February 18, 2015

Preview: Mephistopheles wa Dare? [Chapter 1]

[Free talk: This is Yuki Yoshihara’s new work serialized in Anekei Petit Comic. The English title is “Who is Mephistopheles?” Names are all guesswork based from the kanji.]
It is raining hard. As all the other people are carrying their umbrellas on the way towards their respective destinations, a drenched wet woman is sadly walking. She recalls when she opened the door to the apartment, she saw a couple having sex on the sofa at the living room. She couldn’t believe what she saw when she had seen who are having sex. And, she finds herself going inside a church. Inside, she sees a priest reading the bible near the altar. Noticing her, the priest turns around and greets her. He says that it is such a bad weather, and he’ll get some towels which she can use to dry herself. The woman didn’t react. She goes near the priest and lamely says that next month, she will be having a wedding here at this church. The priest says is that so, congratulations. She tells him that today, she went to their new house to clean and sanitize it, and she saw him with an unknown woman.. As tears start to fall, she says that he is basically with another woman at the new house where they will stay after getting married.. She falls on to her knees and start bawling, “It’s too mean! Cannot forgive! Absolutely cannot forgive him! ..he is better off dead. That guy should simply die..”
And, the priest covers her mouth. He tells her to please do not say that again for she is in front of God. God cannot forgive people who pray for other people’s death. He lets her go and she calms down a bit. She apologizes and says what she is saying. The priest slightly smiles and says so, God cannot be her supporter. She looks surprised as the thunder rumbles outside. He tells her, “Do not commit adultery. A person who committed this will receive the discipline of hell’s fire. Even if you know this a bit, you also cannot just sit and wait for the other party to die and for God to pass judgment on him, right. *smiles and stands behind the surprised woman* Before God pass judgment on that kind of heartless man, you have to personally get your revenge.” The woman still look surprised as the thunder continues to roar. At a bank, the teller gives to Mrs. Tanaka [田中] her passbook [/bankbook]. The teller is the woman at the church. She tells Mrs. Tanaka that this is her new passbook. Mrs. Tanaka thanks her and says that no matter how much she studied, she really doesn’t know how to use a machine. Before leaving, Tanaka smiles back at the woman. The woman is surprised when someone calls out, “Nanako.” [奈奈子]
Nanako looks at the man whom she calls as Masanori-san [正則]. Masanori sheepishly smiles and apologizes for last night because his friend from college suddenly called out to him for a drink. Nanako looks at him and thinks, “Liar. You are at our new house doing something else. I know that clearly.” Then, an older man calls out to Masanori as Takazaki [高崎; surname] Masanori says okay. Nanako swiftly tosses a banana peel down on the floor. Masanori almost slipped but he didn’t. He wonders why there is a banana peel at this kind of place. Nanako watches him go inside with the older man. She sighs. Then, someone from behind her says, “Stu—pid.” Nanako is shock for it is the priest. Backing away, she asks why he is here. The priest says that there’s no need to panic, Miss Kawahata [川端] Nanako, for the church gets the surname and contact number of the clients who are scheduled for the [wedding] ceremony as part of the preparations. Nanako nervously thinks that she knows that but she didn’t tell him where she works and she basically didn’t mention it!! The smiling priest says that using a banana peel to make the other party slip. “Isn’t that last century’s cheap trick? Don’t use such a clumsy trap, stu-pid.”
Nanako angrily says that he just said stupid twice. Holding up a form, the priest says that he comes to transfer some relief funds for 00country. After a pause, Nanako says that in the end, she cannot extract revenge. Still smiling, the priest says that this is the donated money of the church’s believers, that even a 5 year old also donated his/her pocket money. Nanako says that he also saw it, right, just throwing a banana peel is already very terrible. He says that she had said, ‘That guy is better off dead’. This startles Nanako. He asks why she is hesitating when that guy has betrayed her and doesn’t she hate him very much. Blushing a bit, she says that time is just that he is unable to restrain his emotions..perhaps, he would only had an affair once. “It is because of this kind of thing, extracting revenge from one’s marriage partner is..” The priest says that this is quite shocking for she unexpectedly still want to marry him. This made Nanako flustered. Before leaving, he says that no matter when the church is looking forward to point out the direction for the lost sheep. Her co-worker asks what’s up. Nanako just looks nervous. She looks at the paper regarding 00country’s disaster assistance.
The name written below is Suzuki Jirou [鈴木二郎]. Nanako thinks that she got involved with a strange priest. “Obviously, it is quite hot yet he is still wearing such burdensome clothes. He’s suspicious. His name feels very suspicious. Suspicious to the extreme.” At a two story house, someone tells Nanako to come over and she’ll alter the skirt. Nanako complains that the waist is very tight. While a glasses woman hold up the skirt’s hem, she says that it is because it is their mother has the body of a model when she was young. Nanako asks how much is she going to shorten it, and is her legs that short! Her sister smiles and says that it is really great for she still worries about Nanako smoothly getting married when she is quite a nitwit. Nanako sweatdrops about that. With a sparkle, her sister says but the other party is that frivolous guy and if that guy said, ‘father, please give your daughter to me’, if their father is still alive, he will absolutely beat him until he is half-dead. Nanako smiles at her sister and says, “About that sis..” She asks, “Hm--?” Nanako says no, it is nothing.
At the church, Jirou is telling a couple that from here, the father will give the bride to the groom, then the two of them will slowly, very slowly move in front. The couple looks very happy. Then, Jirou notices the door opening. It is Nanako. Holding a bat with nails on it and a chainsaw, Jirou welcomes the lost sheep and tells her to quickly have a blood stained revenge♪ While the other couple look nervous, Nanako shouts that she came for the wedding’s dress rehearsal. Jirou asks if she is alone. Nanako says that he is suddenly called out by a client. After the other couple happily left the church, Jirou holds Nanako’s hand and says that perhaps, he won’t be able to satisfy her but let him accompany her for the rehearsal. Nanako blushes a bit. Jirou says that her wedding dress is her mother’s belonging [after she died]. “It’s very amazing. Please, do not be astonish for during the preparations for the wedding, you already said clearly that you’ll provide your own wedding dress.” Backing away from him, Nanako says but how come he knows that it is from her mother. Somewhat flustered, she says that basically, it should be her older sister who should first wear their mother’s wedding gown. Jirou asks what had happened.
While walking to the altar with Jirou as rehearsal, Nanako says that their parents passed away because of an accident and her sister already has a marriage partner but she cannot just let her [Nanako] be since she was a child then. Her sister has decided that unless Nanako gets married, she won’t be wearing their mother’s wedding dress. After a pause, Jirou asks if she is getting married for her sister. Nanako says there is also another factor, that is because she believes that he [Masanori] loves only her. Jirou smiles and sighs. He says, “Such a boring woman. Both stupid and boring, I’m very disappointed.” This made Nanako flustered that she took her hand from him and start walking towards the door. Jirou says that they still haven’t rehearsed the exchange of rings and the promise kiss. Nanako exclaims that it is already enough! Jirou muses out loud that he doesn’t know where he [Masanori] is currently staying. Looking surprised, Nanako turns to him and says that she said that he is right now with a client.. Then, she looks nervous upon realizing something. Nanako immediately closes the door, leaving smiling Jirou. At the apartment, covered with a towel, the woman, holds a wine glass and tells Masanori that isn’t this their new house. She says that every time, they are using this place as substitute for a hotel, and won’t they be exposed.
Drinking a beer, Masanori says that there’s no problem for that woman is slow-witted. The woman says that he’s quite mean for that is his future wife. As the door quietly opens, Masanori says that he basically does not want to get married but she is quite anxious so he also cannot help it. The woman asks but then, it is very difficult for a single bank worker to succeed [/get ahead at work compared to a married guy?]. As Nanako goes inside and sees the wine bottle and glass on the table, Masanori laughs and says that a mere hostess knows a lot. The woman says don’t, it’s ticklish. Putting his arm around the woman, Masanori says but then, she [Nanako] is very good at housework and it feels that even if he’s married, he can also casually play around. Really such a convenient woman.” They were startled when Nanako smashes the bottle on the table. Holding the broken half of the bottle, Masako is surprised to see Nanako. He nervously says wait, that’s very dangerous, calm down Nanako, okay? Just when she is about to hit the broken bottle on him, Masanori screams and tries to shield himself with his hand. Nanako recalls that what Mr. Priest said about her being both stupid and boring is quite correct. “I want to give mother’s wedding gown earlier to sis. If it is this person, he’ll definitely quickly propose to me. He is definitely a pretty good person. I’ve firmly believed these. *teary-eyed* I’m such a stupid and boring woman!”
Nanako tries to slash her wrist with the broken bottle when someone used his arm to stop her. Nanako is surprised when she had slashed Jirou’s arm instead. Masanori and the woman look surprised. Nanako asks why.. Jirou slaps Nanako and sternly says that she would unexpectedly choose to commit suicide because of that kind of man. “Why are you so ignorant! Listen up, if you were hit on the right cheek, or even the left cheek, conveniently shave his head until he becomes bald! *Nanako looks at Jirou’s bleeding arm* Whether it is God, or me, *holds her hand* [we] would pray and wish for your happiness.” Nanako looks at smiling Jirou. Jirou is surprised when Nanako kisses his hand. He blushes a bit. Masanori asks Nanako who that guy is and how did he came here. Standing up, Nanako takes her bag and says that it is really great that he is still not yet naturalized [/become a citizen]. “I’ll leave the cancellation of the wedding up to you. You alone will go and apologize humbly to the matchmaker and the branch head. *heading out of the apartment* Also, regarding the contract termination of this house, you are going to shoulder all of the compensation fees.” Masanori calls out to her to wait, for let’s talk about this and he’ll apologize. Nanako looks at him and darkly says, “Shut up, scum.” Nanako left aghast Masanori and his amused partner.
While walking at the streets, Nanako repeatedly apologizes to Jirou and tells him to quickly go to the hospital. Jirou says that it is alright, this is just a rare trial bestowed by God. Nanako is puzzled by what he said. Holding his arm, Jirou assures her that it is already alright, the revenge is over and she also didn’t get injured. He asks if she can now go perfectly straight ahead. Nanako smiles and thinks that chance encounter with God’s emissary at the church, it seems that she is totally seduced by him. Nanako happily says, yes..! Jirou says then, on Sunday 7am, please come to the church. “Starting from now, *smiles* please go on voluntary WORK, Miss Kawahata Nanako.” Nanako exclaims in surprise and asks what’s up, no, she is very perplexed.. Holding his arm up, he says, that it really hurts, with his arm like this, he basically cannot do cleaning and sanitizing. “I also cannot prepare the cookies for the bazaar. Whose fault is this? Ah, it really hurts.” Nanako is speechless. Jirou darkly smiles and says, “May God bless you.” Scowling Nanako thinks that this is a devil’s curse.
Comment: Well, Nanako is lucky to have met Jirou or else, she would have done things that she’ll regret throughout her life..or even, lost her life. Thankfully, what Jirou is trying to tell her has sunk in. I guess in a way, it cannot be helped for Nanako has another intention for marrying early, and she must have truly love Masanori to naively think that was just a one night stand. That is probably the reason why her sister didn’t try to stop her from marrying that guy because she thinks that it will make Nanako happy. Jirou is indeed suspicious in a way mysterious. I mean, going to the bank might just be a coincidence and maybe he was just guessing about the dress from her mother, but how come he knows where their new house is? Did he follow her? Based on the title among other things, it makes me wonder if it is just a metaphor that he is a devil or he is really a devil. ^^; After all, there is a ‘payment’ for what he did. ^^ Anyway, this series seems to be somewhat episodic = I don’t know where it is headed ^^;; Though the first chapter is interesting enough to summarize. ^^ Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
Every coin has two sides, just like most people have two faces. ~ Rashida Rowe


  1. Wow thanks kat! The story seems interesting. ^^ btw, what other mangas made by this mangaka? Because the artwork seems familar to me. -reina

    1. Thanks Kat for the translation. I really love this mangaka and I have been "reading" the raw scans of this new series.

      I find her mangas very funny. I have read a lot of her manga and there are for example :
      - Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki
      - Chou yo Hana yo
      - Haa Haa.

      There are mangas that weren't completely scanlated as the series "Oboretai".

    2. Thanks for reading, reina ^-^

      It is as Anonymous mentioned. For the rest of her works, check it out here: https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=90 Maybe you have read one/some of them ^^

    3. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

    4. Okay, i'll check it out. Thanks! ^^

  2. Seems to be inspired by Faust or the related Germanic folklore

  3. Thank you, Kat! I look forward to more of this. As always, very fitting quote about having two faces. Really, who is Mephistopheles...don't we all have a sinful nature. Reminded me of a lyric by Brooke Fraser in her song Flags where she sings: my enemy and I are one and the same. Perhaps Jirou is the mirror reflecting back the darkness in the persons he encounters. Any way, you rock, Kat! Thanks for all your work.

    Xin nian kuai le! Be blessed!

    big hug

    1. You're welcome, may ^-^ Hehe, actually, this is a trial series hence the 'preview'. Not yet sure if I'll continue or not.

      Thanks for the comment ^-^

      Thanks, and same to you ^^

  4. Hi Kat, Happy Lunar New Year to you ^^ I guess you also celebrate this event!

    And thank you so much for the summary of this chapter. Due to your review of chapter 1, I just know that she has started a new series :D I thought she may be in hiatus when I did check there was no new series, sometimes re-read her past work. I have read some series of hers previously - which the plot is rather fun. I also love the humor which she put in each series - which is not awkward :P

    Hope you can keep the series' summary up :")

    1. Thanks, Trang ^-^

      Thanks for reading ^-^ I think she only wrote some oneshot stories here and there.

      Hm..not sure yet. Will see..

    2. Yeah, she also wrote some long series along with several oneshots. When I saw your introduction of her new series - I find she has kept her drawing style same as previously, somehow recognizable, a bit classic. Long time to see her male character in "dark" side like the priest in this new series. *Praying* hope you will consider this series, even if not, still thanks so much ;)

    3. Yup, Trang..I meant these past year/couple of year.

      Indeed..she has kept her drawing style..very recognizable. Hehe, the comedy, too ^^

      Hehe..still considering.

  5. Interesting.

    I'm a bit troubled though that the MC guy ( I think he is ) is a priest. A Catholic priest ? With all the troubles Catholic priests are having ( you know what they are, he he ) these days, I;m feeling a bit awkward reading this. I hope he isn't a real priest. But I like the works of this author , and her artwork, too.

    I'm also glad you have picked up new mangas.

    1. Is that so, megaworthit.

      True..maybe he isn't.

      Well, just random ones..for a 'break' from the usual summaries.