January 1, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 51]

It’s morning. Yuulin hears some footsteps and wakes up. She wonders if it is already morning. She opens her eyes and sees Reishou holding a cup of tea with his shirt exposing his chest. Reishou looks out the window and wipes his hair with a towel.

Blushing and nervous Yuulin thinks, “Wwwwhhhaaat-!? Eh!? Ah!? Same bedroom!! What I ought to- say, is His Majesty currently changing his clothes!! Ah ah ah, quickly get out of my sight. Afterwards, quickly wear your shirt properly-!!! *closes eyes* First of all, I should pretend to sleep!!! *Reishou walks towards her and leans down*

..Eh? ..it seems that he is near? It seems that he is gazing at me? *Reishou puts his hand down on the bed beside her* --what!? Why!? It feels that he’s very near.” Leaning to her side, Reishou smiles and says, “—it’s so cute that you’re pretending to sleep. ..king’s consort...

..*Yuulin opens her eyes wide* I had fully admired your sleeping face last night. *Yuulin freaking out and trembling* I’m totally captivated by you who just woke up.” Yuulin mentally screams, “This..person at the start of the morning, is already the very lewd Wolf king-!!! I’m going to quickly die-”
Outside the inn, Jun asks what’s up with Yuulin. Yuulin is hiding at the corner of the building = rabbit on guard. To Jun’s irritation, Reishou sighs and says that it seems that she didn’t like his way of waking her up. Soon, Yuulin is riding the horse with Reishou while the other three ride on their respective horses.

Kokuu laughs and says that today, the two’s relationship is also very good. Jun looks gloomy and quiet. Dai thinks that Yuulin is obviously on guard yet she’ll ride on the same horse with him. “Really amazing, princess consort-chan.” While Yuulin is nervously clinging on to him, Reishou asks isn’t this her wish, to have time with just the two of them alone.

Yuulin exclaims that he’s thinking too much. Reishou asks is that so, he felt that it seems to be this kind of feeling. She says is that so. He tells her not to be so angry, for she ought to properly enjoy the scenery. “In this region, no matter where, there is water scenery and you’re looking at a different scenery together with me.”

Yuulin thinks that it’s so sweet and it doesn’t have any change on how he treats a real consort..when the other party [she] is a cleaning lady. “..Even if I haven’t heard His Majesty say it, but it seems that [fuming] Jun has given up. But, in the end, it’s very frightening.”
Later on, they took a break. While eating a snack, Yuulin thinks that Reishou is with Kokuu again, Dai is joining them and Jun is protesting. Recalling Reishou telling her that the Wolf king doesn’t have friends, Yuulin wonders why Reishou said those words for in the end, their relationship is quite good.

And like that, they continue to move and finally, they’ve arrive at a town near their destination. At the town, Jun tells Yuulin that while Reishou is going to see his ‘acquaintance’ please wait a while at the town because that side is a bit crowded.. Yuulin says okay. She thinks that they are separating again and he is saying that an outsider [<-Yuulin] will just interrupt them.

Jun says that this time around, Kokuu will stay with her so don’t act separately. Smiling Reishou tells her that near this town, there is a lake where they can stroll. “After this ends, I’ll immediately come back.” Yuulin smiles back and says okay.

As she watches Reishou and the others leave, Yuulin thinks that it felt that Reishou has forgotten about the fooling around on the way there. “Does His Majesty want to see that acquaintance that much.. *pause* Implying that it is a woman? No way. No way. *aghast and tense* Really, what’s up with me!! But then, this morning, the Wolf king is quite lewd!”
Kokuu interrupts her thoughts by calling out to her and asking if she wants to help him a bit with his work. While walking, Kokuu explains that he mentioned this a bit when they were on the ship. “I originally have a job at this side.. it is about the dark merchant’s residence. Around the royal capital, there is a secret selling [/peddling of probably illegal stuff].

A dishonest official and a merchant middleman collaborated together in doing all sorts of selling. –those people have lately partnered with this province’s bandits. Thus, while the boss is dealing with that thing, I have a bit of time to gather some useful [spy] intelligence.” Yuulin says that seems quite tiring. Kokuu says that it isn’t, and even if he said that she’ll help him out but they’ll just normally eat at restaurants and listen to people talking, that’s all!

Perked up Yuulin exclaims is that how it is, if it is like that, then she can do it! Kokuu says then he’ll leave it to her. Clenching her fist, Yuulin thinks that yes, a working consort also needs to know how to use one’s own capability. “His Majesty’s acquaintance is his former lover-whatever, I’ll get rid of that evil thought!!” Tense Kokuu wonders if it is necessary for her to be that enthusiastic.
At the first restaurant, Yuulin eats some buns and overhears people saying, “Have you heard? This time around, the Wolf King brought along a woman during the inspection.” “He’s really such a lewd king.” At the second store, slightly irked Yuulin eats some sweets and overhears people saying, “It is said that she is an exceptionally beautiful lady.”

“If it is like that, it is also okay since he is like his father.” At the third store, irked Yuulin eats some dumplings and overhears people saying, “Would he be like his older brother who escaped out from the harem. [<- not sure if this is right. I recall that his brother is into women so maybe it is escape into the harem?]” “What’s going on with this country..”

Outside, furious Yuulin angrily shouts why is the world filled with people who say bad things about the Wolf king and the consort..!? Kokuu nervously laugh and says that he got a surprise from her when she started to pick a fight with those men. Flashback: Yuulin darkly confronted the gossiping men and said, about that— Kokuu had to stop her by telling her to wait, they are just talking that’s all. End flashback.
Emitting dark chi, Yuulin thinks, “Futhermore, everyone is saying the king’s woman is bad woman, bad woman.. so much that they’ll harbor resentment towards me!? Woman.. Woman.. This evil thought’s mark totally didn’t disappear!!” Kokuu says mentioning about that, just that small part makes one a bit bothered [/curious] about it. Yuulin is puzzled by what he said.

At some other place, a thin old man says that when he got the news from Ka Bun’ou-sama, he is really shocked. “You have really came back..” Reishou replies, “On-sensei, you look quite lively[/well].” On says then, right now, a troublesome situation had arisen. “Meeting with An Ryukou, I will arrange it as soon as I can. ..in a few days, Ranyou-sama will leave An Ryukou...

...*Reishou frowns over this* I will once again inform you about the time of visit--” Reishou tells him to avoid unnecessary uproar as much as possible. “..regardless where, it’s very troublesome. Geez..” Back at the town, Yuulin asks Kokuu what is the thing that bothers him. Kokuu says that it is the dark merchant who obviously already has a unique feature.

“When I am searching where those people are operating, I always hear of the vicious comments regarding the Wolf king and the consort. In every place that was walked past, there must be a track. This type of topic is comparatively easy to spread.”
Yuulin mutters what’s up with that, it really makes one feel angry. Kokuu is puzzled as flustered Yuulin says that His Majesty is always doing his best. “Even if he occasionally will goof around but he is very outstanding! People who don’t know anything would casually spread that rumor, I really wouldn’t dare believe it!! *angry* What kind of description is that. Kokuu-san!

...Quickly find some clues! If it is a woman who is quite angry. *sees Kokuu’s stunned expression* What..what is it?” Kokuu says that it is nothing. He smiles and says, “You really love that person.” Yuulin goes into shock when he mentioned, ‘love’. Thinking that she’s finished [/it’s all over for her], Yuulin immediately denies it and says that it isn’t like that at all, that’s right, it is respect.

Kokuu says ya, ya, and it is better not to hide it. He laughs and asks if she wants to become a lover. “I’ll ask Li Jun about it.” Flustered Yuulin insists that it isn’t like that at all!! “It’s a misunderstanding!! That person doing this and that, [<- lovey dovey] everything is just a joke. *starts to cry* I do not have that position.”

 Kokuu is aghast and nervous since she’s crying. Yuulin wonders what to do for this is terrible. Kokuu apologizes to her and tells her not to cry. Yuulin exclaims that this is perspiration. Kokuu still looks aghast. Yuulin thinks, “--saying out this fact really hurts.”
Then, Reishou arrives and asks her what happened. He gives Kokuu a wolf glare which frightens Kokuu. Yuulin rushes to Reishou and exclaims that he’s totally early. Reishou says that apparently, it isn’t quite convenient for the other party so they’ll just observe the town for a while. He worriedly asks what was that thing a while ago, what had happened.

She happily exclaims that it is nothing at all, she only ate too much. She informs him that there are so many delicious restaurants at this street. Reishou says is that so. Then, he calls out to Kokuu. Aghast Kokuu shows his obeisance and says, yes. [<- it is a bow with palm into the fist] Reishou asks if he found out anything.

Kokuu says that currently, it is still not quite clear and possibly, he just has to get some clues. Yuulin wonders if they are talking about work. Kokuu says that Ninshu and Shukushu seems to be the base of operations and according to the informant, Youshu should be one of the incorporated bases.

Reishou says is that so, then, since they have some time, he will also help out in the investigation. This makes the three men nervous-surprised. Kokuu says no, about that. Jun tells him to reconsider that three times and why does he have to put himself in a dangerous situation. “That is Kokuu-sama’s work.” Dai just suppresses his laughter.
Smiling Reishou says that after coming to downtown, he also have some interest about the dark merchant. “Anyway, we still have some time so I want to have a bit of fun, okay?” And as the Wolf King smile and say those words, Jun and the others look like they got a headache..it’s really tiring.. Somewhere else, Yuulin looks at the view and says that it is very beautiful. “Even if the harem’s courtyard is also very beautiful but in the end, outdoor scenery is different..

...*turns to Reishou* By the way, your acquaintance.. it would be good if you can meet him in a suitable time. It is rare for you to come over here.” Reishou says ya, at one side, it is to kill time and at the other side, it is to wait for contact. “..if it is no good, then this time I’ll just give it up. It turns out that this is quite a reckless plan. If there’s no chance then it cannot be helped. Hahaha.”

Yuulin thinks that it’s strange, it seems that is quite easy than she imagined so how about she continue asking on. “Is it a woman..? Okay, ask it!!” Yuulin musters her courage and asks who he wants to see. Hugging her tight, he says, “Ah, didn’t I mention it? It’s my younger brother. He’s staying at Youshou. His name is ‘An Ryukou’. But it isn’t the same with mother.”
Yuulin turns to him and asks, younger brother? He says yes. She asks if it has been a long time since they have seen each other. He says yes, for the time being, it is like that. She asks if it is not even once. He says yes, after he ascended to the throne, he is quite busy that he doesn’t have time to see him.

“So, since it is rare to come near this place, so I thought of going to see him. A formal meeting can be troublesome. And those people always make one feel uncomfortable.” Puzzled Yuulin is staring at him that Reishou thinks that it seems that she is totally not running away. Yuulin says that the king also has a lot of problems.

Holding her face to him, Reishou says that it doesn’t matter whether he sees him or not, it is most important that he can go on an outing with Yuulin. Holding blushing Yuulin tight, puppy Reishou wags his tail and says, “Right, let’s go on a date. Date!” Yuulin thinks that she always wantd to know ‘what this person is thinking’. “No..no good. I couldn’t understand His Majesty’s idea of importance [/priority] regarding things..!”

And, the things that she do not understand had increased, as well as the incognito inspection. [<- is it really that or just to be with her?] At a bar, the group that was commanded by Reishou, is having a drink. While Dai just looks amused, Jun exclaims why, every time, there is a troublesome thing..! Kokuu tells him to give it up, ever since from the start, that person is like that.
Comment: So, the one whom Reishou wanted to see is his younger brother. I wonder if the father is still the king since they were sent away when Reishou is still young. Maybe the king also went on some inspection tour and meet with Reishou’s mother later on. =P Well, Kokuu is still trying to find the mastermind of those selling stuff between the official and merchant thing that Yuulin has stumbled on before at her hometown.

Since those guys mentioned Reishou before, they are probably out to destroy Reishou and one of those ways is spreading bad rumors about him and his consort to make the people think that he is the same as his father and older brother who have fallen to ruins because of women. Kokuu actually found out a piece of information that is very valuable to Reishou and that is Yuulin’s true feelings.

He seems to approve of her that he is willing to talk to Jun on her behalf. But I guess he won’t talk about it since it made Yuulin cry. Apparently, Yuulin believes that what Reishou is doing is just ‘make believe’ and she knew her position as a ‘commoner, temporary bride, etc’. Well, aside from he is a womanizer who can do those lovey-dovey stuff to anyone.

 Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that it is because it is her and not because it is a consort or a cleaning lady. ^^; Amusingly for outsiders like Jun, Kokuu and Dai, it is the real thing since they never saw Reishou like that before. Anyway, it seems that Reishou just want to have some fun and got a nice excuse to go on a date with her. =P Scans by BaRaMei私人

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  1. As always, Reishou always wants Yuulin's attention. Hmm, I'm now excited to see the character Reishou's younger brother. We might see a some flashbacks in the next chapters though. I just hope that the love love parts of Yuulin and Reishou would still be present :)

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