February 5, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 101]

As Yona looks at Zeno’s bloodied coat, Yun asks if everyone is okay. Jeha says that he is already a lot better and it is thanks to the medicine that Kalgan brought. While Yun checks Kija’s forehead, Kija says that even if the medicine is effective, he will really feel a lot better when they return to Kouka. Yun says that even if there is no more fever, their injuries have not healed so better sleep more. Jeha says that fight is really difficult and what makes him regret is Shina obviously took off his mask yet he wasn’t able to see his eyes. Yun says that Shina is very stubborn about that. Kija tells Jeha to quit talking about that for it will perplex Shina. Jeha says that it is because his eyes are unworldly beautiful, isn’t it. Shina denies that it is like that. Jeha goes near Shina and says that is why he wants to confirm it with his own eyes. They were interrupted by Zeno who comments that they are really very lively when obviously they are seriously injured. “That’s very good.” They all stare at him.
Jeha looks at his arm and says that the one who was seriously injured is him. Looking at Zeno’s arm, Yun says that there is no wound or scales. Zeno tells them that after some time passed, his body will go back to normal. He asks if he really cannot die. Zeno affirms it. Yun asks how old he is. Zeno says he is 17 years old. They call him a liar for he said that he can fight for hundreds of years. Zeno says that it is because he doesn’t remember how old he is and it is very troublesome to count. Jeha says that he had lived for a very long time. Kija asks if he is the first generation. Zeno says yes, he is the first yellow dragon who served King Hiryuu. Yona mutters that it is from the legendary era..dragon..he is that person whom the dragon god has bestowed its blood. Zeno says that thing seems to have happened. Ever since before, he is already an ordinary brat who occasionally gets to hear the gods’ voices. Just like that priest.
Yona asks if he always lived like this. Zeno says that after he drank the dragon’s blood, he became an immortal and that is the yellow dragon. Kija asks about his village that he said he came out there earlier on. Zeno says that he came out there earlier on, the village where he was born. But, that is no longer the same as before and if he is referring to a village like the White dragon’s, there was never one. Yona asks if he had always been alone. To their shock, Zeno says that he was married before. He tells them that human life is quite long and of course, he got married but because he doesn’t have a village and he has this kind of physique, he would journey to all sorts of places. He would see a lot of people and dragons, being born and dying, [he also saw either a couple of people whom I don’t know or he is just saying he saw the dumb and the wise], and he is always waiting for the reincarnation of Hiryuu. So, he is waiting for Yona to appear. Yona is surprised that she is the reincarnation of Hiryuu.
Kija exclaims so that’s how it is, is it? Then, how come when Yona is longing for the four dragons, he didn’t immediately show himself. Zeno says that even if it is unpleasant to hear but he is feeling Yona out. He is probing whether or not she can order [/stimulate] the four dragons. Ever since she was banished from the royal city, to the White dragon village, to Blue Dragon village, to that place where Green dragon is and until she left that place. He thinks that she should be okay so he came to see her. Yona says that she doesn’t have that kind of strength so how can she be King Hiryuu. Zeno tells her that Hiryuu is also only an ordinary person. He isn’t saying that she must follow the same path as King Hiryuu for he [Zeno] is only going to follow her at her side, that’s all. Then he stands up and says that no one has questions, okay, so they should end this and go eat. Yun asks if that is all, he lives on just to see Yona and could it be that he doesn’t have anything that he wants to convey to her. Zeno says that it seems that there is..or maybe not.
Haku asks how come he always didn’t mention it. Zeno says that anyway, it doesn’t matter whether he said it or not, since his ability won’t start unless he is seriously injured. Looking up the sky, Jeha comments that Zeno actually got married for he thought that he is the youngest kid among them then suddenly, he is an adult. After Zeno asks what he is looking at, he tells everyone that they should go eat. At night, Zeno is carrying some laundry/blankets and happily saying that it is time to sleep. Kija arrives and wants to carry them. Zeno insists on carrying half of it since Kija is still injured. Kija says that for an old man, this is quite heavy. Zeno goes old man? While walking, Zeno asks what it is. Kija says that he always have this unattainable dream wherein he wanted to meet with the first generation. Zeno says that he realized that dream. Then, he notices Kija looking serious. Kija says that right now that he is in front of his eyes yet he doesn’t know what to say.
The so-called King Hiryuu era, was it a thousand years ago or two thousand years ago..it seems like it was an ancient lifetime ago. Zeno says that he’s exaggerating too much. Kija says that if he were to go to the White dragon village and met with his ancestor, they ought to totally welcome him. No..that isn’t what he wanted to say. Whether it is Shina, Jeha or Zeno, they are obviously the same four dragons but he felt that he grew up in a favorable circumstance. Zeno laughs and says that it isn’t favorable but rather, it is because Kija is very amazing. Until now, the successive generations of White dragons yearns for the king too much that it had become like a vengeful spirit. They would cling on the new White dragon and complain that they didn’t live long enough. But, Kija has the strength and vigor to carry and make them yield to him by telling them that he’ll accomplish their long-cherished wish.
Zeno comments that Kija is totally not polluted by their negative mood and instead made them obey. While Kija cluelessly asks what he is saying, the spirits behind him are quarrelling about don’t crowd around, and don’t trouble Kija or else, they’ll curse him. Zeno says that seeing him made him think of the first generation White dragon because they are both reckless like a wild boar and just move forward. Kija is stunned by that ‘wild boar’ comparison. Zeno says that he clearly knows how much he strived on as if his life depended on it, and struggling until now. Then, Zeno pats Kija’s head. Later on, Zeno crawls in the tent and looks at the sleeping guys. Lying down, he smiles and recalls being called by the dragon god that he will be a dragon warrior. Zeno told the dragon god that he isn’t some outstanding and strong-type of person, so he has no way of becoming a warrior. But, if being like this, he can make the world and everyone become happier, then, bestow upon him the dragon’s blood. Zeno fell asleep and dreamt of the time when they are at war. With many people charging, someone shouts that Hiryuu is in danger.
Flashback: Zeno went in front of Hiryuu when blood splattered on his face. White just clawed through the attacker’s body. White shouts for them to retreat. Then, a few of the attackers suddenly collapse. And, Blue also promptly collapse after using his eye power. Zeno went to him and asked if he is alright. Blue said that he is hindrance. Then, another man is about to attack. Zeno bent down to protect Blue when a spear stabbed through the man’s chest. As blood splattered on Zeno, Green told Blue that he is the hindrance for he always become paralyzed after using his power. He told Blue to go back home. White shouted for Green to concentrate on fighting. Green told him to shut up and don’t order him around. Zeno saw the blood on the ground and felt like vomiting. Then, Hiryuu told Zeno to stay behind him for he absolutely won’t let him get hurt. Zeno looked at Hiryuu in surprise. And this is the starting point of the bonds between Hiryuu and the four dragon warriors who have the dragon blood.
Comment: I know that it is just for the front cover but I’m curious what Yona is thinking while looking at that bloodied cloth because obviously, Zeno is still alive. Is she thinking of how to laundry it? Is she thinking that their budget will have a dent because they will have to buy new clothes for him? =P So, it is already confirmed that he is the first yellow dragon, and he was probably around 17 years old then. He seems to be the youngest one then but now, he is the oldest =P And, we will probably have a lot more of those ‘you are actually old/treat him like an old man’ jokes later on. He has an ability to occasionally talk with the gods. In a way, maybe it is because of that, he was bestowed with immortality. The way he is ‘called’ for the mission reminds me of Bible stories when prophets are called by God. ^^ The awful thought that I had here is, since they are all protecting him and Hiryuu, could it be that he learned of his power when it is too late to use it to save/help Hiryuu? His power will only manifest after he got heavily injured. And probably, thanks to living for a long time, he had become easy going like this especially after witnessing the history of people for such a long time.

So, Yona is the reincarnation so why does Hiryuu kind of look like Haku? ^^;; Maybe it is just the drawing like how Kalgan looks a bit like Haku. Hehe, Weird though that they didn’t ask if Zeno got children when they learned that he was married before. Maybe they ‘died’ out after hundreds of years. So, Yona is free to do whatever she wants with the dragons so there is no ‘following Hiryuu’s destiny’ thing. Ah, is that good or is that bad? Well, since Hiryuu is an ordinary person I guess I shouldn’t be expecting any ‘power awakening’ from Yona. ^^; Unless, it is different with her because their gender is different like compensation for lack of physical strength =P I assume that Hiryuu is strong to say that to Zeno though I’m not sure how strong he is. Those vengeful WD spirits made me think of the cuter ones in SB! Anyway, the magazine finally corrected their numbering of the chapter so I changed it back again. ^^;; Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Im always curios how Hiryuu died.

    1. Maybe it will be known soon, buen. ^^

    2. In the Anime version, they explained that Hiryuu was tired and decided to lay down and die, very much like the death of Aragorn in LOTR. The anime is very good, and sticks very close to the manga. You can view the picture of Hiryuu's death in the 1st opening sequence, or watch the episodes. The mangaka could go a different direction, but I am curious.

    3. He still looked really young when he died though. It makes me wonder if the whole "Dragons don't have a long lifespan besides from YD" will apply to Yona too. Or maybe she will die as soon as her purpose on earth is fulfilled because that seems to be what happened with Hiryuu at the end

    4. I think that is so, Anonymous. He did mention that Hiryuu is an ordinary person/human and so is Yona. Though I'm not sure if he immediately die after accomplishing the purpose, and it will be the same for Yona. From chapter 1, she looks fine..and the one who has a 'death flag' is Haku.

    5. I think Su-Won has a death flag....

  2. The big big mystery for me now is how did Zeno meet Suwon? Did he meet him during his travel or someone he knew who became reincarnated? It's very big question mark for me during the chapter he seemed to recognize Suwon.

    Btw, thanks for the wonderful summary kat!

    1. Ah, if Zeno knew about Yona being banished from the capital and he has been following her around. He ought to know who Suwon is especially if he is there when Yona met Suwon after the 'meeting Green dragon arc'. If not, maybe there is a different reason like what you mentioned ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. Thanks for the chapter you are great kat ;)
    By the way i didn't respond to the comment on fate/stay night because i had an emergency well sort of ,the thing is that my sister in law got sick and so i had to take care of my 7 month old nephew and i'm dead tired taking care of a baby is one hell of a job and he doesn't even sleep at night so right now i look like someone who went through 7 years of war instead of just a week .Since right now he is sleeping and i have some peace i wanted to comment on the new chapter of AnY

    YESSSSSSSSSS i knew it that zeno was the first and above all that he was somehow testing Yona to see if she was worthy i guess of the dragons or being hiryuu .But i didn't think of him following her anyway i knew that he was the first yellow dragon and yona was the reincarnation of red dragon but it feels really great to see it comfirmed ^^
    So let's start with the beginning yona staring zeno's coat ,she was probably thinking something along the lines of " i"m so weak bla bla bla i can't protect those important to me bla blah " the same usual boring blah blah that she did so many times .

    Zeno was married O_O i didn't see that one coming how weird because no matter how old he is ,and how wise he seems to be at time i can't help but see him as a kid so him being actually married is really hard to imagine .
    I didn't really care about the talk between zeno and white but it is true that the vengful spirits part is very funny it is kind of like with SB except kyouko's vengful spirits are way cuter ;)

    Yona is the reincarnation i wonder why did that shock her ? why did she think the dragons went with her ? because she was cute ...anyway it seems like zeno unlike the others went with her because he choose to and i think it is like i said he didn't awaken with yona because she isn't really his king .
    Now the flashback yessss that's what i wanted to see how it all began , just to get his out of the way i think the current dragons look way better than the first generation .Also it seems like they got along way better then they did in the past ,but i think that's just in the beginning but based on what was said in the end it seems like there will be stronger bonds between them .I really hope the flashback will continue even after hiryuu's death so we get to know more about the past and understand more about the prophecy , if zeno is the shield and the past sword is revealed it may give us a clue as to who the current sword is HAKKKKKK at least i hope it will be that way . By the way since zeno wore his headband even in the past i'm pretty the thing attached to it was given either by red or one of the dragons and yeah i'm also certain that the reason he keep his distance with the group is because his friends died and he still remain same thing goes with his current friends .
    I'm very happy with this chapter i can't wait to find more about the past because if they switch to the present i'm so gonna be pissed .Now after the end of this arc i hope we get to know who the sword is ,it is hak it has to be hak .I wonder how will yona react since now she knows who she is truly and i guess yona won't have any power , here i thought her haki was her actual power but it seems like it isn't the case ,she is just badass LOL
    Now the last point he looks like hak ,that was also what i thought but then i looked again doesn't he look more like suwon and that would explain zeno's reaction ,zeno didn't react like that when he saw hak or it may just be the art like with baby hak ,since they are back in kouka it means they won't meet suwon at least i hope they won't .I can't wait for the next chapter i hope the flashback will continue and it will answer our questions .
    I need to go it is night here , i want to sleep a bit before that little monster wakes up oops i mean my adorable nephew .

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Oh, so you were busy. No problem. Good luck with babysitting ^^

      Yup. Hehe, for me, well, it seems to be already a 'fact' before the confirmation. ^^;; Lol, the way we were discussing it before. Lol..given her nature, that is probably what she is thinking.

      Ya..and what would that be like. Maybe a side story about Zeno's married life later on. I would agree though, that part doesn't seem to be that important..filler?

      True..and I thought it is already known to her. ^^;; Hm..good point. And he did mention that he is just going to 'follow her around'. Ah..got nothing to do since he already saw Hiryuu's reincarnation. ^^;; So might as well hang out with them?

      Based on physical looks, yes..and in a way, the current dragons 'look' younger. Except for Zeno and Blue, they look 'rough'. I guess suitable to be with Hiryuu. I mean imagine if it is the current ones with him...it doesn't look right? Based on the blurb on the official page, from the kanji that I can read, for the next chapter, it will still be about the past. 'Yellow dragon something past something talk'. So, maybe we'll know more in the next chapter ^^

      That is possible since during his talk with the dragon, he isn't wearing the bandana. Is that so..that is possible..ah, aside from the fact, I think, that they will 'die later on' anyway so do not be too attached and become sad?

      Hopefully ^^ And, thinking about it now, I wonder what Zeno really thought upon learning that Hiryuu's reincarnation is a girl/pampered spoiled princess. So, maybe no wonder he wants to feel her out first. ^^;;

      Hm..I don't think they are in Kouka yet because of what Kija said that he'll feel better if they are there. Somehow, I think that there might be some sort of goodbye scene with Kalgan like how it was with the others they met before. Ah, true..probably Suwon. Though I'm wondering if Zeno knew who Suwon is because he was following Yona around. Yona did met with Suwon at the 'meet Green dragon arc'. Is it possible that he saw them? I'm thinking that he knew who Suwon is since during the water tribe arc, he told Yona to focus on who is her current enemy when they were teaming up with Suwon. Anyway, if it wasn't that, maybe he is a reincarnation of Hiryuu enemy or something. Ah, maybe Suwon can look like Hiryuu since they are kind of 'blood related', right? Since they are from Hiryuu's blood line?

      Yup. Take care and good luck again ^^

    2. Thanks ^^
      Yup we already had clues that he was the first ,then he comfirmed it when he said YD is immortal but it is so nice to see it comfirmed in the manga .
      Yup ,i think she may do it as a side story and i hope she does because i can't picture him with a wife .
      Ya ,that's how it seems to be .I mean he followed hiryuu because he was his king he did it out of duty while for yona it is more like i will go with you to see what you do with yourself and the dragons .
      True ,the current dragons are kind of soft compared to the first generations and if they were with hiryuu i don't think that would work since that period was a period of war .So it is okay to be rough .Is that so ? that's great i want to see how their relationships will evolve ,how hiryuu will die ,clues about the prophecy ,how they established kouka that kind of stuff .I really hope this flashback answer some questions .
      Ya that's what i think he doesn't want to get attached to them because they will die and he won't .
      True ,i think if he was spying on her and saw how spoiled she was he got worried and no wonder he felt like he should test her first to see if she was worthy of the dragons .

      Ooops i thought they were already in kouka ,so there is still a chance to meet suwon T_T well if zeno actually reveal why he reacted to suwon then it is okay i guess . Well if he was hiryuu's enemy i mean a reincarnation then i think zeno would've reacted in a more hostile way yet he didn't .It seems like he was okay with suwon so that's why i'm thinking it is because he looks like hiryuu but then again it maybe just the art .Well it was said that the ones who are from hiryuu's bloodline are the fire tribe and yona and suwon are from sky ,so it 's either yona and suwon are adopted or there is something fishy about the country history which i hope will be explained in the flashback .
      By the way since zeno can hear the voices of god maybe that's why when suwon had that meeting we saw zeno looking at the horizon he heard something maybe ...

    3. Yup, hopefully, we get to know more to answer our questions..though, even if we knew, the big problem is still what Yona wants to do with her life and the dragons.

      Ya..they might still meet Suwon. That's right..if he is the reincarnation, it would be a more violent but then, maybe he is thinking he is the reincarnation but not exactly the 'same person'. Just like with what he mentioned regarding Hiryuu and Yona. Somehow, it does make one think, so what's the point of being reincarnated if it isn't something about 'unfinished business/regrets, etc'. ^^; Just to have the same 'weapons/dragon's for some other purpose? Or, Zeno is making Yona think that she has 'free will'.

      Oh, that's right. I somewhat recall that is Fire general's basis to become the king.

      Possible..in a way, he is feeling something..and Yona is also feeling something.

    4. Exactly and i feel like this will not be answered .
      You know these days i just finished zetsuen no tempest i know the anime was out years ago but you know that sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the manga and anime that comes out .Well what i liked is how hakaze and aika both said yeah we are the two most powerful people in the world but truth to be told is we don't care what happen to the world or the civilization .
      We will fight for yoshino's sake and plus mahiro for aika and i really liked that i mean , does it truly make sense for yona to try so hard for the people and visit city after city .you know if she said i'm doing this for hak (i mean collecting the dragons) yes it is selfish but somehow it make more sense to try your best for someone who has always been there for you and for someone you love than for a lot of people whom you don't know .
      I didn't want to talk about this because we talked about yona 's goal over and over again . Yeah she is the princess but so was hakaze whose duty was much more important yet i liked how she picked the man she loved over the fate of the world and yeah i'm gonna save the world but i do it for him i thought that was rather nice ,it doesn't make sense for yona to try to save people she doesn't know ,who won't even remember her just because she is the princess of the country .
      At the end of the day her "goal" of saving everybody is noble and all but it is so boring and you can't really relate to it , i mean if you think about it from a real world perspective if someone in the street is getting beaten up , i wouldn't go help that person i would be too scared i may call the cops and bail but if it 's someone i know and i care about then i will butt in even if i get beaten up too at least that's the way i see it . Anyway enough with the goal stuff it is pretty obvious she doesn't have one ,it is a pity but that's just the way it is .

      I really hope they don't cross fingers but if like i said it will push zeno to reveal what he knows about suwon then it is okay .Not a violent reaction but at least if suwon indeed look like hiryuu's enemy he would've shown some hostile reaction but he didn't in fact it looked like he was encouraging yona into working with him that's why i think he looks like hiryuu or let's hope it is like you said he somehow saw him kill the king and that's why he reacted that way .As long as suwon doesn't have any part in the prophecy then it 's okay because again kat the dude never interracted with the gang nor was he shown to be a sword or a shield to yona (yeah he somehow protected her during the water arc but who cares) so if the author makes him a part of the prophecy i would pissed because of the reasons i stated and of course because i hate him .
      Very good point usually when there is reincarnation it means the orginal had unfinished business . Like with naruto the brothers thing .But in here what ...the dragons continued to be reborn waiting for hiryuu to be reborn to do what ? Restore peace but the way i see it ,yona and co didn't accomplish that much ,yeah they saved people and blah blah blah but at the end of the day what they did doesn't amount to much .
      By the way ,i read quite a good theory about how the priests were chased by suwon's dad because they had a prophecy about how suwon shouldn't be king because he will cause havoc in the land something like that and maybe that's another reason why yona's dad didn' t want him to be king .

    5. Lol..sofia. I know. I still have a lot of pending stuff to read and watch. The arc of hxh you mentioned is still in my computer..waiting to be watched. ^^;; Anyway, you are right, it is easier to fight for someone we directly know and care about rather than people we don't. Of course, there is also that 'guilt' thing which supposedly because of how people suffered, etc because of her father thing. And, as I mentioned before, normally, one won't care for the people/country when they couldn't care less what happened to her father or her. Like, so he's dead and she's missing..so what, continue with our lives. Even those who knew what happened and had seen her alive.

      I see. Lol, I know what you mean. But then, thinking about it, would it be a big deal if Suwon looks like Hiryuu or they are related? Thinking of it more, Zeno already said that Yona is the reincarnation. So, if he does look like with Suwon or related, will it affect the plot? And in what way?

      Yup..they are just helping people around. Basically, it isn't in a grand scale and I'm assuming what Hiryuu tried/had accomplished is something really huge that it became a 'legend'.

      Possible..though I thought you are going to say, Suwon's father won't be king. ^^; Reminds me of Reimei no Arcana. But then, since Yona's father became king already, how come the priests didn't go back...ah, I guess they don't trust royalty anymore?

    6. It isn't that it is easier but it makes more sense to fight for people you know ,people you love and people with whom you have a history .Fighting for strangers like you said don't give a damn about wether you die or live is too much ,i get it the author want to portray her as a princess with a big heart and blah blah blah but come on this is too much . Ya she is doing it because she feels like she has to redeem her father's mistakes i guess and that's a lame reason .

      Well the thing is that whenever i read yona i always have this hateful feeling that suwon will play somehow a role in the prophecy and the mere thought makes me mad so if he end up looking like hiryuu i feel like this will prove my feeling right .

      Exactly and all what they are doing won't have any lasting results on the country ,to make it simple she is wasting her time .Yup and i can't wait to see it ,i'm looking forward to this flashback and i hope it won't be just fluff about how they became friends but actual clues about the prophecy and history being revealed .

      Well based on what suwon said or it was a flashback i don't remember his dad was okay for not being chosen .But i dont believe it cause his old man looked to be super evil ,so i thought maybe he was okay for not being king but his son had to become king and maybe yona learned of the prophecy and refused suwon as king or like i said before maybe they are siblings .

      By the way you mentioned that zeno learned of his powers when it was too late and he failed to protect hiryuu i think that you maybe right i mean zeno always said something along the lines of i'm the ugly duckling of the four dragons so maybe that's why he think of himself as a loser

      By the way today i got my freedom back ,done with babysitting but i feel really bad i think i may have caught a cold as well

    7. Ya..and I'm also thinking that, it is because she is being a 'responsible' princess now. Maybe you can count in no longer 'self-centered' as character development. I say responsible because she realized her position? Okay, that would be weird for she is no longer in any powerful position. ^^;; Well, even if it is lame, it is her reason to go helping people all over the place. Technically, right now, there is no threat to Haku or the 4 dragons unless they go joining wars/fights.

      Hehe, I see.

      Wasting time..I won't go far to say that since she did help them a bit..even if it is kind of temporary. Like, at least the drug addicts are stopped, some people got treated and with Yun's help, get to grow some food on their own at fire tribe, women are no longer sold as slaves, etc. But I know what you mean...lasting/long term results will help a lot than what they are currently doing.

      True..though I think there might be more fluff...okay, maybe not, since Hiryuu looks like a serious guy unless he has a 'split personality' like Suwon.

      Ah, that's a good point, maybe he realized that his son should be king because he disapproves of Yona's father later on, and where he is leading the country towards to..and he would most probably pick someone with the same pacifist policy. Surely, there is a falling out between those the brothers. Ah..but she now thinks that Suwon is the king that the country needs and she doesn't exactly disapprove of it except for the war thing.

      Oh, he did. Well, it ought to be really awful if that really happened. You know what, I'm thinking that since Zeno is an immortal, he can do a lot of things to improve the country like befriending the heirs and changing their 'perspective', training them etc, rather than just going around traveling the world. Since he did not, I guess he doesn't really care anymore. He also didn't force/persuade Yona to do something similar to it like for the country stuff. Like what you mentioned, he is only loyal to Hiryuu and who cares about the rest...maybe after seeing so many kingdoms rise and fall. Right now, he is just hanging out with them to pass his time. What do you think?

      Oh..hope you didn't. Rest up and take care ^^ If you did, get well soon ^^

    8. Well ,all what you said is true and even she is now a "responsible" princess she doesn't have the awarness of a leader i guess because if she truly want to make things better for the whole kingdom she needs to sit on the throne .Yeah she isn't king material that's very obvious but zeno who is very old can help her out and there is hak's gramps + the dragons and hak and even that priest .So i think she is just fooling herself when she said what i want to do i can't do it from within the castle .Look at suwon not only is he trying to restore the country strength but he is also visiting the tribes to see how they are doing .Well we already talked about this many times ,so there is no need to go deeper ^^

      Yes , the country need to be changed from it's core not just the surface and since she is supposed to be king hiryuu 2.0 and like you said the original king did impressive stuff to become a legend which is more than you can say about yona who is very underwhelming .

      I hope not i want some real reveal and not just fluff .

      Ya that's what i think but somehow i have a feeling that the author won't touch upon the brothers mattter . Yes facepalm if she just thought that suwon was good king that would be okay because he is (even if he is still a bastard for all the reasons we talked about in previous chapter) but she seems to think he is good even as a person because she always tries to justify what he did .

      I thought of the exact same thing ,i mean even if he didn't reveal himself to the royal family he could've helped out the dragons seeing how their lives were horrible .Ya , i guess now he is just a bystander since his era and king are long gone ,plus it is like you said after seeing the fall and rise of many kingdoms he became jaded i guess .So now he is with these kids to see what they will do with themselves if they will go down the same path as hiryuu and co or not .

      Thanks ^^ well i started taking medcine before my health got worse so i'm not that sickly but i don't feel good either and i miss my nephew :( it was very tiresome to take care of him but now that he is gone i miss his cute face but oh well i can visit him anytime i want ^^

    9. True...and as they say, If you want to do it, you will find the ways and means to do it. And, if you don't want to do something, you got a lot of excuses. =P

      Indeed.. Hehe, I guess we got high expectations on her since she is obviously the reincarnation of a great man.

      Ya...though when she seems him, she does that glare thing. Is she just being confused whether to hate the guy or admire him..or the mangaka is just being inconsistent. I mean, she would look at the hairpin that way, then, she is glaring at him..then in the next arc, she is thinking of 'what if her father didn't die' and he is fighting with Haku. ^^;;

      Ya..something like 'he is from the past' do not interfere with the present/future. So, the point of his living has been accomplished..now, he just keep on happy go lucky living like that forever? No purpose/goal? He must be totally optimistic to not get bored at all or get tired with that kind of life.

      Ah, maybe lack of sleep weakened your body? Anyway, take care ^^ Hehe..yup, especially if you live nearby ^^

    10. Exactly ,you know i have no doubt that yona want to try her best for the sake of the people (no matter what the reason maybe) but i also have no doubt that she is making a lot of excuses not to face suwon .

      Yup ,not only that but because this manga is actually pretty good had the author used her material in a more intelligent way .

      No i think she isn't confused more trying to act tough and cool with her glares and how she told him what are you planning and blah blah all that in a cold manner but for example when he saved her she looked all flustered and there is what zeno said .There is that damn hairpin and of course how she told hak in an almost envious tone "you really understand suwon" and how she imagined him fighting with hak it pisses me off everytime i remember it .Is the author inconsistent ? yes i believe she is i mean i 'm certain that suwon is still in her heart but the way she behave everytime she sees him cold and then hot it is like pick one either she is hostile to him or friendly not both . I mean the she shoudl've moved on from suwon ages ago

      Exactly ,since he didn't really help all the past generations and isn't really helping the current one so what's his point ? being the cheer leader during battles ???I don't see the point of yona being red king 2.0 neither do i see the point of zeno being immortal ,if he at least tried to guide the group and share his wisdom but he doesn't so what's the point .

      Ya that made me weak and i got sick :( i do live nearby ^^

    11. I agree...and it is quite disappointing for she got really good material here and an excellent 'leading man'.

      True..somehow, I wonder if the mangaka wants to still have a 'love triangle' of some sort even after what had happened. ^^;


      I see ^^

    12. True ,that's a shame but what can we do except hope that the author won't ruin the manga further at least regarding hak .

      I think so ,because after all what happened for yona to still be into suwon it makes no sense ,not only does it hurt her character growth when she is drooling over him but it also prevent any possible growth in the relationship between her and hak .So what's the point .

      Yup but since i'm talking to you i'm not that sick just feel like crap ^^

    13. Ah, true...just imagine the rage if Haku dies and Suwon lives.

      Ya...it was okay at first since she is probably in shock/in denial..but after all this time, it does seem odd... Actually, if I were to base things on real life, Haku's reaction is more natural. It makes one think, whose father was killed, Haku's or Yona's. ^^; Of course, Haku's anger might also stem from the betrayal as his friend.


    14. OMG it would be beyond rage at least for me if hak end up dying . I mean it would make no sense and would be really unfair after all he went through he deserves to be happy .

      Yup ,at the start it was easy to accept because she was still in denial but now after her supposed "character growth" it is unbearable to watch because she could've started a romance between hak and yona ages ago yet she is pushing this distasteful love triangle .

      Yup we talked about this before . unlike yona ,hak was never in denial he faced reality of suwon's betrayal from the start and i think his rage is because he killed the king (yup makes you wonder whose father got killed ...sigh )
      and we have seen loved the king .Also ,because he hurt yona deeply and of course because he betrayed his trust and we have seen that hak valued suwon greatly even to the point of not fighting for yona 's love as long as both were happy and at the end of the day he just crushed all the bonds the three of them had ,yet it seems like all that went over yona's head facepalm .

      So yeah his reaction makes more sense than yona's

    15. Ya..sofia..that's why it would be the rage/beyond rage if that happens.

      That's right. And, she was even the one who saw it with her two own eyes.

    16. Oh well i doubt the author will have the guts to kill her most popular character

      Yup that's why most of the time when readers / characters go gaga over yona i on the other hand can only facepalm.

    17. True, sofia. If she did, I'm sure the editors might stop her from doing it. =P Thinking about it, was there ever a mangaka who killed of his/her most popular 'no. 1' character?

    18. Nope though there are some manga where i hoped the main guy would die and that's bleach and naruto .

    19. Hehe..is that so. Is AoT still included? The ones you hate last chapter seem to have kind of redeemed themselves. We'll talk more when MS is out.

    20. Well i did see the english version i have mixed feelings so i will wait for MS version

    21. It's out.

      By the way, I think I can understand why you don't like Mediolas..like in the anime when they are going to kill that holy knight-demon..he hesitated because he knows the guy but Ban didn't for he knows that it is for the best if they defeat a rampaging monster. I thought, luckily Ban is immortal or what would Mediolas do if he isn't. That hesitation can cost his comrade's life. Growther is a bit weird. ^^;; I guess total lack of social skills?

      Oh, have you read the latest Ao no Exorcist? I find Lucifer really lame to act cool to kill that scientist then started coughing blood and looking ill. ^^;; His assistant is right, for someone like that scientist, he shouldn't be wasting his time and energy to personally kill that guy. And, I thought the scientist is going to be some experiment like what he did to the others especially since he is in that form.

    22. Yup ,i just read it and well here is what i have mixed feelings about .It didn't seem like Historia was playing her dad from the beginning but it seem like she started using her brains at the last minute and when she remembered yimir she sent her dad flying which really was nice (by the way she is quite strong to threw him like that ) so yeah it is like she did good but the fact that she changed her mind at the last minute is very meh .Do i still hate her ? i guess my hatred decreased but doesn't mean i love her . But at least she isn't like that sorry excuse of a main character , i don't even want to rage anymore he really is lame and it is shame for such a great manga to have a main lead like that .

      Look like rod was lying from the start which was obvious and he indeed could turn into a titan i guess he was way too scared to do it .So now it will be eren vs rod hoping that eren will be eaten and i think he will gain the ability to harden his skin since armor or something like that was written on the bottle so maybe next time eren's titan form will evolve .
      You know the only moment i thought eren was cool was when he carried the boulder but even that is now lame when you see how he is behaving .

      I still hope we will get a three way fight between mikasa levi and kenny .

      Yup that's one of the main reason ,i mean he is clearly op yet the one he behave with all this kindness thing is very lame .Also ,i'm not a fan of his "love" with elizabeth .I admit he is very strong but still i don't like his character .

      Ban on the other hand he is very cool , and just like meliodas he cares a lot but he know how the get the job done .

      Yeah Gowther is weird and very creep ,yup it seems like he has no emotion i don't know what he is ,it hasn't been revealed but i know for sure he isn't human .

      Yes i have and it was indeed lame for the strongest of the demon kings to take care of that filth but i did enjoy seeing him get killed ^^ and look like shima didn't betray the gang , i never thought he actually did but with his poker face it is hard to deal

      and yeah the best demon /character we have seen so far is mephisto i love him + shura of course and i really like mephisto interractions with angel .

    23. No..she did just started to use her brains at the last minute and remembers Ymir. Well, she had gone through intense training for like two years..and he is just sitting around and making himself fat. Lol..of course, it cannot turn into love..just something like, somewhat redeem herself from becoming a 'puppet'.

      Ya..I guess the mangaka is somewhat going for realism since an emo kid will have fluctuating emotions. As I mentioned to you before, being emo can be good and bad. Emo like he was so angry that he can do anything. Of course, it is the same if it is the opposite. Here, the kid is in a guilt trip and felt that others can do a better job without sacrificing so many people for him. Also, the mangaka tends to show flaws of the characters like with Erwin, suddenly starting to have doubts. Or rather..no one is perfect.

      Because of the choice that Levi mentioned, does it mean that if Eren did become a titan or something, something bad might also be the outcome? Ya..it seems to be that kind of ability..though I guess that is a super 'power up' medicine. ^^; So, it wasn't something one is trained for, etc..but rather, something that is drunk? With that, I'm sure they now have the means to plug the hole at the first wall...well, aside from ordering some titan to be part of the wall.

      Lol..so you rather want Rod to win? Ya..most probably, or he just wants to be the 'king'. From what Kenny mentioned, I guess Rod couldn't control being a titan. For now, a three way fight is a bit impossible since they will have to survive first from being caved inside there. I actually have a feeling that they might team up for survival purposes.

      That is also one other thing. With Elizabeth blushing and comparing that she is the same with that other dead girl whom Mediolas have a thing for, that is when I realize that they might actually be a 'couple'. Hehe, and I thought you don't like him because he has a thing for someone like Elizabeth. ^^;;

      Ah, now that you mention it, perhaps he is indeed not human. He obviously isn't a fairy either..not sure if he's a demon..nor a giant. Is there any other types of creatures in their world?


      Ah, and there weren't much of them lately. For me, I'm actually interested in Yukio. ^^; Because unlike Rin, he worked things out and isn't too dumb. And kind of powerful even without a power. I just hope he doesn't end up lame/pathetic like the anime ending. I also like Shura. Mephisto..kind of funny though I guess he is okay.

    24. That's why i have mixed feelings about her but i guess she did a good job in this chapter .

      True and don't get me wrong i like how nobody is perfect in AoT and i understand what she is trying to do with eren but like i said this is by no means the time for doubts and regrets or whatever .It is do or die ,hoping it is the latter for eren .

      Like another death ? i dont see anyone dying now maybe when they go to the basement .Ya if he doesn't breakdown in tears and decide to get the job done .

      Yes i want him to have eren as dinner . You think levi will agree to a team up with kenny ? well as long as there is cool fighting and it is done well i don't mind .

      I hate him for his personality and because he has a thing for elizabeth ^^ i truly believe that his powers are wasted on him . Well even now in the manga it isn't clear if meliodas has a thing for her because she looks like his dead ex or because he likes her for herself .He is very mysterious .

      Well what he is ,i have no idea it wasn't revealed in the manga . There are humans ,demons ,fairies ,giants ,wizards ,goddesses (we have never seen them though ) but gowther is none of them so what he is ????

      Well the one thing i don't like about yukio is how he always try to be the good guy ,mature adult and blah blah blah when there are a lot of things that are eating him like his crush on shiemi ,his hatred/love for his bro ,the demon eyes he awakened .He tries too hard to keep up the good guy act that i grew bored of his character .

      Rin is already pathetic for being satan's son i mean they shoudl've put ciel or oga as his son they would've been a better job ,about yukio no idea where he will go from now on i do hope he will turn a little bit bad boy and see his poker face shatter . I like him because it seems like he is playing everybody and has an agenda of his own .

    25. Indeed..but I'm thinking being human, well, doubts, regrets, etc do happen even at the worst possible moment..especially as soldiers, it can be fatal. And of course, these are youngsters who have just graduated so I don't really expect them to be as awesome and experienced as Levi and well, Mikasa is special because of her bloodline. Of course, being emo than normal can be quite bad if it is negative emo at a very crucial moment. Well, if it happens to Eren, I think it will be at the near end.

      Well, if Eren let things be, they might be all dead with the place caving in. But then, if Eren does turn into titan and fight it out or do something..the outcome might be bad like someone accidentally getting stepped on or something. ^^; So, he must be thinking, at least, if he didn't turn titan, it won't be his fault. Thinking about it, it seems that Eren isn't quite ready to shoulder the responsibility of deaths on his shoulders especially if it is because of him and especially if the deaths kept on increasing. It almost make me wonder if Levi has some favoritism with him since he seems to be quite lenient with Eren, compared to the others, when he is telling Eren about what to do, that it is his choice. ^^;; Well, compared to how he talked with Historia before. Anyway, maybe Eren will go back into form after they do some pep talk on him...or rather, he has calm down a bit.

      Hm..I guess even if he is lame-emo-weakwilled like that, it is easier to relate to him than say, boy soldier who is devoid of emotions and feelings kind of like growther is...or like a robot. Of course, those types get the job done.

      Hehe, okay. So, Eren will be titan food for the 3rd time? Yes, this isn't the time to be picky whom to team up with, if survival is the priority. Just watch his back. =P Well, maybe there will be fighting in the next chapter..not sure if the humans will join in though.

      Oh, I see.

      Well, I can somewhat understand that about Yukio because he got an idiot twin brother so somehow has to be the mature one kind of thing...have to do the right thing, etc. Kind of like an older brother. I admit that I don't like his crush with shiemi. ^^;

      Lol..somehow, I think Rin is kind of based on a Naruto-type of character. Have you seen the anime? In the anime, it was like Satan choosing Yukio instead of Rin, and became a bad guy, then Rin, iirc, gives Yukio a talk no jutsu and everything is okay. Lol, I just skip around this part since it isn't based on the manga anymore. That is an anime-only thing and I really hope that lame kind of thing won't happen in the manga. ^^;;

      Ah yes..kind of like a good guy and not a bad guy.

    26. That's true and like i told you before i really like the fact that the characters have this human side to them .But come on eren is a failure as a main lead and to me that's very obvious it is like he talks big and when the moment come to act he breaks down .

      True and that's the reason why he always doubt himself ,he doesn't have what it takes to shoulder all those who died while people like levi clearly have the power to do so and still move forward .It is like when his squad was killed he was clearly shocked but he didn't breakdown and formed a new team to reach their goal .

      Maybe he does ^^ levi should beat him up like he did when he was in trial but at the end of the day for someone so emo and weak willed his doesn't deserve his titan powers .

      Yes that's what i believe characters like eren even if they are annoying you can relate to them but you said those guys don't get the job done ,oh well in shouen they do but it is usually with speeches and random powerup .

      I hope he will and let rod digest him for good now .That's true when it is about sruvival you will even team up with your worst enemy .

      I know ,but just for once he should just say what he wants to say ,speak his mind pour out his soul because it feel like he is gonna explode at some point and it isn't gonna be pretty even shura told him it is people like you that get taken over by demons . First of all i don't like shiemi and i don't like anyone falling for her . By the way i kind of like bon ^^

      That's true even without seeing the anime ,i did see it and it was lame because the last thing i wanna see in a manga inovling satan is talk no jutsu .

    27. Ya, I agree...I would indeed prefer a lead who inspires me..or is cool, etc. If it is a flawed lead character/s...liking/admiring them is a bit difficult.

      Lol..well, I guess that makes what Reiner said as true. Eren is really the 'bad candidate' to have the titan powers. I guess it helps in making things intense with the series since Eren is unpredictable especially his emotions, etc. So, we aren't sure if he'll pull things off..or more deaths will ensue.

      True..he is locking things up within himself. So, I'm thinking that it is a set-up wherein he'll explode in the worst possible time. Hm..in a way, it is kind of like Izumo. I also kind of like Bon.


    28. Well i like almost all the characters in AoT even jean ,sasha ,armin ...etc because each one of them struggled with their own problems and with "might have to kill humans to save humanity" and they made it through .Eren on the other hand he goes back and forth and at the end of the day i can't help but notice that he is all talk and nothing more and it's so very lame .

      That's true with eren you don't know if he will screw things up or make it through but most of the time he does fail and needs to be saved .

      Yup that's what i think and i hope not but i have a feeling satan may take his body over or he will go dark side by himself .

    29. I see.

      Yup...somehow I'm hoping he breaks the 'damsel in distress' trend but then, it seems that the mangaka prefers that. ^^;

    30. Ya sadly it seems like this will be eren's role till the end .

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    1. Hehe..sangataa..so it might be Suwon, huh. Crossed my mind but I'm too lazy to look for comparisons and just type up the first guy I thought. =P

      Indeed ^^

      True but it seems that he has become 'easy going' for he doesn't seem to be that depressed or cursed his immortality. Maybe, after so many years, I presume that he came to accept it.

      Hm..maybe. I know you want a 'happy ending' type though it got me wondering what is the purpose of the dragons/Hiryuu. Before, and like what Zeno mention, 'make people and world happier' or 'peace'-type of thing. If it is like that, I think 'how things are' will keep on happening unless, there is just some unfinished business by Hiryuu and there will be no longer any need for the dragons or Hiryuu's reincarnation.

      You're welcome ^-^

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    And for sure we need to know more about Hiryuu and Zeno's life .

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^


      Ohh...that's a good point. Well, I also originally thought that it is like that, she become queen but from how things are going..it doesn't seem to be going that way.


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      Ah..if you based it on HtY magazine's wrong numbering before, yes, it is 102. But actually, it should be 101..they have already corrected it because they made a mistake before by counting Kija's side story as a chapter. Chapter 95 was missing before.

  7. I don't think Zeno had children. The way he made it sound is that he left to wander after a few years of being married. Probably because his then wife realized that he wasn't aging. I mean not being able to grow old with your spouse sounds very upsetting. So he left as to probably not aggravate her more.

    I think the reason why Yona was just looking at his bloodied clothes like that is because she realized that while convenient, a immortal life doesn't sound all that good. Zeno may be acting like he doesn't care he is immortal, but I have a feeling he may partly regret it just isn't openly showing it, we have seen he is not beyond not being very honest with the others

    1. Is that so.

      True..and maybe she was thinking of that.

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