January 4, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 53-54]

Chapter 53: At a building above the lake, On-sensei ushers Reishou and his group inside. He tells them to go to this side, please. “Ranyou-sama left due to an urgent matter regarding her friend. So, before she comes back, let me lead you to where An Ryukou is.”

So, in this incognito inspection, it also mixed up with another separate issue regarding the dark merchant. The real goal is to ‘meet up with his younger brother’ and this is already being done. Sitting on the bench, Yuulin feels anxious. She has to stay behind at the town. She wonders if Reishou is alright since she doesn’t know if the brothers will get along or not.

She suddenly stands up and thinks that the Wolf king is terrifying but then the other party is a child, so he ought to be gentle with him! “He wouldn’t angrily glare at a child, right? *walking back and forth* What kind of child is his younger brother. Is he the same with His majesty? But then, the mother is different.”

Kokuu who is also left behind asks her to please calm down a bit. Surprised Yuulin apologizes and says that it is because she’s worried.. She tells him that it is too bad about the dark merchant thing. Scratching his head, Kokuu says ya, this time, too, they had gorgeously straightforwardly escaped. Yuulin narrates that the ones who attacked her and Reishou are confirmed to be nearby robbers.
It seems that Jun wasn’t able to obtain any useful information regarding the ‘dark merchant. Kokuu says that when he went to the store, the place is already empty. He apologizes that he put them into danger for he thought that he can come over. Yuulin tells him that they weren’t [in danger] because Reishou is with her so there’s no problem at all.

Besides, Dai also came to knock them down. Somewhat surprised, thoughtful Kokuu says that there is something that he wants to ask her. “Don’t you feel that man is very frightening?” Thinking that he’s referring to Reishou, she repeats, frightening? While Yuulin is puzzled, Kokuu laughs and says is that so, it seems that she is quite cherished [/valued] by that person.

Flustered and still puzzled Yuulin nervously asks he’s saying, she and who..it is really a very good relations friend, and it feels like they are close relatives. She thinks that in this journey, Reishou looks very happy. Kokuu somewhat smiles and says that she’s really stubborn, and it’s a pity, for that person, [she’s] a special person.

This surprises Yuulin and recalls Reishou saying that the king doesn’t have friends. She is cherished but in other areas, it’s loneliness. Later on, at a rented room, there are a lot of delicious dishes placed on the table. Yuulin asks why there is such a luxurious cuisine here. “Are all these food just for the two of us!?”
Reishou says that it is a celebration after accomplishing a goal. Yuulin says that is that so, then get everyone together. Reishou says that he got an invitation from those guys who said that they’ll go to a high class place to drink wine since one can only eat at ease in a luxurious-type of place. There is a scene of Jun protesting that he also wants to go, so cunning but Dai and Kokuu tell him to give it up.

Reishou smiles at Yuulin and says that the traveling incognito is also over, and they’ll immediately go back. “No matter what, I would want to cherish the time with you, just the two of us.” This made Yuulin blush and think that the sweet married couple acting has started again. Reishou says that after they go back, it is those restricting days again, and right now, he can pass the time without worries.

Scowling Yuulin says that since it is like that, then he should loosen up as much as possible. He says yes, that is right. “This is very delicious but Yuulin’s personally made food is more delicious!” Yuulin thinks that he immediately become puppy..and what he said about the cooking is impossible [that hers is more delicious].

Preparing to eat, she asks him about his younger brother. He says that he is probably older now. Puzzled Yuulin asks, probably?
Reishou says that he has no way of seeing his younger brother’s real appearance. “Ah- so I’m saying that this time around, the reason is he had come for educational training. From the other room, one can see his image in class. Younger brother himself doesn’t know that I’m there.”

Puzzled Yuulin tells him to wait a minute, didn’t he go here to see him. Yuulin says that it is because Ryukou is still a kid, so if he goes to see his older brother, the king, then this secret will be found out by the people AROUND him. Then, there is no meaning in going there incognito.” Yuulin felt dizzy and aghast. She says then, he came here to ‘see’ has become to ‘listen’.

She is imagining some moving reunion between the brothers so there’s no cute(?) younger brother there. Thinking that Yuulin isn’t moving, Reishou says that is right. “It seems that he really likes to study. His memory is very good. His brain is very nimble. He is only a bit meek. Regarding military skill, it is because his mother felt that it is dangerous so she won’t let him study it.”

Reishou looks thoughtful about that. Yuulin says that it always felt like he is having a test. Reishou says yes, from today on, he needs to ponder over the way to treat the royal younger brother in the future. “Compared to hearing reports, I rather see it directly. In the end, it’s futile.”

Yuulin thinks that this is very, very different from the brothers-type that she is portraying in her heart and Jun is right about what he told her that ‘it is like that’. She wonders what to say this time, for the things she sees is totally different from Reishou.
Going to the balcony, Reishou tells her that they can see the nightscape here. Soon, they put some drinks and snacks on a small table as they watch the scenery together. Reishou apologizes to her since based on her expression, it seems to say that right now, they doesn’t have a bit of ‘brothers’ feeling’. Clenching her fist, Yuulin tells him to please do not apologize.

“Each family situation is different. This is just the first step!” He asks her if she felt happy in this journey. Blushing Yuulin says yes, that’s right, it is very delightful. She thinks that as much as she can, she enjoyed the date-type thing. He smiles and says is that so. Yuulin blushes even more and says but, they still haven’t gone back!

She exclaims that until they safely go back, do not mind it too much and be careful not to get injured. He smiles and says yes. Yuulin wonders what this is, the puppy king’s kindness is making her embarrassed even if he is always kind. She asks didn’t he always work during this travelling incognito, and did he properly have a change of mood?

While holding her hand, Reishou says of course, for there is no relaxing time compared to passing it with her. “If I can, I really hope that I can always be together with you like this. ..father and older brother issues can also be dissipate.” Yuulin gets @_@ and flustered for he suddenly changed to wolf acting. She asks if it is about the akujo rumor in the streets.
Reishou laughs and says that this kind of place have that kind of severe rumor! “Really, I’m always devoted to the affairs of the nation but in the end, no one believes the king.” Looking sad, Yuulin says that is totally not His Majesty. [<- from the rumors] “No matter what other people say, but I really know. Please do not ridicule yourself like that.”

Slightly blushing, Reishou frowns and says that in the end, she really trust him. Yuulin protests that isn’t that inevitable for His Majesty is-- After smiling, Reishou coldly looks at her direction and asks, “—do you really know me?” Yuulin is startled for it felt that she was peek on by an ice-cold gaze but.. Reishou smiles again and says that they are so near [to each other].. “after I bite a little, you’ll run away right? You’re really such a mean rabbit.”

Puzzled Yuulin asks what he means by that, and could it be that he is referring to the time when she ran away when that day’s mental state was [like that]. He asks isn’t it so? She says that it isn’t for she is a professional. Slightly kissing her forehead, he says is that so, such a kind rabbit. Yuulin wonders why the sweetness of the acting has increased.

Holding her face, he says that “Your every word and action always perplexes me. I want to see your smile.” Yuulin wonders, “Ah ah, so why are you so unattainable” And he kisses her. [<- I think even if there is no picture but there is this Japanese word so I presumed it happened and also based on their reactions. ^^;]

They look at each other. Yuulin is surprised over Reishou’s stunned expression. She thinks that the face she sees in front of her is a horrified wolf. They mutually gaze at each other. Sweatdropping and flustered, Reishou apologizes and says, “Just now, I overdid it a bit..” Yuulin thinks, “Your Majesty, that is different from biting.”
Chapter 54: At Hakuyou’s Ninshu, someone calls out to consort Yuulin that His Majesty is calling her. Yuulin turns around and says okay. After the goal of His Majesty’s incognito journey has been accomplished, they urgently returned back to Kanseki, Ninshu. Fufufu-looking Jun was serious [about hurrying them back.]

And upon arriving, His Majesty is in the process of dealing with a mountain of work because he had slipped out. With Jun and Bun’ou overlooking, Reishou complains that this work is really boring. So, they’ll return to the royal capital after he finishes dealing with that work.

While walking at the hallway, Yuulin thinks that in this inspection place, and that travelling incognito, is it just to go away.. “..I got nothing to do.. *blushes and touches lips* travel incognito.. --Such as that incident.

...*Flashback: After the kiss, aghast puppy Reishou timidly asked if she is angry twice. End flashback* For a moment, he sunk into a ‘stop and ponder over it’ state. ..In the end, she saw it continue, puppy Majesty became small [cowering?]. *Flashback: Flustered and tense Yuulin exclaimed that occasionally he slips up!! This surprises Reishou. End flashback.
..So, we settled the matter by leaving it unsettled.. *still touching lips, trembling and blushing* That acting mood has excessively upgraded.. His Majestly also has an awful face like ‘I’m finished!’ type.. That day with His Majesty. So distant..but also so sweet. I don’t want to leave. No, my true feelings are running out.. I won’t be able to change back to professional consort!”

And, with a princess consort smile, Yuulin asks if Reishou calls her. With standing beside Reishou, Kokuu does a ‘gong shou’ [/obeisance; fist on open palm]. Reishou says that Kokuu is leaving so come over and greet him. Kokuu tensely greets her by saying that her mood looks quite good today, Princess consort-sama.

Yuulin tensely greets back that he looks lively and that’s great. The two look tense and awkward with each other while having a hahaha laugh. Yes, upon returning to Ninshu, Kokuu has discovered that she is the working consort that they used for Reishou to avoid marriage. Basically, that thing about her is simply conveniently kept a secret, that’s all and it’s normal [/okay] for it to be discovered at any time--

Flashback: Reishou said that it is too annoying to say it clearly, anyway, this is more interesting. Jun said that when Kokuu found out about it, then he’ll tell him about it since it is possible that he won’t find out. Dai chuckled and told Kokuu to just accept it. End flashback.
Aghast Yuulin thinks for them to please say this thing earlier, for all sorts of effort got wasted. [<- to keep it a secret] Kokuu gloomily thinks, exceptionally beautiful lady.. [<- disappointed] Yuulin asks Kokuu if he is still going to continue to gather information about the dark merchant. Kokuu says yes, at that time, he also wants to thank her, princess consort-sama, for her help.

Yuulin tells him that right now, it is just a private conversation. She is just working [here] and actually, she is also a cleaning lady so there’s no need to be polite. Surprised Kokuu says ah, is that so, yes, no, but.. Yuulin wonders if there is something strange. Then, Kokuu does a ‘gong shou’ to Reishou again and says yes, it has been scheduled in advance that he will investigate it together with the informant.

Reishou says okay, he’ll anticipate good news from him. Yuulin thinks that the incognito journey has ended. That feeling [between Reishou and Kokuu] has become quite light ..that is really just the king and an official [= if it isn’t at the government itself, I’ll call them courtiers like Houen and Suigetsu, but if it is other than that like Dai and Kokuu, I’ll call them officials. Hehe, basically it is the same thing but it sounds nicer based on their positions]. Kokuu tells him to be at ease and leave it to him.
Then, Dai hangs upside down from the roof. While waving his kunai, he says, “Be careful of your back, soldier-san.” [<- I changed the ‘military man’ to soldier ^^;] Kokuu thanks him for his advice. And, Yuulin goes back to strolling with her court ladies. She thinks that Kokuu also left and His Majesty went back to work.

There is a bit of subtle [awkward] mood between her and Reishou. So she can only just stroll around. “In short, I’m very happy during the times when we are always together during the incognito journey. Everyone is quite lively and noisy. –But, whether brothers or friends ..gradually, as long as it touches His Majesty’s affairs. The distance feeling increases again. –it turns out that it is quite remote. The more I see it clearly.. *touches lips* –Up to when can I stay at this place. –-I have to properly repress this accumulated ‘like’ [/love], do not say it out.”

Smiling Bun’ou sees her and calls out to her. He says if it isn’t the princess consort-sama. “Are you strolling?” Approaching him, Yuulin greets him. She thinks that because of this person’s help, His Majesty’s reckless incognito journey this time around had been achieved. Bun’ou asks her His Majesty felt happy in this time’s ‘journey’. Yuulin says yes, he’s quite lively.
Slightly bowing, Bun’ou says is that so, then that’s great. Yuulin thinks that during the incognito journey, she has thought of it, that Bun’ou seems to be very nice..and he was with Reishou at a time.. Yuulin asks him if he and His Majesty..that.. Bun’ou says yes, His Majesty is around here when he is still the royal younger brother.

“That period of time. When he led the frontier army in sweeping away the domestic riots. I was with him during that time. At that time, His Majesty is really very naughty.. So many times, he had frightened me so much that my heart flew out.. sigh.. It is also reckless this time around.” Aghast Yuulin thinks, the past Majesty..right now, he is also..

Bun’ou continues, “Ever since before, that boss [-sama] is very calm and also, intelligent... –but he isn’t very concerned towards the very important things to him. –right now, I already cannot be fussy about those days. With Princess consort-sama at his side, please, show some empathy [/understanding].” Looking surprised, Yuulin thinks of Kokuu and realizes that this is already the reminiscing of the distant past that one can no longer go back to.
Later on, Yuulin pops out from the side and looks at Reishou. Holding a piece of paper, Reishou tensely asks what it is. Pouting, she asks him if it is convenient for him right now. She stares at him and thinks that he’s alone.. Yuulin goes to him and says that Bun’ou is really worried about his body [/health]. Imagining a fuming rabbit coming over to him, Reishou says ah, ever since before, Bun’ou loves to worry about him.

Holding his sleeve, Yuulin says that Kokuu and Jun..actually also hopes to be sweetly treated by him though she isn’t sure of Dai. Imaging scowling rabbit grabbing the wolf’s paw ‘catch ya’, Reishou tensely asks what is that, that is a very interesting intelligence [information]. Pouting and flustered, Yuulin says, “If you like [something] then say that you like. It is better to properly say it clearly.”

Reishou looks at her and says that she is suddenly saying strange words. “For you to say it while you’re so near to me, is that alright?” Frowning determined Yuulin says that, it is necessary to be honest now and then. Reishou says, “No no. They are capable and talented officials. It is a bit different from what you are saying.”

Still frowning, Yuulin thinks that sometimes, this person is quite distant. “Maybe, I’m the only one who feels uneasy. Even though I want to have blood connections, even if I’m a past old friend, that kind of relationship is also okay. I want to be at your side. Even if it is so, this person is..” [<- because of how he views Jun and others?]
Reishou asks, “—then, how about you?” Yuulin asks, yes? Holding her face, Reishou smiles and asks, “Do you like me?” Flustered and shaking her head, Yuulin says, “That that that that is a separate issue. It has nothing to do with me.” Letting her go, Reishou replies, “—it is as you said. I’m sorry. I always do mean [excessive] things to you.

The cold-hearted Wolf King is a king who is dreaded and loathed by people.” Surprised and flustered Yuulin grabs his face and shouts, “How can I possibly hate you!? I already like you the most!! *Reishou looks surprised* (It is also during acting.. even if you do not.. towards you, I still..) Like you the most.”

She lets go of him and she is already on the verge of tears. Reishou is about to call her name when Yuulin twirls around and exclaims, “It doesn’t have any special meaning at all!! Please do not misunderstand *aghast and quickly running off* It is for trust relationships. It is necessary for a person to be honest...

That is all what I want to say--!! (Wuuwaaaahh, I’m afraid that I’ll be fired) I’m very busy, first loss of pay--!! (My heart has already cast away the acting up to the winds)” Reishou still looks stunned. He holds his head and blushes. He mutters, “—what the devil.. that is--”
As leaves has fallen from the almost totally barren trees, Kokuu calls out to Jun and says that in the end, he still wants to recommend the princess consort-sama. Jun asks why he would specially..say that as his farewell words. Kokuu says that Jun is considering all sorts of troublesome things at the imperial palace.

“I know the reason for your opposition. ..that mother-sama is very tiring. *smiles* But I really want to see His Majesty’s appearance while having that ‘princess consort-sama’ at his side, okay?” While walking away, Kokuu waves goodbye. Holding his head, Jun darkly thinks that it is that simplicity again..

“A big pile of.. At a half-hearted period of time, I had hired a commoner girl. *sigh* Thinking of it a bit gives me a headache.. The things that I have to ponder over is so many like a mountain..” At a house, a veiled woman asks Ryukou if On-sensei’s teaching is finished. Ryukou says yes, mother-sama. She says yes..because His Majesty also didn’t come and contact her today, she felt very sad.

Holding Ryukou’s hand, she says that if he[/they] are called out, he[/they] ought to immediately go.. “—it is already alright because you [two] are brothers. ..His Majesty ought to also have taken note of you... It is alright. Definitely very soon, he will.” Narration: “This resting period had passed. The king and the working consort are about to go back to the royal capital.

At that side, what’s waiting is... –time continuous to move forward. This love definitely can no longer return to its original state.” While Reishou is still blushing, flustered Yuulin kept on running and thinks, “That is.. That is not a confession!! It isn’t a confession!! Wuuuwaahhh”
Comment: And that caps this arc ^^ She has finally blurted it out though I’m not sure how much of it Reishou believes. Still, he is blushing over it. =P It seems that he isn’t the type to care about himself that much or at least, his view regarding others is different from normal people like Yuulin so she really feels that he is very distant. Really like a lone wolf?

In a way, it somewhat explains his recklessness and as he mentioned, he is surprised that he is still alive now after all the things he had done before like walking around alone as a young kid at the harem. As for the earlier kiss, was Reishou really just teasing her or he really did slip up in a way different from what Yuulin is saying. His true feelings, whether he is conscious of it or not?

Anyway, Kokuu is another pro-Yuulin, as well as Bun’ou at a certain extent. I guess aside from the consequences of hiring a commoner whom Reishou fell in love with, I wonder if it is related to the ‘mother-sama’ that Kokuu mentioned. And, the scene after that, there is the ‘mother-sama’ of Ryukou. From the narration, it seems that trouble is waiting at the capital. Scans by BaRaMei私人

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