February 13, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapters 49-50]

Episode 49 – The Girl Can’t Help It. In ELA, Junko gloomily thinks that no matter what she did, life moves on as usual and for an ordinary person, work is a necessity just like it was in the past. While teaching in a private class, Junko asks Mr. Yamada [guesswork from 山田] to tell her how he spent the weekend.

To her aghast, he tells her in Japanese that he went to the temple and his hobby is to go to temple to worship Buddha that every week he would go there. Junko manages to smile and says no, please use English. While Yamada nervously tell her that in English, she thinks but on contrary, it is because of that so she would want to put her energy and concentrate more in work. 

Junko interrupts Yamada and tells him that is wrong, change the wording so that it would be easier for him to express his meaning, like this.. Afterwards, Yamada exclaims so that is how it is, it really makes expressing it better. Junko says that is right, then try saying it once again regarding how she taught him and use his body to remember it.

Timid Yamada says that he cannot even relax for a moment and no wonder she is the legendary devil teacher. Junko tells him not to say nonsense things, and repeat after her! Yamada says that but, as everyone said, her strict way of teaching enables them to quickly progress. “It is really great that I chose Junko-sensei’s class. *sparkle* I will always follow you!”
Flattered Junko thanks him for that, and says that just like what he wished, she will be more strict so repeat again what she just taught him. Yamada says wh..at, teach him one more time. Junko thinks that at this time, for her to hear that kind of words, it has a bit of sting.. [/stab of pain <- not sure why unless it is about Yamada’s temple thing which reminds her of Takane]

Walking into the faculty room, she thinks that she has to work more. Then, the manager calls out to her to come over. While she stands in front of his desk, the manager tells her about the promotion to become a permanent staff. He says that the people above will give her the official answer within the week..and the exam before is truly regrettable.

[<- she took an exam to be promoted before but Takane used his influences to make her fail it] “But this time around, there is that Seimiya-sensei’s recommendation. You’ll definitely accept it, right?” Junko asks what he meant by ‘that Seimiya-sensei’. The manager timidly says nothing at all, for he is just the head office’s publicly known capable person, and he is very famous. 

Junko thinks regular employee, indeed, it is her bad and she was too careless but, since she already did that kind of thing, she has no way of taking it back. “Even if he comes back from training, I also have no face to see him--.. *recalls Yamada saying that it is great that he chose her class* Besides that, I originally put work ahead of marriage.”
Junko tells the manager that tomorrow, she’ll directly go to the head office and see Makoto. “Please pass on to him my consent.” Going to the locker room, Junko thinks that doing that kind of thing with his younger brother, and there is also his grandmother whom she couldn’t get along with, no matter what side, it is impossible between her and Takane--..

As she opens the door, she is surprised to see the receptionists are congratulating Ishii [guesswork from 石井]. Ishii thanks them and starts complaining that preparations is very tiring like what to wedding dress to choose, it’s quite distressing to death. Ponytail says that it is alright, she thinks that Ishii looks good no matter what she wears.

While Masako also laughs along with them, Ishii says really, he also said that and it makes her more distressed. Then, ponytail sees Junko by the door and tells her to listen up, Ishii has already decided that she is going to have a wedding and among them, she is first. Junko says is that so, congratulations. 

Ishii takes out her cellphone says to quickly look, this is the other party, a handsome doctor~~ The picture has the two love birds flashing v-sign with words ‘love’ on it. Masako says that he’s so handsome, and can really fight, and he also seems to have a lot of friends. Junko says yes, that is true. Ishii exclaims that the wedding is going to be held at Ritz Carlton hotel.
Junko looks wearily as the others exclaim that is really great. Ishii says that deciding on the wedding banquet’s menu is quickly giving her a headache to death~~ “I don’t know what to choose~~ I didn’t think that among us of the same age, I will first go to the church ahead of you, Mouri~~ *Masako’s smile freezes* I’m sorry- I’ll be riding the train of happiness first--”

Putting on a smile, Masako says not really, she doesn’t plan on competing with someone, and furthermore, she still wants to benefit from Ishii’s happiness. Preparing to leave with Ponytail, Ishii says that it is because Masako is too popular that she better not be crossing her eyes [/bewildered by the choices].

Junko just tells them good work [/otsukaresama]. After they left, Masako looks as if she is filled with resentment. Junko says that compared to what she imagined, Masako can still get jealous of someone else, and she didn’t think that Ishii is the same age as her, when she thought that Ishii will soon be 30 years old.

Closing her locker, Masako says that she is used to that kind of thing earlier and indeed, she and Ishii are of the same age. “But, there is a body weight difference of 15 kilograms between us.” Feeling Masako’s kill aura, Junko says that Ishii ought to get a beautiful wedding dress.

“But then-- you guys are just 22 years old, right. Isn’t it too early to get married at age 22? You have just started working and talking about dating is a bit..” Masako says that no matter who the other party is, a girl only has to say, ‘I’m already married’ and she’s the winner.
Brewing up a cold breeze, Masako exclaims, “So!! Even if the other party’s skin color is like po*p [<- dark color] and looks quite ugly, the one who lost is still me!! Even if the other party is the type who comes from some dubious inferior university and born from a poor medical personnel, yet can still support up one’s reputation by holding a wedding at a high class hotel.

Even if she wears some kind of old fashioned wedding dress, as long as she gets married, THEN SHE IS THE WINNER.” Junko tells her that marriage isn’t something that is used to know who the winner is, and basically, it is a troublesome thing. “..And..even if you want to tie the knot, if you haven’t met the person you are fated with, then it also cannot be helped. Also, there is that kind of inevitable thing..” 

Masako bites her lip and scolds Junko that for her to say those kind of words makes one angry. “Since you have rejected Mishima-senpai, and now, with Hoshikawa-san, you are going to quickly get marr..” She stops and notices some luggage in Junko’s locker. Just then, blushing Momoe comes in while reading her cellphone.

She is greeting them ‘good work’ when Masako asks Junko what are those luggage. Looking away, Junko says that she is saying..some thing happened..and she cannot live together..with Takane..or perhaps, doesn’t want to live together...

Gasping in surprise, Masako says she is saying that with Takane, she really brok.. While Junko looks somewhat annoyed, Momoe exclaims stop..do not say it anymore, it would be better to change the location [where they will talk; I think Momoe just want to prevent a teacher-student scandal].
At Lloyd House bar, the three women are already on their second pitcher of wine. Drunk Masako says that Junko is an idiot, anyone has an affair, for everyone is like that but, even if one will have an affair, it will be with an unrelated person. “Unexpectedly, you slept with his younger brother. *Momoe’s ears become big while listening to this* Are you an idiot? *Junko looks sideways while sipping her wine* Do you like monk heads that much, really!!! That’s really bad!!!” 

Junko thinks that it just so happen that she did it with a monk, that’s all. Junko says that she is saying that she is also super regretful about it..so, she is prepared to move out of Takane’s high class apartment. Momoe is thinking of something else, that is, she understands Junko for she also really likes monks, and also priests, and pastors.

Junko says that she is going to find a cheap hotel since she also doesn’t have money. Masako says that this is after all, just to satisfy Junko’s ego. “You absolutely cannot tell him. *drinking again* If he knows, no one will have any benefit from it.” Also drinking, Junko says for Masako to say not to tell him when she [Junko] basically couldn’t say it out since she already has no face to see him.

She thinks that even if she also met with Satoshi, she didn’t do anything wrong. Masako asks if there is any proof that was left behind for no matter how in deep sleep she is, it is impossible for her not to know whether he went in or not. “Isn’t it so, Yamabuchi-sensei.”
Momoe blushes really red over this. She mutters, no..about that, who knows-- While pouring another glass, Masako says that when that thing is doing it, it doesn’t matter if it didn’t slide in, and it is a no-no  if one is already married. “Geez, how troublesome. It isn’t easy to be loved that way by someone. Compared to a marriage with no love, it is a thousand times better....

...Obviously, there is no love yet one marries. That kind, is like that high schooler who kept on playing with girls that he couldn’t play enough, yet he’ll propose marriage. It is totally not the same with Hoshikawa’s sincerity.” The two women think that it feels like Masako is saying some true to life thing.

Masako says that as long as one gets married early and not lacking money, then anything can be overcome. “But, ..still, I want love.” Momoe thinks that while sleeping, that thing can gently go in, right..in the end, the ones doing it the first time and the ones with experience are not the same..no, this isn’t the time to be thinking of that. 

Junko says that basically wife or perhaps marriage is just a verbal agreement. “He didn’t explain anything to me and just suddenly went on training for three months.. And at his place, it is Hoshikawa mama who told me. He basically gave a letter with only two sentences written on it. Even saying, believe in him, and wait for him. Is this some war telegram?

...Once one agrees to ‘marriage’, a man will do whatever he pleases. It is because of that, I would become uneasy and did some unnecessary things.. *holding her wallet with a piece of paper peeking out* Even if I had asked where he is, I also do not know what I should do. Even if I feel sorry for him yet I even want to disappear myself. If I knew this early on, then I wouldn’t have engaged with him..”
Then, the door opens. Arthur, with Makoto, goes in the bar. Arthur asks Lance if Momoe already came since he is going to meet with her here. “Just now, I was bothered by people (girls) outside” Makoto says that so far, it is Arthur’s retribution for playing around. Irked Arthur tells him that he’s noisy to death.

Lance tells Arthur that she already arrived but there are three people and it seems that they encountered a troublesome thing. Arthur wonders why 3 people. The guys look at the direction of the women. Masako tells Junko not to show off [/act strong] for didn’t she [Masako] say that if it isn’t found out then, it isn’t an affair.

“The key here is where you are going to stay. With all of these luggage, are you going to sleep outdoors at the street? Don’t make someone too angry~~ You said that you won’t get married, is that for real!?” Holding up her wine glass, Junko says that there is no way for her and Takane to get married.

“I’ve already decided to give my heart and soul in working. My goal is to become a permanent staff!! Tomorrow~ I have already made an appointment to go to the head office to talk about this matter..” To her surprise, Makoto asks if that is true, and that really makes him happy for she has finally decided, or rather, she finally agreed with the proposal from this side.
Junko is startled enough to become sober while wondering why he is here. Makoto says that it is rare to meet her and right now, she is still talking with the others, so how about they talk again tomorrow. Thinking that it is bad for he heard what she said just now, Junko says no, please, they can talk now. Junko apologizes to Masako for she is going ahead. 

Masako says so this is how it is, compared to Takane, of course, she would choose work and besides, that guy is interested in her. After looking surprised, Junko says no, no, he already told her that he likes younger girls and she isn’t within the range of choices that he’ll consider [as a girlfriend]. Momoe also excuses herself.

Grumpy Masako thinks that Junko’s lack of self-awareness is also what makes her popular and it really makes her [Masako] annoyed with her. Then, she notices the piece of paper spilling out from Junko’s wallet. At the other table, Arthur says that it is very strange for did he remember it wrong because it seems that he made an appointment with her tonight and the two of them are going to drink some Lange wine.

“And didn’t you very coldly answer me back, ‘I know already’? SO why are you together with your two friends completely drunk?” Momoe apologizes to him. “I’m truly very sorry. There is a reason for this. I can only say is.. it is an urgent matter. It is because Junko-sensei had encountered something troublesome.”

Looking at the luggage at the side, Arthur says that those are Junko’s luggage. He leans down to blushing Momoe and says that he thought that those are the things Momoe brought to pass the night. “Too bad.”
By the bar, Junko apologizes to Makoto for making him wait a long time for her reply and she will give her utmost best at work so yoroshiku [/I’m under your care]. Masako says okay, he still has to do some formal notification afterwards. “Then, let me tell you clearly, at the very least a full three years, you have to wholeheartedly devote yourself to work. Don’t say midway that you have child-something.”

Junko says that is no problem. “I won’t get married. And probably afterwards, I also won’t.” She thinks that to make her wait and discuss things after he came back from ‘training’, she cannot wait until that time. “I’m afraid that I cannot talk nor see you. *scowl* Why didn’t I spoil him a bit more when I’m still with him? Honestly, tell him that I would feel uneasy if I don’t see him...

...Why wasn’t I able to tell him to tell me things no matter what it is. *flustered* Why. And when I cannot see him, it is only then I noticed how much I like that person. How regretful, darn..” She snaps out of it when Makoto suddenly claps his hand. She asks why he would suddenly. Makoto says that beside that, there is still one other thing that he has to tell her clearly.

“Just because you cannot get married, you are going to use work to make yourself numb. Don’t think that this kind of work is such an easy kind of work. It’s very hard- Of course, you can still teach your current classes. During the day, you will take out some hours to participate in a seminar and at night, you will go to your regular teaching class in order to first observe you for three weeks.”
Junko says that is no problem, right now, the students in the class that she is teaching had mentioned that they came for her lecture so she agrees with this arrangement. Makoto smiles and says that aside from that, the company would prioritize lodging for the regular staff and lately, there is a room that is vacant so she can immediately move in right now.

Junko is happy to learn about this for she has somewhere to stay temporarily and there’s no need for her to sleep outside on the streets. She exclaims sure, please let her deal with the formalities and move in. He says okay, first bring her luggage to his room. Junko becomes nervous and asks if she just heard him wrong for it seems that he said, ‘my room’.

Makoto says that is right and haven’t he heard it from Arthur. “The rooms in this apartment are residence rooms for ELA’s use. We, along with Arthur, stay at the second floor. Then, I stay in between the two rooms.

In that room, there is a vacant bedroom so you can use that one. It’s starting from today on, right? Yoroshiku.” Junko is in disbelief. Meanwhile, Masako reads the paper from Junko’s wallet and smiles to see that it is the address and contact number of Takane with a note that it is only for emergency contact.
Episode 50 – MY LIFE IN PINK. Going out of Lloyd House, Masako holds her cellphone and thinks that Junko is going to have an affair and Takane is still leisurely going in a training, is that okay. “I’m going to expose her to Hoshikawa I also remembered Hoshikawa’s address. About this.. by the way, can a temple receive an email?”

She is startled when her cellphone starts ringing. It is a message from Renji asking if she is coming over. He mentions that he just went to karaoke with friends and on his way, he can pick her up. Masako is irked by the ‘are you coming over’ for it should be ‘if it isn’t a problem, I ought to say is I hope you can come over.’ ..but.. She recalls Ishii and her fiance’s picture.

She writes back, “Coming over? It shouldn’t be asked like that. You should be saying I hope that you can come over|||| “Quickly come over, I’m at Shirokanedai. I’ll send you the address.” Masako thinks that at least, compare to that girl’s boyfriend, whether in looks or family circumstances, Renji is COMPLETELY THE WINNER! ..it is only that there are some areas that is quite disappointing [about him.]

“Age and his degree of sincerity towards me..” Then, a car passes by her. Just when Masako is waving to thank Renji for picking her up, a couple of girls came out of the car telling Renji that they don’t want to [get off] since it is troublesome to commute from here.
Renji says, okay, okay, sorry, quickly get off. [<- Ah, Renji has a driver and he is sitting at the back of the car] They tell him to make it up to them next time. Renji tells Masako that she has been waiting so get on the car. Masako looks displeased. The girls complain that it is her again when she isn’t a bit beautiful, how infuriating~

“Basically, she is already an auntie [like a younger brother’s wife]- Geez.” This irks Masako. Preparing to go in the car, she says, “Renji, thank you for specially coming to fetch me here. Let’s quickly go back so that the two∙of∙us∙ can go take a bath together♡♡” The two girls are furious over Masako’s attitude as the Renji’s car leaves them.

Inside, Renji laughs over Masako unexpectedly calling him ‘Renji’ [<- she always call him by his surname] when she never called him that way and it made him thought she didn’t know his name. Masako says that he’s annoying, and for her to be sent off with a provocation, she simply cannot concede to it. She turns to him and says, but let me tell you.

He asks hm-? She wanted to say that he should have let those girls down the car first before making her see them. “For you to say, ‘karaoke with friends’, shouldn’t that be guys!? Male high schoolers should be like that.” Renji asks what it is. Masako looks away and says nothing, nothing at all. Masako thinks that if she were to say that, then, that is just like telling him that she’s jealous so she absolutely won’t say it.
Holding out her cellphone, Masako plans to find some fun thing to do. “Let me see.. Hoshikawa-san’s current address is..!? Kyoto?” Renji looks at her then says that the day after tomorrow, his friends are going to have a birthday party for him at his place. Surprised Masako thinks, “It is FRIENDS again!? He is really thick-skinned.” 

Renji says so, tomorrow, he is going to reset the security door’s password which he’ll tell her in a while. Masako says that there is no need for she won’t go. “It is boring to death to make me watch a group of kids all noisy the whole night~” Renji asks if she is in a bad mood and did something happen. She tells him nothing at all. 

Masako thinks that he is really thick-skinned (twice) for before, he told her about his 18th birthday coming up next next month so let’s get married. “His birthday is on the day after tomorrow and I heard him say that only just now. Stupid. And also, aren’t we going to celebrate it with just the two of us? Really lacking in sincerity and it isn’t a kind of lacking. Ah- *still holding her cellphone*...

...I should break up with him, right. I no longer have any time to keep on playing around. I have to start going on miai!!” [<- matchmaking dates with an intention to marry] Frowning Renji looks at her and says could it be that she has seen him. “..it seems that he came back. That glasses office worker.. He’s called Mishima, right.”
This surprises Masako that she asks how come he knows about that. She couldn’t believe that Satoshi came back from New York. Renji says that he careless met him so he is thinking whether she wants to see glasses, or not. This made Masako frown. She says what if she wants to see him, since the two of them cannot like the other party [/each other], right.

“Even if it is like that, if I have someone else, you would also be at ease, right.” Renji says no, what does she wants to say. Masako says, “I like you, don’t go, those type, okay?” Renji looks glum. Masako tells him to drop her off at the nearest station for she’s getting off. After the car stops at a station, Masako thinks that for him to mention Satoshi when obviously he knew early on that she was rejected by him so why on earth is she going to see him.

“Are you an idiot? *Renji glumly looking at Masako from his car* If you use that kind of expression to look at me, why won’t you urge me to stay. *about to walk downstairs to the station* Quickly, say it. Why won’t you say it? Stupid.”

In school, Yuki calls out to Renji and tells him not to avoid his cleaning duty and sleep at this place for the girls are looking for him. Renji is moping by the window. Yuki says that possibly, there are a lot of people who will come on his birthday, so everyone wants to ask him if they can go or not, and they want to ask him what time the party will start.
Renji says that he might go to ELA class so it is okay if it isn’t too early. Yuki asks if he is going to class on the day of the party, not interested and isn’t that quite boring. “You are already 18- You can already take a test for a driver’s license and drink alcohol outside..it is no good to be still like this.” Renji tells him that Yuki, too, up to when does he plan to skip school when Junko-sensei is very worried about him. “Do you plan on giving up?”

Yuki looks away and says that even if he really wants to see her but she still cannot see her.. and for him to tell Renji about this, it is impossible for him to understand his bitter male-girl heart. Renji says that he understands, it seems that he understands a bit. This surprises Yuki. Renji says that basically, he also do not want to deliberately mention about that guy but it seems that she is waiting for a phone call since she is always holding her cellphone.

“So, I asked her if she is in a bad mood or not. And, at that time, what would happen if I call out to her and say don’t go.” Yuki sweatdrops and says that he said a lot in one breath, that it felt like he is so sentimental [/fussy]. After a pause, Renji says that he is afraid to say it.

Walking at the hallway, Renji says, “..if I want to make her stay, perhaps, she will also disappear early in the morning.” Following him, Yuki says that she won’t disappear. Renji asks is that so. Yuki assures him that she won’t disappear.
At ELA, Ishii exclaims loudly for them to look at this. Holding a marriage contract, Ishii says that it is pink. Ponytail says that it’s so cute and is it okay to submit that one, it makes one very envious of her. Ishii says that a few days ago, she saw this leaflet in the magazine. “I wanted to use this pink one so in one breath, I bought 10 copies of the magazine.” 

Masako mentally admits that it is indeed cute. Ishii says that she bought every∙one∙’s∙share and already put it in the envelope. “Here, this is Mouri’s” Masako kindly refuses it by saying that there is no need for it is such a precious thing that she is ashamed of accepting it. She thinks that she doesn’t need that for she will just shame herself for having something like that which she couldn’t immediately use.

“Besides, yuck, I also do not want to use the same thing that this married couple will use~~~” Then, she notices Junko talking with Makoto. Ishii exclaims who is with Junko for he’s so handsome. Ponytail says that he is a trainer [/adviser] from the head office and it seems that Junko is also going to start simultaneously working at the head office, too. Ishii says that it’s so amazing that it makes one think that she is really outstanding.
Ponytail says but then, she heard that Junko is already engage with her monk boyfriend. “And, in the end, she still chose work, right? This makes one admire her a bit-” Ishii says that if it is her, she would choose marriage and start a family. Masako mutters that she also, very much agrees.

Taking the envelope from Ishii, Masako says if she can still give this to her. Ishii says yes, don’t be shy, please take it. Walking away, Masako says that she’ll take her leave first. Holding the envelope tight, Masako couldn’t understand Junko’s feeling for she doesn’t plan on doing some improving one’s capability or get some promotion.

“Very soon, if one does not hurry, one will become 23, 24, 25 years old. I have to quickly draw the dividing line with that no prospect high schooler.” At Renji’s place, everyone is singing Happy Birthday to you. Someone tells glum Renji to come and cut the cake. Renji thinks that it’s really troublesome.

He looks around and becomes sad for Masako really didn’t come though she already said that she won’t. Standing up, he thinks that she probably went to see the glasses guy. And, Masako arrives and groans over everyone singing at the same time.

She looks around and thinks that he should be surrounded by girls. Yuki calls out to Masako and says that he heard that she possibly won’t come, long time no see Masako says that she only came over to deal with something then she’ll quickly leave. “Where is that guy?”
Pointing at the side, Yuki says that he thinks that Renji had just blown the birthday candles. Yuki calls out to Renji that Masako came. After blowing the candles, Renji turns around and looks surprised. Glum Masako approaches Renji and greets him a happy 18th birthday. Renji says that he thought that she won’t come today.

Looking at them, Yuki thinks that a few days ago, the one whom Renji kept on talking about endlessly turns out to be about Masako. Just then, someone welcomes the newcomers and the party has already started. Yuki is surprised to hear a timid voice saying sorry, sorry, please, let us.. The other girls say that they are also invited. Yuki sweatdrops for it is the younger sister..

Nicely surprised, Nene calls out to Yuki. Yuki tells them that they cannot come here for it is very dangerous. At the other side of the room, everyone is shock when Masako took out the pink marriage contract. Masako says that is her birthday gift for him. “You only have to sign your name and it can immediately be submitted.”

While Renji looks surprised, the others exclaim if that is for real, it’s pink and no way, it’s that girl, could it be that she’s pregnant. The others pity Renji for that is annoying to death. Someone says that this is so serious and that girl is really terrifying. Another one says that even if she is very cute but Renji is still in third year high school so it is impossible to marry, right?
Masako thinks, “Look, you’re intimidated, right? *clenched fist* The game will stop at this point. *looking away while frowning and scowling* I want you to see reality clearly. If you do not do this, the two of us will always just be entangled [/struggle] and in the end, will only become indecisive. *closes eyes* Quickly, you also had enough playing around, right. *opens eyes and looks away*...

...A young rich boy’s bed partner. [He’ll be] missing one person, that’s all.” Turning to leave, Masako says that is what she wants to say— Then, Masako, along with his fangirls, is shock to see Renji happily filling up the marriage contract. Renji says that he already filled it all up so are they going to submit it now.

“Ah, but then, the guarantor is still not filled up. Lacking this one, we can submit it tomorrow. I’ll be absent at school tomorrow and will go with you, okay?” Still in disbelief, Masako asks what..did he just randomly filled it all up. “It’s really.. marriage. You really have decided to get married with me..? This isn’t some game..?” 

Renji says that he knows. Holding her hand with intertwined her fingers into his, Renji says, “It is an agreement between you and I, a commitment to be together throughout life, right? I properly remember it. On contrary, for you to give me such a nice gift, is it okay? I still haven’t told you clearly but you will always be involved with me, a shinigami [death god], okay?

...*holding up her hand to him* Is it alright for you to be with a person like me?” Masako jumps and hugs Renji. She happily says, “Even if I’m scolded by that lawyer, I also don’t care at all.” Narration: “Probably, from today on, I’ll become quite busy. I’ll show you mercy by not exposing you to Hoshikawa-san, Junko-sensei.”
Comment: And, one of the women is going to get married soon though just like Junko and Takane, this one seem to have some problems though it might not be a big deal for them, I guess. ^^; Masako is really one of the most shallow and superficial character I have read. She is really like a frenemy [friend as well as enemy]. Who does she think she is that she would meddle into Junko’s issues?

Before, it is for her to get Satoshi but now, what is that for? Jealousy that Junko gets the guys that she wants? Marriage is really the priority of her life that she would compete for others with it. I don’t like how she is judging Ishii and her fiancé based on looks, and financial background, etc though there are people who are like that.

Anyway, lucky for her, someone like Renji actually falls for her. He is a catch so she gets her trophy husband + love. After what happened with Amane, I guess Junko is so ashamed about it that she decided to move on and do what she wanted originally, to work and get promoted. I wonder if she agreed to live with Makoto who does seem to be interested in her though it is a bit inconclusive if it is exclusively for work or otherwise. Scans by 深雪

Word of the day:
The Lord calls us to be people of inner substance, not just outward appearance. In living for Jesus, our content is far more important than our cover. We are here for more than show. ~ Our Daily Bread


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      Well, based on how regretful she is. From what she said, it seems like she plan to concentrate on work for a long, long time.

      Ah, Masako is the female receptionist of ELA. I guess you are referring to Makoto. Ya..probably.

      Probably..though he might also get hurt first if he believes that Junko betrayed him..ah, if Makoto is included, that would be thrice. I mean..based on the situation, she isn't exactly forced/rape so why would he beat them up?

      Have a great day and week, too ^-^

  4. Hi Kat, amazing summary you did, thanks very much for your effort!!!

    If I were Junko, I would not discussed personal issues with Masako, well, at least after being backstabbed by her multiple times from the beginning of this manga. Don't know why Junko still shares her story with that freak aka Masako.

    I personally like Tanake character, really, i think he's very sincere in love, well, sometimes he's too possessive [but seems like Junko likes that, no?]. Now it's all about trust, to see whether Tanake trusts Junko or not and if they show that they're faithful for each other, then problem is solved, isn't it?

    AND im here waiting desperately for your summary of chapter 51, i saw it's available on raffmanga already but don't understand a word, too bad :(

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      That's right...maybe she is some sort of frenemy of some sort. Luckily, Masako will be distracted rather than causing more trouble for Junko..as if Junko doesn't have enough problems.

      That is one part of the problem. The other one is the acceptance of the grandmother. If Junko goes to work in the temple for Takane as his wife, that woman can make her life like hell. Also, the younger brother is now causing trouble. ^^;

      Hehe..well, still waiting for the Chinese scanlations for the next chapter.

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    1. Hehe..everyone has to have a partner and they kind of 'deserve/suit each other'? =P