February 9, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 24]

Narration: “Really want to quickly.. eat up senpai.” At a gym, Shizuka jumps and shoots the ball. His team mates say that is good, then, they’ll stop for today. To their shock, Shizuka wants to play another round. They complain if he is some devil. He asks everyone, please. One of the guys asks Kira what happened to Shizuka, because after they got into summer vacation, Shizuka is too stimulated [/excited] that it felt a bit annoying. Kira says isn’t it more of a secret treatment [/cure]. This puzzles the other guy. Later on, after the practice, Shizuka is resting by the building door. He stops wiping his sweat with a towel when someone says, ‘I can only ask you regarding this thing.’ Sparkling Kira says that for guys, those words are TOP 3 killer words. “Unexpectedly having a smile while dropping that kind of words. Perhaps, she is an expert among experts.” Shizuka tells him to please do not tease him. Kira laughs and says but, since his concentration has been restored, as the captain, he is satisfied. He pats Shizuka’s head and says good work [otsukaresama]. Shizuka recalls Kira asking him what he is dissatisfied about. Shizuka thinks that he finally knows clearly what he is all tangled up [/confused] over, and at the same time, he is also convinced that in that person’s heart, there is only that guy-- "...unable to see her again.. *as cicadas chirping, he lies down and puts his hand on his head* ..really want to see her again.”
Meanwhile, Miyoshi tells the brats to move their luggage according to sequence. Amamiya exclaims that it feels quite pleasantly cool. Tonomura says that it is because this is the mountain area. Someone is looking in the bus and screaming to Miyoshi that Shou is still not awake and like a rock, he’s such a hindrance! Narration: “July— on the third day of summer vacation. Starting today is the three days and two nights training camp.” Looking at a piece of paper, Yuki thinks that first, they are going to leave the luggage then greet the people at the training base, and then, confirm the evacuation routes [/emergency exits?] and before the training starts at 15 minutes, she’ll start putting the gym in order. Then, she crumples the paper when drowsy Shou puts his chin on top of her head and says that he is still sleepy. She tells him that he can no longer sleep for training will start at 10 o’ clock. Miyoshi calls out to the spoiled demon to quit pestering, just come and move this. Going towards Miyoshi’s direction, Shou complains that it is very annoying. Miyoshi complains over how could he have that kind of behavior towards a teacher. Then, Shou asks, by the way, how come he is here. With her heart beating loudly, scowling Yuki thinks it is all because of Shou who talked nonsense about ‘spending the night’, since it caused her actions to be somewhat strange. In holding a summer camp, this is already her third time –but, compared to the previous years, this year’s camp is different to some extent.
In their room, Himiko drops her heavy bag and it made a loud banging sound. Yuki says that this will be their room and is it okay for her bag to make such a loud sound. Himiko apologizes for this is to satisfy the camp’s simulation that she has to pack all sorts of things..flashlight, natto [fermented soybean], stirrer [/stirring rod], those type of things..! Yuki sweatdrops and wonders what kind of simulation is that. Looking ill with a stomachache, Himiko says that in three days, they will be together with the senpai-s, and it makes her feel that she’ll definitely cause a lot of trouble compared to the usual.. Tidying up her clothes, Yuki says that it is alright, because they’ll be together these three days so it is okay to slowly get used to it. This temporarily calmed down Himiko until Yuki says that next year, it is possible that Himiko will be doing this alone, gambatte. Yuki thinks yes, that’s right, this year, Himiko is around, and for her, this is her last camp. “It is entirely different from the previous years. –yes, and the reason is definitely not because of that guy.” At the gym, Shou manages to shoot the ball in the basket. As they play another round, Shouji comments that if this is the usual, then around this time, there would definitely be a shrieking sound. Abe says that it is peace and quiet when they left Ryuhoku.
Then, some girls from other schools who are also camping nearby, peek by the door and ask what is that school, ah, she knows that tall guy, he is in the basketball monthly magazine, so cool. Shouji mentally curses. He complains what’s going on, is that jerk a human magnet. Someone asks for a UFO to quickly take Shou away. Then, Himiko notices a stain on the floor. She thinks that it is the spot that she forgot to wax. While reaching at the top of a cabinet for some floor wax, she is startled when she notices that Shou is staring at her. Himiko feels uneasy as Shou approaches her and tells her that it is okay to move the stand [/platform]. Himiko timidly apologizes. Then, Shou gets the floor wax from the cabinet and gives it to apologizing Himiko. Noticing this, Yuki thinks that this is very rare for Himiko is unexpectedly talking with Shou when she absolutely hate him [/more on disagreeable] so is she alright. Then, she recalls telling Shou that she doesn’t hate him and her almost confession. She thinks that at that time, it is only more than a second, she is going to pour out her true feelings and perhaps, in these three days, he will constantly urge her to confess. That is because a few days ago, he said forget it, it is okay if she didn’t say it today because anyway, for three days and two nights, they’ll spending the night together. Yuki wonders what this guy is plotting. “–but in this camp, as luck would have it, there is basically no time for that.”
In their room, Hatori is screaming his head off about he’s going to die and obviously, it is just the first day, and he is already going to die, his foot, he wants to go home. While hanging a towel, first year Noda says that it is rare for them to be practicing the whole day and he finds it very interesting. Leaning on Shou, Abe says that obviously this is Noda’s first time to participate, he really have a lot of energy. Nishiyama calls out to them and says that the first and second years can use the public bath for 30 minutes. As they go out excited over taking a bath and going to eat, Shou notices Yuki talking with Tonomura. Tonomura is telling her about the DVD that they are going to watch. Yuki says okay, she is going to tell the coach. She asks if she is also going to tell Miyoshi. He says okay, but then, he is probably drinking so do it later on. Just then, Shou is about to reach for Yuki’s shorts and say that isn’t it too short under here. Yuki immediately slaps his hand away. While he complains that hurts and she is absolutely not careless, Yuki warns him that if he does that again, she is going to use her fist to hit him. He asks what she is talking about with Tonomura a while ago. She tells him that it is about the meeting after eating dinner. Then, she asks what he is doing with Himiko this morning when she is no good towards him. He asks her what’s up with her. Yuki repeats the question that what he is doing.
Leaning close to her, he asks if she is concerned about it. “That isn’t much, I still think that you want to sincerely tell me THAT FOLLOW-UP.” Yuki becomes tense for here it comes, at this time, he would suddenly ask her.. Then, they were interrupted by bickering Amamiya and Shouji who are tossing clothes at each other. Amamiya shouts what did he say, he has no right to say that to someone else. Shouji exclaims that he does, for he is taller than him by one centimeter. While someone tries to tell them to shut up, Yuki thinks that they are quarreling again but then, this time around, it is good timing. Yuki calls out to them what they are doing, those who have finished bathing should go to the room before dinner.. And someone’s underpants [/boxers] fly on her face. At the canteen, Miyoshi is laughing over what happened that he asks what happened afterwards. Yuki calmly says nothing happened for she just picked it up and returned it. Someone exclaims that no wonder she is the legendary girl who kept a straight face even if Shou grabbed her chest. Nishiyama says no, but then, for someone’s underpants to cover her face, no matter what, one will get angry. Shou complains if they don’t get fed up that they would unexpectedly join a camp yet still quarrel. Shouji tells him to shut up, Shou joins the camp yet he is still quite popular, isn’t he fed up with that. Amamiya says ya, ya, he’s going to tell Shou’s ‘girlfriend’ and she might be jealous, even if he doesn’t know who she is.
Shou says that he said that there is none. Abe asks Miyoshi if he knew that Shou seems to have a ‘secret girlfriend’. Miyoshi says “‘secret’? Isn’t it Machida?” And Yuki promptly spurt out the miso soup that she is drinking. Abe looks at her and says, “Manager Machida?” Miyoshi asks if it isn’t, when he faintly has that kind of feeling. Himiko thinks it is the same with her. Wiping her mouth, Yuki thinks that it is rare for Miyoshi to come yet he would say such unnecessary words-- While Shou is quiet, ponytailed guy says that actually, from the start of the first year, Shou is totally intimate with Yuki. Someone says that he thought that Shou is only teasing Yuki that’s all. While Yuki thinks hard what she must say to forcefully end this topic, Amamiya points to her and exclaims, “Ah, by the way, during Christmas, the two of you also disappeared together..” Opening a pack of nori seaweed, Yuki says, “No, Naruse is a younger brother-type of existence.” After everyone look surprised, they started exclaiming that’s right. While Yuki is glad that she avoided it, Amamiya laughs and says that even if he knows that Yuki is always fond of Shou, but those two are impossible. Ponytail guy says that even a guy like Shou would flirt [/harass] with Yuki, she will not act for real [/seriously] towards him. So, what is Miyoshi saying. Yuki glances at glum Shou and wonders what’s up with that look when he obviously know.. “You obviously know that is not at all, my true feelings.”
While spreading out the futons [/quilts], Yuki thinks that it is really troublesome for he would consider that it is okay if he immediately goes loggerheads with her [/acting difficult] and possibly, it will cause her to waver but then, that will be fulfilling what he wanted. But then, if he say those words to her, ‘Yuki-senpai? Ah- she is an older sister-type of existence.” Yuki becomes aghast. She hits her head on the futon and gloomily thinks that she knows, she knows..she is the one who is always unable to convey her true feelings, and actually doing this will cause more trouble when she has obviously already arrived at the answer. She stiffens when Shou comes in and asks how come she is spreading out the futons in the guys’ room. Sitting up, she says no, if she doesn’t quickly prepare it, they would always not go to sleep and by the way, after eating, they should be gathering together at the conference room. Shou says that it is because the senpai quickly finished eating and went out that he wondered what’s up. Yuki wonders what to do for she should be taking back that ‘younger brother’ statement a while ago but then, if she mentions this topic right now, it would feel very unnatural. Just then, someone is calling out to Shou saying that he left his cellphone at the canteen, where did he go? Thinking that someone is coming, Yuki tells Shou to quickly leave or else, they’ll be suspicious again..
To her surprise, Shou immediately pulls her. Holding the cellphone, Hatori goes in the room, He calls out to Shou but no one is in the room, only the futons. He wonders if Shou is at the third year’s room. Someone says that he isn’t. Hatori asks if he is in the toilet. Another guy tells him to forget it, just give it to him during the meeting. As their voices become inaudible, Yuki looks surprise that Shou is on top of her at the futon with a blanket hiding them. He asks, “..Am I a ‘younger brother’?” Nervous Yuuki tells him to quickly leave. Shou asks if as a ‘younger brother’, there are so many things that one cannot do, and what should be done about that? Yuki asks what to do about that, don’t joke around, quickly.. She stops upon seeing Shou’s serious expression. He leans down to her and kisses her. Yuki thinks no, have to push him away.. She manages to push him away and says, hey. He asks if she already remembers the shape of his lips. Aghast Yuki asks how one can possibly remember that kind of thing. Shou asks is that so. “Then, I must kiss you until you remember.” He starts to kiss her again. Then, he starts to put his hand under her shirt and moves it upwards. Yuki manages to somewhat sit up and punch his head. She angrily shouts that if he won’t stop again, she is going to use her fist to hit him. He looks at her and she quickly backs away with a pillow in front of her face. She thinks that this is the first time she used her fist to hit someone, no..but for her to be that careless, just now, it is totally this guy’s fault. Shou calls out to her and she immediately holds the pillow tight. Shou smiles and says that he wins. This stuns her that lowers the pillow and says..what..she hit him and he would unexpectedly still be very happy. She wonders if this person is.. [<-masochist?]
Shou says so he is saying that if she truly feels that the other party is a ‘younger brother’, she won’t be this angry and for her to become like that is because of ‘him’, right? “..you’ll only do that with me, right..?” Covering her blushing face with the pillow, Yuki felt angry for obviously, he knows everything —but  with this attempt, he is thinking of every possible method to force her to reveal her true feelings. She stutters while telling him that, “Those words..obviously, it isn’t my true feelings..you obviously knew.. (I’m quickly running out of places to run to) It would be better to die rather than have a younger brother like you.” He holds down her hand which is holding the pillow, to see her flustered expression. Then, he tosses the blanket on her and says that she’s really cunning. Pushing away the blanket, Yuki angrily asks what he is doing. He tells her that she is the one who is playing hard to get and he obviously thought of taking advantage of her right now to make her say the follow-up from that time-- "but if you were to confess at this place using that kind of expression right now, I’ll definitely become someone who would immediately want to possess your everything. Big wretch.” And with that he left the room. Blushing really red surprised Yuki nervously thinks, who cares about you!!! At the conference room, Hatori gives Shou his cellphone that he forgot. “How come your expression is that strange?” Shou says that a futon is really very dangerous, since it has more feeling than a bed. Abe happily agrees for having a futon, one would want to go to sleep. Narration; “Unexpectedly, the curtain is just about to be pulled open.”
Comment: And, that is how the first day of camp started. So in the next two days, Shou would definitely intensify his approach to get that elusive follow-up of that confession. For now, it seems that the only ones who got the right guess are Himiko and Miyoshi. I really wonder how the others will react if they finally knew =P I guess the couple do get a bit jealous when they are talking with the opposite sex. Well, for Shou, even if the one whom Yuki is talking with has a girlfriend. As for the underpants on the face, I think that Shou is mentally furious about that since he bothered to scold the two for always quarreling. I guess Shou is still confirming that all those reactions and getting angry is because it is him since towards the others, she can always keep a straight face. Interestingly, she punched his head. Doesn’t that hurt..I mean shouldn’t it be at the stomach or face? Okay..it might be problematic if it is on the face since there might be a mark. ^^; Anyway, Shou managed to suppress himself before he does something that will make her really angry or someone might interrupt/discover them in an awkward position. Well, maybe during this camp, she’ll finish her confession. ^^ And, what could be Shou’s strange expression after he went out? =P Scans by 红莲汉

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