January 2, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 52]

Yuulin nervously recalls Reishou happily asking if he didn’t tell her, it is his younger brother [whom he came to see]. Holding her head, Yuulin thinks that afterwards, regarding this incognito journey which His Majesty decided on wanting to see someone, she got a big shock. “How come today I’m going on a date with His Majesty.

*walking on the streets with Reishou* --actually, it is to help Kokuu-san’s work on ‘gathering intelligence regarding the dark merchant’.” Chibi Kokuu tried to stop Reishou by saying that he doesn’t need to do this kind of thing. Looking at Reishou, she thinks that about this younger brother thing, she is still doesn’t know about it quite clearly. Reishou smiles and tells her what it is. “I’ll feel a bit perplexed since such cute face is always looking at me.”

Embarrassed Yuulin thinks that it is wolf acting. She asks if they will continue the sweet acting today. He laughs and says of course. Sweatdropping Yuulin thinks that she really couldn’t understand.. “Why would he be so sweet with a working consort. And regarding his description of his younger brother, it is--”

Flashback: Puppy Reishou said that his age seems to be 11 years old, or 12 years old. “No, it is because he was born after I moved to the frontier [border] so actually, I’m not too sure.” End flashback. Puzzled Yuulin wonders that unexpectedly, it is that simple.. and ‘it is alright if I cannot see him’, that’s too frank, right..
Yuulin glumly looks at Reishou who is puzzled. Yuulin had re-confirmed things with Jun earlier. Jun told her that it is Reishou’s younger brother, and in the end, she heard about it. “He is residing in that house near the lake.” Yuulin blushed while thinking of this. Jun told her that he’ll tell her something first, it is different from the elder brother-younger brother relationship that she’s thinking.

“An Ryukou and [the] mother had grown up in a different environment [/circumstances]. Right now, there are already the king’s territories and courtiers. [<- kingdom is established?] It is such a thing.” End flashback. Yuulin gloomily thinks that here, he is also quite cold as he is, normally. “-if it is me and Seishin, my beloved younger brother, I can confidently say it.. Huh? Could it be that the strange one is me?”

Reishou interrupts her thoughts by asking her where are the delicious restaurants that she is going to introduce him to. She exclaims yes. She holds out his outstretched hand and thinks, “Whether family or friends, the king is really hard to understand..”

Somewhere else, irked Jun says that it is impossible to travel incognito in this kind of situation, furthermore, he has to think about the investigation of this dark merchant issue. Kokuu nervously asks about that, Reishou and Yuulin had already gone out together for a stroll.
Fuming Jun says that is precisely the main reason that gives him a stomachache. [<- ulcer from stress?] Kokuu asks if the doctor hasn’t arrived yet. Kokuu says but, that calm person would unexpectedly be moved and also totally like that girl. “And, an exceptionally beautiful lady would suddenly come into that always empty harem and he deeply doted on her. When I heard that rumor, I felt quite worried.”

Scowling Jun is speechless as he imagines lively Yuulin <- the beautiful lady. Before leaving, Kokuu tells Jun that it is okay to let that person not be lonely. “Actually, that girl isn’t bad at all, right? –then, I’ll leave those two up to you. I’ll also seriously go to work. I’m going.” He leaves while thinking of being careful not to hinder the two’s date. Jun sighs and thinks, “..things aren’t that simple..”

At the street, on their date, Yuulin is cursing loudly. Reishou tells her not to be that angry, when he is just buying something for her, that’s all. Flustered Yuulin exclaims that she is just casually looking, and that’s it. “I’m not saying that I wanted it!”

Reishou says that just by looking at her, she wants it. She calls him rude. Turning to face him, Yuulin exclaims that her sight just wander a bit, so why did he bought those two! “I don’t approve of Reishou-sama’s [<- his alias while traveling] way of buying things! Choosing is very important!”
Reishou asks why when she can use both. Yuulin exclaims that for him to buy two ladles that have the same function in this place, what she is going to do with that!! Darn- Darn-” Reishou says that they are a match so he bought them. One of the ladle is round while the other one is more flat.

Clinging on her, lovey-dovey Reishou says he knows, next time, he’ll buy something related to the royal capital and give it to her. She shouts that there’s no need for she can buy it for herself, and why is he coming near her!? The passer-by thinks that their relationship is quite good. Yuulin looks at smiling Reishou and thinks that he’s so sweet.

She starts to look glum and stare at him that Reishou asks what it is. Going near him, she asks if in this journey, the ‘wolf’ feels very tired. “—do you want to go to a place where there is nobody around?” Reishou smiles and says that there’s no need, it is alright, and lately the traps set up by the rabbit are very ingenious.

Yuulin wonders if he turned to puppy. So, in order to search for some intelligence regarding the dark merchant, they walk around back and forth. When they enter a restaurant, if Yuulin hears someone saying a bad comment about the Wolf king, just like that, she doesn’t want to go in.

But in the end, hearing that bad comment makes her want to run and stop them. Yuulin shouts at the gossiping men. They sample all sorts of gourmet food and shopping. “It felt that this is really like a real date..”
As they always walk while holding hands, Yuulin thinks that it is alright for this is work. Later on, Reishou says that it is already sunset. “Let’s go take a stroll along the riverbank and return to the inn.” Yuulin says okay. She thinks, “Today, we are together this one day. The two of us passing time like lovers. It’s acting. It’s work. I’m very happy. It’s very fun. *sad* Would today end like this..”

Reishou stops walking and tells her to go behind him a bit. Reishou asks if something’s wrong for they are always following them. Some hooded men came in front of them and says that at that side, there is this husky fellow [Kokuu] who is sneaking around at that street, does he know something about it.

Reishou says that they are just a traveling kind-hearted married couple. Yuulin blushes over the married couple comment. Reishou looks at the side and sees a restaurant. He smiles and says that he sees a store that seems to be very strange for it on full alert. “Is it because there are bandits in there? Or, rather, I should say, the store is doing some secret business transaction.”

One of the hooded men takes out his sword and asks who he is. Yuulin looks surprised. And to the surprise of the hooded men, Dai jumps down on them, promptly whips them and ties them up. Dai scolds them that even if the date is over, they shouldn’t suddenly go straight to them when the mood is at its best, idiots.
Stomping on one of the hooded men, Dai tells them that when his boss gets angry, it’s very scary, and they are an annoying bunch. Reishou looks glum and asks why Dai didn’t leave some for him. Dai looks surprised and asks if he likes some. Reishou asks if these men who had taken a fancy on him have any relation with the dark merchant.

Dai says aren’t they simply men who attack travellers. Reishou says that their action is quite fast. The intelligence network at the streets is quite fast and [information] about Kokuu had been conveyed in advance to the store. Dai agrees.

Reishou sadly smiles and says, “At the royal capital, at this region [/place], there are scoundrel/s who’ll sell out[/betray] the Wolf King as well as to make some monetary profit. ..continuous internal trouble and outside aggression [/in a mess both domestically and abroad].”

Yuulin thinks that his gaze is cold and calm. “—at that place, until a while ago, he is a person whom I’m happily window-shopping and strolling together with. In a split second, he is gazing at a far place that I cannot see. If this goes on, he’ll go to a place where my outstretched hand cannot touch him. –strange?

Why? This is.. ..it is the same far feeling during the spring banquet? *recalls Dai telling her that unknowingly, time will only continue moving forward, and she cannot obtain the thing that she want [if she doesn’t do anything?].* Will things also not change?”
Yuulin holds out her hand and holds on to Reishou’s cape. Puzzled Reishou turns to her and asks what it is. She holds his cape tighter. Reishou apologizes to her for just now, it is very frightening. “I didn’t think that their vigilance is that strong.” Flustered Yuulin says, “—no, that is alright. I don’t feel frightened in places where you are around.”

Reishou looks surprised and thinks that it is married couple acting. He hugs her back and says, -ah, right now, there is only the two of them. Yuulin says yes. She thinks, “Desire cannot be covered up. –during acting as a consort, I hope to have more of this forbidden ‘want to be at your side’. Please let me be at your side.”

Reishou looks at flustered Yuulin’s expression that it made him look flustered and hug her tightly. Then, they hear someone stomping on the ground. The two are glum and surprised. Reishou is shock when Yuulin quickly moved away from him. Emitting dark aura, smiling Jun says that the two of them seems to have encountered an extremely dangerous disaster so leave it up to him regarding the follow-up in dealing with those things.

Dai feels a bit sorry for the couple [since they were interrupted]. Jun says, “Then, Reishou-sama, please go to the inn first. –tomorrow, before noon, ‘royal younger brother’ have some convenient time. Afterwards, we go back earlier.” Reishou lamely says that he did quite well. Jun sarcastically says that it is his honor to be praised by him. While the couple looks somewhat flustered, Yuulin thinks, “Unconsciously, I had mixed acting and my true feelings together.”
Comment: And, while on this journey, they did have a whole day for dating which unfortunately got interrupted at the end by bandits and later on, by Jun. Even if it is hinted that the reason why Jun doesn’t prove seems to be political reasons and for Reishou’s sake as king, it isn’t too clearly mentioned.

Well, Kokuu did do what he say and put in a word for Yuulin to Jun though it seems to center on making Reishou be not lonely. It seems that Yuulin is showing more concern about Reishou here in regards to how casual he is regarding his younger brother, and especially regarding that distant look.

Because of the troubles regarding Yuulin as a consort and traitors as he hinted, it really makes me wonder what made Reishou decide to become king especially since he seems to be an easy-going, and freedom loving guy. Since those bandits mention of Kokuu poking around way too soon, I guess Reishou is referring to someone from the capital informing them about Kokuu’s investigation.

Maybe he is also suspicious about those nasty rumors that infuriate Yuulin. Anyway, in that hug, somehow, I feel that Yuulin has conveyed something to Reishou in a way that it made him hug her back tightly. It is touching in a way as it is Yuulin’s fear that she won’t be able to be at his side soon as time keeps on moving. I’m curious though what Reishou could be thinking then. Scans by BaRaMei私人

Quote of the day:
Life was about spending time together, about having the time to walk together holding hands, talking quietly as the sun go down. It wasn't glamorous, but it was, in many ways, the best that life has to offer. Wasn't that how the old saying went? Who, on their deathbed, ever said they wished they had worked harder? Or spent less time enjoying a quiet afternoon? Or spent less time with their family [/loved ones]? ~ Nicholas Sparks, True Believer


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    1. The problem is his mother was also a commoner. It's a political situation, and he'd have to convince the nobles. If he can get the Ryuu and Han houses to support her openly, there wouldn't be much issue. (I'm crossing my fingers that a marriage of Ryu Houen and the daughter of Han would accomplish this)

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