January 31, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 62-64]

Chapter 62: And, Tei Yuulin, originally the Wolf king’s working consort, had currently infiltrated in the mansion of His Majesty’s younger brother, An Ryukou. While sweeping at the courtyard, Yuulin thinks that the relationship between His Majesty and his younger brother is very complicated. “I want to see what kind of feelings [the younger brother] have so I came here..

...*other servants are praising Yuulin for being serious with her work* After coming here, I only have seen him once. *bumped into Ryukou before* Afterwards, I would just sweep everyday.. What should I do..” Looking at the vast courtyard, Ryukou appears from the bushes and calls out to Yuuka [<- Yuulin’s false name] if she is convenient right now. Yuulin is surprised for she didn’t think that Ryukou himself will go to her.

Sweatdropping Yuulin asks if something is the matter. Ryukou says that the other servants told him that Yuuka came from the royal capital. “Afterwards, there is something that I want to talk with you.” Yuulin mentally squeals that he’s so cute and he seems to be a bit like puppy king. Yuulin smiles and says that she is currently free now. Before Ryukou can say something, his mother calls out to him and asks what he is doing in this place. “It is almost study time. Do not make On-sensei wait.”
Ryukou says, yes, mother-sama. He looks at Yuulin and tells her to wait for him. Yuulin blushes for he is so cute. As Ryukou hurries off, his attendants tell him to slow down a bit. Ryukou’s mother apologizes for disturbing her work. Yuulin says no, there is no problem at all. She smiles at Yuulin before leaving. Ryukou’s mother is Ranyou-sama. She is from Tou family, a famous nobility, who entered the harem.

After Reishou and his mother went to the frontier, Ranyou is the doted one of Reishou’s father. It seems that An Ryukou is heaven sent. This is a real harem incident. Yuulin thinks that Ranyou is a real consort..gracefully courageous. Chibi Gen shouts that the past harem is very gorgeous-!! Yuulin thinks that within that beauty, there seems to be some frightening feeling somewhere. Ranyou looks up the sky and says,

“Soon. Soon. It is coming soon..” Watching her from the trees, Dai thinks that is the type that His Majesty hates..poisonous flower. At Han’s residence, smiling Suigetsu says that it is really a rare guest, Ryu Houen. Houen grumpily says that is an excellent welcome and up to when does he plans to rest like this. Suigetsu says when he is around His Majesty who is quite agitated.

“I’m really very sorry.. My health is always not quite good. *sparkling* –no matter who, one would have a psychological cold [/flu] at times, right?” [<- depression; aghast]
Houen tells him to quit complaining and get back to work. Suigetsu says that at the government hall, his hand is trembling so much that he cannot work. Scowling Houen tells him that there is a limit [/moderation] to being weak. Then, the door opens and someone calls out to Houen. Kouju rushes to Houen and says that he’s the second son of the Ryu family, the one who likes His Majesty.

“The one who always quarrel with brother Suigetsu at the government hall. Arbitrarily persuaded by the princess-consort. The person who perplexes [/nags] princess consort-sama--” Houen angrily shouts right now, why is there all sorts of strange behavior. Crying Kouju says that anything is good. “Do you know about the fall of princess consort-sama!?”

Holding her to him, Suigetsu tells his younger sister to calm down. Kouju protests that if there is any clue. Suigetsu says yes, yes, you’re really a good child. Kouju tearfully cries for Yuulin. Later on, Suigetsu apologizes to Houen regarding his younger sister’s rudeness for lately, she is always like that.

“—when the princess consort-sama disappeared, the imperial palace’s mood has changed. –This time, regarding the sudden proposal of bringing back the younger brother to the royal capital, what do you think of it?” As Suigetsu serves him some tea, Houen says that it is senseless because if His Majesty really wants to, then, there is no need for them to particularly propose that issue.
Suigetsu says that in the end, that is a proposal that Houen’s father actively endorses. Houen just scowls thinking of his father and older brother. Suigetsu continues to say that he doesn’t want to probe into Ryu family’s spy intelligence. “Family bonds is in the same both as being in a restricted [no freedom] situation.

..my family’s father is persevering in opposing the proposal. For me, I think that there’s nothing can be done regarding this view of ‘the king doesn’t have a successor right now and for the country’s stability, the royal younger brother is the king’s successor--’ But, right now, an unnatural mood is circulating around the imperial palace.

...This issue of making the younger brother the successor is still too early. The unexpected abrupt direction has come to light. It seems that within the imperial palace, it is already something that has been prepared well.” There is scene of a smiling young courtier. Houen asks if there is something behind this issue. “Is that what you want to express.”

Smiling Suigetsu says that it is good if he is just thinking too much. “No matter what is said, my health condition isn’t good, and I’m still recuperating. Because a colleague is particularly worried enough to come and pay a visit to my house, then, treat that as a gift. I’ll end the talk here.” Houen angrily says that he is basically not worried about him.
Smiling Suigetsu tells him that if anyhow Houen wants him to work, then he’ll leave it up to Houen regarding any intelligence about princess consort-sama. “My younger sister will also be very happy.” Houen darkly tells him to quit joking around and quickly get back to work. “-Han Suigetsu, one’s ability should exist for His Majesty. Until now, you continue on fearing that master, but in any case, do not run away.”

After looking surprised, Suigetsu smiles and says that his way of thinking is always quite precise. At the hallway, Jun calls out to Reishou and asks up to when they are going to ignore the imperial palace situation. “If we were to let the opposing suggestions be, then things would become more serious.” Walking Reishou says that this problem has also not yet aroused the attention of that quiet person.

There is a scene of Gikou and Shisei opposing each other. [<- problem] Jun tries to protest but Reishou tells him that in short, wait some more. Then, he asks Jun about a [another] serious part regarding, there are women at the imperial palace’s room. An old official told Reishou, ‘I have prepared women similar to the consort. And there are 2-3 of them.’ Behind the official are three Yuulin lookalikes. ^^; Jun tells him that is a faction who said, ‘no matter what is good, the harem is prepared for the early birth of a successor’.
Reishou says that he already said that he is depressed and in pain for losing the consort, yet they’ll do this thing. “Unable to search for the person herself, they now want to ‘gain the enemy’s confidence’. [<- idiom is ‘a trick of having oneself tortured to win the confidence of the enemy’] It feels quite idiotic.” Jun nervously says that is..what’s up with him? [<- since Reishou is being sarcastic and smiling?]

Reishou assures him that there’s no need to worry for this is a very ordinary imperial palace and this is how he wishes it to be. Worried Jun asks is that so. Looking distant, Reishou says that it isn’t necessary to think of senseless things for there is no person who is similar to her.” Jun thinks that Reishou is always calm and he is a king with no selfish desire.

He is a strong king who correctly led [the country] in the midst of the central government’s corruption that weakens the country. Right now, this country needs a ‘cold-hearted wolf king’. “Making Yuulin-sama leave from this place is correct. She doesn’t have any of the essential things that a king’s consort must have...

...She suits to be a ‘lowly [/inferior] consort’ and ‘working consort’. ..Merely knowing His Majesty, she ran away. This is a correct decision. This is a correct situation. –it should be correct.”
Back to Yuulin, she observes that the mansion here in Ninshu is really totally hidden and also, a quiet place. From the time she left the royal capital, she unexpectedly did not think of the political topics at that side. The communication between the mansion and the outside world is sparse and it seems that it has nothing to do at all with the power struggle.

Then, she sees Ryukou swinging a sword. After realizing what he is doing, Yuulin thinks that he is secretly practicing since there is no one around. She smiles and thinks that boys— but it feels that action is very dangerous. Then, Ryukou loses his balance that Yuulin immediately slides on the ground to break Ryukou’s fall.

After Ryukou calls her name, Yuulin asks if he isn’t injured. Ryukou says that compared to him, she is.. She tells him that it is okay and this side of the ground is very muddy that it caused him to fall. Then, Ranyou arrives and calls out what is that sound. She calls out to her son and asks what’s with that outfit.

Holding his face, Ranyou scolds her son that there’s no need for him to practice swordsmanship. While Yuulin thinks that graceful beauty got angry, Ryukou tries to protest and says that she told him that he will one day go back to the royal capital. Ranyou says ah, is that so, that is if His Majesty allows it, then they’ll immediately..
Ryukou says that he heard that his older brother’s military skills are very excellent. “..As his younger brother, upon seeing him when we return to the royal capital, if I don’t properly handle it, then he will feel disappointed, right..” Moved to tears, Ranyou says Eifuu..no, An Ryukou, he is comparatively intelligent, right.

“And because of that, On-sensei always praised you as an excellent student. His majesty.. It isn’t just one way wherein one can supporting one’s older brother so there’s no need for you to force yourself..!” Yuulin is also in tears for she felt that Ryukou is a good kid. “Could..could it be that [he is asking about] royal capital topic is for him to hear about his older brother!? In order to be acknowledge by his older brother [he practice swinging a sword].

...Such a young and brave, working hard younger brother!? *Ranyou is telling her protesting son to change his clothes* I’m weak against that type!!! Because Seishin is also like that!!” After Ryukou left, Ranyou asks Yuulin what they are talking about for she heard from her son that he is doing his best when in the end, he fell down. “You also quickly change your clothes..? How come you are crying? Does it hurt anywhere?”
Embarrassed Yuulin exclaims no, it isn’t like that for looking at Ryukou, she had thought of her younger brother. “That child of my family is also always doing his best silently in some place that no one knows. I’m truly sorry for this is quite unsightly.. (Smoothly living a quiet life at a place far away from the royal capital) Do you know the importance of An Ryukou, at his young age, to be doing this best with things that he isn’t good at...

...*smiles* He is really amazing! Ah, I’m truly sorry. Obviously I’m just a servant yet I do not know of my manners..” Ranyou goes to her and says that not at all, not at all. “Even if that child’s body is small but his brains are very good. He is a very, very, very good child. My important significant treasure.”

Yuulin thinks that she thought that there is some place terrifying about Ranyou and that is she has an astonishing amiable feeling...!!! Ranyou dotes on [/pampers] kids and Yuulin dotes on younger brothers. Sparkling Yuulin looks at blushing Ranyou and wonders if they are a similar type.

Narration: “Actually, there is a power struggle at the imperial palace. The royal brothers’ relationship is very difficult. –before coming here, I also thought that what Governor Ka said is true. –but, in the end, I still want to tell His Majesty, “Your Majesty, your younger brother is so cute--!!!” Watching from a tree, Dai thinks that it feels that it went to a strange direction. “Princess consort-chan, that is a poisonous flower--”
Chapter 63: Narration: “Quickly, soon, I really want to see you.” So, Yuulin’s life after infiltrating the An Ryukou’s mansion is going very smoothly. Ryukou calls out to her that she asks Ryukou what it is. Ryukou tells her that he obviously told her that he doesn’t like that way of addressing him,.

Yuulin exclaims that is right, with the two of them together, she’ll call him, Eifuu-sama. [<- his real name but since they still all call him, Ryukou, I’ll still use that.] This made Ryukou happy. Gesturing to the side, he tells her that she already got his mother’s permission so can they go to that pavilion to talk.

Trembling Yuulin thinks that he’s so cute, a puppy younger brother. As they walk to the pavilion, Yuulin thinks that ever since that incident -> she broke Ryukou’s fall, her relationship with Ryukou and his mother had been good. How can she say this...

At the pavilion, Ryukou happily exclaims that his older brother is truly very amazing and does she know about him when he is at the battlefield. Yuulin shakes her head sideways. He goes to the side and start drawing on the ground with a stick.
Ranyou tells her in detail that for example, when there is a separate ethnic group invading at the north, his older brother will spread his troops here. “At the same time, he will take advantage of the time difference between the east and west side to set up troops. And afterwards, it is like this and then that.. ..—so, this is a tactic to actually deceive the opponent! Do you understand?”

Thinking that she honestly does not understand, flustered Yuulin smiles and says that Eifuu-sama really knows a lot about His Majesty. Ryukou happily says yes, right now, his older brother is passing his time at the royal capital. “I have heard so many times of how brother-sama actively led the frontier troops that I won’t get tired of it. He is a king who has both military skills and intellect. Brother-sama is really very amazing.”

Yuulin happily says that is right. Yuulin thinks that like this, it seems to be a conversation of longing for the Wolf king. “It is the first time I totally heard someone discuss about the things at the royal capital.” Ryukou says but these are the things that he had inquired by himself when he is at Youshou..

“When I came here, I was informed that I can see brother-sama. *sad* The day, when brother-sama calls me to come back, will it arrive..” Sparkling Yuulin exclaims that there’s no problem, please do not be dejected for it is absolutely no problem at all!
Yuulin thinks that Reishou also specially went to travel incognito to visit him. “The people at the imperial palace are really troublesome. I had properly noted this even if it is very simple to explain it. *Chibi Dai protests that His Majesty thinks that the date is more fun.* The person himself is obviously such a nice kid. There’s no problem at all!”

Yuulin happily tells Ryukou to study a lot of things right now for His Majesty and his mother are definitely watching him do his best. Ryukou smiles and asks how come it feels that it is really like that what she said it. Yuulin asks is that so? Yuulin thinks that she secretly infiltrated this place to understand Reishou’s complicated brother relationship.

“Ah, because he is king, everyone is just thinking too much. It will absolutely be good for the two to properly see each other..!” Chibi Dai is speechless. Later on, holding a beautiful decorated hairpin to Yuulin, Ranyou asks what she thinks of this hairpin.

“I bought it today from a merchant. I couldn’t help but collect the things that I came to like.” Yuulin thinks that the hairpins in the boxes are so shiny and dazzling.
Smiling Ranyou says that in the end, it really suits. “..Yuuka’s actions and mannerism is very beautiful. It is rare to see servants like that in the countryside.” Yuulin asks is that so. Ranyou says that people who work at the harem are like that. This made Yuulin blush. She mentally calls out to Jun,

“Wait, do you hear that!? Li Jun-san! It is thanks to the severe princess consort schooling!? Isn’t it so?!” Jun in her heart exclaims, “Geh!? The difference is still quite far, young girl.” Yuulin thinks that this beautiful person, Ryukou’s mother would at times chat with her. Life after infiltrating is unexpectedly going smoothly and an all too familiar topic attracts her.

They are talking about education [upbringing?] topic since Yuulin dotes on younger brothers and Ranyou dotes on children. Yuulin thinks that she has seen a bit the younger brother’s intention. Ranyou asks her if she knew that right now, there is no single consort at the harem.

 “I don’t know whether or not, His Majesty is lonely.. ..I’m always waiting for His Majesty to call An Ryukou to come back to the royal capital because those two are brothers. Right now, what His Majesty needs is an intimate existence that can open his heart..” Yuulin says yes, that is right..
Somewhat flustered Yuulin thinks that at this mansion, she would unexpectedly hear a lot about Reishou. “‘Want to return to the royal capital’ ‘Want to see the king’ Every time I was touched. Intimate whispers. Sweet words. The Wolf king’s sharp look and puppy king’s gentle smile. What you have bestowed to me is a harem life...

...A very pleasant memory. Right now, thinking of it, I would feel a bit embarrassed. Even if what His Majesty said still makes me very happy.. *blushing while sweeping* ..I am only a temporary worker, that’s all, right? Sweet.. it’s too sweet. Thinking of it makes me blush. I always work as if my life depended on it. What does a working bride do. That person..

...*looks up the sky and imagines her hand reaching out to Reishou’s hand* ..really want to see you. *shakes head* -my ‘die with honor’ [/broken jade idiom] plan. *looks up the sky* It is good if His Majesty and An Ryukou’s relationship can become good...”

At Reishou’s office, Jun asks if that is a letter sent to him from Ranyou who is at Youshou. Reishou says yes, and it is the same as before. “The contents are only these: ‘want to become the king’s strength’, ‘want to put An Ryukou at the king’s side earlier’, ‘true brothers’, ‘want to be nearby as allegiance [/to vow loyalty and devotion] to the king’...
...The child’s thoughts and the mother’s wish. ..it looks like a good tearjerker essay. *smiles* Lately, it has been particularly appealing.” Carrying a tray of documents, Jun says that he has already seen her several times and she is a beautiful married woman. Reishou says yes, that beauty is enough to make someone sympathize with her. “

And it is because it is this way that they were made to leave the royal capital. The mother of the king’s younger brother. *smiles* ..it seems that life in Youshou is quite boring.” At Usen, Youshou, the chubby informant calls out to Kokuu. Kokuu asks what it is, that he urgently called for him. The informant says that he got a new spy intelligence and it is far from good.

At some secluded area, the informant says that some time before, Kokuu asked him to help in forging a girl’s origin in order for her to get in An Ryukou’s mansion. Kokuu says yes, that is a great help. There is a scene of Yuulin, together with Kokuu and Dai, asking for the informant’s help.
Frowning, the informant says that this is unexpected because afterwards, because of some other things, he went near that mansion. “At that time, I happen to see by chance. From that mansion, a merchant came out and he looks a bit familiar. That person is probably the one you were after before, the ‘dark merchant’s conspirator.”

This surprises Kokuu that he says, “Wha *holds head* Ah, is that for real.” The informant says that before, when he is probing for spy intelligence, when he meet him [dark merchant’s conspirator] for so many times by accident, and he would run away afterwards. “..probably he is one of the subordinates. At this troublesome place, he exposed his tail.”

There is a scene of Reishou smiling knowingly. Soon, it is night. Walking with a pail on her hand, Yuulin mentally curses for the sky is totally dark now. “There is a stubborn dirty stain at the corner of the room. It is only at this time that I had finished struggling with it. *there is a scene of the other servants sweatdropping as serious Yuulin kept on rubbing the stain on the wall*...

Because I hate cleaning halfway. –that is strange. Where is the servants’ quarters? This is terrible, did I get lost..? *noticing a lit room* Ah, there is a light there, probably there is someone there--”
As she goes near the lit room, she overhears someone saying, “The imperial palace’s preparations are smoothly ongoing. Ranyou-sama, please be a bit more patient.” Ranyou says is that so..then, she’ll wait for Iryou’s message. Yuulin thinks that it is strange for Ranyou has a guest at this time. “What to do, is this something that I can eavesdrop on..”

With some jewelry and hairpins in boxes scattered around, Ranyou says, “Ah, even though it is like that, I still want to see that hateful Wolf king earlier.” This surprises Yuulin. She thinks, “Hate..hateful..? Huh? Did I hear it wrong? *recalls smiling Ranyou* That is Ranyou-sama.”

Ranyou says, “Why is he so similar with his father the king? He is unexpectedly deeply engrossed with a woman of lowly position. *picks up a rose hair pin and holds it* solely pampering and not paying any attention around.. It is like a scary nightmare. *snickers* A repeat of a disastrous policy. ..a disgusting thing. *Yuulin looks startled by that*...

...Then, pass this on to Iryou who is at the imperial palace. While continuing to wait for the past harem, I’ll properly cherish the treasure that I possess. [<- Ryukou].” Yuulin thinks that this beautiful woman is smiling at one side and on the other side talking about ..what kind of words is she saying.
Ranyou continues to say, “This time, at a faraway distance place, a new king will be born. Waiting at one side while on the other side, we are saying, ‘We are His Majesty’s comrades’. There’s no problem. It will definitely go very smoothly. Afterwards, when we are allowed to go back to the imperial palace, the faction for the younger brother at the king’s side will increase, right?

...The uncivilized [/barbaric] wolf uses terror to control the imperial palace. Ever since before, those nobles, who put importance to lineage and history, won’t accept him from the bottom of their hearts. They only but just temporarily comply from the surface, that all..

...Completely untainted and having the correct lineage, my treasure will sit on the king’s throne. It definitely will happen with our collaborator/s.” Yuulin felt scared for the imperial palace’s power struggle is intentionally real in a place that is far away from the royal capital, the subject on the dispute for the throne between brothers.

She had thought of hoping that His Majesty and Ranyou’s relationship to become good. Aghast Yuulin wonders what to do for this is Ranyou’s real intention. The guest [/Dark merchant’s conspirator] says, “Ranyou-sama, please be rest assured for in the imperial palace, we already got a very reliable collaborator, in addition to Iryou-sama..”
Yuulin looks surprised. Ranyou asks who it is. The guest says, “Yes.. it is--..” Yuulin looks surprised. Then, suddenly, she is whisked away by Dai who carried her up the roof. Yuulin tells him to wait and let her go. Dai says no, for right now, she plans on charging in. Yuulin denies it but Dai doesn’t believe her.

Dai apologizes for her society lesson is only up to this point and they must quickly leave this place. She tries to protest so Dai reminds her that she basically does not belong here and she is only going to observe. “Didn’t you promise that if you come across danger, you’ll immediately leave this place? You promised that to Governor Ka. Let me say it again, that is not at all an opponent that you, princess consort-chan, should burden yourself with...

...It is a waste of time. Wrong- but then, that beautiful poisonous flower would unexpectedly really come and.. The tuition fee for this lesson is really very expensive.” Yuulin thinks that if what that guest just said about the ‘collaborator’ is true, then if she [/they] do not quickly think of a way, something big will happen at the imperial palace.

Standing up, nervous Yuulin says, “—must quickly return to the imperial capital..!” She is worried about Reishou.
Chapter 64: At Bun’ou’s house in Ninshu, Dai tells Yuulin to calm down and please think back a bit about her own position. Sweatdropping Yuulin says that she is originally a working consort who is hiding at Ninshu in accordance to His Majesty’s order. Dai exclaims that is right so in short, he didn’t tell you to go to Youshou to see his younger brother. -> infiltrated as a servant, found Ryukou so cute and shocked to learn of Ranyou’s real intention.

Dai tells her that she also shouldn’t know that mother secretly wants to make her own child as the king. “In short, His Majesty didn’t say any of this. Do you understand? You have violated the order.” Yuulin gloomily thinks yes, after she got fired from work, she cannot just be unconcerned about His Majesty.

“I wanted to know the things that His Majesty doesn’t want the working consort to know at that time. So, I’ve infiltrated into the mansion of His Majesty’s younger brother. ..I have seen from behind, the dark side of the dispute for the throne. *gloomy* Ranyou-sama.. I thought that she is a mother who really thinks of her son..”
Kokuu says that no matter what is said, Yuulin ought to have learned from that place. “From what I know here, the mother of the royal younger brother and the Dark merchant have a connection [/are related]. I must report this to His Majesty. It turns out that there are many actions that the Dark merchant are doing to oppose [/rebel against] the king. The details are all the same.”

Thinking that it is all to oppose the king, Yuulin asks what about Ryukou. Kokuu says that no matter what His Majesty decides, he [Kokuu] thinks that it is very difficult for him to return to the royal capital. Yuulin thinks that what Ranyou himself thinks has nothing to do with the surrounding [people’s] intentions “The brothers’ relationship will fade away.”

Yuulin says that she has a request. “Can you give me some time?” Kokuu asks what. Yuulin says that right now, Ranyou is quietly living at Youshou. “The Dark merchant is the central character. I’m afraid that during a private conversation, a person named ‘Iryou’ was mentioned. If as early as possible, we were to capture that Dark merchant, and sever communication between them, then Ranyou-sama can only give up her attempt, right?”
Yuulin recalls Ryukou optimistically saying that one day his older brother will really make him return to the royal capital. Meanwhile, at Youshou, Ryukou is looking out the snowy sky. Ranyou goes to him and tells him that he’ll catch a cold. “You must be very lonely that Yuuka has to resign.” Sad Ryukou says yes.

Ranyou says that it seems to be a family issue so this is inevitable. Ryukou says yes. Ranyou says that it is the same with her for it isn’t easy to find someone whom she can converse it. “Truly quite regrettable. This place is really very boring..” At Kanrou, the royal capital, Keitaku calls out to Houen, his stupid younger brother.

Patting the back of gloomy Houen, Keitaku asks what’s up for his face is quite troubled and hot-tempered looking. “Fu fu fu, that lowly consort disappeared right!? How is it? Isn’t it like what I told you! Besides, the Han family’s oldest son still refused to work. In the end, the Ryu family is not feared enough! [<- I guess that he thinks that is the reason why Suigetsu refuses to work] This era is blowing the Ryu family’s wind! Fu hahaha...
...So like this, the imperial palace’s mistake has been corrected. Everything is advancing towards the direction of how it should be. Afterwards, in the end-- *notices that Houen is walking away* Hey, Houen, listen to me until I’ve finished!” Leaving his older brother screaming, Houen gloomily thinks, “Idiot.”

At Reishou’s office, Jun asks what he is zealous looking at since a while ago. “Is that from Governor Ka?” Looking at a letter, Reishou says yes, it is a periodic report. Jun asks if Yuulin is doing well. Putting down the letter, Reishou tells him that it seems that she is doing very well. Jun says is that so.

Jun thinks that after Yuulin left the harem, he [/they] left it up to Kouren [to inform her to leave]. “And for her safety, we entrusted her to Governor Ka. Is that how a [temporary] worker should be treated? ..this is like the kind of treatment towards a beloved wife.. But right now, what’s affecting the public affairs is..” He glances at Reishou who is writing on some document with his left hand.
Jun coughs and says that Yuulin really has such willpower and she is also a strong person. “Even if she left her home, she can also properly live on even if it is a crude place. And, if it is her, she can definitely find a very good partner and build a beautiful family.” Reishou presses his brush too hard on the table and snaps the brush into two.

As he and Jun quietly look at the broken brush, Reishou lamely says that this brush is an inferior product. Jun says that he’ll immediately prepare a replacement and wait a moment since the prepared ink on the table had also spilled. As he goes out, Jun worriedly wonders if that is really no problem at all. Reishou reclines on his chair and sighs.

He thinks that he himself had mentioned that it is also okay to prepare to marry her off. *scene of aghast Reishou upon seeing an enraged rabbit* I really wish for her happiness *looks at hand* That implies that smile will become someone else’s possession. Afterwards, I will always continue to accept this kind of thing. If I say, ‘return to my side’, an ordinary person will immediately do that. And she will be a captive before the king’s eyes...
...Afterwards, in this cage, *scene of someone lying down* there is no one who can help her. Sigh-- ..at that time, it is good that I let go. ..it is simply too much to urge her to stay. Her face suits the sunshine. Here, it is narrow [<- where people are narrow minded] and dusky place that uses people’s desire and malice to paint the place...

...‘Meeting a good partner and building a beautiful family’, that is okay. For you to be able to smile ordinarily at some place, that is okay.” On top of some roof, Dai asks Yuulin what’s up with that outfit. Using a hood to cover herself, scowling Yuulin says that it is because.

“Because because because! I really returned to the royal capital!? I should be in Ninshu. It is terrible if His Majesty finds out about this!” Dai says no, it won’t be terrible for it is impossible for His Majesty to be here.
There is a scene of Bun’ou agreeing with them so he helped out. He nervously said, “Is that so. Next, it will be the royal capital huh.. ..Since it is already like this, you can only ride a boat. As much as possible, please do not do anything reckless..” End scene. Dai says, “Okay, then, in order to capture the Dark merchant, you will try to act as a spy. Gambatte.”

Yuulin exclaims, “I’ll be troubling you, senpai!!!” Dai comments that she is quite energetic. She tells him that he is obviously Reishou’s spy and she is making him coordinate with her willfulness. “I’m sorry since I’m already not a working consort.” Dai couldn’t believe it and finds her to be really amazing to say it right now.

 “Ah, do not mind. I’m just me but rather, I’m taking advantage of you.” Aghast Yuulin goes !? at chuckling Dai. Dai tells her that probably, if she cannot do it, then no one else can do it. “I’ll be troubling you.” At Ryu residence, frowning Houen is walking at the hallway and thinks that what Suigetsu said isn’t a lie for the imperial palace’s mood is really very strange...
...The only one who is in a good mood is that idiot. *Fufufu Keitaku* His Majesty is also always very depressed. In the end, one must go as fast as possible— [<- idiom for to spur the horse to full speed.]” He enters his room and is puzzled for why is the window in his room open. He sees a shadow appearing at the side.

He asks who is there. Lowering her hood, Yuulin greets him a long time no see. Just when Houen is saying that she is.., Yuulin apologizes for coming into his room without permission but she cannot think of any other way to— Houen interrupts by shouting, “Until now, where did you run off to and what are you doing!!

...*Yuulin is startled by that* Go back to His Majesty’s side as soon as possible!! You’re neglecting your duty!!!” Yuulin exclaims for him to please wait a minute for the one who made her leave the harem is His Majesty’s wish and even if.. “Shouldn’t it be said that it is that kind of situation!? I’m a consort who suddenly disappeared!?”

Houen shouts that he knows about that. “No matter what happens, you must stay at His Majesty’s side. Comforting the king’s heart is the duty of a consort. You must display that dedicated and courageous vitality that you always have!!! Idiot.”
Yuulin is speechless then breaks into laughter. Houen asks what’s so funny. Yuulin says that it is nothing, and in the end, he totally hasn’t changed so this is the reason that she came here. “Ah –really so funny.” This puzzles scowling Houen. Yuulin thinks that even if she doesn’t know who is the enemy[/enemies] at the imperial palace but Ryu Houen won’t betray His Majesty.

She closes her eyes and puts her hands together [<- a formal request gesture; open palm gong shou] She says, “Ryu Houen-sama, I have a request. Right now, I’m no longer the consort. I’m saying that I’m a departed spirit whose casual remark should totally not be heeded. That is, if you wish to continue to serve His Majesty, is it possible that you lend me some strength?”

After looking surprised, Houen asks what does this mean. Opening her eyes, Yuulin says, “There is a person whom I’m always searching for. *scene of the guest telling Ranyou that they already have a very reliable collaborator--* ..a person who has friendly relations with your older brother, Ryu Keitaku. His name is, ‘Iryou’.”
Flashback: Ranyou said, “Ah..the Ryu family’s..? That is really a very good social connection [/way of doing things]..!” Yuulin thinks that Reishou always have many enemies and that person would always confront them all by himself. “Whether it is about the things at the imperial palace or the politics, His majesty won’t let me see it.

Reflecting in front of my eyes is a terrifying king’s attitude that protects the country’s stability. *hugging Yuulin, Reishou complained about those stinky old geezers and she thinks that he is having difficulties*...

Right now, the scenery that you hid from me is still very distant. Even if I have only seen a little bit of it, it is very scary..and also sad. But, I don’t want to stop and not go farther. I also do not want to close my two eyes. Right now, nothing has happened at the imperial palace yet. *Yuulin looking determined* This is something that I am capable of doing.”
Comment: And, I love how the mangaka slowly introduced elements before then tie them all up together. ^^ So, the Dark Merchant/Iryou has connections with Ranyou and both are planning to take over the country by using Ryukou who only wanted to be with his brother whom he admires. Since Ryukou is still young, he’ll probably be a puppet king.

I’m not sure if Ranyou wants to be an empress but from what is shown, I think she misses the luxuries that a harem brings about. Probably misses chatting with people and being served by many servants. After all, she used to be a noble so for her to just live at some countryside would indeed be boring for her.

If that is all she wants then, Iryou probably wants to be the one in control of the country. I do wonder though if he lusts for power or want to be king because it is obviously not just for money which is usually what a merchant would want.

I wonder if Iryou has a deeper personal reason to want to oppose the thing. I guess as a merchant, he is really a smooth talker. It is easy to fool Keitaku but for him to also get the older courtiers to do what he wants, he knows how to manipulate people in accordance to what is important to them.

In this case, wanting to have their way with the king and being picky about having pure royal/noble blood. I guess their pride is hurt that a half-royal/noble blood is now ordering them around and they don’t care if it is for the good of the country. They only care for themselves. In a way, it is kind of sad that even the commoners think of Reishou badly because of the gossips that Iryou and his collaborator/s are spreading.

I guess that is also good for they are under the assumption that Reishou is doing what his father had done which caused his downfall. After multiple murder attempts and surviving hardships to become king, Reishou is not an idiot to believe what people say to him.

Of course, that is bad for he also closed his heart with Yuulin though in a way, he only opened it a little bit since Yuulin is sincere and really trusts him. I do wonder how long he knew about Ranyou’s real intention. Even Dai knows about it. I’m wondering if she got anything to do with sending him and his mother away to the frontier because Ranyou is the next doted one. Or she teamed up with the queen to send them away.

In a way, Ranyou must be very good in manipulating people with her beauty and changing facts because I get the feeling that she is the ‘bad consort’ but somehow, they made it seem like it is Reishou’s mother. Ironically, the consort that Gikou wanted to protect the kingdom from is the one he unintentionally wanted to send back.

Maybe like his son, Shisei has a sharp feeling about things. Anyway, it seems that Yuulin also has it but then, she got sidetrack by Ranyou’s doting of Ryukou. Even if she is doing it for Ryukou, I don’t think that Ranyou will stop in wanting to go back and do that using Ryukou even if Iryou gets caught.

I think that things are way serious that how it seems for if they want Ryukou to be king, they would have to permanently get rid of Reishou. I’m amused though that Yuulin acts like a ghost. I guess it is a way of ‘disguising herself’ that she isn’t there and Houen will be acting on his own. I guess for Houen, Yuulin shouldn’t leave even if Reishou wanted her to. ^^;; That seems to be Jun’s misunderstanding that Yuulin ran away upon learning that the Wolf king isn’t an act. Scans by BaRaMei私人

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