February 4, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 65-67]

Chapter 65: Narration: “I look up at the distant other side where you are [/where you exists].” At Houen’s place, someone says that he didn’t think that the three of them can still talk in this kind of circumstances... Suigetsu says that life always surprises people unexpectedly. Yuulin agrees. Houen tells Suigetsu to quickly get back to the main topic.

With flowers around, Suigetsu says that in order to celebrate this reunion, he wants to first play a song.. Houen angrily tells him that there’s no need. Yuulin muses that this is a nostalgic feeling. Upon knowing Ranyou’s plot to ‘make the royal younger brother become king’, and in order to apprehend the accomplice, Dark merchant Iryou, she had returned back to the royal capital a few days ago.

So, she had asked for Ryu Houen’s help and in the end, an unexpected person showed up. Suigetsu says what Houen is saying is for them to search for the Dark Merchant who opposes the king and that person has relations with his older brother.

Chibi Keitaku goes hahaha, I am Ryu Keitaku-sama! Houen says yes, he generally saw his brother being friends with him but he hasn’t specifically seen the person [up close]. Chibi Keitaku says, haha, I’m the older brother, revere me!
Houen says that gathering spy intelligence in the imperial palace is essential and compared to Suigetsu, he has more methods in gathering spy intelligence. Suigetsu agrees that it is so but then, is this really okay because for the ‘Ryu family’, this is a very perplexing spy intelligence.

This irks Houen that he shouts, “It goes without saying that I should immediately report this to His majesty and wait for him to pass judgment to our whole clan! That idiot [Keitaku] It is because, this consort..” Yuulin tries to calm him down by saying not to broaden the issue and it isn’t easy for her to secretly come here. “I do not wish to see a ‘Ryu family scandal’ (Because it is all because of one person)...

...In short, right now, the most important thing is to apprehend that Dark merchant. Even if it is possibly hard to believe the proposition of a former consort, who was driven away from the harem but ..in some place that cannot be seen, His Majesty’s enemies are increasing.

...No matter what, I want to stop it. (I will stop that deeply hidden dispute over the throne before it forms.)” Suigetsu says ever since before at the start, the one who is doing her best for His Majesty from the harem has been her, the princess-consort. Houen agrees.
With a gong shou, Suigetsu tells her to leave it to him the gathering of the spy intelligence. “Let me do my utmost humble part [in helping out].” Also with a gong shou, Houen says that if it is for His Majesty, he’ll force himself to do this hard task [/bite the bullet] to help [them] out. Yuulin is moved for she obviously didn’t tell them the issue in detail yet they believed her.

Suigetsu says that aside from that, there is one other thing that he wants to ask of her. At Han residence, Kouju tearfully calls out to Yuulin and hugs her. She says that she had already heard about it from her brother so if there is something she can do to help, please do not hesitate to tell her.

Flustered Yuulin says that she doesn’t want to also get Kouju involved and let her say again, she is no longer the ‘Wolf King’s doted consort’. Kouju asks what she is saying for she wanted to be her strength. “No matter when, you are the ‘princess consort-sama whom I love the most’ the one who amiably listens to my stories! It is really great to see that you are okay..!”

Moved to tears, Yuulin thinks that at the harem, she is only a fake temporary bride. “And while doing that, a trusted friendship was born and had properly existed.” Holding Kouju’s hand, Yuulin says that she also likes Kouju the most.
Houen and smiling Suigetsu look at them. Later on, Dai informs Kokuu that the young masters of Ryu and Han family are helping out. Kokuu says, that honestly speaking, the situation of the interior imperial palace is still quite good.

“..while the other party has not yet found out that he is being pursued ...now is precisely an exceptionally good opportunity. This time around, I’ll really apprehend that Dark merchant.” Dai says yes, in fact, at least there is already an outcome. “And if His Majesty were to find out about princess consort-chan, we are put in an unfavorable situation. It is definitely anything but reassuring for we have violated the order so many times.”

Kokuu looks uneasy. He says she is really amazing for she wanted to stop everything for His Majesty. Dai says that is true when originally, she is just a girl hired to act as a consort. Narration: “Is it really okay to go to that side? *scene of Yuulin going towards Reishou* I’m pondering about it. The other side of the sky where you are.”
It is night and Yuulin is looking out at a courtyard. She thinks that she’ll always have to wait until Houen and Suigetsu bring back the spy intelligence. “Kouju has secretly let me hide in her mansion. I couldn’t calm down while waiting. *clenches fist* Quickly, get it~~ *looks up the sky* Your Majesty, as much as possible, I’m going near you a little bit. It is still not enough, the reason to see each other.”

She is surprised when someone says, “Oh oh, what is going on here. There should be no other person at my daughter’s mansion.” Yuulin looks aghast for it is Minister Han. “This is very bad, the father can freely come and go. It is over!! I’ve unexpectedly been seen by a key character in the imperial palace.”

Yuulin says, “I’m just... just an ordinary departed spirit, that’s all.. It is because I’m worried about Kouju so I’m lingering all over the place.. (At this very difficult situation!!! *aghast* I’m forced to adopt a statement of saying that the consort has passed away--!!!)” Shisei says it turns out to be like that. “That way, my daughter will be very happy. That child really admire princess consort-sama very much.”
Surprised Yuulin finds this strange for it is a regular response. “It is a very ordinary correspondence. It is so graceful of him to do that even if the other party is a departed spirit. No wonder he is Suigetsu-san’s father..huh?”

Shisei says, “But, princess consort-sama, isn’t it His Majesty, the one whom you should really be worried about? I do not know what happened between you and His Majesty at the harem but after you disappeared, looking at how His Majesty is now from this side, my heart is quite in pain. *dark and grumpy Reishou* It is not yet too late...

If it is possible, I hope that the two of you can meet. Afterwards, I also hope that you can always stay at His Majesty’s side. We, the Han family, will lend our strength to you. Please, you must return to the harem. For His Majesty, you are an essential existence.”

Surprised Yuulin thinks that is a sweet and amiable gift proposal from a person who has power to a former consort who has nothing. Yuulin smiles and says, “..Minister Han, the past me, in order to effortless achieve a goal *there is a scene of Yuulin holding a paper given by his father. She exclaimed that it is a good job at the imperial palace, a short term work with high pay!?*...

 ..in the end, I have encountered a more difficult predicament compared to what I imagined. I obviously know that ‘in anything, there is no shortcut in wanting to attain things, and one can only depend on one’s effort’.. I have already reflected on these...
...*smiles* So, if I am going to the side of that –sama [/boss], I will use my own two feet to go there. *Shisei looks surprised* I appreciate your good intention. *flat hand gong shou* Thank you very much. I ask to be excused first!” Yuulin quickly turns around and runs off.

She thinks that after that, she’ll now vigorous run away like this!! “I am a departed spirit! I am a departed spirit!!” Then, someone calls out to Shisei, “Master--? The way to ojousama [milady]’s mansion is.. What’s up with you?” Trembling in laughter, Shisei says that it is nothing, for he is merely talking a bit with a departed spirit just now.

Puzzled Touka asks if he hit his head. Shisei says that for a long time now, he believes that girl isn’t a poison but a medicine. “It is originally like that. Right now, she is unrivalled..! Her vigor is really quite good. Ha ha ha Having the existence of a departed spirit..!” Touka asks if he needs to take some medicine. [<- for the head]

Walking really fast, Yuulin thinks that the darkness hidden within the imperial palace is tempting [but] she will use her own feet to crash her way through. She calls out to Dai that it is bad, it is bad, for she has to leave this place. Munching a snack, Dai asks if she did something while he isn’t paying attention.
Later on, someone says that finally, they can move. Yuulin asks if that is true. Suigetsu says that is right. “Through a lot of people, [I knew that] Ryu Keitaku will have a secret night meeting arranged and set on three days from now.” Houen says that with the cautious nature of the Dark merchant, it is impossible to make a normal move.

Yuulin exclaims that the two of them are amazing and if they attack there.. The two gloomily says that it is just that the place is hard to speak about [publicly].. This puzzles Yuulin. Somewhere else, Reishou looks at a paper with a star shaped drawing. He laughs and says that finally, making a move. In front of buildings with red lanterns, Suigetsu asks if Yuulin is really going.

“In the end, you should stay behind with Kouju and leave this up to us..” Houen looks aghast and speechless. In a sexy dress, Yuulin exclaims, “What are you saying!! Isn’t it because of you two’s friendly and great effort that we are able to come here!? It is my turn next! Brothel secret meeting!? I’m already prepared to infiltrate and search [for him]...

...Actually, this-kind-of thing, can be considered to be my area of expertise!!” Aghast Houen mutters what is that, area of expertise. Aghast Suigetsu says that he really have a headache, she is full of enthusiasum.. “Ah, I feel that I would want to go home..” While Dai and Kokuu are speechless, Yuulin exclaims, “We are definitely going to catch the Dark merchant!” Then, hooded Reishou is also making his move. Narration: “Come. Definitely, as long as one put in a little bit of effort.”
Chapter 66: Narration: “Come, the banquet is going to start.” Yuulin and hooded Reishou are moving. At Rakumi [guesswork from 樂麗] establishment in Hakuyou’s royal capital, there are many men eating while accompanied by women. A man says that’s strange, it is the first time that he has seen her. “”Are you a newcomer?”

Holding a pitcher, Yuulin smiles and says that she came to help in today’s banquet! So, today, Yuulin has secretly infiltrated among the gorgeous prostitutes. “I have come to receive the guests at the brothel. The goal is, in order to apprehend the Dark merchant, Ranyou-sama’s comrade.”

She looks at Suigetsu and Houen who are acting as musicians. Suigetsu is playing an erhu while Houen is playing a pipa. Yuulin thinks that it is a rare situation for these two to be together like this.
As the guests and prostitutes are entertained, Yuulin thinks that she and the two’s small entertainment band have also smoothly infiltrated inside but then, she didn’t think that Houen can also play a musical instrument. “Kouju also helped by arranging the performance.. Afterwards, I, who can freely move around, will come to help. *looking determined with clenched fist*...

Somewhere in this brothel, Ryu Keitaku and the Dark merchant are having a secret meeting!” While Yuulin is going around to serve the guests, Suigetsu sweatdrops and says that she is really quite lively. Having a cold sweat, Houen says that being enthusiastic is a good thing but that kind of vitality is too excessive. “It’s no problem right..”
Suigetsu says that actually, just thinking if His Majesty were to find out about this situation makes him feel ill-- Suigetsu suddenly felt a chill down his spine. While puzzled Houen looks at him, Suigetsu mutters, “..it should be impossible, right?”

And someone arrives at the brothel. At some room, while entertained by a couple of prostitutes, Keitaku calls out, “Iryou-sama, it has been a long time I haven’t seen you. Oh, you finally came after I’ve waited for you for such a long time! My loyal subordinate!” Iryou smiles.

Drinking and laughing, Keitaku says that Iryou is really a talented man. “Obviously, you are originally just a merchant and nothing more, but you frequently give such useful and correct recommendations to the imperial palace!...
...These past few days, the friends whom I introduced you to also gave you such a high evaluation. From today on, continue on being Ryu Keitaku’s brain. And it is good to fully display that ability! Ha ha ha” Iryou says that he said so many moving words. “To be able to meet you, Keitaku-sama, and be able to serve you, that is my supreme joy...

And it is because Keitaku-sama is here. This country of Hakuyou can go towards its correct future. *there is a scene of Ryukou as king.* That is what I firmly believe.” Keitaku laughs and says that is well-said. Later on, Yuulin calls out to Kokuu and says that she got the spy intelligence.

“At the third floor, there is a room in the innermost west side where prostitutes have limited access to. After I went to probe it a bit, one of the guests there is Ryu Keitaku-sama.”
Kokuu says that is really excellent so they’ll take advantage of the time when they are drunk. “After it is confirmed, we’ll take the opportunity to prepare and storm inside.” Yuulin says that they’ll also troubling Dai with this. Dai says that it is inevitable for they are short on manpower. “Then, after this, please wait where the young masters are, princess consort-chan.”

Yuulin says that actually, she also wants to help out. Kokuu and Dai simultaneously say that there’s no need for her to come. Yuulin is surprised by their unison answer. So, she just tells them to please be careful. She thinks that it is no problem, it will definitely go very smoothly.

“If we are able to stop Ranyou-sama’s plot, then one day, His Majesty and An Ryukou will definitely be able to properly meet. What His Majesty has been protecting as king won’t be destroyed.”
Kokuu tells her that if this thing has been resolved, go see His Majesty. “We will try to arrange it.” Surprised Yuulin says no, that and this isn’t the same issue. Kokuu laughs and says that for things to reach this stage, it already doesn’t matter if she adds a bit more troublesome thing [for them to do]. The people here would want to help you.”

Yuulin is moved by that. Yuulin imagines being with Reishou and thinks, “The you at distant remote other side.” Somewhere else in the brothel, someone says tells the madam [/proprietress] that her business is constantly prospering.

The madam chuckles and says but of course and it is because they have the best prostitutes here and today’s banquet is also very lively.. “If you find the ‘flower’ that you have taken a fancy on, please immediately mention it.”
One of the women asks what is going on, everyone are all gathered together. Someone exclaims that it is the best quality!! “It seems that he is a young aristocrat from somewhere!? Madam already got an advance payment but he doesn’t have any reaction to the older ones.” One of them exclaims why, and it is her turn next!

Someone says that it is according to order. Reishou stares at the curious women then smiles at them. The women squeal for he’s beautiful, young and rich. Looking away, Reishou thinks that the spy, who is searching the place to report to him, is so slow.

“In the end, it isn’t convenient without Kou Dai. I want to get a bit more spy intelligence.. ..geez, all the women [here] look all the same. ..it is like a vast crowd.”
Yuulin sees the others gathered together. She tries to ask them what is going on but they kept on pushing her away for it is the next girl’s turn and do not touch her for she is next. Yuulin loses her balance and ends up face to face with surprised Reishou. Yuulin wonders if this is a dream.

“The person I’ve always really wanted to see but am not able to see –appeared in this kind of place. *looks at Reishou surrounded by women* Furthermore, it is at a brothel wherein he is surrounded by beautiful older women.. *!? Aghast* If this is a hallucination, it is way too real..” She is surprised when Reishou suddenly carries her up.

Reishou calls out to the madam that he is going to the room. Madam exclaims her apology for that girl is-- Reishou throws a bag of money at her and says that if it isn’t enough, then, he’ll add some more later on. Madam is surprised to see the huge amount of money in the bag.
In the room, Reishou throws Yuulin on the bed. Leaning close to her, he asks surprised Yuulin why she is here, who hurriedly brought her to this kind of place? He furiously exclaims, “What are Kou Dai and Shuu Kouren are doing!” Aghast Yuulin recalls Kouren telling her that Reishou wants her to return to her original [former] life.

Shaking her head, Yuulin says no, it isn’t that. “I’m not dressed this way because I’m [working] here, it is because.. (Is he angry? –it isn’t that) There’s no problem at all. The me afterwards has always been very lively. There is nothing at all that caused me trouble. *worried Reishou holds her teary-eyed face*...

...I am doing well. (What is that expression) You are the one making the decision. Always, always, worrying. I’m not at all that weak. *hugs Reishou while crying* Really, stupid.. (Always really wanted to see you. Actually, [I’ll] be lonely. Really do not want to leave. Afterwards, no matter what happens)”
Just when Reishou is about to hold her, there is a loud scream. Yuulin thinks that it is probably Kokuu and the others starting to move. After looking at her tense expression, Reishou says that when he thinks of it in detail, what is the reason for her to be here? He turns around and holds his sword. Yuulin says ah, no.

Holding his coat and thinking that he’ll find out about everything, Yuulin tearfully tells him not to go. Reishou holds her and kisses her on the lips. After their lips part, Reishou says that with just one look he knew. Blushing a bit, he exclaims, “This time around, [it] is your bad [/you did something bad]!!” Blushing Yuulin exclaims in disbelief at Reishou who is heading out the room.
Chapter 67: As the table is overturned and spilled the food that was on it, there are screams. Kokuu and Dai go into the room where Keitaku and the others are. Trembling in fear, Keitaku exclaims what is this, what the heck are they.. Holding out his sword Kokuu says, “Finally, I’m going to catch you, Dark merchant Iryou. Give it up.”

Iryou immediately stands up and walks to Keitaku’s side. He says, “..it is truly regretful, Keitaku-sama. I basically want to continue on being friendly terms with you for the country’s future ..but it seems that we are going to part ways here.” Surprised Keitaku asks what. Iryou grabs Keitaku’s collar and throws him at Kokuu’s direction. Iryou calls for his men to attack.

Some bandits came out. Dai says that he has comrades in the chamber [compartment] room. “This is terrible, he is retreating.” Iryou is making his way out as the bandits confront Kokuu who shouts for him not to think of escaping.
Suddenly, a chair flies and hits one of the bandits. As Kokuu and Dai look at who threw the chair, Reishou says, “—really, this is an astonishing situation. ..do the group of people here have such friendly relations that you all go to a brothel together?”

Freaking out Keitaku screams, “Yiyiyi!? How how how.. *backs away and hits his head on the wall* Ouch” And, Keitaku fell unconscious. ^^; Reishou says okay, fine, the details can wait later, after this.. “Right now, do your duty *smiles* and directly attack the root of the problem.” While saying yes, the aghast two thinks how did things become like this!!

Somewhere else, Houen and Suigetsu are standing by the hallway while some people are asking what is happening, is it a fight or brawl. Aghast Yuulin meets up with them and says that right now, at that side, that.. Also looking aghast, the two says if it is HIM, they fortunately run into him.

Yuulin goes into surprise. Suigetsu says that after Reishou is surprised in a flash, he would only coldly say one sentence and that is not to allow her go near the room. “..I only have to think of it and I kind of feel like fainting..”
Aghast Suigetsu trembles as well as Houen. Yuulin sweatdrops and asks if the two of them are alright for unexpectedly, even Houen would!! Houen says that even if it is like this, why would he come to this kind of place!?

Narration: “—that night, until now, after being pursued yet escaped for so many times, the Dark merchant has finally fallen into Kokuu-sama and the others’ hands and is apprehended. *Reishou smiling; aghast Dai and Kokuu smiling uneasily; prostitutes look scared* ..amidst the confusion, I, Tei Yuulin, who was obviously ordered to leave the royal capital but suddenly bumped into His Majesty at the brothel, was taken away while [he/they] took advantage of the disturbance...

...*Sweatdropping Houen and Suigetsu can only shake their heads as puzzled Yuulin is put in a jail carriage* And, I have been imprisoned.” Holding the bars, Yuulin screams, “—what is the meaning of this --!!?” Gen appears and laughs, “Huhahaha! It is useless to scream. There is no one who can save you! Ah, it has been such a long time since [we saw each other]!!”
Yuulin screams, “Teacher! ..so this means that this is the harem!? Is this the prison cell!? But then, obviously, there is a very beautiful room inside.” Gen darkly glances at her and says, “Hou hou hou, what-ever it is, it is [available] here in the long established harem. Because there are all sorts of kings and consorts. *Yuulin looks aghast.*...

...Aiya, but His Majesty! Unexpectedly brought you back and locked you up in this kind of place.. It is truly stepping into the new realm of love!! Im∙prisoned∙ya, ♥♥♥ my heart kept on jumping up and down!” Yuulin exclaims that this isn’t the time for some strange joke. “About that, where the captured others are..!?”

With flowers around, Gen says there’s none, it’s only her. “Everyone should be seriously putting things in order to deal with the aftermath, right?”
Yuulin wonders if that is good and this means, that right now, she..? She recalls Reishou exclaiming that this time, everything is her bad!! Surprised Yuulin thinks, “..so he is saying!? It means that he wants me to take responsibility so I’m in solitary [/displinary] confinement!? By the way, how come His Majesty is at the brothel!? The Dark merchant.. in the end, how are things outside!?

..that kiss, what is that all about! Your Majesty--!!!” Somewhere else, Reishou, together with Jun, goes to the prison cell where Iryou is held. Reishou comments that it truly took a lot of trouble. “That you even got the king himself to be so hard pressed, Dark merchant Iryou. ..but I just really wanted to see you, okay?”

Narration: “After that, some days had passed. I’m still staying at the prison-like room waiting for His Majesty to pay a visit.” As if nothing happened, Gen unlocks the door and goes in to serve some high quality food and delicious tea to Yuulin.
Then, one day, Gen tells her that His Majesty is going to come today..fu fu. <- suppressed laughter. Wondering what’s with that fufu, Yuulin says is that so. Turning around, blushing Gen says that even if it is like that but for His Majesty to be like that..he [Gen] is quite astonished! Fufu--  Aghast Yuulin asks him what’s going on. She starts to become nervous.

“This time around, His Majesty will know that ‘desire of the royal younger brother’s mother and she worked together with the Dark merchant. ..in order to make the royal brother ascend to the throne’. Furthermore, it has something to do with the Ryu family. I feel that the imperial palace situation is very bad.. but, teacher also act as if it is okay.. is that how it is?

...And speaking of that, could it be..that I’ll always be left here..? I totally do not understand things.” Her thoughts were interrupted when Gen shouts, “He’s coming! Coming! Coming! At last! His Majesty will promptly arrive!! Listen well, you have to be composed~ Mentally prepare yourself well, okay!?” This frightens Yuulin.
Putting her clenched fists on her chest, she tells herself to be mentally prepared, and she is absolutely going to be immediately given a whirlwind of scoldings..!!! While blushing Gen kept on shouting, ‘new realm’, all sorts of ‘going against orders’ behavior appear before Yuulin’s mind = infiltrate Youshou, go to the brothel and searching for Dark merchant.

“But, in any case, I’m really going to..see him.” Reishou appears before her. He apologizes for making her wait a long time for it took some time to put things in order to deal with the aftermath. Yuulin says no, it is alright. Yuulin is moved to tears for it is Reishou. She is startled when he suddenly blushes and looks away. [<- ah, I think it is dark in this place so]

Trembling Yuulin goes, “Eh? Eh!? He turned his eyes away without hesitation--!!! Why!? And, he’s so far.. *Blushing Reishou is looking away and backing away* Eh!? Just now, he was obviously coming here and right now, isn’t he going back from where he came!? *sad* ..is that so. I’m already no longer a working consort. And, I even went against his order. Of course, it is impossible to talk like how we did before.”
Crying Yuulin asks if he is angry..so angry that he doesn’t want to see her face. Surprised Reishou exclaims, she’s wrong, it isn’t that! “Right now, that is.. *blushes upon seeing teary-eyed Yuulin* ..sorry, wait a moment. *looks away and holds his head* ..basically, with some time left, I plan to wait and calm down until I’m in a good spirits before coming here. But, like this, I still have not prepared well!”

Yuulin exclaims if he is angry up to that degree. Sweatdropping Reishou says that he isn’t angry at her. Yuulin protests that he locked her up in this prison.. Reishou says that it is because if he were to just leave her be, he doesn’t know what she’ll do again. “..for example, you obviously should be at Ninshu but you appeared at the brothel, that type of thing..”

Feeling that she had lost his trust, aghast Yuulin apologizes to him. Thinking that he won’t even take a glance towards her, Yuulin asks if they are always going to talk like this. There is a distance between them.
Covering his blushing face, Reishou says if she says that it is okay, then, he’ll go to her side. “If it is no, then I’ll stay here.” Puzzled Yuulin asks if that is something she’ll decide on when she is the one being captured. She says okay, for she felt that it is very hard talking like this and she couldn’t totally see him. Reishou goes near then lets out a long sigh.

Yuulin is puzzled. Reishou says is that so, then like this. Reishou goes inside the prison. He tells her that from the start, he asked one by one, the group of people who helped her. He was informed about her leaving Ninshu to go to Youshou and observe the things there by watching and listening, and in order to pursue the Dark merchant, she went back to the royal capital, etc.

Yuulin thinks that it means he knows about the plot to take the throne. Thinking that it is something that she must say, Yuulin tells him that Ryukou doesn’t know about Ranyou’s plot. “He is simply revering ‘king older brother’ and anticipates the day when they’ll meet.”
Reishou smiles and says that it is also possible that Ryukou is simply pretending to be harmless. “And together with the mother, deceive you right?” This surprises Yuulin and thinks that even if the other party is just his underage younger brother, he will also suspect him. Yuulin insists that it isn’t so for it wasn’t necessary for Ryukou to lie to her as a servant girl.

“..Ranyou-sama hates unrefined things. Ryukou only manages to know of His Majesty’s brilliant battlefield exploits by secretly investigating about it. *There is a scene of Ryukou looking at scrolls alone in some library* ‘Anytime, we can see each other’ ‘Can I return?’ While residing at the mansion, I heard the royal younger brother’s sincere words that cannot be conveyed to His Majesty...

...I beg of you, please give An Ryukou an opportunity to talk with you for that one has no crime.” Reishou asks if she plans to cover up one of the key characters of the rebellion plot. This startles Yuulin as she recalls Bun’ou telling her that isn’t something she can rashly step into.
Yuulin thinks that in here, it is the cold-hearted Wolf king who thinks as if it is necessary and is able to pass down an ice-cold decision even if it is to someone blood-related to him. Teary-eyed Yuulin tells him that is His Majesty’s cute younger brother. “He’s really very, very cute. Do not say that it is ‘inevitable and right’, then give up like this...

...Do not be like that. Calmly becoming lonely [/alone] all by yourself, Your Majesty.” She cries and wishes he do not give up and treats it as something inevitable. Reishou wipes her tears and apologizes for in the end, he made her cry again. “..about the younger brother, the things [/what is happening] these several days ..about me, let’s talk about it a bit slowly, okay? This is the reason I came here today.”

Yuulin mutters, “About you?” Blushing puppy Reishou says, “Yes.” Narration: “The one gazing at me is His Majesty’s expression that is a bit uneasy.” Holding her blushing face, blushing Reishou says, “But, I already don’t have a bit of self-confidence. ..can I properly say it until the end.” Somewhat surprised Yuulin replies, “..yes?” Narration: “Alone in the prison cell [with him], I don’t know when it started...the distance had become incomparably close.”
Comment: And, they are together again. ^^ The way they meet reminds me of some fairy tale type of story wherein the king/prince is surrounded by all sorts of women but he chooses her when she came out ^^ Actually, I think Reishou probably had a mental ‘heart attack’ when he saw her there.

Based on what Yuulin is hinting, he might have thought that she has to resort to becoming a prostitute after all he did to ensure that she is safe and sound, and can go back to her original life. I wonder if it crossed his mind that his most trusted ones had ‘tricked’ him and probably forced Yuulin into that situation.

Good thing that Yuulin immediately assured him that she is okay. It makes me wonder if that ‘anger’ was emitting so it even made Dai and Houen scared of him. ^^;; Actually, I really thought that Suigetsu would have fainted. In a way, he did well for not doing so. Actually, he is probably more scared if he did after what Reishou ordered them to do. =P

Now, why is Reishou there? At first, I would assume that he is also after the Dark merchant but then, he mentioned that his spy isn’t as good as Dai. Could it be that it is not related to the Dark merchant since he doesn’t know that connection with Ranyou..or he already knew? If he did, then shouldn’t he tell Kokuu about it?

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Anyway, if it is also about Ranyou, I guess things turned out okay for they got Iryou. I'm wondering though why his face isn't clearly shown. Is this one a fake or he is not that important? It is nice how everyone is helping Yuulin on this and even willing to help her with Reishou. Of course, I’m sure for Shisei, he has an ulterior motive about it. Still, at least, he finds her ‘harmless’ in a way, not going to cause trouble and he also wants her to be with him.

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As some characters mentioned before, he doesn’t really think of himself/his own happiness. Well, maybe they can find a middle ground on that and get a win-win solution for it. So, what is Gen hinting on? Obviously, Yuulin has misunderstood him and Reishou’s behavior. ^^;;

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