And it seemed the wind tribe is already a fine place. I wonder where they'll go from there because Suwon already got back the lands they wanted.

    1. Ya..most probably.

      True...well, he seems to have some other plans after winning the war.

  3. thanks for the chapter kat

    Well when i see this chapter ,i came to the conclusion that zeno with time came to term with having an immortal body .But i think he will be very happy to die and rejoin hiryuu and co in heaven .So i thought of something , hak has been hinted to have the smell of death on him and i'm pretty sure we will see him near death in the future so what if he "dies" and zeno revive him using his life since this is a fantasy manga . Because if he dies it won't be a tragedy but rather a happy ending for him .

    This chapter proved my point that the people of kouka don't have this notion of individual responsibility since in the past they relied on the dragons /priest and now they tend to blame everything on yona's dad .So i think that's a sign that it's the people in this country that suck not their leaders .

    About Zeno it seems like he was always secretive and here i thought he was only like that with yona ,i guess that's just the way he is .

    It was sad to see him at the end cry and yell out their names ,he really had a rough past . I also understand why he didn't want to see them again i would've done the same ^^

    I don't know what to add it was an okay/nice chapter . I wonder if the next chapter will still be a flashback ?

    P.s i didn't comment earlier on because i'm not home , i'm in france right now at my sister's house . I will be there for about a month i will return at the beginning of april but i will still drop by from time to time ^^

    1. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      Hm..that is a possibility. So..ah, I can only think that is done by giving him the dragon blood Haku will live and..come immortal? Lol, that would be super OP.

      Hehe, I agree about the people.

      Indeed. Zeno seems to be like that. would. I think I would see them being friends/ least one last time..especially since I said yes.

      There is no blurb, and it will be on a break so..maybe still a flashback..about his wife?

      Oh, I see. Vacation? Enjoy ^^

    2. Yeah Hak would lose his mind if he got that dragon power. If he had to watch Yona age and die and nothing happened to him, he would lose his mind.

    3. Nope i don't mean immortal but he will just revive him .Like david crist said ,it would be a tragedy if he were to live on while yona dies .But if zeno were to die it would be a happy ending for him .

      If there is a flashback i think it would be about him accepting his immortal body and maybe we will see him as he learn about yona .

      Yup long vacation ,the thing is that i graduated last year and this year i should've started my master degree but i didn't want to for various reasons ,so i decided to work ,and my boss is someone that i know so he allowed me to take a long vacation under the condtions that i bring him a nice present ^^ and truth to be told i needed a break and i wanted to see some people that i have missed ^^

    4. Hehe, is that so, David.

    5. Ya, I know, sofia..just wondering if that is a possible side effect..what then?

      I see.

      Oh..nice boss ^^ Well, happy vacation then ^-^ Enjoy and have a blast ^^

    6. Well i also thought of it ,if the author is going for a rainbow and sunshine ending it won't happen but if she picked a darker ending then i truly believe it may happen .

      Yup and since he is kind of related to my mother so it does help ,thanks kat i really needed this ^^

  4. May be the reincarnation is not a big deal. It's a big deal in Hiryuu's case since he was THE King of all kings, but the dragon's doné seem to be reincarnations of the previous ones. They are just different people with the dragon's blood flowing in them giving them the power. And I wonder if Hak or Yun's previous selves are that important... (or may be they are, and we will only know later down the road). So... I am assuming Zeno is the shield? But he is already a dragon... I was kind of expecting a different person (or thing). But oh well. I feel terribly sorry for Zeno, and I kind of understand why he didn't want to see the other dragons before they died. If my friends were dying of old age and I stayed young and immortal, I believe I wouldn't want to face then either. Partly because I would be scared of living a life of no death while my friends pass away... and partly may be because it would be awkward. Guilt may be? Not sure.

    1. True..Maliha though I'm going with the theory that there is reincarnation because of some unfinished business. If it is done, then, they can finally rest. For the dragons' descendants, it seems that they still want to do more for Hiryuu or else, they felt that they lived unfulfilled lives.

      Ya..maybe, and even Suwon's reincarnation. For now, these flashbacks only focuses on Zeno.

      Indeed..he is taking on two 'positions'.

      Is that so. I guess I think differently. If it were me, I would go see them and who cares about being scared. You see, these are my friends who fought with me even if I just stand there most of the time in the wars. They are so-called 'brothers'. I also promised to go see him. I also know that they are dying and at least seeing them once before they really leave is something a friend/brother should do regardless of the circumstances. A final goodbye. And it would be the last time so I won't feel regret or anything for not seeing them one last time especially since I promised. I'm sure they also knew that I'm not aging or what my power is. I do not want my friend to utter those dying words of White. Then, Zeno goes screaming about not leaving him..well, he didn't see them when they are alive.. *shrug*

  5. hey
    i love ur translation
    thank u (bow)

    we know now that Zeno is shield
    and i think hak is sword

    and i have question--do you think that Shoo won love Yona
    i know he thought of her as sister but stil he didnt knew about Yona's feelings
    and when he killed the king ---on the end he asked her what is she doing hier
    and she told him that she came hier to tell her father that she cant forget Shoo won
    and Shoo won was like o_O
    and in Episode 23 he didnt reveal Yonas ID to Judo
    What do u think about Shoo won? He isnt bad guy
    But the guy whom i dont like is KYE-SOOK

    1. Thanks ^-^

      Is that so. That is the common theory ^^

      I don't think he loves Yona romantically. It wouldn't make sense for him to act as if it is almost nothing to kill the father of the one he loves. I think he knows of Yona's feelings. Probably the reason why he is confident that she can never kill him. Iirc, she hinted it before he killed her father.

      That would probably because of being childhood friends before? Well, I'm not convinced that he loves her romantically.

      Well, he has his reasons but I don't like the guy. Being a 'traitor' as a friend is a no-no to me. It would make me wonder if all this time, being friends with him and he is plotting to do he is faking all of it? So, I can relate more with Haku's reactions rather than Yona's.

      Ya..I also don't like that guy.