February 17, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 64]

With his hands together, Shun apologizes to some old men but it is also okay if it is only just this once, since they really want to try it out. One of the old men says, okay. Shun grins at Kaoru and Teppei. With just a towel to cover themselves, the three naked guys jump into the bathtub in an onsen [hot spring]. A lot of fangirls are gathered in front of the Dogo onsen. A guy asks what’s going on. A girl informs him that Crude Play is inside. The others are blushing and wonder out loud what they are doing. The guy says that he’ll go in and take a look. He also says that he’ll also check out their ‘little brother’. The flustered fangirls tell him not to go inside. Inside, Shun playfully tosses some water at Kaoru. At some hotel, Shinya is listening to some music, MUSH&Co. 2nd demo, on his laptop computer. He recalls telling Aki that it isn’t his music anymore. He becomes flustered for getting angry and being awful towards Aki. Flashback: Puzzled Aki asked why. Then, he saw Shinya turned around and wiped his tear. Aki apologized because by doing that, he changed the genre of the song. “I’m sorry. I didn’t plan on doing this.”
Flustered Shinya turned to Aki and shouts, “Do not apologize! It isn’t about that..” Aki just look bewildered. End flashback. Shinya thinks that if he heard the music that Aki composed first, then he [Shinya] won’t have any other inspiration. “In the end, isn’t my level too inferior? *whispers* Because.. I do not have talent...” And his cellphone is ringing. It is Miwako. He sighs and put the cellphone at the side. He lets it continue ringing. At her office, Miwako listens to the continuous ringing until she is prompted to a voicemail telling her to leave a message after the beep. Miwako sighs. Looking at her cellphone, she wonders why she had a sigh of relief just now when obviously, she is very worried for tonight, she must hand over the song to the higher-ups. A staff member asks if Miwako has not yet contacted Shinya. Miwako says that obviously, she heard a staff member saying that Ehime’s live broadcast is over so he should return to the place where he’s staying. The staff member says but then, won’t they go to an onsen, and definitely, they would want to play around until morning.
This made Miwako furious. She exclaims that she obviously said that it has to be within the day. The staff member laughs and says that for a so-called expert, ‘within the day’ refers to before six o’clock in the morning. Meanwhile, there is multiple ‘ding dongs’ sounds ringing inside Aki’s apartment. Aki just swing his chair sideways. Then, Soichiro starts banging the door and shouting for Aki to be nice and open the door. Grumpy Aki finally opens the door and suggests to Soichiro about changing his profession by becoming a loan shark. [<- loan sharks tend to keep on ringing door bells and knocking door to make the hiding victim come out and pay up] Soichiro smiles and says, yoroshiku. [/I’m under your care] Inside the apartment, Soichiro helps himself with a beer by opening the refrigerator and taking one. Aki just goes back to his computer table. Aki puts on his glasses but he was promptly kicked away from the chair by Soichiro. Aki shouts, ~~hey. Soichiro starts fiddling with Aki’s computer that Aki shouts for him not to casually tamper with that.
From the list of songs, Soichiro sees the title ‘Shinya’. Soichiro asks Aki what is this. Flustered Aki says, no comment. Soichiro snorts and finishes his beer. He sits in front of the keyboard and starts playing a song. This surprises Aki that he asks, this song is.. It is the song that Aki wrote for Riko. Soichiro says that this is Aki’s music right. Flustered Aki asks why, he.. Soichiro says that he heard it in Shinya’s car. Surprised Aki asks why Shinya would also.. Also surprised, Soichiro asks if Aki wasn’t the one who gave it to Shinya, when he thought that..it is definitely Aki who declared war and gave it to Shinya. Aki says no..he gave that to Riko. He wonders out loud if it is Riko who gave it to Shinya. Standing up, Soichiro says that Riko won’t do that kind of thing or rather, how did Shinya get that song. “...probably, he accidentally listened to this song..” Sitting on the bed, Soichiro says that Shinya is MUSH&CO’S producer and this will make him lose confidence. “But, I have told him that I’ll only wait until tonight.. *looks at puzzled Aki* This song, can I use it as the substitute?”
Surprised Aki exclaims if that is for real. Soichiro laughs and exclaims of course, he is deceiving him. Furious Aki calls him stinky ojisan [/uncle/old man] for what kind of joke is that!! Soichiro laughs and says that using this song is also not bad. “Like this, *stops smiling* Shinya will also quit [/fired] from being a record producer, right?” At Dogo onsen, while Shun is drinking some tea, Kaoru says that it is his first time to swim like this at an onsen. Teppei says that it feels really great. Looking at the snacks and tea served on the table, Kaoru says that Shinya is forced into a desperate situation and can he still persevere with it.. Shun says who cares about him. Kaoru asks what, he’s too cold. Shun asks what’s wrong about that. “During a Crude Play tour, I do not want to think over anything that is not about Crude Play’s LIVE, and that is my feeling. Regarding Shinya, Takagi-kun and Nagahama are meaner for always pursing Shinya relentlessly. Even if it is me, I also have to undertake some other things. *looking out the full moon up in the sky* But, this is also inevitable. I have things that I cannot let go no matter what.”
Back at the hotel, Shinya looks at his iPhone. It is already 21:45 and there is a missed call from Miwako. He starts calling someone. The other party answers. He smiles a bit and says, “Hello?” Reading some paper, Riko exclaims at him and asks what’s up. He asks her if she still remembered the thing she promised him when he took charge of MUSH&Co. as producer. After looking surprised, Riko says that no matter what and no matter where, as long as he calls her, she will immediately come over. Shinya says yes, then, come over right now. This surprises Riko. He tells her that he wants to immediately see her. Puzzled Riko protests that Crude Play is currently on a tour at Ehime perfecture. Shinya says ah, that’s right, then ride on a helicopter. After she exclaims in surprise, Shinya tells her to relax, for the probability of an A36 crashing is only one in 100,000. Riko says wait, he’s talking strange. Shinya exclaims that yes, it’s very strange and he knows that what he is saying is very strange! “But, even if I were to use up all of the assets that I own, I also want to see you. *Riko looks surprised* I want to see you face-to-face, and verify your voice. *lies down and looks flustered while putting his hand on his face* ..save me..”
Comment: Ah, someone is having a meltdown. I guess those who were stressed and pressured by a deadline can relate to Shinya especially if there is no much progress. It doesn’t help that he is comparing whatever he composes with the one that Aki originally made for Riko. I guess he regrets listening to it now. It also doesn’t help that he doesn’t have anyone to encourage him or depend on..probably except for Riko who can at least, help reassure him. Though, I’m not too sure if Riko can or will do that. Soichiro would most definitely want to replace Shinya with Aki so that he earn more money from Riko. I’m not too sure if Riko will still insist on not working with Aki, since he is her boyfriend, even if she really does want to. Well, Aki is still clueless as usual over what is bothering Shinya. He even suspects that Riko gave Shinya the song until Soichiro mentions that she won’t. ^^; I’m curious though how come Soichiro tends to know that Aki is inside his apartment. So, I guess in a few chapters, we’ll know if Shinya can overcome this predicament or he would have to give up. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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  1. Thank you so much Kat.This is my fav manga.!!!

  2. Thanks for the summary. I love this manga

  3. thanks for the summary, i feel sorry for Shinya but Aki is better!!!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Is that so. Well, if the singer is someone talented like Riko, Aki is indeed better as the record producer to reach her full potential. ^^

  4. I wish there was more Riko×Aki moments!
    I really can relate to Shinya. It is very difficult to compete against a competant and talented rival When all you have is the hard work and passion!
    Thanks Kat for the summary.

    1. For now, nothing much on that...

      Ya...I think it is easy to relate with Shinya..since not everyone are genius.

      Thanks for reading ^-^