January 11, 2015

Namaikizakari [One-Shot Story]

[Free talk: I think this is the prototype for the series. The editor must have liked it so it became a three part series. It is popular to the readers that it became a full series. Some of the scenes here do not jive with the main series so technically, this isn’t counted as part of the series. That is why I’m not that interested in summarizing it. Anyway, this was supposed to be a brief summary but as usual, it became long. orz So, this is for those who are curious about this one-shot.]

Yuki has three triplet younger brothers who are one year younger than her and a lot younger, twin sisters. They are simply monsters. From the time when they start to know things, they always cause a ruckus in the midst of grown up her. In order to uphold peace, she made a firm resolution, to ‘become an adult’.

While the triplets are fighting each other, one of the twins is crying over a spilled cake. Their mother wondered what to do for she bought one for each and that can no longer be eaten. Young Yuki called out to her mother and offered to give her cake to the twin by saying that her stomach hurts. End flashback.

For example, there is this totally arrogant first year student who calls out to her and says that if this ball goes in the basket, she’ll go out with him. Looking at her notes and viewing him as a KID, Yuki tells Shou to be serious during club activity or else, she just gives him more training.

As Shou mutters that is frightening, Hatori laughs and says that Yuki is so mature. He tells Shou not to waver over that kind of thing. Yuki thinks that as a 17 year old manager of a men’s basketball club, she doesn’t have time to pay attention to a kid’s joke.
Kido sprains his wrist while throwing the basketball. Yuki already got her ice and bandage ready. She thinks that there is that kind of adult here -> Kido. Putting ice on his hand, Yuki tells him to be careful since he is the captain. He comments that she’s quite dependable.

One of the guys says that it is rare for Kido to get hurt and could it be that he is thinking of his girlfriend, and isn’t she going to watch them. Just when Kido is saying that she said that she is coming tomorrow, a basketball hits him right on the head. Shou apologizes that his hand slipped.Yuki tells Kido to put that ice on and she’ll help him bandage it later for now, she has to get the dried clothes.

It was a year ago in summer when she had fallen in love with Kido. He helped her get a book from a high shelf in the library. She thought that he’s so tall and he is from the basketball club. After she thanked him, he told her not to force herself and ask for someone’s help. So, she became the manager with an impure motive.
While folding the uniforms one by one, Yuki thinks that even if she knew that he has a girlfriend, she doesn’t want to steal him away nor confess to him for she is at her most peacefulness while she is looking at him at his side. That makes her very happy. Holding his uniform, she mutters Kido’s name.

At the door, Shou asks what’s up with Kido. She immediately folds the uniform. He asks if she likes Kido. Putting on her adult expression, she denies it. He says that she is staring at the uniform. She still denies it until he points out that only Kido’s uniform has a wrinkle on it. Yuki is worried since Shou found out about it. 

Shou comments that it turns out that she likes Kido and Kido would definitely be shock if he learns about it. Yuki asks him to keep it a secret from Kido and the others, and in return, she’ll do anything. Shou asks if she would do that. This made Yuki somewhat takes it back and to keep him away, she is using a plunger against him. Shou asks her to teach him his studies starting tomorrow. Yuki is puzzled for he also studies.
At home, while reading about first aid, Yuki is made by the twins into a ‘lost and found center’ as she points out to them where they misplaced their things – Rin’s hairclip and Sae’s cellphone. Yuki is thinking about Shou failing in a test because he fell asleep. She is suspicious of his motive for he just wants her to accompany him but then, he knows her secret so she cannot refuse him.

Then, the triplets ask where is his underwear [<-he’s wearing it; black is the first], pudding [<- white is second] and answers to a math problem [<- brown is the third]. She thinks that Shou is the same with her brothers though it isn’t a big deal to teach him. She doesn’t want to be led around in circles by that kid because she is an ‘adult’.

During basketball practice, Shou scores and fangirls scream. Yuki records his data. Yuki starts distributing towels. The guys are jealous of Shou and amazed at how fast Yuki is with work. Kido pats Yuki’s head and tells her not to overdo it for she also has to rest.
Then, he goes to see his girlfriend who tells Kido to hurry it up or else the movie theater will close. Kido tried to pacify her to wait for a little while. Thinking that it is his girlfriend, Yuki tells herself that it is enough for her to be like this. Later on, Yuki is teaching Shou at a fastfood restaurant. She tells him that this is very easy, just use the formula.

While slurping his drink, Shou says that he hates Kido. This surprises Yuki and asks if he deliberate hit Kido with the ball. Shou says who knows. Yuki sighs and thinks that throughout her lifetime, a person like Shou won’t be able to understand her feelings. Flashback: After trembling from enduring Yuki gave her cake, her mother told her that it is alright and isn’t she’s trembling.

Then, the twins cry that they couldn’t move another step so please carry them and she oblige since her mother also asked her to. During Christmas, second triplet wanted Yuki’s teddy bear so her mother asked Yuki to exchange with second triplet’s robot thing. During grade one, Yuki wrote an essay about her family that has 8 members and her siblings are very lively for they break bowls every day. Yuki is satisfied with it and hope to show it to her mother when she goes home.
A couple of guys are goofing around which made a bowl of udon noodles fall on Yuki’s head. Yuki calmly said that it is alright. They shout that it is a young adult. Yuki decided to marry someone who is older than her. At that time, she wanted to scream and give her classmates a flying kick. That is her totally favorite cake.

She is really bothered for that is the teddy bear that Santa gave her. But in order not to expose it, she kept on repeating to herself, ‘I’m an adult’ that people praise her that she’s dependable and like a young adult. Gradually, she became an expert in hiding her own feelings. End flashback. While mopping the gym floor, Yuki is wondering if Shou is serious about studying for he seems to be just passing the time.

She accidentally spills the pail of water and laments over spending more time to finish her work. Then, she slips but Shou caught her. He says that he seen it and she can also trip. She tells him to shut up and at least, call out that he came for him to know who it is. He apologize that he isn’t her beloved captain. She whispers for him to keep it down or else, it will be exposed.
Shou says that no one is there. She tells him that isn’t the problem for she doesn’t want it exposed that she became a manager with an impure motive. He calls her stupid for always wanting to keep it a secret for that reason, and that is because she has always been seriously working as if her life depended on it and it doesn’t matter what is the motive.

This surprises her for she didn’t know that he views her that way. In class, her friends invite her to some café rabbit by the station since there is no club activity that day. It is a limited edition cake sold after 5pm. Yuki is excited over it but then, she recalls something. Later on, Yuki is teaching Shou again with her old notes. 

Shou grabs her notebook and comments about how tidy it is when the flyer for the café fell down. It is a limited sweet for the opening of the café. Thinking that she forgot to throw it away, she claims that it is trash. He asks if she likes sweets. She denies it. Looking at the clock that is at 3:55pm, he asks about going there. She refuses for she had committed her time to him.
So, he asks for her to date with him and she ends up going to the café with him. She thinks that until now, no one had seen through her true feelings, the things she want and the person she likes, what she had always skillfully covered up has now been abandoned but she felt frustrated. Yuki stares over the cake as he urges her to eat it and her expression is terrifying.

He looks away and mutters that she’s quite cute. While walking, Shou says that it has been a long time since she went out since he knows that during no club activity days, she would clean the club room and gym, and also, from the time he joined the club, he knows that she likes Kido because when they start talking about Kido’s girlfriend, she would run away [and she always look at Kido]. 

Shou also tells her about how she cleans the ball perfectly by herself, folding the uniforms without wrinkles and studying about first aid. Wondering why so many things had been exposed, she tells him to shut up. He tells her even if telling her ‘do not force yourself too much’-type of thing is cool, but he won’t say it because he likes her who excessively works quite hard, he really likes her who is like that.
Thinking that it has nothing to do with ‘adult’ or ‘kid’, he understands her ‘true’ self. She calls out to him and thanks him for today. And he smiles at her. She thinks of what to do for it turns out that it really exists. It is raining after club activity, Shou tells her to quickly come but she says that she got something to do. He asks if she doesn’t have an umbrella and being modest [<- about not having an umbrella?].

Then, he takes her hand and shares the umbrella with her. She wonders why he would say those words then hold her hand. They talk about how big his hand and how small hers is. And, Kido saw them together. While Yuki is filling some bottles with water, Kido asks if she is going steady with Shou.

Thinking that he is saying some strange things, she says no. He mentions about seeing them holding hands and she says that is just a joke. She wonders why Kido would misunderstand that. Later on, the club activity ended early so Yuki goes to his 1-C classroom. She spills the things on Shou’s desk.
Deciding to tidy them up before Shou arrives and says something to her about it, Yuki is surprised to see that his math exam has a grade of 94. She realizes that he lied to her. With girls clinging on him, Shou arrives and apologizes for being late since he went to the toilet. The fangirls ask what he is doing in the classroom. Shou says that he’s studying and they go home.

The girls laugh and say that he doesn’t need that for he is quite idle. Yuki whacks him with the rolled up exam paper. As he complains about that hurts, Yuki says that it is good that there is someone who’ll accompany him in killing time. Shou notices his exam paper that she dropped. 

Yuki tells him that as a manager, she is busy and he ought to find some other playmate. She tells herself that from the start, she has this feeling, it is alright, she is an adult, she won’t be perplexed over this small issue. Then, she angrily shouts by the way, when she’s with him, she is very happy.
Upon realizing what she just shouted, she becomes aghast and ran out. She goes out in shock over it and wonders why she shouted that. Just then, she meets up with Kido who says that it is good that she hasn’t left yet. Lowering her face down so that he won’t see her expression, Yuuki asks if she was careless about something. 

Kido says no, but rather, would she go steady with him. He broke up with his girlfriend yesterday and in the end, he likes a dependable girl like her. Yuki finds this strange for she ought to be happy but her mind is only thinking of Shou when obviously he is just playing around. It is obviously over and yet..she had incurably fallen for him.

She always says ‘this is enough’ for letting go is easy but she is always hurt and afraid like that, pretending to be an adult. Yuki starts to cry and apologize to Kido. Just when Kido is about to pat her head, Shou covers Yuki’s face with his hand. He tells Kido that he’s not allowed to touch nor look at her. Shou takes her away while Kido tries to protest that didn’t she say that they weren’t going steady.
While walking, she tells him to let go. As he let her go, Shou calls her stupid and why he would tell a boring lie about failing. She won’t understand until he explains it to her. He says that he told her that he hated Kido, anticipate the time after school, why would he watch her attentively, and for him to say each and everything, would she still not understand.

Picking up a basketball, he tells her to kiss him if it goes in. Before he can throw it, she clings to him and tells him that it doesn’t matter if he shoots the ball or not. Shou throws the ball and kisses her. Yuki looks surprised as she sees the ball goes into the basket. 

Yuki thinks that it’s really cunning for she was deceived by a kid like him. Pretending to be an adult probably has no meaning anymore. Probably, she is already defeated by his arrogant offense. Shou tells her that he likes her, and would she also say it. They hug and Yuki says something. The end of the one-shot story.
Comment: So, this is the basic idea of the series which obvious had been revised in some part. Of course, there is some original funny stuff here ^^ I found it funny, the the looking for underwear by the first triplet scene and Yuki attempt on using a plunger at Shou scene. =P

Well, this chapter shows how hard it is to be the first born who has to be understanding and everything to one’s bratty and annoying siblings. The result was the suppression of her feelings but of course, someone ‘helped’ her out through that..ironically, by someone like her bratty younger brothers. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Thank you SO VERY much Kat san for translating this one. It was actually quite a pleasant surprise to see it translated, when earlier you didn't have the plan to. Why did you change your mind? Anyways... I am so glad you did!

    1. Thanks for reading, Apurva ^-^

      Hehe, the people asking about it is increasing so might as well do it ^-^

  2. Hi kat again thank you for translating, im xycire the person who chat you on chap 22.. Again thank you for narrating it kat. Really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for reading, xycire ^-^

    2. Kat another request kindly translate the special issue they were in the beach and yuki gave naruse a shell... Pls.. Really curious about it. Thank you again dear kat

    3. It is already done. You can find it here: http://tatsukida.blogspot.com/2014/12/namaikizakari-side-story.html

      You're welcome ^^

  3. Thanks for the translation Kat!

    To be completely honest, the twins’ and the triplets’ unruly spoiled behavior are the fault of the mother (and father). The words ‘no’ should have long come out of their mouths.

    No, you cannot have her teddy bear. No, you have to walk by yourselves (now if they were injured, ill, or incapable of walking that would be a different issue, but I believe they just do not feel like walking-this is based on the image and translation). Buy plastic bowls, and if they are purposed tossing bowls on the floor they should be punished—a toy or timeout. Instead of making her sacrifice her whole slice of cake, take an equal portion from everyone. This did not happen, but if one of them were to purposely drop their cake, then that person does not get cake. And if you lose something first try looking for it yourself, or have everyone look for it together-this will teach them team work, responsibility (they will be more careful with their stuff), and goodwill (helping others find their missing items).

    And most important: No, you cannot have your way just because you cry or are upset.

    Yes this is not the main series, but my comments still applies. If anyone disagrees, please share your thoughts. :)!

    1. I completely agree with you- if nobody ever takes action with them, they will always behave like children that can't do anything by themselves.

    2. Hi there, I do agree with you to an extent. But as a mother of young twins, I can assure you that it is much easier said than done. Obviously this family is fiction, but I couldn't imagine having triplets and then twins too. If any parent of that many multiples can keep their kids well cared for and the house running smoothly, then they're already doing one heck of a job.

    3. Hi, I am the original commenter.

      I do not have any kids, but since the age of 8 I have taken care of multiple children (and I do not mean babysitting). I grew up in a low income household, I had 3 older immature cousins, 1 younger brother, and 2 younger cousins-all in the same household.

      I was the only girl.

      Then at 13 years old, I took care of 2 more children (ages 1 and 3). My unwanted duties growing up was to take care of the five younger ones (yet when I turned 15, I stopped taking care of my brother and two cousins). It was very hectic. I woke them up, got them ready for school, went over homework, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and everything else involved in raising children (from morning to until they went to bed). Everything that had to be done was done and I was in charge. Add that to being raised in a poor and violent neighborhood and you have more stuff than I care to share about my childhood online.

      P.S. this is not to discredit you, judge you (or anyone else); raising children is very difficult and good luck. I definitely understand your point. My comment is based only from my experience and what I grew up doing. :)

    4. I think my comment maybe sounded a little harsh and that's not what I intended, sorry about that! I was not trying to argue I'm just trying to present another view. The methods you described are good and I believe what most parents try to do. As for your past, it is very amazing that you took care of your relatives at such a young age and it sounds like you did a very good job! :)

      Basically, I'm just trying to say that I don't believe that there are any ways of raising children that works on every child, and so I don't believe it can be said if a child is misbehaving then the parent automatically must not doing their job. Also, twins and triplets come with their own unique challenges. Not that they should be allowed to get away with bad behavior, but it makes everything a little more tricky in general. (That is based on what I've heard from other twin parents who also have additional children)

      Perhaps in the story, the triplets and twins are fighting for their own sense of self within their set of twins/triplets and/or out of their whole group of siblings. They need to feel noticed, and are feeding off of negative reinforcement because even if they are not being reprimanded they are getting some form of attention so they will take whatever they can get. (It is much easier to misbehave and get attention than to work hard and get a positive attention) Ideally this means the mother should try reinforcing positive behavior and ignoring or downplaying negative behavior, but with a whole brood of kids also probably wanting attention or wanting justice for whatever the other sibling(s) have done, it makes it a little difficult in the moment. Anyway, that is just one possible scenario.

      As for the mother, I have only read this one-shot summary and not the actual series, and so maybe she really is just ditzy. I definitely agree that the triplet should not get the teddy bear just because he whines for it! However, to play devil's advocate in the instance of the cake, the mother could be using a strategy to help the children learn to problem solve on their own. Ask what should be done about a problem, see what the children come up with. In this case it happens that Yuki's solution is to give up her cake by lying that her stomach hurts... the mother believes her and thinks the problem is solved. Or, maybe the mom really is a bit of a push over, lol. :)

      Thanks for the interesting discussion! Best wishes!

    5. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Good points on child rearing ^^

  4. Thanks for the summary <3 Tika

  5. Thanks for the summary Kat!

    When I saw this I was confused on what was going on and was going in circles and wondering if it was part of the main series somehow. And something about the art screamed that it was different in a way. Lol.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      Yup, I'll think that way if I cannot read it ^^

  6. Thanks for the summary!
    While I understand that Yuki doesn't want to act like a spoiled brat, I don't think she's being an 'adult' or anything.
    She's just being passive.
    My mom is the oldest child in her family, and she had to do the same thing for her siblings, and they turned out super spoiled.
    Anytime somebody disagrees with them, they throw a temper tantrum though they are both over 30.
    I think rather than just giving them everything they want, Yuki should put down her fist for once and tell them how it's going to be.
    Either they start to appreciate the things they are given, or they can go cry in a gloomy corner xD

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Hehe, is that so..true but I guess she is being a 'nice dependable older sister'?


  7. Thank you so much Kat...
    Hooray,,, (/^o^)/
    You finally granted our wish-the reader who curious about this oneshot...

    Eri :)

    1. You're welcome and thanks for reading, Eri ^-^

  8. One bad thing about being the oldest: you should have a LOT of patience. Because parents would always tell you to act like an adult. To even think that you're still a child. Haha. Fully understand Yuki.

    Thanks for a cute chapter summary.

  9. hi where can i read this part of the manga? thanks

    1. Ah, it is in Chinese. You can look at it here: http://www.dm5.com/m184508/

  10. Hello kat!!!what site did u read this!!!!and what chapter is this!!??because i search a lot of sites there is no chapter like this !!!!again what site ^~^ :) :* ummm by the way are u a filipino!???

    1. I saw the site but its a chinese like what you've said!!!! is there no other way!!!like a setting like that hahahahaha change langguage!!!

    2. Addition question!!!!what chapter is this!!!!!??? :)

    3. This is a one shot chapter. It is the prototype. It is basically the basis for the series, I presume. For example, it was send to the editor and they say, this one is nice, write it in 3 chapters.The 3 chapters made everyone want for more, so it is now a long series. <- my imagination

      Sorry, there is no change language. It is a scan so..

      Yes, I'm Filipino.

    4. last six pictures don't show. .

    5. it happens to the namaikizakari beach side story as well. .

    6. thank you so much anw for the summary ^^

    7. Thanks for reading, eL ^-^ Sorry, I thought those were already available in the English scanlation so I didn't fix it anymore. ^^;