January 27, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 59-61]

Chapter 59: Jun told newly hired Yuulin that she will be serving at the harem for a month. Reishou looked at trembling Yuulin and wondered where they got her from. “..Such bad luck..” Narration: “On the day when she appeared before my eyes, she is ‘temporarily hired’ and ‘very soon, she’ll disappear from this place’.

...The only one person who is my bride. *startled Yuulin* She is intimidated to the point of not moving by the ‘Wolf King’. *Carrying a box, Yuulin happily asked him if he wanted to drink tea* ..using a gentle voice to greet her, she’ll come near [me] at ease. *Reishou smiled at her* She’ll give her all out anger regarding unreasonable things at the imperial palace. She’s very strong and she also loves to cry.

...*Yuulin holding up her fists and shouting, ‘Do not lose. Down with debt! Goal is to pay back in full!!* Always-- have her own way in being concerned with the Wolf king. *Smiling Yuulin held a bowl of sweets and told him to try eating this for they are delicious!*

...That going back and forth expression, I want to see more of it. *someone says, ‘—I’m sorry, Reishou’*” Jun calls out to Reishou and asks if he is listening. Reishou looks up and says no, he had a dream for a moment. Jun suggests that he take a nap at the lounge.
Rubbing his side forehead, Reishou says that it is alright, continue. Jun tells him that regarding the current vacant harem..in the end, how about increasing the new workers. [<- hire new temporary consorts?] Reishou says that it isn’t necessary for the Wolf king is still in immerse pain over the loss of the doted consort.

Jun tries to protests that they[/he] also cannot always let this continue. Reishou darkly calls out Jun’s name that made Jun nervous. He tells Jun that from today on, report that to the people who appear and want to ‘improve the harem situation’. Jun says, yes. Then, he tells Reishou to please tell him if he have an idea [/what he is thinking].

Reishou smiles and says that wasn’t it said before that the imperial palace will be impoverished? “Everyone is very happy, *blank eyes* isn’t that very good?” Frowning Jun looks concerned as Reishou takes his leave. Grumpy Reishou thinks that he saw Yuulin in the dream.

At night, a few ministers [/courtiers] are having a meeting at some other house. The old ministers are talking about the pampered consort of unknown character and the absolutely empty harem. “In the history of the imperial palace..do we always want to be scorned?”
A young courtier says that is right, the Wolf king had a lowly dancer mother, grew up at the northern frontier and has unpredictable military strength. “Do we plan to continue on being devoted towards this country that is full of threats? Is it really okay to let it continue and let things be?” The old ministers say, “—Then, in the end--..” The young courtier smiles over this.

At the cloister, Shisei encounters Gikou and asks him where did the princess consort disappear to. Gikou says that Yuulin has bonds with his daughter and he wants to properly take advantage of it but he couldn’t. “That’s really too bad.” Smiling yet unfazed, Shisei says no, that is a deliberate slander.

“At present, that side kept on meddling with the princess consort. This time, His Majesty’s is particularly spiteful in voicing out his thoughts. What could have changed his mood? What--” Gikou interrupts and says, “..do you want to tell me that this is a wrong decision? There should be no repeat like the PAST imperial palace. Please also engrave that in your memory.” After Gikou left Shisei speechless, Shisei mutters geez, where did His Majesty hide the princess consort.
At Kanrou, Hakuyou’s capital, Yuulin is working as a waitress. Yuulin is busy serving the men who are asking for another glass [of wine]. Then, she passes by an old man and tells him not to drink too much or his wife will be angry. Someone asks if she is finished working, will she be going home. She says yes.

Then, she looks irked at Gaku and asks why he is here. Gaku tells her that he is basically a regular customer here. Yuulin says that the store is currently renovated[/changed?]. Someone calls out to Yuulin not to rush the customers. Gaku sighs and tells her that she is still busy with work. “—if you lack money, then it is also okay for you to get hired as our granny’s maid.”

Chibi granny exclaims that it is inevitable. Aghast Yuulin thanks him for the invitation but she prudently declines. Angrily glaring at Gaku, Yuulin shouts for him not to interfere with her work. Gaku retorts back, who is paying attention to her. Clenching her fist, Yuulin thinks that yes, always thinking of His Majesty is of no use. “Okay, gambatte! [/do my best]”
Then, Meigyouku, her friend, calls out and asks her if she heard that the harem’s akujo has been abandoned by the Wolf king. This surprises Yuulin and becomes aghast over the topic [<- since she is trying to forget about that]. Someone wonders out loud if the akujo did something bad that she disappeared. “How scary.. when obviously she is doted on..”

An older man says that the terrible king’s luck ought to be all used up. “He ought to also ponder over a beauty who cannot give birth. [<- so he has to give her up] Truly fickle.” As the others continue to gossip, Yuulin clenches her fist and thinks that all of that is wrong. “Upon returning downtown, it is all about that unrealistic rumor regarding the imperial palace and the harem...

...When the past me heard of these, I also want to turn a deaf ear. No one knows the lies from the truth. What everyone knows is the ‘cold-hearted Wolf king’. *flustered and sad* No one knows the king that I know.” Dai just sleeps [or pretends to] on top of the roof.

Then, someone calls out to Yuulin so she snaps out of it and starts working again. Gaku’s underling calls out to Gaku, “Bro, bro, I always feel that it seems that Yuulin has become, how should I say this..become beautiful? I can consider that.” Gaku replies, “Huh? There is nothing at all. She is still the same when she is young. There is no change at all.”
The underling asks if that means, is he saying that ever since before Yuulin is very cute. While Meigyoku and the other gossip hungry customers go near him, Gaku angrily exclaims that isn’t so and that isn’t what he meant. “You people are way too zealous in your interpretation!! *popped vein* There is totally no change.”

Flashback: Young Yuulin going in front of Seishin and exclaimed that she is fine, so bring it on! Idi-ot. Yuulin shouting that she’ll give it back this month so go to that side. Young Gaku called her an ugly girl who isn’t a bit cute. End flashback. Gaku scowls and mutters, “Is she an idiot?” At home, Yuulin glomps her younger brother who welcomed her back.

She exclaims that she’s back and he’s so cute. Seishin tells her that actually, there’s no need to be that hasty in working. Yuulin asks what he is saying, while one has vitality, one has to properly work and earn money, then rest. Seishin worriedly says that since she returned, would Reishou-san also..

Startled Yuulin exclaims that not at all, that person won’t come back again and unexpectedly, there is no troublesome issue. Seishin timidly says is that so.. That night, while sewing, Yuulin wonders if Reishou is eating properly and getting enough sleep. “That person is quite attentive in taking care of the consort but is very negligent towards himself--”
Flashback: Yuulin exclaimed to Reishou that he heard that he worked last night until it is very late. Reishou said yes, and he’ll tidy things up in a while. Pushing his back, Yuulin exclaims that it is already enough, quickly go to bed right now for he has to hold [government] court very early tomorrow. Reishou said that he isn’t sleepy. S

ince Yuulin insisted, Reishou smiled and hugged her. He said that if she can accompany him and for them to sleep together, then, he’ll properly go to sleep. Blushing Yuulin exclaimed what he is saying, quickly go to sleep. Reishou sighed for he still wanted to play with her. After looking speechless and flustered, Yuulin went to Reishou and held his sleeve.

Yuulin said that if it is the hand, if they are holding hands like this, then is that okay? “This way, Your Majesty will also properly sleep, right. ..Your Majesty?” She looked at Reishou who is looking away and he seemed to be suppressing his laughter. He told her no, sorry, it is nothing.

While she sat on his lap and their fingers intertwined, blushing Yuulin says that it seems that this is a bit different. Smiling Reishou said that it is because this is better. Puzzled Yuulin asked is that so. End flashback.
Blushing Yuulin thinks that thinking of it now, what are they doing for in the end, he didn’t sleep at all. “The depths of that person’s smile. I do not know what he is thinking. At the start, I’m very angry upon knowing that I was deceived by the ‘Wolf king is an act’. *Chibi Yuulin angrily shouted what the heck is that*...

...Afterwards, recalling His Majesty ..in the end, whether it is the Wolf king or the puppy, he is always kind towards me. Suddenly terminating my work and cancelling the debt. I think that it is also definitely for me. I think that he is a person who loves to worry. No matter what ..a truly stupid [/awkward] king. His Majesty is an idiot.

...You ‘hurt me’ with hopes of not feeling sad –because right now, you are bearing the loneliness all by yourself.” Dai suddenly appears upside down from the window and calls out to her. Yuulin asks what’s up since he startled her. Pouting Dai says that a visitor has come. Yuulin is puzzled with his strange facial expression.

After greeting the visitor, surprised Yuulin asks why he came here, Prime Minster Shuu. Hooded Kouren deeply apologizes for suddenly coming to visit at this time. “..Can I disturb you a bit for some of your time, princess consort-sama. No.. Tei Yuulin-sama.”
Chapter 60: Nervous Yuulin asks why Kouren is here, because.. She thinks that [it is because the] people in the imperial palace ought to consider her as a ‘consort of unknown character’. Kouren says that regarding His Majesty’s ‘temporary bride’ thing, that exists ever since before. This surprises Yuulin.

Dai says that in short, the meaning of those words is, explaining it is very troublesome. Yuulin is still puzzled. Inside the house, Yuulin offers Kouren some tea. She apologizes for her crude house. Kouren tells her that there’s no need to be formal [/courteous] for didn’t His Majesty already came to visit here many times and passed the days quite easily.

Yuulin is nervous for he also knew about that travel incognito [to her place before]. Puzzled Yuulin says that he really knows the temporary bride. She asks since when did it start that he found out about it. After a pause, Kouren says that it is necessary to avoid marriage for domestic [/internal] stability, and that is what Jun told him at that time.

Aghast Yuulin exclaims, wait..then from the start is really from the start!? “What’s that. I totally didn’t hear about that thing!” Kouren just sips his tea while chibi Jun and Reishou are doing (˚̀ ^ ˚̀)  smug looks.
Kouren tells her that harem problems is the king’s household duties so even if it is him, he also do not like to step into His Majesty’s forbidden area.. “More or less, some distance has to be maintained. –I apologize for causing you to be startled.. It is simply, this time around, it is His Majesty’s direct order in wanting me to do this.

“—there is a very urgent matter. Right now, please leave the royal capital temporarily, Yuulin-sama. *Yuulin is surprised* This is His majesty’s wish. I beg of you.” Yuulin protests what that means for that person drove her away from the harem and now, he wants her to leave the royal capital. “This is a very selfish thing..!!”

Kouren tells her that if she continues to stay here, then it is possible that she’ll be involved in the imperial palace’s new power struggle. Since Yuulin is puzzled, Kouren explains that after the princess consort left, a new problem arises that the imperial palace had become more restless and unstable.

“At the start, it is His Majesty’s order to play out ‘upon losing his beloved consort, he felt quite weary and tired that he doesn’t want to accept a new consort for the time being’...
...Because there is no consort in the harem, a portion of the senior officials became concerned. A proposal of ‘since it is like this, at least, bring make His majesty’s royal younger brother, An Ryukou, who is residing at Youshu, to come back to the royal capital’ was brought up. The king currently has no prince...

...It is the king’s younger brother who has the highest probability of becoming the king’s heir. *Yuulin recalls Reishou wondering out loud on pondering over on how to treat the royal younger brother. She thinks that this is the reason why Reishou particularly went to travel incognito to see him* ..regarding this proposal, Minister Ryu said that he approves and has the same opinion with ‘right now, there is no heir, and for the imperial palace’s stability’...

...Minister Han said that “‘This idea is a bit too sudden’ so I’ll show my opposition to it”. Ryu and Han oppose each other. Regarding everyone’s statements, His Majesty also didn’t refute after listening to his subjects’ opinions...

–this is an unavoidable discussion, that is the plan [/intention]. ..starting from here, there is problem related to Yuulin-sama. The imperial place has a secret, that is searching for the missing ‘princess consort-sama’.” Yuulin sadly asks why the consort has already disappeared.
Kouren says that it is because it is related to being the king’s doted one. “Even if it is a past issue, but this time, there is a power struggle and someone thought that she can be fetched and taken advantage of [/make use of]. “It is His Majesty’s wish that you will be the same as before wherein there is no change and you’ll live together with your family.

...With the current situation, for your safety, he hopes that you can temporarily go into hiding. Use all of your strength to wait until the problem gradually vanishes, then you can return to your original life. This is an extreme order.” Yuulin starts to cry and says that when that person is in a time of hardship, he would still worry about her who is just temporary worker..

“And, obviously, I’m not a real consort. (Wanting me to escape and the imperial palace’s power struggle. ..brothers. There and also here, you do not want me to touch it.) *A scene of Reishou covering Yuulin’s eyes*” Kouren says, “We know that it is a pretense. Regardless if it is the past or the present ..in my eyes, I see the two of you as a real married couple.”

Narration: “From the start, it is because I’ve been deceived to start a life of a temporary bride. *a scene of Yuulin walking with books on her head while Jun is lecturing her* ...
...The princess consort’s training is very rigorous. I felt that it is a very uneasy life. Furthermore, I still have to shoulder a great amount of debt *scene of Seishin with a book* that I want to repay it as soon as possible and go back home-- Even if the Wolf king made my acting into a mess, it is because it is temporary work so ‘like’[/love] is impossible...

...But, I really like the cold-hearted Wolf king ..when he sees the consort, his expression changes into kindness in a flash. *Reishou was lecturing the courtiers then upon seeing her, his expression softened and he carried her* I like the most when the puppy king returns to the harem for he has a smile that is completely different when he is at the imperial palace...

...Occasionally, he would have a side face looking at a far direction that it seems he has forgotten about me. If I can tightly hug him.. *Yuulin look worried over Reishou’s distant look that she talk with him so he snaps out of it and smiles at her* It would be good if I can properly say that I’m here. A distant and remote king...

...If [my] thoughts were to be found out, definitely something will be lost. Hiding and deceiving one’s self. Merely merging together acting and one’s true feelings [/intention]. ..Blurring [/confusing] it and then, unconsciously, it suddenly ended. The Wolf king’s bride ..helpless attachment. [= ‘no way out’ love]...
...It is good if in the end, I say it out. Even if I’m rejected, at least, I had properly said it out. At that time, His Majesty is very frightening. I know I’ll definitely be rejected so I wasn’t able to say it out. In the end, at that time, I do not have any awareness.” At the docks [I think] where some stevedores are busy carrying containers around, Yuulin folds her arms and calls out to Gaku.

She asks if he can honor her with his presence. While Gaku’s underling is happy about this, Gaku asks what, that is an amazing angry look. At the side, fuming Yuulin says that there is something she wants to tell him. “You really shouldn’t lend money to my father again!! You unscrupulous loan shark [/money lender] My family is very conscientious.”

Irked Gaku says that let him say again, the degree of her father’s stupidity, isn’t it up to the degree wherein he’ll recklessly borrow money from somewhere every time? “You don’t need to excessively worry! [He?] actually pays back a few amount of money often.”

 Fuming Yuulin says that there is one other thing, she will leave this place again so she’ll leave Seishin up to him. Gaku asks if she is going to that temporary cleaning job again. Pouting Yuulin says yes, that is so. Gaku worriedly says that wasn’t she rejected and fired, is she kidding.
Feeling like she’s an idiot, scowling Yuulin says but she definitely has to go. After becoming speechless, Gaku scratches his head and says okay, he’ll take care of Seishin. He is aghast upon seeing Yuulin becoming teary-eyed. Flashback: Yuulin had informed Seishin of her plans. Seishin says ya, is that so, he know. “..about that, sis. Do what you want to do with your life. It is okay for you to do as you like. I am fine. Father, Gaku and everyone at downtown are here. End flashback.

Crying Yuulin mutters over how she likes Seishin. Gaku tells her not to sob loudly at this place. “About that- basically, you stick to him too tightly! Let me tell you that kid is several times stronger than you.” Wimpering Yuulin says that she knows. Gaku tells Yuulin that Seishin is considered his family’s child and even if she doesn’t trouble herself, he will help in looking after him.

“..if it is you, I can do things. *Yuulin stops crying and pouting* There’s no problem. *Yuulin nods* Ah- geez. Strange expression is no good. Smile a bit. *pats her head* That strange expression of suddenly getting angry. It is okay for you to do what you want to do. If you’re perplexed, then go, stupid kid! If something happens, then quickly come back. Stu-pid.”
As there is a scene of young Gaku quarreling with Yuulin, Yuulin slightly smiles and says, “..thank you. Then, I’ll be going.” Gaku watches her leave. Later on, Gaku’s underling excitedly asks what’s up with Yuulin. Gaku darkly says that it isn’t something he is expecting. “--..it is a conceited giving up. [<- Yuulin letting go of Seishin?] Seeing that kind of expression. --..this is quite like ..the feeling of marrying off one’s daughter.. sigh”

The underlings exclaim if Gaku is okay. As Yuulin heads back home, she thinks that no matter how she wants to be at his die, but there is always a day when the temporary work will end. “I always thought that I can return to downtown. From start to end, I always..but.” In the house, Dai comments that is a happy expression.

Folding her clothes, Yuulin says is that so, and indeed, it seems like she has become aware [/had awaken]. Dai asks is it because of His Majesty’s willfulness that caused her to become uneasy and angry, then let’s go. Yuulin says that this is inevitable for danger lurks on every side and she has to go. Smiling Dai says yes, but then, she chose to first take refuge so doesn’t one have a bad premonition. Yuulin quietly glances at him.
Dai says that they’ll also specially going to Ninshu where Governor Ka is when there is also the star imperial villa proposal. To Dai’s surprise, Yuulin smiles and says that she wants to at least be at Youshu where An Ryukou is, and she felt that inspection is a very distant past. “In short, leaving the royal capital is His Majesty’s wish. Prime Minister Kouren said, as much as possible, go to the place where I want to go. This is also a lot convenient.”

Dai is amused over this development for this is probably quite doing as one pleases. Yuulin says that at the harem, that person didn’t show it out..but right now, she is no longer a working consort. “I have my own thinking and my own actions. No matter where I go, I am the selfish king’s companion [/comrade].” Dai is stunned.

Narration: “This has nothing to do with being a bride, commoner Yuulin, who is about to leave to some other very important place. There will be a day when I’ll definitely personally say out that I like you, far distant king.” While teary-eyed with amusement, Dai exclaims that in the end, she’s very amazing, continue on--!!

Holding up her fist, Yuulin exclaims that there is always a way. “The goal is ‘better to die in glory than live in dishonour’!!” [<- it is an idiom to ‘better broken jade than intact tile’] Dai says that’s wrong, for what is that statement.
Chapter 61: Narration: “-Definitely, it is always different. ..the scenery that you and I am looking at.” As courtiers bow, Reishou look up the snowy sky. While carrying a pail of water, Yuulin also look up the snowy sky. Kokuu enters the house and calls out to Yuulin and asks could it be that she is doing household work. “Where is the servant?”

Holding a rag and a pail of water, Yuulin welcomes Kokuu back. Wiping her brow, she tells him that a servant is not necessary so she declined [the offer]. Kokuu says no, no, that’s no good, for why would the princess-consort will.. then at least, get him or that kid at the side [-> Dai] to do it--

Munching on a snack, Dai seems to say that is outside [the scope] of his professional work. Yuulin says that she is a just a hired consort. They are currently at Hakuyou’s Ninshu. Prime minister Kouren told Yuulin who left the harem about ‘in order not to let the princess consort get involved with the power struggle’.

 So, she is boarding at the place of Governor Ka Bun’ou where they were taken care of during the travelling incognito. She is now hiding while living in this place. Working around this area, Kokuu had found out about things. He is so worried that his complexion doesn’t look good.
After Yuulin served him tea, Kokuu tells her that this is a disaster for she got fired from work and also have to move elsewhere.. Yuulin says no..but rather, how is his investigation regarding the dark merchant. Kokuu gloomily says that it seems that they also have spy intelligence for they beautifully escape every time.

“Geez, what kind of people are those scoundrels..! Obviously it isn’t over but the military troops went back first..!” Yuulin thinks that obviously he is also an amiable person. Kokuu says but, it turns out to be like that, the problem in the imperial palace regarding the royal younger brother has come out..

Pointing to an empty seat, Yuulin tells Dai to come and sit there. Thinking that she is filled with ambition regarding this situation, Yuulin asks them that regarding His majesty’s younger brother, An Ryukou, will there be some troublesome problem that will arise if he returns to the imperial palace.

Yuulin barely understands things but right now, she is free. While His Majesty is at the harem, what are the things that the working consort comes across with and studies are...! [<- seems to say that Reishou controls what she can know while at the harem]
Kokuu says that those guys are.. Dai interrupts by saying, “Does His Majesty have a child now? Does the harem have a consort? That is what the people at the imperial palace are saying. I think that if His Majesty said it, then the royal younger brother will return to the imperial palace. Then, the possibility of the royal younger brother becoming the next king is very high...

Usually, it is the eldest son- If the future royal younger brother becomes king, then the people who have good relations with him and those who do not have good relations, they will start to have a struggle. That is the current situation.” Yuulin says that in short, it is a successor problem but then, isn’t His Majesty still young and isn’t that problem a bit too early..

Dai says that Jun and His majesty is already several years old [<- I recall that he is 20+ years old] and it seems that there are many who want His Majesty to ‘put a consort in the harem’. Chibi Jun fumes that the surroundings is unfavorable, domestic stability is the utmost priority and there are so many things to do.
Dai continues to say that this time around, the voices saying ‘make the royal younger brother come back’ are unexpectedly quite loud. “There is also the Ryu family and Han family’s opposing power. This rapid unfolding of events is definitely such a headache. –Ah, His majesty is His Majesty and he definitely is thinking over things.”

Yuulin sadly mutters power struggle..that is only the things that is in the imperial palace. She recalls Reishou telling her that ‘official meeting [with Ryukou] is very troublesome’. She thinks that she hasn’t asked Reishou himself about the details and what was it that he said during the travel incognito inspection.

Yuulin sadly says that obviously they are blood related brothers. She thinks that they cannot even meet in an ordinary way. Dai and Kokuu are silent. Later on, Kokuu calls out to Dai on top of the roof. Dai asks what he needs from him. Kokuu asks what he is thinking for this time around, His Majesty doesn’t want to involve Yuulin with this issue.

Dai smiles and says that whether it is His Majesty or Yuulin, doesn’t one think that this current situation is more interesting. “I want to see princess consort-chan be filled with enthusiasm this time around without someone ordering her around. Good-bye”
And, Dai runs off, and left Kokuu scratching his head. Yuulin wonders what Reishou always saw at the imperial palace, harem, travelling and inspection. “Imprisoned in love, when I was unable to budge. You are a—distant rear figure.”

Later on, Bun’ou is surprised that Yuulin wants to meet up with Ryukou. While Kokuu and Dai look on, Bun’ou declines her request for Kouren asked him to guarantee the ‘princess consort-sama’s personal safety and for her to meet with Ryukou, that is actually.. Yuulin says yes, she knows. With a smile and clenched fists, Yuulin says so, can he please forgive her for she only wants to leave here for a while and afterwards, she’ll think of a way. Bun’ou goes huh?

Yuulin says that before at the official residence [/mansion], she is also hired by His Majesty so look, she’ll quickly come back. Bun’ou tensely says that is His Majesty’s private reckless plan. Yuulin says is that so, and obviously the ‘talk about the consort had passed away’ is quite thick everywhere in the city.

Basically, she is now an ordinary commoner so she thinks that she won’t be found out. Bun’ou can only tensely call her name. Kokuu tries to gesture ‘no’, and Dai is suppressing his laughter.
Bun’ou says that by all means, be prudent and let him ask why she wants to do this. Yuulin says that no matter how she hears it, in the end, she still hopes for ‘the brothers’ relationship to become amicable.

“His majesty and the imperial palace situation, and what I feel aren’t the same. I know this a bit but.. Just understanding His Majesty and An Ryukou’s distance is no good. Right now, there is a power struggle in the imperial palace. So rather than self-analyzing His Majesty here, I want to use my own eyes to see, to understand and to decide...

...The current me is no longer the princess consort. Everything is my own responsibility. I know this when we went to Youshu incognito. *smiles* I’ll be troubling you.” Slightly bowing to her, Bun’ou says that she is really nice and upon hearing those words, makes his heartache [/be moved] and His Majesty will also be like that.

“But, as for what you said, even if they are brothers, His Majesty and An Ryukou is not at all concerned with each other. For His Majesty, saying ‘brothers’ is the already deceased former king-- ..the eldest brother had left a deep impression on him...
...–ever since he was young, that eldest brother had tried to take His Majesty’s life for so many times. Together with his mother, they were hurriedly driven out to the frontier. –no matter what method or form it is, the dispute for the throne..is like this. ..His Majesty can smile [/laugh] while talking about this thing.. *Kokuu and Dai looking glum with Yuulin*

...The issue centering on the dispute for the throne between brothers won’t stop. –for His Majesty, ever since he was born, ‘brothers’ is that kind of relationship. Princess consort-sama, please do not rashly [/lightly] step into that place. His Majesty, definitely-- do not wish that you do this kind of thing.”

Yuulin recalls the time when Reishou is playfully hugging her and said that she and her family’s relationship is quite good and she really loves her younger brother. Wondering why they are in this position, Yuulin exclaimed that this is very ordinary, it is very ordinary to like Seishin the most. While holding blushing Yuulin’s hand, Reishou said that her family is very blessed [/happy]. End flashback.
Narration: “The king whom I know is very sad and lonely. He really loves to protect me, the princess consort. –the place where you are, the scenery that you look at, towards me. Going forward.” Yuulin says that despite of that, she still wants to do this. “Looking at that person’s burden, perhaps, I would understand. It is because thinking is completely different from what one sees. And possibly, it isn’t the same.”

Bun’ou concedes by saying that he already has no way of stopping her for she doesn’t want to just gaze at that person from afar. While Kokuu scratch his head and Dai grins, Bun’ou smiles and says that all of a sudden, Kouren’s omnious prediction came true.

“I have received a letter saying, ‘it won’t be long, when something that will make you worry, will happen’. *Yuulin looks surprised* --regarding An Ryukou, please leave it up to me. I, Ka Bun’ou, will make arrangements.” Whistling Dai says that his job is to protect [/escort] her as she goes back and forth.

Holding his forehead, Kokuu says that this really makes one troubled to the point of unable to waver and he should be used to it, well, it is inevitable.. Yuulin looks surprised-happy over this. So like that, Yuulin is surrounded by people who helped her [with her goal].
Bun’ou gives Yuulin some instructions and she travelled with Dai and Kokuu. From Ninshu to Youshu, she got into Ryukou’s mansion house. Secret infiltration is a success! Holding a duster, Yuulin thinks that it is too perfect and is it because it is quite natural for her to be a servant. One of the servants calls out to her as Yuuka [<- false name] and tells her to sweep that side of the courtyard next. Yuulin says okay.

While sweeping the courtyard, she thinks that while working, she’ll definitely have an opportunity to see Ryukou. Suddenly, something came out of the bushes and hits her. Thinking that something bumped into her, she looks down and sees a young boy. The boy apologizes and says that he didn’t know that there is someone there.

Thinking that he is--.., Yuulin says that she should be the one who apologize and is he injured. The boy says that he isn’t. A woman calls out, “An Ryukou, you cannot suddenly run out..” Ryukou says, “Mother-sama.” His mother says, ah, it is a face that she hasn’t seen before. “Are you a newcomer..?”

Yuulin looks tense as she looks at a beautiful veiled woman holding to her son, Ryukou. Narration: “Appearing here is a dignified youngster called ‘An Ryukou and the figure behind him—a very beautiful woman.”
Comment: I somewhat think that Reishou had somewhat anticipated that this will happen so he already sent Yuulin away before she gets further involved with his troubles. Aside from being forced to let Yuulin go, he has to deal with stress and pressures in the palace.

In a way, it must be kind of irritating for him that he is doing his best for the country and here, the officials are meddling with his love life and even plans to replace him with someone else by already thinking of a successor. Well, at least those who doesn’t like him. From the talk of the older officials with the instigation of that young courtier, it seems that they look down on Reishou for having a lowly dancer for a mother, and having no ‘royal upbringing’.

Basically, they are angry that he isn’t bending to their will especially regarding wanting to have consorts at the harem. Even if Shisei has ulterior motives, for now, he is blocking the proposal to bring back Ryukou to the palace. That would give Reishou some time to think of what to do. It does seem that Gikou means well for not wanting to repeat of what happened in the past and believes that this is the right thing to do.

What Kouren mentioned about viewing them as a real married couple is really nice. I do wonder if he served Reishou’s father and older brother. He seems to be quite knowledgeable about things to the point of being able to predict things. For Reishou to entrust him to tell Yuulin about his request, I feel that he also had gone a long way with Reishou just like the others for Reishou to trust him this way.

Just like how Kokuu belatedly knew that she is a temporary consort, it seems that Yuulin also belatedly knew that Kouren already knows about her being a temporary consort. Amusingly even if Yuulin is worried about Reishou, Gaku and Seishin are worried about her. In a way, she is the same with him who wants to travel incognito and check things out with her own eyes.

I do wonder if Bun’ou is having a lot of white hairs from worrying. Before it is Reishou, and now, it is his ‘wife’ making him worry too much over their reckless ‘outings’. =P Gaku and Yuulin scenes are nice, too. It is a change to see a childhood friend acting like that.

In a way, it is a big deal for Yuulin to ask the help of someone she doesn’t like to take care of Seishin. Gaku is nice enough to do it even if Yuulin always viewed him badly. I think that he is more of an ‘older brother’ rather than a ‘father’ as he thinks. ^^;

Well, proactive Yuulin isn’t going to sit around and wait for things to calm down. She is going to do something. I’m amused if she is indeed too natural that she can easily pass off as a servant. ^^; Since this is the feudal era wherein life spans are probably short, that might also a reason why they are pressuring Reishou to settle down rather than deal with the domestic stability first.

Having a successor will indeed make the transition smooth in case something happens to Reishou. In a way, I think what is revealed here hints on where Reishou got his wolf side. If his brother tried to kill him repeatedly and his own father sent him and his mother away, it would be more natural for him to be very cautious of people he would trust or depend on.

Though in a way, he doesn’t trust anyone completely, probably, out of instinct or self-preservation based on what he had gone through. So, it fits the lone wolf image. Of course, even if he doesn’t plan to do what his brother did to him with his younger brother, it will be difficult if that is starting to cause trouble to the point of dividing the palace loyalties. So, to confirm and know the true situation of things, Yuulin has successfully met with Ryukou and his mother. Scans by BaRaMei私人

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