January 8, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 48 - Confidences trop intimes 2 (Intimate Strangers 2)]

Flashback: When Junko was young, she went to the temple’s cemetery with her parents and younger brother. “I hate the temple. I hate the cemetery more. There is no good memory [from it].” While walking at the cemetery alone, lost Junko called out where everyone is, where did everyone go? She told herself that she isn’t a bit afraid for she is already in grade three, she is very brave. She called out to her mother, father and Hajime.
She exclaimed in surprise upon hearing some rustling leaves. She relaxed and muttered that it is just the sound of leaves. Then, to her shock, she noticed a cicada on her left arm. She screamed nnnoooo, and took off her coat. To her horror, the cicada is now clinging on her bare arm. She tried to take it off while freaking out and shouting, no, hate this, don’t come cover, go away.

A boy [Takane] picked the cicada from crying Junko’s arm and put in on the ground. Junko timidly thanked him. Takane told her that she isn’t a three year old kid so how come she is that afraid of a cicada. “It is forbidden to make a racket in the cemetery, idiot.” This miffed Jun that she wiped her tears and said that she isn’t a three year old kid, she is already in grade three and this place, she basically doesn’t like to come here.
As the cicada flew away, Junko accidentally kicked a bucket [for cleaning the graves] that is filled with water and ended up all wet when the water spilled on her. Junko became teary-eyed and is about to exclaim but she stopped herself. Takane found her very cute for doing that. Trembling and teary-eyed Junko muttered about hating this the most.

She sobbed that she hated the cemetery the most and she basically do not want to come. “I hate the temple the most. I hate this scary place” This annoyed Takane so he scolded her that it isn’t scary at all for the cemetery is the important place where their ancestors can go to rest. This made Junko cry and exclaim no, what’s up with him that he’s so mean to her, she really hates him.

Just then, another kid called out to his older brother that he will also help in cleaning. Junko got scared for it is the scary person’s comrade. Amane, the other kid, pouted and blushed a bit. He commented that she’s very cute and is she his brother’s friend. Holding his hand to her, Amane asked if she is okay, how come she is all wet from head to foot.

Crying Junko thought that this person isn’t scary. Takane explained that it is because this idiot didn’t see the bucket in front of her that she kicked it and it flipped over. Junko sobbed over being called an idiot, and the person who called someone an idiot is an idiot. “You are quite big yet you still do not know that?”
Takane angrily called her rude for he is in grade six. Amane sweatdropped. Takane[?/Amane] thought that she is reluctant to admit a mistake yet a coward. Someone told her not to say that first, and go to his house for her to use a towel. Then, Junko’s mother called out to her. Junko happily ran to her mother.

Patting Junko’s head, her mother said that it is great, she suddenly couldn’t see her and she had been looking for her for such a long time. She told Junko that to quickly come over for they are going to properly clean the grave. Glancing at Takane, Junko whined that she doesn’t want to, she hated the cemetery, hated it the most! This irked Takane. End flashback.

Narration: “I hate the cemetery. I had been reprimanded by a mysterious boy. The cemetery is very scary. There is no good memory.” Junko woke up and is surprised to see naked Amane in a blanket with her, greeting her a good morning. She thought that there is no good memory at all. Amane says that she would also do a lot of things to his brother, how lewd of her when he wanted her to take it slow.

Aghast Junko looks down and realizes that she is naked. She quickly pulled up the blanket. Wondering, ‘could it be’, she asks if they did it. Amane says that for her to ask him whether they did it or not, yet she didn’t know just by looking at this current situation, and besides, she is the one who first make the move. At one side, she is saying that she is thinking of him, and on the other side, she suddenly hugged him.
Amane comments that she even used a very skillful technique that made him to immediately become VIGOROUS. Aghast and tense Junko thinks that it seems that she indeed..and it is terrible if she say those words. Looking away, she said that it seems that at that time, she heard Takane’s voice so first don’t mention about that, her clothes..

She is shock to see them in one pile. Amane tells her that she herself stripped herself bare of her clothes but then, it was really a feast on his eyes. He says that she even did that step. “I obviously told you not to be like that. *glances at her* We are accomplices.” While putting her underwear on, Junko tells him not to look at this side.

Amane laughs and says that for things to reach this stage, forget it, it doesn’t matter. He tells her about that, it is also okay to keep this a secret from his brother. After putting on her blouse, pouting Junko looks at him. Amane says that without him saying, do it with him again.

“Speaking of that, become my woman. If it is me, I can drive grandmother back to Kyoto. I won’t leave you alone and escape to the mountains by myself. Your family can go in to the temple [<- live in the temple, I guess]. I will make you a carefree queen-sama.”
All dressed up Junko pushes the door aside. He asks of her answer. Scowling Junko tells him that she doesn’t absolutely want to become a monk’s wife for  it is only just for Takane.. Amane says but she slept with him, right. Junko says that about that, she can only say sorry, for she has mistaken him for Takane.

Thinking that she felt distracted at that time, Junko tells him that to be mistaken about that, even if it is an unforgiveable reason, but she has no choice but consider it as a ‘mistake’. “In my heart, that doesn’t count!!” With that, Junko leaves. After the door closed, it is revealed that Amane is wearing his underwear. 

Amane laughs and wonders what MOST IMPORTANT brother would think. “I will snatch away your everything.” Outside, Junko mentally berates herself for being an idiot, a huge idiot for being careless. She shouldn’t do..go..to..bed..with his younger brother.

Bending down, she thinks that she is already 27 years old and she unexpectedly do not remember doing it..in the end, what did she do..but if it is her..she couldn’t dare say that she definitely didn’t do it..huhu..

Flashback: Junior high Amane is shock and called out, “Kyoto!? You’re deceiving me, right. Why are you making me go!? Why. This kind of thing.. I must stay in Kyoto until after I graduate from high school!?
Tokiko said that in the future, he will inherit that side’s temple, and the abbot there wishes that you can go over there earlier. Amane kept on protesting and pleaded that his mother is just kidding. Looking down, Tokiko said that this is already been decided by [paternal] grandmother-sama. 

Amane exclaimed that he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to go to a Kyoto high school. “Ever since before, I had decided to go to the same high school as brother. Mama, you know that. Mama!!” Walking away, his mother turned to him and said that going to Kyoto is for his future and she already mentioned it to his homeroom teacher. 

While Takane is sweeping the floor outside the temple, Amane called out to him and asked him to save him for their mother said so many baffling things to him, something like he’ll inherit a temple in Kyoto. “She said that it is grandma’s order. Making me go to a Kyoto high school is really haphazard, right. 

Holding surprised Amane’s shoulders, Takane smiled and congratulated him. “This is worth of celebration! It is definitely Buddha’s apparition. [<- blessing or a sign from Buddha] Right now, it has been decided that you will inherit a temple in the future. That’s really quite amazing. 

Furthermore, grandmother-sama gave you a chosen temple and it is definitely a good temple. It is better that you go as early as possible to get used to it. First, shave your head to become a monk head, then go there, okay.” Amane said that it isn’t like that, Takane was able to let his hair grow long when he went to high school so he’ll also..
Takane told him, “I am me.” [<- he can get away with it?] Amane continued to protest that he got along with the donors [temple goers] there really well, and everyone loves him dearly. There is a scene of a donor patting Amane’s head and says that he has grown up in this temple and it is tiring to be by himself. 

An old woman told the brothers to get along and forever protect this place. End scene. Teary-eyed Amane said that he doesn’t want to leave this place. “I.. I don’t want to.. go to some faraway place all by myself.. I want to be with you, brother..” Takene called him an idiot, for if he is a man, then don’t say such unyielding words. 

Gesturing to himself, he told Amane that it is enough to have just one heir for this temple. “It isn’t necessary to draw support from your strength. Do not look down on me.” Narration: “For my brother, the temple is more important than me. I know that point. I also always love and respect my brother who is like that. At that time, I am still a child that I still do not have this resentment [/grudge] feeling...

Important, important, important temple. It is my brother’s important possession. I will snatch away your everything. What would you think of that, brother?” Flashback: Amane held down Junko near the futon. She called out to Takane that she also likes him. She fainted that Amane held her so that she won’t suddenly fall down, then he carefully laid her down. Sitting beside sleeping naked Junko, Amane muttered, really idiotic.. End flashback.
Still bending down, Junko mentally called out to Takane over what she should do when he obviously told her not to let anyone touch her again and she also promised him. Then, Tokiko calls out to her and says that she is there. “I heard from Narita that you came.” Thinking that it is Takane’s mother, she apologizes for the intrusion and for not coming in through the [main] gate and personally paid her a visit. 

Tokiko said that it is alright for she heard from Narita that she came in together with Amane so, have they finished talking? Junko timidly says ah..yes. Holding out a piece of paper, Tokiko says that’s good, and perhaps, she heard it from Amane but then, she first wrote it here. Handing over a piece of paper to Junko, Tokiko tells her that this is the detailed address of the place where Takane is training. 

“He is too willful in front of the abbot and mother-in-law. In spite of the consequences, Takane also has a stubborn side and I think it makes his future outlook not quite optimistic. Perhaps it makes you feel uneasy, but still, please take good care of him, Miss Jun..ko.. 

...*looks at Junko to see her teary-eyed* What happened to you.. It is very good that you are so happy, but.. you still must wait for him for three months, and you cannot see him. You’ll be alright, yes?” Junko thinks cannot see him.. “Even if I can see him, *wipes tears* I also have no face to see him again.”
Comment: So, it seems that Amane just misled Junko into thinking that they did it. He also didn’t answer her directly if they did it or not, and just make her assume what would one think in that kind of situation. I guess given her personality, Junko thinks that she also did it. ^^; So, does it mean that Amane just made a wild guess that Junko is a lewd experience type of woman? ^^;; 

But then, he did know about that issue with Satoshi. I do think that most women won’t go to the doctor to check if she really had sex or not. In a way, if Amane loved her, it makes me wonder how he would feel if she just dismissed it as a ‘mistake’. That seems to be what she did with Satoshi before. 

Apparently, Amane’s resentment towards his brother is more than just wanting to be the heir-kind of thing. I can understand his resentment for it does seem like his brother abandoned him when he is asking for his help. I’m not sure if that could be Takane’s way of persuading Amane but obviously, it rubbed Amane the wrong way. 

Of course, for him to have ‘revenge’ up to this extent, I guess he probably had an awful time in Kyoto. It also doesn’t help that for his brother, he is willing to give up his beloved temple for Junko. Of course, in real life, people can do anything for the lover even to go against one’s parents and loved ones. 

Also, Amane really adored his brother and for him to rebuff him that way and to be poorly placed in Takane’s priorities, that adoration must have turned into resentment. I guess Takane is totally clueless over how hurt Amane was because of what he did since he is assigning Amane as somewhat of a ‘link’ with Junko. 

Anyway, this also explains Amane’s seemingly rudeness with his timid mother in chapter 46. Anyway, for now, it seems that his plan worked for Junko doesn’t want to see Takane anymore because of what she thought she did and breaking her promise to him. Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten. ~ Buddha


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