February 14, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 42]

At night, Iriya kept on tossing and turning on the bed as he dreams of a certain long haired woman. Narration: “It has already been 10 years. I also have not seen a picture. Memory is also very vague.” And he wakes up from the sound of the alarm clock. Later on, his mother greets him a good morning as she starts to set the table for breakfast. Looking lost in thought, Iriya greets her back. His mother is surprised to see him unexpectedly lost in thought since it is really rare. “Didn’t you sleep well?” Iriya says ya. She says that it is very stifling hot last night. “Do you want coffee or is it black tea?” Taking a sit, he says cocoa. This surprises her and asks what’s up, he’s like a kid. “Is cold also okay?” He says ya, thanks. He looks at her prepare the cocoa and says, “Mama.” She asks huh--? He says ..no, it is nothing. While she gives him the cup of cocoa, she asks what’s up. “Strange child. Ah, that’s right. Regarding the summer vacation thing, is it really okay for you to stay alone in the house for two weeks? Right now, we can still think of a way of buying a plane ticket for one person..”
Iriya assures her that it is okay. “Mama, the two of you can go. Geez, I have said this so many times.” His mother apologizes for they couldn’t refuse the invitation of his papa’s longtime acquaintance.. “If Shun can also come together with us, then we can celebrate your birthday there.” Iriya looks surprised and mutters, “..ah, BIRTHDAY--..” His mother is surprised by his reaction. In school, Makoto exclaims in surprise that it will be Iriya’s birthday soon. Holding a baking recipe book, Makoto says that it is because she is always making bento boxes that she is getting used to cooking so this year, she has a resolve to try baking a cake. Showing him the cake that she plans to bake, she exclaims that this really distresses her more than cooking. Iriya just smiles and says yes, yes, to what she is saying. Looking at the book, Makoto wonders out loud if it is better to do a sponge cake. “Flavor? Chocolate? Ah, how about something different, like matcha is also not bad.” [<- typical flavor of Kyoto souvenirs] All fired up, Makoto thinks that last year, they are not yet going steady so this year, she is going all out and also won’t provoke him to anger..! [<- due to her lack of self-confidence before.]
Iriya just looks at her and smiles. She turns to him and asks what is it, compared to the usual, he is smiling happily. He says that it is nothing, he just felt that she is very cute. This made her blush really red. She nervously tells him that they go back to the cake issue. “On the 30th, I’ll deliver it to your house. How about it?” Iriya says, “Ah--.. his house. It is okay if she wants.. But, THERE IS NO ONE AT HOME ON THE 30TH. Is that okay?” This made Makoto stiffen and become aghast. She says, “Ah, about that..” Then Yusa comes out from the corner and exclaims, “WHY? WHY ARE YOU ALONE AT THE HOUSE!? HEY, WHY!?” At the corner, Uki is surprised as Nanami says that it is rare for them to be hiding at the corner in order to guard them.. Iriya says that his parents are going to Europe for two weeks. With hearts around, Yusa grabs Iriya’s shoulders and asks if he can go stay at his house. Iriya says that he’s not allowed to come. Makoto thinks so that is how it is. Makoto suggests to her friends that in the end, they hold a party since this rarely happens. Uki tells her that it is fine, the two of them just go into their own world and everyone can just choose another day [for the party]. Makoto tries to protest.
Thinking that he particularly said not to do something.., Iriya suggest to Makoto that he go to her house instead. While Uki is stopping Yusa from interrupting the two, Makoto says that it is okay but then, he is obviously the celebrant yet she would make him go somewhere far.. He smiles and says that it is okay, and besides, the weather is very hot so if she carries the cake to his place, it [icing] might melt. Surprised Makoto exclaims that’s right. Iriya thinks that aside from that, he feels like she might trip somewhere [while on the way to his house].. Bunny agrees with him. Makoto says then go to her house, please! Iriya says okay and he’ll be intruding into her house. Makoto thinks that she must do her best in cleaning, sanitizing and practicing! Holding a plate and fork, Nanami says that they can help her in taste-testing the cake. In class, Yoshiaki lamely reads the summer vacation reminders that they shouldn’t be reckless, study on their own-- The students wonder if he doesn’t have any enthusiasm. Later, holding some books, Uki trembles for it is homework, homework and homework.. Makoto suggests that they do it together so they can quickly finish. As the gang head out of the school, Makoto exclaims that it is huge rain cloud! Ah, summer vacation has arrived--!!
Outside the house, before getting in the taxi with her husband, Iriya’s mother tells Iriya that they are going. She reminds him to close the window and doors well. “If something happens, immediately contact us, okay?” Waving goodbye, Iriya sheepishly says, “Geez, I said that I already know. Have a pleasant journey.” After the taxi left, Iriya sighs. Then, he becomes startled when Yusa comes out and exclaims. Holding on to him, Yusa tells Iriya that they hang out together. Holding out his hand, Iriya says that he was startled and when did Yusa start to wait for an opportunity [to do this]. Yusa says that it is an hour ago, before the Tanaka-s [guesswork from 田中] gather in front of the taxi. Iriya is speechless. He sighs and says, geez..it is inevitable, he knows already, let’s go! This made Yusa happy. Iriya tells him to wait as he go in first to lock the doors. Yusa asks where Makoto is. Iriya says that she told him that she is practicing baking a cake so she is very busy. He[/Yusa] mentions then, they cannot disturb her. There is a long haired person watching them from behind. Then, some more guys join them.
In a karaoke room, the others are covering their ears and looking awful. They had forgotten that singing Yusa is tone deaf, and who said that they go karaoke. Then, they are all laughing while walking. Upon returning home, Iriya says, that he’s home..ah, that’s right [,they are not home]. He decides that instead of taking a bath, he’ll just have a shower. He also plans to skip dinner and just eat a little bit of something. Then, Iriya hangs out with Yusa and the others again talking about making a band, there are still a lot of tickets and how about Iriya to try singing. And, Iriya goes back to an empty house. Then, on the day before his birthday, Yusa and others hold a ‘night before his birthday’ party for Iriya and they brought chicken wings. Later on, the house is all messy. Iriya says geez, they have scattered the things all over the place. “At least tidy it all up before going home.” He sighs and quietly starts to pick up the mess into the garbage bag. Then, he becomes uneasy. With his heart beating fast, he tells himself that he’s too silly. “After all, I was also alone at home for a short period of time before, and I’m also no longer a small child. *looks at the calendar on his cellphone* Still ten more days.. *recalls his real mother telling him, ‘be a good child okay’ before heading out* It isn’t the same as before. *covers face with hand* I obviously know that they’ll definitely come back.”
Then, his cellphone rings. Makoto has sent him a picture of her successfully baked sponge cake. This surprise him and made him smile. The next day, Makoto exclaims that preparations are complete!! Looking at the cake and the food on the table, Rika exclaims that it is really amazing and when will Iriya arrive. Washing the dishes, Makoto says at 11am. Then, Rika asks their mother if she seriously put on make-up compared to the usual. Their mother denies it. Rika says that when Shouki comes over, she obviously don’t put on any make-up. Their mother just sweatdrops and looks away laughing. Makoto hopes that Iriya won’t come early since she has to change her clothes. At Iriya’s place, breathing hard Iriya is getting ready to go out. He thinks that this is very bad for his fever is really terrible. He recalls how happy Makoto was so he has to definitely go. Holding his head, Iriya assures himself that it is alright for he already drank medicine. “I’m just a bit dizzy.” Then, he collapses on the floor. Soon, it is already 11:40am. Makoto thinks that Iriya is so slow and what happened to him. Rika tries to call Iriya but he isn’t answering the phone.
Outside the gate, the long haired woman is looking at Iriya’s hous,. She seems to have summoned up her courage and rings the doorbell. Ding dong. There is no answer. She looks into the house at the side and sees Iriya lying on the floor. She immediately goes inside the gate and tries to open the glass sliding door. It is locked. She seems to call out to him while hitting the glass with her hands. Then, she notices some plants in flower pots. She takes one of them and smashes it on the glass door. Then, she uses her arms to remove the remaining glass so that she can unlock the door and go inside. As a result, her arms are wounded by the sharp glass. She kneels down to fainted Iriya. While gently slapping his face, she asks if he is okay. Iriya wakes up. He lies on his back and groans. The woman says that he is still conscious yet his fever is really terrible so wait a moment. The woman walks away then comes back with a glass of ice water for him to drink. Then, she puts a wet cloth over his forehead which covers his eyes. On the phone, the woman calls for an ambulance. She tells the operator that it is a 17 years old boy, has a terrible fever and the address is—
Later on, Makoto worried stands outside Iriya’s house. She wonders what to do for she is so worried that she came over. Just when she is about to ring the doorbell, she sees that the glass has been broken. She looks inside to see a long haired woman sitting beside Iriya who is lying down. She goes in and calls out to Iriya. She freaks out for there is some drops of blood on the floor. The woman tells her that it is alright, and he isn’t injured. “It seems that he has a very terrible fever. The ambulance will be coming soon. And afterwards, I’ll leave it to you.” Makoto looks surprised at the woman who slightly smiles at her. Makoto calls out to her to wait, she is... but the woman is already heading outside. The ambulance siren wails out loud. Iriya calls out to Makoto and apologizes that he.. Makoto tells him that there’s no need to talk, the ambulance has arrived. Then, the paramedics had arrived and call out to Iriya that they are coming in. Makoto calls out to them that that he’s here. Holding Iriya’s hand, Makoto assures him that it is already alright. As Iriya is brought in the ambulance, the neighboring housewives gather outside and wonder what is going on. With her jacket around her arm to stop the bleeding, the long haired woman stands behind the housewives and watch the ambulance leave.
Comment: Well, it shows that his real mother cares for him though I’m not sure if she belatedly realizes it after they took him away. It has been 10 years so she is probably no longer the immature woman who left a child alone a few days by himself. Well, she might have some reason for that. I do wonder how she knew where Iriya lived. Maybe this time, she wants to make amends with him since she plans to see him on his birthday. Anyway, Iriya seems to be affected by her appearance at Kyoto. Aside from being negligent about himself while he is alone, it seems that he is under a bit of mental stress as his trauma is haunting him. He was okay before when they left him alone, so I guess it is indeed because he saw her at Kyoto which revived those memories that he had managed to suppress all this time. Since Iriya fears being rejected, I wonder if he would react negatively over the trouble he caused because surely, his parents will know what happened to him and I think that they will cut the trip short to see him. I wonder if Makoto had guessed who that woman is. Scans by 离境

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  2. Why does the manga only released till chapter 22 ? Will they release it soon?

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